Review by CChan

Reviewed: 01/24/00 | Updated: 01/24/00

Mega Man X is totally cool!

Mega Man X is now for the PC with his brand, new adventure. There are lots of secrets and bosses for you to discover and fight that will set you playing for hours!

Graphics – 9
The graphics are much better than the previous Mega Man games. With these detailed graphics and colours suited at every item on the game, this game is totally cool!

Musics – 9
The musics have also changed and have progressed to a better one. Also, I don’t really notice any ‘special’ music that makes the game much better.

Gameplay – 9
With more than 8 bosses to fight and lots of mini-bosses, you’l surely spend all your free time with this game. Special items like heart tanks and E-tanks are hidden neatly and cleverly in special locations. 4 powerful capsules will provide you with special upgrades to Mega Man X. Cool, eh?

Replayability – 7
Too bad this game doesn’t provide anything that can make this game can be played longer or better still, forever. Once you finish the game, you’ll chuck this game at a side, then when you’re bored, you’ll play with this game all over again.

Gameplay – 9
Mega Man X is really fun and can be considered as the best Mega Man X game, if there aren’t any more Mega Man X series.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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