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by ASchultz

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.3.0 | Updated: 03/07/17

Ultima III(Apple) FAQ (should be ok for other PC's) version 1.3.0

Copyright 2002-2017 by Andrew Schultz(blurglecruncheno@gmali.cmo) (twiddled for anti-spam purposes)

Please do not reprint this for profit. I wrote this document largely to help preserve good old memories and interest in classic games--both for myself and for others. If you really would like to post this on your website, please send me a polite e-mail addressing me by name and referring to this game specifically. If I don't know you I generally give away one FAQ at a time at first.

I updated this guide and got rid of text maps. That is because I sent in graphic maps to GameFAQs, so look for them there.

Also after X years I don't know why I wrote the headlines in the style I did, but I did, so I hope it is not too grating.

One other thing--I'm really bad about responding to e-mail so please don't feel insulted if I don't manage to.


Finally, the retro-obsessed masses need clamor no more for a detailed Ultima III FAQ. They can instead go see if they have enough pals for a soccer team.

Ultima III came in before Ultima IV broke out. Well, obiously, you say, but I played IV before III, and maybe you did, too, since U4 is advertised as free.

Ultima III has two sequels of a sort; the more colorful and gigantic Deathlord seems inspired by parts of it, especially the part where your game's saved when you die. You're dumped in the land of Sosaria by Lord British's Castle and asked to find some guy named Exodus. The outside area is 64x64 which isn't huge but some areas are clearly walled off, and you need to figure out how to get to those places. It features a moderately sophisticated spell chart(wizards and clerics) and many different classes(fighter/spellcaster combinations come in handy) but most importantly you now can control four characters instead of one. Of course enemies get up to eight per combat, and you can never flee, but the whole idea of being able to assemble a party was revolutionary in 1983. The towns aren't quite as sparse as Ultima II and there's some indication of them being centers of commerce with lots of everyday citizens and even a few well-informed recluses rather than great plains where guards will attack you if you do anything wrong. Even if most folks just say 'Good day.'

The big problem is that the best path to getting good characters involves repeatedly beating up people in the towns you're trying to save. Oh, and if the first boat you find gets destroyed, it's tough to find the next one. There are several ways to cheat both of those things (experience and boats) up, but if you get stuck without a boat and are wondering, yes, the game can be stingy. See "Ye ships that don't appear" for the (non-cheating) way I found around this. The cheating ways are easier and more fun, though.


  • U3 has a total of 71680 game squares
    • 2 outside+12 inside locations at 64x64 each = 57344
    • 7 dungeon locations at 8 16x16 floors each = 14336
  • U2: 33 locations of 64x64 or 16 16x16 levels = 135168

So Ultima III is smaller than Ultima II but in fact boasts more puzzles and, well, INTERESTING locations. It's better organized and puzzles make more sense.


Which version to play isn't entirely c lear-cut.

One reason to prefer the Apple emulated to the PC version(the Commodore is probably fine too) because you can use save states in AppleWin in case you mess up. However, the PC version becomes playable if you use DosBox(dosbox.sourceforge.net) and it is easy to speed up/slow down. Also the four-color scheme of the PC version with two of them being white and black makes it look so goshawfully ugly. But with DosBox it does not take up the full screen--and I found I liked to have other apps open while playing. *cough Hex Editor cough*

Also, DosBox is a potential nuisance to set up, the whirlpools are erratic (either too slow or too fast), and also the Apple's graphics are better. However, the Apple has its own problems. First, you start everyone with 100 hit points, instead of 150, which means less margin for error early on. More annoyingly, you can only (H)and 99 gold at a time from one player to another, which is a pain in Ambrosia when you want to build up stats. And also, (J)oin gold is a disaster if your party has >10000 gold. It rolls over. So if everyone had 2600, one guy has 400 after.

HXD is a big help if you play the PC version. But even so, editing the save file and restarting the game takes a bit longer. That's probably a minor inconvenience, if you're comfortable hex editing. Hex editing will also let you tweak most of the things that mean you won't need to tinker with save states. But the PC's save files are a bit easier to read than the Apple's.

Also, one big advantage to the PC is that it doesn't time-out your moves. In other words, if you are emulating at extra speed, the game won't make you pass in combat or on the surface. This can be nasty if you pause to think of what to do next and then the game decides for you.

So the choice is yours. You have fuller control over save/cheat states with the Apple, especially if you are comfortable with hexadecimal, but the PC has a less harsh improvement curve.


Shay Addams recommended an elf Thief, two dwarf Paladins and a bobbit Druid in his Ultima book, but I see no reason for the Thief.

Druids seem nice early on because they have the no-point spells that repel orcs, etc.(use Wizard-A) as well as skeletons, etc.(use Cleric-A.) Druids will always be the weak link in hand to hand combat but you need to have some sort of spell casting early on. However, a drawback is that they can't cast the really powerful Mage spells, and a small bummer is, they can't get to spell K because the game will max their MP at 49. Boo!

A Lark is also potentially good because he has use of all weapons and once you get exotics you don't need to worry about only having cloth armor. But it seems fighter-mages' main benefits are that teleport spells are a bit cheaper. Nothing a few trips to Ambrosia won't render invalid, and besides, what's really awesome about wizard-types is being down with O plus P (sorry, I couldn't resist. I mean getting those final two O and P spells,) which only a pure Wizard can get.

I made it through comfortably enough with Mr Addams's set-up, but on replay, I think there are better ways to go. However, they're handy to make the end easier. So I think you should decide between the following parties:

  • 4 dwarf male paladins, 20 wisdom, 20 strength
  • 3 dwarf male paladins, 20 wisdom, 20 strength, with 1 elf male wizard, 35 intelligence (or as high as you can get it), the rest to strength for hand to hand combat
  • You don't have to have all dwarves. One can be a human or bobbit. Having one human may be good for CURE POISON, but I prefer having strength to max out). A Bobbit paladin is okay, too, but you probably won't be using the I and J spells it has access to. It's not worth the loss of manhood, I mean, physical strength. (Sorry again. That was a worse 90s joke than O Plus P.)

You will have enough heal spells (C-C in the commands) to go around, and you'll also have enough APPAR UNEM to open chests. APPAR UNEM is definitely cost-efficient, as bomb traps and acid traps can hit you up for a while. 20 wisdom is critical for paladins, as it gives you the 10 MP you need to heal.

