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Criminal Rating/Media/Money FAQ by nosaert

Updated: 06/03/03

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Criminal Rating, Media Attention & Money Maxing Faq 

- This faq -
This faq contains a listing of the accurate criminal rating and 
media attention levels and the point requirements to attain each 
title. It also contains several methods for increasing your 
criminal rating, media attention, and money.

- Criminal Rating -
Your criminal rating is the top center number on the Stats sub-
screen. Every time you kill someone, destroy a vehicle, complete 
a mission, or make money your rating goes up. Your criminal 
rating is essentially a measure of your cumulative criminal 
exploits over the course of the game. It has no effect on 
anything in the game itself. Getting to Godfather won’t get you 
a health bonus or a hidden weapon or anything else. That being 
said, there is something eminently more satisfying about being a 
Godfather or Don than there is about being a Rat or Leece. 

- Ways to Increase Criminal Rating -
Your criminal rating will slowly go up over the course of the 
game. If you do a plain-vanilla play-through for 100% completion, 
you will likely end up with a criminal rating of anywhere from 
4000 to 10000 pts. Every pedestrian you kill gets you 1 pt of CR, 
as does every vehicle you blow up. Note that these pts will 
sometimes not get “credited” to your criminal rating until you 
enter a pay-n-spray or save the game. Every helicopter or Dodo 
you destroy is worth 30 pts. Money substantially contributes to 
your criminal rating, as does your weapon accuracy, especially 
if you get over 100% by exploiting the fact that bullets fired 
by the built-in mini-gun in the Sparrow and Hunter don’t count 
against your bullets fired, while bullets that are fired by them 
that hit do count towards your bullets that hit category. The 
obvious weakness with taking advantage of accuracy is that by 
the end of a complete play-through you will have likely fired 
10,000+ bullets, making an accuracy in the thousands of percent 
and higher very hard to obtain and maintain.

- Vigilante/Brown Thunder Missions -
Your criminal rating increases as you make money. Vigilante 
missions are a very good way to make a lot of money in a 
reasonable length of time. In particular, if you get to around 
level 400 of the vigilante missions, your money will be maxed 
out at $999,999,999, and your criminal rating will rise to 
around 210,000 pts--corresponding to being a Capo.

How does one get to level 400 on the vigilante missions? One way 
is to use the Rhino. There are three problems with this method. 
The first is that the Rhino is slow. You can aim the gun turret 
backwards to increase your tank’s speed (just use R2 to aim the 
turret backwards and keep firing-- Zoom!), but even with this 
approach it will take you thirty seconds to a minute between 
kills. There is also the risk of getting busted-- hence, you 
must avoid slowing down or hitting obstacles and getting trapped 
at slow speed. Additionally, every ten or fifteen minutes in the 
tank, it will start to smoke by virtue of the cumulative damage 
inflicted on your tank (it’s not indestructible, just extremely 
resistant to damage). You’ll have to go to one of your garages 
(preferably Hyman, since it’s well shielded in a small alley) 
and heal every now and then.

The Hunter is much quicker for climbing up in Vigilante levels 
via the Brown Thunder mission. However, the Hunter requires a 
lot more skill on your part. Practice for twenty or thirty 
minutes before you attempt to use the Hunter. Note especially 
that the Hunter is capable of being over-pushed in any direction, 
unlike the sparrow and other helicopters. You must be very 
careful not to over-accelerate or push so far to the side or 
down that the hunter goes out of control and crashes in the 
water or whacks a bunch of many buildings. Unlike the Rhino, the 
Hunter is very destructible, so much more finesse is required in 
maneuvering it. Two things can make the Hunter missions easier. 
First, if you’ve already gotten 100% game completion, your 
Hunter will have twice as much armor, which reduces the skill 
requirements in using it and surviving for extended periods of 
time. Additionally, the Hunter heals damage every time you 
advance in Brown Thunder level. By the time you’re up to level 
15-20, the Hunter will heal about as much damage as gets 
inflicted on it via crashing into buildings and getting fired on 
per vigilante level.

