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Strategy Guide by Nuriko

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 09/03/2001

                    Princess Maker 2 FAQ  Version 1.5
                    First Published: September 20, 2000
                    Updated: September 3, 2001
                    By Nuriko - nuriko@maison-otaku.net
                    This Princess Maker 2 FAQ Copywrite 2000, 
                    2001 by Val Shrum, AKA: Nuriko.  
                    I've put a lot of hard work into this.
                    No reproduction or distribution is allowed without 
                    permission from me.  Emaling me and getting no response
                    probably means a /no/ until I respond with otherwise.
                    This FAQ is for Princess Maker 2 for the PC, Sega
                    Saturn, and Dreamcast versions.  I have included notes and 
                    tricks for both versions.  If you have any questions, 
                    comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at my email 
                    address.  - nuriko@maison-otaku.net

            I've had a pretty extensive collection of Princess Maker webpages 
over the years.  I suddenly had the realization of "Hey, why not write a FAQ of
sorts?"  I've been visiting Gamefaqs.com for years, and there aren't ANY for 
the other Princess Maker games.  So... I'm going to write a collection of FAQS,
all of which have to do with the Princess Maker series.  Hopefully they'll be
useful to someone.  I almost thought someone would have come out with at least
the other games faqs by now.  Oh well!  I'll try to be as helpful as possible.
If statments from this FAQ seem awfully familiar, you probably have been to my 
Princess Maker Nexus Webpage at some point in your child raising careers.  
It's easier just to quote what I've already written instead of starting fresh
and new. Anywhos... do you want to see pictures and stuff from the games?   
Check out the above said webpage, and please let me know if you enjoy this FAQ
or want to let me know about something at my email address of 

~ Nuriko

Updated to Version 1.5: Added where to get the Royal Harp.  Thanks to everyone 
who emailed.  I had gotten so many emails on the subject around the same time,
that it's hard to give credit where credit is due.  Most the emails were really 
vague, but gave just enough information on how to get the darn thing.  Thanks 
everyone! I only gave it a +.5 because it wasn't that drastic of a change.  
Also added The Princess Maker Collection info down below in the "Other Games" 
portion, and added information that this FAQ can/will cover the PM Collection 
version as well.

Just to clarify:  All notes listed here for PC version pertain to those on 
The Princess Maker Collection version of Princess Maker 2.  The only thing
that cannot be done would be to edit any files or keyboard commands.  Other
than that, it plays the exact same way. 

1) Introduction
2) Options
  a) Family Name
  b) Daughters Name
  c) Your Daughters Birthday
  d) Your Age
  e) Your Birthday
  f) Your Daughters Blood type
3) Jobs
  a) Housework
  b) Babysitting
  c) Inn
  d) Farm
  e) Church
  f) Restaurant
  g) Lumberjack
  h) Salon
  i) Masonry
  j) Hunter
  k) Graveyard
  l) Tutor
  m) Bar
  n) Sleazy Bar
  o) Cabaret
4) School
  a) Science 
  b) Strategy
  c) Theology
  d) Poetry
  e) Fighting
  f) Fencing
  g) Magic
  h) Protocal
  i) Painting
  j) Dance
5) Adventure
  a) Eastern Forest
  b) Western Desert
  c) Southern Lake
  d) Northern Glacier
6) The Harvest Festival
7) Items
8) People and Rivals
  a) People from the Castle
  b) Your rivals
9) Going around town
10) Secrets
11) Extras
12) The other games

1) Introduction                  |

Princess Maker is a game created by Gainax.  You may know of Gainax through
their animated features before their video game creations.  They are the 
popular folks behind Neon Genesis Evanglion, Gunbuster, Nadia: Secret of Blue
Water, Otaku No Video, and a great deal of others I cannot recall.  It
originally started back in 1991 with a simple game titled "Princess Maker".  
It was pushed off as a "Childcare Simulation Game" and was released for the 
IBM PC.  Eventually it had spawned into a rather extensive series of games, 
including a Princess Maker 2 and 3, plus a Playstation RPG of sorts called 
Princess Maker: Go! Go! Go! Princess, a Princess Maker Puzzle game, and a Quiz
game called "Princess Maker Q". 

Princess Maker 2 is the second game in the series.  The plot of this game is
you (the father) are a great warrior who saved the country from demons.  The 
King of of the country honors you as hero, giving you a place to live in the 
kingdom and a yearly payment in the amount of 500G year.  A god approaches you 
because of your status, bestowing a child upon you.  The god asks you to raise 
the child as if it were your own.  This is the beginning of Princess Maker 2.  
This FAQ is composed of information gathered from the Japanese Sega Saturn 
version of the game, and the English Beta version for the PC.  Some tricks 
that work in the PC version may not work in the Saturn version.  I'll mention
where, as it is the SAME exact game save for voice acting and a better 
soundtrack (Saturn version).  

2) Options                        |

When you start the game, you are given several options and start off with 500
gold.  All of which actually determine your daughters future.  I will explain 
what the options are, in order that they appear.

a) Family Name
This really doesn't mean much.  It would just be the name that people refer to 
you as.  Usually in interaction with your daughter.  Let's say we chose the 
name "Deathbringer".  The townspeople would go "Oh look!  It's the daughter of
Deathbringer!".  If you mash a bunch of buttons at this prompt (PC) you will
get the default name of Olive Oyl and it will zip past all the options 
straight to the game.

b) Daughters Name
This is the name you choose for your daughter.  You can name her "Skullface" 
and it wouldn't matter in her future.  She may comment something loverly 
like "Wow, Skullface is such a beautiful name!  I love it!"

c) Your Daughters Birthday
This is where your choices actually matter.  Your daughters birthday is what 
determines things like her immediate interests, her immediate / already born in 
skills.  You have a choice of ALL the days of the year, including February 29th.
Your daughters birthday is in the year 1200.

~ Aries - March 21 - April 19 ~
God: Mars
Constitution: 45
Strength: 45
Intelligence: 13
Refinement: 10
Charisma: 7
Morality: 14
Faith: 21
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 6
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 38
Combat Attack: 5
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 8
Magical Attack: 14
Magical Defense: 10

Fighter Reputation: 43
Magical Reputation: 32
Social Reputation: 35
Housework Reputation: 40

Decorum: 10
Art: 15
Conversation: 10
Cooking: 18
Cleaning: 18
Temperment: 4

~ Taurus - April 20 - May 20 ~

God: Venus
Constitution: 33
Strength: 28
Intelligence: 23
Refinement: 25
Charisma: 24
Morality: 32
Faith: 20
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 19
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 10
Combat Attack: 3
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 17
Magical Attack: 18
Magical Defense: 25

Fighter Reputation: 13
Magical Reputation: 60
Social Reputation: 49
Housework Reputation: 58 

Decorum: 21
Art: 20
Conversation: 8
Cooking: 19
Cleaning: 16
Temperment: 23

~ Gemini - May 21- June 21 ~

God: Mercury
Constitution: 19
Strength: 18
Intelligence: 36
Refinement: 14
Charisma: 14
Morality: 7
Faith: 10
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 35
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 14
Combat Attack: 2
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 18
Magical Attack: 19
Magical Defense: 15

Fighter Reputation: 16
Magical Reputation: 52
Social Reputation: 65
Housework Reputation: 29

Decorum: 10
Art: 25
Conversation: 30
Cooking: 8
Cleaning: 10
Temperment: 11

~ Cancer - June 22-July 22 ~

God: Moon
Constitution: 18
Strength: 18
Intelligence: 24
Refinement: 29
Charisma: 33
Morality: 25
Faith: 30
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 33
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 15
Combat Attack: 2
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 24
Magical Attack: 28
Magical Defense: 23

