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Until Uru Guide by DoctorDevice

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/17/06

Until Uru Guide
by Doctor Device
Completed June 4, 2006
Last Updated July 17, 2006

I. Foreword
---1. Intro
---2. What is Until Uru?
II. Getting Started...
---3. The Cleft
---4. Acquiring the KI
III. How To...
---5. Using the KI
---6. Using The Nexus
---7. Relto Bookshelf
---8. Neighborhoods
---9. Getting Through The Great Zero
---10. Using Imagers
---11. Easter Eggs
---12. Tricks and Other Fun Stuff
IV. Mini-games
---13. Ahyoheek
---14. The Wall
---15. Creating Marker Missions
V. Items
---16. Relto Pages
---17. Reward Clothing
---18. Bahro Stones
---19. Green and Red Marker Locations
---20. CGZM Marker Missions
VI. Miscellaneous
---21. Chat Commands
---22. Sharing/Instances
---23. Online and Offline Differences


___1. Intro___
This is my unofficial guide to Until Uru. This guide covers many of the
aspects in Until Uru that you may find difficult (especially marker
locations and use of the KI). Make note that the only walkthroughs in this
guide are how to leave the Cleft and how to acquire your KI. Also make note
that this guide is only for Cyan's shard, D'mala. With the eventual
re-release of Uru Live, it is unlikely that much will change in Until Uru,
except perhaps to test things out. Just keep in mind that some things I
mention in this guide MAY change in the future (though they probably won't).

___2. What is Until Uru?___
First, you'll need to know about Uru Live. Uru Live is what Cyan originally
wanted Uru to be, a game that could be played online where people could
meet together and explore worlds. There would of course be a monthly fee,
but new content would be added periodically, changes would take place in
these areas, real-time stories and plots would unfold. Uru Live was tested
in 2003 but, due to lack of people joining, failed and was cancelled in 2004.
The lack of people was due, in large part, to the fact that not many people
knew about Uru at the time.
In May 2006, Cyan announced that they would re-release Uru Live later that
year... More info can be found here: www.urulive.com
After the first Uru Live failed, fans were most disappointed not about the
lack of new game content but the inability to play online with each other.
Soon after the expansions were released, Until Uru was created. Until Uru
simply contains the same content as the first Uru Live before it shut down.
It was mostly run by fans and used to require about $6 as an initial fee
(donated to Cyan) and nothing more. In early 2006, Cyan set up their own
Until Uru shard: D'mala. Since then, it has not been possible for one to
join fan-run shards if one has not already done so. D'mala, however, Cyan's
shard, is free and requires only an invitation to be sent via email. Make
note that to play Until Uru, you must have Ages Beyond Myst installed but
without either of the expansions. If you have Complete Chronicles, you can
still play Until Uru, though I'm not sure how, seeing as I don't have it.
For more info, you can visit the Until Uru website: plasma.cyanworlds.com


___3. The Cleft___
The reason I include a guide to the Cleft is because it is not possible to play
with others unless you complete it, which I think is somewhat ridiculous.

The Cleft is the desert you start out in. Read the sign nearby to learn that is
somewhere in New Mexico. There isn't anything nearby... but you should start
running toward the volcano in the distance. Eventually you will see a trailer
with a man sitting outside reading listening to Peter Gabriel's 'Burn You Up,
Burn You Down' on the radio. This is Jeff Zandi; you can talk to him if you
need help getting through the Cleft. He tells you to go into the cleft (the
large crack nearby) and find a message. Go ahead into the cleft and explore.

At the bottom of the ladder is a bridge with a door on the other side; cross
it... but it collapses. You need to find another way to the door... To the
right of where you fall is another fallen ladder which you can use as a ladder.
Climb up to find 2 sleeping quarters... one containing a strange letter, the
other containing a tapestry of a hand, when you touch it, part of it glows...

Face the doorway you saw earlier and turn right; walk off the edge, then walk
across the plank. Then turn left and carefully walk off that edge. Then climb
the fallen bridge and enter the doorway. There are several machines here but
none seem to work. You can change the symbols on one machine but nothing else
seems to happen.

Walk down the stairs into another room. There is a lever here which
clamps/unclamps a pole. If you're stuck you should go talk to Zandi; to get to
the top, climb up the bridge that fell when you first tried to cross.

Zandi will tell you that the windmill powers the machines, but it sometimes
gets stuck. You'll need to unclamp the pole in the cleft, then go back to the
surface and push the windmill to power the machines. Go back down and examine
the machine with the symbols.

Before the machine will work correctly, you'll need to enter the correct
symbols. The answer is somewhere in the same room... There's a piece of wood
leaning against the wall; move it to reveal symbols drawn there. Enter those
symbols onto the machine and press the button. A holographic message will play.

The woman you'll see is Yeesha, who is part D'ni. She will tell you about the
underground city and that you need to seek the 'journey'. She will tell you
that in each of several Ages are 7 journey cloths. You must find them to
complete her journey.

You should already have found maybe one or two, but you need to find the rest.
Zandi knows where they are; go talk to him and he'll give you a hint. If you
really don't know where they are, I'll tell you...

One is in the sleeping quarters in the cleft. A second appears on the wall in
the room where you played the hologram (it appears after you view the message).
A third can be found on a basket in the cleft; once the power is on, push the
foot pedal on top to lower the basket. A fourth can be found on the strange
skeleton in the middle of the desert on the other side of the volcano. A fifth
can be found on the back of Zandi's trailer. A sixth can be found on the back
of the sign right where you start. The last can be found on the front of the
higher door in the cleft; you'll need to close it from the inside (once the
power's on) and go around to touch it.

Once you have found all 7, go to the bottom of the cleft and touch the symbol
on the door in the tree. It will open; go down the ladder and follow the path
to a pedestal with an open book. Touch the picture and you will link to what is
now your personal Age of Relto. You will then be online; use the book on the
shelf in the cottage to link to your neighborhood where there may (or may not)
be other people playing online.

___4. Acquiring the KI___
It's really difficult to talk with people in Uru if you do not have a KI
communicator. Fortunately, there are directions all over the place. First, go
into the cottage on Relto and pull out the book that starts out there. Touch
the panel to link.

