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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Adori / Unleashed Vortex

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    1.	Introduction			(INTD)	  File Name: Megaman X
    ==============================================	  Started on July 2nd
    2.	Controls			(CTRL)	  Finished on July 23rd
    ==============================================	  Number of Updates: 0
    3.	Upgrades/Armor			(UGAR)	  File Size: 82 KB
    4.	Walkthrough			(WLTH)
    4a.	Introduction Level		(INLV)
    4b. 	Chill Penguin 			(CHPG)
    4c. 	Spark Mandrill 			(SPMD)
    4d.	Armored Armadillo 		(ARAR)
    4e.	Launch Octopus			(LCOC)
    4f.	Boomer Kuwanger			(BMKW)
    4g.	Sting Chameleon			(STCH)
    4h.	Storm Eagle			(STEG)
    4i.	Flame Mammoth			(FLMM)
    4j.	Sigma Stage 1			(SMS1)
    4k.	Sigma Stage 2			(SMS2)
    4l.	Sigma Stage 3			(SMS3)
    4m.	Sigma Stage 4			(SMS4)
    5.	Contact Information		(CNIN)
                                1. Introduction (INTD)
    So long, and thanks for all the fish. Mr. Vortex here was a recent fledging the 
    land of FAQ-writing, so I decided to help him out a bit along the ways while he 
    floundered into ever-deep waters. - Yami Shuryou
                                  2. Controls (CTRL)
    Here, I'll basically list the controls of this game. 
    A - Dash
    B - Jump, jump up walls, slide down walls
    X - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    Y - Shoot with buster, hold down to charge shots, release to shoot charged 
    shot, punch with armor
    L&R - Change weapons (They are in an order though)
    Left - Move left
    Right - Move right
    Start - Menu Screen
    Select - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    A+B - Faster jump on walls
    Double Tap Left or Right - Dash
    Down, Down + Forward, Y - Hadouken
    Down, Down + Back, Y - Hadouken
    Menu Screen
    D-Pad - Scroll through weapons and Subtanks.
    A - Use Subtank.
    B - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    Y - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    X - Nothing. Zilch. Nada. (Getting repetitive, huh?)
    R - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    L - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    Start- Leave screen, choose weapon.
    Select- Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    B - Jump, Float
    A - Attack
    Right - Move right
    Left - Move left
    Up+B - Jump out of armor
                                3. Upgrades/Armor (UGAR)
    Here, I'll list the various upgrades in each stage, and how to obtain them.
    Chill Penguin
    Dash Capsule
    You'll be obtaining this while on the way to the stage. You are forced to
    obtain the Dash Upgrade, so I don't really see why you need directions here.
    Heart Tank
    After you obtain the Fire Wave, go and get the armor. Head to the first green
    tank pole, then jump up, and jump out of the armor when you're as far up as
    you can go. Climb up the ledge, go right, and use the Fire Wave on the bunker.
    The Heart Tank will be there.
    Spark Mandrill
    You'll require the Boomerang Cutter for this. Once you reach the first two-way
    of ladders, take the down ladder, and after obliterating the blue mech, head
    to the right, and cut down another mech. At the end, you'll see the Subtank.
    Use the Boomerang Cutter to obtain it.
    Heart Tank
    You'll require the Boomerang Cutter for the Heart Tank also. After you engage
    with the first turtle, head right and climb the wall there. You'll see the
    Heart Tank. Slide down the wall, and then unleash the Boomerang Cutter to grab
    the Heart Tank.
    Armored Armadillo
    Once you see the first stone grinder with spikes on its tip, climb up a wall
    out of its rampage. Once it's in front of you, head back to the hole in the
    wall where it started off at, and grab the Sub-Tank.
    Heart Tank
    Run ahead of the second stone grinder, and you'll see the Heart Tank while
    moving. Climb up the wall that's available to obtain the Heart Tank.
    Hadouken Capsule
    For the last train-like object, get on, shoot some birds down, and once
    outside, leap onto the ledge above the door leading to Armored Armadillo. Grab
    the energy capsule, then drop down into the valley. Repeat this four times, and
    on the fourth time there'll be a Light Capsule in place of the energy capsule.
    Launch Octopus
    Heart Tank
    Once you destroy the ship, sink down with it, and it'll destroy the below
    floor, taking you to a deeper level. Head right, and you'll fight the miniboss.
    After you win, continue right and obtain your Heart Tank.
    Boomer Kuwanger
    Heart Tank
    After you've obtained the Boomerang Cutter, go outside to just about where you
    are about to reenter the tower, and you should see the Heart Tank above you.
    Use the Boomerang Cutter to grab the Heart Tank.
    Sting Chameleon
    Heart Tank
    After you've defeated Launch Octopus, at the three-way, go down into the water.
    Here, break all the blocks, then Dash Jump to the right, and grab hold of the
    ledge. On the ledge, you can obtain the Heart Tank.
    Armor Capsule
    At the same threeway as where the Heart Tank is located down bottom, Dash Jump
    up onto the wall above, and climb up. Once up top, you'll battle a mini-boss.
    After that, the Light Capsule will appear.
    Storm Eagle
    Heart Tank
    At the top of the second belt of platforms, Dash to the left once you hit
    the top. It's frustrating and needs a lot of timing, but it can be done. You
    should just barely touch the upper wall. With this, climb up it and nab the
    Heart Tank. Or, you could just try to Dash Jump onto the floor above.
    Once you blast the first cannon on the first rising and falling tower, jump
    onto the tower. When it reaches its peak, destroy the side of the blue windows,
    and head in. Take down the blue mechanoid, and then grab the Sub-Tank behind 
    Head Capsule
    When you reach the high-rising tower, slide down the right, and Dash Jump
    right. You'll land on a small ledge with some fire tanks next to it. Fire at
    the tanks for a bit, and they'll explode. Head in and enter the capsule.
    Flame Mammoth
    Heart Tank
    Once you reach the large room with all the pickaxers, go down into the water,
    and head all the way down to the end. You'll find the Heart Tank there.
    In the large room with all the pickaxers, head to the hole in the right wall,
    then head left going up the ledges. At the top most ledge, Dash Jump left, and
    slide down the wall until you see a few blocks. Break them, and you'll get the
    Arm Capsule
    Once you head down the first hole, head right and go onto the platform. Stay
    near the edge, then Dash Jump left onto the blocks. Break them up and get to
    the top, and go into the Capsule there.
                                  4. Walkthrough(WLTH)
    Instruction manual. Builds up the story;
    			   From Dr. Cain's Journal
    				   April 8th
    "Still nothing. For the last month, I have been sifting through the dirt trying
    to find a fossil record which would verify my findings on Mesozoic plant life,
    but so far I have come up empty. Tomorrow, I'll move my archaeological dig to a
    new site. Maybe I'll have better luck."
    				   April 9th
    "Set up camp at the new site and laid out a preliminary groundwork for the dig.
    I got some odd readings at location E-46. It looks like something metallic is 
    buried several meters below the surface."
    				   April 10th
    "I can't believe what I found! Several meters below the surface was the remains
    of a lab. Although most of the lab was damaged, I did manage to find papers 
    that indicate that it belonged to the famous robot designer, Dr. Thomas Light.
    I've begun to review what is left of Dr. Light's notes and it looks like he was
    onto a major breakthrough. The notes keep referring to "the capsule"."
    				   April 13th
    "I found it. Standing 14 meters high and 8 meters wide, the capsule was hidden
    underneath a collapsed ceiling. Even underneath all that rubble, the capsule
    has remain intact and was still running some sort of diagnostic when I found
    it. There is a warning on the capsule, but all the indicators on the capsule
    show green. It should be safe to open it. I'll know tomorrow."
    				   April 14th
    "Today I met "X". Not simply a robot, X is something totally different. Light
    has given him the ability to think and make his own decisions. At times, X
    seems more like a man than like a machine."
    				   April 15th
    "Light was a genius! I've been going over his design notes and they are a
    quantum leap beyond anything the world has ever seem. Using them as a guide, I
    may be able to replicate his design and integrate them into a new generation of
    robots. I'll begin transporting X and the rest of Dr. Light's things back to my
    lab tomorrow."