Fighter Reputation: 17
Magical Reputation: 75
Social Reputation: 57
Housework Reputation: 54 

Decorum: 17
Art: 20
Conversation: 20
Cooking: 17
Cleaning: 20
Temperment: 17

~ Leo - July 23-August 22 ~

God: Sol
Constitution: 50
Strength: 50
Intelligence: 7
Refinement: 42
Charisma: 18
Morality: 23
Faith: 10
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 9
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 32
Combat Attack: 5
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 2
Magical Attack: 6
Magical Defense: 8

Fighter Reputation: 37
Magical Reputation: 16
Social Reputation: 38
Housework Reputation: 18

Decorum: 15
Art: 8
Conversation: 15
Cooking: 7
Cleaning: 9
Temperment: 2

~ Virgo: August 23-September 22 ~

God: Mercury
Constitution: 14
Strength: 5
Intelligence: 28
Refinement: 45
Charisma: 30
Morality: 32
Faith: 35
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 31
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 7
Combat Attack: 1
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 15
Magical Attack: 18
Magical Defense: 32

Fighter Reputation: 8
Magical Reputation: 65
Social Reputation: 59
Housework Reputation: 89

Decorum: 25
Art: 18
Conversation: 15
Cooking: 29
Cleaning: 30
Temperment: 30

~ Libra - September 23-October 22 ~

God: Venus
Constitution: 25
Strength: 22
Intelligence: 30
Refinement: 24
Charisma: 20
Morality: 20
Faith: 21
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 26
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 14
Combat Attack: 2
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 13
Magical Attack: 14
Magical Defense: 15

Fighter Reputation: 16
Magical Reputation: 42
Social Reputation: 64
Housework Reputation: 46 

Decorum: 18
Art: 18
Conversation: 28
Cooking: 16
Cleaning: 15
Temperment: 15

~ Scorpio - October 23-November 21 ~

God: Hades
Constitution: 28
Strength: 20
Intelligence: 22
Refinement: 9
Charisma: 42
Morality: 10
Faith: 27
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 39
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 10
Combat Attack: 2
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 30
Magical Attack: 30
Magical Defense: 20

Fighter Reputation: 12
Magical Reputation: 80
Social Reputation: 39
Housework Reputation: 31 

Decorum: 14
Art: 21
Conversation: 4
Cooking: 12
Cleaning: 11
Temperment: 8

~ Sagittarius - November 22-December 21 ~

God: Jupiter
Constitution: 38
Strength: 35
Intelligence: 24
Refinement: 23
Charisma: 11
Morality: 10
Faith: 12
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 20
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 19
Combat Attack: 4
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 19
Magical Attack: 12
Magical Defense: 12

Fighter Reputation: 23
Magical Reputation: 43
Social Reputation: 37
Housework Reputation: 44 

Decorum: 8
Art: 16
Conversation: 13
Cooking: 21
Cleaning: 13
Temperment: 10

~ Capricorn - December 22-January 19 ~

God: Saturn
Constitution: 25
Strength: 20
Intelligence: 17
Refinement: 15
Charisma: 10
Morality: 38
Faith: 20
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 13
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 15
Combat Attack: 2
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 15
Magical Attack: 8
Magical Defense: 5

Fighter Reputation: 17
Magical Reputation: 28
Social Reputation: 41
Housework Reputation: 69

Decorum: 20
Art: 10
Conversation: 11
Cooking: 19
Cleaning: 22
Temperment: 28

~ Aquarius - January 20-February 18 ~

God: Uranus
Constitution: 17
Strength: 18
Intelligence: 42
Refinement: 12
Charisma: 10
Morality: 13
Faith: 8
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 28
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 15
Combat Attack: 2
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 15
Magical Attack: 12
Magical Defense: 23

Fighter Reputation: 17
Magical Reputation: 50
Social Reputation: 55
Housework Reputation: 44 

Decorum: 11
Art: 22
Conversation: 22
Cooking: 15
Cleaning: 23
Temperment: 6

~ Pisces - February 19-March 20 ~

God: Neptune
Constitution: 16
Strength: 15
Intelligence: 15
Refinement: 32
Charisma: 31
Morality: 24
Faith: 30
Sin: 0
Sensitivity: 45
Stress: 0

Combat Skill: 10
Combat Attack: 2
Combat Defense: 0
Magical Skill: 18
Magical Attack: 20
Magical Defense: 18

Fighter Reputation: 12
Magical Reputation: 56
Social Reputation: 59
Housework Reputation: 48

Decorum: 24
Art: 20
Conversation: 15
Cooking: 16
Cleaning: 14
Temperment: 18

d) Your age
This is the age you choose.   You can say you're age 2.  It doesn't really
matter, but it does seem weird that a 1 year old would be raising a 10 year
old.  Try to choose SOMETHING that makes sense.  In the Saturn version, it
will only allow you to choose a two digit birthday.  

e) Your Birthday
This is almost important, in the aspect of if your daughter loves you very 
much, she will certainly give you gifts and bake you a cake!  Oh, you're
such a lucky fellow.

f) Your Daughters Bloodtype
This is somewhat important.  There are four blood types available.  
Bloodtype is actually very important in japanese culture, and will determine
a little bit more of your daughters personality and starting skills.  Here 
is an explaination of the bloodtype meanings.  They currently have no bearing
as to what skills are immediately born into, and it won't affect gameplay.
This is more for reference in Princess Maker 3 than it is two.  Either way..  
here is what I have found in researching about the four blood types.

A - People of this blood type are honest, introverted, nervous, loyal, 
perfectionistic, orderly, detail-oriented, industrious, idealistic, 
soft-spoken and careful.
Positive: Orderly, Law-Abiding, Fastidious, Soft-Spoken and Fashionable.
Negative: Picky, Selfish, Secretive, Pessimistic, Inflexable, and Reckless 
when drunk.

At the end of each month, your daughter will have +2 stress.  No way around

B - People of this blood type are outgoing, optimistic, adventurous, 
flexible, passionate, creative, unconventional and have excellent 
Positive: Independant, Flexable, Candid, Sensitive, Passionate, and Persuasive.
Negative: Unpredictable, Indiscreet, Lazy, Impatient, and Overbearing.

At the end of each month, your daughter will have -2 stress.  Very good.

AB - People of this blood type are proud, diplomatic, discriminating, natural
leaders, great organizers, rational and imaginative.
Positive: Rational, Calculating, Honest, Diplomatic, Organized, and Strong.
Negative: Unforgiving, Playboy, Easily Offended, Too conservative, Nitpicker, 
and hard to know.

At the end of each month, your daughter will have +2 stress.  No way around

O - People of this blood type are over-worker, insecure, emotional, powerful 
leaders, goal-oriented, enthusiastic, optimistic and good at business.
Positive: Healthy, Idealistic, Goal-Oriented, Clear-sighted, Athletic, and 
Negative: Status-seeking, Jealous, Greedy, Unrealiable, Obsessive Lover, and 
Can't shut up.

No change in stress.

This information was taken from a variety of webpages about bloodtyping.  
Mainly about Sailor Moon.  Too many pages with the same information to give
proper credit.  I know it does hold a stronger meaning in 
Princess Maker 3 though.  I will use this information in that FAQ as well.

This is when the game starts and your daughter is given to you in the year 1209.
In other words, you have her for an entire year before the game even begins, so
you do have some sort of rapport with your child before you force her to start 
attending school or working because you're a poor lazy fellow.

