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by ASchultz

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Guide and Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 2.0.0 | Updated: 06/24/2003
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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Walkthrough/FAQ(PC/Apple/Commodore/Amiga but not NES)

Version 2.0.0, copyright 2000, 2002, 2003, 2013 by Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net

Ultima IV copyright Origin and Richard Garriott(Lord British) 1985. I am not associated with them in any way. Waah, too bad for me.

Please do not redistribute this for profit without my prior consent. Although I cannot presume it is the best Ultima IV Walkthrough/FAQ out there(it was my first try at a FAQ), and Ultima IV is one of my favorite all-time games, this took considerable effort on my part. However, if you contact me with a specific question(i.e. mention this game), I will probably let you display it.

This FAQ can be used in conjunction with my script FAQ and introductory question FAQ to give you a fuller feel for the world of Ultima IV. In fact, this FAQ sort of speeds through the game, so using it along may overlook the fun of exploration.

I may be able to resurrect my U4 dungeon crawling app, but for now, you have the maps at GameFAQs. Enjoy them!


It took me 13 years to solve the game, from when I bought it in the summer of '86 to when I had an actual job. I stayed late til like midnight to solve this game. But I always loved it. I remember seeing a cluebook for $9.95 at the old Egghead.com and regretting not buying it when an insurance company took over that store area a year later. The Stygian Abyss got me, as it did others. Even now, I get emails saying "thanks for the Abyss info!"

The journey was fun, although there's also a lot of stuff you have to go through much less expediently than you'd like--unless you've got the formula down too well. It takes a while to buy all the reagents you need, and you do have to get a bit of a rhythm with fighting, etc.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is designed to help you see what to focus on, when, in order to get through the game as quickly as possible. I've done so a few times. At the end there's even help with hex-cheats for the very technical people out there.

But be warned--going too quickly through all of this harms your potential enjoyment of the game and the world Richard Garriott has created. However, for people who got stuck on the Abyss and want to see the end--I think this guide will be a huge help!

I would recommend the Apple version if you like emulators and can get AppleWin to work. Save states mean virtual saving in dungeons. Also, the Abyss is not so nasty. You can use magic bows/wands for some players instead of magic swords. Range attacks are huge.

All right. Let's break it on down Britannia Style.


One of my favorite things to do to pass moon cycles without passing turns(a problem from my Apple days I remember all too well) is to hit ZTATS and watch the moon phases go. This also works for waiting in a ship. Well, it costs one turn. However, you can't get free rests that way. Those go by turn counters.

In conversations, you need only type in the first four letters of a subject. Very useful when asking about SPIRITUALITY. You can also hit enter instead of BYE. While an old classmate fooled me into thinking that lost humility, I know better now.

Watch out for hitting A/(up arrow) in combat--get the wrong rhythm and it starts thinking you may hit A twice. The key buffering can be irritating and outright wrong so don't get too far ahead of yourself.

On the Commodore emulator you need to know F5/F7 scrolls you through the Ztats and you use [/'; for NSEW/IMKJ. But the learning curve is worth it because you can go rather quickly through the game later. Even at slow parts you can hit ALT-W to toggle the warp. Which is a good thing--you can get through dull parts fast.

Also to create spells I like to get in a rhythm and create a bunch of the same at once. Sadly batch mixing didn't come in play until Ultima V, but on the other hand there are only a few spells you really need.

Hitting escape while waiting over a bridge gives you a chance to fight bridge trolls without letting other monsters horn in. Trolls are good for gold and experience early on, if you have a sling.

Leaving a gold chest in the wilderness makes it easier to walk over. This is useful if it is on rugged terrain, and it can also provide a guidepost in a dark forest. You'll find other places to rake in gold.

Peace0000001 pointed out a general note on poison: if you can't quite make it to Lord British but get in the castle, visit Hawkwind and get nailed by a sleep field. That will negate the poison's effects.

Tremor is misspelled TREMMOR on the Commodore and Apple when you cast it. But it still works well enough!

Altar is misspelled ALTER on the Apple and Commodore version in the Stygian Abyss. Thine is also spelled THYNE in some places. Oops. A bit of a vowel movement there.


You won't talk to anyone other than NPCs who improve your virtue and sell you stuff, here.


I prefer to start as a mage. This allows you to start in Moonglow, where you can go directly to Britain and accumulate levels rapidly, and it allows you to cast a lot of spells early on to find certain tough to find items. You can also cast Trem(m)or a ton in the Abyss, which is expedient. To be a mage simply select "A" every time at the start when you are asked questions. (Note: some versions of the game apparently allow shepherds to use magic wands IF your avatar is the shepherd. I wasn't able to reproduce that. It would be powerful if it were the case.)

Protip for people who want to go quickly: count how many times you choose compassion. It can save a bit. Or better yet, take care of it ASAP.

However, the virtues are pretty much embedded in each question(i.e. do you SACRIFICE or show COMPASSION,) so it shouldn't be too hard to become whatever you want to be. So if you want to solve the game as a shepherd, you can try that.

The eight virtues are as follows: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, and Humility. I abbreviate them later with their first four letters(only honesty/honor are confusing this way) in a table--but abbreviating with the four letters has one big advantage. That is how characters in the game hear you talk. So for instance if someone says "I HAVE KNOWLEDGE" you can type "KNOW" to find out about the knowledge. It's very useful. I mentioned this in the previous section, but in case you feel like chatting, that saves time.