    				  November 22nd
    "With X's help I have completed my first "Reploid". Although I don't completely
    understand how all of Dr. Light's systems works, I was able to make some minor
    modifications and the Reploid seems to be functioning perfectly. His strength
    and intelligence seem limitless and he is fully able to make his own decisions.
    In fact, we got into our first argument. How intriguing!"
    				  January 3rd
    "The new reploids have been running off the assembly line for several weeks.
    It's amazing how easily they have been able to adapt to even the most
    difficult jobs. It still is a bit odd to see them working side by side with
    humans, but everyone seems to be happy to accept them."
    				 February 16th
    "Three reploids went "maverick" today and injured two people before they were
    stopped. This is the third instance of this type of behavior and I still have
    no idea what is causing it! There is some talk about stopping the assembly of
    any more reploids, but I don't think it will happen. Maybe we've become too
    dependent on them....
    The council has now decided to set up a group of "Hunters" to destroy any
    Maverick before it can cause injury. The reploid named Sigma has assigned to
    lead the Hunters. Sigma is one of the most intelligent reploids I've created
    and contains my latest circuit designs. His systems should be immune to any
    				   May 16th
    "It's been two months since Sigma took control of the Maverick Hunters and he
    and his hunters have been able to prevent any further injury to the
    population. Everyone is starting to breath a little bit easier....
    I am a little worried about X. He seems unsure of his place in life and what
    Dr. Light had planned for him. But, given time, I'm sure he'll find his
    				   June 4th
    "My worst nightmare has just come true. Sigma went Maverick today and took most
    of the other hunters with him. His motives are unclear, but it seems that he
    "decided" that humans are inferior and limiting the growth of the Reploids. For
    that reason, he decided that all humans should be eradicated.
    Most of the population is in hiding or trying to flee the city. I'm not sure
    how long we can hold out against Sigma's forces. I fear I have built the
    Reploids too well.
    X is taking the news of the war very personally. He wants to join ZERO, the new
    leader of the Maverick Hunters, when he goes after Sigma. I'm doubtful of their
    chances, but I won't stop him. Something has to be done...."
                               4. Introduction Level(INLV)
    Proceed forward and walk through the oncoming traffic of three trucks and a
    car, don't worry about them, as they cannot hurt you. Charge up a shot by
    pressing the fire button and kill the spike roller that comes at you.
    Quickly charge up another and shoot the standing rocket launcher, hit him with
    two semi-charged shots, which will be enough to defeat him.
    Continue on and jump onto the platform, as you proceed you will be attacked by
    seven robots that drill into the ground. Kill them quickly with a semi-charged
    shot (the green one) and aim for their heads as a charged shot will hit one
    and continue to hit anything that follows it. The robots come in three groups
    of two and one straggler at the end. After the defeat of these seven, another
    two will appear so kill them in the ordinary fashion. The second robot will
    drop a small energy top up so collect to replenish some lost health.
    A final three ground breakers will follow after this and if you charge up a
    shot to the max you can fire and kill them all in one. If not though charge up
    a green shot and kill them separately. If you let one create a reasonably
    small crater, which doesn't create a pit, you can use to avoid shots from the
    standing rocket launcher robot that appears next. If not though just hit him
    with two green charged up shots and avoid the rockets he fires and the blasts
    he rolls along the ground, which you can jump over. Two more of those ground
    breaker robots will come at you as you go on. Kill them in the normal fashion
    and look out for the standing rocket launcher robot which you can defeat.
    Jump over the pit where you will be confronted by a giant robot wasp. This
    mini boss isn't too tricky, all you have to do is go over to the left side of
    the screen and keep firing shots to the head of the boss. Also two orb robots
    will walk towards you during the conflict and to kill them just hit them with
    a green charge shot, if you can try and get them both together. Continue to
    charge up and hit the wasp and avoid its projectiles. After about six charged
    hits the robot wasp will fall to the ground and break the platform you are
    standing on, which will send you plummeting down. When it stops collect all of
    the energy and kick up the wall to get back up to next platform.
    As you continue you will see two of those walking orb bots, so charge up a
    green shot and kill them both, kill them both together if you can. Jump a bit
    and fire the green ball so it hits one in the head, passes through and hits
    the other, if not just kill them separately. It's no big deal!
    Keep going and you'll come face to face with another giant robot wasp. This
    guy is a little harder as he fires out rockets but is still not much of a
    challenge. Simply stay to the left and shoot out charged shots at him. Make
    sure to jump over the rockets he fires and stay away from his machine gun,
    which always focuses on the area just in front of him.
    Again the wasp will crash and cause the platform you are standing on to fall..
    When it hits the ground kick up the wall so you can get back to where you were
    before the fight.
    *Note* You'll notice that areas of the floor will be cracked, if you walk on
    these area they will collapse so be quick and careful.
    Charge up a shot and jump over the pit and quickly kill the rolling ball of
    spikes that comes toward you. As you approach the edge to jump over the pit it
    will crumble and fall down so quickly run to the edge and jump over to reach
    the other side. Charge up another shot to kill the mine-throwing hornet that
    hovers above you.
    Kill another one of these hornets and proceed, as you reach the edge it will
    crumble so jump quickly onto the other side, which will also crumble so run to
    the safe side. Kill the other wasp and then kill another after that but
    continue on as the edge crumbles yet again so jump to the safe side.
    Walk across the crumbling platform and kill two more wasps, jump onto the
    other side and continue on.
    Charge up a shot and kill the flying robot and then proceed to jump on the
    ledge where you will be blitzed by five of the flying devils so be prepared to
    blast them all.
    When you jump down onto the next ledge another one will attack you so deal
    with it and continue on until you are faced with a robot driving a car, hit
    him with a charged shot and jump over the car, which will come at you even
    when you've blown the robot away.
    Kill another one of these cars and continue to jump on the other edge where
    another will approach which you can easily finish off.
    An airship will come down and will drop four cars one after another, which you
    have to kill as they will keep on following you.
    Name: Vile
    Strategy: You can try to beat him but to no avail. Don't worry about it though
    as there is no way to beat him with Mega man and Vile will capture Mega Man in 
    force field and a small cut-scene begins.
    Vile: "You worthless piece of scrap metal, did you think you could defeat me?"
    Suddenly a shot like Mega Man's comes out of nowhere and blows Vile's arm off..
    Zero charges in and charges up a shot that would finish Vile off but Vile
    leaps over it and jumps in his airship, which flies away.
    Megaman: "I guess I'm not powerful enough to defeat him...."
    Zero: "X, you shouldn't expect to defeat him, he is designed to be a war
    machine! Remember you have not reached full power yet, if you use all of the
    abilities you were designed with you should become stronger. You may even
    become as powerful as I am I'll scout ahead and collect as much information on
    Sigma's forces as I can. I'll meet up with you when you get there. See you
    later! X, I know you can do it!"
    He flies up into the sky and Mega Man follows.
                                4b. Chill Penguin (CHPG)
    Go forward and charge up a shot in order to kill the robot rabbit, and run up
    the hill. As you go up you'll see a lumberjack robot and pile of metal logs,
    which he will hit at you infrequently so charge up a shot jump on his log
    pile, then proceed to jump over him, then shoot him when you get behind him..
    Jump up and shoot the robot bee and then kill a robot rabbit that follows him
    Keep going on and kill the rabbit and then the bee and continue on. Stand at
    the edge and when you see the last log get chopped, jump up. Kill the bee and
    jump onto the robot lumberjacks log pile. Jump over the lumberjack and kill
    him from behind, then kill the rabbit that follows and bee after.
    Proceed on and you'll discover a cave, then you'll be attacked by a bat, with
    a simple shot you'll overcome with ease. Keep on running and shooting and drop
    off the edge and kill the two bats, slide down and kill the next two! Run
    forward and keep shooting to kill another bat then kill two other, quickly
    charge up a shot to kill the spiny. Two bats will follow you so kill them as
    Kick up the ledge and shoot the other Spiny and proceed forward, but don't go
    off the ledge. Shoot another spiny and jump up and shoot the bat. Continue
    right and jump up the edge and jump to the far right wall. Kick off left and
    keep moving left.
    Go left and charge up a shot fully and kill the next spiny. Jump to the next
    ledge and go the other way. Jump right and kick off the wall. Go right, charge
    up and trash the spiny and jump onto the ledge and then jump on the wall and
    jump off to the right.