3) Jobs                           |
Okay okay, regardless of the fact you're this amazing hero guy, you have to 
send your 10+ year old daughter out to work for the money in the household. The 
jobs do good or bad stuff to your daughter as well.  First off, when your 
daughter is 10 it gives you initially 6 jobs for her to work.  Unfortunately, 
as with school, EVERYTHING accumulates stress.  More so in the work environment
than in a schooling one.  The higher end the job, the more stressful.  It also
all determines on how good she is at it, etc, and how much it pays.  If it's a
really high paying job, there may be a lot of stress involved.  As most people
also discover, she only gets paid if she does GOOD that day.  She won't get 
paid that day if she sucks.  Another note, if she works the job a LOT, she does
accumulate raises over a long period of time and can aquire bonuses at the end
of the week if she does REALLY well.  It could be a raise of 1 gold to more, 
depending on the start pay of the job initially.  If you work her at somewhere
too often, she may even take up working there as her profession!  All the pay 
listed here is starting pay.  You can work on getting her raises on your own.
After working EVERY single job for her entire existance (no school, just doing
the job twice a month and one vacation each month for her entire lifetime), I 
was able to discover that you can get at least two to three raises in her 
lifetime.  They're only one or two gold though.  So instead of 4G per day, you
may work up to getting 6G per day!  Oh Joy!

a) Housework - 0G per day 
   That's right kids!  You don't get paid to do housework with Cube!  However, 
this is the only way to raise Temperament.

+ Temperment, Cooking, and Cleaning
- Sensitivity

b) Babysitting - 4G per day 
     Just like every 10 year old girl, you too can make your daughter babysit 
children only 5 years younger than her o.o;;; Regardless of the irony in that, 
this helps secretly work on maternal instinct (which isn't in the power meter )

+ Sensitivity
- Charisma

c) Inn - 8G per day 
  The inn helps your child learn more and more about the joys of working in the 
housework type environment.

+ Cleaning
- Combat Skill

d) Farm - 10G per day 
    I wanna be a cowboy!  And you can be my cowgirl! o/~   Anywhos, the farm is
a low level job for any young girl.. right? x.x  This is the 1200's.

+ Constitution and Strength
- Refinement

e) Church - 1G per day 
    Church going could never be so fun o.o;;;;   You too can teach your 
daughter to be a Nun a long with the best of them.  This is the best place
to work off sin, unless you have the money to donate to the Church in the 
normal town area... which is 100 gold per every -10 sin.

+ Faith and Morals
- Sin

f) Restaurant - 8G per day 
    It's a job for a  housemaker type child.  If you wanna go toward that path, 
then by all means, this is the job for your child. 

+ Cooking
- Combat Skill

/Those are the starting jobs.  Once your daughter hits 11, she can now work at 
2 new places./

g) Lumberjack - 12G per day 
  I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay! o/~    My friend had a daughter that couldn't
do anything BUT be a Lumberjack.  It's not that bad of a job, and pays a decent
amount for work.

+ Strength
- Refinement 

h) Salon - 20G per day 
    Yes,  your girl can be a good little girl and get really good at being a 
hairdresser at the local salon.  It's defiantly a job for the weak and artistic 

+ Sensitivity
- Strength

/At her 12th birthday, she's granted with the ability to work for 2 more 

i) Masonry - 18G per day 
    I just can't think of anything witty to say for this job.  You're daughter 
is a mason! Deal!

+ Constitution
- Charisma

j) Hunter - 8G per day 
    I don't know about you, but I always pictured my kid wanting to carry 
around dead animals for her 12th birthday o.o;;

+ Constitution, Sin, and Combat Skill
- Refinement

/Once she hits 13, she only is given 1 new job to go to./

k) Graveyard - 8G per day 
    She's working in a graveyard... you just can't comprehend the joy.

+ Magical Defense and Sensitivity
- Charisma

/On her 14th Birthday, she's given 2 more choices of employment./

l) Tutor - 20G per day 
    Okay, I can understand Tutoring young kids at the age of 14.  It 
especially helps if she has a decent intelligence, and some morals.

+ Morals
- Charisma

m) Bar - 12G per day 
    Woo... working at a bar when she's 14 ... just... wow.  One of the main
and probably only reasons for her to be working at the Bar at all would be 
is that it pays all right, PLUS it's the only way for her to gain 
Conversation skills. 

+ Cooking and Conversation
- Intelligence

/On her 15th birthday, you can almost start corrupting her o.o;; This is when
you're given one new job./

n) Sleazy Bar - 45G per day 
     Yes,  if you wanted to create that S & M Queen for a daughter? Here's 
your chance.  This is a highly stressful job that... scares me just the 
slightest.  Even though the payment seems like a good idea at the time when 
you're desperate for cash, is corrupting her really that important?  Besides,  
she's only 15 ;_; 

+ Charisma and Sin
-  Morals, Faith, and Temperament

/And finally on her 16th birthday, she is gifted with one final job she can 

o) Cabaret - 35G per day 
      One, singular sensation every little step she makes... o/~  Okay, not 
quite.  This job is almost as bad as the Sleazy Bar.  I've heard ( But have 
not done myself ) that if you work her at the Cabaret often, she will move 
up from being a waitress type to one of the dancers. 

+ Charisma and Sin
- Intelligence, Temperament, and Refinement

4) School                         |

Schooltime!  Ah yes the fun fun joys of doing homework and all sorts of 
stuff o.o;; 

        That's the point of playing this game, right?  Make your child be 
the best at what she is!  School is a nice enviroment to learn, hone skills, 
and do all that cool stuff.  Here are the many subjects and what they do 
for your daughter.  The names here are used in the english beta version.  
Basically the prices that are charged to you are by how experienced in the 
subject your child becomes.  After so many classes, your child will be 
moved up a level.  Whether or not you need that extra level really isn't 
nessassary.   For example, once you've maxed out your magic abilities, there's 
no way to max them out any more.  It doesn't matter if she's at Adept or even 
at Master, there's no possible way to make them go any higher.  However, with 
the higher levels, you can increase certain stats faster.  The only reason
to keep going with certain things (Such as Magic or Fighting) is to get the
special items available to those dedicated to those arts.  With Magic you
get a Power ring that gives up unlimited MP or the special sword from Valkria.

a) Science 
       Taught by Barcleo the Alchemist, Science is an important subject in even 
every day school. 

Novice: 30G, Adept: 40G, Expert: 50G and Master: 60G    
These prices are per day/per class 

+ Intelligence
- Magical Defence and Faith

b) Strategy 
    Taught by General Kreger, it's supposed to teach you how to be a good 
Military man ( or woman ) 

Novice: 50G, Adept: 70G, Expert: 90G and Master: 110G 

+ Intelligence and Combat Skill
- Sensitivity

c) Theology 
        Taught by Sister Lee of the church, this class is actually a rather 
benificial course depending on where your child should be going. 

Novice: 40G, Adept: 60G, Expert: 80G and Master: 90G 

+ Faith, Intelligence, and Magical Defense.
- Nothing.  This is a very nice course.

d) Poetry 
     This course is taught by Comstock.  This is a very enlightening course 
that could actually shape your daughters' fate.  Unlike 20 courses of fighting, 
or any of that sort.  If you take one class of Poetry, and your daughter is 
decently intelligent, she will become a writer x.x  Maybe there are ways 
around that, but most of my children generally end up being writers and artists 
because I had them take poetry once or twice.
Novice: 40G, Adept: 60G, Expert: 80G and Master: 100G 

+ Sensitivity, Refinement, Intelligence, and Art
- Yet another course that doesn't take anything from her.

e) Fighting 
        Ah,the joys of fighting.  Taught by Carl Fox, this is a course to teach 
your child to defend herself, and definantly be an all around better fighter.  
Combat Skill is easy to get, but Combat Defense takes lots of courses and hard 
work.  Maybe if you're lucky, Valkira the War God will visit your daughter and 
make the journey a little easier. I do believe this course also secretly works 
on strength. 