If someone is there, you can ask him/her to help you. Otherwise, read the sign
beside the hallway right in front of you. It instructs you to visit the
classroom. Go down the hall and across the bridge to find several doors. The
classroom is the first door on the left.

On the walls are several sheets of paper that tell you where to get a KI.
There's a map showing how to get to Gahreesan... exit the classroom and pass
through the door opposite you. Use the book on your immediate left to link to

In Gahreesan, there's only one way to go... You will soon see a sign pointing
you in the direction of the KI dispenser. Walk down the hall to the right then
go into the first room you see, which is filled with lockers. Make a left into
the next room to find the KI dispenser. Simply put your hand under it and the
KI will be strapped around your hand.


___5. Using the KI___

The KI confuses many. I'm going to try explaining it as best I can. I'll start
with basics. If you want to use it, bring your cursor to the bottom left of the
screen and click the small KI icon. A larger KI will appear in front of you;
you can move its location of the screen by holding onto the outside of it and
dragging it around. To minimize it, you can click the small white dot on the
'south' side of the KI.

On the east side is a small button that toggles mute on and off. Below that is
a round...thing with a dot in the middle. this tells you whether you are
talking to a single person or a group of people (i.e. Age players, buddies,
etc.); if there is a circle of dots surrounding the center, then you are
talking to a group; if there aren't then you are speaking to one person. This
feature isn't really too important...

Press the book-shaped button in the center to begin writing a KI letter. Press
the round button above that to take a KI photo. If your KI is able to pick up
markers, a marker symbol can be seen on the west side. When a marker is near it
will turn red; press it to pick up the marker.

Taking up about the whole left side is a meter that records how many markers
you need for your current mission and how many you have acquired. The meter is
a grayish color by default. If you have started a marker mission, like the
green mission for example, 15 units on the meter will turn dark green. For each
marker you collect, a unit will turn to a bright green.

To chat, simply type and press enter when you're done. If this doesn't work, it
could be that you have a chat key set in your options. Simply change it back to
default and the problem should be fixed.

Below the KI are three groups: Age players, Buddies, and Neighbors. Other
groups are sometimes listed here but these are the main ones. Click a group to
talk to them all at once or click a name to talk to the individual. Most people
keep this on 'Age players'.

Press the button on the top right to open up a holographic interface that is a
bit more complicated...

''Holographic Interface''
On the very top right are three symbols; when you start out they each have a
zero beneath them. When you complete the 14 yellow marker missions, your
current coordinates in D'ni will be displayed here. Don't worry too much about

Beneath that are the time and the Age you're in. On the bottom right is the
name of the neighborhood you belong to. On the bottom left is your name and KI#.

There are also 3 different symbols you can choose to examine: from left to
right, the first looks like a 4x4 grid, the next a person, and the last 2
gears. These are KI items, players, and settings, in that order.

''KI Items''
Open the KI interface and click the symbol that looks like a 4x4 grid. Below is
a list of Ages you've been to, plus the word 'Incoming' at the top. When you
take/write/create a photo/letter/markergame, it will go into the Age folder you
made it in. You can hold a total of 15 of each.

'Incoming' shows photos/letters/markergames you have received. When you receive
something, the KI icon at the bottom will blink. You can hold an unlimited
number of 'incoming' items.

To view your items, click an Age and all your items you made there will be
displayed to the right. Click one to open it up. You can delete nearly any item
by opening it up and clicking the green box to the middle right.

''Invites, Buddies, Etc.''
Open the KI interface and click the symbol that looks like a person with hands
and a head. Below that, you will see different player groups. Players that are
currently in the same Age as you automatically go under 'Age players' and
players that belong to the same 'hood as you go under 'Neighbors.' People who
have been in the same Age as you recently go under the 'Recent' list.

To add someone to your buddy list (to know when he/she is online so you can
chat easily) or your ignore list (so you can't hear him/her if he/she is
bothering you), simply open that category and click 'add player' at the top.
Then enter their KI# or, if they're in the same Age as you, they're name.

Another way to add people to a list is by clicking there name from a group they
are already in and clicking the arrow that appears beside the group you want to
add them to.

To invite someone to an Age of yours, simply add them to the Age at the bottom
like you would add them to any list.

Open the KI interface and click the symbol that looks like 2 gears. Click 'KI
settings' and you'll see a few options. Move one of the 2 meters to change
either the size of KI text messages or the amount of time it takes for KI text
message to fade away. Press the button below to toggle with whether you want to
receive private messages from people who you don't know.

Click the name of your 'hood and you'll be able to write text for your
neighbors to see. Make note that others can add to or delete what you say, as
you can do to them. You can also click the 'hood name to change your 'hood's
name, though you really shouldn't if you didn't create it.

''Sending Items''
To send a photo/letter/markergame, simply go into the group that contains the
name of the person you want to send the item to. Click the name and it will
appear in the rectangular box towards the top of the list of groups. Then find
and open the item you want to send and an arrow should appear next to the name
in the box. Click the arrow and the item will be sent.

___6. Using The Nexus___
The Nexus is an Age whose sole function is to store many MANY linking books. It
is primarily used to link through the city and neighborhoods, but also stores
linking books to private Ages. Make note that you can't make use of the Nexus
until you have a KI.

If you haven't been to the Nexus before, you can use the yellow linking book in
the middle of the linking room of any neighborhood.

Once in the Nexus, put your hand in the slot to active the screen. There are
four groups on the left to choose from.

''City Locations:'' At first you can only link to the 'Ferry Terminal' and the
'Great Zero Observation' room, but once you explore the city you will find what
are called Nexus pedestals. Put your KI in the slot and a link to that location
will be added and can be used next time you go to the Nexus.

''Private Links:'' These are links to private Ages/neighborhoods of other
people. The only way to access other people's Ages is by receiving an
invitation from them via the KI. An invitation to an Age will let you visit
that player's instance of that particular Age. An invitation to a neighborhood
will let you visit that 'hood quicker. The only way to visit a private 'hood
that you do not belong to is through an invitation.

