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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by rayquazza_star

    Version: 1.12 | Updated: 06/21/16 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    v. 1.12
    by Jacqueline M. 
    | Table of Contents          | 
    | I.    Introduction         |
    | II.   Starting Out         |
    | III.  Main Menu            |
    | IV.   Schedule             |
    | V.    Statistics           |
    | VI.   Adventuring          |
    | VII.  Events               |
    | VIII. Ending               |
    | IX.   Walkthrough          |
    | X.    Miscellaneous        |
    | XI.   Tips                 |	
    | XII.  Q&A                  |
    | XIII. File Info            |
    | XIV.  Links                |
         I. Introduction                                                    
    Princess Maker 2 is a unique combination of a visual novel, resource management
    simulator, and RPG.
    Why make a FAQ for a game over 20 years old? When I first played the game, I 
    immediately fell in love. To this day, it is one of the few games of its genre
    in English, and it is the only entry in the Princess Maker series with a 
    English version. This game is incredibly simple, yet contains a lot of depth, 
    and it can be so addictive too! Unfortunately, many of the available resources
    in English contain incomplete or even incorrect information, so I would like 
    to share my knowledge so that people can enjoy this game with less frustration.
    WARNING! This guide contains A LOT of spoilers regarding every aspect of the 
    game. If you love discovering everything on your own, then you should not read
    this guide. If you would like to know the basics for having an enjoyable 
    experience playing this game, you should skip to the "Tips" and "Q&A" sections.
         II. Starting Out                                                   
    Congratulations! You are a father now. But how to give her the best start on 
    life? Keep in mind the choices you make here will matter a lot less than how 
    you decide to raise her later on. It's mostly nurture, not nature! But it's 
    good to know about what you're getting into.
    Blood Type
    The different blood types give a small change in stats each month.
    | Type | Effect/month           |
    | A    | +2 Morality, +2 Stress |
    | B    | -2 Stress              |
    | O    | None                   |
    | AB   | +2 Sensitivity         |
    Overall, the effects of blood type are pretty small. Personally, I would prefer
    A because high Morality prevents you from being delinquent, and it's easy to
    manage a small amount of stress. Otherwise, you can pick a blood type that you
    think would fit your daughter's personality the best. Here is a good page 
    about the different stereotypes associated with blood types in Asia:
    This affects your astrological sign, your guardian Deity, and your starting 
    | Sign        | Birthday    | Deity   |
    | Aires       | 2/19-3/20   | Mars    |
    | Taurus      | 4/20-5/20   | Venus   |
    | Gemini      | 5/21-6/21   | Mercury | 
    | Cancer      | 6/22-7/22   | Moon    |
    | Leo         | 6/22-7/22   | Sol     |
    | Virgo       | 7/23-8/22   | Mercury |
    | Libra       | 9/23-10/23  | Venus   |
    | Scorpio     | 10/24-11/22 | Hades   | 
    | Sagittarius | 11/23-12/21 | Jupiter |
    | Capricorn   | 11/22-1/19  | Saturn  |
    | Aquarius    | 1/20-2/18   | Uranus  |
    | Pisces      | 2/19-3/20   | Neptune |
    Different signs have different starting stats; for a complete list, you can
    consult Nuriko's FAQ. However, these differences are minuscule and won't matter
    much in the long run or even a couple of months after starting out.
    Personally I think the best birthday is October 1st. This means you will skip
    the Harvest Festival for that year, giving you an entire year to prepare for the
    next one. That way you can win the Cooking Contest within one year and almost 
    certainly within two as long as you prepare adequately. 
    Other Options
    Family Name: This is your name and your daughter's surname.
    Daughter's Name: What it says on the tin.
    Your Age: This has no effect on the game. Feel free to set it as high or low as
    you like.
    Your Birthday: If your relationship level with your daughter is high enough, 
    she will bake a cake for you on your birthday. Otherwise it has no effect on 
    the game.
         III. Main Menu                                                      
    Here is a list of all of your stats. You can go to Part IV "Attributes" of 
    this guide to learn more about them.
    Each month you can pick one of the following options.
    Father-daughter chat: You can hear what you have to say. Often these comments 
    will reflect your attributes, reputations, or appearance.
    Pocket money: You can get some pocket money to reduce your stress once per 
    month. I usually don't bother with this option.
    Scold: If you are delinquent, you can use this option. The higher your 
    relationship with your father, the more your stress will go down.
    You can change your daughter's diet here.
    | Type        | Cost | Weight    | Constitution |
    | Normal      | 30G  | +0.45 lbs | +0           |
    | Robust      | 80G  | +0.70 lbs | +10          |
    | Slim down   | 10G  | +0.30 lbs | -5           |
    | Weight loss | 5G   | -0.80 lbs | -20          |
    If you weight too much, you will not be able to fit into some dresses and your
    Charisma will decrease permanently every month. However, if you do not have
    enough Constitution, that will affect your ability to work and handle stress.
    Personally I usually use the Normal diet. The Robust one is too expensive for
    what benefits it provides and the other ones cause her to lose Constitution. I
    prefer her to lose weight by going on vacation to the beach during the summer.
    Here you can find basic info about the state of your daughter. You can see if
    she is sick or delinquent. It also shows your daughter's measurements (!) and
    Sickness: If your Constitution is too low and your Stress too high, you will 
    get sick. Make sure to work at the Farm until your Constitution is about 100
    to avoid getting sick.
    Delinquency: Being delinquent can be a problem in the early game and hamper 
    your progress. Probably the best way to avoid being delinquent is to work
    at the Church and raise your Faith.
    Popularity: See the Palace section below.
    Height: You might wish you were taller or higher, but there's no effect on the
    Weight: If you're considered overweight, then you won't be able to fit into 
    some dresses and your Charisma will decrease each month. Probably the best 
    way to lose weight is to go to the beach during the summer. Your diet can also
    affect your weight - see the Diet section above.
    Bust: Yes, there are two sets of boob sprites in this game depending on how 
    large your bust is.