Novice: 30G, Adept: 40G, Expert: 50G and Master: 60G 

+ Combat Skill and Combat Defense.
- Nothing

f) Fencing 
      Taught by the skilled swordfighter, Leftor, this class helps you hone your 
skills of fighting.  Occassionally  you'll even get the occasional Dojo Destroyer 
( No joke ).  If you lose against the Dojo Destroyer, class will be cancelled for 
a few weeks. 

Novice: 40G, Adept: 70G, Expert: 130 and Master: 190 - Small note.  All your 
skills are filled about the time you hit Adept.  If you keep going back to this
guy, he'll just say "I'm raising you a level because I just want to charge you 
more."  Wow, if that wasn't the truth or what... 

+ Combat Skill and Combat Attack.
- Nothing

g) Magic 
     The A-B-C's of magic, as Cube says.  This course is very steady in the field
of magic, unfortunately you can only go up to 100-110 points for both skills, 
then you have to find secrets in the game to do more.  Check out the secrets 

Novice: 60G, Adept: 70G, Expert: 80G and Master 90G

+ Magical Skill and Magical Attack
- Nada, again.

h) Protocal 
      The skill of protocal is very important if you want to meet people in high 
society.  One of the only ways to raise Decorum. 

Novice: 40G, Adept: 50G, Expert: 60G and Master: 70G 

+ Decorum and Refinement
- Nothing

i) Painting 
      Hoping your daughter could win the art contest?  It's one of the easiest to
do if you work at it a little.  Her art needs to be at least 90, and have semi 
decent sensitivity.  The best painting to do is "The Advent of the Angels" and 
every painting that is done will be hung behind your daughter in her room. The 
course is taught by Filkins, who also participates in the Art contest.  Every 
painting you do costs 100G.

Novice: 40G, Adept: 50G, Expert: 60G and Master: 80G 

+ Art and Sensitivity
- Nope, nothing at all.
j) Dance 
     Dance like you wanna win!  Yeah!  Okay, the course of dance is taught by 
Tobi, who ALSO participates in the October festival.  This course secretly works 
on strength, even though that's not listed under the power meter thingy. 

Novice: 50G, Adept: 70G, Expert: 90G and Master 110G 

+ Art, Charisma, and Constitution
- Nada again.

5) Adventure                      |

a) Eastern Forest

In the forest area there are several hidden features about it, since it seems 
to bethe most magical of the 4 areas to adventure in.  First you'll notice this 
structure in the furthest east on the map.  You can sleep there at any time, 
and if your daughter is sensitive enough, fairies will appear and grant your 
daughter an abundant amount of cooking skill, plus her stress will go down to 0. 

Above that structure, to the immediate left is a pit.  If you go down this pit, 
you will come across this area that is enclosed with a tree and a gold chest.  
Your daughter has to be very charismatic and extremely sensitive ( at least near
or over 200 points worth ).  If your daughter isn't very sensitive, she'll 
comment on how it's the great Oak tree of the Elves.   If she's sensitive, an 
Elf will be there asking if you want to trade your Combat Skill for magic points.
If you agree, he'll give you +5 on all three skills, and take 5 points of your 
Combat skill (and you can't get them back either, no matter HOW hard you train.)
However, he'll run away if you're carrying Iron ( A sword or any type of metal 
weapon or armor, with the exception of the Mithral armor and the War gods sword/
Valkira's sword). 

Near the Southeastern most part of the map (a group of trees), you can use the 
Unicorn Horn.  The Unicorn Horn is something you would obtain through the 
Traveling Salesman (The "Chinese Orc").   Choose to camp and then select the use 
item option.  Use it.  She'll state that nothing happens.  Then when you sleep, 
the next day a Unicorn will approach you and ask about the horn.  Apparently this 
horn was part of his friend, and questions you on how you obtained it, etc.  If 
you give it to him, he'll give you 50 points of Sensitivity, but if you do not... 
He'll take away HALF your sensativity.  Many thanks to Alex Cheong and Linda 
Harper for explaining the use of the Unicorn Horn in this game. 

Also in that same area with the bunch of trees.  Sleep there at night ( Only when 
it's dark outside ) and other fairies will visit you, but this time your art will 
go up, but your constitution will go down a few points, plus stress will go to 0 

You can meet lots of creatures in the forest... one of them is the Wildcat.  When 
you meet her, you can attack her.  One of them carries an item called the 'Catseye' 
that is a treasure of the Wildcat tribe, and you can trade it to Ket Shi, their god 
in 2 different adventure areas (Not in the forest, but the Glacier and the Desert).
Another pointless note... totally off the Princess Maker 2 subject in general. In 
Final Fantasy 7, the correct pronunciation of 'Cait Sith' is Ket Shi.  And since 
Ket Shi is a sort of God of the Cat tribe and can use his fairy powers on you, and 
Cait Sith  in FF7 is a fortune teller machine, it makes it kind of interesting to 
make this sort of connection.  However, I digress...

Now, last but not least you may discover this one by accident... there is this 
enclosed area on the upper left portion of the map (no way of getting to it by 
normal means), when you find a way in there (go around it and then down into the 
water.  Go across the top left, still in the water, and you will fall into a pit),  
you may encounter the first of 3 tough bandits and some items.  Those items are 
250G and Ancient Milk (which helps with weight loss of your daughter.)  The first 
bandit's name is Venezaro.  This isn't like the other enemies where if you don't 
win, Cube will just carry your off... he basically molests your daughter if he 
isn't defeated, so it's a good idea to go to him prepared.  If not, love for Cube 
will shoot through the roof and she'll end up marrying him (Cube) O_o;;;  If you 
choose to accept the bribe from him, he offers your daughter 80G.  Should she take 
this, your daughters Sin will go up 50 points.  If you defeat him, you will get 
Leather Armor and 30 gold.   Defeating this guy will raise magical or fighter 
reputation (Depending on what you beat him with) 30 points and you'll receive a 
prize of 500G ^_^.  Also, if you accept the bribe, you will not be able to find 
him ever again, and you will have no other opportunity to encounter the other two 
bandits in the game.

b) Western Desert

The Desert area is probably the most ethically dangerous area out of the four.  
That is because there is a devil living out in the middle of it o.o;;;  You'll 
come across a cave with a sign called 'Demons Abode' (You have to go all the way 
through the Dragon Ruins, down, and then right to the entrance of a cave).  If your 
daughter chooses to camp there, your daughter will wake up facing a demon party, 
and the Prince of Darkness (Lucifon... yeah, I think it may have been a typo in my 
version o.o) offers your child the chance to raise one of her skills (Constitution, 
Strength, Intelligence, Refinement, Charisma, or Refuse) If you refuse nothing 
happens to her, but if you don't refuse, she'll gain more of the aforementioned 
skill of choice, but her sin goes way up, and her faith goes down. 