''Public Links:'' This lets you visit any public neighborhood you want. You can
put the 'hood names in alphabetical order by touching the word 'name' and then
press the arrow next to it to toggle between ascending and descending order.
You can put the 'hood names in order of current population by touching the word
'population' and then press the arrow next to it to toggle between ascending
and descending order. You can also check/uncheck the boxes to the lower left to
limit the 'hoods displayed to English and/or French and/or German.

''Personal Links:'' This lets you visit most of the Ages you've been to already.

It's possible to erase your private links and certain city location links by
touching the yellow box to the right of the link's name.

Once you choose the link you want to use, the yellow button on top will turn
yellow. Press it and a book will soon be deposited from the Nexus. Touch it to

___7. Relto Bookshelf___
First I'll explain how to lock/unlock the Ages on your shelf in Relto. There is
a tab above each book on the shelf. Click it to flip it either up or down. When
it is down, it is locked (only you can use it). When it is up, it is unlocked
(anyone visiting your Relto can use it). Some Ages cannot be unlocked.

Now, deleting Ages. You'll notice that at the bottom of most of the books on
your shelf is the D'ni number 'zero' (it looks like a square with a dot in the
center). Touch that, and the book will be pushed back. This only MARKS the book
for deletion. You can unmark it again by sliding it forwards. For the Age to be
reset and your progress deleted, go to the linking book you originally used to
link to that Age and... link to that Age!

If an Age is unlocked, a visitor to your Relto will only be able to use the
page the book was last opened to. If you have multiple links to the same Age,
you can use the other links by flipping through that Age's book on your shelf.
You can also link to the last journey cloth someone touched in your Age; do so
by flipping back and touching the journey link.

___8. Neighborhoods___
When you first play Until Uru you will be assigned membership to a neighborhood
(or 'hood' for short) by default. It is possible, however, to join a different
'hood. First, mark the neighborhood book on your shelf in Relto for deletion.
Then find someone who belongs to the 'hood you want to join. Link to their
Relto (you'll need to ask their permission) and link using that person's
neighborhood book. Right after you link, that neighborhood's linking books will
appear on your shelf in Relto and your membership will belong to the new 'hood.

To create a new neighborhood, mark your current neighborhood book for deletion.
Then go to the Nexus and activate the screen with your KI. At the top of the
screen will be a Maintainer symbol (a book with a circle above it). Touch that
and a new 'hood will be created, named after you.

It's possible to change the name of a 'hood you belong to (though if you didn't
create it, you shouldn't really do this or if you do, change it back soon
after). Open up the KI interface and choose the symbol on the right (the
gears). Choose the 'hood name, which should be just below. On the big display
toward the right it should have your 'hood's info. At the top is the 'hood's
name; simply click it and type in the new name for your neighborhood.

You can also change whether your neighborhood is public or private, though you
really shouldn't do this unless you created the 'hood. On the Nexus screen,
your 'hood name is displayed at the top. To the right of that it will say
either 'Make Public' or 'Make Private,' depending on its current status. Make
note that new 'hoods will be private by default.

___9. Getting Through The Great Zero___
Some say the Great Zero is complicated to understand, what with the markers and
all the linking. But it's not so bad. First, you can only access the Great Zero
Observation room. The link to this is stored in your KI by default. To use it,
go to the Nexus and look under 'City Locations.'

Once in the observation room, you will notice a device that you can put your KI
in. Do so and the 'green marker mission' will be activated. Search through the
neighborhoods and the city (including dead-end links) until you find 15
markers. Once you find a marker (they are invisible until you approach them)
press the red blinking button on your KI to collect it.

Once you've found 15, return to the observation room and deposit the marker
into the machine. A link will then be added to your KI to the Great Zero
Courtyard. Go to the Nexus and use it (under 'City Locations'). The 'red marker
mission' will also be activated.

You can walk through the halls behind the Great Zero itself but will not be
able to use the doors to the back room without completing the 'red marker
mission'. Search the city/'hoods again until you find another 15 markers.

Once you have all 15, return to the Great Zero and deposit them in the machine.
You can then enter the back room of the Great Zero Courtyard. You can use any
of the 4 machines in the back to start a 'Calibration Great Zero Marker' (CGZM)
mission, also known as the 'yellow marker missions'. There are 14 different
missions, and unlike the red and green missions, these markers can be seen no
matter how far you are from them and are collected by touching them. These
missions record how long it takes you to find all the markers and return them.

Once you've completed the red marker missions, you will be able to create your
own customized marker missions. Once you've completed all 14 yellow missions,
your KI will be able to determine coordinates in the city.

___10. Using Imagers___
Imagers are the holographic devices that display KI photos/messages. There is
one in every 'hood that can be customized. It's also possible to acquire a
personal imager for your Relto. You can only post something on a neighborhood
imager if you belong to that 'hood. Imagers can only hold so many items, and
will delete the older items if it runs out of room.

To post something on an imager, get close enough for it to sense your KI (the
circle below the imager will glow blue). Then open up the KI interface. Beneath
your KI, beneath all the player names, should be a new group called 'DEVICES.'
It should say something like 'imager' under it. Click that and it will be shown
in the rectangular box on the KI interface. Then find the photo/letter you want
to post and open it. An arrow should appear beside the rectangular box; click
it and the item will be posted.

___11. Easter Eggs___
An easter egg is a usually hidden joke or reference of some kind hidden in a
game, movie, book, etc. Until Uru contains some...

Text Adventure Tributes
There are several chat commands that are made as tributes to the old
text-adventure games, where typing in commands and reading descriptions is how
you would explore the game world. For example, type '/go' or '/look in pocket'.
Typing '/look' gives you a brief description of the Age you're in. Type '/get'
then anything after that. The final (and most bizarre) of these commands is
'/get feather'...

If you type '/get feather' then you'll usually be told that there are no
feathers, however, if you type the command in Eder Gira then you'll be notified
that you picked up a feather. After that, type in '/look in pocket' to check
how many feathers you have. Weird, huh?

___12. Tricks and Other Fun Stuff___
This section contains tricks (and other fun stuff :-P) that   don't really help
you in any way but are just fun, neat, cute, etc. to do.

