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Glitch FAQ by AJ_

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 11/24/2002

         _______                     __  _______ __           ___ __
        |   _   |----.---.-.-----.--|  ||       |  |--.-----.'  _|  |_
        |.  |___|   _|  _  |     |  _  ||.|   | |     |  -__|   _|   _|
        |.  |   |__| |___._|__|__|_____|`-|.  |-'__|__|_____|__| |____|
        |:  1   |                         |:  |
        |::.. . |                         |::.|
        `-------'         _______       __`---'    __
                         |   _   |--.--.  |_.-----.__|
                         |.  1   |  |  |   _|  _  |__
                         |.  _   |_____|____|_____|__|
                         |:  |   |
                         |::.|:. |
                         `--- ---'
                 ___ ___ __             _______ __ __
                |   Y   |__|----.-----.|   _   |__|  |_.--.--.
                |.  |   |  |  __|  -__||.  1___|  |   _|  |  |
                |.  |   |__|____|_____||.  |___|__|____|___  |
                |:  1   |              |:  1   |       |_____|
                 \:.. ./               |::.. . |
                  `---'                `-------'

                          ___ _ _ _       _
                         / _ \ (_) |_ ___| |__   ___ ___
                        / /_\/ | | __/ __| '_ \ / _ Y __|
                       / /_\\| | | || (__| | | |  __|__ \
                       \____/|_|_|\__\___|_| |_|\___|___/
                                 /_\  _ __   __| |
                                //_\\| '_ \ / _` |
                               /  _  \ | | | (_| |
                   ___         \_/ \_/_|_|_|\__,_|
                  / __\   _ _ __   | |_| |__ (_)_ __   __ _ ___
                 / _\| | | | '_ \  | __| '_ \| | '_ \ / _` / __|
                / /  | |_| | | | | | |_| | | | | | | | (_| \__ \
                \/    \__,_|_|_|_|  \__|_| |_|_|_| |_|\__, |___/
                             / _ \_   _(_) __| | ___  |___/
                            / /_\/ | | | |/ _` |/ _ \
                           / /_\\| |_| | | (_| |  __/
                           \____/ \__,_|_|\__,_|\___|

Author: AJ
E-mail: zz999zz999@hotmail.com
First Started: Friday, November 11th, 2002
Version: 0.4
Number of Updates: 4

                 ________      ______ ______             ________
                 ___  __/_____ ___  /____  /____   _________  __/
                 __  /  _  __ `/_  __ \_  /_  _ \  _  __ \_  /_
                 _  /   / /_/ /_  /_/ /  / /  __/  / /_/ /  __/
               __/_/____\__,_/ /_.___//_/  \___/   \____//_/
               __  ____/______________  /______________  /________
               _  /    _  __ \_  __ \  __/  _ \_  __ \  __/_  ___/
               / /___  / /_/ /  / / / /_ /  __/  / / / /_ _(__  )
               \____/  \____//_/ /_/\__/ \___//_/ /_/\__/ /____/

1.  Introduction
2.  Version History
3.  Legal Stuff
4.  The Basics
5.  The Glitches
    A.  The Elevator Glitch
    B.  More Cars In A Garage
    C.  Have Your Arm In The Air Forever
    D.  Stuck In The Wall
    E.  Vehicles In Your Mansion
    F.  Stuck In The Floor
    G.  Standing On People
    H.  Bike/Skin Morph
    I.  Helicopter With Wheels
    J.  Acrobatics With The Skimmer
    K.  Fire From The Fountain
    L.  Return Of The Blue Hell
    M.  GhostWorld
    N.  Unpopable Tires
    O.  High Flyin'
    P.  Bypass Airport Security
    Q.  Blurry "LightSpeed" World(NOT the GhostTown)
    R.  Cuasing Massive Havoc Without Being Hurt
    S.  Ice Cream Factory Of Doom
    T.  Under the Ocean View Hotel
    U.  Never Ending Cycle Of Death
    V.  Kill People Twice
    W.  Saving Your Car
    X.  Staying Under Water
    Y.  View The Arena When It's Closed
    Z.  Hot Ring Glitch
    AA. How To Get The Havana Outfit
6.  Fun Things
7.  Tips, Secrets, Codes
8.  Car List
9.  FAQ
10. Contact Information
11. Information About The Author
12. What To Fore-see In The Future
13. Credits
14. Conclusion