My first time through I was unaware of APPAR UNEM and it was a pain to track the HP lost from chests. Once I used it regularly, I had far fewer problems with players getting killed. In fact, almost none. While some open spells fail, it's still not a huge deal. Whether or not it's perfectly efficient compaed to constantly being able to heal, it's one less thing to remember and check off on...and eventually forget at the wrong time.

You can balance the statistics out later if you want in Ambrosia, though the 99 strength is most immediately useful in the latter parts because you can just destroy everything else with a +4 bow, which all your paladins can use.

If you have a Wizard, you need to know a few moves beyond just mindlessly clubbing opponents to get them to improve, but it should not be too bad once you get the hang of it. And once they visit Ambrosia, they are the easiest of all classes to improve quickly.


There's a cheating way to get better quick. It also allows you to pool money to resurrect your favorite party. I put it in a later detail section about cheating the old fashioned way. First, buy slings for everyone who can use one.

Staying outside and fighting is good enough. You should be able to keep your head above water if you just manage to cast appropriate heal spells often enough. You can even cast heal spells to undo starving, if you lose all your food. I did the arithmetic, and it checks. It gets tedious after a while, but it checks.

However, there are ways to speed up the process, to find fights you can win regularly.

The earliest is to go to Yew. It is west of LCB and the castle where you start, inside a mountain range with an opening to the west. It has a maximum 15 clerics you can fight, and at 6 exp a pop they are easy to take out if you've bought slings to start. 90 experience is 9/10 of a level each full trip--but you have a quick way to get 42 in less than half that time. And you get a lot of gold. You're more at risk of losing hit points stepping on fire squares or forgetting APPAR UNEM. See the town section for details.

You should be able to pile up a lot of gold with little risk. What to do with this gold? Well, I recommend going to Dawn and buying +2 bows. Your party needs 3150 or 4200 total, not counting anything you can sell--and you should probably sell as frequently as possible at LCB. You'll probably want to return to Lord British's to get levels, and when you do, you may wish to detour to LCB to buy bows.

Later on you may want to go to Death Gulch and rob it for gold continually--one 50-gold key brings an investment of 1000+ gold, though you may run into guards. They're tough, but they give good experience. It's worth healing up before and even better than entering Perinian, robbing the chests, leaving and reentering. Which you only need torches or light spells for.

You'll need to take several trips to Ambrosia to max out your stats. The first few times you might just want to take 500-1000 gold each. But as it gets easier to get gold you can use your last trip or two to max out one statistic and work on improving another.

Once you've pumped your stats up, you'll be able to defeat guards regularly to max everyone's levels out. The best place to do this is in Fawn where you can pop the guard at the top entrance and leave to gauge how good you are. Later you can rout a town such as Dawn. Each guard fight features 8 guards * 15 exp = 120 experience. Since characters get levels every 100 points, you get the equivalent of just over a level each fight. Eight guard sets get you pumped up pretty quickly, and when you have powerful missile weapons and some spells, they'll be cut down before they get close.


There are a lot of ways to pause the game. The best is to hit Z for ZTATS. This is important if you have emulator speed cranked up, as if you walk away from the computer and get into a fight, you can take damage. Or worse, a whirlpool can kill a ship of yours, and you won't know.

You should also get used to certain macros. C1C1 C2C2 C3C3 is useful to heal quickly, and A(up arrow) repeatedly is good to know, too.

Also, after winning a fight on the Apple, you can make a new move while the tune plays. For instance, if you push A(up) 3 times and kill the enemy after two, you can make a new move and the Apple will read the last one. This helps prevent mis-steps.

If you have enough gold, leaving a chest may block enemies and give you a chance to recharge MP for the next fight. This is handy in Death Gulch if a row of guards is after you. You can just hit escape. Enemies don't move diagonally around obstacles if you're vertically/horizontally aligned with them, and you can use that to your advantage. It at least partially makes up for how they get to move horizontally when you move vertically.


There aren't many steps outside the necessary here, other than what to buy to start.

While building up characters(not included, see detailed area discussions for that,) is important, this focuses on quests important to completing the game.

  1. (weapons) buy slings to start
  2. Get the Mark of Kings from Perinian(E, N of LCB) so you can build up HP above 550. You probably just need one torch for this, or you can just follow my handy maps. Or you can stumble east-ish, then south-ish, to the southeast corner. Your characters should get this and all marks.
  3. (weapons) Slings are nice, but you can do better. Don't worry about armor, since Exotic will work well, and you probably aren't getting hit much anyway. Bows are nice after you've got a few levels, and you can visit LCB while leveling up with Lord British. +2 Bows are achievable. +4 Bows take too long to save up for.
  4. (ambrosia) get your Wizard to 99 wisdom.
  5. Pick off the Mark of Force from Fire or from M/Doom(W of the Montors.) This also helps you loot Death Gulch a bit more.
  6. (gold)
  7. Pick off Exotic armor and weapons when you get a boat(Other command: dig. Weapons are found SEEE of Fawn, the island town. Armor is found on the west square of the island east of grey, NE of Exodus's castle and south of the mountain enclosure.# Pick off the Mark of Fire from Perinian or Fire(S of LCB.) Note missile weapons are still better than exotic weapons, which don't have range, until you're ready for Exodus.
  8. Pick up the Mark of the Snake from the island dungeon NE of the Montors, also accessible from moongates(phase 1.)
  9. Go to Ambrosia(see Britain about how to get caught in the whirlpool) and O - SEARCH at each shrine to find the cards of Love, Sol, Moons and Death. You might want to build up your stats there too, of course. Only one character needs them but you can have everyone get everything.## Someone sent me an email a while back saying it is a good idea to take a horse into Exodus's. Then you can run past the enemies. I can't credit him by name but I want to mention it's not my idea and I'm grateful for his sharing it with me.# [Y]ell EVOCARE south of the snake in the hidden mountain isle to walk into Exodus's
  10. Get to Exodus's(left once you enter, follow the big hallway) and go north at the force field/fire. Defeat the floor tiles(see combat for details, this can be tricky)# Use the punch cards on Exodus.
    1. Below Exodus's leftmost terminal, type O - INSERT - <up arrow> - L. It will explode.## Move one square right. Type O - INSERT - <up arrow> - S
    2. Move one square right. Type O - INSERT - <up arrow> - M
    3. Move one square right. Type O - INSERT - <up arrow> - D

KABOOM! Exodus dies.


