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FAQ by PSMii

Version: 1.2 |

Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime,rec.arts.manga
From: doki@netcom.com (Pro Student Mii)
Subject: Princess Maker II Faq 1.2
Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 241-9760 guest)
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 1994 22:32:11 GMT

                       Princess Maker 2 FAQ 1.2

 We all know of Gainax as being the wonderful company that brought us Wings
of Honneamise, Otaku no Video as well as multitudes of garage kits and
other paraphenelia.  However with the release of <strong>Princess Maker 2</strong>, one
might think that their true calling is in computer software!  This band of
self described otakus which managed to lose almost all their profits in the
anime business have come back by releasing several computer games (some of
which were on display at Anime Con).  While some of them were rather boring
(quiz games, like the one seen in "Otaku no Video", <strong>Princess Maker 2</strong> has
been in the best selling 10 for about half a year.  In December, a version
was released for Dos/V, a japanese variant of PC-DOS meant to run on ibm
386 machines with VGA and 4MB of ram.  At 14,800 yen, <strong>Princess Maker 2</strong> is
expensive (even for the Japanese computer game market) but it will provides
many hours of gameplay. Here we have a quick guide so those of you who
don't read japanese to get you on your way, I can't guarantee the accuracy
though ^^;;;

     Mail additions/corrections/hints to
     doki@netcom.com [Pro Student Mii]


 12MB disk space
 Mouse (recommended)
 EMS is used (optional)
 Sound Blaster Supported
 Dos/V or jinit.exe
  (note that with jinit, some kanji fonts are missing)


    Mouse - Right button = select, accept, drag
                (click and hold on to top part of any message box to drag)
            Left button = cancel, deselect

    Keyboard - spacebar, enter = select, accept
               x = cancel, deselect
               F3 = speed up game speed


 On the upper left is date information.

Main Status

    The upper right hand corner consists of basic status of your daughter
    starting from the top is her name, (note that her last name is the name
    you choose for yourself) and under that the AGE and her STAR (astrology).
    On the right is the amount of gold you have, and below those you'll see
    2 red boxes plus 3 blue boxes.  The red boxes will show the weapon and
    armor that she's using and blue boxes will show the symbol sick,
    degrade, and love.

    Underneath is a line regarding your current DIET situation.
    Under that is her height, weight and 3-sizes.

Main Menu

    This consists of 8 icons under the Main Status

    #1 shows the Status Menu
    #2 shows the Discussion Menu
    #3 shows the Diet Menu
    #4 shows the Profile Menu
    #5 shows the City Menu
    #6 shows the Castle Menu
    #7 shows the Equip Menu
    #8 shows the File Menu

    A bar which shows the Schedule Menu is under the 8 icons.

Status Menu

 Upper left box

 #1 Strength
 #2 Constitution
 #3 Knowledge
 #4 Grace
 #5 Sex Appeal
 #6 Morality
 #7 Religion
 #8 Apathy
 #9 Sensitivity
 #10 Stress

 Lower Left Box

 #1 Combat Experience
 #2 Combat Attack Level
 #3 Combat Defensive Level
 #4 Magic Experience
 #5 Magic Attack Level
 #6 Magic Defense Level

 Top Right Box

 #1 Fighter Appraisal
 #2 Magician Appraisal
 #3 Social Appraisal
 #4 Household Appraisal

 Lower Right Box

 #2 Politeness
 #3 Art
 #4 Chat
 #2 Cooking
 #3 Cleaning/Washing
 #4 Temper

Discussion Menu

            -Action-                            -Result-

        #1 Talk to Daughter           She sometimes will tell you she
           -- How are things?         wants to go somewhere, do something,
           -- Your studies?           take certain classes etc.
           -- Anything else?

        #2 Give pocket money          If her stress is &gt;0 it will go down.
           -- amount=[(age-8)*10]

        #3 Scold                      Increases Moral under certain conditions

Diet Menu
          -Setting-                     -Cost-           -Result-
        #1 Don't be skimpy                30          Keep weight
        #2 "You have to feed a cold"      80          Weight gain
        #3 Towards a thinner child..      10          Weight &amp; Strength loss
        #4 Diet                            5          Weight &amp; Strength loss

* If you're too heavy you won't be slim enough to fit into many dresses.