    Keep walking and you'll find a capsule with a Dr. Light hologram
    Light: So you've come..... X, I gave you the ability to choose your own path
    in life and I hoped the world would allow you to choose a peaceful one But now
    it seems that you are destined to fight. Because I though the world might need
    a new champion I have hidden capsules like this one. If you find and use them
    you will be able to increase your powers beyond anything the world has ever
    known. Step into this capsule and receive an acceleration system to boost your
    speed. Good Luck, x!
    You now have the dash upgrade, which allows you to skid in the direction you
    are walking in. Charge up a shot and release during the second jump to kill a
    helicopter. Charge up again and proceed forward. Stop before the next pit and
    shoot to kill another helicopter. Charge up and jump over the pit and go
    right, jump again and shoot two more helicopters.
    You will then be attacked by this gargantuan bird so in order to defeat it
    you'll have to just hit it like mad with charged up shots in order to kill
    it.. Walk down the hill and keep on firing with charged up shots. When it has
    DIED jump up and keep on going right.
    Go down the slope and keep on shooting to kill another one of those birds
    almost instantly. Charge up to the full and go right. Go on and on and drop to
    the other ledge then fire. The shot will trash the helicopters that will come
    at you. Keep moving, dropping down and firing which will smash the bird, go
    right to exit the cave then kick off the wall to avoid the nasty.
    Go to the right side to the robot (the one similar to Viles walker) you can go
    two ways now but go the upper route because it's such a breeze in comparison
    with the lower one. Jump to the pole and jump out of the armour. Dash over the
    top and perform a jumping dash over the ledge or just jumpkick over the wall.
    You can't use the robot walker here so ditch it.
    Jump over the pit and over the avalanche. An enemy will be standing near a
    pole so jump over him and stand close to the pole and jump up and kill him. Go
    on and fire your weapon to destroy an avalanche and them jump and run to the
    right you better jump and fire a number of times.
    Go where he was and run left but don't go over the cliff. Look out for the
    avalanche and jump over it to reach the next bad guy. Kill him and jump onto
    the pole and wait, until an avalanche crashes into it. Run to the wall of the
    next edge and jump to dodge the snowball enemy who throws projectiles at you.
    Run up and kill him with a few shots Jump where he is and go right open the
    grey door to face the
    Name: Chill Penguin.
    Jump up the left wall and stay there when C.P shoots Shotgun Ice but when he's
    done sliding around jump down and shoot him. When he breathes cold air stay
    away from him, if you are hit you'll be frozen instantly. Keep blasting him
    when he creates his ice penguins. If he jumps onto the hook on the ceiling
    jump up the wall and charge up a shot.
    Repeat these to trounce Chill Penguin and receive Shotgun Ice. This fires
    shards of Ice at enemies that will bounce backwards, If you charge up a shot
    you can create an ice platform which you can run across.
                                4c. Spark Mandrill (SPMD)
    This stage is reasonably tricky but nothing you can't handle. Defeating Storm
    Eagle before entering this stage isn't a necessity but it alters various parts
    of the level. The sparks that roll on the ground wont exist but the lights
    will go out at different stages of the level, which can contribute to an early
    Starting off will see you face to face with one of those standing rocket
    launcher robots. The fire rockets which you can easily jump over, and sparks
    which can be avoided the same way. Charge up a shot to kill him and jump up
    to the ladder above you. Climb to the top and leap over any sparks that roll
    along the ground. Jump right in the middle of the living spark and the large
    robot and fire like mad and jump to avoid projectiles. Continue on once he is
    Collect the Sub-Tank, only if you have boomerang cutter from Boomer Kuwanger's
    level. TO find it go down the ladder and kill the big robot. Charge up a
    maximum shot and go right. Shoot and keep on firing smaller shots at the big
    robot. Hop over any of the sparks that come at you from the ground. Go as far
    left as you can so you can safely dodge all projectile. Use your boomerang
    cutter and jump and fire at the Sub Tank which will be given to you. Run to
    the left.
    Go up the ladder and destroy the robot, go down the ladder and leap over the
    sparks and climb up. Go close up to the final robot and kill him quickly. Go
    right and jump over the other permanent spark.
    Everything will go black, the darkness level will depend on whether you
    conquered Storm Eagle, but the path can be seen if you look hard enough. A
    lantern bird will fly over you, jump up to avoid another one coming at your
    level after the first one. Jump over the pit and hop up the ledge, kill the
    bird, press on right and destroy another one of those birds. Charge up a
    maximum shot, jump over the gap and fire when you land to kill the lantern
    bird. Leap over the next pit and another lantern bird will pass above. Kill
    the bird with a charged up shot. Charge up a shot to the max and leap over the
    pit, fire the instant you land to destroy the lantern. Another will pass over
    you. Fire at the bird to kill it Charge up and perform a dash-jump to the next
    ledge, don't fall down mind you, release the shot quickly to kill the bird and
    go right, leap over the pit, kill another bird and climb down the ladder. Keep
    going to encounter this level's mini-boss!
    I believe this guy is named Thunder Slimer, if you have destroyed Storm Eagle
    he's a lot easier but anyway in order to defeat him you must do this:
    Avoid the bits for his bubble, if these attach on to you they will trap you,
    stopping you from moving. Wiggle left and right to escape from them. The boss
    also seems to leap about a lot and bounces like a ball. The best thing to do
    is to stay directly underneath him due to most of his projectiles come from
    his sides. If you have not killed Storm Eagle then he will fire electricity
    down at you. Stay underneath him but not in range of the beams. When he
    charges up just keep on shooting him, when he bounces around shoot him like
    mad and also when he stops just keep on hitting him. Be quick to avoid him,
    use dash if you have it. Simply avoid him and shoot him, he can be tricky but
    not overly hard.
    When you've trashed him go on right to encounter a wheeled robot, an enemy
    which is insanely fast but can be jumped over with ease, when you are over them
    then you can just fire like mad to blow them up. Charge up a shot and go
    right, shoot to kill the next wheelie when it appears. A cannon will be on the
    ceiling, which fire right and left diagonally. Charge, jump and fire to
    annihilate it. Jump up the wall and when the cannon below you fires up
    diagonally , slide off on the right hand side. Avoid the next shot and jump
    over another one. Charge up a max shot and go forward to kill the another
    wheelie robot. Wait at the right, underneath the cannon and blast it.
    Look out for another shot by the turn cannon and run over to go underneath it.
    Go the wall and jump up it to blast the cannon. Go forward and kill the
    wheelie that falls down. Jump up the wall and dodge the turn cannons fire, go
    on and kick up the wall to destroy it. Jump over the wheelie that comes after
    you and shoot it form behind.
    Then you'll find a turtle, hop down and stay near the ledge and fire like
    crazy. After the second parachute bomb has been fired kill it as quickly as
    you can. Run back to avoid his shots if need be and go back to hit him again..
    If you have the dash upgrade you can pick up the heart tank. Kick up the wall
    and perform a dash jump left, when you land go right and you'll get to ledge
    where the heart tanks is, although you may need to attempt this numerous times
    to get it right.
    The wheelie underneath you will go left, climb down the ladder and blast it.
    Kill one of the mega tortoises in the usual fashion, avoiding it's slow
    projectiles. Go further on to encounter another Mega tortoise and kill him as
    quick as you can, Climb the ladder when he is dead.
    Go up the ladder and run right, shoot to kill the lantern and kick up the
    wall. Fall down to the second ledge, when the Ball is away, run on and keep on
    firing. Kill another lantern and jump and fire to kill another ball. Hop over
    the pit and then up to the other ledge and shoot to kill a lantern. Go on and
    climb up the wall near the pit. A lantern will go over you. Jump over the pit,
    and then get to the wall, Kill the ball, charge up and wait for him to go the
    other way, then trash him.
    Walk through the grey door to face...
    Name: Spark Mandrill
    His attacks can be quite devastating. His sparks will take off four bars and
    coming into contact with him will take off six.
    When he pounds the ground two sparks will go flying at you from left and
    right, skimming across the floor, going up the wall and ceiling. Jump over
    them and keep on hitting him. If he jumps at you run past underneath him so he
    misses and hit him when he lands. When he hangs from the ceiling kick up the
    wall and shoot him like mad. If you go underneath him he will fall down so hit
    him as he lands as well.