For super-fast progress, make sure to do the missions at Escobar 
International Airport. By level 12, the Vigilante missions will 
consistently spawn exactly three cars, each filled with four 
criminals. If you do the Vigilante missions around Escobar 
International, two of the three cars will spawn, every time, at 
Escobar Airport between the eastern and western gates just south 
of the Main Terminal building. A third car will spawn somewhere 
else, but 80% of the time, it will spawn in a lethal location 
and blow-up within a couple of seconds. Thus, you can sit in 
your Hunter just south of where the two cars spawn, strafe with 
the mini-gun or missiles depending on your preference, destroy 
the cars and their inhabitants, gain a vigilante level, and 
repeat ad nauseam. Roughly every five levels you’ll actually 
have to make a trip to hunt down the third car. This shouldn’t 
take long though since the area around Escobar is free of tall 
buildings and makes targeting other vehicles quite easy. Anyway, 
after two to three hours of Hunter Brown Thunder, you will have 
your cash maxed out at $999,999,999, a criminal rating of 
~210,000, and the rank of Capo.

- Test Track/Trial By Dirt -
Note that there are alternative ways to max out your cash: you 
can do Test Track or Trial By Dirt repeatedly. The money you get 
increases every time you beat your previous record, so you can 
max out your money in a relatively short period of time. You 
just need to time it so that you finish the first time with 5 
minutes, the second with 4 minutes, 59 seconds, the third with 4 
minutes, 58 seconds, etc until you reach maximum money.

- Helicopter Demolition -
Every time you blow up a helicopter, you get 30 pts toward your 
CR. If you own the Hyman Condo, this provides an easy, 
relatively quick way to increase your rating. The western-most 
garage at Hyman has room for four vehicles. However, it is very 
hard to squeeze more than one of most helicopters-- including 
the Maverick and the Apache--into the garage. Luckily, this is 
not true of the Sea Sparrow. If you maneuver at the right angle, 
you can fly four Sparrows directly into the Hyman garage. If you 
are having a hard time getting in more than 1, just land and 
push in the helicopter. With four helicopters in the garage, 
save your game, and go to Baxter Airforce Base and get a rhino. 
Park it in the second or third garage at Hyman.

Next, you need to block off the street entrance so that 
pedestrians can’t witness your demolition derby and lead to an 
increase in your wanted level. The entrance to the alley is 
quite big, so you’ll have to use a firetruck (or coach) plus 
some other large vehicle to fully obstruct the alley entrance. 
The fire station is south to the first intersection, then east 
to the first intersection, then south about half way to the 
first intersection. If you walk up to the station on foot, a 
firetruck will basically always spawn. If you then park the 
firetruck facing north south and abutting one wall, you can 
block about 80% of the street entrance. Next, get an ambulance 
from the hospital at the first intersection to the south, and 
drive it in west-east to the gap between the wall and the fire 
engine. Now, no pedestrians should be able to see what you’re 
doing, and so your wanted rating will not go up. Note that a 
pedestrian or car can occasionally still get past your 
barricade; however, this happens very rarely, and you should be 
able to kill him/her without an increase in criminal rating.

Next, simply take your tank and drive up to the garage with the 
helicopters parked inside. Get out of the tank, and the garage 
door will open. Re-enter the tank and drive into the garage a 
little way: now, the door can’t close on you. Fire a shell or 
two, which will blow up the four helicopters and net you 120 pts 
of CR, and reverse back out until the garage door closes all the 
way. The helicopters will be healed, and you can repeat this 
drive-up, step-out, step-in, blow-up, drive-out routine every 
four or five seconds for 120 pts of CR a pop. Note that 
occasionally one of the helicopters will bounce forward and 
partially out of the garage--you have to be careful to push it 
back into the garage before you let the door close so that the 
affected helicopter doesn’t get clipped by the garage door and 
deleted. This method should get you ~1500 pts of CR per minute 
of effort.