               1. Introduction

Hello, my name is AJ. Some of you out there might know me from my other FAQ, "The Sonic
Adventure 2 Glitches Guide". As you can tell, I like writing glitch guides for games.
That is what this Guide is mainly about, with some other fun things thrown in there.
Have fun!

As a side note, take this test...


All of the above should be lined up perfectly, one row under another. If not change your
font to "Courier New[Western]" and see if it fixes it. So if the guide does not display
properly, then it is not my fault, for I set it up and perfectly alligned everything.

               2. Version History

Version 0.4 - Fourteen new glitches! Try them all out, they are all
		  great. Also, on a side note, STOP e-mailing me about
		  the Hunter please. It is explained in the guide and
		  Can be found in almost all the other guides out there.
		  So please stop e-mailing me about it.

Version 0.3 - Meh, not much of an update, just kinda fixing stuff up
		  though. And for the final time, if you e-mail me with
		  the subject saying "(no subject)" I will NOT open it.
		  So if you expect me to read your e-mail please make a
		  subject that deals with what you're talking about. This
		  is for my own safety since I have been receiving a lot of
		  virus e-mails.

Version 0.2 - Whoo boy, I've added a lot. A whole lot of glitches have
		  been added, some questions have been put in the FAQ section
		  More fun stuff has been added. And more Secrets have been
		  Added. I have also fixed spelling errors.
		  Also, if I take a while to respond to e-mails, that's becuase
		  I'm getting like 20 e-mails every hours  and getting a lot
		  of IMs. Oh and, if you're going to e-mail me about putting
		  "PCG" instead of "PCJ" I've fixed that, and I've already had
		  about eight or nine people tell me about it.

Version 0.1 - Well, I'm getting the basic layout of the guide
              together. It's kind a being rushed becuase I want to get
              this on GameFAQs before somebody beats me to it. The
              versions after this will be much better.

             3. Legal Stuff

As of now this guide can be put up at the following places:

- Gamefaqs.com

WOW! What a big list! Well the truth is, since the guide has just been started, I'm just
putting it up there for now. I will most likely put it up at other places too though.
Now here's the deal, if you contact me via e-mail or instant messenger(described later
in the contact information) and ask me nicely if you want to put this on your site or
whatever, I will most likely let you as long as you keep it in it's ORIGINAL TEXT FORMAT.
You can in no way change this guide at all. If I find that you did change it, I will
track you down, and personally beat you with you with a club ;B.

 - This guide is copyright 2002-2003 by me.
 - Rockstar Games, Rockstar Games logom and Rockstar North Rockstar North logo are trademarks
   of Take-two Interactive Software, Inc.
 - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and all related materials are copyright
   Rockstar Games.
 - The Playstion 2  and the "PS" Family logo are registered trademarks
   of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Also, on a side note, STOP ASKING IF YOU CAN BUY MY GUIDE. It's NOT for sale.
I'm sorry, but it just gets really annoying when a lot of people keep asking
if they can buy it.

               4. The Basics

The Controls:

   Left Analog Stick - Moves character/car around
  Right Analog Stick - Look Around
     Directional Pad - Same as Left Analog Stick, but less sensitive
              Select - Toggles Camera
     		   Start - Opens Menu(pause)
  	      Triangle - Enter/Exit Vehicles
   		  Circle - Shoot/Punch
   		  Square - Jump/Brake/Descend(in Helicopter)
   			 X - Sprint/Accelerate/Ascend(in Helicopter)
   			L1 - Centers Camera/Replace Weapon/Buy Business and
                       Hideouts/Change Radio Stations
   			L2 - Change Weapons/Look Left/Rotate Helicopter Left
  			R1 - Lock-On
   			R2 - Change Weapon/Look Right/Rotate Helicopter Right
   			L3 - Crouch/Honk Horn
   			R3 - Look Behind/Turn Vehicle Missions On Or Off
   	     L2 and R2 - Look behind(vehicle only)

Those are the controls you will need to know when playing. Learn them,
and master them if you hope to do all the glitches correctly.

