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FAQ/Hints and Tips by Loopy

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 02/01/05

 PRINCESS MAKER 2 (PC): A Hints & Tips FAQ (C) Loopy 2000 (jjyooi@yahoo.com)
                                 Version 1.5
                        (Release Date: February 2002)

This FAQ is designed to help you, the player understand the game by giving
you hints and tips so you provide your daughter with the best upbringing
possible. The aim of the PM2 game is to make your daughter into a Princess
-- not easy.

Remember, PM2 is a STRATEGY game, so there's no walkthrough. This is why I'm
writing a Hints & Tips FAQ, rather than a Walkthru FAQ.

There are over 70 endings, each determined by how you raise your daughter,
what education you give her and what jobs she works. I'm making a collection
of pictures, detailing the endings. You'll find the picture on my gallery
accessible from my home page: http://www.jjyooi.co.uk

 * Background
 * Guardian Deities
 * Education
 * Jobs
 * Hints & Tips
 * E-Mails
 * Endings
 * Disclaimer
 * Contacting Me

You are a wondering swordsman who happens to stumble across a war between
a kingdom of peace-loving humans and an undead army led by the Ruler of The
Underworld. The war is going in the undead army's favour so you help by
defeating the leader (the Ruler) in one-on-one combat. The King and Queen
thank you and offer to give you refuge for a while. They even PAY you to stay
with them (count me in!)

Anyway, one night, you see a shooting star and you go to investigate. You
find a sphere of light and inside lies a young girl. You speak to the
guardian deity (spirit) -- I'll detail this later and she/he hands the girl
over to you. Your job is to raise the girl from the age of 10 to the age of
18, when she will become an adult and leave the house. The girl is given to
you at the age of 9, but you only get control when she is at the age of 10.

Guardian Deities
The deities will vary from game to game depending on which birthdate and star
sign you give your daughter. For example, Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 19) is ruled
by Saturn, so Saturn will be the Guardian. There are several deities in the
game. All the planets from Mercury through to Pluto are represented, and the
Moon as well. Pluto calls himself Hades weirdly enough. Each deity favours a
particular characteristic. Moon favours Sensitivity, Venus favours Charisma
and Mars favours Fighting Reputation.

In order to become a Princess, you must teach your daughter how to act like
one. This is where the education comes in. From here, you can teach her the
simple things such as doing the Housework or the more complex things like
Protocol. There are so many different things to teach, the possibilities are
near-endless. The subjects you can have your daughter learn are: Science,
Poetry, Theology, Strategy, Fencing, Fighting, Magic, Protocol, Painting and
Dancing. Most will increase one thing and decrease another. For example,
Science increases Intelligence, but will reduce Faith. Theology increases
both, but at a lower rate than Science. You must balance your education

Sending your daughter off to learn about things is all very well, but where
are you going to get the money to pay for it? By making her work as well.
Don't worry, you'll get a yearly salary of 500G from the palace so that'll
help ease things off a bit. The jobs you can have your daughter do are a bit
limiting to start with, but they increase in number and physical demands as
your daughter gets older. For example, with Babysitting, her stress at age 10
will increment by 1 each day, but as she gets more experienced and older, it
will increment by 3 and sometimes by 4 each day.

Age 10:
Housework, Babysitting, Inn, Farm, Church, Restaurant (your daughter gets no
pay from doing the housework, and her temper does up as well. The Church
offers only 1G per day starting rate, but decreases Sin which is useful if
you're daughter is hunting or working in one of the more raunchy places. You
can also lower the Sin level by visiting the Church in town.)

Age 11:
Lumberjack, Salon

Age 12:
Masonry, Hunter

Age 13: 

Age 14:
Tutor, Bar

Age 15:
Sleazy Bar*

Age 16:

Age 17/18:

* If you choose these jobs, they will increase your daughter's Sin level and
  Cube (the butler) will object to sending her on those jobs. Keep the Sin
  level down by making your daughter work in the Church or visiting the
  Church from the town menu.

Summer Festival
Every year, when you get your 500G salary, there will be a Summer Festival.
During the festival, you can get your daughter to participate in one of
several competitions. Cooking, Fighting, Dancing and Art.

Cooking sees your daughter create a dish and points are awarded on
Sensitivity and Cooking Skill. First prize is the Egg from the Bird of
Paradise. If you get your daughter to eat it, it will raise her Constitution.
If you don't, it'll hatch after one month and raise her Sensitivity instead.
Choose wisely!