    Waist/Hip: Don￾ft have an effect on the game, even cosmetically. 
    Armorer: You can buy armor or weapons here.
    Tailor: You can buy dresses here. You should buy a summer and winter dress 
    around the start of the game to avoid getting too hot/cold and losing your 
    Constitution. You will also need a dress if you wish to enter the Dance 
    Restaurant: You can buy special food here. They lower stress but raise weight.
    I prefer to lower stress with dolls instead. 
    Pawn Shop: You can buy miscellaneous items and sell your belongings here. I've
    never found the grenade or healing pills to be too useful as long as your 
    daughter has good fighting stats or high Sensitivity.
    Church: You can donate G to lower your daughter's sin. I usually would rather
    have her work at the Church instead.
    Hospital: You go here when you are sick. To avoid that, make sure your stress 
    is lower than your Constitution. If you are careful in a playthrough, you will
    never have to go here.
    Also keep in mind if your Fighting/Magical reputation > 200 and you continually
    go to town and then cancel, you have the chance of a encountering a fighter who
    wants to duel you. This is a great way of raising your Fighting/Magical 
    You can visit the royal palace to gain Popularity. They each require a certain
    Decorum score before you can talk to them. The amount of Popularity you gain 
    depends on your current level of their favorite stat. Also, they have a limit 
    to the amount of Popularity you can have before they ask you to talk to 
    someone else.
    Higher Popularity means discounts from the armorer or pawn shop. However, by 
    the time your Decorum is high enough to get a big discount, money probably 
    won't be that much of a problem to you. Your Popularity also doesn't affect
    the ending, so don't worry if you don't want to spend time here.
    | Person            | Decorum | Favorite Stat      | Max Popularity |
    | Palace Guard      | 10      | Refinement         | 40             |
    | Royal Knight      | 30      | Refinement         | 90             |
    | General           | 50      | Charisma           | 120            |
    | Minister of State | 70      | Intelligence       | 310            |
    | Archbishop        | 80      | Faith              | 430            |
    | Royal Concubine   | 85      | Conversation       | 550            |
    | Queen             | 90      | Temperament        | 710            |
    | King              | 95      | Fighter Reputation | 1000           |
    The last option in the Jester. If your Conversation skill is over 40, you can
    visit him. Your Sensitivity will go up by 15 points but your Social Reputation
    will go down by 15 points. After talking with him seven times, he will arrive 
    at your house and send you a message. After 14 times, he will send you the 
    Royal Harp, which is necessary for the Jester ending. After 21 times, he will
    leave and you will no longer be able to talk with him.
    You can also meet the Young Officer here every January. There are no 
    requirements. You will need to meet with him every year if you want to marry 
    the Prince.
    Here are your items. All of the items you own, except for weapons, armor, and
    dresses contribute to your daughter's stats. Otherwise you can only equip one 
    of each at a time, and those equipped will affect her's stats. Your inventory
    can only hold 50 items at once, but that's unlikely to be a problem unless you
    want to buy a lot of items from the Pawn Shop.
    You can call upon your daughter's guardian deity to save, load, or exit.
       IV. Schedule
    You can schedule activities for your month here. Each month is divided into 
    three parts.
    Given that you start off with little money, you will spend most of your early
    life working.  You get paid every day you work, but if you mess up for the day
    or you're delinquent, you won't get paid. If you manage to complete all days 
    without mistakes you get a 50% bonus. 
    All jobs have a minimum age. You will be able to first work at a new job the
    month after your birthday. 
    The more you work at a job, the more you get paid. After about 30 times 
    working at a job successfully, you get paid 1.5x the base amount, and after 
    about 90 times, your pay will be 2x.
    Jobs will give you stress. Watch out for your stress levels! At higher stress 
    levels, you might not be able to do your job correctly. I've had different 
    experiences with different jobs - usually, it seems like I have no trouble 
    working at the Farm or Church at higher stress levels, but I mess up more at 
    the Salon. Keep that in mind while making your schedule.
    | Job         | Age | Pay | Stress | Raises            | Lowers           |
    | Housework   | 10  | 0G  | 1      | Cooking, Cleaning | Sensitivity      |
    |             |     |     |        | Temperament       |                  |
    | Babysitting | 10  | 4G  | 3      | Sensitivity       | Charisma         |
    | Inn         | 10  | 8G  | 2      | Cleaning          | Combat Skill     |
    | Farm        | 10  | 10G | 3      | Constitution,     | Refinement       | 
    |             |     |     |        | Strength          |                  |
    | Church      | 10  | 1G  | 1      | Faith, Morality   | Sin              |
    | Restaurant  | 10  | 8G  | 2      | Cooking           | Combat Skill     |
    | Lumberjack  | 11  | 12G | 4      | Strength          | Refinement       |
    | Salon       | 11  | 20G | 3      | Sensitivity       | Strength         |
    | Masonry     | 12  | 18G | 3      | Constitution      | Charisma         | 
    | Hunter      | 12  | 8G  | 3      | Constitution,     | Refinement       |
    |             |     |     |        | Combat Skill,     |                  |
    |             |     |     |        | Sin               |                  |
    | Graveyard   | 13  | 8G  | 5      | Sensitivity,      | Charisma         |
    |             |     |     |        | Magical Defense   |                  |
    | Tutor       | 14  | 20G | 7      | Morality          | Charisma         |
    | Bar         | 14  | 12G | 5      | Cooking,          | Intelligence     |
    |             |     |     |        | Conversation      |                  |
    | Sleazy Bar  | 15  | 45G | 12     | Charisma, Sin     | Faith, Morality  |
    |             |     |     |        |                   | Temperament      |
    | Cabaret     | 16  | 35G | 8      | Charisma, Sin     | Refinement,      |
    |             |     |     |        |                   | Intelligence     |
    |             |     |     |        |                   | Temperament      |
    This is the best way to raise your Cooking skill at the beginning of the game
    when your Sensitivity is low. It will make your Housework Reputation very 
    high. Be sure not to make it too high though, or you will end up as a 
    Housewife. Also, be sure to watch your funds, since Housework does not earn you
    any money.