Profile Menu
 Upper left box
 #1 Name
 #2 Family (your) Name
 #3 Blood Type
 #4 Age
 #5 Birthday
 #6 Astrology
 #7 Birth Star (star of your protector)

 Lower Left Box
 #1 Sickness
 #2 Naughtiness
 #3 Popularity
 #4 Health Status
 #5 Moral Status (personality)
 #6 Current Diet

 Upper Right Box
 #1 Height
 #2 Weight
 #3 Bust ^-^
 #4 Waist
 #5 Hip

 Lower Right Box
 #1 Weapon Type
 #2 Armor Type

City Menu
 #1 Weapons Store
            Weapons                  Result                     Price
            #1 Club                 Attack+3                      15
            #2 Bronze Sword         Attack+6                      40
            #3 Iron Sword           Attack+9                     130
            #4 Iron Long Sword      Attack+12/Defense-2          250
            #5 2-H Sword            Attack+18/Defense-4          500
            #6 Mithril Sword        Attack+20                   1200
            #7 Square bladed Sword  Attack+20/Combat+10         2000
            #1 Silk Armor           Defense+2/Sexy+50           4480
            #2 Mithril Armor        Defense+22/Antimagic+15     2980
            #3 Iron Armor           Defense+18/Combat-15         980
            #4 Padded Armor         Defense+14/Combat-3          498
            #5 Leather Armor        Defense+8                     98

 #2 Dress Store
            #1 Summer Dress         Prevent sickness in Summer    70
            #2 Winter Dress         Prevent sickness in Winter   120
            #3 Canvas Dress         Grace+15                     500
            #4 Silk Dress           Grace+40                    2000
            #5 Leather Dress        Sexy+50/Morals-20           3000
            #6 Togetoge Clothes     Sensitivity+40/Morals-30    2800

 #3 Restaurant
            #1 Cake                 Stress-50/Weight+1
            #2 Fish                 Stress-30/Weight+.3
            #3 Meat                 Strength+15/Weight+1.2

 #4 Trinket Store
            #1 Doll                 Sensitivity+5/Stress-40
            #2 Teacup               Grace+10
            #3 Book                 Knowledge+8
            #4 Poems                Sensitivity+12
            #5 Health Pills         Restore HP by 30
            #6 Thrower              Attack opponent

 #5 Temple
            Donate                  Reduce apathy                $100

 #6 Hospital
     Only works for stress illness, not necc. for combat wounds and such. 
     After treatment rest is still necessary.

Castle Menu
         Visit The...        Required           Favorite attribute
                            Politeness          (its value /10 will be
                                                granted as popularity)

        #1 Gate Keeper          10+                 Grace
        #2 Knight               ""                  Household Appraisal?
        #3 General              ""                  Sex Appeal
        #4 Commander?           ""                  Knowledge
        #5 Priest               ""                  Religion
        #6 Princess             ""                  Chat
        #7 Queen                ""                  Temper
        #8 King                 90+                 Fighter Appraisal
        #9 Wizard                ?                  ?
        #10 Prince               ?                  ?

     Immediately the gate keeper will talk to you, he mentions that
        you can learn lots from the nobles, then you get to choose the
        person to talk to.  The higher their ranking (from top to bottom)
        the more polite you need to be.  But the wizard looks for more than
        that.  If they are willing to talk to you, their favorite attribute
        from you, divided by 10 will be granted as your popularity.

Equip Menu
  Here you just choose what you want to equip/use by clicking
        on it.  There are two windows on the left which stands for
        removal of armor and removal of weapon.  If you have too much
        items to fill one screen full above all the items will be two
        windows, one is for page down and the other for up.

File Menu
  The first choice is to save
  The second is to load
  The third is to quit

Schedule Menu
  #1 Education Menu
  #2 Work Menu
  #3 Adventure Menu
  #4 Vacation Menu

Education Menu
        Course          Increase                            Decrease
        #1 Sciences     Knowledge/Antimagic                 Religion
        #2 Poetry       Sensitivity/Knowledge/Grace/Art
        #3 Religion     Religion/Antimagic/Knowledge
        #4 Military     Knowledge/Combat                    Sensitivity
        #5 Swords       Combat/Attack
        #6 Wrestling    Combat/Defense
        #7 Magic        Mag.Attack/Mag.Defense
        #8 Protocol     Politeness/Grace
        #9 Painting     Art/Sensitivity
        #10 Dancing     Art/Strength/Sexy