''Balcony-jump:'' This is a really difficult trick that involves jumping
from the balcony in your neighborhood (which can be reached using the
Bahro stone in the locker room of Gahreesan). It's kind of a glitch.
It's used to jump onto the classroom roof  to collect a yellow marker
(but it's easier to use the link from Kemo if you or a friend has it).
To perform this trick, go into options and turn 'mouse-sensitivity' all
the way up and turn on 'Go where I click.' Run into the slab of stone and
jump so that your on the side of it (but don’t stop running). Now, hold
the mouse in the center so you keep running without falling off; don’t
press any other buttons yet. Here’s the hard part, swing the mouse quickly
to the left and jump! The idea is to aim at the point where the straight
handrail meets the rounded handrail. That’s all there is to it... Aiming
is the real difficult. If you can’t do it for a while, just do something
else; it gets pretty boring.

''Cone-balancing:'' I don't know what it is about the safety cones but many
people find all kinds of things to do with them. The simplest of which is
balancing on the bottom of them. Simply knock a cone over, face its bottom,
and take a few steps back. Then walk-jump towards it. As it's turning over
take a few steps back and the cone may balance upside-down with you on top.
You'll have to keep walking forward and back to keep it from falling over.
Not that exciting but it can be funny when you /sit or /afk (quickly) on
top of one. If someone pushes the cone away you'll be floating in the air.

''Floating Rubble:'' This one is just weird. You need the 'rubble' and
'dock' Relto pages. Activate them both and push some stones and logs
onto the dock. Then deactivate the dock and leave Relto. The next time
you come back, the dock will be gone but the rubble will still be floating.

''Smuggling the Glowbugs:'' You know the glowbugs in Kemo? If you link to
Relto they disappear, but you can still 'smuggle' them outside of Kemo and
Gira. It involves using the Nexus stand in Gira to 'escape'
with the bugs. Just walk up the rubble into the first part of Gira.(You may
need to jump up, but od so only once!) Fall carefully down without walking over
any steam vents. Finally, walk around to the
Nexus stand and then take them anywhere else you want!

''Shroomie:'' If you've read Douglas Sharper's journal, you'll learn about
a swimming creature in Teledahn. To see it, you'll need to first turn on
all the power. The go to the cave with the journey door. Face the door then
head left and you'll reach a lever. Pull it and the gate will open. Go back
to the machinery and turn ALL power off by shutting down the solar-power
device. Go back to the cave and follow the path opposite the journey door.
There's a device that shoots spores into the air when a lever is pulled.
Keep releasing spores and eventually Shroomie will appear in the distance.

''Tent-climbing:'' You can climb that tent in the city's plaza. Do so by
walking up the rope closest to Takotah alley. Stand on the sad bag. For me,
it's easiest to do in 1st-person view. Face the rope so that it is a SMALL
bit toward the right of the center of your vision. Then just walk up,
sometimes looking toward the right to balance yourself. Once on top, be sure
to walk along the edge, or you'll fall through and get stuck in the tent.
Getting out without linking is very annoying. You can do it by jumping on
the boxes near the table.

''Taking a Maintainer Suit from Gahreesan:'' The way I have done this is by
panic-linking to Relto from the Wall area. The way I did it was I played
with one other person. I've only done this once, so I may only have been
lucky... Eventually, after both people have climbed for a bit (for me it
was after the other person beat me) you automatically get back onto the
Wall after you've fallen. When this happens, climb so that you are right
over the diagonal area of the bottom. Then climb downward; if you're
lucky you'll go beneath the floor. Then climb back to the center and climb
straight upward until you reach a barrier and fall down. You should
fall through the floor and eventually panic-link to Relto, Maintainer
Suit and all. Make note that you can't put it in your wardrobe, so if you
change your clothes or leave the game you can't get it until you follow
the above steps. You can, however, only take off certain parts of the suit,
so people can see you head or feet, etc.
To reactivate your Relto book, go to Gahreesan and take an elevator up and it
should work!

''Island-hopping:'' This is what jumping across your islands on Relto is
sometimes called (It's also a strategy Macarthur used in WWII :-P). When
you get your 'island' Relto page, you can do this. Jumping to the south
island is easy; just run and jump and keep jumping until you get on top.
The western islands can be difficult. Walk to the farthest western edge
of the main island and walk-jump to the nearest island. Then run-jump to
the next island; you'll probably have to jump again to get onto top. You
can then run-jump pretty easily to the next 2 or 3 islands.


___13. Ahyoheek___
Ahyoheek (more commonly known as 'Heek') is the holographic game that is
located in every 'hood, right beside the light garden entrance. The game is
much like 'rock paper scissors' only more intense (in my opinion, at least).
You need at least 2 players but no more than 5 to play a game. To begin, simply
sit in one of the 5 seats.

You'll see that right in front of you are three different colored buttons, each
with a symbol above it. Red is a pen, green is a book, and blue is a beetle.
Red beats green, green beats blue, and blue beats red. Basically, for every
round, each player will choose a color and try to beat the other player(s).

The objective of the game is to win 3 different rounds using the same color.
There are 3 pairs of lights above the buttons; the first pair is red, then
green, then blue. A light will light up once you've won a round using a certain
color. For example, if you beat a red with a blue, then a blue light will turn

If you have a pair of lights turned on that are both the same color, then you
need to win a round with that color once more to win the game. Remember, to win
a game you only NEED to win with a certain color 3 times, but you may want to
acquire other colors because once you have 2 of the same color, other players
will try to prevent you from winning with that color again.

Once someone chooses a color, the other players have 5 seconds to choose a
color of their own. If the time limit is up then all the players who did not
choose a color will lose all of their current lights.

Here are other things to keep in mind... If 2 people choose, say, red and a
third chooses green, then each of the people who chose red will gain a red
light. If 4 people choose, say, blue and a 5th chooses green, then that last
person would gain a green light. IF there is an even amount of colors chosen by
everyone or if everyone chooses the same color then nobody gets a color.

Everyone starts out with 100 Heek points. The top 10 Heek players of each 'hood
are displayed on the imager at the top of the set of stairs right near the Heek

___14. The Wall___
The Wall was used by the D'ni to train Maintainers. Now you can use it to race
to the top against an opponent. The Wall is located in Gahreesan in the second
building. It's located in the center and can be seen through the glass walls in
most of the surrounding rooms. However, you cannot reach it until the game has
been set up.