    This is good for raising your Sensitivity for the Cooking contest and also 
    raises your Maternal Instinct. However, it is rather stressful and does not
    pay well.
    Like the Cleaning skill, this job is useless. 
    This is a crucial job for the early game when your Refinement is low and you
    need to raise your Constitution to avoid being sick. It is also a reliable
    money maker during the early game, and it's hard to fail.
    This is probably my most worked job in the game. It doesn't pay much but it is
    great at raising your stats. For every day worked here, you gain 2 Faith and 1
    Morality, which is the most stats gained at any one job. It's not stressful at
    all and you don't risk losing any stats.
    It's very useful for filling up your calendar late game when you don't want to
    decrease your stats and you don't have enough money for classes. You should 
    also spend a couple of weeks here during the early game so your daughter doesn't
    become delinquent.
    I've never felt the need to work here. I find it better to raise my Cooking 
    through Housework, which is faster since it gives less stress and you're less
    likely to fail at that job. 
    I've never had found too much use for this work. It is not too expensive to max 
    out Combat Attack from Fencing classes. Also by the time you're old enough to do
    this job, if you've done Farming enough, you might be making about the same 
    amount of money through that for less stress.
    This job makes a lot of money but you also need a large amount of Art skill. 
    I've found it useful in the late game when you need some extra cash but don't
    want to lower the stats you've been working on. 
    You also need a lot of Art to perform at this successfully. If you happen to 
    have a lot of it already, it's fine to take up this job as it's an improved 
    version of Farming. Otherwise, I'd skip it. Also this job isn't too useful in
    the late game as you'll be trying to work on your Charisma by then.
    I almost never take up this job because you need Intelligence (and thus Science
    classes) to perform it successfully, but it's hardly worth the investment. 
    Perhaps the only reason to work at this job is to encounter the Undead 
    Skeleton, who will show up if your Fighter Reputation is high enough. It will
    challenge you to a fight, and if you win you will get 2539 G, which is a 
    helpful sum of money. Otherwise I would raise my Sensitivity another way, 
    especially as it is very hard to raise Charisma. Also this job is stressful 
    with low pay.
    Another job I wouldn't recommend. It makes a lot of money but it's stressful,
    and you need to have a lot of Intelligence beforehand to succeed. Also around 
    age 14, you might want to start thinking about raising your Charisma. If you 
    want to raise money I would probably go work at the Salon instead; if you want 
    to raise your Morality, it's better to work at the Church.
    This is the most reliable way of raising Conversation in the game. If you're not
    looking to raise your Social Reputation by that much, then it's ok to avoid this
    job. If you want to earn money here, you need to raise your Charisma. If you're 
    a magic-based character, try to avoid fights because you will have low MP while
    you're working here.
    Sleazy Bar
    I would stay far away from this job. Stats-wise you gain only a little bit of 
    Charisma compared to the amount of Faith and Morality you lose. If you lose too
    much Faith or Morality, your daughter will have increased chances of becoming 
    delinquent. Money-wise, by the time you are 15, you should have plenty of money
    from contests. Even if you do need money, this job provides far too much stress
    for the amount you'll earn. 
    Of the two sinful jobs, this is obviously the better one. This is probably the
    best reliable way of raising your Charisma without Adventuring. If you've
    invested money into raising Intelligence and Refinement, I would suggest 
    against it, but otherwise it's OK if they're low. Just be sure to go work at 
    Church afterwards. Keep in mind that since this lowers Temperament, this can be 
    a good way to lower your Housework Reputation. However, you need to have high 
    Art skills and a high level of Charisma to successfully work here.
    - School - 
    School is to increase your daughter's stats. They are a lot less stressful 
    than jobs but they are also very expensive and they cost more as you advance
    through them.
    | Class    | Cost | Increases                     | Decreases              |
    | Fighting | 30G  | Combat Skill, Combat Defense* |                        |
    | Fencing  | 40G  | Combat Skill, Combat Attack   |                        |
    | Protocol | 40G  | Decorum, Refinement           |                        |
    | Painting | 40G  | Art, Sensitivity              |                        | 
    | Science  | 30G  | Intelligence                  | Magic Defense*, Faith* |
    | Theology | 40G  | Intelligence, Faith,          |                        |
    |          |      | Magic Defense                 |                        |
    | Poetry   | 40G  | Intelligence, Refinement,     |                        |
    |          |      | Sensitivity, Art              |                        |
    | Strategy | 50G  | Intelligence, Combat Skill    | Sensitivity            |
    | Dancing  | 50G  | Constitution, Charisma, Art   |                        |
    | Magic    | 60G  | Magic Skill, Magic Attack     |                        |
    * These stats are only increased/decreased after the novice level of the 
    This class is essential if you want your daughter to be a good fighter.
    Don't worry much about taking classes to just raise your Combat Defense, which 
    can be expensive. By the time you max out your Combat Skill, you will be 
    dodging most of the attacks thrown your way. 
    You will also need this class to raise your daughter to be a good fighter.
    Occasionally the fencing school will be attacked. If you lose, the school will
    be closed for about two months, but if you win you will gain Fighter 
    This is the only way to raise Decorum. You will need this class if you want 
    your daughter to be Queen. 
    This is the cheapest way of raising your Art skill. Occasionally after class, 
    Master Filkins will ask your daughter to paint. You  will need this to enter 
    the Art Contest during October. I would wait until you have an Art skill of 95
    or over before painting. After this, you are  guaranteed to win the contest 
    every year. 
    In terms of bang for your buck, Science is definitely the cheapest way to 
    increase your stats.
    This is useful for getting a lot of Faith.
    It's cheaper to raise your Art skill at Painting classes, but it might still be 
    worth taking this for the other stats. It's not as cheap of a way of raising 
    Intelligence compared to Science classes, but it makes your daughter more 
    I would not suggest taking this. It's a lot cheaper to raise your Intelligence 
    and Combat Skill by taking Science and Fencing classes instead. 