You can also do the trick with fewer than four helicopters; 
however, the gains in CR will, obviously, be slower and you will 
have to move the tank at about a 45 degree angle (and adjust the 
turret via the R3 stick accordingly) so that you can get far 
enough away to have the garage door close.

- Helicopter Demolition : Cheating Form -
This is a faster way to increase your criminal rating. However, 
it requires the use of a cheat code, so you’re limited to the 
basic method if you’re uncomfortable with using cheat codes. 
Start off with the above trick and stick four sea sparrows in 
the Hyman garage. Now, here’s the quickening step. You need to 
have a maverick sitting on the Hyman roof. If it hasn’t spawned 
on the helipad, run south along to the place you get the Love-
Fist missions and back to the condo. The Maverick should spawn 
on the helipad. Now, get in the Maverick and fly it due south 
until you reach the first tall building. Do a circle around it 
and fly back to the Hyman rooftop. You’ll be pleased to see 
another Maverick has spawned on the roof. Land the Maverick 
you’re flying on the west edge of the Hyman roof, facing north-
south. Get in the new Maverick on the helipad and do the same 
fly-south to the building, circle, and fly-back to the Hyman 
roof routine. Guess what-- there's another Maverick on the 
helipad, and the first one you landed should still be parked too. 
Land your second Maverick on the western edge of the roof as 
well. There should be plenty of room for both of them.

Now, you want to blow-up the three Mavericks on the roof, plus 
the four Sea Sparrows in the garage below. If you listen 
carefully, you should be able to hear when the Hyman garage 
opens and when it closes. You’ll notice that if you walk on the 
roof from the helipad due south, the garage will open (the 
garage opens and closes based on your horizontal proximity to 
the garage, but doesn’t consider how far above it you are). You 
will notice that if you walk due west to the end of the Hyman 
roof, the garage will close. Here’s the key. If you stay in a 
the rectangular area from about 2/3 of the way along the east-
west line to the eastern edge of the west part of the roof, and 
from about half way to the helipad to the southern border of the 
north-south line, the Hyman garage will always be open. So, if 
you keep yourself in this rectangle, there will be SEVEN 
helicopters in the game’s memory. Here’s the part non-cheaters 
won’t like. Enter in the blow-up-all cars code-- R2, L2, R1, L1, 
L2, R2, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1. All seven 
helicopters will blow-up, and you’ll have 210 pts added to your 
CR. Now, here’s where the rapid increases come into play. You 
can re-enter the code, and get another 210 pts. In fact, you can 
keep entering the code over and over and over again, and get 210 
pts every time. You just have to practice entering it enough 
times so that you can enter it over and over again without 
pausing or messing up. Also, you have to occasionally adjust 
your direction so you stay in the rectangle that keeps the 
garage door open. Once you do this effectively, you can pump 
your criminal rating up about 6,000 pts per minute, which will 
get you to Don in under an hour and Godfather in under 3 hours. 