    He'll also use a dashing punch to kill you which is his strongest move. When
    he charges at you jump over him but don't climb on the wall when he punches or
    you'll be hit. When he messing around keep on hitting him and stay as far from
    him as you can, jumping over all projectiles. When he is dead you'll have
    Electric Spark to use.
    Electric Spark basically fires those charged balls of electricity and when
    charged up it fires electricity along the ground on the left and right hand
                              4d. Armored Armadillo (ARAR)
    You'll find a mine cart at the beginning of the stage, but stay away from the
    edges. The ride you'll take on the cart will take you past nine robot bats,
    followed by another three, another different type of bat and two birds. When
    it falls of the edge jump off and you'll be pushed far forward where you'll
    encounter two bats and a bird. Go back to the left and jump and shoot to kill
    of the bats and create a charged up a shot to destroy the bird. Keep going
    back to kill the bat that drops the extra life.
    Go on to fight two more bats and then a bird. Charge up a shot and wait for
    the bats. Kill them all, no problem. Destroy the bird and four bats that come
    out after you.
    Drop down the hole and jump back up so the mini-boss will go past you , go to
    the left of where he was before he went through.
    Go on and you'll come face to face with Me tool C-15, get a shot ready and hit
    it in the eyes when you can see them. Go on and destroy two more bats,
    followed by another Metool C-15 Keep going on and jump over the Metool and
    also leap over the pit of spikes, Jump up the wall and ignore all the bats. Go
    off the ledge and stop when you land so you can jump over the Metool. Run
    forward and do the same thing again. Charge up a shot , jump over the pit and
    fire to kill the spiny. Kill two more spiny enemies , a metool, a spiny and
    another metool. Run to the end and jump to the wall, kick up it quickly.
    Shoot the bat and when you reach the top shoot to kill the next bat. Jump into
    the mine cart. After it goes over the first pit prepare yourself and jump at
    the second pit, which will send you further.
    Fall down the pit and charge up as you fall. When you hit the ground and shoot
    the mole and fire fast and furiously as the enemy. If you kill him quickly you
    can collect a heart tank, which you need to kick up the wall to collect.
    Jump over the spikes and kick up the edge gently. Charge up while kicking up
    and fire at the top. Get in the mine cart and stay left,fire like mad to kill
    an array of bats and birds. In order to collect the Hadouken upgrade kick up
    the wall, collect the energy capsule and use the escape function, if you do
    that four more times a new capsule will appear with Dr Light appearing in a
    capsule. He'll give you the Hadouken upgrade.
    When you go over the big pit and jump when you see the wall and get the energy
    at the top. Enter the grey door to fight
    Name: Armored Armadillo
    This guy attacks in three different ways, he'll spin, like Sonic the Hedgehog
    knock off the walls aiming at you. He'll then fires blasts out of a head cannon
    and finally he'll throw back your charged shots at you. Kick up the wall
    to avoid him. Use the electricity attack to destroy his armour, leaving pretty
    vulnerable. Just keep[ hitting him and even when he spins you can still lay 
    him. He'll use his head cannon most of the time now and the shots are easy to
    dodge so just keep on firing until he dies.
    Defeating Armored Armadillo will give you a rolling shield which shoots a
    shield out on the ground, If you charge up a shot it will become a proper
    shield protecting you for a limited time.
                               4e. Launch Octopus (LCOC)
    Walk forward and kill the grasshopper robot. fairly easy to kill but they can
    glide over the water, which can be hazardous. Continue and you'll find a Giant
    Tortoise which you can kill with a charged shot and avoid the bombs that it
    fires out that parachute down. After this go on and you'll find another
    grasshopper, kill it. Kick up so you're next to the tortoise and kill him,
    avoiding his easily avoidable projectiles.
    Keep going and kill another robot grasshopper and go until you reach the
    water. An array of seahorses will attack you by rapidly coming out of the
    ground and charging towards you, don't worry about the top one but charge up a
    2nd grade shot to kill the bottom one. Jump over the gap and walk off the edge
    and kill three more of the seahorses. Two more will follow as you continue on
    and two more after that, jump over the pits and continue. Jump up and go right
    , jump over the spike pit to encounter a mini boss.
    This robot will suck you in so keep running (or use the Dash if you acquired
    the upgrade) the other way. He'll release Sea Snakes that will swim directly
    up, down, left or right. A charged up shot should be enough but if you aim it
    right you can kill them both together. Keep hitting the robot with tonnes of
    semi charged up shots that hit in the centre, this will kill him easily.
    Hop over the spike pit and run over and jump over the lodges, run underneath
    the fish and jump/shoot to kill it. if you happen to get swallowed just hit
    the fire button rapidly. Leap over the next spike pit and go right, leap over
    another pit where you will be encountered by another mini boss, seemingly
    identical to the one faced before. He can blow you away as well as suck you in
    so run away and turn and fire when he blows you way. If you make contact with
    him you'll die instantly, he'll also use Sea Snakes again so kill him the same
    way as before.
    Move on and you'll encounter a small cyclone. Jump on it and then jump onto
    the ship. Go to the left and stay left to avoid the missiles that it fires, if
    you stay where you are you'll be fine. Jump and fire two shots when it chucks
    a helicopter at you, then fire like mad at the ship. Destroy it by repeating
    this but stay on it after it is destroyed as it will smash into the land,
    smashing some of it. Go right and jump over the spikes to fight another mini
    This guy is a robot eel, to kill it jump on his back and fire into his head of
    his tail, like mad and he'll go down fairly easily. If he goes the other way
    then go near his tail and jump onto his back. When he is dead walk right to
    collect the heart tank and then go back and climb up the wall near the
    battleship wreckage. Keep going right and face a similar boss as before, kill
    him the same way. Go on and kill the Gulpers like normal and go on to the
    grey door where you'll encounter the:
    Name: Launch Octopus
    This guy will leap very highly so make sure you are nowhere near him and make
    sure he doesn't land near you. He'll also fire missiles like there's no
    tomorrow. Three are fired simultaneously so stay away from him and fire to
    destroy the top two and jump over the bottom one. Use your dash upgrade to get
    away from him when he jumps over you and hit him like mad. Use Boomerang
    Cutter, if you have it to cut off his tentacles but just hit him and hit him..
    Or he grabs you when you are near he may suck your energy and replenish his
    own so stay away. Charge up shots for maximum damage and remember: Stay well
    away from him!!
    Defeating Launch Octopus will allow you to use the Homing Torpedo. A missile
    that will always hit the closest enemy.
                               4f. Boomer Kuwanger (BMKW)
    After you finish warping into Boomer Kuwanger's stage, start off by climbing
    the ladder to the right of you. Once you climb up this ladder, head left, and
    jump up onto this ladder. Climb up the ladder here as well, and at the top,
    Dash-Jump right onto the ledge. Go right a bit, and climb up the short ladder
    to get higher in the tower.
    Up here, start charging your X Blaster, and wait for the shield and mace robot
    to fire his mace at you, then shoot him while he is in a vulnerable position.
    You will have to get close to him, then jump over the spikes of the mace before
    you can likely have a chance of damaging him. Once he's destroyed, jump up onto
    the section where he used to stand, then climb up the ladder just above. Up
    here, jump right onto the small stepping stone in the center of the room, then
    shoot a charged blaster shot at the small laser enemy that's patrolling the
    right wall. 
    Once he's in permanent doom mode, jump right again onto the larger ledge, then
    climb up the ledge. Up top, get into the mace mechanoid's range of fire, and 
    when he shoots, jump over the tip of his mace, land in front of him, and fire 
    at him with a charged shot, then quickly shoot him repeatedly with normal 
    Buster fire. Next, dodging the lasers of the robot on the wall, charge up your
    X Blaster again and shoot it.
    Now, charge up another shot, and climb up the left wall. Jump towards the
    ladder, and in the space of time between the jump and the grabbing of the
    ladder, shoot the second laser nemesis. Proceeding that, finish climbing up
    the ladder to the top floor.
    Up here, start heading right down the first step, and stop below the hole in
    the ceiling. A helicopter-like enemy will start hovering down slowly, going
    back and forth. Jump up when you can and shoot it, and then head into this next
    area which is somewhat difficult to get through unscathed.