    It may seem tempting to take this class because it raises Constitution and is 
    one of the few ways to raise Charisma. However, it's not worth the cost. 
    You need this class if you want to become a mage. If you take three Magic 
    classes in a month, Faye will appear and grant you a 20% bonus to one of your 
    Magic skills. You can do this twice per game. 
    You can go Adventuring for a week in four different areas in the game - Forest,
    Desert, Lake, and Glacier. You may find treasure or monsters while out and 
    about, and several NPCs can only be interacted with through adventuring.
    Adventuring is one of the most in-depth and time-consuming parts of the game.
    Please see Section VI "Adventuring" of this guide for more information. 
    Time Off
    After working and studying hard, your need time off to deal with your stress. 
    Use this time wisely to make the most of your education!
    Free Time
    With money: -10 Stress/day, -10G
    Without money: -5 Stress/day
    Spending a little bit of money is a great way to manage your stress. After age 
    11 or so, I almost always go on Free Time with money.  
    Going on Vacation is another way of reducing stress, but more expensive. It
    doesn't reduce as much stress as free time, but it is the best way to improve
    your relationships with your father. There are some other benefits on going on
    vacation depending on where you go.
    Mountains: Your Sensitivity will go up. In the fall, your Sensitivity will go 
    up higher but she'll gain weight as well. Sometimes, you can't go here during 
    the winter if there is a snowstorm.
    Beach: During the summer, going here will reduce a lot of stress and your 
    weight as well. It's the best way to do so, since it won't lower your
    Harvest Festival
    Each October, the Harvest Festival of the kingdom takes place. You have the
    option of either entering one of the four contests or resting. If you choose 
    to rest, your daughter will relax for the entire month, so it's a great way to
    get rid of a large amount of stress built up beforehand. Otherwise it's the 
    best way to make money in the game and improve your Reputations.
    Fighting Contest
    1st place: 3000G, Fighter/Magical Reputation +20, Royal Sword
    Runner up: 1000G
    Either your Fighter or your Magical Reputation will go up depending on whether
    you used magic or sword more during the tournament. You will also get a small
    amount of G (around 200) for every opponent you defeat.
    If you win this contest, you will win the Royal Sword (Combat Attack +12,
    Refinement +50). If you try to sell it, your Fighter and Social Reputations
    will decrease.
    I wouldn't suggest going to this festival, since it is so easy to raise the
    Fighter/Magical reputations indefinitely. The Royal Sword isn't that useful,
    and there are easier ways to raise your Refinement.
    Art Contest
    1st place: 4000G, Social Reputation +30, Master Brush
    2nd place: 1200G, Reputation +20
    3rd place: 800G, Reputation +10
    To enter this contest, your daughter needs to have a painting ready.
    Occasionally you will be asked to paint one after an Art class. The score you 
    receive depends on what painting you have painted. I wouldn't suggest entering
    the contest unless your daughter has painted "Advent of Angels" after her Art
    skill reaches the 90s. Then it will be guaranteed that she will win 1st place 
    in the contest every time. 
    If you win 1st place, you will win the Master Brush.  This raises your Art 
    skill by 50 points. This is useless, since your art score already will be 
    close to the cap if you win the contest and there's no point in raising your 
    Art skill further unless you want an artist ending. Definitely sell the 
    brushes if you want otherwise, and you don't even need the brushes to become
    an artist.
    Cooking Contest
    1st place: 3000G, Housework Reputation +40, Bird of Paradise Egg
    2nd place: 1500G, Reputation +20
    3rd place: 500G, Reputation +10
    For this contest, you will bake a dish. The score is based off of your Cooking
    and Sensitivity stats. Because you don't need any classes to get a high score, 
    this is a great way to raise money at the start of the game. All you need to do
    is do Housework until your Cooking skill is about 95 or so, and then do 
    Babysitting and raise your Sensitivity. You might not want to win too many times
    though to avoid raising your Housework Reputation too high.
    If you win 1st place, you will win the Bird of Paradise Egg. You will have the
    option to either eat it or not. If you eat it, you will gain 50 Constitution. 
    If not, you will gain 100 Sensitivity. I would suggest eating the egg during 
    your younger years so that you can handle stress better and not have too much
    Dance Contest
    1st place: 3000G, Social Reputation +40, Lady's Ring
    2nd place: 1000G, Reputation +30
    3rd place: 500G, Reputation + 10
    This contest is based off of a combination of your Charisma, Constitution, and
    If you win 1st place, you get the Lady's Ring, which is an item that raises 
    your Refinement by 25.
    I would usually rather participate in the Art Contest, since it is more 
    straightforward to win and gives more money. The addition 10 Social Reputation
    usually isn't worth it for me.
         V. Attributes                                                      
    There are four main attributes: Stats, Skills, Reputations, and Internal 
    These are your classic RPG stats.
    +: Farm work, Masonry work, Hunter work, Dance school
    This represents how physically tough your daughter is. You should raise this at 
    the beginning of the game to avoid her from getting sick. All jobs also require
    Constitution in order to perform at them successfully, but it varies among jobs.
    My research indicates that having higher Constitution allows you to continue
    performing well at your job at higher levels of stress. Having at least 150 
    Constitution is good.
    If there's an extreme cold/heat event and your daughter does not have a winter
    or summer dress, she will lose a lot of Constitution. To avoid this, make sure
    to buy them near the start of the game.
    +: Farm work, Lumberjack work
    -: Salon work
    Raising 10 points of Strength will raise 1 point of Combat Attack. Raising
    Strength after you max out your Combat Attack doesn't do anything. This isn't
    too useful if you're planning on taking Fencing classes.
    +: Science class, Theology class, Poetry class, Strategy class 
    -: Bar work, Cabaret work
    Each point of Intelligence is one point of MP in battle. However, even a pure
    mage character doesn't need that much because the battle will be over before
    you run out. Intelligence is also the cheapest stat to raise from classes, so 
    it might be good to raise if you're going for a high final score.