- Criminal Rating Ranks -
Total Liar                    ?      -6001
Cheater                   -6000      -4001
Hacker                    -4000      -2001
Embarrassment             -2000       -501
Untrustworthy              -500         -1
Upstanding Citizen            0         19
Nobody Special               20         49
Litterer                     50         74
Shoplifter                   75         99
Vandal                      100        119
Do Boy                      120        149
Pickpocket                  150        199
Clepto                      200        240
Snitch                      241        269
Rat                         270        299
Leece                       300        334
Scam Artist                 335        369
Trickster                   370        399
Numbers Runner              400        449
Hustler                     450        499
Bully                       500        549
Riff-Raff                   550        599
Scalawag                    600        609
Ruffian                     610        649
Outlaw                      650        699
Thug                        700        849
Drop Man                    850        999
SA Goon                    1000       1004
Goon                       1005       1299
Ex-Con                     1300       1499
Felon                      1500       1699
Bag Man                    1700       1999
Wiseguy                    2000       2099
Wheelman                   2100       2299
Hired Muscle               2300       2499
Hatchetman                 2500       2749
Headhunter                 2750       2999
Enforcer                   3000       3499
Ronin                      3500       3999
Fixer                      4000       4999
Hitman                     5000       7499
Associate                  7500       9999
Butcher                   10000      19999
Cleaner                   20000      29999
Assassin                  30000      39999
Consigliere               40000      49999
Made Man                  50000      64999
Right-Hand Man            65000      79999
Executioner               80000      99999
Lieutenant               100000     149999
Underboss                150000     199999
Capo                     200000     299999
Boss                     300000     499999
Don                      500000     999999
Godfather               1000000          ?

- Media Attention -
Media attention is a measure of the greatest concentration of 
devastation you have caused during one cop-evading criminal 
escapade. Your highest media attention number and rating is the 
last statistic on the Vice City Stats page. Media attention 
starts at 0 and will only increase when you have at least one 
wanted star. From this point until you go to a pay-and-spray, 
pick up enough police bribes to get down to zero stars, or save 
and quit playing, your media attention will be tracked. As you 
kill people and destroy vehicles, your media attention will 
gradually rise. However, the rate of increase is highly 
proportional to not just the amount of damage, but the intensity 
of damage you inflict (ie: you must inflict a lot of damage in a 
little time), especially as you approach the Stuff of Legends 
neighborhood. Basically, it stops being enough to just kill a 
person every five or six seconds or a few cars per minute: you 
have to blow up everything that moves and hit every pedestrian 
and cop who is on the side of the road.

- Ways to Increase Media Attention -

- Rhino -
This isn’t exactly a sophisticated strategy--just get in the 
tank, pick a route you like and are familiar with, and drive it. 
Practice weaving in and out of the roadway so that you can 
destroy all oncoming traffic, plus vehicles in your lane, plus 
pedestrians, without slowing down and risking getting busted. 
Also, have the gun turret facing backwards (use the R3 stick to 
adjust the turret). If you ever get stuck behind an obstacle 
(like a telephone pole), use it to get out of the jam more 
quickly. Your media attention may seem to get “stuck” when you 
reach the International Crisis/Stuff of Legends neighborhood. 
This generally means you aren’t inflicting destruction quickly 
enough. Speed up your strategy--weave more effectively; make 
sure you’re hitting every vehicle and person you see.

- Hyman Strategy Revisited -
You can use any of the Hyman helicopter demolition strategies to 
get a high Media Attention. Just blow-up the helicopters while 
you have at least one wanted star (preferably two, so your 
wanted level won’t accidentally fall to zero, forcing you to 
start a new media attention rampage). You can get a criminal 
rating in the tens of thousands in just ten to fifteen minutes. 

- Media Attention Ranks -

Ignored                       0    19
Boring                       20    49
Vaguely Interesting          50    74
Local paper Page 7           75    99
Front page of local paper   100   149
Vice Courier Page 2         150   199
Vice Courier Front page     200   249
Local TV 3 AM               250   299
Local TV news               300   349
Local TV Live coverage      350   399
UFA Today page 12           400   499
UFA Today page 4            500   599
Picture in UFA Today        600   699
National TV 4 am            700   799
National TV news            800   899
National TV live coverage   900   999
International news         1000  1199
National crisis            1200  1399
International crisis       1400  1599
World event                1600  1799
Stuff of legends           1800     ?

- E-mail -
Please send suggestions or comments to Zarathustra, 
nosaert@yahoo.com. Note that I do not answer general gameplay 

- Acknowledgements -

EdGreen, tocis2bsharp, and Birdy have made contributions to this 

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