  1. Devil Guard: 'The King favors a Mark.' But you'll probably stumble on the mark by accident first if you explore the dungeons at all.# Dawn: mages in SE tell you to dig and where.
  2. Devil Guard: 'Seek Ye the Dungeon of Fire.' But Perinian works well enough too.# Nowhere, but you're told you need 4 marks, and there are all these force fields...# Devil Guard: 'A mark helps invoke the snake'
  3. Some people mention the whirlpool
  4. Fawn: 'Pray at the Circle of Light' -> Notice it in Yew -> O - PRAY - 'EVOCARE'# see 5, sort of
  5. -> Lord of Time(Time dungeon)

NOTE: You actually might not need the mark of Fire as fire takes 50 HP off your party for each square you walk over it, and when you get good, that's not a big deal. However the mark of Kings is necessary(get you to level >5) unless you're win-five-lotteries-in-a-row lucky. The mark of force is needed to traverse Exodus and the mark of the snake is needed to get there at first(unless you sector edit the maps you rapscallion you.)


Ambrosia is an important place to find once you've gotten a lot of gold. But how much gold do you need? The maximum sum of stats for any race is 300, and the minimum is 298. You get 50 to start. Therefore you need 248 to max out completely. But you don't need to. Some stats just aren't valuable.

My opinion is that intelligence/wisdom matter most, then strength for your paladins. Dexterity is nice, but if you have enough strength, enemies won't get close enough to try to hit you so you need to avoid them.

So if you have a fuzzy wizard, and you started with 25 intelligence, that's 7400 gold.

The three paladins go from 20/20 strength/wisdom to 50/99, 75/75 or 99/50. That means 10900 or 11000 gold.

This means that unless you load up on gold and are willing not to have everything maxed out, you may need more than one trip. Since you can get to 39996 gold, and you probably want to max out your wizard's intelligence, that leaves 32596 gold, or 10900 twice and 10796. So you come up short by 204 gold. There might be a few fights that can get you up all the way, but that's chiseling.

In other words, you can rig things so you only need one trip into Ambrosia, although you need about ten keys to get through it.

Also, when in the shrines, *CRANK UP THE EMULATOR SPEED AND BUY STATS IN INCREMENTS OF 100*. Paying 900 gold doesn't ensure you get 9 of a specific stats. In fact, you probably won't. Also, if you get close to the maximum, keep track of things...if you are at 99 of a stat, or your race's maximum, then the shrine will just take your money. Jimmy Swaggart approves, I'm sure.

Also, on the Apple, you may need to balance who takes what treasure chests above to save time, or buy/sell a lot of expensive stuff, because it's really annoying to shuffle around gold.

It's not hard to hit level 25 once you've gotten a few improvements in Ambrosia. The wizard's two best spells, available at 75 wisdom, makes otherwise tough fights very quick. You can just nuke, say, balrons or guards with P for your wizard to get experience, or you can use O to nearly-kill everyone and let the paladins clean up and level up.


Some spells are a lot more useful than others. Some are a good bargain for the MP cost, and some aren't.


I haven't done metrics on spell damage, but my overall impression is, it's best to get access to O/P when you enter Ambrosia. Hitting 85 intelligence to get J is even better. Heck, it's best to hit 99 and be done with it so if you need two relatively quick P-spells, you can get it.

  • A(Repond) is handy for getting a wizard better at low levels and helping combat go quickly
  • B(Mittar) is great for sure-hits against Clerics
  • C(Lorum) is okay if you have nothing else to spend MP on. The light spell lasts maybe ten moves. If you can stumble in the dark, or you have a torch (much longer lasting), use that
  • D is handy to get going or flee monsters
  • E is handy to retreat or flee monsters. It lets you exit on the top level.
  • F is good in desperate situations. It's the last of the Wizard spells you can start with, but B's across the board may work better.
  • G may be good if you're in trouble. But if you've improved enough that your wizard can cast G, you probably won't be.
  • H seems nice but I didn't use it much. O/P seem to do more damage range.
  • I is clearly better than C, and since you probably won't need O/P in dungeons, it's marginally worth it if you run low on torches.
  • J to cast Cleric I is good if you're in big trouble in a dungeon.
  • K is a decent wide-damage spell.
  • L seems inefficient.
  • M is okay if your party needs healing.
  • N is a nice wide range spell.
  • O is great to get other players experience, as it weakens monsters. Your wizard may hit level 25 quickly once you can cast P, so this is a good option then to round out the party.
  • P is a lot of fun, and it's brutal to enemies.


The lowest level ones seem to be the ones you'll be using most. Curing poison is nice, but by the time you visit Ambrosia, you won't need it. While the top level spells are powerful, they're either trumped by Wizard spells or have other potential drawbacks.

  • A is indispensible to speed up undead combats.
  • B is great to save HP opening chests.
  • C is a staple as you wander outside and regenerate MP. It's the last of the spells you can have Paladins cast before visiting Ambrosia. It heals 11-29 HP, or 2 HP per MP.
  • D is handy, if you're at max hp, but I'm not sure how long it lasts. If you're swimming in Cleric MP, though, why not?
  • E is more expensive than the Wizard equivalent. (D)
  • F is more expensive than the Wizard equivalent, too. (E)
  • G is interesting as it bcan get you out of a jam if enemies are around. But dungeons are not too hard to traverse either way, with or without a map.
  • H is handy because even though poison isn't lethal, and you can prop up one party member with continual C, it's annoying. It's the most powerful spell a non-Fuzzy Paladin can cast.
  • I is the equivalent of the Wizard's G. It's more expensive.
  • J -- I haven't done the metrics to see if it's more efficient than D or Wizard C/I. But it's the most powerful spell a Paladin can cast.
  • K is not as efficient as C, so unless it's a critical combat round, avoid it.
  • L saves money on gems, for sure.
  • M is a nice enough kill spell.
  • N saves healer money, unless it fails. You probably won't be getting killed anyway after level 10, if you're careful.
  • O is a nice wide angle kill spell, but you only need one per fight, and that's your mage's.
  • P is pretty brutal on the spellcaster.