    In this area, you'll have to make it past lasers which turn off and on and
    zap only a certain point. If you touch a laser, you're going to hell, as the
    invincible machines near the lasers will shoot a beam at you if it's within
    sight. In addition, more of the same helicopter enemies will pour from the
    ceiling above. For the first laser, just dash right past it after the laser
    disappears. Next, drop down the ledge, but don't get in the way of the second
    laser. Instead, wait for this one to disappear, then dash down to the end.
    Once that's done, climb up the ledge here, then dash through the third laser
    with the same method you used for the second, though you can dash upwards about
    halfway through. Now, continue right through the fourth laser using the same
    idea as the first one, and head to the end. Now, climb up the ledge. Here, you
    will have to be very careful. Stand ON the laser point, but not past it. When
    the laser forms, it won't touch you. After it disappears, dash and jump halfway
    through. Once you make it past this, head down the ledges to the end of the
    room, and jump up onto the ladder.
    Climb up the ladder now, charging up a shot in the meantime. At top, shoot at
    the turtle, and stay in protection of the lower floor as the turtle will fire
    out umbrella missiles, and the farther away you stay, the easier you can dodge
    his attack. After you finish him off, climb up the ladder, head right, and
    jump up onto the ladder here. Continue this process of climbing ladders and
    mopping the floor with oversized turtles until you reach the top.
    Up here on this floor, start heading right onto the elevator. Start off by
    staying in the center, then move to the far right, almost off the elevator.
    Charge up your blaster and slay the enemies that fly into your way. Once you
    get past the fifth spike, head to the far left, and then dodge one last spike. 
    the top, head outside.
    Out in the open area here, start off by climbing the ladder immediately near
    you. Next, head left and then start climbing up the left wall, and get off onto
    the ladder. Up on this part, wait for the ledge to start protracting out, then
    shoot the cannon there. Once the ladder goes back in, climb up the wall, and
    fall down onto the ledge when it comes out again. At the far end of it, jump
    onto the ladder, and climb it up. On this part of the outside tower, shoot the
    scorpion climbing the ladder, then eliminate the cannon on the ledge. Jump up
    onto the ladder, then continue up.
    On this section, shoot the lone cannon on the lone ledge, then jump up onto the
    ledge, and on the floor above it. Next, Dash Jump right onto the ladder, then
    climb up. Here, you'll have to climb the wall up to the top, drop down on
    the ledge when it comes out, shoot the cannon, then climb up the ladder. Here,
    just shoot the scorpion on the ladder, and climb it up; the cannon will be too
    far away to prove too much of a threat. On this part here of the tower, you
    have two ledges that'll protrude out of the wall. Climb up onto the first one,
    exterminate the cannon, and head up onto the second one and destroy the one
    here. Next, shoot down the scorpion, and jump onto the ladder when the upper
    ledge is as far out as possible.
    Coming into this section, you have a single ledge with a cannon. Shoot the
    cannon, climb up the wall, and jump onto the ladder, climbing it up top. On
    this second-to-last section of the outside tower, just head right, jump up onto
    the tower, and climb up it. Now head left, climb up the wall, and head back
    In the tower once again, start off by defeating the bullet enemy on the
    propeller, then jump onto the propeller. When it heads right, jump onto the
    ledge near it, then Dash Jump to the upper left ledge. Next, obliterate the
    enemy on the second propeller, and jump onto this one. When it goes to the
    left, jump onto the small ledge here, the Dash Jump right. Climb the ladder to
    the far right, and destroy the cannon for good measure. Up top, finish the
    laser enemy, then slay the enemy on the propeller. Jump onto the latter, then
    climb up the ladder.
    Up here, climb up the wall and eliminate the first two cannons and the laser.
    Don't bother with the third one up on the ceiling. Now, climb up the wall, and
    right after the cannon shoots sideways, get onto the ladder and up top. Go
    through the two boss doors to face...
    Name: Boomer Kuwanger
    Height: 7.93 feet
    Weight: 206 lb
    With the Homing Torpedo;
    OK, this guy is really easy, hands down, with the Homing Torpedo. When Boomer
    Kuwanger starts dashing right at you, shoot the Homing Torpedo into his path,
    and he'll be knocked back, stunned. After an attack or more, he'll begin to
    start disappearing and reappearing. When this happens, just fire the Homing
    Torpedo, and it will lock onto Boomer Kuwanger, wherever he happens to be.
    Other times, he'll try to dash at you and get you in a vicon grip. If he does
    get you in a grip, he'll throw you up into the ceiling, and there's nothing you
    can do about it, so you'll have to just hope that when you fire the Homing
    Torpedo, his second of invincibility is over. For precaution, stay up on the
    Boomer Kuwanger's single other attack will be to shoot out his head as a
    boomerang. When this happens, if he's at one side of the room, dash to the
    opposite side of the room, and then fire the Homing Torpedo.
    It'll be at about half health that Boomer Kuwanger will constantly be
    disappearing and reappearing.
    With Buster;
    A lot of the same strategy applies to Boomer Kuwanger as using the Homing
    Torpedo. You knock him back with a charged shot while he rushes you, minus his
    getting stunned, you shot him when he fires out his boomerang, and you rush to
    the other side and climb on the wall when he fires it out.
    However, there is one major change; when he begins to disappear and reappear.
    When this happens, you'll have to charge your buster up and dash back and forth
    when he disappears, and quickly shoot him once he reappears. After a while,
    however, he should finally be down.
    You get Boomerang Cutter!
                               4g. Sting Chameleon (STCH)
    From the start of Sting Chameleon's stage, head right and drop down into the
    water. Next, charge a shot and fire it at the grasshopper to destroy it. After
    that, continuously shoot charged shots at the lumberjack, and watch out for
    the worm and hidden grass enemy in the water. After the lumberjack has been
    destroyed, climb up the above ledge, then go past the two blocks.
    Up here, continue right, and jump up onto the upper ledge. Here, quickly get on
    top of the two blocks, and fire at the lumberjack, jumping off when he hits
    the block you're on away. Next, head to the right part of the ledge, and Dash
    Jump to the right, on top of some more blocks, and shoot the lumberjack here
    into obliteration. With another charged shot, Dash Jump to the right onto the
    wall, letting loose a large cannon blast while you're at it on the grasshopper
    here. Now, while you're heading right, Dash Jump UPWARDS onto the high wall,
    and climb up.
    Here, you'll end up fighting a custom robot. This guy will try to shoot his
    arm out and grab you, and then throw you around; amazingly enough, if you keep
    Dash Jumping from one end to the other when he starts jumping, you can go
    through this whole battle without him even firing you. Only his head is
    vulnerable; after smoke starts rising from him, you're over halfway done.
    Once you defeat this robot, a Light Capsule will appear. Go to it, and the
    Light hologram will inform you that this is an armor upgrade, which will reduce
    damage by half! Yay! Step in, and you get a really neat body upgrade of style.
    Now, head back down, and start going through the cavern.
    In here, head along the tunnel, and stop just before the steps. Climb up
    slowly, and when the strange rock falls down from the ceiling, back away,
    and then shoot the rock golem. Now, continue right past the steps, and shoot
    the rock golem that falls down about midway. Progressing forth, Dash Jump
    past the small hole in the floor, go up one step, and take down another rock
    golem. After, jump up some more ledges, then Dash Jump over another hole, but
    stay at the end. Here, wait for the rock golem to fall down, then erase any
    memory of it from the earth. Now, continue on, Dash Jump over the hole and up
    onto the ledge, and head outside.
    Out here, charge up a shot, and then shoot the woodpecker that you can see as
    you head down a slope. Continue on with another charged shot, and kill the
    second woodpecker. Jump up onto the edge of the small ledge above where it
    was, and then shoot the third woodpecker from a safe distance. Now Dash Jump
    right, and going right, jump over the hole.
    Here, start climbing up the wall, and then get into the cavern and engage the
    mace enemy. Once he's done for and no longer an annoyance, continue climbing up
    and collect the Life item. Climb up a bit more to the peak of this hill, then
    dash right until you come to an armor. Climb into the armor, and start heading
    right. After you reach the first change in elevation, a helicopter enemy will
    start to come at you, so punch it. When you near the swamp, obliterate the
    grasshopper at the edge, and then head into the actual swamp.