I don't really worry about buying new armor; in my walkthrough it's pretty straightforward how to get to the mystic arms and armor, which are your best bet, and even if you die Lord British regenerates you. Slings are good enough once you've got a few levels.


Some spells are much more useful than others. Here's a list of what I need, in approximate must-have-to-win order:

  • C(Cure) because you will have to walk through poison at some point in the game, and stupid snakes and trapped chests (yes, you'll probably get one with 10 gold or less) will get you.
  • D(Dispell) to get two of the runes, at least one stone, and also to get to hidden areas in dungeons and dungeon rooms
  • B(Blink) allows finding some items to be easier, such as the white stone and candle of love and the silver horn.
  • Z(down) to descend a dungeon level and often bypass a nasty room
  • X(X-it) to leave a dungeon
  • Y(up) to kick yourself up a level--although an X is preferable to a few Y's
    • note about Y and Z: these work randomly, so if you're in a spot where you can only use up and down stairs and you cast one of these, you won't go directly up and down unless you are very unlucky indeed. This is potentially useful for general exploring but not for finding a place. However, the spell is handy if you want to leave a long ladder shaft.
  • H(Heal) to heal when you've holed up and camped recently and are nowhere near Lord British and can't afford to die. Super useful in the Abyss.
  • W(Winds) is not game-critical but gets rid of random nuisances. Of course, the "the wind just changed after I cast a spell" nuisance remains.
  • G(gate travel) is moderately useful if you're in a hurry, or for a cheat late on.
  • R(resurrection) will be necessary when you enter the Stygian Abyss. It's also handy increasing stats in Hythloth if you don't want to Gate back to Britain
  • A(awake) is also useful there
  • K(kill) is not so necessary as you should have good players by then anyway.


Depending on where you start, you may feel more comfortable picking up certain runes. Since you need to get to Lord British's castle I suggest that you try to get there first. Then you can use the moongates to warp around, find the runes, and return to the castle and continue to pick up levels.

You should have very little trouble maxing out your main character's statistics at 50--just as long as you make it to Lord British before 'jumping' two levels, i.e. if you make it to level 5 experience and are level 3, you'll only get one attribute boost instead of 2 for going up separately.

The requirements for each level are listed below:

  • 100 xp for level 2
  • 200 xp for level 3
  • 400 xp for level 4
  • 800 xp for level 5
  • 1600 xp for level 6
  • 3200 xp for level 7
  • 6400 xp for level 8

You can't get above 9999 xp so 8 is the maximum. You'll need to get your starter to level 8 to get all party members(total members <= experience level) but you can pretty much do that just finding items. The experience points for items found are as follows:

  • Runes = 100 (total possible = 800)
  • Stones = 200 (total possible = 1600)
  • More advanced items = 400 (total possible = 3200)
    • horn, skull, bell, book, candle, wheel of HMS Cape, mystic armor and weapons, but NOT the three-part key.
    • Note that if you search and find the mystic items again(i.e. if you sold them, died, or had everyone equip them) then you will get 400 experience again. This isn't a terribly consequential bug, as by the time you do this you should be at or close to level 8 anyway.

Also note that the total experience you gain from all this is 5600(assuming no double-dipping) which means just by searching you can get most of the items you need.

As for how to get them, I'll go by relative ease of items found for the first bit, but once you get a boat, you can sweep across the continent for the very tough to find items.

Understanding moongate travel helps tremendously with getting around quickly early on, although if you think you can get somewhere easier by boat(I don't assume you have one early on,) by all means do so!

I also recommend not picking up party members until later--this streamlines you for a while and you won't have to face 14 orcs at once. Which is like filling out paperwork. It's no fun.

LetterReagentMaginciaSkara BraeBuccaneers' DenPaws
ASulphurous Ash2263
DSpider Silk3699
EBlood Moss6496
FBlack Pearl9817


If you get a ship, you may be able to shortcut some of the things in this walkthrough. I would recommend getting the bell and the skull and the wheel once you do. Magincia is actually a half-decent place to leave a ship, as is Trinsic. But you don't need to go trawling, and if you don't see one, no worries.


So what is best to pick up, when? Since I am assuming you start as a mage, you'll be in Moonglow, which has reagents and a rune. However, I want to note something about the virtues. Compassion is the toughest to get in the course of regular play. So I recommend doing so before you get involved. Here is how. Give 1 gold to Daranor, the beggar. Only do so once each time you enter. To take care of compassion, enter and give a gold piece up to 25 times--subtract 2 if you chose compassion in the starting questions once, 5 if (more likely) you chose it twice. Note you don't have to count at all if ctrl-s shows your virtues. The second two digits are compassion. 99 means elevation. I really recommend getting compassion early so it is not a nuisance later.

Also, mix three cure spells with your initial reagents (type C, B, C, return, repeat. Yes, it's a bit tedious.)

Stand on the treasure chest in Moonglow and search, don't get. The RUNE OF HONESTY is there. That gets you level 2--well, once you visit Lord British. I would buy reagents for Blink spells (D and E) -- overpay the lady merchant by one gold, because that helps raise your virtues for later. You can spend the rest on Sulphurous Ash, for light spells--well, the rest except 25 gold. You'll need that to buy a sling in Britain. Actually, you can spend it all and fight bridge trolls, but that's risky at a low level, with or without a sling. Note you don't want to pile up experience here, because if you skip to level 4, Lord British only gives you one stat boost.