    +: Protocol course, Poetry course
    -: Farm work, Lumberjack work, Hunting, Cabaret work
    You need 800 points to become the ruling Queen. 
    +: Sleazy Bar work, Cabaret work, Dance class
    -: Babysitting, Masonry, Graveyard work, Tutoring
    This is your attractiveness, or actually "sex appeal" in the original Japanese,
    which explains a lot. Try not to have your highest stat be Charisma, or you'll 
    be "in love", which will make you fail at your classes and work. Also, if your 
    Charisma is high, then it you will attract a lot of unwanted persons. 
    Raising Charisma can be tough. I suggest buying the Venus Jewels from the 
    travelling salesman when he appears. Your Charisma will also increase every 
    year on your birthday. If you're overweight, then your Charisma will fall each
    If you have 200 by the end of the game, you get a bonus to your score. You also
    need 200 to marry the Prince. (Sorry, but he doesn't marry ugly girls!)
    +: Church work, Tutoring
    -: Sleazy bar work
    Having high Morality (OR Faith) to avoid becoming delinquent. I suggest having
    at least 100. You need at least 30 Morality to get married and avoid the dark
    +: Church work, Theology class
    -: Sleazy bar work, Science course
    You need to keep your Faith (OR your Morality) high to avoid becoming 
    delinquent. Also, high Faith can prevent you from running away when Sensitivity
    is your highest stat.
    +: Babysitting Work, Salon work, Graveyard work, Painting class,
    Poetry class, Vacation in the mountain
    -: Housework, Strategy class
    When you are adventuring, (most) monsters won't attack you if talk to them if 
    your Sensitivity > 200. Also, you might be able to find items on the ground
    (though it doesn't amount to too much). You also need Sensitivity for the 
    Cooking contest.
    If Sensitivity is your highest stat then she has a chance of running away from 
    home each month, so avoid that. Having high Faith can help prevent it, but it's
    better to raise another stat to be higher.
    +: Class, Work
    -: Free time, Vacation
    Proper stress management is essential to making the most out of your time. If
    your stress level is higher than your Constitution, then you will have a chance
    of becoming sick, and if your stress level is high while your Morality or Faith
    are both low, you have a chance of becoming delinquent. (You only need either
    high Morality or Faith to prevent this) 
    If you have high stress, you will also start making more mistakes during your
    work. I believe that higher Constitution allows you to work better at higher
    levels of Stress, but even so, you should keep it under 100, because at that
    point, you will start messing up more, causing you to lose your work bonus.
    +: Hunting, Sleazy Bar work, Cabaret work
    -: Church work
    Sin is bad because it will lower the final score of your game. If your Morality
    is low (< 30) and you have enough Sin, you will get a dark ending. 
    Combat Skill
    +: Hunting, Fighting course, Fencing course, Strategy course
    -: Inn work, Restaurant work
    Affects the accuracy of your attacks and how likely you are to dodge enemy 
    attacks. This is good even for Magic users so you'll take less damage if you
    plan on fighting.
    Combat Attack
    +: Fencing course
    Affects the damage of your attacks. 
    Combat Defense
    +: Fighting class
    This is hard to raise but you don't need this as long as your Combat Skill is 
    maxed out, because you will dodge most attacks thrown your way. 
    Magical Skill
    +: Magic class
    Same as Combat Skill but with Magic attacks. You don't need this if you're not
    a mage, because there are very few magical opponents in the game.
    Magic Attack
    + Magic class
    Like Combat Attack, but with Magic.
    Magical Defense
    +: Graveyard work, Theology class
    -: Science class
    It's hard to raise, but this is even less needed than Combat Defense. Plus, if
    your Magical Skill is high enough you will probably be dodging any enemy magic
    +: Protocol class
    You need this to talk to people in the palace to improve your Popularity.
    +: Painting class, Poetry class, Dance class 
    Needed for the Painting and Dance contests. If this is your highest stat, you 
    will get an artist ending, so you should sell any other Master Brushes you have
    before the end of the game.
    +: Bar work
    This is part of Social Reputation. If your Conversation is over 40, you can 
    talk to the Jester. 
    +: Housework, Restaurant work
    You need this for the Cooking contest. 
    +: Housework
    This is useless.
    +: Housework
    -: Cabaret work
    This is also useless.
    The main determiner in the endings is your Reputations. Thus, even if you max
    out her stats like Intelligence or Refinement, if your daughter's Reputations
    are low enough, she may end up still being a part-time Farmer or as somebody's
    If your daughter runs away from home, all of her Reputations will decrease by 
    10% for each month. Because of this, make sure Sensitivity is not her highest
    Fighter Reputation
    Sum of Combat Skill, Combat Attack, and Combat Defense
    How to increase:
    ~ Win Fighting contest with sword (20)
    ~ Defeat venerable bandit with sword (30)
    ~ Beat challenger using sword (10)
    How to decrease:
    ~ Attempt to sell Royal Sword (-30)
    You can raise your Fighter Reputation indefinitely by going to town and 
    returning home multiple times if your Fighter Reputation is high enough (>200). 
    Eventually, you will get a random challenger. If you defeat them with attacks, 
    your Reputation will go up. There doesn't seem to be a limit to the amount of 
    challengers you can defeat in one day. Because of this, I would suggest 
    skipping the Fighting contest during the Harvest Festival and focus on winning 
    other contests instead. 
    Magic Reputation
    Sum of Magic Skill, Magic Attack, and Magic Defense
    How to increase:
    ~ Win Fighting Competition with magic (20)
    ~ Defeat venerable bandit with magic (30)
    ~ Beat challenger using magic (10)
    Magic Reputation is the same as Fighter Reputation except with magic. Like with
    Fighter Reputation, you can increase it indefinitely by going to town and 
    returning home multiple times, except that you have to defeat your enemies with
    Magic instead.  