Fighting pits your daughter against several opponents. Don't bother with this
until your daughter is been to some lessons at Fighting, Fencing and Magic.
Some fighters rely solely on fighting skills, some rely soley on magic
skills. Some are a cross between both so make sure you can handle both of
them. Oh, and make sure your daughter's got some decent Armour and Weapons or
she won't last very long :-P

Dancing requires you to have bought a dress beforehand and, in competition,
points are awarded on Art, Charisma and Sensitivity.

Art is a very easy competition. During your daughter's studies at Painting,
the Art Tutor may invite her to paint a picture at the cost of 200G. Always
let her. The picture will be placed on the wall behind your daughter and
entered into the Art competition automatically. I recommend you ignore the
first picture she draws (unless you've taken advantage of tip 12.) The third
picture is usually the best. I've never seen my daughter paint more than 3
pictures in one game (without cheating, that is.) The Art tutor will rate the
picture. If you can get more than 100 points, you've got a reasonable chance
of winning the Art Contest.

Hints & Tips
1. For a good start, put your daughter on a robust diet and get her to work
   on the farm (10G) for a few months. She will get a good constitution and
   build up her strength -- which is useful for a lot of jobs. She'll flunk
   the first few months until her stats are high enough, so don't worry.
2. Get your daughter to work in the house for a few months to build up her
   temper (the only way?)
3. If you work on a particular job, you may get a rival. At the moment I only
   know of four jobs that get rivals: Housework/Restaurant, Magic,
   Fighting/Fencing and Dancing.
4. If you want to increase your daughter's Art level, have her learn Painting
   until she gets promoted and then teach her Dancing until she gets promoted
   here as well, then go back and study Painting again. Repeat forever.
5. Save often. Obvious? You'd be surprised when you find out how many people
   don't save and then return to a save game to find that their daughter has
   lost 7 years.
6. Talk to the Young Officer in the castle during January ONLY. This is the
   Prince and he'll grant you an audience no matter how low your daughter's
   Decorum is. The more often you talk to him, the better your relationship
   with him will be.
7. Study Protocol if you want to talk to people in the castle. The higher the
   person, the higher your Decorum must be. Each person will boost your
   popularity depending on your stats. The guard likes Refinement, the Queen
   likes Temperament, etc. And the Jester? Well, you need a VERY high
   Conversation rating to avoid any snide remarks from the Jester. And
   Conversation is quite difficult to raise....
8. Talk to your daughter a lot and adjust her diet when she says she wants to
   "Slim Down" or "Grow Taller."
9. If you choose the Weight Loss diet, don't put her on the diet for more
   than two months at a time. Also, her Constitution drops each month.
   Counter this by getting her to work on the Farm or as a Mason (Mason if
   you're desperate.)
10. If your Magic and/or Fighting Reputation is high enough, you'll get
    challenged in the middle of the street. Always accept. What have you got
    to lose?
11. During the Summer Fighting Contest, gauge how you use your attacks. If
    you use Magic a lot and win, your Magic rep will go up 20 points, 10 if
    you're the runner up. If you use Physical attacks a lot, your Fighting
    rep will go up 20 or 10 points, again depending on the final outcome of
    the contest.
12. Painting and Dancing both increase the Art level. Concentrate on one to
    start with and then, once your daughter gets promoted, concentrate on the
    other. Because both the Art and Sensitivity level have been upped, your
    daughter will paint a very good picture which can beat the others in the
    Art Competition at the Summer Festival.
13. Magic is a very expensive educational topic. Leave it until last. If you
    have a lot of money to burn, burn it on this. Your daughter will go up
    very quickly. The lessons here are very effective.

Here are some e-mails I've received from other people regarding this FAQ.
E-mails and tips regarding the endings and how to get them will be placed
under the relevant heading. E-mails about cheating will stay here.

From Kefka Krazy:
> Well, I've skimmed through the FAQ. I've noticed a few things that are
> missing, if the FAQ is still being updated. For winning the Fighting
> Contest, a Royal Sword is granted. It's an alright sword, but the big
> important thing is this- the sword is VERY valuable, but trying to sell
> it will get you arrested.

You can force this if you use the MOPI cheat.

