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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BBlevins

    Updated: 11/11/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       =========         ===============        =======
      /  ___    \       /______    _____\      /       \
     /  /   \ ___\             | * |          /   ____  \
     |  |                      | * |         /  /______\ \
     |  |  _____               | * |        /   ________  \
     \   \_\   /               | * |        |  |        | |
      \_______/ O              |___| O      |__|        |_|O
                    ******* VICE CITY ********
    ATTENTION: From now on if you ask me something that is stated in the guide I
    will not reply to you. I must have recieved 100 ims in an hour asking things I
    already state. I don't mind a few but that is a little ridiculous.
    |Table Of Contents|
    0. General Information
         E.Wanted Levels
         F.Requirements for 100% Completion
    1. Main Missions
         A.Ken Rosenberg
         B.Avery Carrington
         C.Colonel Juan Cortez
         D.Ricardo Diaz
         E.Tommy Vercetti
         F.Love Fist
         G.Mitch Baker
         H.Umberto Robina
         I.Auntie Poulet
         J.Phill Cassidy
         K.Game Ending
    2. Assets And Their Missions
         A.Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company
         B.Kaufman Cabs
         C.The Malibu Club
         D.The Film Studio
         E.The Pole Position Club
         F.The Printworks
         G.The Shipyard
         H.Sunshine Automotives
    3. Side Missions/Odd Jobs
         A.PCJ Playground
         B.Trial By Dirt
         C.Test Track
         D.RC Missions
           1.RC Car Race
           2.RC Plane Race
           3.RC Helicopter Checkpoint
         E.Cone Crazy
         F.Checkpoint Chopper Missions
           1.Ocean Beach Chopper
           2.Vice Point Chopper
           3.Downtown Chopper
           4.Little Haiti Chopper
         G.Rifle Range
         H.Street Races
         I.Assassination Contracts
         J.Stadium Events
           1.Dirt Ring
           2.Blood Ring
           3.Hot Ring
    4.Real Estate
         A.El Swanko Casa
         B.Links View Apartments
         C.Ocean Hights
         D.Hyman Condos
         E.1102 Washington Street
         F.3321 Vice Point
         G.Skumhole Shack
    5.Store Robberies
    6.Hidden Packages
    7.Unique Jumps
    9.R3 Missions
    10.Rewards for 100%
    11.Cheat Codes
    12.Easter Eggs
    13.Frequently Asked Questions
    14.Credits,Closing, And Contacting
    0. General Information        |
    Just some general information to know. I assume you know the controls already.
    A. Weapons                    \
    Ahh the tools of destruction in all their glory
    Melee Weapons
    Fists-  Nothing like a good  bare knuckle shuffle.
    Brass Knuckles- Ok......so you don't fight fair. It's not like anyones going to
    remember after one hit with this bad boy.
    Chain Saw- Four words....Spinning blade of death.
    Golf Club- Guaranteed to score a hole in one on your opponents face!
    Screw Driver- Stab, twist, pull repeat.
    Katana Blade- Go great white ninja with this decapitation sword.
    Night Stick- Beat others down with your big, long, hard, black stick!
    Hammer- Nail people.
    Baseball Bat- Hit home runs.....with peoples heads!
    Machete- Nothing like this blade to chope through the urban jungle.
    Cleaver- Use this to cut up the finest slices of human.
    Knife- Hard to find, yet easy to use.
    Throwing Weapons
    Molotov Cocktails- A round of flaming bottle of death for all.
    Grenades- Please don't throw the pin instead of the grenade.....consequences
    could be bad.
    Tear Gas- To make even the most manly men cry like babies.
    Detonator Bombs- Throw, detonate, repeat.
    Colt 45- For all your thuggin' needs.
    Colt  Python (Magnum)- Click click....BOOM!
    Stubby Shotgun- Short barelled for the short tempered.
    Spas 12 Shotgun- A real man's shotgun. This thing should be used in wars.
    Chrome Shotgun- Isn't it purdy cletus?
    Tec 9- Nothing like a good drive by shooting in the morning.
    Regular Uzi- This gun is good.....for me to poop on!
    MP5- Precise speeding balls of hot lead. Great for causing wars.
    Mac 10- High power = High pain
    Assault Rifles
    Colt M4- Automatic rifle, I like to call it bringer of death.
    Ruger- This bad boy will mow you down like you are nothing.
    Sniper Rifles
    Sniper Rifle- Great for zoom in crotch shots.
    Sniper Rifle With Laser Scope- You could shoot a dime at 200 feet with this bad
    Power Weapons
    Flamethrower- A must for all pyromaniacs.
    Rocket Launcher- NOT for use at close range.
    M60- Can you say mass destruction? I knew you could....
    Minigun- In case being fired upon by this use this simple 3 step program.  1.
    Bend over. 2. Stick your head between your legs. 3. Kiss your arse goodbye.
    B. Vehicles        		   \
    Good set of transportation is always nice.
    Cars and Trucks
    Vehicle:                     How/Where to Obtain:
    Admiral                      Vice Point
    Ambulance                    Any Hospital
    Baggage Handler              Airport
    Banshee                      Washinton Beach
    Barracks OL                  Get 6 stars and have army come after you.
    Benson                       Random
    BF Injection                 Random, sometimes near the airport.
    Bloodring Banger             Blood Ring event, Spawn one.
    Bobcat                       Random, Vice Point
    Boxville                     Docks
    Burrito                      Vice Point and Prawn Island
    Bus                          Random
    Cab                          Everywhere
    Caddy                        Golf Course
    Cheetah                      Washinton Beach
    Coach                        Random
    Comet                        Starfish Island
    Cuban Hermes                 Little Havana, sometimes Little Haiti
    Deluxo                       Earned at Sunshine Automotives
    Enforcer                     Get swat team after you
    FBI Cheetah                  Get FBI after you
    FBI  Rancher	                Get FBI after you
    FBI Washinton                Behind record store in Downtown area or get FBI
    after you
    Firetruck                    Fire station or cause fires
    Flatbed                      Random
    Gang Burrito                 Prawn Island
    Glendale                     By Northpoint Mall
    Greenwood                    Random
    Hermes                       Random,Washington Beach
    Hot Ring Racer               Reward from Sunshine Automotives
    Idaho	                       Random,By Northpoint Mall
    Infernus                     By steps of mansion
    Kaufman Cab                  Everywhere
    Landstalker                  Dirt bike track near Hyman Stadium
    Line Runner                  Docks
    Love Fist Limo               Special for Love Fist Missions only, Spawn one
    Manana                       Random
    Mesa Grande                  Random
    Moonbeam                     Random
    Mr. Whoopie                  Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company
    Mule                         Docks
    Oceanic                      EVERYWHERE!