    Social Reputation
    Sum of Decorum, Conversation, and Art
    How to increase:
    ~ Win Art Contest (30)
    ~ Win Dance Contest (40)
    How to decrease:
    ~ Sell Royal Sword (30)
    ~ Talk to Jester (15)
    Social Reputation can be increased by taking classes. However, don't raise your
    Art skill too high or else your daughter will become an artist. If you really 
    want to get a high Social Reputation, be prepared to spend time raising your
    Conversation skill at the Bar.
    Housework Reputation
    Sum Cooking, Cleaning and, Temperament
    How to increase:
    ~ Win Cooking Contest (40 points)
    Housework Reputation is straightforward to raise. If you do a lot of Housework,
    all three factors will go up. Also, it is relatively easy to win the Cooking
    Contest after two years or even only one. Unlike with the other Reputations, 
    you can increase this one without any money.
    If you don't want the Domestic Training ending, then make sure to not raise it
    too much. Even if your other reputations are very high, if your Housework
    Reputation is the highest of them all, your daughter will end up as a housewife
    instead even if her stats are very impressive.
    Internal Parameters
    These statistics are only shown at the end of the game.
    Relationship with Prince
    A relationship score of 90 is necessary to marry the Prince. You need to visit
    the Young Officer every January to achieve this. He will ONLY be there during 
    January so be careful.
    Relationship with Father
    Having a high relationship with father means that your daughter will celebrate
    his birthday every year. Having a high enough one means that your daughter may
    also marry you. (Yuck!)
    Personally, I find it hard to maintain a high enough relationship so that my 
    daughter celebrates my birthday. I would suggest spending a lot of time going 
    on vacation and avoiding the usual free time option if you want a good
    Relationship with Cube
    A high relationship with Cube will cause your daughter to marry him. Otherwise
    it has no effect on the game. The biggest way to raise your relationship is to
    be defeated by one of the bandits while adventuring. 
    Maternal Instinct
    Maternal Instinct affects the deity's comments at the end of the game.
    Babysitting and Tutoring will raise Maternal Instinct, while Hunting lowers it.
    I'm still not sure whether this affects your score or not.
    This is the number of monsters you killed on your adventures.
         VI. Events 
    Coming Soon!
         VII. Adventuring
    Coming Soon!
         VIII. Endings
    Here's what determines which ending you will get:
    1. If your Morality <30 and your Sin is high, you will receive a Dark ending.
    2. If Art is your highest skill, you will receive an Artist ending.
    3. If all of your Reputations are within 50 points of each other, you will
    receive a general ending.
    4. Otherwise, your ending will be based on your highest Reputation.
    The rank of your ending is determined by score of your highest reputation.
    | Rank | Reputation  |
    | S    | > 421       |
    | A    | 381 - 420   |
    | B    | 311 - 380   |
    | C    | 211 - 310   |
    | D    | < 210       |
    You need enough of each job's preferred stat to succeed at your job. If you 
    don't have enough of it, you will fail at your job and your deity will penalize 
    your score. On the other hand, succeeding will lead to a huge bonus. It's 
    better to be a Soldier and succeed than be a General and fail.
    Unlike what other guides say, you DO NOT need any stats besides those that are 
    required for the ending or the preferred stat. You can get the good Ruling Queen
    ending with 0 Intelligence or the good Warrior Hero ending with 0 
    Constitution/Strength as illogical as it might seem. 
    General Endings
    | Job              | Rank | Other Requirements    | Preferred Stat |
    | Ruling Queen     | S    | Refinement > 800      | Morality       |
    | Prime Minister   | S    | Refinement < 800      | Morality       |
    | Archbishop       | A    | Faith > Int./Morality | Morality       |
    | Cabinet Minister | A    | Morality > Int./Faith | Intelligence   |
    | Ph.D.            | A    | Int. > Morality/Faith | Sensitivity    |
    | Nun              | B    | Faith > Int./Morality | Morality       |
    | Judge            | B    | Morality > Int./Faith | Intelligence   |
    | M.S.             | B    | Int. > Morality/Faith | Sensitivity    |
    | Lady in Waiting  | C    | Unknown               | Unknown        |
    | Full-time Job    | C    | See below             | Various        |
    | Part-time Job    | D    | See below             | Various        |
    | Maid             | D    | Do nothing            | Unknown        |
    If you get a rank C or D ending, you will end up taking up the job you worked at
    the most. These jobs all correlate to the 15 jobs you can work at throughout 
    the game. Keep in mind that the preferred stat(s) between the part-time and
    full-time jobs can be different. 
    | Job            | Full-time Stat         | Part-time Stat         |
    | Babysitter     | Maternal Instinct      | Constitution           |
    | Innkeeper      | Cleaning               | Constitution           |
    | Farmer         | Strength               | Constitution           |
    | Church Worker  | Morality, Faith        | Morality, Faith        |
    | Cook           | Cooking                | Cooking                |
    | Lumberjack     | Constitution, Strength | Constitution, Strength |
    | Hairdresser    | Art                    | Art                    |
    | Mason          | Art                    | Constitution           |
    | Hunter         | Combat Skill           | Constitution           |
    | Gravekeeper    | Faith                  | Constitution           |
    | Bartender      | Charisma               | Charisma               |
    | Tutor          | Intelligence           | Conversation           |
    | Bar Wench      | Charisma               | Charisma               |
    | Cabaret Dancer | Charisma               | Charisma               |
    Fighter Endings
    | Job                  | Rank | Other Requirements       | Preferred Stat |
    | Warrior Hero         | S    | Sensitivity > Int./Faith | Morality       |
    | General              | S    | Sensitivity < Int./Faith | Intelligence   |
    | Officer of           | A    | Refinement > 100         | Morality       |
    | Royal Guard          |      |                          |                |
    |------------------------------ -------------------------------------------|
    | Fighting Instructor  | A    | Refinement < 100         | Conversation   |
    |                      | B    | Refinement < 150         |                |
    | Knight               | B    | Refinement > 150         | Morality       |
    | Soldier              | C    | Morality  > 30           | Combat Skill   |
    |                      | D    | Morality  > 50           |                |
    | Mercenary            | C    | Morality < 30            | Combat Skill   |
    |                      | D    | Morality < 50            |                |
    | Bounty Hunter        | B-S  | Morality < 30 *          | Combat Skill   |
    * If your Morality < 30, you will take this ending over the other 
    ending you qualify for. Otherwise, you will get the regular ending.