Chests hold gold but can also do a lot of damage with traps. They seem to have different treasure and traps based on where you find them. They may have traps:

  • poison
  • acid, does up to 27(?) damage
  • bomb, can do up to 82(?) damage
  • gas, which is bomb+poison and I only found this in Ambrosia.

Normal chests have 12-27 or 48-63 random gold. That's an average of 37.5 as opposed to the flat 31.5 for 0-63.

The monster type does not appear to affect the gold amount and whether or not you find an item. I've gotten up to chain mail or bows in a chest. These random finds add considerably to the expected value of a chest.

On the Apple, the random seed for the chest contents is changed once you play a move and linked to microprocessor time. In other words, if I save a state and open a chest before the next "pass," I get the same result no matter what. But if I push space to pass, it's different from waiting to pass, because the move started at a different time. This shouldn't have much practical effect, but in case you were curious, there you go.


Mostly erased or shrunk for convenience. I guess they really are old now!


Sosaria scrolls horizontally and vertically but in fact due to the way they map it you'll only be able to go in a cycle northwest/southeast.

Starting players will want to stick near Lord British's foraying into Perinian and also bashing around Yew for starters. There's more than enough to do. Once they figure how to get to Dawn(until then guilds in Grey and Death Gulch will have to do) it's time to hit the big time and buy a lot of fun stuff.

Until then they might want to take a ship. Sailing is annoying since the wind changes CONSTANTLY but wait a bit and it will turn several times before the game forces you to pass. Once you've got a ship explore the islands. You may even want to park the ship near Death Gulch's island so it can cross to the mainland. Ships seem to appear a bit quicker if you camp out on an island. In particular, the snake island seemed to help me.

The toughest part about traveling in Sosaria is when you want to get into the whirlpool. It never seems to be there when you want it, and it's always tere when you don't. Note that it moves freely of you and always follows this rule: when it hits an edge, it goes off in a different of eight directions until it hits another one. So you can park yourself in its path--or avoid it. It's annoying but if you get in its range you'll eventually be able to get it to sink you.

Every time you go to Ambrosia you'll get a silly message.


'ALL IS DARK! YOU MADE IT!' on the way out.

Shockingly melodramatic stuff.


First of all, about going to Ambrosia: it's not so bad, and you will get your ship back (well, a replacement ship,) if the whirlpool tags you. So that's one less thing to worry about. Plus it's not too bad to leave if you don't have the gold/keys for the shrines.

There is no dialog in Ambrosia and you can't save there. It also has plenty of blind alleys that can cost you keys, time and/or life points, and if you die down here, your boat is adrift in the middle of the sea, leaving you to wait for the next pirates. But hopefully my map will help you navigate it better. Also, you can't DAG ACRON to jump around. You have to explore all its maziness.

So what are its redeeming features?

Well, first of all, there are no random combats, food is consumed at a slower pace than overland, and it has some game critical items. The main point is to locate four different critical shrines, and once you find them, to use O - SEARCH and you will find one card in each place. You can also improve attributes here. It turns out that by the time improving attributes is convenient you don't need to do so any more.

Each shrine has one virtue aligned with it, and the best bet in each shrine to get the most for your money is to offer 100 gold pieces each time. You'll get one attribute point. It may be annoying to wait for the screen inverse and delay, but it's not too heinous. It will pay off quickly. I'll put the shrines in approximate ease of location.

Advanced players with pretty good parties will want to have several keys to explore the area with. Five will get you to the locked-away shrines, Wisdom and Intelligence. You may want extra keys in a certain case--see the improvement section at the end. But note that buying a key to unlock a fight is not cost efficient. Keys cost 50 gold, and fights win an average of 31.5 back.

You start at the bottom of the screen, just north of the whirlpool. To get back to the surface you need to re-enter the whirlpool, and there are two ways to do so. First way is to go to the Shrine of Dexterity and use the boat nearby. Go west and unlock the door and enter the whirlpool.

Shrine*Card found by it*Keys needed*Fights needed*Extra fights*
DexterityCard of Sol101(1)
StrengthCard of Love033
WisdomCard of Death201(1)
IntelligenceCard of Moons206(6)

The extra fights may allow you to gain a bit more gold to get that last extra stat point, but the catch is--you often need a key to get to them. So it's not worth it, since a key is 50 gold and monster treasure is 0-63.

You do get three fights in the lower left getting back to your ship, although they're off the regular path.

Everyone can search to get a card but only one person needs it.


If you have a mage in your party, this has high priority, because high level mage spells are the bizomb.

You need three keys to get here, and you probably won't want to revisit this one too often. Again go through the gate at the top, then go through the gate at the top left of this area. Defeat the pirate ship and go west and a bit north to the clearing. West of that is another area with a locked door. Beyond that is the Shrine of Intelligence. Search it to get the Card of Death.

If you are playing with four paladins, you can ignore this shrine's improvement abilities. If you are playing with one mage, you may want to hoard gold to get them to 99 in one trip.

If you are trying to improve everything in one trip and are maxed out with gold, you will want to leave the fight south of the intelligence shrine until you've improved your stats. If you have some extra keys, use it on the doors to the south of the entry. The three doors to the west hide two monster groups.


This is a good one to go to. It'll help you avoid traps later, and while APPAR UNEM is always an option, it's nice to save MP, too. There's no nasty combat in the way, and you only need to fight pirates to get back, so if you're still low-level you won't risk much here. Go northeast along the mountain range that's to the east from where you entered. East and follow the path curving south then west. There's a pirate ship there. Take out its denizens and row west. North and east in the forest on the other side of the mountains, you will find the Shrine of Dexterity. Search and have everyone enter. Let one person get to 99 first. Having him this good will ensure you won't set off too many traps if you just open chests. Plus you get hit less in combat.

There are monsters behind the locked door if you need/want some extra gold.


If your party has maxed gold out, you don't want to hit this first, since there are fights that block the shrine.

This is the next one I would get to. Strength may not be the most important, but it's not bad to get to at all, and it's nice to have fighters that can whip weak enemies before they get close. In particular, if one fighter lags behind the rest in experience, giving them 99 strength will help them catch up. And it will make combat faster in general.

Push north from your starting point and then go west--a slight bump north--and then the path tends northwest while the bush land becomes the forest. The passage is pretty one-way and you'll run into some daemons first. Hit them will all your magic. After that there will be two groups of horses which aren't too tough but should not be underestimated. Keep going south and the shrine is in the final area(5x5 or so) in the center. Not a bad idea to have even your mage enter, if you have gold left over, but let your fighters improve first.