    Packer                       Docks
    Patriot                      Garage at Phill's
    Perennial                    Random
    Pheonix                      Starfish Island
    Police Car                   Police Stations
    Pony 	                       Docks
    Rancher                      Random
    Regina                       Random
    Rhino                        Fort Baxter Air Force Base
    Romero's Hearse              Special for mission, Spawn one
    Rumpo                        Docks
    Sabre                        By Northpoint Mall
    Sabre Turbo                  Reward from Sunshine Automotives
    Sandking                     Reward from Sunshine Automotives
    Securicar                    Random, Has route near docks
    Sentinal                     Random
    Sentinal XS                  Random, Sometimes near airport.
    Spand Express                Random, Spandex Delivery Firm
    Stallion                     Starfish Island
    Stretch                      Spawns Randomly by steps of mansion
    Stinger                      Starfish Island
    Taxi                         Random
    Topfun	                       Any of the RC Locations
    Trashmaster                  Junkyard
    Virgo                        Random,Washington Beach and Downtown
    Voodoo                       Little Haiti
    Walton                       Random
    Washington                   By North Point Mall
    Yankee	                       Random
    Zebra Cab                    Kaufman Cab Company
    Angel                        In front of where Mitch Baker resides.
    Freeway                      Random
    PCJ 600                      Random
    Faggio	                       Random, Washington beach on road where your hotel
    Pizza Boy                    Behind Pizza Shop, Spawns Randomly.
    Sanchez                      Dirt bike track by Hyman Stadium
    Coast Guard                  Random locations at sea and docks
    Cuban Jetmax                 Random locations at sea and docks
    Dingy                        Random locations at sea and docks
    Marquis                      Random locations at sea and docks
    Predator                     Random locations at sea and docks
    Reefer	                       Random locations at sea and docks	
    Rio                          Random locations at sea and docks
    Speeder                      Random locations at sea and docks
    Squallo                      Random locations at sea and docks
    Tropic                       Random locations at sea and docks
    Hunter	(Apache)               Fort Baxter Air Force Base (See FAQS Section)
    Maverick                     On top of mansion,On top of Hyman Condos
    Police Maverick              On top of police building by VCN news building
    Sea Sparrow                  Behind Mansion, get 80 packages
    Sparrow                      See Copper Checkpoint Missions
    Skimmer                      Spawns randomly behind film studio after Dildo
    Dodo mission
    VCN Maverick                 On top of VCN News Building. First building on
    right after northmost bridge in
                                 downtown. If you are heading west across the
    bridge from Prawn Island. Use roof
                                 access door
    C. Characters                 \
    Alex Shrub
    Power hungry congressman.
    Auntie Poulet
    Haitian gange leader who sounds like Mrs. Cleo. She drugs you into doing
    missions for her.
    Avery Carrington
    Real Estate Owner who does various deeds to gain property. Very wealthy.
    BJ Jones
    Ex-Football star who runs Sunshine Automotives. He steals cars to pay back lone
    sharks. He is preparing for a come back. He even has his own instructional
    football video.
    Cam Jones
    Expert safe cracker and friend of Phill Cassidy.
    Candy Suxx
    Hooker and popular porno star. She is 32 flavors of yummy.
    Colonel Cortez
    A well off black market seller and shopper. Has his own yacht in Vice City.
    Mission runner for Cortez. Traitor in secret.
    Radio host of Emotions. Future founder of Fernando's new beginnings. Is a cheap
    Extermely good wheelman. Has deep psychological issues. Needs mental help soon!
    Ice Cream Owner
    This lady is extremely bitter and old. She absolutely despises children.
    Ken Rosenberg
    Crooked lawyer and your best friend. He bails you out of legal trouble and
    helps run the operation.
    Kent Paul
    European music producer. Self proclaimed fly white guy. He helps out the band
    Love Fist.
    Rock station radio host.
    Lance Vance
    Lance is supposed to be a partner of yours but he will eventually betray you.
    He is famous for the "Lance Vance Dance".
    Love Fist
    Hot rock band. Very popular with the ladies.
    Daughter of Cortez. She stars in adult films as well as doing "Favors" for
    Pastor Richards
    Con man trying to raise money for what is supposed to be the Pastor Richards
    Salvation Statue. To blast off into space when the earth is in dire trouble. He
    believes he is the mightiest thing on the planet.
    Maurice Chavez
    Local host of VCPR.
    Mitch Baker
    Leader of the biker gang. He will help out the right people if they prove
    themselves worthy.
    Servant of Umberto Robina
    Phill Cassidy
    Famous gunman who thinks he is ex-military. Maker of Boomshine. Sells guns
    Ricardo Diaz
    Vice City drug lord. Runs Vice City pretty much. Makes stores pay protection.
    Sonny Forelli
    Leader of the Forelli mafia family. Betrays you in the end due to his greed.
    Set Tommy up for numerous murders.
    Decides to send Tommy to Vice City.
    Tommy Vercetti
    Main character. After being set up on a murder run he is sent to Vice City to
    start a drug operation. Which goes bad. He then starts something much bigger
    than was expected.
    Umberto Robina
    Cuban gang leader. Is obsessed with killing haitians.
    D. Clothing                   \
    Street Clothes
    Location: All hideouts.
    Description: A green hawaiin shirt and blue jeans.
    How To Gain: You recieve this outfit at start.
    Handyman Clothes
    Location: Tooled Up store in North Point Mall
    Description: A pair of overalls and a T-shirt.
    How To Gain: Complete the mission "Riot"
    Police Uniform
    Location: Police Station in Washington Beach
    Description: The standard uniform. Brown shirt with black pants.
    How To Gain: Complete the mission "Copland"
    Cuban Outfit
    Location: Little Havana Streetware
    Description: A no sleeved white tee with a red circle, red bandana, and jeans.