Now you will want to take the moongate. Wait til there are new moons, then the next phase, jump in. You will be northeast of Lord British's castle. So go along the shore and drop in. Stairs in the first floor NW lead to another level. Lord British is SE. The first time you talk to him, it is just an introduction, and the game does not check if he can give you a level. So just say bye and talk to him again. Congratulations, you're now level 3!


Let's get another rune. Go down the stairs and enter the treasure room to the east. There'll be a secret passage in the back of that room. It's the wall with a flaw in it. This is a general pattern in the game. Search all the treasure chests--or just the southeast-most one--for the RUNE OF SPIRITUALITY. This gets you 100 points experience. (By the way, Lord British resurrects people with the healing and even when they've gained a level. Don't be shy asking. It's no skin off his back. However, he doesn't resurrect, unless everyone dies.) You also will want to talk to Hawkwind each time you're back about the various virtues--doing so helps your spirituality. Well, you can technically cheat by talking to him, not even asking about a virtue, saying by and talking again. That will ready you for elevation in Spirituality. It should take 20 tries at most, so it's not so bad to do. Your first time, you should definitely check on compassion, too...there is a beggar named Sprite you can give money to.

The next rune is in Britain. Go there and follow the tiles east (give the beggar a coin if you aren't ready for avatarhood) and north when you hit a wall. There'll be a narrow hallway, and search there at the end for the RUNE OF COMPASSION. On the way out, go north on the tiles to the weapons shop. Buy a sling. Again check for a level and if you've got it (you should, since you started with 125 and gained 3 * 100) return to Lord British.


Paws is south of Britain, along the shore, next. Let's go there. just follow the shore as occurs in Southeast, and then, after a bridge or two, you will see a village. Enter it. The RUNE OF HUMILITY is in the southeast, but you may also wish to pick up a horse. This lets you outrun enemies and makes slow terrain less annoying. It can go through moongates, and you also keep it when you Blink. You have to X-it it to enter a dungeon, though. I would also buy garlic at the reagent shop. It is behind a secret door.

You can go back to Britain, but I'd rather go south a bit more and around that river. Trinsic is further on to the southeast. You should have some cure spells mixed, which will help you by the poison fields for the RUNE OF HONOR. A moongate to the south lets you return to Moonglow. Enter it when Felucca (second moon) is new.

Hit Ztats, wait for Trammel to be new, and search again. The BLACK STONE! That's 200 experience more, putting you at 800. If you have 10 blink spells, or the reagents for them, enter to go back to Britain.or if not, you can hit and hold <ESCAPE> while over the bridge. Eventually trolls will attack you, and now that you have a sling you can just mow them down from far away. They will give a decent amount of girls, too. You don't have to worry about killing them before they flee.

Buy more reagents--definitely get enough for 10 blink spells (100 gold)--and gate back to Britain. See Lord British--you should be at level 5 and then some. Check on Justice with Hawkwind. You should've been overpaying the reagent ladies enough. If not, you can portal to Moonglow. Just buy one sulphurous ash for 3 GP if you are low. You don't even need to quit the conversation and retry. ??


It is worthwhile to take a different moongate path now. Enter the Britain moongate as it appears. Yew is 5S 8E of the new moongate. The slow progress is annoying, but you will eventually get through. Once in Yew, follow the tiles to the justice and prison building. You'll then see two cells. Enter the north one and search the southwest corner. Bingo, the RUNE OF JUSTICE!

Now let's detour to a shrine. Go east from Yew--burn a blink if you're impatient and have several left. Head north when on the plains. The shrine of justice is in a peninsula north then northwest. Enter and meditate for three cycles with the mantra BEH. Go back and, when you pass the base of the river that goes south, go up a couple squares so you will see the moongate clearing.

Back in Britain, you will be using your blink spells now. As I said before, be sure to have more than one. Go northwest. There will be a range of hills that tapers off to a point pointing south. Go three east of that square and cast blink north. You should wind up on a square with an ankh to the north. You are inside a mountain range, and if you search, you will find the white stone. That is another 200 experience. Cast a blink spell to get out of there.

You may be close to 1600 experience right now, and if you are, just pick it up by trolling for trolls on the bridge. If not, well, you need to get the Candle of Love, anyway. You need four blink spells for this, at least, to be on the safe side.

Go east of the Britain moongate, over the bridge. North along the shore, cross another bridge and look for a hill passage south. If you are ready for elevation in compassion, go south, east and north to the shrine and say MU for 3 cycles.

When a mountain is east of you and another west, save to make sure, then blink east. If all goes well, you'll be on a small island with a town. That is Cove. Enter it. The CANDLE OF LOVE is in the temple, behind a secret door and a sheet of fire to the northwest.

Sadly, you cannot blink west to get out, from the square you got in. I don't quite understand the blinking algorithm. I was able to North, then go back southwest, then blink West.