While you don't need a ton of wisdom for your paladins/clerics, it's nice to have for quick/continuous healing. At least one of them should have the maximum possible.

This requires two keys but has a lot of false trails. You could say it... ...puts on shades...

...requires wisdom to get there.

Go north then northeast at the impasse. Open the gate with a key. Then keep north and enter the forest at the top. Follow the trail, unlock the next gate, and try to tend west. There'll be another gate, but don't enter it. Go east two from the gate and south. Pow, the Shrine of Wisdom.


What's where:

Town nameFoodHealWeaponsArmorGuildBarHorsesOracle
Death Gulchnnyynynn
Devil Guardynnnyyyn
British Castleyynnnnnn
Montor Ennyynynn
Montor Wnnyynynn

Note that the bars have the same messages all over. There are different armor and weapons sold in different towns, but Dawn has everything.

Healing is a bit trickier. If you get poisoned, you need it quickly. Yew, British's, and Dawn are all available. British's is the easiest to get to.

List of prices

4 Horses = 800

    • GUILD **
  • Keys = 50(worth the investment in the right spot)
  • Torches = 30 for 5(buy some if only for convenience)
  • Powder = 90(never used this)
  • Gem = 75 (rip off if you use my maps)
    • BAR INFO **
  1. pay 10+ for drink:Ambrosia, ever heard of it?
  2. 20+:Dawn, the city of myths & magic!
  3. 30+:The conjuntion of the moons finds link!
  4. 40+:Nasty creatures, nasty dark, sure the ready, fore thee embark
  5. 50+:None return, or so I'm told, from the ppol, dark and cold!
  6. 60+:Shrines of knowledge, shrines of strength, all are lost into the brink!
  7. 70+:Fountains fair & fountains foul all are found in dungeons bowel
  8. 80+:EXODUS: Ultima III Which is next? Now could it be.
  9. 90+:Seek ye out the Lord of Time, and the one way is a sure find!

Apparently some famous poets used drink as inspiration but apparently serving the stuff doesn't do wonders for the poetic muse.


Note the poem that forms as you buy more. All told you'll need 4500--unless you shut the computer off after learning. With 900 gold you'll need just 5 trips to the Oracle. You can spend 100/800, reset the game, reenter, and then get 200/700, 3006/600, 400/500 and 900.

Hundreds paid:

  1. 100: If thou can solve my rhyme you'll learn of marks & playing cards & hidden holy shrines
  2. 200: Of marks I say there are but 4 of fire, force, snake & king
  3. 300: Learn their use in Devil Guard, or death you'll surely bring
  4. 400: Shrines there are again but 4 to which you go and pray
  5. 500: Their uses are inumerable and clues throughout I say
  6. 600: The cards their suits do number 4, called Sol Moon, Death and Love
  7. 700: Unto the Montors thou must go for guidence (sic) from above
  8. 800: To aid thee in thy cryptic search, to dungeons thou must fare
  9. 900: There seek out the Lord of Time to help you if he cares

Healers quickly become efficient as you gain levels. The main thing to note is that if you resurrect, you want to heal that player immediately--with heal spells or full healing.

  • Cure poison: 100
  • Healing: 200
  • Resurrection: 500 [you can take out the disk while resurrecting with your cleric so that if it fails, which happens rarely, your character doesn't turn to...]
  • Ashes: 900 (you should never need this, but it may be worth saving money and time on revisiting Ambrosia)

You can buy weapons and armor for the same price you sell. In fact this is a more useful way to transfer money than to use H)and as that only allows 99 GP at a time on the Apple.

So you may wish also to buy an expensive weapon with the character you use to open chests, then trade it.

  • B-DAGGER-5
  • C-MACE-30
  • D-SLING-60
  • E-AXE-125
  • F-BOW-350
  • G-SWORD-200
  • H-2H SWORD-250
  • I-+2 AXE-400
  • J-+2 BOW-1050
  • K-+2 SWORD-800
  • L-GLOVES-1200
  • M-+4 AXE-2700
  • N-+4 BOW-6550
  • O-+4 SWORD-4550

It seems the bow does less damage than the sword, but the increased range is well worth it. And once you hit 99 strength, it's all academic.

  • B-CLOTH-75
  • C-LEATHER-195
  • D-CHAIN-575
  • E-PLATE-2500
  • F-+2 CHAIN-6130
  • G-+2 PLATE-8250

General notes: A lot of people just say 'Good Day.' They are not included in my dialog compendium.

Also sometimes you may have to use a key, suffer damage, or even attack some natives in a town in order to get info. Fortunately you can just restart the game after you find this sort of thing out.

You also start on the west side in general.


Note how the guards are sequestered just out of sight. But there's more than one way to get through Dawn without having them catch you. Of course you can bribe them, but you can also unlock the stables, steal a horse, and outrun them with a bit of care. It's necessary to do this to get a vital piece of information from one of the wizards lumped in the lower right unless 1)you're strong or 2)you shut the game down after you find out. But it can also save you some serious money on food in the long-term. Dawn itself isn't too special other than this clue you have to attack mages to get. You may wish to buy powder as well to stun enemies.

What's nice about this place is that the guild is right next door to the stables, so there's no problem poking around to get everything you want.

You can even loot horses pretty easily, if you have a key.

  1. buy a key from the guild.
  2. go east of the stables and unlock the door.
  3. beat the merchants. Climb on a horse. Wait north of the B for 10 turns. This sticks a few guards in other shops.
  4. go back south to 1 SE of the SE corner of the stables. Wait for guards to appear. When one does, wait til it can go north, then go a few squares north.
  5. wait 10 more turns. If you want, go back in the stables and make sure the guards are caught. There should be three or four.
  6. go south til you can go east, then go east, north and west to Dawn's west wall.
  7. go south and exit west.

If this place had gold to loot it would be perfect, but horses are good enough. As it is, Dawn does well enough with all the magic items you can buy--armor and weapons. Get +4 bows and the best armor you can here. It's worth the wait to enter.

By the way, horses can block monsters just as chests do.

Dialog for Dawn:

MAGE AT WEST ENTRY: Welcome to Dawn!

