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Hex Editing FAQ by PPike

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 12/30/01

Version 1.05
Created December 28, 2001
Updated December 30, 2001
By Paul Pike
e-mail: KawaiiNeko333@aol.com

Version History

December 28, 2001--1.03: Initial guide. Most of the stats are shown.
December 30, 2001--1.05: Added Popularity values and put in some rules, along
with a version history.


Rip my work off!! >:-( This FAQ is copyrighted by Paul Pike and you'll be sorry
if you do copy me.

Give me other values I couldn't find.
Send me comments (no flames, please).

What's Princess Maker 2?

Princess Maker 2 is a game from a faceless company [no offense] named GAINAX,
who are quite well known for the anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion. This
game, along with a few others, is a simulation in which you raise your adopted
daughter to become a princess (or better...or worse) in the span of 8 years.

What's hex editing?

Hex editing is basically going inside the program, changing some codes to
either create something new, change values or [if you're incredibly stupid,]
mess everything up. Instead of normal numbers which go 1 to infinity, it goes
from 01 to FFFF (01 being 1 and FFFF being 65535) for example. Didn't help?
Here's more:

HEX	Decimal (regular numbers)
63	99
03e7	999
270f	9999

When entering hexes, say you want to make your morality 300, you enter 2c01.
Don't enter it as 012c or 10c2. I don't wanna go into overclocking it.

As for this FAQ, this uses Hex Workshop which you can get at


Here's what you came for. If you're familiar Hex Workshop, you'll understand
this if you've done it before. If not, ::grumble grumble:: I gotta tell you
about the addresses. The address for Constitution, for example, is 3E-3F. That
means you have to type within those parameters.

Constitution: 3E-3F
Strength: 40-41
Intelligence: 42-43
Refinement: 44-45
Charisma: 46-47
Morality: 48-49
Faith: 4A-4B
Sin: 4C-4D
Sensitivity: 4E-4F
Stress: 50-51

Fighter Reputation: 54-55
Magician Reputation: 56-57
Social Reputation: 58-59
Housework Reputation: 5A-5B

Combat Skill: 5C-5D
Combat Attack: 5E-5F
Combat Defense: 60-61
Magic Skill: 62-63
Magic Attack: 64-65
Magic Defense: 66-67

Decorum: 68-69
Art: 6A-6B
Conversation: 6C-6D
Cooking: 6E-6F
Cleaning: 70-71
Temperament: 72-73

Popularity: EE-EF

Special thanks:

Jacqueline Pike (mom)--Without her, I wouldn't have everything I wanted in my
room (RIP).
Leo L. Pike, Sr. (dad)--He paid for a lot of things on my comp.
AT&T--For the broadband cable modem I have.
Wayne--For being so good with computers.


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