Here I would go back to Castle Britannia. You can and should qualify for partial avatarhood in sacrifice with the following trick. Go see Lord British, ask him about HEAL, then go to floor 1 in the southeast. Talk to the healer, decline services, and donate blood. You should be able to do so three times. You need twelve for partial avatarhood, so if you want to spend 600 gold, there are worse ways. Even better, if you have extra reagents, cast heal spells. Just keep an eye on your MP. Or you can just go see Lord British, get healed, and so forth. The next bit gets you a steady stream of gold and experience, though, so chucking gold here may be a good time saver. You're going to wind up with more than you could use, and I'm sure hoarding gold violates some of the eight virtues.


For this, you will need 4 cure spells, a few heal spells, an X spell to exit, and a Z spell to go down. Ten light spells, too...they are cheaper than torches. Preparation makes this a walk. If you don't have these, you can moongate to Trinsic (Felucca waning) and Moonglow, then back to Britain. It's worthwhile to beat up bridge trolls outside of Moonglow for money, because that improves your valor. However, there's a more efficient way to get gold once you're ready for elevation.

Despise is north of Castle Britannia, then east when past the mountain pass, then south and west. You may be able to blink east while in the mountain pass, but I haven't nailed that down. The slow progress is a pain.

Go east from the stairs. Detour to the southwest for a healing fountain, then back through the door to the dungeon room. Notice the headless in this room? To beat them, go in a corner and just fire east. Fire south when one is south, so you're only attacked once per round, from the east, where they're lined up. It's like they're not using their heads when they're strategizing.

Ahem. Anyway, the center chests on the top and bottom are mimics. You will want to go close to one, shooting it, and then shoot at the other from a distance. If you are too far away, it will keep its disguse, which means it doesn't bother to attack you. This fight will leave six chests for an average of 297 gold, and you get 56 experience, too, assuming no fleeing. (6*5 + 2*13 for mimics.) That's quite good, since you can just exit this room and reentere to try again. Once you get good, the main risk is getting poisoned when you run out of cure spells. But right now, we want to get that yellow stone. The passage to level 2 is straightforward. On level 2, you can get to a new dungeon room, but here is the cool thing about dungeon rooms. You don't have to win the fight or even try in order to preserve valor, etc. So you can just go up, follow the passage, and go west in the next room til you need to go north. This avoids the seahorses' fire. (Note: you should still win dungeon random combats. But the enemies are not hard in the upper levels of Despise.)

Go south through the poison field on level 3--it's not worth dispelling. Just cure if you're poisoned. Cast Z on level 4. Level 5 is pretty contiguous and easy to navigate. Look where you are on the map. You want to be by the center of three doors. Enter from the south. Move a square west. Fire up. Fewer serpents can attack here. You can wear them down. Cast heal spells if you need to when they're thinned down.

Notice and step on the secret wall just east of the pool. Stepping on it reveals a secret wall in the Southwest. Go there, and a passage appears through the pool to the north. The yellow stone is behind! Search to take it.

Now you probably just want to get out of there with an X spell. You can climb back down and go into the room with the six atlases if you want, and you can build up some experience and gold that way. You will need 1200 for the next shopping trip, though you can pick up gold along the way. While you will be able to get gold hanging out on bridges, it is not as efficient as the dungeon room. I would hang out til my HP were at 150 or so, or I had 1200 gold. Remember you can also hit up the fountain southwest of the room for healing--but not the one south. It's poison.

I would also recommend more trolling for trolls by Moonglow while you build up reagents. You can check your karma with ctrl-s on the Apple and probably other systems, too. The third digit pair shows your valor score. If it is at 99, you are ready for elevation. This may be a bit of a pain, but getting back to Jhelom and the Shrine of Valor may be even more of a pain, later. A rule of thumb is one karma point for every two fights won. You probably start at 45 or 50. You don't get a point for winning dungeon rooms, but you don't lose one, either.


First, talk to Hawkwind to make sure you're ready for elevation in Spirituality. If not, talk and say bye immediately ten or so times, til you are. You get three points each time you do, so you can also hit ctrl-s and do the math. Check on sacrifice, too. If you are not there, use the healer trick. By the way, while at the healer, if you want to recharge MP, go north through a secret wall and visit Shawn by the water. Ask about PEAC and say N. Say bye, then talk again. Twelve of these get you ready for elevation in humility.

(By the way, if you are thinking "aww, I didn't do anything," yeah, you deserve elevation. See what I did there?)

Check off on valor, too. Bridge trolls are a decent source of gold, and you'll want 5000, later. However, once ready for valor elevation, the headless room in Despise is better.

You will want to have maybe five cure, heal, dispell and blink spells each. (Gate to Moonglow via Trinsic if you don't.) Head to the Britain moongate. Enter when Felucca is full. That sends you to a new area. Step east. Wait til the moons are full, then enter that moongate. Type 3 cycles, then OM when prompted three times in a row. Hooray, an eighth!

Go south, west and north to get to Minoc. In the southeast, there's a forge. With 150 HP (just to be sure) enter the forge, and the RUNE OF SACRIFICE is in the southeast.

Now go south to the forest and east over the bridge. Go south in the plains. Note the poison square and rest before you stand on it. Take ZTATS. When the moons are new, hold down (or frantically pound, depending on your personal style) S to search for Mandrake. Hit Z once Felucca waxes. You can repeat if you want--here's where the cure/heal come in handy, because the poison square and searching on it will nick a few HP. Twenty Mandrake should be enough for the game--flip through the ztats to see how much each search expedition gets. I usually find Mandrake twice for ten clumps per new moon session. If you are on the Apple, use it for Gate Travel (two or three) and Tremmor. On the PC, use it for Resurrect spells.