MAGE IN SE CORNER: <Dig> on isles

MAGE IN SE CORNER + 1N: <Dig> up Exotics

MAGE IN SE CORNER + 1W: <Dig> carefully!


MAGE WANDERING(STARTS IN CENTER): Dawn lasts but a brief moment!

MAGE IN BAR(BALLYHOO)-E: Ambrosia awaits!

MAGE IN BAR(BALLYHOO)-W: Seek ye thy fortune!


Cool name, weird place. Not a lot of info here but the big deal here is all the $$$$. You only need one key to get in if you zigzag. It's STRONGLY recommended to have the Mark of Force and your wizard at 99 Intelligence so you take the least damage. Exotic Armor is nice but not critical. Remember, the Apple lets you save emulation states.

Having a horse helps you escape but is not critical.

It took me a while to realize you can get quick experience here if you have a wizard at 9 intelligence. Attack the demon at the entry. Get the gold if you want. The guard will come at you. If your wizard has 70+ MP, engage and cast O. If not, run. (You can also cast P with 75+ MP.) The guards will be weak enough, one hit kills them.

Now you can exit and return and keep killing the demon. (Note: you can also just kill the demon and retreat to pile up gold much as you did in Yew.) Use heal spells to buff your party back up as you wait for MP to recharge. This is a decent way to keep your party up, and every so often you can fight the guards with a relatively quick win.

But you can only get so much experience. The way to get rich is as follows: from the entry, go south, then east/south until you have a path up. Take it, go east, then north and east when the forest clears. Unlock the door to the east and now you have a choice. The four guards to the east make for good experience if you fight them, but it takes a while to recharge. Unless...well, you recharged while looting chests and casting APPAR UNEM a lot. You will want to, since there may be a lot of bomb traps which may be more lethal than the guard fights.

So I would bribe three of them to be safe. Bribing costs 100 gold. You'll recharge enough MP to take out one of them as you leave.

Now bribe two guards in the forest to the west. I'd go all the way west, bribe south, 2S 2W 4N W, bribe, E 2N 2W 2N E and attack these guys. Now you can loot to the west. If you run out of cleric MP to open chests, wait--and if wizard MP maxes out, go back east. Then fight guards and go west. You may max MP out again--I didn't run a lot of tests, but if you can kill more guards, that's less you have to bribe.

A detour to describe what happens to the guards that were behind the first gate: they go southeast into the loop NE of the armor, and then when you return to exit, they go northwest and get stuck in the top of that loop. Just if you were wondering. The guards to the east form a vertical line, and the ones to the east get stuck there--as long as you push them north. Attacking the guy on top does this.

Loot the first room and the one behind the force field. Then go out as you came. Before exiting, you will see a guard to the north--it's up to you to fight them or not, depending on how high your Wizard MP is. Leave and return.

Just for fun you can go to the very east once you've got the Mark of Fire. The daemon will have some relatively useless advice for you.

Note you can also just attack guards/fighters in the weapons/armor strip for experience and gold. You can stand north/south of treasure to block them from approaching you until MP is recharged. Best of all you can sell items from chests you stole before starting the violence.

Also note it may be more time-efficient just to get someone killed after looting Death Gulch. Then you can reboot and find a healer. But it's fun to be able to move the enemies around to fake them out.

Dialog for Death Gulch:

DEMON(ENTRANCE): Begone fool!

GUARDS IN SOUTH: <Bribe> me to enter

DEMON IN FIRE TO EAST: Exodus is four as one!


Devil Guard has a nice thieves' guild and a lot of information, but you'll probably want to just root out all the info you can here and get out. Most of the important people stay put.

Note how they double the U as a V here. It's more convincing in the game than on a text file.

Dialog for Devil Guard:

FIGHTER E/S/E OF ENTRANCE: 'Marks' gained in dungeons!

FIGHTER IN FAR SE: Hot metal leaves a `Mark'!

FIGHTER IN FAR E, A BIT LEFT: The King favors a `Mark'!

FIGHTER IN FAR E, A BIT RIGHT: A `Mark' helps invoke the Snake

FIGHTER NE OF FOOD: 4 `Marks', 4 uses!

FIGHTER W OF GROGSHOP: Seek ye the dungeon of fire!

FIGHTER S OF STABLE: Mark thee well!


Dialog for Fawn:

CLERIC(BEHIND HEALER'S): <Pray> for the invocation!

CLERIC(N OF PROVISIONS): <Pray> in the Circle of Light!

CLERIC(S OF GUILD): `Invoke' the Silver Snake!

CLERIC(FAR EAST): To pass you need a Mark!

CLERIC(W OF PROVISIONS): Fawn is a nice place!

MAGE NEAR ENTRANCE: Welcome to Fawn: City of the sea!


An inconvenient town with not a lot else to offer, and all those random citizens bouncing around can get annoying. The guild gives it some value. Steal the gold in the corner and the guards will come after you.

Dialog for Grey:

THIEF BY TREASURE: Watch it bub!

THIEVES BOUNCING AROUND: Yo! ho! ho! and a bottle of rum!!! / Ever seen Exotic arms?

FIGHTER IN CORNER: Exotic clues found at Dawn!

MAGE IN FOREST UNDER GUILD: Only Exotics will protect from Great Evil!

JESTERS ALL OVER: Don't you wish you were a Jester!


Oh look. There's a thief to the north of the main part that has some somewhat interesting information. But there's some good general information here and it's the merchant by the lake that really tells you something--Dawn appears with the conjunction of new moons. Only the thief hidden behind the armoury/weapons shop gives you the first real piece of a puzzle.

Dialog for LCB:

CLERIC BY SE LAKE(E SIDE): Is it not lovely

THIEF IN THE OUTSKIRTS(N OF MOAT): Quest ye unto Lost Ambrosia!


THIEF IN ARMOURY/WEAPONS NICHE: Only with Exotic arms can you win

THIEF IN THE PUB: Exodus lies beyond the Silver Snake!

MERCHANT BY SOUTHEAST LAKE(W SIDE): `Dawn' comes each new pair!

FIGHTER IN THE PUB: Dupre laughs: Drink up!

(Yes, Dupre becomes a more major character later.)



It's useful to figure out what to do with the cards here although you do get the full picture from the time lord later on. About as useful for stocking up as the other Montor but a lot of the talking is fluff.

Dialog for Montor East:

<Insert> cards into pannels! 4 cards, 4 pannels

JESTER(CENTER): Jolly Joe: Ho Ho Ho!