    In here, you'll continuously fall down into the swamp; to get back out, you'll
    have to jump up as to not get sucked in. Your first enemy will be another
    grasshopper as soon as you get in, and continuing right, you'll have to defeat
    another of the helicopter enemies. Next, you'll see a bit of dry land, and an
    enemy mech is standing on it. Dash into it with a punch ready to hit it into
    the swamp, then engage it in battle until he's down. Also, hit the grasshopper
    behind him, then progress right some more.
    Out here, you'll have to punch another grasshopper, then go over a small
    platform. Back in the swamp, destroy yet another immediate grasshopper, then
    watch out for another helicopter enemy incoming. After that one's done for,
    slay another grasshopper, then head out of the swamp. Back on dry, solid land,
    punch the immediate grasshopper, then dash up the slope to face off with a
    second mech. Once you've finished it off, head down, punch another grasshopper,
    and then get out of your armor. Enter the two boss doors to face...
    Name: Sting Chameleon
    Height: 5.80 lb
    Weight: 169 lb
    With Boomerang Cutter;
    When Sting Chameleon begins to start hanging on the ceiling by his tongue, aim
    the boomerang at him and shoot it while you're jumping. This way, the boomerang
    will do a circle going up, not down. However, if he is close to the wall, you
    could just jump on the wall and then shoot the boomerang at him. Also, you have
    to be ascending at the time of firing, not descending. Once you fire the
    boomerang, be sure to get out of the way, as Sting Chameleon will fall down on
    the floor beneath where he was hanging.
    When he hangs on the background and begins to shoot lasers at you with his
    laser, get out of the way, and after the first barrage, head back in and shoot
    him before he can hit you with another barrage of lasers.
    Later on in the battle, Sting Chameleon will begin to camouflage on the
    background, and then move around. However, you can keep track of his movement
    by a distortion of the background, which is his body. He will reappear to
    attack, so keep with him and have your Boomerang Cutter ready.
    With Buster;
    Using the Buster against Sting Chameleon is much more difficult to manage with
    than having the Boomerang Cutter handy, but it's not so hard as it may seem at
    first. First off, you can't knock Sting Chameleon off the ceiling or background
    with the Buster. Second of all, you'll have to climb the walls to hit him when
    he's high up. However, keep tabs on him, and you should be able to defeat Sting
    Chameleon with your Buster.
    You get Chameleon Sting!
                                 4h. Storm Eagle (STEG)
    Head right at the start of the level, and then shoot the grappling robot. Next,
    jump onto the moving platform once one comes right in front of you from the
    edge of the ledge. Once it reaches the peak of the belt, jump onto a second
    platform that takes the second path upwards. Now, try to go as far left on the
    platform as possible without actually falling off, and when you hit the top
    left corner of the belt, Dash left, and press the B Button like mad. Down
    below, you may or may not touch the upper wall; the jump has to be precise.
    Once you do get onto the wall, climb up and get a Heart Tank. Now, go back up
    the belts, and this time, get off to your right.
    Here, shoot the grappling robot that I'll be referring to as a grappler from
    now on, and then continue right. At the end of this part, Dash Jump over the
    hole, and shoot the cannon on top of the pole. Once the pole falls down into
    the ground, and wait for it to take you all the way up top. At the very top of
    it's reach, jump onto the wall, and shoot the blue part to get into the
    building. In here, you'll have to battle one of the large blue mechs. After you
    finish it off, continue heading right, and collect a Subtank.
    Now, shoot the fire breathing cannon, and jump onto the floating platform where
    it originally resided. Fire the crap out of a second, and jump onto the next
    two platforms. Use your ammo on the third fire breather, and continue onto the
    the solid ground. Once there, progress east again, and shoot the fire breather
    in your immediate line of fire. Jump onto the floating platform, and take out
    a second fire breather. Eliminate a third fire breather, then pursue the end of
    the level two more platforms, and slay the second-to-last fire breather. On the
    platform it used to be on, destroy the last, and then go slide down the wall. 
    shooting at the fire tanks, then head in to get a life. Now, go back out, climb
    up the wall, continue on, and climb up the high tower.
    Up at the top of the tower, don't continue. Instead, slide down the right side
    of the large tower a little bit, then Dash Jump to the right to land on a small
    ledge with some fire tanks. Shoot the fire tanks to make them explode, and then
    head in. Talk to the Light capsule here, and you'll learn that this enhancement
    here will allow you to headbutt things and destroy ceilings. After you get it,
    test it out on the blocks near you, then head back outside to the top of the
    Now, head up onto the upper floor. Here, shoot the two grapplers, then head
    right. Destroy a third grappler, and then jump onto the left ledge, and get a
    second life to the left. Go back, and continue on. Destroy another grappler,
    two of the leg-head robots, and another grappler. Next, Dash Jump onto the
    higher wall, and slay two more grapplers, then continue right.
    For this part here, you will have to jump across platforms in the sky to keep
    from falling down to a certain doom. However, these platforms will begin to
    sink as soon as you land your full weight on them, and there's nothing that you
    can do to reverse the process. Once you get off at the end, continue right,
    and blast the hell out of the two cannons. Once their status is doom, continue
    past the ladder, and fall down off at the end of the airplane. You'll go onto
    a hidden platform. Jump onto the platform to your left, and it'll take you up
    to face...
    Name: Storm Eagle
    Height: 8.20 feet
    Weight: 275 lb
    With Chameleon Sting;
    For the first part of the battle, Storm Eagle will float up a bit in the sky,
    and spit out eggs. Shoot the eggs before they land, or else they'll instantly
    hatch into four separate birds, which can be a pain to tend with in addition
    to Storm Eagle.
    Storm Eagle will then land on the ground of the plain and pump adrenaline into
    his wings, causing a large gust of wind. Dash against the force of the wind,
    or else it may push you off the plane. While you're dashing against the
    gust of wind, shoot him with the Chameleon Sting.
    Storm Eagle will also shoot out a pink spiral, which although it won't harm
    you, will push you back a ways. When you see him doing this, you'll want to
    shoot him, then dash against the incoming force.
    For the last part of the battle, Storm Eagle will rise up to the sky, and dive
    at you from either northwest to southeast or northeast to southwest. When he
    does this, there are several things you could do; you could either just leave
    a Chameleon Sting in his way and then jump out of his path, causing him to run
    into the Chameleon Sting, you could dash behind him and shoot him from there,
    or you could Dash somewhat when you believe he's about to come out of the way
    and then shoot him.
    With Buster;
    Using the Buster doesn't change much of your strategy. However, when he's doing
    a nose dive at you, your range of fire is severely limited, so you'll want to
    get out of the way quickly and then fire at him, or otherwise Dash behind him
    and shoot him. When you're dashing against wind or the spiral, you should also
    continuously fire single shots at him. Lastly, it's somewhat more efficient to
    deal with the eggs.
    You get Storm Tornado!
                                4i. Flame Mammoth (FLMM)
    From the start of the stage, head right, and after jumping up onto the ledge,
    Dash Jump right onto the conveyor belt, and quickly get past the above chimney.
    The chimney will pump out robot parts which will shoot out lasers, so watch
    out for that. Next, Dash Jump onto the second conveyor belt and, dashing
    against the pull of the belt, move to the end, and jump onto the ledge. Destroy
    the grappler, and then continue right, jumping onto a third conveyor belt. Head
    down the slope and jump onto the fourth, then get off the fourth and head down
    at the end of the hallway. Down here, head left, and jump onto the ledge.
    Now, see those blocks to your left? You'll be wanting to reach up there, but
    it's a real pain. To get up there, you'll have to Dash Jump from the yellow
    ledge up and hit the blocks. Once you do make it though, enter the capsule to
    get the arm upgrade. With this, you can charge special weapons and further
    charge your X-Buster. Once you do that, head back down, but go into the water.
    Here, dash all the way down to the end, dodging the pickaxes from the guys
    who I'll refer as pickaxers from now on, and pick up the Heart Tank. Now head
    back a little bit, and get onto the last platform.
    Here, shoot your way through the three pickaxers, then climb up the wall. At
    the entrance at top, turn around, and Dash Jump to the left, firing the
    Chameleon Sting at the lone pickaxer there. Fire at the pickaxer that's in
    front of the first one, then jump up the top ledge after having killed the
    pickaxer that's right at the front. Up here, continue on, destroying another
    pickaxer, then Dash Jump left onto the top platform. Here, get through two
    Metools, grab the life, then Dash Jump left onto the wall. Here, break the
    blocks in the wall, then grab the Subtank. Now, head back to the open part of
    the wall at the opposite end, head right, and climb the wall.