Go back northeast through a mountain pass, then a bit south then east over the double bridges. The shrine of sacrifice is here. Three cycles, say CAH, and you've got another eighth!

You can rest up a bit here. Stand on the forest square and search when the moons are new for Nightshade. Again, twenty or so should be enough. Now make sure you have 1100 gold. Bridge trolls will help.

Go south to a village. This is Vesper. NE, south and at the guild, ask for D (a sextant) and buy keys with the rest of your gold up to 1200. If you are over 1200, buy a few gems. Torches are overpriced compared to Sulphurous Ash and making a light spell. While you have handy maps, there's a chance you'll just get stuck, and gems can also pinpoint where you are after casting a Z spell.

For this next bit, you want to hit the shrine of honesty. It's on an island, so yeah, another blink spell. Go over the river east of Vesper and blink east when in the southeast of the mountains. Head south to around where the shrine is. AHM three times. Go north, three east and north. In the northwest on the grass, blink back west.

(Note: I haven't figured out a good way to blink south to Verity Isle. But that would be more efficient. You could then get the Book of Truth--aww, I'd rather have a candle of truth and book of love, because oldies references woohoo--go south, get reagents in Moonglow, and go to Jhelom then, for the horn, Skara Brae.)

Now you will want to return to the moongate. If you don't have blink and heal and cure spells, hit up bridge trolls by the shrine for some gold. You will want to enter the moongate when Felucca is a half-moon. That gets you to Skara Brae. If you have gold but no reagents, and you're out of blink and dispel spells, now's a great time. I recommend restocking to ten blink spells, though five should do.

Enter the gate when Felucca is a half-moon. That gets you to Jhelom. Enter. East and south on the path. Back west. Jimmy the room to the west. South through a secret wall and west through another. Dispell the lightning. The annoying mage may block you. Just run into him til he moves. Dispell another two fields. Search the southeast corner in the southeast tower. The RUNE OF VALOR! You have them all now. Exit. Push the mage til he moves, if he blocks you.

Go north and west. Cast blink south. Enter the shrine. RA 3 times for your sixth virtue. Go west and blink back north. You may have to blink back south if you are on the north island, but if you're poisoned, no big deal. I hope--you should always have cure spells. Enter the moongate when there are two half-moons to return to Skara Brae.

Blink east. Go southwards to J'N" C'N" (hilly coastline, shoals on 4 sides but ending just NW) and cast blink south. You should make it onto a tetromino-shaped isle. The south center square has the silver horn. Search for it. That's another 400 experience points. Blink east to get out of here.

You may be able to hit the shrine of honor, now. It's southeast, then south over a river. Three cycles, mantra SUMM. It's worth a blink to get in (south) and, if you're not poisoned, out (east). Go northeast back to the Trinsic moongate once you are done. From there, go to Moonglow's gate.

Go one east, north and then west past the small river. The library is in the northwest of the Lycaeum. Jimmy the lock and search between the R and V.

This is about all you can do without a boat. Once you have one, there are several tasks.


Ignore this if you lucked on a boat.

Sadly, finding a boat can be very painful, because it is up to a bunch of random factors. You can't buy one like you can in the sequel. The developers probably but shipbuilders in Ultima V because of this. However, you can wait at certain places to make it easier for the pirates to find you. A long shorerline without many shoals. The coast northwest of Yew seems ideal for this. Sit where the forest meets the grass.


Once you have a boat, I would go find the Wheel of the HMS Cape at N'H' G'A', Skull of Mondain at P'F' N'F' (approach from the west) and the Bell at N'A' L'A'. These net 1200 experience. The wheel is the toughest of the three, since the other two rest in semi-obvious nooks just begging to be searched, with shoals all around. Ironically, the HMS Cape's wheel is not deep at sea but in a bay south of Trinsic, just off shore. Some tough ship! Incidentally, you should always use the Wheel on a new ship, and you should never use the Skull until you're ready to enter the Abyss.

Once you've got these, I would park my boat by the Britain moongate and hit up Despise. The goal is 5000 gold. A magic wand will make you close to invincible. You will get one at Buccaneers' Den. It is just south, then a good row east of Paws. Its coordinates are J'O' I'I'. Incidentally, if you wind up hitting Magincia, go north a few squares from the top of the island back west.

Navigating with a boat can be treacherous, but wind spells are a big convenience. You can abuse save states if the wind changes, and also, if a location is diagonal from you, there is one direction you can go unimpeded--take it first. There is not much to be done if you are in tight quarters and have to move around shoals, but otherwise, I would recommend taking Ztats and planning the next part of your journey out.


Clearing dungeons has no best way to do things. however, I think the way I've listed below is relatively quick. I suppose if you want, you can just cast down-spells to get to the bottom of a dungeon, but sometimes--most of the time--you don't need to.

You will want at least three exit spells, six dispells, twenty heals, six down spells, an up spell, and a couple undead spells. Oh, and ten cure spells. But you always need those! You may lose track of where you are, but to get to the bottom again, just use a key in the north of Lord British's castle to jimmy a way to Hythloth. You can climb all the way down to the altar rooms, then, and you can switch whenever you need to.