VARIOUS ROAMING FIGHTERS(FROM SHOPS): Baby Bob: Bring me bucks! `Cards' are useful! `Marks' are useful! `Exotics' are useful!


Some useful information and a decent amount of stocking up here. You'll need to bribe a guard to get to the prison...or fight your way in, which may get you killed. You learn some secret commands here. The thieves you rescue follow you around annoyingly so if you go in a dead end you'll have to attack one to get out.

Dialog for Montor West:


FIGHTER IN ARMOUR/WEAPONS: Seek the Jester in castle Fire!

LEFT FIGGHTER IN BAR: Sentri: Good grog!

RIGHT FIGHTER IN BAR: Shamino: Good food!

GUARD(JAIL): None shall pass!

THIEF IN UPPER LEFT CELL: <Search> the Shrines!

THIEF IN LOWER RIGHT CELL: <Search> for cards!


Blue Boar is the bar, Capessi Cantom is food.

You probably won't need to enter Moon to win the game. It's got scant info which you can find elsewhere. It's also inconvenient to get to and walk around.

Dialog for Moon:

GREETER(MERCHANT): We are honored!

CLERIC W OF BLUE BOAR: Seek ye the Shrines of Truth

<Bribe> guards! They will leave!

FIGHTERS IN PUB: To arms! and To battle! vvvv Don't think so! [for moon?]

CLERICS IN HEALING: Peace be with you.

CLERIC W OF HEALING: I've been beyond the whirlpool!

MAGE IN NW FOREST: Dawn rises in the Dark Forest.

Depart! or Die!!!


Yew seems like a very hidden place, but in fact there's an easy way to get around. Go to the greeter, to the east. South of him is the 'Rogation Worships.' East of them is the Circle of Light. North of the middle of that is the healer. West of that is Aliment, a fancy way to say grocery.

Yew doesn't seem too useful until you note there are no guards. The clerics are good for beating up. There's only one in each group per fight. If you have missile weapons, they're toast. You'll be more worried about the traps in their chest--but there's a healer in the vicinity! Still, with 15 total fights of this nature(west entrance=1, rogation=8, circle of light=4, healers=2, don't worry about ones in forest) that makes 15*6=90 experience per set of fights--or almost ONE LEVEL OVERALL per rampage. That's not counting the gold you'll pile up, too. Count it as 750 or so, minus 100 for a poison cure, plus money for armor/weapons you may find. Just don't rush and get someone killed.

The big problem for running the circuit in Yew and killing everyone is running into those fire fields.

So what is the best way to run the circuit? That's a bit of a trick question. There are a couple ways to get through. Trying to kill all the druids is not time-efficient. Certainly it's not woth hunting down the mobile ones. But actually it's not really efficient to nail all the fixed "candidates."

I think a convenient, efficient pattern is to go east and attack the "greeting" druid to make a good first impression. Then go south and kill the two druids by the crosses, then go west and kill four more of them. Then leave and re-enter and repeat. This gets 42 experience per step through.

If you need healing, what you can do is go east...you don't want to run into the fire, so you should go east fro the bottom wall of ROGATIONS. Then you can kill the four clerics and go north and kill the two clerics in the healing area.

If you have to hit the healing area first, go four west or east from the center of the healing place. That will avoid the fire squares.

Dialog for Yew:

CLERIC(WELCOMING, WEST): Search and ye shall find!

CLERICS IN SOUTHEAST: Welcome to the Circle of Light!

CLERICS IN SOUTHWEST: Bonim Anima Teuri, Amen!

CLERIC LOST IN FOREST: Know ye well thy foes!!


[or just the effigy of the creator of a game that used a mockingboard.]

Lord British's castle is a fun place to be. First of all there's Lord British, so conveniently right to the north, not including the short walk around a scenic pool! Lord British gives you a level if you've earned one(levels earned = experience / 100.) But if you've gained more than one level of experience since last you met, you'll need to talk to him a few times to get the full reward. You'll need the Mark of Kings to help you get above level five.

Note there's no drawback for lumping levels together in U3 as there is in U4. In U4, gaining levels improves your stats.

To the left side of the throne room there's a locked door. Behind that--and another locked door to the north--you have the other side of the moat. To the west and south you can commission a boat and even talk to the guy on the island you saw to the east when you first entered here.

Unfortunately you can't leave with the boat per se but there is a bug(in the Apple *AND* PC versions) that allows you to do cheat around it. Kill the cleric on the island and ride the boat around. Get attacked by guards and bring one party member forward to get massacred. The game will now save. Kill it. When you restart you'll find there's a boat to the right of Lord British's castle.

You can also use this technique with a new party--disperse your regulars, sell the newbies' equipment, get two keys, unlock the castle, get killed, restart. Yay, new ship for free!

Off to the right before the throne room you have the jail and the torture section. I would avoid the torture section, but not because you actually get tortured. The jester in the fire tells you the location of Dawn. I'll let you decide if you should kill the game right after you find him--you take a lot of damage in there!

The main problem with visiting the torture section is that, on the PC, I've had a guard follow me and block me from leaving. This is a big problem! Fortunately, with auto-saving, it is not a huge deal to kill the game, but it's still a nuisance worth knowing about.

Later when you get better and can buy keys en masse it's easy to loot the treasure room and no-one will notice. But other places have an even better rate of return. Lord British's is a bit twisty.

You also have a way to do something very interesting and unusual. In a way it requires more abstract thinking than the actual game.


One of the most fun side puzzles in the game is figuring out how to kill Lord British. Yes, it's possible, and as Shay Addams reported in _The Official Book of Ultima_, Richard Garriott wasn't happy to find out about it! This trick requires, for best execution, that your party have two keys and be strong enough to beat one set of guards. But if you have fancy footwork, or horses (fancy hoofwork?), you can get away without fights.

You can't actually defeat Lord British in combat, but you can sucker him into walking into the path of a ship's cannon. Here's how it's done.

Go straight north to his throne room and use the key off to the west. Don't worry if a guard follows you. There's another door north and west, and then if you go west and south from there, you can board a frigate. It's probably easiest to do things if you can beat one group of guards--but you ONLY need to beat two to be sure. See the last paragraph for a refinement of this method that actually allows level one characters--although I'm only 90% confident in it.