             5. The Glitches

Here we go, this is the main focale point of this guide.
The glitches. Try them all, and have fun.

	A. The Elevator Glitch
	   Difficulty - Medium, sometimes based on luck.
	   Mission - G-Spotlight, or anytime after it's done.

		This glitch can be done during the mission
"G-Spotlight" or after. Grab a PCJ 600 and go to the elevator
that you use to get to the top floor of the office building.
Before driving into the pink spot, try to get some people infront
of the elevator door, then go into the pink spot. Hold left on
the left analog stick and mash R2. When Tommy enters the elevator
he should end up going to the right(yes, right)and run over the girl,
he will then start drivingup the walls and going crazy(I even got an
insane stunt for it), When the elevator reaches the top, he will
still be driving around like crazy and then disappear, and reappear
in the room at the top floor.

	B. More Cars In A Garage
	   Difficulty - Easy for Motocycles(Hard For Cars)
	   Mission - None

		Yes, that same glitch from GTA3 is still in here,
but now it's even better with motocycles, and you and you will
see why in a minute. Once you fill a garage, but want more cars
in it, just take one of your cars and park it half way in and
out of the garage preventing it from closing, then pull whatever
extra car you wantin there and pull the blocking car in there too.
Be warned though, sometimes I have had the door close and the car
disappear. Now, for motorcycles it's so much easier. If your
garage is filled, take a motocycle to the door and get as close
to it as possible. Get off and wait for the door to open, when
it's fully open hop back on it and just drive in. You can do
this for a lot of motocycles. It only works for them though
becuase he can get on a motocycle a lot faster than he can get in
a car.

	C. Have Your Arm In The Air Forever
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - Almost All Of Them

		This is a neat little glitch.  Find a mission but don't
enter it yet. Pull out a Katana, or just use your fist/brass
knuckles. Start running and hold the attack button so he balances
the sword on his shoulder or puts his arm in the air. Now walk
into the mission like that and he will start walking into the place
with his arm on his shoulder/in the air. When you can move again,
he should still have his arm in the air/on his shouldereven if your
not holding down the button. Now you can just run around like that
and attack and watch him put is arm back up there for no reason
at all. This is not permanent, and a lot of times
when you attack, he drops his arm again.

	D. Stuck In The Wall
	   Difficulty - Medium
	   Mission - None

		This is quite odd, but do to it you will need a motocycle
(preferibly a PCJ 600 for it's speed). If you hit a wall with a
motorcycle at the right angle, you can get stuck in the wall and walk
around in there. Eventually you will fall out though. I havne't managed
to walk THROUGH the wall yet though, so if somebody manages to do it,
contact me.

	E. Vehicles In Your Mansion
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		This is so so simple. Normally if you drive a car or motocycle
into your mansion It disappears, but if you really want it in there, just
get a lot of speed while getting up the stairs and bail. It will shoot
into the house, Now walk in. Congratulations, you can ride around in your

	F. Stuck In The Floor
	   Difficulty - N/A
	   Mission - None

		This glitch is an odd one at that, since I can't figure out
exactly how to do it. Basically, it happens the most ar the bottom of
the step outside your mansion. Your feet will get stuck in the floor
and you can run around, but if you jump he just kind acts like he hit a
wall and stays in the floor. It's relatively easy to get out of it though,
just walk to a hillor something that is going down and walk off.

	G. Standing On People
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		Find a group of people(like a gang) that just stands in the
streets. Now if there is a ledge above them, get on it, and jump down.
Aim for them and you should land on the people. You can now just walk
around on the people. Sometimes you fall into the group and get stuck, but
you can just punch/shoot your way out if you please.

