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Reviewed: 01/07/01 | Updated: 10/30/02

The low point of the Ultima series

Now I rarely find an RPG that I don't like. Ultima II is one of them. I would rather just forget this experience, but I want to pass on the word of how horrible this game is.

Gameplay - 2/10
Difficulty - 9/10

Ultima II is the lowest point in an otherwise awesome PC RPG series. The basic game play is the same as Ultima I. The game runs in turns, even while you stand still. You can buy weapons and armor, you require food to live. You can get magic if you choose one of the magician classes for your character.

In this game, you can get a few different kind of vehicles, and most of the game you find yourself sailing around in a ship firing at enemies for money.

This game is no fun, as all you do is build up your stats as high as possible, get the best equipment, then go kill the final boss. End of game.

It's extremely difficult to get started in the beginning, as you start out with little equipment, hit points, and food. You have to get as much food as possible to survive, and this is no easy task.

The only real new addition to the game play is the appearance of time gates that allow you to travel to different times.

To sum this up, Ultima I was a lot more fun.
I can't even bring myself to finish the game after wasting several hours building thousands of HP and food.

Control - 10/10

You just have to remember a few keys, most of the commands are completely useless in this game. These keys are really easy to remember.

Story - 5/10

The story of Ultima II picks up right where the original left off. After the defeat of the evil Mondain, his lover Minax is extremely mad at you for killing him. She seeks to take revenge out on the whole planet. In the year 2111, she almost destroys the entire planet. It is your task to go through time to kill her so that peace is returned to the planet.

Audio - 1/10

The game has no music. It's just blips and bleeps for moves and attacks.

Video - 2/10

These graphics are aweful! Simple tiles, ugly. NetHack and Ultima I both look better.

Replayability - 0/10

This game has a hard time keeping your interest enough to play through the game once, let alone more than that.

To buy or to rent? - Skip it. It's not worth your time. If you get it on the Ultima Collection disc like I did, just read the story part in the docs and find a spoiler FAQ for the ending. This game is a total waste of time.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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