Note: in the underworld, Ztats doesn't work to pause. Try Use instead.

For Destard, mix up a tremmor (sic) spell. One room needs it.

Two east, two south, down. Two west, north, blast the zorn, retreat, blast the ghosts. You could have tried the other room, but the nixies' range attacks are annoying. Go east and shoot everyone up--the campfire is handy to block another rock thrower. Exit east. Go down the stairs.

Heal to 300 HP before the next room. Be sure to rest. Cast tremor and retreat to a corner so only two phantoms can attack at once. Note that Undead doesn't work here, though it seems it should. It'd be a lot easier. Exit to the west. The other ways lead to a loop with lots of gold, but you don't need that. You'll find stairs soon.

North all the way, west all the way, north all the way. Down. Two west, down. Two south, then west til you get the red stone. Cast Z here.

You'll probably be in a big loop with a secret passage 1S of the NE square. Go through it then southish. The altar room of courage is past. You will fight four mages there. Once you defeat them, exit to the east.


You are in Covetous. Time for another stone. Follow the passage east and up. The Ettins should not be hard, and the gold is nice. Exit east. Go up the stairs. Enter the next dungeon room--have 250 HP. Retreat where you can kill the squids/twisters as needed. Wipe them out and go east. Just flee in the next room. Go east through all the secret walls. Get the stone. Retrace your steps. The squid room is tricky on the way back, so be healed to 400 HP. It's probably safer to kill the squid before crossing the bridge. You can flee from the twisters if you want. You probably don't need the XP.

You'll want to go east when back down on level 8. The bats and serpents should be cake, but the next room is the altar room of love. You'll face four insects and a dragon. Be healed to 300 for the dragon. Exit east.


Go up and cast down. It may not be clear where you are. But you will want to go west. Have 2 dispell spells and 300 HP and an undead spell, too. If you are near a stair up to the south, you have three rooms. Cast undead in the first, enter a niche and fire away, and then go west. The spiders are cake.

In any case you'll soon hit a room with a zorn and slimes. Hit the zorn, then go into a corner against the slimes. Once you won, dispell an energy field in the NW to get to the very NW. Step on that square and go west to get the stone. Then retreat. I would go south in the zorn room. Then go north in the altar room. The gremlins should not be hard.


Cast Y (up) here. It's a bit random where you wind up, but you'll want to cast dispel to pass through a lightning field after the wind and rocks. 2W 2S and you can search in the dark for the stone. You should cast down to get out of this mess. THere's a small chance you'll teleport near the altar room (no stairs around) but if not, you need to be on the east side of the door. There are traps to the east, and the dungeon room can be painfully slow, with three reapers and a bunch of gremlins in one room. At least they are walled in by lightning. With 400 HP you should be ok. Stay out of diagonal lines of fire and pick off the reapers individually. The gremlins may shield the reapers a bit. But you can handle it.


Back in the Altar Room of Truth, you face four demons. No problem. Exit east. Cast X-It and then cast a down spell after reentry. The purple stone is on level 2. Just wander to find it.


Cast x-it again and re-enter. Go down to level 7. Cast down. You may be in the corridors with the stairs up, or not. If you are, there's a semi-difficult room you want to heal for. If not, or once you get by, the Altar of Truth is west, and the Altar of Courage is east. You'll want to go in each room--the room to the west first. It's the Altar Room of Truth. Kill the hydras. Stand on the center square and use, in any order,

  • BLUE

Exit and go E N E. Kill the hydras again. Stand on the center. This is the Altar Room of Courage, so

  • RED

Go east to Covetous, clearing out the two dungeon rooms as before. You can try to get sneaky with an up and down spell if you want. Even save-state it. But you want to exit the (north)east altar room.


You now have all pieces of the key! I would go north to X-it via despise. Blink south and return to Britain. Time to pick up party pals. You may, if you roll that way, want to sell magic armor, too. Buy two magic wands and four magic bows in Buccaneers' Den. That's a tab of 21000, but you get 36000 for selling all the armor. Buy a bunch of gems, too, and stock up on reagents. But note you need to cast Dispell for the lightning field, and be prepared for a Balron who attacks you. Also, never attack even monsters in Buccaneers' Den. That still loses virtue.

You get new magic armor if none are in inventory--your players can equip it, and the game won't notice.


You probably have most of the partial avatarhood virtues. But you probably don't have humility. To get that, go south from Moonglow, or from longitude O'H'. Use the horn when on the plains before touching the hills north of the shrine. Use it every eight moves, slow progress or no. LUM at the shrine for three cycles.

The list of which shrine is where is below. I think I've detailed how to get there other places in the walkthrough. You can't get the mystic goodies until you're an avatar.


Here is a small concordance of all the virtues.

VirtuePrinciple(s)Stone colorProfessionTownDungeonMantraCompanionShrine locationDungeon location

HONESTY |T |Blue |Mage |Moonglow |Deceit |AHM |Mariah |EC OJ| COMPASSION|L |Yellow|Bard |Britain |Despise |MU |Iolo |FM IA| VALOR |C |Red |Fighter |Jhelom |Destard |RA |Geoffrey|OF CE| JUSTICE |TL |Green |Druid |Yew |Wrong |BEH |Jaana |AL EJ| SACRIFICE |LC |Orange|Tinker |Minoc |Covetous|CAH |Julia |DC NJ| HONOR |TC |Purple|Paladin |Trinsic |Shame |SUMM|Dupre |MP FB| SPIRITUALI|TLC|White |Ranger |Skara Brae|Hythloth|OM |Shamino |XX XX| HUMILITY |0 |Black |Shepherd|Magincia |Abyss |LUM |Katrina |NI OH|

Honor being below sacrifice seems a slight glitch, as does "destard" instead of "dast(e/a)rd."