Each team, purple and yellow, has its own set of 3 rooms: a conference room, a
control room, and a suit room. To set up the game, you'll first need to go to
the control room of whatever team you want to be on. Sit in the chair right in
front of the huge window. If you're playing against someone, then the other
person should be in the other team's control room, but if you're playing by
yourself, it's fine.
1. Press the red button on either team's control panel to start the set-up. It
will activate
both team's controls.
2. Using the panel that had its red button pressed, you must now set how many
barriers you want to use on the Wall. On the left and right of the panel you
will see sets of 3 buttons. The lights on top tell you how many barriers you
currently have set. On the left side, the buttons from top to bottom change the
number of barriers to 15, 10, and 5, respectively. On the right, the top and
bottom buttons increase and decrease the amount of barriers you have set by 1.
The middle button on the right locks in the number of barriers you have set.
3. Now you must punch in where you want to put the barriers on the side of the
Wall closest to you, which your opponent will try be climbing on. Your opponent
must also punch in the barriers for his/her side of the Wall, which you will be
climbing. Remember, you want to make the path complicated but it's IMPORTANT to
leave a path from one of the flat surfaces at the bottom all the way to the red
button at the top, otherwise it will be impossible for the other team to win.
Once you finish, press the red button.
4. Pressing the red button to opens your opponent's path from the suit room to
the Wall (if you are playing by yourself, just go into the other team's suit
room and enter the Wall room). Once your opponent finishes, you will be able to
reach the Wall yourself. Decide who you want to climb the Wall and have that
person go into the room adjoining the control room and step onto the round
platform. The machine will automatically give the person a Maintainer suit to
climb the Wall. Any players not climbing the Wall should go into one of the two
conference rooms.
5. The objective is to reach the top-center of the Wall before your opponent,
trying to avoid the invisible barriers, remembering where they are each time
you hit one (and fall to the bottom again). The players in the conference room
can see the mazes on the screens and can help their teammates. When one player
reaches the top, the maze on each side of the Wall will be revealed. Reaching
the top-center will link the player to the Maintainer Nexus. You can forfeit by
touching the glowing panel at the bottom of the Wall room, which also links the
player to the Maintainer Nexus.
6. As soon as a player links to the Maintainer Nexus, his/her Maintainer suit
will be removed as a platform carries him/her up. Wait for a linking book to be
offered and use it to be linked back to a control room in the second building
of Gahreesan.

___15. Creating Marker Missions___
To create your own marker missions, you must first complete the green and red
missions. The default key to make a new game is F8 but that can be changed in
the options.

To delete a mission, open up the folder while neither editing nor playing the
game and click the green square to the middle left.

To edit a mission, open up the folder and click 'edit game'. To drop a marker,
you could go into your folder and click 'add marker' but it's much easier to go
into options and set a key (F7 works for me) and just press it whenever you're
standing  in a place you want to drop a marker.

To remove a marker, just go into the marker folder and click 'remove marker'
and the marker in the list you want to remove.

To change the title of the marker game, simply click the title when you are
editing the game. To play your game, click 'play game' while the game is not
being edited. You can send marker games in the same way you can send photos or


___16. Relto Pages___
These are the rectangular pages with green symbols that are found throughout
Uru. When you find one, touch the green symbol and it will be added to your
Relto book. Flip forward in your Relto book to see them. These pages add things
to your Age of Relto, such as a dock or a thatched roof. Simply touch the green
symbol in your Relto book to activate/deactivate the pages.

Page: Rubble
Age: Gahreesan
Location: In the first building, a little past the KI dispenser, is a crack in
the floor. Instead of jumping, drop into it. It's down there.
Effect: Adds movable logs and rocks to your Relto.

Page: Thatched Roof
Age: Teledahn
Location: Sharper's office (the room with the Fryman fishtank). It's near the
tank and one of the boxes, surrounded by plaster.
Effect: Turns the cottage's worn-out roof into a thick, thatched roof.

Page: Rug
Age: Eder Kemo
Location: It is on the ledge to the left of the green plants that shoot spores
into the air. Climb a bit up the hill over the cave entrance but stop when you
are slightly higher than the rock between you and the ledge. Jump to the rock.
Once you have a firm stance, jump to the ledge.
Effect: Adds a rug to the cottage floor.

Page: Tree
Age: Kadish Tolesa
Location: After solving the second puzzle (the light-floor puzzle) you will
soon reach an open area where you can look over a cliff and see the purple sky.
A little to the left is a ledge which you can reach by jumping. On the far side
of that ledge is the page, lying on the floor.
Effect: A tree will slowly grow over (sometimes, very much) time.

Page: Waterfall
Age: Gahreesan
Location: In the prison cell that you can reach via the Bahro stone in
Teledahn. It's in the room you link into.
Effect: A waterfall will flow from the mountain.

Page: Dock
Age: Teledahn
Location: A secluded boardwalk that can only be reached via the Bahro stone
near the ferry terminal of Ae'gura.
Effect: A dock will jut out from the side of Relto.

Page: Islands
Age: Any Neighborhood
Location: Enter the light garden from the Heek side. Go along the right side
until you reach a flat stone. Jump onto it. The page is stuck on the right side
of the closest 'window.' You'll have to maneuver the angle a bit. It's easiest
to do from 3rd-person view.
Effect: A group of islands will appear around the main island.

Page: Imager
Age: Great Zero
Location: It's in the courtyard. Descend the stairs and look in the dark
crevice to the right. It's on the floor behind a beam.
Effect: Adds your own personal imager to Relto.

Page: Rain
Age: The Cleft
Location: Visit the Cleft while it's raining. After you completed her journey,
Yeesha fixed the device with the green in the room with the holographic
machine. Press the green button and a holographic Relto page will appear.
Effect: It will rain in Relto.

___17. Reward Clothing___
These are clothes that can be found throughout Uru that can only be acquired
picking them up. Once you've found them, you can put them on or take them off
at any time while in your wardrobe at Relto.

Clothing: Pith Helmet
Age: Eder Gira
Location: On the floor of the final dark cave.

Clothing: Tie-dye Shirt
Age: Teledahn
Location: In the room at the top of the ladder.