    Up at the top, progress right, and you'll encounter four more conveyor belts.
    In addition to the chimneys that pump out laser-eye robots and dead weight
    just like before, this time you have extra machines that will, at the trigger
    of any extra weight just under it, stomp on the conveyor belt. Once you make it
    past all four belts and get to the end, fall down to the floor below for the
    last part of Flame Mammoth's stage.
    Here, head right onto the pipes. Watch out for the red liquid that's falling
    down; it burns. Taking the lower path, dodge the first red liquid, then Dash
    Jump over the spike. Head past the second drop before it gets a chance to fall
    down. Take down the mace enemy here, then quickly run past the red drops. Head
    up to the higher elevation, then continue right across the top after you slay
    the mace enemy. Jump past the first spike, then destroy the second mace enemy.
    Now, Dash Jump from here over the next spike, then jump over the last spike.
    Destroy another mace enemy, then head down. Go through the doors to face off
    Name: Flame Mammoth
    Height: 10.5 feet
    Weight: 719 lb
    With Storm Tornado;
    For this whole match, the floor you're on will be acting as one giant conveyor
    belt, and Flame Mammoth can change the direction by roaring like an elephant.
    During the first part of the battle, Flame Mammoth will jump and try to land
    on you. Dash out of the way and jump up as soon as Flame Mammoth lands,
    otherwise the impact of his landing will knock you off your feet. If that does
    happen, then you're vulnerable to his main attack, where he will shoot out
    flames at you.
    Lastly, Flame Mammoth will sometimes shoot out some piles of oil. Do not stand
    on this oil, for if Flame Mammoth sends a flame at you, it can be very ouch, as
    the flame will ignite the oil, igniting a tower of fire. So you will want to
    stay out of the way of the flames.
    When Flame Mammoth gets too close to the wall where you're at, you'll want to
    shoot the Storm Tornado at him, then climb up the wall and leap over his head.
    With Buster;
    You'll have a somewhat more difficult time during this battle to take down
    Flame Mammoth, but for the most part, it's just more patience-wearing.
    You get Fire Wave!
    In a between-the-scenes scene, Zero will report to X that he's finally found
    Sigma's Fortress.
                                4j. Sigma Stage 1 (SMS1)
    This is it! The final levels and if you thought the maverick levels were hard
    (hey, some of them were!) then get ready for this! Unfortunately accessing
    these levels again is impossible unless you start a new game, you can only do
    the maverick levels over and over but you'll have to start afresh to get to
    these levels again. Too bad!
    You'll meet up with Zero at the beginning
    Zero: We'll finally found Sigmas Fortress! Let's go in and put an end to his
    war against the humans. Let's split up. I'll go in first and then you can slip 
    in while I keep the main defence force busy
    After this scene go forward and charge up a few shots to destroy the Mega
    turtle, shoot the helicopter that flies over and kill another Mega tortoise in
    the usual way, going up close and running back after he fire two parachute 
    Kill another tortoise and one of those helicopters. The fifth Mega tortoise is
    harder because when you approach him you get attacked by a helicopter. Charge
    up shot to kill the tortoise and be quick to avoid the helicopter. Kill
    another helicopter and you'll see a huge gorge.
    The platform will come to you and when it does jump on top of it. Jumping too
    far will result in a helicopter coming behind you. Jump on the second platform
    and jump to the right. Wait for the platform and leap onto it, wait and then
    leap from the platform to the building. I recommend using dash-jump as it
    helps to get more air.
    Destroy the Turn cannon before it blasts you and then proceed to destroy the
    next two on the ceiling, go up the ledges. Charge up a shot and fall down to
    destroy the turn cannon when it fires at you. Destroy the large robot and jump
    on the ledge.
    When you are on the edge destroy the Ball robot and also blow up the Turn
    cannon on the roof. Go on and destroy the robot with a few charged up shots.
    Go up the ladder and kill another Ball robot, charge up a shot and climb the
    next ladder., kill two more of the ball robots and go up two more ladders.
    Now you'll come face to face with Vile, the guy who kicked your ass in the
    induction stage. Zero appears and has a scuffle with Vile, they go into the
    next room, follow them. You'll hear noises of the battle like a charge up shot
    and the clank of the armour walking around, go through to the next room, go
    Script: Zero: Stay back, X I'll take him on
    Vile had a plan after all, he took Zero to his armored carrier, which is
    stronger than before. Vile beats Zero with his secret weapon with ease and
    imprisons him in a capsule. Now it's time for the rematch we've all been 
    for: Mega Man vs. Vile- round 2
    Vile: X, do what I tell you or he's history!
    Zero: Don't listen to him, X! Go ahead and blast him!!
    Vile: Dream on Zero he knows he can't defeat me! My armored carrier is more
    than a match for his ancient weapons!
    Mega Man is captured by Vile
    Zero: Maybe....but I'm not through yet!
    Zero bursts free form his cage and grabs Viles armour, leaving him trashed but
    forcing Vile to fight Mega Man without his walker.
    Vile: What a worthless gesture! I can't be defeated so easily So X, it's just
    you and me now!
    Vile: What the...!? Where did all that energy come from?? It really doesn't
    matter how much energy you absorb X you are still far too weak! Prepare to be
    Name: Vile
    This guy isn't too hard now if you have all the Heart tanks and the armour
    upgrade, when he dashes at you fire rolling shield and dodge his stun balls by
    dodging them. Doing this will defeat him swiftly .
    He can be very unpredictable so stay in one side of the room and charge up a
    shot. He may perform a jump, if he does then dash under him and hit him when
    he lands. If he dashes toward you then dash jump over him and hit him from
    behind. Try to hit him when he lands. He will do these attacks at random so
    don't put them in any order.
    Repeat these above strategies to take down Vile.
    After the battle Vile hits himself and blows to smithereens!!
    Zero: X, I've taken too much damage......... Auto repair systems can't handle
    it.... My power is fading fast.... Your power is greater than I thought. Maybe
    you can destroy Sigma
    Collect Zero's upgrade and he dies, what a showman!
    Okay, back to business! Kick up the wall and go down. Charge up a shot and
    perform a dash into the spring. When you land release the shot to kill the
    soldier, after he misses you with his shot.
    This bit is a little tricky but this is the best way, although it is longer
    but it is a lot easier. Anyway, charge your Chameleon Sting combined with the
    upgraded X-buster to disguise yourself. This allows you to pass through
    enemies. Kick up the left wall and to a dash-jump to the right wall. Climb up
    and do a dash jump left and climb, do a dash jump right, climb again and dash-
    jump left , Charge it up and climb the left wall, jump onto the ladder and
    climb up and enter the grey door.
    Boss: Boomer Kuwanger
    He's the same as before use the same tactics except use the Homing Torpedo that
    Launch Octopus gave you as you'll finish him off faster.
    Go right and charge up a shot to the full, then fire when the Metool stares
    at you. Repeat this and shoot the helicopter, then shoot again to kill the
    helicopter above you. Charge up and run, jump over edge near the Metool, kill
    the two helicopters and kill the spiny with a charged up shot.
    Kill the last Metool and go though the door to face
    Name: Bospider
    This guy is tough. He lurks at the top of the screen, over the eight
    connectors. He'll pause at the top of the screen he'll switch between the
    connectors. Unfortunately it's impossible to tell where he will go first. Work
    out where he will be at the bottom of the screen and when he opens his eye hit
    with a charged up shot. Use Shotgun Ice on his eye to do maximum damage.
    Always hit with a fully charged X-buster as this will also do the same amount
    of damage as Shotgun Ice. Always hit him when he comes to ground as you'll
    kill him quickly. If you hit him when his eye is closed you'll do more damage.
    When you've reduced his health down to half he'll go faster but part from
    that he'll be the same so just speed up yourself a bit.