Something else interesting about this area, is that you can trade in the Demon 
Pendant that you would buy from the wandering salesman.  This is what can happen.  
At the mouth of the cave to Hell, you wander in.  Normally if you don't have the 
Demon Pendent, he'll tell you to get lost and you'll be pushed out of the cave.  
However... should you have the item on you, he'll ask you if you want to trade it 
for the Circe's Charm.  If you say no, he'll ask to buy it for 1000.  Again, if you 
say no, he'll then up the price to 1500.  If you say no the final time, he'll 
attack you.  I'm pretty sure if you lose, he'll take the item from your inventory.
If you say yes to his original offer... you get The Circe's Charm, which is... 
Magical Attack upped 10 points, Refinement upped 100, Charisma upped 100, but your 
Morals are taken down to 0 points.

Another area is the far upper left desert (NorthWest area).  You'll find an oasis 
there sitting in the middle of nowhere.  Now if you aren't carrying the Spirit 
Ring, she'll glance at the lake and gain more sensitivity.  If you do have it 
though, a spirit will pop out of the water and ask your daughter for the ring.  
If you say yes, she'll thank you and your refinement goes up 50 points.  About a 
year later, her daughter will show up to your doorstep, thanking your daughter, 
and her sensitivity will go up 100 points, PLUS she'll leave 2000 gold for you.  
Now if you think about that you only paid 1000 for it in the first place, this 
definantly is a good deal.  If you say NO however... the spirit will curse you 
for being a wreched human, and you will lose half your sensativity.  For example, 
say you have 999 Sensativity, you'll lose 499 of it.  Or even if you have 100, 
you'll lose 50, etc.  It's all just a simple mathmatical equation.  Not giving her 
the ring isn't really a good option.  Unlike most give or take situations, just 
give her the ring for crying out loud.  From that point on, the oasis will dry up 
and be gone forever!  Have that on your conscious for the rest of your life!

As I mentioned before about the Wildcat tribe and Ket Shi, the first area to 
actually encounter him is here.  You will find him at this empty house in the 
middle-Far West part of the map, next to a graveyard.  He doesn't appear unless 
you have the Catseye though.  He'll ask you to exchange it for one of 4 things, 
Increase Height, Lower Height, Lower Weight or no deal.  This works out for people 
with daughters who complain they want to be a little taller.  Other than saying 
"That's nice dear, what am I supposed to do about it?"  you can actually do 
something about it now ^_^  The place is called the 'House of the dead'  I 
believe.  You can do this several times.  He does remember you if you encounter 
him again with another catseye. 

You'll also come across the Dragon Ruins right smack dab at the center of the 
desert (the funny structure in the middle).  Your daughter will have to travel 
through them to get to the other parts of the desert.  On the way to get to the 
center you'll encounter a Dragon demanding you pay a toll.  Normally you can pay 
this, and everything is fine.  If you pay it at least once, it can get you in 
store for better endings later.  You will also find something called a Dragons 
Fang that raises your Fighters Reputation, and you can sell it for a nice amount 
of money if you're desperate.  In the center is an old dragon.  If she's too 
young, he'll tell you to get lost because it's no area for kids.  If she returns 
later however, he'll give you the Dragon Tights and comment on your daughters' 
figure.  If you defeat the Dragon Guard the second time around, depending on how 
old you are.... you may get a young dragon at your doorstep a few months later 
proposing marriage!  The older dragon will try to sway you for your daughters hand 
with 10,000 gold.  Which if you're in the red for money, this will make her live 
easier for the rest of her days, however... well, she'll marry the Dragon Youth.
If you disagree, her refinement goes up.  If you agree, you get the money but I 
think her morals go down.  She will end up marrying him regardless of what career 
UNLESS she already has preset one of the other special endings, like Marrying Cube,
the Father ( That's right, she can marry YOU! ) and of course, the Prince.

c) Southern Lake

The lake area is a bit harder than the other two areas, because the creatures here
aren't as friendly and will attack sometimes regardless of how sensitive your 
daughter is.  There are similar secrets here as there are in the forest, being 
that it's a magical place.  The artistic dancing like fairies that give Art but 
take Constitution are along one of the first islands that is between rocks after 
the first waterfall.  Just camp there at night and bam, there you go.  The cooking 
fairies are a bit further away.  Completely south on the map, then east.  There
will be this island with nothing to it, you have to find a pathway through the 
water, and there is a giant red flower thing on the island  It's difficult, 
because of the invisible pathway through the water.  Get the treasure chest 
(Fairy Nectar) and sleep there, you'll get the ones that increase cooking skill 
and kill stress. 

The second criminal is there as well, Bloodrose Vanesta.  He's a bit tougher 
than Venezaro.  Just make sure you win.  Remeber that the criminals also don't 
just APPEAR when you enter the area, you may have to wander around for a day or 
so.  He tries to bribe your daughter with 200 G (Which will make her sin go up 
50 points).  Defeating him will gain you Chain Mail armor and 286 G.  When you 
get back to town you get 30 of Fighters or Magical Reputation and 1500G. 
One of the final minor secrets along the river is somewhat like the forest again, 
you'll encounter an enemy called the Fishman.  If you defeat him, one will be 
carrying a Mermaids Tear.  When you go on a paid vacation at the beach, you will 
meet a Mermaid and she'll offer you a prayer.  Sensitivity goes up.

d) Northern Glacier

Other than the amount of cool items you can find here, there aren't 
that many secrets at all.  There's another hut for Ket Shi ( That would 
be the igloo at the far left, south map section ). 

There is one last Bandit/boss type character here, his name is Hurricane 
Calisto and is tougher than the other two combined!  Woo, better be wearing 
armor against this guy. He's in the empty house (Far SouthWestern part of the 
map).  Normally it would say 'No one is here...', so just keep trying to go 
into it over and over again until he appears.  He will try to bribe you with 
500G.  Once defeated you gain Mithral Armor + 386 gold.  Back in the city you 
gain 30 Fighters or Magical Reputation and 5500 G.  Now, take note here - if 
you take on several adventures in a row and take down ALL the bandits in one 
month period, you will still gain the total of 5500G, but you will ONLY gain 
30 reputation for the three.  My suggestion would be to take them down in 
individual months, that way you get the full amount of reputation available 
for you.

There is also a row of stairs that go up and up and up on the NorthWest part of
the map.  They go to the war god.  Yes, you can fight and defeat the war god if
your child is awesome enough o.o;  Then she will meet her god/protector.  They
will give you a skill in which they are most suited for (Example, Venus is god
of love, she gives the daughter 100 points of Charisma.  It is different for 
every god, and it may be more then just the one shot of 100, they could give 
100 in two skills, or so.)  It's rather neat to see that, and you get The God
Sword if you do ^_^ 

6) The Harvest Festival           |

The Harvest Festival!  It comes once a year, in October.  Your daughter has
options available for her.  In no particular order...

Dance Contest - Requirements; Needs a dress.
You can't even enter the contest if you have not bought your daughter
a separate dress.  Please remember to pick one up before you have your 
daughter enter this contest.

What you win?  Well, if you win the overall prize, you get...
Ladies Ring worth 2500G
A prize of 3000G,
Social Reputation +40

Art Contest
You need to at least have a painting from the Painting class.

If you win, you get...
Social Reputation +30
Master Brush! worth 2100G

Combat Contest
You need to have a great deal of Combat Skill/Defense or Magic Skill and 
really good armor. 

If you win, you get...
Royal Sword of which you cannot sell
Prize of 3000G
Reputation of +20 in either Magic or Fighters, depending on how you defeated
your opponant.

Cooking Contest
Just cooking skill or the Perfect flower is needed to win this contest.