Clothing: Zandi's Shirt
Age: The Cleft
Location: While it is raining, it is hanging on the side of the trailer.

Clothing: Journey Shirt
Age: The Cleft
Location: It will automatically be added to your wardrobe once you finish
Yeesha's journey.

___18. Bahro Stones___
These are stones that allow you to link in the same manner as linking books.
They usually link to odd places, mostly dead-ends. It is believed that they
were created by the Bahro. It should definitely be noted that some disappear
and reappear for somewhat random time periods, usually several days.

Link: 'Hood balcony (Neighborhood)
Found: Gahreesan. It is in an opened locker in the locker room towards the
beginning of the Age.

Link: Plaza balcony (Ae'gura)
Found: Gahreesan. On a chair in one of the 2 conference rooms in the second

Link: Takotah rooftop (Ae'gura)
Found: Eder Gira. On a large bone in the waterfall area.

Link: Classroom rooftop (Neighborhood)
Found: Eder Kemo. Behind the floating structure.

Link: Upper floor of the second building (Gahreesan)
Found: Teledahn. After leaving the slave cells and cross the bridge, go inside.
It's behind the boxes.

Link: Balcony overlooking the ravine (Ae'gura)
Found: Kadish Tolesa. From where you start, take the right path. At the next
intersection, take a left and go up the stairs. The stone is in a wall towards
the left.

Link: Secluded boardwalk (Teledahn)
Found: Ae'gura. At the ferry terminal, when you face the Nexus pedestal, walk
to the right. It's right before the gate on a stone to the left. (This stone is
notorious for disappearing.)

Link: Mushroom stump (Teledahn)
Found. Ae'gura. It's in the Baron's office.

___19. Green and Red Marker Locations___
For more information on how to access these missions, see the "Getting Through
the Great Zero" section. To pick up these markers, press the marker symbol on
your KI (it turns red and beeps when you get close to one). For these missions,
you cannot see the markers until you get close to them.

You can collect any marker for either of these missions. You need 15 markers
for each mission, meaning you need a total of 30. There are a few more than the
30 I list below but once you acquire the 30th marker, collecting more will no
longer be necessary (or possible).

''Great Zero''
1. In the Great Zero Observation room.
2. In the Great Zero Courtyard. It's in the dark area beside the stairs.

3. There's one inside the classroom.
4. There's one somewhere in the hallway running around the egg chamber.
5. There's one somewhere down in the light garden.
6. When facing the egg room door from the outside, turn right and head down the
stairs. The marker
is near the waterfalls.
7. A marker is in the room that divides the room with the fountain and the room
with the speakers.
8. There's a marker on the balcony, which can only be reached via a Bahro stone
in Gahreesan.
9. There's a marker on the classroom roof, which can be reached via a Bahro
stone in Eder Kemo.
You can also bring a cone to the outside of the classroom and stand and jump to
reach it.
And you could also do the (difficult) balcony-jump trick.

''Ae'gura (Dead-end Links)''
10. In Kadish's art gallery. (Use the book in Kadish Tolesa.)
11. Near the paintings in the Baron's office. (Use the book that Sharper hid in
his fish tank.)
12. Balcony overlooking the plaza. (Gahreesan Bahro stone)
13. Balcony overlooking the ravine and the gallery entrance. (Kadish Tolesa
Bahro stone)
14. Takotah rooftop, in about the middle. (Eder Gira Bahro stone)
15. Takotah rooftop, towards the far ledge. (Eder Gira Bahro stone)

''Ae'gura (City)''
16. At the ferry terminal, follow the dock as far as it goes.
17. Near the ferry terminal is a building with columns that have fallen over.
The marker
is toward the right side of the building.
18. Look at the ferry terminal's Nexus stand and head right until you reach the
19. Right before you enter the pub, around the rubble that you must climb over.
20. In the pub and to the left.
21. Behind the barrier on the upper path of the Takotah alley.
22. To the left of the museum entrance.
23. Inside the museum on the right side.
24. When facing the entrance to the art gallery, you'll notice 2 larger chunks
missing from the ground. The marker is at the bottom of the one on the right.
25. In the middle of the wooden bridge.
26. In the library on the stairs.
27. Face the library. There is a ledge to your right. Walk along it and you
will hear a marker beeping.
28. As you walk away from the library, you will walk on a path with water the
left. The marker is somewhere on the right of this path.
29. Start walking down the path away from the library. At the T-junction, take
the right path. The marker is on the right of this path.
30. From the top of the Great Stairs, look through the giant stalagmite in the
center of the plaza. There is a barrier blocking the path to the Guild Hall.
The marker is near there.

___20. CGZM Missions___
The Calibration Great Zero Marker (CGZM) missions, or the 'yellow marker
missions,' can be played after completing the red and green missions and
reaching the back room of the Great Zero. To be assigned a mission, put
your KI into any of the 4 machines there and you will see 14 buttons with
numbers next to them. These numbers tell you how many markers are in that
mission. Pressing one of them will assign you to that mission. There is
also a timer that records how long you take to complete the mission. When
you've found all the markers in a mission, return to one of these machines.

The yellow missions are different from the red and green missions in that
markers can be collected by touching them and that they are visible
from a distance. Once you have completed all 14 missions, your KI will be
able to track your coordinates through D'ni.

CGZM Mission 1
1. Near the ferry terminal's Nexus pedestal.
2. In room at the ferry terminal where the Teledahn Bahro stone is found.
3. Above the rock where the Teledahn stone is found.
4. At the far end near the entrance to the docks.
5. It's on the Great Stairs (below the tent).
6-8. Second landing of the Great Stairs.
9. Great Stairs, toward the top.
10-11. On the stairs leading from the plaza up to the Palace Alcove.
12. Near the Palace Alcove's Nexus pedestal.

CGZM Mission 2
1-2. Inside Kadish's art gallery (accessible via a link in Kadish Tolesa).
3-6. At the pub entrance.
7-10. Inside the pub.
11-13. In front of the museum entrance.
14-16. Inside the museum.
17-18. In front of the entrance to Kadish's art gallery.
19-21. In front of the library doors.
22-24. Inside the library.