                                4l. Sigma Stage 2 (SMS2)
    This is a little easier than the last one. Jump up and shoot the bat creature
    and continue right. Fire like crazy at the bird. Stay still until the bat to
    come down and shoot it. Jump onto the platform and jump off that platform,
    shoot to kill the bat and land on the next platform. Jump off and kill the
    bird and the bat . Keep going right destroy two more bats and another bird and
    another one of the bats. Kick up the right wall and charge up. Once at the top
    release to kill two bats and destroy the bird. Walk through the grey door top
    BOSS: Chill Penguin
    Use the same techniques as before but use the Fire Wave weapon that Flame
    Mammoth gave you to beat the boss easily.
    After this, charge up to the max and jump and release your shot to destroy the
    robot before he steals the ride armour. Get in the ride armour and go on,
    punch the helicopter that flies down, Go on and kill the miner, then kill the
    enemy ride armor. Kill another helicopter and another miner.
    Another Helicopter will comedown so destroy it and carry on. There you will
    find two more ride amours and a helicopter. Destroy them all and jump out of
    the ride armour and climb up the ladder.
    Go to the right (not left, that's harder) Kick up the right wall and then onto
    the ladder. Go up the ladder and jump to the left wall, and then onto the
    ladder. Go up and avoid the shots from the Turn cannon. Kick up the right wall
    and jump to the ladder. Go up it and quickly go left to avoid the shots from
    the Turn Cannon. Go left and jump over the pit and go right.
    BOSS: Storm Eagle
    Same as the last encounter and use of Chameleon Sting will send him down
    Go right and leap over the gap and climb up the ladder. Jump and Shoot the bat
    and shoot the spiny that comes down. Charge to the max and jump up the left
    wall, when you see the mace go underneath you slide down and shoot which will
    kill the robot. Go where he was and destroy the spiny. Kick up the right wall
    and do dash-jump over the soldier to the ladder. Go right and shoot the bat
    and then kill the spiny. Look out for the mace that may come at you. Go right
    through the grey door.
    Name: Rangda Bangda
    Ok, this guy has two eye sockets and a nose that opens/closes which tend to
    make it vulnerable. The room you are in has a bunch of spikes in the heart of
    it with safe areas on the sides , underneath the sockets. The socket will open
    and an eye will emerge (will be either blue green or red) Each eye has
    different attacks, the blue flies near you and comes back, the green one stays
    still and the red one flies and shoots at the same time. Go the opposite side
    of the open eye and fire a charge shot, avoiding its attack. When you hit it
    the walls will close in on you leaving only the spikes on the floor, kick up
    the wall. Avoid the center when it comes towards and hit it afterwards when it
    has gone into its place. The eyes will start again so repeat what you did
    This will continue until you destroy the eyes and the nose so just repeat the
    strategy and when all four parts are destroyed you'll go on to stage three..
                                4l. Sigma Stage 3 (SMS3)
    Starting from the beginning, climb the wall to your left, then jump up to the
    right. Here, use the Storm Tornado on the turtle, then enter the door to face
    off against Armored Armadillo once again. Once you slay him, head outside to
    your right, and jump up onto the left ledge. Climb up the wall, use the
    Chameleon Sting on the pickaxers from there, then Dash Jump onto the floor.
    Head through the door to face Sting Chameleon.
    Now, continue out the right, and drop down two floors below. Down here,
    destroy the truck-like creature and the lower pickaxer, then head through the
    door to face Spark Mandrill. After he's done for, head out the right, and drop
    into the water. Ignoring or destroying the bubbles, head all the way right and
    past the door to face off against Launch Octopus who I don't recommend you use
    the Boomerang Cutter on to cut off his tentacles. Now, head out, and go up.
    Once you are outside of the water, continue up and head right for some puzzles
    reminiscent of Boomer Kuwanger's stage.
    Here, you'll have to dodge some more lasers. For efficiency, I suggest the
    Homing Missile to take out all the cannons and helicopters. For the first three
    lasers, just Dash past them once they disappear, and for the forth, jump past
    it once it disappears. At then end, enter to face off against Flame Mammoth
    again, then head in to fight the real boss of this level.
    Name: D-Rex
    This guy is highly susceptible to the Boomerang Cutter, thus the whole strategy
    should be based around him. For the first little while, his head will separate
    from his lower body, and they'll move back in forth, but not in tandem. Instead
    of that, they'll be moving at different paces. What you must do during this
    time is run back and forth by moving over the body, but not slowly enough so
    that the head can stomp down on you. During this time, you should hit the head
    with a barrage of the Boomerang Cutter.
    When he starts heading to the back, and green waves begin to start charging a
    pink sphere of energy, CLIMB UP. This is a painful attack, and you do not want
    to be hit. First off, wait for it to be launched, then Dash Jump off the wall.
    If you did it successfully, you should be able to dodge it.
    For those of you who use the Hadouken, there's a simple way to perform it on
    this guy. Simply stand on the lower body, and wait for his head to start coming
    down; this is the time to fire the Hadouken, as his head will run into the
                                4m. Sigma Stage 4 (SMS4)
    Climb up the long wall, but look out for the two holes, as slug enemies will
    come out. Up at the top, you'll meet with Sigma, who'll unleash his pet dog
    on you. He trusts the Force that your destiny will be death.
    Name: Sigma's Dog
    This dog is one that really needs to be trashed, laws or not. With only two
    attacks, it's still a wild scruffer. The first attack that this dog does isn't
    really an attack, but it does react to how you move around. The dog will jump
    onto the wall, leap higher onto the wall, or leap back down onto the floor, and
    more often than not will try to jump at you.
    It's second attack is to shoot out four balls of plasma, in your direction.
    This can usually be dodged by staying up high on the wall and jumping to the
    opposite direction of where the mutt is shooting.
    It's main weakness is the Shotgun Ice. Use it on the wall while it's climbing
    up, and one of the five chunks of ice should be able to hit the dog.
    The Hadouken can be used at the start of the match to win this.
    After, Sigma will come and fight you himself. Yes, along with his lightsaber of
    Name: Sigma
    It's the man himself. The one who you must defeat to fall an empire. Equipped
    with his mighty lightsaber of doom, he'll start the battle off by rushing at 
    and then swiping his lightsaber in an effort to hit you. Before he even begins
    to dash at you, have the Electric Spark on hand, and hit him.
    Next, climb up onto the walls, and he'll do his second attack; leaping from
    wall to wall like his dog did, but with more direction to it. During this time,
    you should try to shoot the opposite wall for the Electric Spark to split in
    two, timing it so that one of the sparks hits Siggy.
    Siggy's last attack is to shoot fireballs out of his head, and he'll only do
    this while groundbound. The farther you can get away from him, the easier it is
    to dodge the attack by jumping, and you don't lose much focus with the Electric
    Spark while backing away from him.
    The Hadouken can be used at the start of the match to win this.
    You've destroyed Sigma's body, but his head has survived. He'll attach onto the
    top of a freaking giant robot. Guess the Force wasn't so useful after all. This
    is your last battle, X.
    Name: Sigma Velgauder
    Looks like he still has the capability to be the _head_ of the Mavericks. He
    has only two weaknesses; the fully charged buster shot, and the Rolling Shield.
    I'll list the attacks that he can do first, then how to beat him. And yes, the
    list of invulnerabilities includes the Hadouken.
    Sigma's head can shoot out electric balls that will start off in a semicircle
    arch from where the 7:30 hand would be on a clock to 4:30. Also, he can breathe
    a pillar of flame that will move from roughly the same distance, in the same
    direction from left to right.
    To defeat Siggy, you must first get onto one of the two platforms beside him.
    It isn't as easy as one would be led to believe. First of all, they're
    protected on their undersides by spikes, and second of all, they'll shoot a
    stream of lightning in the center on the top and bottom. However, they'll
    sometimes lower themselves, and that's when you should jump on. Or, you could
    climb up a wall and get on them. Once on them, try to stay on the edge of
    either side of the platform to dodge the lightning, then shoot the charged
    buster shot or Rolling Shield at him. 
    One word of note is that Sigma's head itself can't be damaged; just the purple
    wolflike head.
    The war has ended for now and peace has been restored. But those who sacrificed
    themselves for the victory will never return.
    Exhausted, X gazes at the destruction he helped cause and wonders why he chose
    to fight. Was there another way?
    Standing on the cliff, the answers seem to escape. He only knows that he'll
    fight the Mavericks again before he finds his answer.
    How long will he keep fighting? How long will his pain last? Maybe only the
    X-Buster on his hand knows for sure......
    			       ---END SPOILERS---
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