> For winning the Art Contest, you get the Master's Quill, which raises
> your Art by 50 (!). Between the Art spirit and the Quill, my daughter
> ended the game with a 153 score in art.
> I never did beat the Dance contest, so I don't know of the prize for it.
> I figured I'd send these on by, though, since you listed the Paradise
> Egg but not the Sword or Quill.
> The dragon tights CAN fit the daughter... it's just very difficult. I've
> had her wear them before, but it took a loooong bit of Weight Loss to get
> it on.
> There is, in the Forest, an Elf who will make you a deal. However, if
> your daughter is wearing any type of iron, he will not appear. Mithril
> armor does not count as metal, I doubt that the club does, I know the
> Mithril sword doesn't, and I don't believe that the War God Sword counts
> as metal. If you meet with the Elf, he will decrease some of your
> statistics and raise others. I believe he decreases your Fighting powers
> and increases your Magic power, but I don't quite remember.
> I believe that the traveling Merchant's Zodiac Dress is useful in the
> Dance Contest, but I am not entirely sure.
> This one is fairly obvious, but it doesn't seem to be covered in the FAQ.
> If you do a certain sort of thing a lot and raise the corresponding score
> high, a Spirit might appear and bless the daughter with a few free points
> in the score. This allows scores higher than 100 in your main skills- even
> if you don't have 100 in the skill, the maximum gets raised. So you can
> have a daughter with 103 art skill, or something on that order.

That will happen if you increase something your deity is fond off, for
example, Moon => Sensitivity, Mars => Fighting Rep, etc.

From Carl Chavez:
> In the desert adventure area, go to area with the demon's cave in the west.
> Camp out in the evening next to the cave, but don't go in. When you camp,
> you will be awakened by partying demons. The main demon wants to make some
> kind of deal. If you accept, you can increase an attribute really high.
> This will increase your Sin a lot, but that's no problem... as you become
> more powerful, you will be able to beat lots of creatures and take their
> gold. Then you just spend the gold at the temple (100 gold removes 10
> sin). Another cheat: in the southeastern area of the water level is a fairy
> mushroom. If you camp there, you can get your cooking skill increased and
> your fatigue goes to zero.
> What I like to do is combine these cheats with training: in one month, do
> two desert adventures and a water adventure. Get higher attributes in the
> desert and remove your fatigue at the fairy mushroom (and get cooking
> skill). Beat up whoever you need to for money and don't worry about the Sin
> you get from killing creatures. Always make sure to exit the map through
> the secondary town gate before the time is up so you get an Attack Skill
> bonus. On the next month, pay for two training sessions in (fencing or
> fighting for a while, and move to the arts, protocol, and magic later), and
> another water adventure. Repeat until you're super-powerful (or bored as
> heck). Once you're a great fighter (and artist, and cook!) you can win
> practically any Summer Festival and get a great score.

There's another thing you can do. On the Winter quest, make your way round to
face the God of War and battle him (best do this after you've cranked up your
stats first.) Beat him and walk on up. You'll find your Guardian Deity who
will further boost your stats. This will only work once (I think.) The stats
your Guardian will raise depends on the Guardian (Mars raises Fighting Skill,
Moon raises Sensitivity and Venus raises Charisma.)

If you want to avoid doing this (the message subject was entitled "PM2 cheat
like "hell" ;-)", by the way...) try only one adventure a month or one a

> I just remembered another one that I usually try to get before camping at
> the fairy mushroom: if you wander around the water adventure in the water,
> you may fight some green guys or evil-looking mermaids. Sometimes they'll
> give an item (I don't remember what it was; I think it was a "Mermaid's
> Tear"). You can pump up your sensitivity by 50 or so by taking a sea
> vacation after finding the item. Sensitivity is one attribute that I do not
> believe the demon can pump up... kind of makes sense in a way. ;-)

You only get the from the Mermaids and yes, they do crank up the Sensitivity
by around 50.

From Oláh István:
> I've got your adress from dlh.net. I would like to ask you if U got any
> news regarding this game. I finished it making her a GENERAL. Does it
> matter what as the most frecvented class or the highest indicators will be
> count?

I believe the highest stats count. If you increase a sin above all other
stats, for example, you get a dark ending.

> In the Glacier area if you are beating the war god you can meet your
> protector (depending on star) and (mercur) he/she will rise her
> intelligence (maybe other attribute) by 100 but beating the war god is
> nearly impossible, but if you beat him he will give you his sword :-) maybe
meeting this kind of creatures is important?

It _IS_ possible to beat the War God, but you need to max out all the
Fighting stats and the Magic stats. The battle will last a long time and if
you win, he'll give you his sword. It's extremely powerful and can cause
critical hits a lot of the time. Go further up and you'll meet your deity who
will pump up your stats depending on who he/she is.

> The fortuneteller always tells the direction where she is evolving.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

> The ambulant merchant sells pretty good items eg. If you have 2800G to buy
> "Venus necklance" (or something like that) It will rise her 3 attributes
> (art? decorum? sensitivity? I'm not sure) by 19-20 on her birthday - every
> birthday.