	H. Bike/Skin Morph
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		Find a Motocycle and drive it to a change of clothes. Get it
pretty close to the clothes, so that when you get on, you will also
change clothes. You will now be morphed into the bike, and you can't fall
off. to get out of it, press O. - Contributed by ViceMaster

	I. Helicopter With Wheels
	   Difficulty - Hard
	   Mission - None

		Take a Helicopter into a Pay N' Spray, and go in. When you come
out, it will have wheels. The reason why it's labeled hard is becuase, it
isn't very easy to get the Helicopterin and out of the Pay N' Spray without
catching it on fire - Contributed by SCEMEER2001

	J. Acrobatics With The Skimmer
	   Difficulty - Easy
         Mission - None

		Take a Skimmer and start to get a lot of speed. To do such, do
a punch of nose dives.When you have enough speed, go up as high as possible,
and instead of stalling, it will do a Loop D Loop. - Contributed by
Christian Lanesse

	K. Fire From The Fountain
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		Take a PCJ 600, Angel, or a Freeway. Go to Prawn Island and go
into the fountain. Drive around in circles and you should eventually be
totally sideways. After a while the bike will eventuallycatch fire.
Contributed by - Electrovw

	L. Return Of The Blue Hell
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Missions - None

		I'm sure anybody who has played GTA3 knows what the Blue Hell is.
Anyway... Take a PCJ 600 to the upper most save point on the right island.
Get on the sidewalk and go west until you see a building. Keep going west and
go to the center of the stairs. Hit the wall and you will fall through.
Contributed by - Electrovw

	M. GhostWorld
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		By far one of the coolest glitches out there. Take a Caddy and go
to the Northpoint mall. Drive through the entrance, and through the non-solid
black doors. The mall will be ghost like. After driving far enough up, get out
and run back to where you came. This will activate the real mall. Your caddy is
in there, so take it and drive BACK out the entrance. Now the entire world will
be in a  "Blue Hellish" like Ghost World. All you will see is cars, People, and
icons such as health, and rampages et cetera. Contributed by - Crazytwiggz

	N. Unpopable Tires
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		Pretty simple and easy glitch, but, find a car and blow it up. Look
down at the tires and you will notice that they are still inflated. Apparently,
explosions don't harm tires and only bullets and spikes do.

	O. High Flyin'
	   Difficulty - Medium/Hard
	   Mission - None

		Take a PCJ 600 and get a lot of speed, ram it into something, like a
car coming right at you(Big trucks are the best), and at the EXACT same time as
you hit it, bail. If done at the EXACT timing, you will shoot off into the sky
in the normal standing position and eventually fall the long way to the ground.

	P. Bypass Airport Security
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		Walk behind the airport terminal and hop onto the ledge. Go up
the slope and up to the window. Walk around the top until the camera is no
longer focused on the window. Once this happens, just jump and you will
be in the airport with all your weapons. Contributed by - William

	Q. Blurry "LightSpeed" World
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - Keep your friends close...

Note: This glitch DOES contain spoilers in the story, so if you haven't beat
      the game yet, don't read unless you don't care.

		This glitch is another cool one. You can change the world into
this blurry place that seems like everything is going by at lightspeed. Don't
confuse this with the GhostTown though. Start the Mission "Keep Your Friends
Close..." and play through it untl it's time to kill Lance. When you finally
end up killing him, DON'T go back to the main entrance so you don't activate
the whole Sonny thing. Now if you're on the roof jump off on the side that
would have the Armor and stuff if you got the hidden packages. If you need
it grab the armor. Now blow up the limos in the front of your house. If you
get a message saying the Mafia is stealing you're money, don't worry about it
becuase for some reason, since Lance is dead they will end up stopping and
waiting until you take on Sonny.(Sometimes they don't stop for some reason,
if this happens, just wait and hope they do, if they don't restart the
mission and try again). Now since you took out the Limo's there should only
be a few guys outside your house. Kill them and take your infernus and drive
away. Go to the west island. Now if you notice everything might seem fine at
first, but keep driving north or south and you will notice your corner map
will disapear. The circle will still be there but, it will show nothing.
Now the world will start really messing up. Everything will start blurring
up if you drive really fast, almost like you're going to lightspeed. The
polygons for the ground will sometimes flash or disappear showing water
underneath, but you can still stand on it. Drive around and witness the
weird changes. Also, things like the Mall will be different too. If you
go into it, you will notice there is no ceiling and you can see the sky
perfectly. It's a really cool glitch you should try out.