You win..
Paradise Bird! Egg
Prize of 3000G
Household Reputation +40

If you eat the egg, you get +50 Constitution, if you do not eat the egg -
a month later the egg hatches and you get +100 sensitivity!

7) Items                          |
Let's start the items with weapons and armor.
Things you can buy at the Armorer 

Club: 15G
Combat Attack +3

Copper Sword: 40G
Combat Attack +6

Dagger: 130G
Combat Attack +9

Longsword: 250 G
Combat Attack +12
Combat Skill -2

2H Sword: 500G
Combat Attack +18
Combat Defense -4

Mithril Sword: 1200G
Combat Attack +20

Katana: 2000G
Combat Attack +20
Combat Skill +10

Leather Armor: 98G
Combat Defense +8

Chain Mail: 498G
Combat Defense +14
Combat Skill -3

Plate Mail: 980G
Combat Defense +18
Combat Skill -15

Mithril Armor: 2980G
Combat Defense +22
Magic Defense +15

Silk Armor: 4480G
Combat Defense +2
Charisma +50

Things you can buy at the Pawn Shop 

Doll: 120G
Sensitivity +5
Stress -40

Teacup: 500G
Refinement +10

Healing Pill: 30G
Restore HP

Grenade: 100G
Use for attack

Book: 120G
Intelligence +8

Poetry Book: 400G
Sensitivity +12

Things bought at the Restaurant 

Cake: 80G
Stress -50
Weight +2.2 lbs

Seafood: 120G
Stress -30
Weight +0.7 lbs

Meat: 200G
Constitution +15
Weight +2.6 lbs

Things bought at the Tailor 

Summer Dress: 70G

Winter Dress: 120G

Cotton Dress: 500G
Refinement +15

Silk Dress: 2000G
Refinement +40

Leather Dress: 3000G
Charisma +50
Morals -20

Spikey Dress: 2800G
Sensitivity +40
Morals -30

Speciality Items - Either through gift, special traveling merchants, or
through finding, you will get these items.

Royal Harp: 500G
Art +50
This is aquired by talking to the Jester at the Palace.  If you talk
to him enough, he will become your daughters best friend.  Eventually
the Jester will decide to visit your daughter and give hints about
certain other aspects of the game - not to mention on one of these
visits he'll give your daughter this fancy little item.  Although it
isn't a general rule, if your daughter continues to speak to him after
he has given the harp, she will take over his job as the Jester when
he leaves the kingdom.

Un-Dress: 5000G
Sort of a typical Gainax addition.  Play the game with your underaged
daughter nude all the time, with only a single bow tie.  Egad.

Ancient Milk: 500G
Reduces your daughters weight.  You can find this in a few of the
adventure areas.

Buxomize Pill: 1200G
Raises your daughters bust size.  You can purchase this from the 
Traveling Salesman.

Spirit Ring: 1000G
Important item for the Western Desert.  Puchased from the 
Traveling Salesman.

Max Gain: 10G
Weight +22.1
Why would you want to do this? O_o  She needs to be underweight to
fit into most of the dresses and outfits available in this game.

Black Scale: 500G
Combat Defense +3
You find this in the lake area.

Demon Dress: 3000G
Charisma +45
Morals -100

Fairy Nectar: 200G
Charisma +10
Found while adventuring.

Unicorn Horn: 1000G
Important item for the Eastern Forest.  Purchased from the
Traveling salesman.

Demon Pendant: 1200G
Important item for the Western Desert.  Purchased from the
Traveling Salesman.

Silver Pelt: 800G
Magical Defense +5
You get this when you defeat a white wolf in the Glacier area.

Ice Shard: 600G
Constitution +10
Stress -10
Found in the Northern Glacier.

Cat's Eye: 600G
You get this when you defeat a Wildcat.  You get randomly, and 
not always when you beat a wildcat.

Dragon Tights: 1200G
Charisma +28
Magical Defense +12
The older Dragon in the desert will give this to your daughter
after a second or third meeting.  Usually after she turns
fifteen or sixteen years old.

Perfect Flour: 10G
I've personally never received this, but it's rumored that Paimon
gives this item to your daughter to win in the cooking contest.

Venus Jewels: 1500G
Refinement +20
Charisma +20
Awesome item, gives you + Charisma, + Sensitivity, and + Refinement
in the amount of what age your daughter is.  If she turns 15, she 
gets +15 of Charisma on her birthday... etc, etc, etc.  You
purchase it from the traveling salesman.

Mermaid Tear: 950G
Found by defeating the Fishman monster.  Happens randomly, like
the catseye.

Siren Robe: 4000G
Charisma +40

Won through the Harvest Festival Art Contest
Master Brush: 2100G
Art +50

Won through the Harvest Festival Dance Contest
Ladies Ring: 2500G
Social Reputation +25

Won through the Harvest Festival Cooking Contest
Bird's Egg: 1400G
If you eat it, you get +50 Constitution.
If you don't, a month later your daughter will get 
+100 Sensitivity.

Won through the Harvest Festival Combat Contest.  

Royal Sword: 2500G
Combat Attack +12
Refiment +50

If you try to sell this item, you will be immediately be
approached by the royal guard!  This is generally a BAD IDEA!
Your Fighter Reputation will go down 20 points
Your Social Reputation will go down 30 points
Your Overall popularity will go down 200 points

You receive this item when you defeat the War God.
War God Sword: 5000G
Combat Attack +88
Combat Skill +20

These next three items you receive from the prospective helpers.  This
is what you receive from Valkria after you have maxed all combat efforts.
(and if you have a fighters reputation of +500)

Valkria Sword: 5000G
Combat Attack +85
Combat Defense +10
Combat Skill +18

You get this from the demon Paimon after you have acheived what appears
to be the highest in proper protocal.
Perfume: 800G
The perfume, after you use it, will get a man to propose to you
for (rumored) for every single month afterwards.

You receive this from Fay when you max out all magical efforts (and most 
likely also have a magical reputation of +500)
Power Ring: 1000G
Infinite MP

8) People and Rivals              |
a) People from the Castle
Although it seems hard at first, your daughters success in high society all 
depend on how she effects the nice people at the castle.  The first few times 
through, these people will be *annoying*.  It's best to know what exactly 
they're looking for to finish them off ( Which would be a popularity score of 
999 ).  Here is who they are, and what they want. 

Palace Guard - He talks to you anytime you even step foot near the castle.  
He looks for refinement and decorum.  Your score will go up higher once you 
get better in those two fields.  He tells you to talk to someone else once 
you hit the popularity of 40.

Royal Guard - He is a bit tougher than the palace guard, and looks for those
same qualities of Decorum and Refinement.  He tells you to talk to someone 
else once you hit a 90 in popularity. So you have to talk to him till you get
over 50 in popularity. 

General Kruger - He looks for the Refinement coupled with Decorum, plus he 
also has a soft spot for children with Sensitivity.  He is also the teacher 
of the Strategy class.  If you go in the order of Palace Guard, Royal Guard, 
then him.  You can end at 190, or pretty much 100 popularity points.

Minister of State - He is a little more strict on what is needed.  His 
requirements are at least Decorum to be pretty high, Refinement, and he really
really likes intelligent people. Every 10 points of intelligence will give you 
another point of popularity.  So for example if you're at 130 of Intelligence, 
he'll give you 13 of popularity, and so forth.  If you have over 600 in 
intelligence, it won't get you more than 60 when you talk with him past that 
point.  He is also the judge of the Dance Contest when the Harvest festival 
rolls around.  Generally it takes him 120 points of popularity to pass him, and 
if you go in the same order that would be 310 to end on. 