    How to Gain: Complete the mission "Two Bit Hit"
    Soiree Suit
    Location: Rafael's in Washington Beach near the mall.
    Description: Miami vice looking suit. Blue suit with black undershirt. No
    How To Gain: Complete the mission "The Party"
    Track Suit Blue
    Location: Jock Sports
    Description: A black and blue track suit.
    How To Gain: Complete the mission "Supply and Demand"
    Track Suit Red
    Location: Landromat in Little Havana
    Description: Deep red track suit.
    How To Gain: Available at start.
    Mr. Vercetti Suit
    Location: Cuffs and Collars
    Description: A nice black suit.
    How To Gain: Complete The Pole Position asset mission.
    Casual Outfit
    Location: The Gash in the North Point Mall
    Description: Gray T-shirt with black trim and blue jeans.
    How To Gain: Complete the mission "Treacherous Swine"
    Location: Vercetti Mansion
    Description: White T-shirt with black trim which reads "I completed Vice City
    and all I got was this lousy T-shirt", and blue jeans
    How To Gain: Complete the game, 100%.
    Golfing Outfit
    Location: Leaf Links Golf Course
    Description: Red plaid pants with a red plaid vest and shirt.
    How To Gain: Complete the mission "Four Iron"
    Robber Outfit
    Location: The Mailibu
    Description: A blue work suit. Covers whole body. A mask like off Friday the
    How To Gain: Complete the mission "The Job"
    E. Wanted Levels              \
    1 Star-Police will come after you.
    2 Stars-Police will come after you in a a much larger ammount.
    3 Stars-Police and swat teams will come after you. Spike strips will be layed
    4 Stars-Police, swat teams, and undercover police will come after you. Spike
    strips will be layed out.
    5 Stars-FBI Vans,undercover police, undercover agents, and pedestrian cops will
    come after you. Spike strips will be layed out.
    6 Stars-The army will send tanks and Barracks OL vehicles full of men after
    F. Requirements for 100%      \
    The following are what is require to gain 100% in the game. Everything needed
    is covered in this guide.
    -All Missions Beaten
    -All Side Missions/Odd Jobs Beaten
    -All Asset Side Missions Beaten
    -All Assets Owned
    -All Real Estate Owned
    -All 100 Packages Collected
    -All 36 Unique Jumps Completed
    -All 35 Rampages Completed
    -All R3 Missions Completed
    -All 15 Stores Robbed
    1. Main Missions              |
    Here I will briefly describe each missions, give some hints, and some cheats to
    use if you want to cheat.
    I am assuming you know how to go from where you are to the little dot on the
    map so I'm not going too in depth.
    A. Ken Rosenberg              \
    The Party
    This is a simple missions. All you do is get a suit and drive to Cortez's
    yaught. A video sequence should play as Tommy is introduced to people. You then
    bring Mercedes to the Pole Position Club.
    Tips: If you need help with this do us all a favor. Grab your receipt, grab
    your game, then take it back to where you got it.
    Cheats to use: If you need cheats for this I pity you.
    Back Alley Brawl
    You drive up to The Malibu Club to find Kent Paul and squeeze some information
    from him. You then go and find the chef in an alley. You kill him. Here we are
    first introduced to Lance. After a brief chat you and Lance go to Ammunation
    for some weaponry. You then drive back to your hotel.
    Tips: None Needed
    Cheats to use: Weapons and armor cheats. However you really don't need either.
    Jury Fury
    Basically you go to one Juror and smash his car up then do the same with the
    Tips: None Needed
    Cheats to use: Weapons cheat, it makes the destruction all the more easier.
    Here we go, probably the first good mission of the game so far. The object is
    to start a riot. First go get a handyman outfit. Then go to the Spandex
    delivery place and pick a fight with 4 people. The riot is on. Next get your
    gun out and shoot the red barrels by the trucks or the trucks themselves.
    Whichever you prefer.
    Tips: Take out the security guards, they will shoot you and are a pain. Also
    you can shoot the trucks from the corners of the area behind the building.
    Making avoiding the riot much easier.
    Cheats to use: Weapons Cheat, grab the Bazooka and blow those vans to pieces.
    Use the health and armor codes if low on life.
    B. Avery Carrington           \
    Four Iron
    Go grab the scottish looking golf clothes from the sporting goods store and go
    to the gold course. You are stripped of your weapons as you go through. Pick up
    the golf club. Steal a caddie and go down to the driving range. Beat up the
    bodyguards then go after the character you are supposed to assassinate and kill
    Tips: Basically best tip I can provide is dont get surrounded by the
    bodyguards, take them out one by one. And to kill your target ram him with a
    golf cart, as he will get in one while you are fighting the guards, and pull
    him out and pummell.
    Cheats to use: Enter the weapons code whip out the sniper rifle and pick him
    off for the no hassle completion.
    Demolition Man
    Take your RC helicopter. You pick up 4 bombs and place them at strategic
    locations in the unfinished building. Thus blowing it to bits and causing
    structure damage.
    Tips: Avoid the security guards with the guns, or take them out whichever you
    prefer. I also did the locations in order from top to bottom. This avoids more
    damage later on.
    Cheats to use: Not applicable.
    Two Bit Hit
    You go get a cuban outfit. Then go kill a hatian gang leader. He WILL try and
    get away in a hearse.
    Tips:Do your best to kill him as soon as possible. Do not let his fellow gang
    members distract you. Don't ram the back of his getaway hearse because it will
    drop explosive coffins if the back end comes off. Use a rocket launcher if you
    want to cheat.
    Cheats to use: Use the weapons code to gain a bazooka and blow him to pieces
    before they spot you. Use health and armor as needed.
    C. Colonel Juan Cortez        \
    Treacherous Swine
    Go to where Gonzalez is hanging, a skyscraper behind The Malibu, and kill him.
    This is incredibly easy to do.
    Tips: Don't suck. Shoot the like pansy as he runs like a girl.
    Cheats to use: Weapons cheat should equip you with anything that you need.
    Mall Shootout
    Now this is what I'm talking about! You meet a french spy at the mall to steal
    some french guidance chips. Unfortunately they have french special forces
    there. Frog boy gets spooked and runs. Hunt him down and kill him. Take the
    chips back to Cortez.