    Magic Endings
    | Job              | Rank | Other Requirements       | Preferred Stat |
    | Magician Hero    | S    | Sensitivity > Int./Faith | Morality       |
    |                  |      | Morality > 50            |                | 
    | Royal Magician   | S    | Sensitivity < Int./Faith | Intelligence   |
    |                  |      | Morality > 50            |                | 
    | Magic Instructor | A    | Morality > 50            | Intelligence   |
    | Magician         | B    | Morality > 50            | Magic Skill    |
    | Fortune Teller   | C    |                          | Conversation   |
    | Street Magician  | D    | Refinement > 100         | Conversation   |
    | Street Performer | D    | Refinement < 100         | Conversation   |
    | Sorceress        | B-S  | Morality < 50            | Constitution   |
    Social Endings
    | Job                | Rank | Requirements                | Preferred Stat |    
    | Queen by Marriage  | S    | Charisma < 500              | Refinement     |
    | King's Concubine   | S    | Charisma > 500              | Refinement     |
    |                    | A    | *                           |	               |
    | Countess           | B    | Refinement =< Charisma      | Temperament    |
    | Millionaire's Wife | B    | Charisma > Refinement       | Refinement     |
    | Merchant's Wife    | C    | Intelligence =< Sensitivity | Temperament    |
    | Farmer's Wife      | C    | Sensitivity > Intelligence  | Constitution   | 
    | Mistress           | D    | Charisma > 150              | Conversation   |
    | Divorcee           | D    | Charisma < 150              | Refinement     |
    * If you end up with Rank A of Social Reputation, you will be a Concubine 
    regardless of your Charisma. If you have Rank S, you will only become one if 
    you have Charisma > 500.
    Domestic Endings
    | Job       | Rank | Requirements | Preferred Stat | 
    | Homemaker | D-S  | None         | Charisma       |
    As you can see, it's not very hard to get the Homemaker job at all! Just avoid
    raising your other reputations besides Domestic. If you're looking for 
    anything else, avoid making your Domestic reputation too high. 
    Artist Endings
    | Job     | Requirement                       | Preferred Stat |
    | Jester  | Conversation > 80, Own Royal Harp | Sensitivity    |
    | Writer  | Intelligence                      | Sensitivity    |
    | Painter | # Art Classes > # Dancing Classes | Sensitivity    |
    | Dancer  | # Dancing Classes > # Art Classes | Constitution,  | 
    |         |                                   | Sensitivity    |
    If Art is your highest skill you will get one of the above endings. Make sure
    to sell off the Master Brush if you have one if you want to you want to get
    something else. 
    Dark Endings
    Dark Endings only take into account your Fighter Reputation - the rest of them
    don't matter.
    | Job                  | Rank | Requirements              | Preferred Stat |
    | Princess of Darkness | S-C  | Sin > 500,                | N/A *2         |
    |                      |      | Fighter Reputation > 300, |                |
    |                      |      | Magic Reputation > 200 *  |                |
    | Bondage Queen        | S-C  | Refinement > 200          | Art,           |
    |                      |      | Charisma > 200            | Conversation   |
    | Crime Boss           | S-C  | Refinement > 200          | Combat Skill   |
    |                      |      | Charisma < 200            |                |
    | Bandit               | S-C  | Refinement < 200          | Intelligence   |
    | High-class Harlot    | D    | Refinement > 200          | ???            |
    |                      |      | Charisma > 200            |                |
    |                      |      | Conversation > 70         |                |
    |                      |      | Temperament > 70          |                |
    | Con Artist           | D    | Conversation > 70         | Intelligence   |
    | Harlot               | D    | Conversation < 70         | Charisma       |
    * If you qualify for this ending, you will take it above any of the other
    endings you could receive. You also don't need to have Morality < 30 for this
    *2 Score-wise, you will always be considered to have done poorly at your job.
    You'll marry if your Morality > 30.  
    Keep in mind that if you are qualified for a Social ending AND you will also 
    be married to one of the special husbands like the Prince, you will end up 
    with the Domestic Training ending instead.
    If you get a Dark ending, it doesn't seem like you can marry at all.
    You  will get the default marriage if you qualify for marriage, but don't meet
    the requirements for any of the other marriages below AND you don't qualify 
    for a social ending.
    You'll marry a Knight or a Wizard depending on whether your Fighter Reputation
    or her Magic Reputation is higher. Their personalities are determined by your
    stats, but more research is needed.
    In order to qualify for the Prince marriage you must have
    - Relationship > 90 with the Prince
    - Refinement > 250 (?)
    - Charisma > 200
    You get +12 to your Relationship value every time you talk with him in January,
    so you must talk with him for all eight years.
    You will marry him if:
    - Relationship with Cube = 100
    - Charisma > 200
    - Sensitivity > 250 
    Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be defeated by the bandits or
    go adventuring at all to marry him.
    You might end up with the father ending if your relationship with him is 100.
    Dragon Youth
    To get him to propose to you, you need to defeat the young dragon in the Desert
    while adventuring. After that, you need to return to the Desert and speak with
    the old dragon in the middle of the maze.
    Your final score is based on four features:
    1. Your stats
    2. Your job
    3. How good you are at your job
    4. Who you marry
    The stats portion of the score is calculated as:
       (Constitution + Strength + Intelligence + Refinement + Charisma + 
        Morality + Faith + Sensitivity) / 8 - Sin
    Thus you definitely don't want to end the game with any Sin if you can avoid it
    as it can take a large chunk out of your score. 
    Different jobs give you different scores. Obviously, the Ruling Queen gives you 
    the most points.