CGZM Mission 3
1. Right in front of the library.
2. On the balcony before the library area.
3. Near the library's upper doors.
4. Near the cliff ledge.
5. Behind the library.
6. In the crack of the library's corner.
7-8. On the ledge behind the library.
9. On the ledge to the left of the library.
10. Near the wooden bridge.
11. Floating beneath the wooden bridge. WALK as close to the marker as you can
and simply continue over the edge.

CGZM Mission 4
1. Turn right from the link-in. It's near the barricades.
2. Great Stairs. Second landing.
3. On top of a light near the top of the Great Stairs.
4. There's one in easy view in the plaza.
5. Near the small balcony in the plaza.
6-9. In the Takotah alley.
10. Jump from the cliff in Takotah alley.
11. Walking from the plaza to the art gallery area, you'll see it above the
first huge crack.
12. Same as #11, only above the second crack.
13. Before the stairs leading to the Concert Hall Foyer from the art gallery
14. On the stairs leading from the art gallery area to the Concert Hall Foyer.
15-16. In the Concert Hall Foyer.
17-19. Near the library's cliff.
20. Floating in the air over the cliff ledge. You'll need to jump to get it.

CGZM Mission 5
1. On the balcony before the library area.
2. In front of the library.
3. Stairs leading from the library to the T-junction cave.
4-5. Path from the library to the T-junction.
6-7. Near the wooden bridge.
8-10. Stairs between the wooden bridge and the Concert Hall Foyer.
11-12. In the Concert Hall Foyer.
13-14. Stairs between the Concert Hall Foyer and the art gallery area.
15-17. In the art gallery area.
18-19. Stairs between the plaza and the art gallery area.
20-21. Stairs between the plaza and the Palace Alcove.
22-23. Look around the Hall of Kings.
24. On the stairs past the Hall of Kings (not from the plaza side).
25. Enter the Hall of Kings from the plaza. The marker's on the balcony a bit
out the other exit.

CGZM Mission 6
1. On top of the neighborhood fountain.
2-3. In front of the auditorium entrance.
4-5. In the auditorium hallway.
6. Inside the auditorium.
7. On the path to the linking room's right door.
8. Inside the linking room.
9. On the bridge overlooking the light garden.
10. Stairs leading down to the Heek table.
11. In the light garden.
12. In the alcove between the waterfall and Heek table.
13-14. Near the stairs close to the waterfall.

CGZM Mission 7
1. By the telescope.
2. Behind the fountain.
3. Above a light near the fountain.
4. On the stairs leading to the auditorium.
5. In the linking room.
6-7. On the stairs near the book room.
8. Near the egg room entrance.
9-12. They're each in a different chamber in the egg room.
13. Near the Heek table.
14. On the balcony (accessible via a Bahro stone in Gahreesan).
15. On the classroom roof (accessible via jumping the balcony or use of Bahro
stone in Eder Kemo).
16. Jump to it from the classroom roof (see #15).

CGZM Mission 8
1-5. On the Takotah rooftop (accessible via a Bahro stone in Eder Gira). You'll
need to do some climbing/jumping for some.
6-7. On the balcony overlooking the art gallery area (accessible via a Bahro
stone in Kadish Tolesa).
8-9. On the balcony reached from the plaza.
10. In the plaza.
11. Near the first crack of the art gallery area.
12. Above the first crack in the art gallery area.
13. Carefully, walk down the second crack in the art gallery area.
14-15. In the Concert Hall Foyer.
16. Stairs between the art gallery area and the wooden bridge.
17-19. Around the wooden bridge.
20. Beneath the wooden bridge. WALK right off the edge, above where the marker

CGZM Mission 9
1-2. On the Great Stairs right below the plaza.
3-12. They're scattered around the plaza.
13. Above the Nexus pedestal in Takotah alley.
14. In front of the museum.
15. On the stairs between the plaza and the Palace Alcove.
16. On the stairs between the plaza and the art gallery area.

CGZM Mission 10
1-6. In the library area.
7. On the balcony you pass as you leave the library area.
8-12. On the path between the library and the T-junction.
13-15. In the T-junction cave.
16. Go to the wooden bridge.
17-18. On the balcony reached from the plaza.
19. Near the top of the Great Stairs.
20. Great Stairs, second landing.
21. Great Stairs, first landing.
22. Towards the bottom of the Great Stairs.
23-25. Around the columns of the ferry terminal.

CGZM Mission 11
1. In the Great Zero Courtyard.
2. Near the link-in of the ferry terminal.
3. Towards the bottom of the Great Stairs.
4. Great Stairs, first landing.
5-6. Great Stairs, second landing.
7. Top of the Great Stairs.
8. Inside the giant stalagmite.
9. Behind the giant stalagmite.

CGZM Mission 12
1. On the Takotah rooftop (accessible via a Bahro stone in Eder Gira).
2. Towards the bottom of the Great Stairs.
3. Great Stairs, first landing.
4-5. Great Stairs, second landing.
6. In the tunnel leading to the pub.
7. Inside the pub.
8. At the top of the Great Stairs.
9. In front of the Palace Alcove stairs.

CGZM Mission 13
1-3. In the Great Zero Courtyard.
4. Near the ferry terminal Nexus pedestal.
5. Near the building with columns.
6. At the foot of the Great Stairs.
7. Towards the bottom of the Great Stairs.
8. On the stairs between the Concert Hall Foyer and the art gallery area.

CGZM Mission 14
1. Kadish's art gallery (accessible via a link in Kadish Tolesa).
2. Takotah rooftop (accessible via a Bahro stone in Eder Gira).
3. Balcony overlooking the plaza (accessible via a Bahro stone in Gahreesan).
4. Behind the pillars in Takotah alley.
5. On the ledge in Takotah alley.
6-12. Scattered around the plaza.
13. Stairs between the plaza and the art gallery area.
14. In the first crack of the art gallery area.
15. In the second crack of the art gallery area.
16. At the wooden bridge.
17. Between the Hall of Kings and the T-junction cave.
18. Inside the Hall of Kings.
19. Near the Hall of Kings exit (leading away from the plaza).


___21. Chat Commands___
To perform a chat command, type a slash (/) before the command. Chat commands
are used to make your avatar perform an action, usually just for humor. They do
other things though more  useful things though.