    Tips:Avoid gunfire from the special forces. Run/Drive like hell.
    Cheats to use: Health and armor codes as you need to. Lower wanted level code
    greatly helps out after gaining the chips. A weapons code should give you what
    you need to kill him.
    Guardian Angels
    Go to the car garage and pick up the sniper rifle. You then meet Lance again.
    Drive with him to the meeting and get on the roof. Pick the gang members off as
    they attack Diaz and occasionally lance. After they are all dead chase down the
    gang member who stole the money and kill him. Return the money to diaz.
    Tips:Get familiarized with where the come from if you fail the first time. If
    you wanna cheat just jump down after the mission starts and nail people with a
    magnum or any other powerful weapon.
    Cheats to use:Weaponry cheats for a better weapon to take them down with.
    Sir, Yes Sir!
    You go and steal a tank. Yes this is as difficult as it sounds. Then take the
    stolen tank to a safehouse.
    Tips: Try and shoot the vehicles containing military with high powered
    weaponry. Get body armor before attempting.
    Cheats to use: Use the weapons code to gain the sniper rifle. From there pick
    off the main leader sticking out of the tank. Then use the bazooka to blow the
    other military vehicles to pieces. Lowering the wanted level also helps.
    All Hands On Deck!
    This has to be one of the funnest missions on the game. You must defend the
    yacht as it takes off from the French goverment on boats. They also send in an
    apache helicopter...whee buddy!
    Tips: Unload on the front of the boats and blow them up. Be careful and avoid
    too much heavy fire from the apache.
    Cheats to use: Use the health and armor cheats as you need them. I used the
    weapons code as this helps out greatly if you want to use a rocket launcher to
    blow the frenchies to pieces.
    D. Ricardo Diaz               \
    The Chase
    This mission is fairly simple. Just follow this guy across a couple rooftops
    and chase after him in a vehicle until he reaches his hideout.
    Tip: Swirve to avoid him shooting your tires out.
    Cheats to use: Health code if you drive a car while chasing after him and he
    pops your tires.
    Phnom Penh '86
    Lance will fly you to the hideout. Shoot the gang members then after you land
    raid the house and collect the money on the roof.
    Tips: Take out any explosive objects when flying around in helicopter. It will
    greatly help kill gang members. Also be careful inside the house.
    Cheats to use: If you want to cheat use the health code to heal the helicopter
    and a magnum inside the house to kick major arse.
    The Fastest Boat
    Diaz wants the fastest ship around. So you go to the docks and steal it. Gang
    members will be waiting for you so carefully take them out. After gaining the
    boat police boats are on you like white on rice.
    Tips: Get armor and take out gang members strategically. If you want to cheat
    use the magnum and no police code once you are in the boat.
    Cheats to use: The health code will heal the boat if needed. Weapons codes will
    supply you with the firepower needed to take out the thugs. Use the health and
    armor codes if you need them. Lower your wanted level if you want but getting
    the boat to the mansion is easy.
    Supply And Demand
    You must race the boat to be the first to the drug dealers boat. Then shoot off
    those angry puds on the way back.
    Tips: Take the left path, it is by far the easiest and fastest. Shoot the first
    two boats chasing you and blow them up. Ignore the men on the docks they dont
    do much damage. Blow up the helicopter. Do not blow up the last ship in front
    of you, only the people on it. Blowing it up can knock you off.
    Cheats to use: Health code to heal the boat. That is all that is really needed.
    E. Tommy Vercetti             \
    Death Row
    Go find Kent Paul and he will tell you that Diaz has found Lance out. He take
    him captive at the junkyard. You must rescue Lance. Then manage to get him to
    the hospital. This is one of the toughest missions in the game.
    Tips: Get some armor and weaponry because you WILL be needing it. Now drive in
    through the barrier and drive all the way til you are almost by the building
    Lance is in and bail out. Take out the gang members and get lance back in the
    car and drive like a madman out of there.
    Cheats to use: If you want ot cheat load up on weapons, and armor. Then spawn a
    tank.....oh yes...watch them try and stop you now......
    Rub Out
    Take out Diaz's men and then the man himself
    Tips: This mission is fairly easy. Just start taking out his men one by one.
    Then unload on poor Diaz.
    Cheats to use: Health and armor if you get injured. Weapons codes for that
    extra boost in firepower.
    The stores know Diaz is dead already and refuse to pay protection.....ya like
    Tommy is going to let that happen for long. Go to the northpoint mall and
    unload on all those poor innocent windows.
    Tips: Have alot of machine gun ammo handy. Shoot and run.
    Cheats to use: Weapons code to gain a minigun. This will blow those windows
    away. use the lower wanted level code to keep the heat off.
    Bar Brawl
    You must find out who is supplying security. Go to the bar and kill the guards.
    Then you have so much time to kill the security company people.
    Tips: Be careful taking out the security company.
    Cheats to use: Use the lower wanted level code so the cops don't just totally
    waste you. Use a bazooka and this is a piece of cake.
    Cop Land
    This is a pretty fun mission. Get some cops after you and lure them into a
    garage. Then go to the mall and blow up the evidence.
    Tips: Have the cops start chasing after you when near the garage and then just
    run inside. Shoot some pedestrians to get them after you. The rest should be
    fairly simple.
    Cheats to use: If I were you I would lower my wanted level if the heat gets too
    bad. Also just use armor and health codes if you take too much damage.
    F. Love Fist                  \
    Love Juice
    Love Fist wants their "Love Juice". Go to the drug dealer, he will steal your
    money. Someone isn't the brightest crayon in the box are they. Chase after and
    kill him. Collect the drugs then go pick up Mercedes and bring her to the
    studio so they can dispense some "Love Juice" of their own.
    Tips: You need some good driving on this one because the time alotted is a
    little short.
    Cheats to use:  Weapons to punish the drug dealer if you want to.
    Psycho Killer
    "It puts the lotion on its skin!" Seriously though, what kind of sick freak is
    this guy? You drive the Love Fist Limo to the signing session. The psycho will
    shoot a guard and try and escape....not too wise if you ask me. Chase him down
    and kill him.
    Tips: Do the best driving you can and don't let your eyes off of that car.
    Cheats to use: Health code for your vehicle. That's about it.