	R. Cuasing Massive Havoc Without Being Hurt
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		Take a Sanchez or PCJ 600 and go the the grassy area near the
Arena and the water. Now just raise Hell. If the cops come after you, they
will just drive in circles or flip their cars. This goes for Tanks too.
Contributed by - Ian

	S. Ice Cream Factory Of Doom
	   Difficulty - N/A
	   Mission - None

		I'm sure a lot of people know about this, but I'm still going
to put it in the guide anyway. Try and not save at the Cherry Popper Ice
Cream Factory, becuase it can delete or corrupt your save file.

	T. Under the Ocean View Hotel
	   Difficulty - Medium
	   Mission - None

		Ever had that dying erge to get under your hotel? Well, probably
not, but now you can. Take a PCJ 600 and go to the back of the Hotel where
the bat is. There are little indentions in the walls on a little ledge.
Well get you're bike into one of those and start driving up agaist the
wall into the corner. If you can get the right angle you should fall through
and will be able to walk about the bottom of the hotel. You acn shoot people
from down there too. But I haven't been about to get it.

	U. Never Ending Cycle Of Death
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		Go to the golf course and get near the water kind of far back.
Try to get some people to chase you near the water and kill them. After
you kill about 3 or 4 people an aumbulance will try getting to them, but
end up driving into the water. Look around and see if anybody is near.
If not, try again. If so, blow up the ambulance and watch the people run
into the water and die. People will see them die and run to look, and run
right into the water. Also more ambulances should come. Blow them up and
more people will run into the water. Congratulations, you now have a cycle
of death.

	V. Kill People Twice
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		Do the glitch above, and when you see some people dead in the
water, take out a rifle(not a Sniper Rifle though) and shoot them some.
For each bullet, sometimes they make noises like they are alive or something.
If you should them enough, they flip over on their  backs and "die" again.

	W. Saving Your Car
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		If your car is on fire and you step into a save point and cancel,
or, save, the car will be somewhat fixed and not blow up. Contributed  by -

	X. Staying Under Water
	   Difficulty - N/A
	   Mission - None

		 Get into a Dinghy(Water Raft) and try to flip it over. The reason
I put N/A for difficulty is it's hard for some and easy for others. Anyway,
Ify ou flip it, you can stay underwater that way and when you steer the
controls are revearsed. Contributed by - Derrick Chalom

	Y. View The Arena When It's Closed
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - None

		Get a Helicopter and fly over to the Arena in Downtown. You
will notice that you can't land on it, so get as close and as high as
possible and bail. The Helicopter will fall down but you should be on the
dome part of the roof. You can walk to the top if you want, but that's
not what we're here to do. Instead, walk around the side until you see
some things sticking out from the side of the dome. Walk into them and
you will go through them. Walk around that area and you should  be
able to get somewhat into the Arena but still be on the roof. If you look
in there, it looks like just a bunch of un used objects lying all around
the place, Kinda weird.