Note there is a match-up with colors as well: Blue=(T)ruth, yellow=(L)ove, red=(C)ourage. Seeing this provides a clue to

picking up certain items.

Hythloth is also referred to as "hylothe" on the Apple, a small oops.


Moongate to Yew. West three squares from the gate. South and follow the brush/plants south-ish. West around the river's southmost point. Go west and north in the Abbey, jimmy the door east of the throne room, and search 1E2S of the bard for the Armor. Alternatively, it is 2E 2N 5E of the door you had to jimmy.


They are in Serpants Hold. There are two ways to get them:

  • blink south from the peninsula south of trinsic, then blink over to the nearest isle. Then blink back. This requires 8 spells.
  • take a boat.

The mystic arms are in the center of the Academy west of Sentri's throne. Well, the north side of center. Four squares south of the D.


The next part is just using moongates. How can you pick pals up easily? It turns out that if you start in Britain, you can get all non-mages pretty easily. There are routes taking the minimum moongates.

Britain-Yew-Jhelom-Magincia-Skara Brae-Minoc-Trinsic-Britain

Be sure to get the armor at Empath Abbey (SW of moongate) if you forgot to.


Note if you are not a mage, you can still cycle through for certain classes.

Druid: Britain-Minoc-Trinsic-Magincia-Skara Brae-Jhelom-Moonglow-Britain

Tinker: Britain-Trinsic-Magincia-Skara Brae-Yew-Jhelom-Moonglow-Britain

Shepherd: Britain-Yew-Jhelom-Skara Brae-Minoc-Trinsic-Moonglow-Britain

The other classes don't work because, if you are a bard, both Moonglow and Yew must lead to Jhelom. Similarly for a fighter and Britain. For a paladin, Minoc and Magincia must lead to Skara Brae, and for a ranger, they must both lead to Trinsic. You can have several 8-loops, though.

So where are your potential pals? They're all in town.

  • MARIAH is just north of the treasure chest in Moonglow.
  • IOLO is in the southeast corner of Britain, beyond the river, singing to the kids
  • GEOFFREY is locked in the SE room of the inn in Jhelom
  • JAANA is northeast of the entrance. She is the druid north of the fire.
  • JULIA is in the poor house, all the way down the entry path to the right and then up. You can avoid the swamp to get to her with care.
  • DUPRE is waiting for you in the west part of the Trinsic tavern, north of the entrance
  • SHAMINO is just to your east as you enter. He's two paces away from the ankh while others are just one.
  • KATRINA is on the outskirts of Magincia. Head south after you've entered the town location. You'll have to step through some swamp so have some cure spells on hand.


There's a nice semi-cheat that lets you boost friends' stats. I recommend this before any experience boost. You need a few magic keys and some mandrake to make Gate spells. In Lord British's castle, go N/E and north through the secret door. There's another one north, then one west. Jimmy the door in the far west to descend to Hythloth. Cast X-it and re-enter. 2S 2E and have someone touch the orb. Then exit and re-enter. It's a bit of disk swapping, but the stats are good. You can then cast Gate to phase 2 to return to the castle. Use the healer to resurrect (leftover cash from the mystic arms sale) and Lord British to heal. You can try again if you want. Note if your leader has 800 HP, he can safely touch an orb if he still needs stats.

It's tricky to get experience better. It would be nice to have friends all at level 4 before the abyss, but you could squirm through without it. Level 3 seems reasonable, though. Head to Despise and use that first dungeon room. You may want to bring a buddy along who just heals your player to improve if they get too low on HP. Since each room gives 56 experience, it shouldn't take long. Shamino needs one trip, and Katrina may need five or six since the Headlesses will flee. You get some gold for this, too, so you can run the Hythloth trick again. I imagine this goes quickly with high stats, but I can't be sure. I think Jaana and Iolo should definitely hit level 4, since they will make up the front-line.

In addition, once a pal hits level 4, they can go to Shame, instead. Go down and cast Y. They now get a touch before dying--you can be at exactly 0 HP and be okay. Heal spells and resting are handy here, clearly, for one more time to touch an orb. It doesn't give intelligence, but strength/dexterity are most useful. Your mage-leader can cast spells as needed. ?? how to get there

If you want intelligence, only Jaana and your half-mages (Iolo, Dupre, Shamino) are potentially worth it. And you can pump them up (Jaana first, since she gets 1.5*Intelligence, not 1) in Deceit. You probably want a Gate spell in reserve to get back. Go NE of the Lycaeum, cast blink north, then east when the sextant reads E'K'. Enter, 2E 2N 6W 2N D, cast Z/Down and you will be able to wander around for two intelligence orbs. Cast X-it to retry. Remember to heal/rest as necessary.