Archbishop - He is a very spiritual man (Well, duh) who primarily looks for 
faith in all.  Same as the Minister of State, every point of faith in increments 
of 10 gets you a point of popularity.  He is the main guy for the Art Festival 
come Harvest Festival time.  The Archbishop needs 120 as well, and that would be 
430 if you're going in the correct order. 

Royal Concubine - Although she is after the Archbishop, it's best to perhaps 
leave her for last, considering the only skill she looks for is Conversation.  
Same deal as above, every 10, etc.  So if your kid has a Conversation of 1... 
you might wait until you can start conversing with her before trying to pass 
her.  So far there is only one job that helps you get the skill of Conversation, 
and that job is the Bar, which you can only start working at by age 14. So once 
you get along to there, it takes about 120 before you get past her, or if you 
actually wait until after the King,  it'd be 119. 

Queen - She is rather difficult to get past, since there are only two 
requirements.  One is Decorum needs to be near maxed out, and she only really 
looks for Temperament.  Temperament can only be gained through Housework.  It 
also takes a great number of times visiting her before finally moving onto the 
King.  The Queen takes about 160 points to get past, but at 10 points each time, 
it's a really difficult and LONG process.  If you go in the order requested 
above, she ends at 590 of popularity. 

King - Although the Concubine and Queen have to be the most difficult, I tend 
to think the King is rather easy going.   He's a fighter loving man.  So any 
Combat Skill, Combat Attack, and Combat Defense you have will add up when 
visiting him, PLUS any Fighters Reputation you've accumulated. You can pass 
him really quickly if your kid is the hero type, just like her Dad ^_^ 
Although the amount of points needed seems extreme <290 to pass him> it 
doesn't seem so much if you're a fighter type.  Unlike the Queen and Concubine,
you can rank up to 50 points of popularity each visit considering how skilled 
you are at fighting and such.  If you go in the order that's correct, he usually 
tells you to talk to others at 880 points. 

Jester - Although he is on the list to talk to, he doesn't help your Social 
Reputation at all.  If you choose to talk to him, your Sensitivity goes up 15 
points, but the Social Rep goes down 15... is it an even trade?  Not sure.  
He will tell your daughter to speak to him with a better tongue - this is 
because your daughter has a low conversation level.  You need at least 40+
in conversation before chatting with this fellow.  If you decide to talk
to him enough, he will become your daughters best friend.  Eventually
the Jester will decide to visit your daughter and give hints about
certain other aspects of the game - not to mention on one of these
visits he'll give your daughter this fancy little item.  Although it
isn't a general rule, if your daughter continues to speak to him after
he has given the harp, she will take over his job as the Jester when
he leaves the kingdom.

Young Officer - Claiming to be a Young Officer guarding the palace only during 
the month of January each year, this guy has a lot of secrets.  You really don't 
need *anything* to actually talk to this guy, however you'll discover ( if you're 
lucky ) that he's really the young prince of the realm, in disguise.  Originally 
it was debated that to marry the prince, you'd have to be a housewife.  This 
isn't true.  In fact, I've had a dancer and a hero both marry him... it's all 
a matter of how socially well you are accepted, how popular, and of course if 
you visit him each month ( Give or take the accidental missing of one ).   Is 
it worth the effort?  Well, the game is called Princess Maker.  You be the 
judge ^_^ Though, we've discovered that you can't be a KICK ass hero and marry 
him.  You'll only be a semi-decent Hero ( Because at some point you'll be married 
to him and can't go wandering outside of the castle, duh o.o; )  However the case 
may be, you really have to want to do it badly to get it. ^_^ 

(This is debatable.  I've been told many times through email that they've created 
an awesome daughter and had her marry the Prince.  It's just in my opinion that 
the Ultimate Hero statement is when the Daughter becomes the wandering Hero, and
you get commended on how awesome a father you are, plus the god says she was very 
good at her work.  This, technically is an ending score of over 1000.  I haven't
the time or energy to search and find out exactly what is the BEST ending.)

b) Your rivals

During the game, your daughter, depending on her skills and such will gain a 
rival by the age of 14.  Normally right after her birthdate.  Here are those four 
rivals now, in no particular order. 

Anita Cassandra - She is the rival for the fighters.  Although having a fighter 
type daughter is fun, she's also a hard one to beat.  Both fighting styled rivals 
( Her and Wendy )  DO get better and become harder to defeat each Harvest Festival.
She works part time at the Armor and Weapon shop. 

Wendy Lachesis - She's a 'Magician Girl' who from what I can tell is the most 
polite rival of the 4.  She'll go after you if you have a high magical reputation.
She'll also want you to do the Combat Tournament for the Harvest Festival each 
October.  She works part time at the Pawn shop.  She's just a little too cheerful 
for my tastes. 

Marthia Shareweare - That's right,  according to a Takami Akai artbook and the 
Princess Maker Puzzle game, her name is SHAREWEARE.  Though, originally the last 
name wasn't really mentioned in this game.  She's the rival for girls with high 
houseworker reputation and cooking skills.  If you work your daughter at  home a 
lot, and she wins at the cooking contest often, you're going to get this girl as 
your rival.  She says she's slow, and that she isn't good at anything but 
cooking... then why is it if you dance a lot you see her as one of the 
competitors? She works part time at the Restaurant.

Patricia Hearn - Her main 'thing' is to be the best at Dancing and the most 
popular girl.  She laughs a lot, which reminds me of Kodachi from Ranma 1/2 
fame... or even Aeka from Tenchi Muyo o.o;;.  Still, scary girl none-the-less. 
I don't think she's worked a day in her life.  Occasionally you do see her in 
the Art class if you take that one.  If you are somewhat decently good at dancing 
and have passed the Ministery of State at the castle (In regards to social 
reputation), you will always beat her.  In fact, when you go to dance, the guy 
will say "Oh, it's _name_, I'll do everything to make sure she wins!".  Wahahaha, 
take that Patricia!

9) Going around town              |
Shops available are ---
Armorer - Owned by Armorer Zen!
Items sold there are listed in the item section, above.

Tailor - Owned by Maura.
Items sold there are listed in the item section, above.

Restaurant - Owned by Chef Balbon.
Items sold there are listed in the item section, above.

Pawn Shop - Owned by Shalom.
Items sold there are listed in the item section, above.
This is also the only place you can purchase your daughters Birthday gift from.

Church - Ran by Sister Lee.
You are given a choice to donate 100G or leave.  If you donate, you knock 
off 10 points of Sin.  Might as well just have her work at the church for 

Hospital - Ran by Dr. Lombardini.
You can only visit the hospital if your daughter is sick.  The only way your
daughter can become sick is when your you send her to school or work her
too much (In other words, no vacation and your daughter has become 
bedridden).  Please remember to give your daughter at least a vacation 
a month/cycle.  It ensures you a happy daughter.

- EXTRA (PC only) -
Mad Eddys
Beta Shop

10) Secrets                       |
This is going to go in depth about secrets, events, and such that you may want to 
wait to look at when you play the game.  Otherwise, you can read on and find out 
all sorts of interesting things about the game that you may or may not have known. 
This is not a complete list of secrets, by all means, I still haven't found 
EVERYTHING about the game ( I actually wish I knew one or two more things because 
of the sheer frustration of knowing it's there and I have no idea how to get to 
it ^_^) 

Opening screen:  When you begin to type in your daughters  name, just press a 
bunch of keys at once, till it's all filled up.  Suddenly it'll zip past everything 
and now you have a daughter named Olive Oyl, who is born on April 2nd and is very 
keen at fighting, and lousy at magic.  Her stress is always at +2, though.  Your 
daughter never fully smiles. This works for the PC versions of the game.  Olive 
Oyl is the default/official name of your daughter.  I've also been able to pull 
this trick for the Original Japanese version of Princess Maker 1. 