	Z. Hot Ring Glitch
	   Difficulty - Easy
	   Mission - Hot Ring Racing At The Arena

		Yeah, so, the name sucks, but I couldn't think of anything to
call this. It's a cool glitch though. Anyway, make you're car catch on fire
and get out. When it blows up, the screen will start fading black and take
you back outside. Try getting in another car when this happens, and you should
be on the roof. There will be Grinding noises and you can't get off for
some odd reason. Pretty cool glitch. Contributed by - Andrew Schroeder

	AA. How To Get The Havana Outfit
	    Difficulty - Medium
	    Mission - None

		You might have noticed that if you try to get the Havana Outfit
there is an invisable wall there. Well, take a PCJ 600 and blow it up near
the entrance of the store and jump on it. Jump to the door, and you will
either fall through into the street again or get the outfit. Contributed
by - The Portratz Dude

               6. Fun Things

Here are some of the basic fun things that you can do in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

 - The Arena, located in the down town is open from 20:00 to 23:59 game time(which is in Army
   time, so basically 8:00 PM through  11:59 PM). The arena is a really fun place if you enjoy
   a good challenge
 - Motocycles are fun no matter what anybody says. Get a PCG 600 or a Sanchez and start
   hitting the ramps, dunes, whatever and bust some tricks. It's great, just watch out
   though, becuase it can really drain your health(especially if you crash while doing a wheely).
 - Rampages can be considered fun by some people and stupid by others. It's all a matter of
   opinion really, but try them out, good for a challenge.
 - Flying planes and Helicopters around is fun if you know what you're doing. I'm not talking
   about just randomly flying around the city, I mean crashing them into police mavericks,
   doing drive-bys on take offs, it's all good. Experiment with them and fool around for a
   good laugh.
 - Causing riots is a great way for a laugh. Go to the North Point mall, and just start punching
   everybody you see, cops(you can change clothes so no worries there), gangs, guards,
   everybody. After a while they will for some reason just start attacking eachother. You will
   constantly see everybody fighting against everybody. And, you can take advantage of
   this by gunning down or blowing up large groups of people and taking all their money.
 - Tricks in cars are deffinatly fun. Find a nice fast car and any slope you see, whether there
   is a wall at the top or not, hit it. You will be suprised at all the tricks you can manage
   to do if you have enough speed and hit the jumps at the right angles.
 - Now, this may sound funny but, try out the golf carts. Get them on to the roads and you can
   really start doing some tricks. They are very light, so they always roll around(think of the
   Diet Mountain Dew Commercial), and the cool thing is, if they are on their side or top, it's
   easy to flipp them back over, just accelerate, and if that isn't working, reverse, it will
   almost always flip back.
 - Find the house on StarFish Island that has the beachball in the pool. There is a fun little
   game you can play with it. Hit the ball by walking into it, then walk under it's shadow
   (which is easier to see on the land and not in the water) and let it hit your head. For each
   hit you get, you will get a number above your head. See how long you can do it. You don't
   get anything for it, but then again, it's still a challenge.

   7. Tips, Secrets, Codes, Easter Eggs

This section will contain the Tips, Secrets, East Eggs,  and *codes for this game.

	*Keep in mind that if you use these codes it can prevent you from getting 100%,
       so make a back-up or just don't save with the codes in.

	A. Bullet Proof Admiral

		I don't think there is anybody who doesn't know of this by now, but
just incase, I'll throw it in here. Just start the mission "Guardian Angels"
and fail it. Take the Admiral, and boom, you got a bullet proof admiral.

	B. The Tank

		Once again, most people know of this but I'll list it anyway.
Start the mission "Sir, Yes, Sir!" and when you steal the tank, instead
of taking it to the drop off area, take it to your hide-out. Congratualations,
you now have a tank.

	C. The Hunter

		*Sigh*, AGAIN, a lot of people know about this, but I'm listing
it anyway. First, go to the military base next to the air airport. Now a
lot of peoplehave stratgies to get this thing and avoid being gunned down,
but he easiest way is to just grab a police uniform, walk in(you won't get shot
at) and steal the "Ultimate Vehicle" It's NOT on the Helipad by the way.
It's in the BACK of the base so stop asking where it is. Another way to
do it is get all 100 hidden packages.

	D. Picture Of Character From GTA3

		Now, to all of you who haven't played GTA3, go get it, it's almost
as good as this game. Anyway, I'm sure most people have noticed this, but in
your room at the Ocean Heights Hotal, you will see a poster on the wall of
the character from GTA3 shooting a gun. It's a nice little easter egg.