    Publicity Tour
    This guy just doesn't give up. Drive Love Fist around until they can defuse the
    Tips: Drive south down the highway to the docks, this avoids traffic greatly.
    Cheats to use: If you want to you can use the slow motion codes to slow
    everything down allowing you to avoid wrecks much easier.
    G. Mitch Baker                \
    Alloy Wheels Of Steel
    Race a couple bikers on a Angel and see if you are worthy.
    Tips: If you don't turn well don't turn fast. It is as simple as that.
    Cheats to use: Slow motion will help you avoid wrecks and win the race.
    Messing With The Man
    Now this is fun. Cause as much havoc as possible until your chaos meter fills
    up. Shoot, stab, chop, beat, and blow up any and everything.
    Tips: Use high powered weaponry, also if you want to cheat use the weapons
    cheat for a mini-gun.
    Cheats to use: Weapons code to gain the minigun. This will cause 32 flavors of
    destruction. Lower your wanted level if the heat gets really bad. Health and
    armor codes should be used as needed.
    Hog Tied
    Someone stole Mitch Baker's bike. Well aren't they the bright ones? At any rate
    ramp the steps in front of the downtown Ammunation and get that bike back.
    Tips:Just handle your bike well and shoot people. Weapons code if you want to
    Cheats: Weapons code for some more firepower. Armor and health to keep alive.
    H. Umberto Robina             \
    Stunt Boat Challenge
    Is it just me or do boat missions really suck? You race from checkpoint to
    checkpoint to prove you have large cajones.
    Tips: Like I said boat missions tend to suck. Get used to driving a boat and
    get familiar with the locations.
    Cheats to use: Slow motion once again helps out. As is the case with all races.
    Cannon Fodder
    In this mission you and a couple cubans go to interfere with a shipment. Drive
    to the destination then take out those hatians. Come cubans will get hit by a
    sniper after so long. Pick off the sniper. Then steal the van and drive it
    Tips: This mission is fairly simple. Just have good combat skills and you will
    Cheats to use: Health and armor codes when needed so you stay alive. Weapons
    code so you can take those hatians out explosive style.
    Naval Engagement
    This is a fun one. You and Rico travel by boat to a hatian house. Shoot all the
    cubans. I preferred snipering them. Rico and his boat get blown to pieces so
    grap the shipment. Get in the best car possible and haul back to the café. You
    will have a high star level so get going quickly.
    Tips: Like I said, sniper the hatians. Have some armor going into it. If all
    else fails cheat and lower your wanted level.
    Cheats to use: Health and armor may almost become a must. Use weapons codes to
    gain the firepower needed to take out those dirty hatians. Lower your wanted
    level after getting the packages.
    Trojan Voodoo
    Now this is to my liking. You steal a voodoo car and head to Umberto. Pepe will
    come with you for this mission. Drive the car into the compound with the other
    cars. Take out those dirt hatians and set off the bombs. I set off the one
    closest to the door last. It helps greatly. Then make your get away. To the
    right of the closed fence and back a ways is some steps to the roof. Run like
    crazy and watch that place blow! Woohoo! Hatian BBQ! BAM!
    Tips:Like I said. Setting off the bomb by the door last helps alot. Be careful
    taking out those hatians.
    Cheats to use: Health and armor if you need them. Weapons if you want. Slow
    motion gives the mission a more dramatic effect.
    I. Miss Cleo..err Auntie Poulet\
    Juju Scramble
    So the fat lady bewitched you and now you think some rather large hatian lady
    is your auntie....well I guess thats life. She wants you to get her Juju
    back....why is she stashing it in these odd places in the first place. Anyways
    the swat know you are there and will try and get you more and more each
    package. Then return the goods to her.
    Tips: Take the alleys and such on the way back to her house because cops are
    Cheats to use: Use the lower wanted level code to keep the police from going
    into overkill mode.
    Bombs Away!
    Fly the RC plane and bomb the boats.
    Tips: None, this is easy.
    Cheats to use: None needed.
    Dirty Lickin's
    Looks like she has one last mission for ya. Take the rifle from her and get to
    that rooftop. Pick off the cubans and help those hatians. Get familiarized with
    where the cubans come from if you fail.
    Tips: I cheated and just jumped down. They cant see you that far away. I then
    capped them with a magnum. Fun stuff.
    Cheats to use: Use the weapons code to gain some additional firepower. Wipe
    these guys out with whatever your weapon of choice may be. Use the slow motion
    code to keep the cubans from coming too fast.
    J. Phill Cassidy              \
    Note: I do not remember these mission names so I will name them as I see fit.
    Get The Weapons
    Go steal a shipment of weapons from the mexicans and take them to Phill.
    Tips: This mission is easy. None needed.
    Cheats to use: Weapons code to blow those trucks to pieces. Health and armor
    codes if you take too much damage.
    Boomshine Bust
    This is officially the best level in the game. Phil blows his arm off and you
    must drive drunk to a hospital. That isn't good enough for Phill he needs a old
    surgeon buddy to fix it as it turns out.
    Tips: This can be hard or easy. Depends all upon your driving skills.
    Cheats to use: None needed. Slow motion might help. I don't really want to
    think about it though. Driving drunk is bad enough as it is.
    K. End Missions               \
    Cap The Collectors
    Chase down the money stealing mafia men and kill them. This is fairly simple.
    Tips:None needed.
    Cheats to use: Weapons code for a good gun to shoot them.
    Keep Your Friends Close
    Lance betrays you.......like I didn't see this one coming. Sunny decides to
    move in on your business. Let's show him why people do not mess with Tommy
    Vercetti shall we? First off defend the safe for awhile. Go after and kill Mr.
    Lance Vance Dance. Then go back defend the safe and kill Sonny.
    Tips: Having Armor going into this helps. Try and not let the mafia have too
    much time at the safe
    Cheats to use:I would use the armor and health cheats as much as needed.
    2. Assets And Their Missions   |
    Below is a list of every asset you can obtain in the game with the usual for
    each mission needed to make them start raking in the dough.
    A. Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company \
    Price: $20,000
    Daily Earnings: $3,000
    Simply sell 50 "Ice Creams" in a row then step out of the vehicle.
    Tips:Avoid highly patrolled areas.
    Cheats to use: The lower wanted level cheat keeps the police at bay.