Magical training: When finally maxed out in magic, you will get to a point where
you can go no further.  There are two solutions to this ordeal.  Have your 
daughter do 3 magic's in a row, without a vacation.  Fay will show up and 
announce herself in a very ... enthusiastic tone, and grant you the power to to 
raise one of your three skills (Magical skill, Magical Attack, Magical Defense).
Your daughter will get +20 points whatever you choose.  You can do this 2 times, 
then she doesn't show up again if you pull that stunt again.

Okay okay, now you're thinking "I've been through the game SEVERAL times and my
daughter can never be the best daughter because she sucks in everything!"  
Mainly that is because of money, right?  Well, I've got cheats for that too :) 

All stuff cheat:   Go into your Princess Maker directory on your computer, and 
open up the pm2.cnf file with a simple editor like notepad, or even word.  When 
in there,  on the line after the last item (There will be about 3 or so )  type 
on a separate line by itself 

MOPI = 1 

Then when you go into the town area, holding f10 now you have Mad Eddy's, and 
the Beta Shop.  Beta Shop let's you test endings, to see what skilles are 
needed to achieve them.  At Mad Eddy's you can get oodles of money, and hard to
earn items for a special price ^_^  Also, I've heard that if you don't want to 
edit the file, you can get the same effect by holding down F12 R and N and Q at 
the same time.  Then it'll give you that option for that game. It won't be a 
perminant thing that you'll see every time you play, unlike the MOPI = 1 edit. 
If anyone has an gameshark codes for the Saturn Version, let me know!  It's 
a lot easier to play if you have all the money in the world.  Note, I've heard
the F10 trick doesn't work upon occasions either.  It's a matter of timing.
You can just edit that pm2.cnf file instead.  It's the easiest way.

In the PC version, you can hold down F3 to speed up the gameplay.  It'll just
ZOOM by really fast.  If you are playing the Saturn version, you just hold 
down start during jobs, schooling and vacations to zoom by.  You can also
skip the opening by pressing start as well.

11) Extras                        |

This section is just a little view on the extra stuff included on the 
disks for the Princess Maker 2 various versions.  

Princess Maker 2 for Windows 95: Although the disk and packaging really 
don't allow for much fun here, all the voices in the game and music is 
listed on the disk for you to be able to play from the disk without
actually playing the game.  Woo hoo.

Princess Maker 2 for Sega Saturn: This one has a very funny little thing.
If you put in the cd in a standard CDplayer, it will read off an audio 
track.  This is like... an entire audio track of your daughter Olive
rambling on about how hard her father workers her, etc.  Fun drama for

Princess Maker 2 for the Princess Maker Collection/Dreamcast:  Not much
for this disk.  From the starting page, you can click on the image 
gallery and it will have various PM related artwork.  

12) The other games               |

I actually will do FAQS for these as well, but it will be a long and gradual 
process.  The only reason this one was so easy, was mainly because I already 
hadmost of this information catalogued somewhere.  Here is a list of the 
currently available Princess Maker Games.

Princess Maker -  This game came out in 1991.  Your daughters default name is 
Maria Rindobagu.  The plot is that there was a huge war with the demons of the 
underworld, and the child is an orphan of that war.  You decide to raise her
to be your own daughter.  
Versions Available: IBM/PC Japanese, Chinese, and 
I've *heard* of a Saturn Version by Microcabin, but I have not found it 
myself so I cannot confirm that version.  

Princess Maker 2 - This is the FAQ you are looking at.  Made available 
around 1994/1995.  The second game in the Princess Maker series.  This time 
your daughter is named Olive Oyl.  The plot is similar to the first one, 
except this time you have a God giving you the daughter to raise from ages 
10-18.  Versions Available: IBM/PC Japanese, Chinese, and an English Beta 
version.  This one was actually released for the Japanese Sega Saturn by 
Microcabin, the disc featured different images, complete voice acting for all
the characters, plus a bonus 'Drama' track which had Olive whining for a good 
6 minutes about why her father works her so much. 

Princess Maker: Legend of Another World -  This game was released around
the same time as Princess Maker 2.  It was only released for the Super
Famicom system.  It plays almost exactly like Princess Maker 2.  The 
only major difference would be the combat system is really weird.  I do 
not know the default name for the daughter.  It really is not thought
of as part of the series of games, since it is a stand alone product.  I
imagine it was just Gainax trying to make the Princess Maker series 
available on many platforms.  Maybe someday I should ask them.
Version: Super Famicom (Japanese Super Nintendo).  There is a FAQ
currently available for this game.

Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True - Technically the 3rd game.
The japanese title is "Yume Miru Yousei", but also is listed as Faery 
Tales Come True (Spelled 'faery').  This  is the most current child 
simulation game.  This game was a collaberation of Gainax, and the 
japanese game Company of "Nine Lives".  This is a much more involved game, 
featuring options such as a choice of the fathers profession, and your 
daughters disposition is much more drastic.   Your daughters default name 
is "Lisa Anderson".
Versions Available: Originally released for Japanese Playstation.  There is an 
odd rap with repeatative words as a 'Bonus' track.  The PSX version was missing
a few features that were included in the PC and Saturn versions.
It was then released for IBM/PC and Mac:  Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions. 
There is also a Japanese Sega Saturn version available.  This includes the same
sort of bonus along PM2's Saturn Game.  It has a drama track.  Lisa is a 
much happier child than Olive.  There is a FAQ currently available for this

Princess Maker Pocket Daisakusen - Loosely translated as "Big Strategy", or 
I've heard it translated as Mission in a little pocket (??).  This game was
an attempt at a puzzle game.  This game was produced by Nine Lives, it gives
you the option of playing either Maria, Lisa, or Olive in an effort to play 
through scenerios to become a Princess through the art of the puzzle game.
It has a very pretty opening theme, and a plethora of voice acting.  
Versions: Only available for Japanese Playstation

Princess Maker: Go! Go! Princess -  You know, I'm not even sure what this is.
It looks like an RPG of sorts, featuring all FOUR daughters (Yes, that includes
the previously forgotten Legend of Another World girl).  I've only seen
screenshots, but I'm picking up a copy soon!  Wish me luck.  Also produced by
those wonderful people at Nine Lives.  I've also got sort of a "Mario Party"
feel to the game, but I have no idea since I don't own it.
Versions: Only available for Japanese Playstation

Princess Maker Q -  Another Princess Maker game produced by Nine Lives, this
appears to be a quiz game asking questions about the other PM games!  There 
isn't much else that I know of it, but I'm working on gathering a working 
Versions: IBM/PC and Mac.  Japanese and Chinese versions.

Princess Maker 4 - Originally it may have been slated for the Sega
Dreamcast, but now Princess Maker 4 is heading to PCs and Macintoshs
very shortly.  From what I understand, your daughter is "Karen" who was
the host of Princess Maker Q.  It looks like a mixture of modern day
Tokyo with a Princess Maker setting.  Must play this before I can
completely judge. ^_^;
Verions: As far as we know, Windows 95 (Japanese only).

Princess Maker Collection -  Princess Maker 2 and 3 put on the Sega Dreamcast
and bundled as a "Collection".  Distributed by a company called GeneX.  This
is currently available.  It states to be "Powered by Windows CE" on the box.
Versions: Sega Dreamcast only.

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