    You get also get points based on your performance:
    ~ Great = +300 points
    ~ OK = +100 points
    ~ Bad = -10 points
    As mentioned before, it's better to be a Soldier and succeed than a General
    and fail.
    If you marry anyone, you get a 20 point bonus to your score. If you marry with
    over 200 Charisma you will get another 20 point bonus.
         IX. Walkthrough
    Coming Soon!
         X.  Miscellaneous
    For things that don't belong in any of the sections above.
    Coming Soon!
         XI. Tips & Tricks
    ~ Buy the summer and winter dresses as soon as the game starts to avoid your
    daughter getting sick.
    ~ In order to be a productive daughter who isn't delinquent and doesn't get
    sick, make sure to raise your Constitution and her Morals/Faith at the beginning
    of the game. 
    ~ Magical/Fighter reputation can be raised indefinitely by going to town and 
    coming back home as long as one of the reputations is high enough (>200). Each 
    time you go to town, there will be a chance that someone will challenge you to 
    a duel. 
    ~ Take a couple of weeks off each summer to go to the beach. Your will lose a 
    ton of stress and some weight as well. 
    ~ Buying dolls is a great way to reduce stress if you have the money. 
    ~ Use F3 to speed up the game.
    ~ Don't forget to save! I tend to forget this too, but you never know when the
    random number generator won't be in your favor or you'll make a mistake.
    ~ If you do not want your daughter to grow up as a homemaker, make sure 
    Domestic Reputation is NOT the highest Reputation stat. No matter how talented
    your daughter is in other aspects, if that the highest among her reputations, 
    she will not take up any other job. This is probably the best way to avoid an
    unsatisfying ending.
         XII. ~Q&A~
    Q. I'm always becoming delinquent, what should I do?
    A. You should raise your Morals or her Faith. Go to Church! 
    Q. How do I stop getting becoming sick?
    A. Keep your stress level less than your Constitution. You can raise it easily 
    by working at the Farm.
    Q. How do I stop running away? I am losing a lot of reputation.
    A. Make sure her Sensitivity is not your highest stat. 
    Q. Why is my Charisma falling?
    A. You are considered to be overweight by the game. (Ridiculous Japanese body 
    standards, I know) You could get on a diet or spend a couple of weeks 
    vacationing during the summer. I suggest the latter since it won't lower your 
    Q. I'm failing at her job and not making any money. 
    A. You may require certain stats or abilities to succeed at a job. A lot of 
    jobs require a decent amount of Constitution, so try working at the farm first.
    Q. How do I access the Beta Shop?
    A. Go to town and then press F10 + R + N + Q. Go back to the main screen, and 
    then when  you go back to the town you should see the option there. 
    Q. What is the hardest ending to earn? I want a challenge. 
    A. The hardest ending is actually not the ruling Queen! It is the Lady in
    Waiting. I personally still have not been able to get this ending. 
    Q. Why do I get an error when I end the game?
    The version of Princess Maker 2 found online is not complete, and it is
    missing some endings. Therefore, many of the conclusions for the General 
    endings (including the Ruling Queen ending) and ALL of the ones for the Social
    and Magic endings are missing. Therefore, at least 25 endings are incomplete.
    I'd like to translate them properly one day.
    Q. How long does it take to complete the game?
    It depends. If you only put school and jobs in your daughter's schedule, it 
    might take only two or three hours. If you want to adventure, it will take
    somewhat longer. This game has a ton of replay value so the actual length of 
    the game is as long as you want!
         XIII. File Info
    Version History
    1.12 (6/21/16) - Did some more polishing. Also added Score subsection in the 
    Ending section. This should now be the longest Princess Maker 2 walkthrough in
    all of GamefFAQs! Yay! Now I am hoping to make this guide eventually greater 
    than 100kb in length. (??kb)
    1.11 (6/7/16) - Made more polishes. Added Adventuring, Events, Walkthrough,
    and Miscellaneous sections. (Coming soon!) Also added three links. (61kb)
    1.10 (8/30/15) - Added various things:
    ~ Links section
    ~ A to-do list
    ~ Commentary on the jobs of the game
    ~ Info about job-based endings
    ~ Minor fixes (60kb)
    1.01 (8/20/15) - Polished up various aspects of the FAQ and resubmitted.
    Accepted. (53kb)
    1.00 (8/19/15) - First complete version submitted to GameFAQs. Rejected for
    being incomplete. (51kb)
    K. for always supporting me while writing this.
    TextWrangler for Mac.
    You can email me at chaosakita (at) gmail (dot) com if you're interested in
    asking questions or making suggestions. Please put "Princess Maker" in your
    subject line to make sure I'll reply!
    To-do List
    ~ Add more info about statuses and events
    ~ Complete Adventuring and Walkthrough section
    ~ Polish up format of the guide
    ~ Better table of contents
    ~ Add Bestiary and item list to Miscellaneous section
    Princess Maker Walkthrough Information Summary (Japanese) - For providing me 
    details on the various endings 
    Steven's Princess Maker 2 Analysis - For helping me out while starting the game
    and as a resource to double check my information
         XIV. Links
    * Princess Maker Walkthrough Information Summary (Japanese) 
    This is probably the most complete repository of Princess Maker 2 information
    available, but it's all in Japanese. Usually Google Translate suffices. It's 
    been my #1 source in understanding how the game works and my inspiration for
    writing this walkthrough.
    * My Princess Maker 2 Youtube Playlist
    You can find videos of the various endings here.
    * Steven's Princess Maker 2 Analysis
    Lots of useful tables for quick reference here! I definitely recommend using it
    in conjunction with my guide. There are some minor errors but otherwise it's
    VERY helpful. Also contains a Walkthrough on how to get the Ruling Queen 
    * Princess Maker 2 Let's Play
    A humorous and informative playthrough of the game with screenshots.
    * Nuriko's Princess Maker 2 Webpage
    Fanpage with scans of maps and official artwork.
    * Princess Maker 2 Endings (Japanese)
    Provides in-depth ending information and transcriptions of all the ending 
    results. Useful if you can read Japanese.

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