Command: /me <enter action here>
Action: None, but the KI will state that you did whatever you typed. Try it out!

Command: /wave
Action: Your avatar waves.

Command: /clap
Action: Your avatar claps.

Command: /sneeze
Action: Your avatar sneezes.

Command: /dance
Action: Your avatar dances. (Different for males and females.)

Command: /laugh
Action: Your avatar laughs.

Command: /lol
Action: Your avatar laughs.

Command: /rotfl
Action: Your avatar laughs.

Command: /yawn
Action: Your avatar yawns.

Command: /point
Action: Your avatar points straight ahead.

Command: /shrug
Action: Your avatar shrugs.

Command: /dunno
Action: Your avatar shrugs.

Command: /dontknow
Action: Your avatar shrugs.

Command: /cheer
Action: Your avatar cheers.

Command: /yes
Action: Your avatar nods.

Command: /no
Action: Your avatar shakes his/her head.

Command: /cry
Action: Your avatar wipes his/her eyes.

Command: /cries
Action: Your avatar wipes his/her eyes.

Command: /thanks
Action: Your avatar gives a thankful gesture.

Command: /thx
Action: Your avatar gives a thankful gesture.

Command: /sit
Action: Your avatar sits down.

Command: /afk
Purpose: Your avatar sits down. When people send you a private message they
will receive an away message: "I'm on the surface, be back in a minute."

Command: /shout <enter message here>
Purpose: If there are many people in the Age you're in (a minimum of about 10)
then only the people closest to you will be able to hear you. Typing this
command before your message and everyone in the Age will be able to hear.

Command: /p <enter name here> <enter message here>
Purpose: Use this to private message people.

Command: /reply <enter message here>
Purpose: Use this to reply to the last person who private message'd you.

Command: /buddies <enter message here>
Purpose: Use this to send a message to all your online buddies at once.

Command: /neighbors <enter message here>
Purpose: Use this to send a message to all your online neighbors at once.

Command: /clearchat
Purpose: Clears all the chat messages you've received.

Command: /startlog
Purpose: Records all chat messages you receive until you end the log. The log
can be found in the 'log' folder.

Command: /stoplog
Purpose: Ends a chatlog that was started. The log can be found in the 'log'

Command: /addbuddy <enter KI# or current Age player>
Purpose: Adds someone to your buddy list.

Command: /removebuddy <enter KI# or name from your buddy list>
Purpose: Removes someone from your buddy list.

Command: /ignore <enter KI# or current Age player>
Purpose: Purpose: Adds someone to your ignore list.

Command: /unignore <enter KI# or name from your ignore list>
Purpose: Removes someone from your ignore list.

~Easter Eggs~
Command: /go
Command: /look
Command: /look in pocket
Command: /get <enter anything>
Command: /get feather

___22. Sharing/Instances___
Instances are like parallel versions of certain areas. For example, if two
players are in the same Age, but different instances, they will not be able to
see each other. The two big reasons for this are 1) to keep Ages from becoming
overcrowded and 2) so that each player will have his/her own progress in each

It's possible to enter other people's instances and play with them through
invites or, a quicker way, sharing.

To share a linking book (including Relto) have the person you want to share
with stand near you. Click the book you want to share but without touching the
panel. On the left page it should say, in very faint letters, 'share book'.
Click that. Then click the person you want to share with. Wait a few seconds
without moving; give him/her some time to touch the panel.

To share a linking stone you must do the same thing, only instead of clicking
'share book,' you click the picture on the bottom right of the stone (it looks
like someone holding a stone out for someone else).

Here is how the instances work for each Age/location...
''Relto:'' Everyone has their own instance of Relto which they can
change/customize. Relto can be visited via sharing.
''The Cleft:'' Everyone has a separate instance of the Cleft. It
cannot be shared.
''Neighborhoods:'' There is actually a separate 'hood instance for each
registered 'hood, but for the sake of game play, they aren't supposed to be
different instances... they are supposed to be completely different 'hoods,
even if they look nearly the same. Public 'hoods can be visited using the Nexus
and private 'hoods can be visited through membership or invites.
''Ae'gura:'' There are two instances of Ae'gura, which anyone can visit. When
you visit the main part of the City (using the Nexus) you are in the main
instance. The other instance is for 'dead-end' links, such as rooftops and
balconies where you can't get down without linking.
''Great Zero:'' There is only one instance that you can visit via the Nexus.
''Nexus:'' Everyone has only one instance of the Nexus. It cannot be visited by
''Gahreesan, Teledahn, Kadish Tolesa, Eder Gira:'' Everyone has a separate
instance of each of these Ages. They can be visited via sharing or invites.
''Eder Kemo:'' Everyone has their own instance of this Age which can be visited
via sharing or invite. In addition, every 'hood has its own instance of Kemo,
which can be visited using the Kemo book in the linking room.

___23. Online and Offline Differences___
The online version of Uru (currently Until Uru (UU)) contained the
single-player game, Ages Beyond Myst (ABM), plus some extra areas. When the
first Uru Live failed, a free expansion was soon made, called To D'ni (TD).
This expansion contained all the online areas, plus a few more. This section
describes most of the differences between UU and ABM/TD.

First of all, the KI could not be used at all in ABM except to open the doors
in Gahreesan. In TD, it could only be used to take pictures, mute sound, and
collect markers.

ABM gave access to all the same areas except the Nexus, City, Neighborhood, and
Great Zero. TD included all these areas, plus a new 'hood, a link to
the 'spy room', someone else's Relto, and a small area that appears in Myst 5...

The Nexus in TD was much simpler, only giving access to the City and the 2
neighborhoods (the latter of which had KI slots on the Nexus stands). The 'hood
imagers had a series of default pics which could not be changed. The 'hoods'
egg rooms were locked but could be opened using a code, one of which is an
easter egg.

The green marker mission in TD only required 5 markers instead of 15. The 4
terminals in the back of the Great Zero, instead of containing 14 marker
missions like in UU, each contained a separate mission with one marker required
for each. Each time one of the first 3 markers was returned, another coordinate
system was activated. When the fourth was found, the Great Zero would emit a
blue laser-like light through the city.

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