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Reviewed: 02/22/03 | Updated: 02/22/03

Not even close to being as good as its console cousins.

Graphics: Very impressive for a PC game, but obviously not as good as the Xbox, PS2, or GC versions. The frame rate depends on how powerful your computer is. If you have a good computer, the frame rate should be pretty decent, but again, not as good as the console versions. The jerseys and helmet reflections look a bit unnatural and the player's faces look a bit generic, even the superstars like Faulk or Farve. But hold on, we are talking about a PC game; what can you expect?

Score: 8/10

Presentation: Like it's console cousins, the presentation is okay, definitely not great. I wish EA Sports get an ABC license, like the ESPN license in NFL 2K3. Why did EA even bother to put in the halftime cheerleader show when it is just some girls who dance a lot like puppets for about five seconds?! However, the challenges make the game more lifelike. The Mini-Camp is very fun, but sadly, you get no Madden cards from it, which is a major disappointment.

Score: 5/10

Sound: This game has great music, but you need to listen to it a bit before you actually like it. Madden rarely repeats himself, and the tackle noises are lifelike. But even if the comments made by Madden actually have to do with the game, he never seems to get excited when there is a big run or something.

Score: 7/10

Gameplay: Pretty good; the engine is practically the same as the console versions. There are certain pass plays you can do over and over again for big gains and the defense never seems to notice. But in the console versions, you can't do those plays over and over as the computer has more intelligence. Not to mention the sluggish controls. When I try to stiff-arm, it takes like a good part of a second. But this is still good for a PC game.

Score: 8/10

Replay Value: Replay value? What Replay Value?! Why am I even giving this its own category? This game has NO replay value! Sure the franchise mode does last a while, but with the absence of Madden Cards, create-a-play, and Football 101, this game will shelved in a week's time.

Score: 1/10

Comments: If you only owned a PC, I feel sorry for you. This is one of the worse football video game I've ever played (If you think this is bad, try Madden 2002 for PC)! If the console versions cost $100, I'd still buy this rather than the console version.

Overall Score (not an average: 3/10

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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