Work Menu
    Job                 Increase                    Decrease
    #1 Chores           Cleaning/Cooking/Temper     Sensitivity
    #2 Babysitting      Sensitivity                 Sexy
    #3 Inn              Cleaning                    Combat
    #4 Farm             Strength/Constitution       Grace
    #5 Church           Morals/Religion             Apathy
    #6 Restaurant       Cooking                     Combat
    #7 Wood cutting     Constitution                Grace
    #8 Beauty Salon     Sensitivity                 Constitution
    #9 Masonry Building Strength                    Sexy
    #10 Hunter          Strength/Combat/Apathy      Grace
    #11 Cemetery Guard  Antimagic/Sensitivity       Sexy
    #12 Tutoring        Morals                      Sexy
    #13 Tavern          Cooking/Chat                Knowledge
    #14 TouchyFeely Bar Sexy/Apathy                 Morals/Religion/Temper
    #15 Cabaret         Sexy/Apathy                 Sexy/Knowledge/Temper


Adventure Menu
  #1 East  (Forest) Elves
  #2 West  (Desert) Demons
  #3 South (Water)
                #4 North (Ice)


Vacation Menu                    Result
        #1 Rest                 -Stress

*You'll be asked to pay her or not. If you choose to pay her, (first choice)
 more stress will be relieved.

        #2 Vacation (some stress relief, but not as much as #1)

                Winter:         -Stress,+Sensitivity
                Spring:         -Stress,+Sensitivity
                Summer:         -Stress,+Sensitivity
                Autumn:         -Stress,+Sensitivity,+Weight
                Winter:         --Stress
                Spring:         --Stress
                Summer:         --Stress,-Weight
                Autumn:         --Stress
List of Events (This is in no extent a complete list)
Annual Competition/Fair

    At the end of August you get your annual $500.
    At the Fair, you can choose to send your daughter to the fair (she can't
    work because everybody's there) Once there, you can compete in 4 classes,
    or you can tell her to rest for a month.

 Self explanatory, if you have high overall weapon skills, you will
 do fine, the victor is either the one left standing, or the one
 with most hit points after ~10 rounds.  However, notice that certain
 have to hurt him enough within those 10 turns to win.
 Grand prize is $3000 + a sword that increases grace, don't sell
 this sword since it is a royal gift.

 Art drawn in art class can be placed in competition.  Art Skill
        and sensitivity are important.  The grand prize is $4000 and a
        pen which increases her artistic level by 50.  The pen's worth

 You need a dress, make sure you try it out before you attend since
        she easily becomes overweight. Dancing skill, sex appeal, and
        strength are important.  Grand prize is $3000 and a ring which
        can increase Grace by 25.  The ring's worth $2500.

        There are no prerequisites, required skills are sensitivity and
        cooking.  Grand prize is $3000 and an egg that increases Strength
        by 50 if cooked, but you can choose not to cook it, wait for the
        egg to hatch and get an increase in Sensitivity by 100!

    After the competition, if you do well, your daughter may get a rival.
    Your daughter will decrease her stress by a lot due to the determination
    to defeat the rival after meeting him/her, but subsequently she will only
    want to compete in the competition with that rival on the next Annual
    Fair.  Refusing that increases her stress by 10.

    During the first few years, if your money reaches over around a thousand,
    the wandering salesman will appear.
    #1 Fairy Ring ($1000) used at the oasis for sensitivity and gold, or the
   NE of the desert for sensitivity
    #2 Unicorn's Horn ($1000) usage unknown.
    #3 The demon in the desert will give you a stat bonus if you give this
       to him.  ($1200)
    #4 If you use this, your daughter's Bust Size increases 1~2" (^_^) ($1200)
    #5 increases Sex appeal by 20 &amp; Grace by 20. ($1500)
    #6 Barely a dress, Sexy+40, cannot be worn with other dresses. ($4000)

 During every January, the Prince can be found on the palace
 grounds, he will ask you to meet him again the same time next
 year.  You can only become a princess by marrying a prince...

Spirits,Valkyrie,Venus Angel etc.
 There are various powers who watch the progress of your daughter
     very carefully. They usually shows up if she gets a large jump of
     a certain status at the end of a month.  If her, say manners increases
     by a lot within one month, "Paimon" might show up and grant her an
     increase of manners by 3 if she's 10, 4 if she's 11, etc.

 Rich Guy
 If you daughter's insensitivity is high, she may be solicited by
 a rich guy who offers her $$$ each month for her ^^;;; If she
 accepts, every month when the money arrives, you have an option of
 accepting it or scolding her.  If you accept it, her grace declines
 but if you refuse it decreases somewhat less.  Three refusal and
 she breaks off the relationship.