Take the boat south and east until you're in the upper of three squares on the left side of the moat. Exit, go north, and attack the guard group. Once you've defeated them, immediately head back down to the boat. Let the guards attack you while you're on the boat square(don't enter it yet, for easier combat.) That chest will now act as a wedge, so don't take it. Board the boat and go one square south. Exit. Wait a bit for guards to come south; if they do, simply step back into your ship and fire away as they come. They should wind up two squares north of you in which case they're easy, but if one sneaks to the west then you may just want to shoot it down that way. Leave the boat, wait a while, and if you see any guards coming down then go back into it and fire again.

After you've gotten the all clear, the rest of the task consists of going north of your wedge chest and seeing where the guards are. Likely they'll be stuck around the LCB pool. First, get rid of Chuckles the Jester, who can get in the way and block you for a few turns--doing his master Lord British a favor! Moving to one side or the other in the room with the LCB lake will start guards or Lord British moving diagonally and down towards you again. You'll have to have faith in what you cannot see. On the bottom edge, move two squares left from how you came up. Then move back right. Wait a turn or two if you can't see any guards, but if they appear, run back down. You can also go to the first square right of the pool edge on the bottom wall to coax Lord British in case he went to the right. But he really should go to the left.

Alternatively you can go up, east, kill the cleric, east, south and west(staying away from shore to pick off any guards that stray before you get to the moat) and proceeding as before, waiting, killing Chuckles--EXCEPT you need to disembark from the middle square on the right moat, go up and then two squares to the right, then right back down and onto the ship. You should have time to fire north. The top of the lake is six squares above the bottom wall, so since opponents can move diagonally you'll be four squares ahead if all goes well(you must move left twice to get to the main hall) before you go right into the boat(3 squares) and board(2 squares) allowing you to fire away.


JESTER IN THE FIRE: West 8, South 35 and await Dawn!

MERCHANT IN KITCHEN AREA: Cookie cries: Like the food?

LEFT JESTER IN THRONE ROOM: Iolo sings: Ho eyo he hum!

RIGHT JESTER IN THRONE ROOM: Gwino sings: Muh eh oye oh!

FIGHTER IN KITCHEN AREA: Phantom Fighter: The food stinks!

CLERIC AT TOP, BEHIND TWO LOCKED DOORS: The Wise Cleric: 4 cards, 4 slots

Enter... If you dare!

JESTER(BOUNCY, NEAR ENTRANCE) Chuckles: Welcome all!


Exodus's castle is certainly a nasty place to be. That's why you'll want to move quickly and find the right path. You'll want to take advantage of all details here. First of all if you don't have exotic armor for all characters, exotic weapons for all characters, all the cards and all the marks, leave and come back when you do. There's no way to win without everything. Okay, maybe you can skate by without exotic armor, but since you can find that for free, and it helps elsewhere, why not get it?

Be sure to have your exotics ready as well; no other weapon does any damage in Exodus's.

First of all don't worry about what's directly to the north. That's just a prison area with nasty encounters--guards attack you there.

IMMEDIATELY go north into the main hall when you enter. Don't be scared by the Balron. The problem with waiting is that there's a monster called GRASS. It blends in with the grass and will make a run at you if you're not quick about it. This is immensely annoying as despite its only giving two experience points and being more visible than the floor monsters you'll find in the last battles, you take 100 damage per hit from it. I'd say you'd need three level 40 fighters to make it through, each with maximum strength and dexterity. Spells only help marginally here. Fortunately as you get better it gets easier to get even better. Spend time beating up guards in towns until you're rock solid.

Also note that sometimes you'll just take damage at random. In the balance of things if you have three cleric spells then healing after each battle will slowly regenerate you. But then you run the risk of running out of food. So to save your sanity just try to plow through it.

I prefer to go left but the mirror image of this solution is also OK. Don't worry about the fire; your Mark of Fire will allow you through here. Keep along the south wall, because a group of dragons will come from the room to the south and attack you. If you're away from them then they may shoot at you, damaging your party for 100 HP each. That's an audit of a whole level.

For combat, because you don't have any long-range weapons, you just want to run everyone at the dragons immediately unless they have spells(if you have only one, leaving your spellcaster, who probably has fewer levels, back for a bit might not hurt--if he survives he is a BIG help in the final battle if only because he is a warm body.)

Once you've defeated the dragons, sidle along the left wall up. Bam, another welcoming committee of dragons from the side room, more dragon steak. Now go to the right wall and go up. Balrons...oooh. Smoke e'em. Go north--dragons, chop, slash, go around the corner for more dragons. You're probably sick of dragons but the variety you'll see may not be too palatable. East, south, east and then north at the force fields. North through the fire. Get ready--three combats here with FLOOR TILES. That's right. And they're nasty ****'s.

They're invisible, so if you run into them you probably won't know where they are. Keep in mind that:

  1. Monsters move diagonally to line themselves up with you
  2. If they can't, but they're diagonal to you and can attack, they will

So what you need to do is to flee and go against a wall. You don't want to push everyone back right away, though. For your first move let 1, 2 go back and 3, 4 go left. Then push everyone back. The result? You're all lined up against a wall together. Now the fun part begins. Have each player go A - [UP]. The tiles, although they take you for 100 hit points, don't have much endurance, and you should be able to nail them. They also should have been funneled to all squares directly in front of you, unless you had trouble killing one. Look closely; if you see 'player 2 hit' or 'player 4 hit' but neither one is killing anything then try moving him left/right and attacking as he's probably getting hit from the diagonal.

Also keep in mind that only eight monsters can be on the field at a time, so counting that can give you a sense of where you are in the combat and how close you are to winning. So, while it seems like you're flailing half-blind, and this can be very frustrating, the fight with the tiles can take fewer hit points if you know what to do.

Once you get past the chests, go to the left part of the machine that is Exodus.

  • O - INSERT - L (*boom*)
  • East
  • O - INSERT - S (*boom*)
  • East
  • O - INSERT - M (*boom*)
  • East
  • O - INSERT - D (*boom*)

Watch the finale. Try to enjoy it without laughing at it.

Dialog for Exodus:

DAEMON GUARDS AT FRONT DOOR: All may enter, None shall leave

BALRON IN FRONT OF THEM: Choose well your way!


RANGER(N CELLS): Death is here!

THIEF(S CELLS): Leave quickly!