	E. Trophies

		For any race you beat in the arena you will get a trophy at sitting
on the T.V. at your mansion.

	F. Bullet Proof Sabre Turbo

		After you complete the mission "The Driver"(IF you complete the
mission that is..) take Hillary's car and push it into your garage. Congrats,
you have a bulletproof sabre turbo.

	G. Free Boomshine

		After you do Phil's last mission, there will be boomshine at the
Ocean View Hotel. Contributed by - BGMasta2

	H. Hockey Masks

		Once you finish the mission "The Job" for the Malibu club, there
will be a Hockey Mask on the table at the Ocean View Hotel.
Contributed by - BGMasta2

	I. GTA3 Cameos

		8-Ball, Kenji, Maria, and El-Burro can be seen in a shop window
on the same street as the Pole Position Strip Club. Contributed by - BGMasta2

	J. Magazines

		At the Ocean View Hotel there is a Magazine called "Crime" with a
picture of Diaz on it. It's a play on the Magazine "Time" There is also a computer
game magazine there called "ERSE" which is off of "EDGE", even with the same color
scheme. Also on that table is a magazine with Lance and his Brother on it.
Contributed by - BGMasta2

	K. RC box

		After you do the RC Mission for Avvery, you can find an RC box in one of
the lower rooms of the Vercetti Estate. Contributed by - BGMasta2

As for the codes for this game, I will put those up later, seeing as
they aren't  very important right now, and a lot of other guides already have them in.

                8. Car List

I'll add this section later, so you can wait for now.

               9. FAQ

Q: "How do I get the Helicopter?"
A: You can get the Helicopter if you buy the Hyman Condos in The Downtown. It's on
   roof. It can also be found after you get your mansion. It's on the roof there too.
   There is a big spoiler before you get your mansion so I won't say how you get it,
   just do some missions.

Q: "How often do you update?"
A: I try to update the guide as much as possible. The more stuff found, means sooner

Q: "If I submit something, will you put it up?"
A: If it's good, and I don't already know if it, yes.

Q: "How do I get the Hunter?"
A: How come everybody asks this? View above.

Q: "Can you fly the big 747 jets in this?"
A: No, those are still not solid.

      10. Contact Information

Ok, if you are going to contact me, send me an E-mail at zz999zz999@hotmail.com OR IM me.
My screen name for AIM is HappyHappyistAJ. Now the basic rule for E-mailing me, is just
don't spam me to death. Also, please make a subject that has something to do with your
e-mail. If I see any "(No subject)" e-mails from anybody, I will not, I repeat, I will
NOT open them. So if you want your e-mail to be read, please just make a subject about
your e-mail.

Basically you can e-mail me about anything. To add glitches, tell me how good the guide
is, if you have questions,  if you see mistakes, or if you want to tell me how bad the
guide is(hopefully I won't get any of these =P).

   11. Information About The Author

My name is AJ, and I'm 16. I've been live in Ohio, and I've been playing games since I was
two years old. My other FAQ is the Sonic Adventure Glitches Guide. I like writing FAQs, so
you will probably see more from me in the future on other games.

  12. What To Foresee In The Future

Ok, in future updates, you will definnatly see a lot more glitches, more fun things, and
some more tips and secrets et cetera. There will also probably be some FAQs, and the car
list will be up too. Remember, if you send me glitches and other things, it can help this
guide grow more. So start searching!

            13. Credits

Here it is, the credits section. I would like to thank:

My parents - For getting me my PS2 and this game in the first place
CJayC - For putting this game up on GameFAQs
Rockstar Games - For MAKING this game
My friends - For looking through the guide for mistakes et cetera.
Crazytwiggz, Electrovw, SCEMEER2001, Vice Master, Christian Lanesse,
and BGMasta2 - For all their Contributions

		14. Conclusion

Well that about raps up the guide. I will try to update this guide as much as possible.
So keep coming back and looking for updates  when you can.

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