Charisma, refinement and sensitivity I think it is.

> That's all what I have got. Tell me if U got any news.

Will do.

From Abverticus:
> Hi, I noticed you wrote an FAQ on princess maker 2. Well I need help, my
> version of PM2 cant use cheats, and i've been trying to get a way of
> marrying the daughter. Yep, the father! How can I do this...i know it's
> possible.

Easy. In the PM2.CNF file, enter the line "MOPI = 1" and then run the game.
Inside the game, go into town and you'll find two new shops: "Crazy Joe's"
and "Beta Shop" go into the Beta Shop and there you can set the ending and
who the daughter will marry.

From Egnor:
> It might just be me but I found that the War God seems to be weak against
> magic.  By raising my magic stats I found that I could beat him easier
> using magic spells instead of trading blows with a sword.

I dunno, I didn't notice that. I went up against the War God when my daughter
was MASTER at Fencing, Fighting and Magic and found that the number of
critical hits for physical and magic seemed to be roughly the same. Maybe
someone else may disagree with me about this, but that's what I think...

Thanks for that. I haven't actually tried that out, but I'll add it to the
FAQ for others to look at.

Endings & How To Get Them
All information in this section has been submitted by myself (Loopy) unless
mentioned otherwise.

There are 74 endings in total, which can be categorised like so:

1.  Royal Poobar (King & Queen give your daughter the throne! This is
    probably the ending you should go for.)
2.  Prime Minister
3.  Arch Bishop
4.  Cabinet Minister
5.  Ph. D
6.  Nun
7.  Judge
8.  Research Student
9.  Day Care Centre Worker
10. Inn Keeper
11. Farmer
12. Church Worker
13. Chef
14. Lumberjack
15. Hair Dresser
16. Mason
17. Hunter
18. Grave Keeper
19. Tutor
20. Bar Keep
21. Bar Wench
22. Cabaret Dancer
23. Lady-In-Waiting
24. Part-Time (P/T) Day Care Centre Worker
25. P/T Inn Keeper
26. Bar Helper
27. P/T Church Worker
28. P/T Chef
29. P/T Lumberjack
30. P/T Hairdresser
31. P/T Mason
32. P/T Hunter
33. P/T Grave Keeper
34. P/T Tutor
35. P/T Bar Keep
36. P/T Bar Wench
37. P/T Cabaret Dancer
38. Maid

(P/T jobs use the same image as their full-time counterparts.)

39. Warrior Hero
    Simple enough to get. Work on her Magic and Fighting skills. Make sure
    she has a very high Fighting Attack and Defense and make sure her Magic
    Defence is good too. Send her on Adventures regularly and keep the Sin
    down. The first time I tried to get this ending, I forgot all about the
    Sin and she ended up being a Thug... :-(
40. General
41. Officer of the Royal Guard
42. Martial Arts Instructor
43. Knight
44. Soldier
45. Bounty Hunter
46. Mercenary

47. Magician Hero
48. Royal Magician
49. Magic Instructor
50. Sorceress
    Okay. The first thing I did was to raise my daughter to be good at
    housework. This way, she could enter the Cooking Contest at the
    Summer Fair and win, therefore get extra money. Once she was good enough
    to win every year (got this after 4 years), I started sending her to the
    Magic School. After about 5 years of on-off tutoring, she became a
    Master. I then put her onto the Fighting and Fencing classes. She became
    a master on these as well. By now, people were challenging her in the
    street. I bought her some armour because she was taking really bad
    damage. I started entering her into the Fighting contest and she got to
    the finals the first time round. I got her to use Magic all the way and
    her Magic Rep went up. I also sent her on adventures every so often,
    again using her Magic as much as possible. When she came back, her stats
    went up.

    Because by now, she was really good in basically all the Fighting skills,
    I concentrated more on the Magic side and so when the game finally ended,
    she became a Sorceress... :)
51. Magician
52. Fortune Teller
53. Street Magician
54. Street Performer

55. Royal Concubine
56. Queen
57. Countess
58. Millionaire's Wife
59. Merchant's Wife
60. Farmer's Wife
61. Mistress
62. Divorcee

House & Home
63. Domestic Training

64. Jester
    From Chan-I Min:
    > Hi,
    > I played the Korean version of PM2 extensively.  Talking to the Jester is
    > similar to talking with the Royal Concubine - you have to have a very high
    > conversation score.  Also, you probably need a fair amount of charm.
    > If that's the case, the Jester will be quite taken with your daughter when
    > she introduces herself.  Talking with the Jester brings your reputation
    > down but your sensitivity up and Cube doesn't like it at all.  However, if
    > you are friends with the Jester and you miss your meeting with the prince,
    > the Jester will bring him to your house for you!  Neat, huh?
    > I find the whole "Jester" thing about PM2 to be strangely touching. The
    > Jester is a royal but also a pariah in a way (hence, your reputation goes
    > down by meeting with them) and very sensitive and sweet once you are
    > friends with him.  I think the trade-off with reputation is well worth it
    > if you play the game for a storyline and more than just straight stats.  I
    > mean, how boring can a life simulation game be if all you're doing is
    > number crunching???