 If your daughter is beautiful and fair, she will have suitors with
 presents ($$$).

 In the desert area, there is a dragon who will not let your daughter
 pass without paying $200.  If you pass it, you will see a
 kindly old dragon who tells you to leave.  However if you defeat
 the first dragon, you discover that he is still a baby dragon who
 runs off. The successive times you visit the old dragon, he will
 give you $$$ if you are sexy.  He will also ask you to approach,
 if you do so, he kisses you and gives you a dress (sexy+magic
 resistance) and invites you to come back (and gives you $$ each time).
 This brings about a second event later in which the two dragons
 appear in human form and ask for your daughter's hand with a $10,000

 A sensitive person can see the elves that live in the wooded region
 next to a big tree, the elf needs fighting skill and will exchange
 5 fighting skill for moderate bonuses in magic skills.  However,
 make sure you do not have a metal weapon ready when you approach
 or it will just leave you.

 A demon can appear when your daughter is young and offer to buy
 her morals for $$$.

        On the adventure in the forest, you'll see a pole with strange
        writing surrounding it.  Make a camp there and rest for one day,
        when you wake up you'll meet a few fairies.  They will lower
        stress to zero and raise your cooking skill by sensitivity * 10.


        At the waterfalls beating the green undersea monster (normal
        type of enemy) will sometimes bring you the "Mermaid's tears".
        With these, the next time you vacation at the beach, you can
        meet a good mermaid who will trade them for 10 points
        of Sex appeal.

 I've been told that there are 74 unique endings, 15 of which correspond
  to the jobs, so that makes 59 picture endings, not bad!
  So those of you who think you have seen it all, think again!
  (and if you have, how about a list? ^^;

 Dos/V version has a more balanced play (easier/harder?) and provisions
  to enter kanji names (I'm sure you guys really care)

 On all other PM2 versions, there are patches that add the following
  A all-in-one store
  A career center
  The "Invisible" clothes

 Don't know if they patch the binaries or the data files so they
 might not work on Dos/V version.

 As an alternative, if you replace the d2.lbx and dr.lbx files with
 empty dummy files, all dress information will be gone ^-^

 In the previous Gainax games, there were special key combos that
 make the girl strip down (pm1 involved pressing a key (graph or f10)
 and choosing change clothes), and I don't doubt there is one in this

 A good job for a young child is to work at home because it builds
 up skills for working at the inn and restaurant and increases
 Temper (the only way?) It decreases sensitivity so it is ok
 to drive it down while it is low.

 If you want to win all 4 competitions, it is good to raise cooking
 first, then the sensitivity.  Poetry classes and working in the
 hair salon are good.  Next, you can win the painting contest
 by taking lots of art classes (since sensitivity is already high,
 it is easy to do well).  Proceed to dance lessons partway through
 since art skill is also gained this way, the gains in strength
 will be useful to win in the dancing contest and fighting contests.

 Your daughter will make you a cake for your birthday if she
 is very happy (stress = 0 all the time, smiling wide) and
 (maybe) if you get her a birthday gift every year?

Install Tricks
 For those of you who want to play Dos/V games (including KISS) but
 don't like the memory hog of JINIT or the problem of a Dos/V boot
 disk, here's a quick solution that will give you compatibility with
 dos applications.  It is not actually necessary to run $disp.sys
 and switch into Japanese mode to use these programs since they run in
 mode 12h anyway, so place country.sys, and $font.sys somewhere
 handy on your system, and place all the font files in your primary
 booting directory (you can make them hidden if you want).
 Then, modify your config.sys

 device=himem.sys or device=qemm386.sys or some other driver
 country=081,932,c:\path\country.sys &lt;= the dos/v country.sys
 loadhigh or loadhi.sys c:\path\$font.sys /l=xms


 or for OS/2 users


 replace the original country= with
 and the original codepage with

 then for a dos session, set it to full screen dos, and add to the
 device box
 c:\path\$font.sys /l=xms

 and voila!

 As for where to get dos/v, well there was a alpha version of an
 IBM dos/v 6.2 floating around, and there are also shareware
 (freeware?) specialized $font.sys and $disp.sys compatible
 out there which can be used.

 Thanks to Artemis, Heretic, John Prenis, Lancer, Nene, and others
    for their contributions.

Future home of PM2 Patch
Doki@netcom.com "Mii"
486-33Eisa/FM-Towns/Epson PC286C User


     "Oro..." - Himura Kensin, Rurouni Kensin -Meizi Kenkaku

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