    B. Kaufman Cabs               \
    Price: $40,000
    Daily Earnings: $5,000
    Talk about road rage. Ram the other taxi until the V.I.P. rides with you and
    take him to the airport.
    Tips: Do not damge his taxi so much he blows up because he will try and ram you
    afterwords thus blowing up your taxi along with his.
    Cheats to use: Health code to heal the car
    Friendly Rivalry
    So the other Taxi Companies think they can steal business do they. Teach them a
    lesson and blow the 3 taxi's up.
    Tips: Use a drive by on them for the quick kill.
    Cheats to use: Health code to heal the car if you need it. Weapons code if you
    are low on ammunition.
    This level is pretty fun. Like a destruction derby. They say Mercedes called
    but it is a trap. Blow up all the other cars.
    Tips: Try and stay in the car and just circle the others shooting.
    Cheats to use: If you want to cheat heal your car. Or you can just use the
    weapons code, make a barrier with your car and blow them to pieces with a
    rocket launcher.
    C. The Malibu Club            \
    Price: $120,000
    Daily Earnings: $10,000
    No Escape?
    He is locked up in prison and this mission is fun stuff. Bust into the police
    station in a hail of gunfire, steal the key and get this guy out. It helps if
    you just get the police uniform on though....
    Tips: Use tear gas to smoke up the place and distract the cops.
    Cheats to use: Health and armor if you need them. Weapons code if you want to
    run in their guns a blazing!
    The Gunman
    Shooting range shootout. This is extremely simple to do. I shouldn't have to
    say anything.
    Tips: Just be a good shot, practice makes perfect.
    Cheat to use: None needed.
    The Driver
    Two Words......Holy F**K! This is the hardest mission in the entire game. You
    must race and beat Hillary. As if losing the race in the first place wasn't bad
    enough you are losing to some guy with a sissy name.
    Tips: Park a fast car nearby and change cars at the beginning. Pray to god
    Cheats to use: Use the slow motion code for the easier win. Lower your wanted
    level when the cops give chase.
    The Job
    This level is great you get to rob a bank. It is fairly simple. Go in get the
    safe cracker to the safe, then get the bank manager there. Go down and help
    Phill take out some SWAT team members. Then watch Hillary get shot....easily
    the most satisfying death in the entire game. Then get away.
    Tips: Have fun with this level. Get body armor and some good weaponry before
    Cheats: Use the health and ammo codes if you need them.
    D. The Film Studio            \
    Cost: $60,000
    Daily Earnings: $7,000
    Recruitment Drive
    Go to pick up Candi. Turns out you must kill her pimp. So take him out then
    pick her up. Go pick up Mercedes and bring them to the studio.
    Tips:  Be careful, the pimp has a shotgun....which brings me to the question.
    What is it with rockstar and shotgun pimps?
    Cheats to use: Health, armor, and weapons codes as desired.
    Dildo Dodo
    Holy flying porno posters batman! Fly the dodo all over the second island
    through checkpoints while dropping pornography.
    Tips: Start at the south most checkpoint.
    Cheats: Not needed.
    Martha's Mugshot
    So it seems "Martha" is against porno. Let's give him some evidence to change
    his mind. Take the sparrow to the building across from him and take some
    pictures. Then after that either remove your wanted level by cheating or by pay
    and spray.
    Tips: avoid the police as best possible. Fly like a madman.
    Cheats to use: Lower your wanted level!!!!
    You ramp a series of buildings to get to a spotlight. Once you make it to the
    spotlight you get to experience a little Tommy Vercetti humor.
    Tips: Be careful and take your time with the jumps.
    Cheats to use: Health to heal the bike if you wreck it too bad.
    E. The Pole Position Club     \
    Cost: $30,000
    Daily Earnings: $4,000
    The Lap Dance Is Always Better When The Stripper Is Crying
    Now this is mission quality. Spend $600 bucks on one of the strippers in the
    back room.
    Tips: Mmmmmmm digital boobums...
    Cheats to use: Slow motion for enjoyment.
    F. The Printworks             \
    Cost: $70,000
    Daily Earnings: $8,000
    Spilling The Beans
    Go onto the ship and kill the guards. Work your way up to the room and go in.
    Once you have gained the information return the The Printworks.
    Hit The Courier
    Go in and take out the chicks with weaponry. Block off the Sentinal and sniper
    the lady inside of it. Then collect the plates and haul back to The Printworks.
    G. The Shipyard               \
    Price: $10,000
    Daily Earnings: $2,000
    Checkpoint Charlie
    I hate boat missions....really I do. Just race from checkpoint to checkpoint as
    fast as possible.
    Tips: Get familiar with the checkpoints.
    Cheats to use: Slow motion for the easy victory.
    H. Sunshine Automotives       \
    Price: $50,000
    Daily Earnings: Varies (Final Total- $9,000)
    Car Jacking
    List #1
    Landstalker-Test Track
    Idaho-Random, drive around awhile.
    Esperanto-Random, drive around awhile.
    Stallion-Usually near starfish island with other fast cars.
    Rancher-Washington Beach Area.
    Blista Compact-Near Sunshine Autos/Airport Area.
    Prize: Earnings Raise and Delorean
    List #2
    Sabre-By Northpoint Mall.
    Virgo-Randomly placed, hard to find.
    Sentinel-Near Sunshine Autos/Airport Area.
    Stretch-Parked outside of Diaz's mansion on the right side of the steps. Spawns
    Washington-By Northpoint Mall.
    Admiral-By Northpoint Mall.
    Prize: Earnings Increase and Sabre Turbo
    List #3
    Cheetah-Garage on Starfish Island.
    Infernus-Left Side of mansion steps.
    Banshee-In garage area with stair ramp in Washington beach.
    Phoenix-Random, not hard to find.
    Comet-In Front of golf course.
    Stinger-Randomly placed. Sometimes near Sunshine Autos/Airport area.
    Prize: Earnings Increase and Sandking
    List #4
    Voodoo-Little Havana
    Cuban Hermes-Little Havana
    Caddy-Golf Course.
    Baggage Handler-Airport.
    Pizza Boy-Randomly placed behind pizza shops.