    From "Someone Somewhere":
    > I don't know if you've added this already, and this needs to have Mad
    > Eddy's cheats on...
    > But one suggestion is that when you start out with the daughter, work
    > on fighting skills and magic first.  Then take the daughter to the
    > desert after you buy as many demon pendant things as you can carry.
    > Keep exchanging with the demon--your morals will be at 10 or so at
    > this point anyhow--no big loss.  Go back home later, and go to the
    > church to wash away sins, and work at the church to boost morality if
    > you want to.  Or, you can go and buy the unicorn's horns--again, as
    > many as you can carry, and go to the forest and keep camping and
    > using this until your stats on Sensetivity max out.
    > To talk to the Jester, you need to have Sensetivity very high, and you
    > need to work at the bar to get conversation skills up.  It also helps
    > if you work on art skills before going, because that way his remarks
    > will be less snide, and he will give you a harp.
    > If you talk to the Jester enough, and if your conversational skills are
    > high enough, your daughter will become a jester.
65. Writer
66. Artist
67. Dancer

Dark & Evil
(TIP: Stay away from these endings unless you want a _really_ low ending
score! Don't be surprised to get a NEGATIVE score if you get one of these
68. Bondage Queen
69. Crime Boss
70. Bandit/Thug
71. High-class Prostitute
72. Con Artist
73. Prostitute
74. Lord of Darkness <== *The ultimate dark ending*
    From Lorrill Buyens:
    > If you camp outside the cave in the desert when your daughter has 0 Morals
    > (I think; it might be 0 Faith), she accepts Lucifon's drink offer. This
    > nets about 50 Sin per drink.  Have her knock back a few, and train her
    > Charisma and Refinement reasonably high (Morals might be important too,
    > oddly enough), an' you'll get a Prince of Darkness marriage ending. And if
    > her relationship with Cube becomes good enough, she can marry him, too.

I've got screen shots of the endings I've encountered on my web site (go
into the image gallery section to see them.)

On top of the "normal" people your daughter can marry are a few extras:
1. You (the father)
2. The Prince <== *The marriage you should be aiming for*
3. The Dragon Prince
   From PcKitten007 (aka "Clo"):
   > Go on the desert adventure, then, a dragon will forbid you to enter. Fight
   > him and if you win, he'll say that he is 1 year younger than you (aaaw he
   > is sooo adorable) and then, go see his granpa, the old dragon that retires
   > from the world. Higher your charisma while going to see him every day and
   > he will give you money each time. One day, you will see an old geezer and
   > a young boy at your door. The younger one will come to ask your daugter's
   > hand in marriage, say yes, and you will get 10 000$  (your daugther will
   > not approve but what can she say!?) Come visit the old dragon some time
   > and he will still [give] you some money and when your charisma is high
   > enough, he will kiss you (urk!! more lick you) and will give you the
   > dragons tights who never fit... you can still sell them but I presume that
   > you had enough money from the dragons to pay courses all year long.....

   > At the end of the game, the young dragon comes back to take you away.
   > Your daughter [will] pity him and decide to marry him but still end[s] up
   >very happy.
4. Cube (the butler)
   From Lorrill Buyens:
   > If you camp outside the cave in the desert when your daughter has 0 Morals
   > (I think; it might be 0 Faith), she accepts Lucifon's drink offer. This
   > nets about 50 Sin per drink.  Have her knock back a few, and train her
   > Charisma and Refinement reasonably high (Morals might be important too,
   > oddly enough), an' you'll get a Prince of Darkness marriage ending. And if
   > her relationship with Cube becomes good enough, she can marry him, too.

All Copyrights are acknowledged and no infringement has been intended. This
FAQ is (C) Loopy 2000 and unauthorised duplication in any form, paper or
electronically is prohibited.

Contacting Me
If you want to correct or add to this FAQ, e-mail me @ jjyooi@yahoo.com -- if
you have something worthy of addition, I'll add it to the next version of the

   FAQ (C) Loopy (jjyooi@yahoo.com) All other (C) Copyrights Acknowledged

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