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Hints and Tips by Exodus

Updated: 08/10/99

Subject: Crazy Taxi : A Guide to Breaking the 100K Barrier
From: exo2000@my-deja.com
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 07:40:14 GMT
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade

Here's an attempt to share my style of driving for reaching 100K in
Crazy Taxi. This will probably only work for a 4/4 machine or easier
machine.  For higher level machine, the playing style is quite

1) You can reach 100K if you meet the following criteria:

a) Can Crazy Dash and Limit Cut with 95% accuracy.

b) Can Crazy Drift and Crazy Stop (pick up and letting off customer)
with 80% accuracy.

c) Understand the Customer Map well (at least 70% accuracy). Refer to
the Map at http://come.to/crazytaxi/

d) Able to reach a time of 350 sec or more when your score is at 60K
with your current style of driving.

e) Able to stand for 2 hours+ without getting tired.

2) Some additional General Guide

a) Always stop near to your next customer. If you are sure where they
are heading to, make sure you face the direction of the next
destination when you stop. This will avoid unnecessary turning. Drift
stop is the best for this purpose.

b) If you are not sure where they are heading (eg those customer near
the church, where they can either go Heliport or back to Tower Record),
then point your direction halfway between either destination.

3) The trick to reaching 100K is you have to pick up as much Green
Customers (try for all). Most of the green Customer are located on the
3 slope toward Tennis Court (12 of them at least) and the 3 slope from
Cable Car Top toward Cable Car Bottom (at least 12 also). This alone
will give you at least 24K-30K of income.

3) As a general guide, travel as close to this two slopes (actually 6
altogether) as possible to pick up all the green customers there.

4) Whenever you are at the Cable Cable Car Top or Cable Car Bottom,
always travel to the 3 slopes and pick up the green customer first,
only after you finish the green customer, then start picking up the
other color.

5) Whenever you are at the Lookout Tower, if there is no customer that
go to Tennis Court (the Yellow one), travel to the fire station to look
for light green customer that go to the University. If there isn't any
or you are unsure, then go directly up the slope and find the green
customer there. It's okay if the green customer you picked go back to
Boarder Paradise or Hospital area.

6) Whenever you are at the Tennis Court, if there is an orange customer
that go to the University, pick them, otherwise, go up the slope and
pick up another green customer. Note that not all orange customer go to
the university, some will go back to the fire station. If unsure,
always travel to the slope and pick up the green customer or travel all
the way up University and pick up the customer there instead.

7) Although you will lost some time by traveling further to pick up the
green customer, However, if you make no mistake or little mistake when
picking up and sending the green customer to the destination (with alot
of LC when possible), you will lose at most 10-15 secs of time only.

8) What's the point of having 400 seconds at the later stage of the
game (beside trying to impress the audience?)? Spread the time evenly
out instead and keep time slightly above 150 seconds will be fine. Just
make sure your time don't drop below 30-40 seconds, otherwise it's very
hard to get time added back again.

9) You can use other color customer to gain time and move closer to
your next green customer. Always try to move toward the University
direction instead of going round and round elsewhere.

8) The priority for choosing customer should be Green -> Light Green ->
Yellow -> Orange -> Red , unless the lower priority customer lead you
to another green customer or bring you closer to the slopes that i
mentioned earlier.

9) Some customer will change color (eg, those at bus terminal will
change from Red to Yellow), always pick the one that travel further.

10) Perform as much Crazy Through as you can. On a level 4 machine, you
can afford to drive a little slower (ie, without using Limit cut too
much). Earn more money per customer using crazy through to help you
reach a higher score.

11) I always avoid Crazy jump over the ramp because you lose control
over the car and the gain in money isn't really that much. But other
drivers seem to think otherwise. I will leave that to you as your own
driving preference.

12) At the highway from Baseball Stadium to Police Station, the fastest
way is to keep to the left of the road and LC all the way while hugging
the wall (if you really need the extra time). Otherwise, travel on the
left side of the road for first half of the journey, then hop over to
the opposite direction and crazy through as many car as you can. Quite
dangerous, but will gain alot of money.

13) From Crown Area/Hotel to Bus Terminal, the right side of the road
(oncoming traffic) usually has less car and should give you more time

14) When travelling between Crown Arena and Hotel, try to take
different path each time (sometime go by the side, sometime cut through
center) while looking out for the color of those waiting customer.

15) Some Yellow Customer at Hotel area go back to the Police Station.
This is the hardest journey in the game (most of the time you will lose
time). Avoid them if possible. If you have to pick up, make sure you
take the right turn after the Mall-W, heading toward Sky Bank, then
toward the Police Station. Don't travel via the CT Hospital Path, or
cutting through the central area, they are harder to handle.

16) From Tennis Court to University, always cut through the short cut,
the other side is straighter, and allow you to LC immediately to gain

17) From FILA shop / Popcorn toward Original Levis store, going up
carpark is a shortcut. But it's quite hard to do it right, so if you
don't want to risk, just travel the normal way from below. The time
gain is not really much anyway (at most 2 secs).

That's all I have for now. If you have any things to add, please reply
to this thread. Let's work together to come out with an ultimate Crazy
Taxi guide that can pick up each customer in the game? :)


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