    Mr. Whoopee-Inside Ice Cream Company
    Prize: Final Earnings Increase and Hotring Racer
    3. Side Missions/Odd Jobs      |
    No I'm not talking about small midgets from bond movies. These are the fun
    little side missions in Vice City.
    A. PCJ Playground             \
    Location: On first island to the easternmost part, starting at the southermost
    tip. Is a stip of property with an alleyway in it. Follow this alley north
    until it ends at a road and a building is up ahead. In a nook of the building
    sits a bike. This starts the mission when you get on the PCJ.
    Objective: Ride the PCJ through all checkpoints in the alotted time.
    B. Trial By Dirt              \
    Location: Open your game case and whip out the map. You see that dirt track on
    the northernmost part of the second island? It is right over there. Just get on
    the dirtbike.
    Objective: Complete the track by collecting checkpoints.
    C. Test Track                 \
    Location: See Trial By Dirt above. Now get in the landstalker.
    Objective: Complete the track by collection all checkpoints.
    D. RC Missions                \
    1. RC Car Race
    Location: Get out your map and look for a dirt track on the northern part of
    the beach on the first island. Their is a topfun van there. Get in it to start.
    Objective: Finish first in the RC car race around the track.
    2. RC Plane Race
    Location: On top of Northpoint Mall's parking garage. Get in the topfun van.
    Objective: Finish first in the RC plane race around the city.
    3. RC Helicopter Checkpoint
    Location: This is a tough one to find. At baggage claim building on
    southernmost part of the airport there is a Topfun van in a nook on the east
    Objective: Collect all the checkpoints with the RC Copter
    Authors Note: This just flat out sucks.
    E. Cony Crazy                 \
    Location: On top of a parking garage covered in ivy in Ocean Beach area. Access
    is gained through an alleyway. Their should be a stallion on top. Get in it to
    start the missions.
    Objective: Get all checkpoints without crushing any cones.
    F. Checkpoint Chopper Missions\
    There are 4 different locations
    Objective: Fly through all checkpoints with chopper.
    1.Ocean Beach Chopper
    This one is located on top of a pink roofed apartment building south of the
    south mall.
    2.Vice Point Chopper
    This one is located in the yard of an apartment complex. Near Mercedes and a
    Pay and Spray.
    3.Downtown Chopper
    This one is located on the building which you use to gain access to a few
    floors up via elevator in the G-spotlight mission. It is on the section right
    before where you enter the first office.
    4.Little Haiti Chopper
    This one is on a roof near the indented on holding a hidden package behind
    Kaufman Cabs. Kind of near the corner.
    G. Rifle Range                \
    Location: The Ammunation in the downtown area.
    Objective: Score 45 points on the Rifle Range shooting game. From this you will
    gain the quick reload ability.
    H. Street Races               \
    Location: Sunshine Automotives
    Objective: Gain first in all of the street races.
    I.Assassination Contracts     \
    1. Kill the pizza delivery boy.
    2.Ram the ladies car until it explodes and then run her over. You cannot use
    weaponry here.
    3.Kill each member of the gang. This is most easily completed with the use of a
    sniper rifle and rocket launcher.
    4. At the airport wait until she shakes his hand then leaves. Kill him grab his
    briefcase and bring it to Ammunation.
    5. Fight your way to the top of the building beside Cherry Popper Ice Cream
    Company. Steal the briefcase and bring it to the helipad at the airport.
    J. Stadium Events             \
    The Stadium events start at 20:00
    Location: The stadium of course.
    1.Dirt Ring
    Ride the bike around and collect all of the checkpoints.
    2.Blood Ring
    Collect the checkpoints in this demolition derby and come in 1st.
    3.Hot Ring
    Race around the track without being destroyed and come in 1st.
    4. Real Estate                 |
    Whatcha gonna do when the cops come for you? Haul tail to a hideout and save
    your game that's what!
    A. El Swanko Casa             \
    Price: $8,000
    Location:Open you case and look at your map. It is shown there.
    B. Links View Apartments      \
    Price: $6,000
    Location:Just down the road from leaf links. Can be kind of easy to miss.
    C. Ocean Heights              \
    Price: $7,000
    Location: On map, by the hotel where you start.
    D. Hyman Condos               \
    Price: $14,000
    Location: Next to Hyman Stadium. Access is in an alleyway.
    E. 1102 Washington Street     \
    Price: $3,000
    Location:Across from Ken's.
    F. 3321 Vice Point            \
    Price: $2,500
    Location: Near northpoint mall. Northernmost part of the first island. One the
    east side. Kind of diagonal.
    G. Skumhole Shack             \
    Price: $1,000
    Location: On rooftop across from Mitch Baker missions bar.
    5. Store Robberies            |
    Competition in Vice City isn't always healthy.  There are a handful of stores
    that are taking away your business.  To rob a store, simply head to the counter
    and take aim at the cashier.  Be sure to hold down the aim.  After a few
    seconds he or she will drop some cash.  You can continue to hold the position
    to acquire more money, but be warned that the longer you take the more wanted
    level stars you will get.  (Note that as soon as the cashier drops the first
    bit of cash, the store is considered "knocked off".)  As soon as you release
    your aim the cashier will trigger the alarm, so get out of there.  The easiest
    way to get rid of your wanted level is to locate a clothing pickup beforehand,
    which will clear it if you have two stars or lower.
    The following stores can be held up:
    (I suggest you rob all four of these stores in the same run, as they are all
    located in the mall.  Remember that if you don't go over two wanted stars, you
    can change clothes at the gash to reset your wanted level.)
    1. Jewelry Store: North Point Mall (First floor)
    2. Tooled Up: North Point Mall (First floor
    3. Gash: North Point Mall (Second floor)
    4. Music Store: North Point Mall (Second floor)
    (These next two should also be done together.  There is a Jocksport just down
    the street from them.)
    5. Pharmacy: Downtown (South of Love Fist Studio)
    6. Jewelry Store: Downtown (Near Love Fist Studio)
    7. Donut Shop: Little Havana (Down the street from the Cherry Poppper Ice Cream
    8. Screw This: Little Havana (West of the Donut Shop)
    (The laundromat actually has a clothing pick up inside it, so simply rob the
    store and change inside.)