?? [In fact, Red Scarlet noted on the Amiga--and I verified with a Commodore emulator--that you don't even need to do THAT. It warps common sense but there you go. However on the Commodore you do have to walk away from some folks before you talk to them again to get Humility and Compassion to work. But you can continually buy from the old lady to get justice/honesty up.]

?? There are other people to talk to who can give you humility but watch out for X in Jhelom. He'll ask 'are you the Avatar?' and you should say No. Yes, which seems the honest answer if you've got all eight pieces, loses and eight in humility--No is okay by honesty apparently.

??**Peace0000001 points out a cheat here for the Apple as well: you can say "yes" a bunch of times and the game will in fact give you an Eighth. A definite bug, probably due to some effect with bit rollover. Not verified on other systems.

Honesty and justice should be done easily enough. You just go to the reagent woman(Moonglow's a good place; you know the Moonglow<->Britain transit by now, I imagine) and give her a bit more than she asks for each time.

??**Peace0000001 points out a cheat here, again. You can actually rob Lord British 'til you have 9999 gold. Then buy reagents one at a time; apparently paying the old lady/ladies the exact amount or just over one gold helps your virtue all the same. You'll have 6600 gold left over as well. This also gets your honor back.


If you know you are about to die you may want to mix up as many reagents as possible because you lose all reagents and unequipped weapons/armor when all party members die. If you are near a town and can't afford healing, try to dump all your gold on a beggar to help your compassion if need be. You'll always wind up with 200 gold and 200 food when resurrected, anyway.

I also think you lose Mondain's skull, but no other game-critical items, if you die. Stones and runes and others stay in your possession.

Dying with a full party is much more serious, and if this happens and you haven't lost an eighth for valor, you should go immediately to Empath Abbey to get new Mystic Robes, as you will be low on food. Sell them and buy food. If you have lost an eighth for valor, you may want to kill the app without saving and try again. The only quick alternative to get the eighth back is to fight a bunch of bridge trolls.


One thing to note about boating is that the wind changing direction can be annoying. To wait for it to change the direction you want without monsters chasing after you, you can just push Ztats and wait around, much like you do when waiting for a moongate. However the most annoying wait may be finding a boat--usually you can find one off the coast of Britain, but it may be a wait. You may want to moongate among land masses a bit to find something(even to Trinsic.) Of course you can just go about your way finding items, some of which are near the coast, and you should run across something.

In a boat you can fire at monsters to destroy them, which happens randomly(I've taken eight shots to shoot a group of orcs,) but watch out for sea creatures, which can shoot diagonally. Remember you can take five hits before you go to the bottom of the sea, and you can also heal the hull by time. However you can only use the wheel of the HMS Cape when hull strength is at 50--this vaults you to 99 strength.

Also you can X-it the boat and hole up and camp at sea, which is useful.

The first item to get is the Silver Horn. Now to get it without the ship you can cast blink from the south tip of the claw of land south of Skara Brae. Then go all the way south on the mountain/grass isle and cast blink again. You'll be in one of two isles that look like so:


    • ~~~

~~~~~ ~~~** ~~*@~

  • =mountain, @=where to search for the horn. Incidentally you can also boat

around the continent and pick it up; the reefs are tricky to navigate, but you'll manage. Sextant location is K'N' C'N'.

Now what you can do is go west and south. This leads you to the big mysterious isle of the Abyss. Circle around it to the north and you'll find an entrance. Save here but beware. If you don't use your horn often enough before walking over the mountains, demons will attack you ad nauseum--even ruining your eight in valor once they kill you! So use the horn every four steps as you prepare to walk into the mountains just to be safe. The Shrine of Humility will be easy to see, and use the mantra LUM. You're now an Avatar! Use the horn on your way out too.

You can sweep for the Skull of Mondain next. It's southwest of this isle, at location P'F M'F. But you can only find it at the dead of night. Use the waiting trick if you get stuck there--it's wedged in between three lava shoal islands as well.

From there it's northwest to the Bell of Courage at N'A' L'A'. It's really in the middle of the sea and again the sextant is a huge help here--however it's also just north of the passage east into the Isle of the Abyss as well. You now have the three artifacts of the principles.

You'll probably need a boat to get the mystic weapons. Not that they are necessarily critical to the game, but they help. It's technically possible to cast blink spells there(from the south tip of Britannia mainland, cast blink south/east/south/east until you wind up on a HUGE isle) but it's easier to take a boat south of Buccaneers' Den(in fact, go back there right away to sell your surplus--you only need 2 swords, really) or just follow around the coast until you get to such an island. The weapons room holds them. In the center column, search in the square just north of the absolute center. Bingo. Take my recommended detour

Next is a fun item which isn't necessary but helps your survival. Since you're going that way you might as well pick up the wheel to the HMS Cape. It wasn't really accessible before since shoals blocked your way. This item is in an inlet in the south of the main continent of Britannia at N'H' G'A'.

The last item(s) you need are the mystic robes in Empath Abbey. They're in a garden behind a jimmy locked door in the main throne room. Standing on the jimmy locked door you need to go seven east and two north. You should now have all the items you need although if you get killed you'll have to get the skull and the mystic stuff again.

Old school guide/map writer. Also the author of text adventures Ailihphilia, Shuffling Around/A Roiling Original (anagrams,) Very Vile Fairy File, Quite Queer Night Near, The Problems Compound, Threediopolis and Fourdiopolis.