    9. Laundromat: Little Havana (Behind Print Works)
    10. Ryton Aide Pharmacy: Little Haiti (Near the Pay N' Spray)
    11. Jewelry Store: Vice Point (North of Pizza Restaurant in Vice Point)
    12. Bunch of Tools: Washington Beach (West of the Police Station, across the
    13. Dispensary: Vice Point (Near Vice Point hospital)
    14. Corner Store: Vice Point (East of Dispensary)
    15. Robina's Cafe: Little Havana (North of Sunshine Autos, location of
    Umberto's missions)
    6. Hidden Packages            |
    Note: These locations are according to the brady games map. If you want the map
    go buy the game. However I can help you find these if you ask me. Also the
    hidden packages FAQ would probably help you more.
    First off the rewards for these hidden packages.....All special items are
    delivered to Ocean View Hotel, Hyman Condo's and the mansion unless stated
    10 Packages-Body Armor
    20 Packages-Chainsaw
    30 Packages-Magnum
    40 Packages-Flame Thrower
    50 Packages-Laser Scope Sniper Rifle
    60 Packages-Minigun
    70 Packages-Rocket Launcher
    80 Packages-Sea Sparrow (A floatable sparrow with gatling gun).  This is only
    available at the Vercetti       	      mansion. It is located  behind the
    mansion between those 4 small pools by the docks.
    90 Packages-Tank. This is only available at the Air Force Base......why is a
    tank at an air force base and not  	      a army base?
    100 Packages-The hunter. The mother of all toys of destruction. This is only
    located at the Air Force Base. It 	       is  in the very back of the base. Use
    a cop outfit to get back there with ease.
    Ocean Beach
    1. On top of a destroyed wooden hut platform in the water.
    2. On the large potruding rocks near the huts.
    3. By steps near southernmost house on island.
    4. On the steps of the Lighthouse.
    5. In the underground car park by Cortez's yacht.
    6. Behind the circular medical building by the hospital. On the ledge.
    7. On a small walkway under the bridge.
    8. On rooftop across from the parking garage at the south mall. Ramp across to
    roof then go from there to the one to the right of it.
    Washington Beach
    9. By the fenced in swimming pool, there should be some body armor near it.
    10. On top of two story building connected to DPS Security.
    11. On back porch of safe house across from Ken's office.
    12. Up against small bridge, on ground near the edge of the water.
    13. On top of a circular blue and white striped building, use a helicopter to
    reach it.
    14. On the steps of a lifeguard hut on the beach.
    15. In one of the upstairs offices of the police department.
    16. In the corner of a purple and white one story building with peach trim. The
    package is facing a small moat in front of the building.
    17. In the multi-colored open showers by the Starfish Island bridge.
    18. Under the bridge leading to Starfish Island.
    Vice Point
    19. In the alley behind the Spandex Delivery firm.
    20. End of the I beam facing west at the construction site.
    21. On a dock behind apartment buildings. Faces Leaf Links.
    22. By pool on top of building diagonal from The Malibu
    23. Behind the gates in the corner of the Malibu.
    24. On top of the building used in Martha's Mugshot mission. North of The
    25. Behind the WL Chariot Hotel.
    26. Inside pizza shop
    27. Under stairs of the apartment building near the pizza shop. The front of
    the building facing south.
    28. Behind the counter in the jewelry store.
    29. Around the back of Mercede's house, by the exit.
    30. On the second rooftop when you are chasing the traitor.
    31. East of the north pay in spray is a backyard. It is in the northwest fence
    corner of the northeast section.
    32. Inside the corner of the hairpin turn by the hotel.
    33. On the highest diving board of the pool behind the hotel.
    34. Against south side of bridge leading to Prawn island on the sidewalk.
    35. At the RC car race track behind a billboard for Jocksport.
    36. Behind apartment complex east of the northpoint mall.
    37. In the nook between both north entrances of the northpoint mall.
    38. On second floor of northpoint mall in east side in front of store with for
    sale signs.
    39. Inside the Gosh store on top floor.
    40. First floor of car park near the mall.
    Prawn Island
    41. Dead end alley on the east side of Prawn Island.
    42. in the film studio compound, on top of the blue building next to studio D.
    43. At the top of the stairs in between the blue building in the east.
    44. West porch of a green empty house.
    45. Inside the east building. There is a whole in the wall to jump into from
    the balcony.
    Leaf Links
    46. On ground under the bridge that takes you to Vice Point
    47. On the farthest tee on the driving range.
    48. Follow the curved road to the end and it is in a bunker near there.
    49. On small island in water hazard pond.
    50. On small bridge leading south.
    Starfish Island
    51. By east pools.by steps of dock facing east.
    52. In a narrow alley between west side of house and neighbors house.
    53. Balcony above the rockstar pool.
    54. Poolside Jacuzzi of  east house. It is brown with a basketball hoop and a
    55.  On front porch of northeast house with purple roof.
    56. Behind last building you jump in G-spotlight mission. On grass on east side
    by ocean.
    57. Inside of the sculpture at the V.A.J. Financial building
    58. In alley behind Mars Café.
    59. Behind the stadium in the parking lot.
    60. Inside of the bottom parking garage at the hospital.
    61. Under rooftop helipad of VCN news.
    62. Behind the middle desk of the office in G-spotlight mission.
    Little Haiti
    63. Next to ramp behind hotel.
    64. On the corner of the dock behind Phill's. Behind a large metal  post.
    65. Inside of shed at Phill's.
    66. Down basement steps of building two buildings north of Kaufman Cabs.
    67. Inside the recessed roof on the corner east of Kaufman cabs.
    68. On steps of house closest to Kaufman Cabs.
    69. In open grave behind Funeraria Romero.
    70. In generators on building north of Printworks. Use the printworks steps to
    71. Behind Life's a bit*h billboard on the corner.
    72. In the Landromat
    Little Havana
    73. On porch of the house that is for sale.
    74. In alley behind wall across from Robina’s Café’
    75. On billboard next to Robina's accessed from adjacent rooftop.
    76. Inside the corner shop.
    77. On top of four story building, use stairs.
    78. In the upstairs of Sunshine Automotives.
    79. Behind  a large blue pipe between 4 large fuel tanks.
    80. Between two trailors in the parking lot.
    81. In small parking lot between front of apartments.
    82. On the east side of the northeastern most cargo ship.
    83. Under the Vice City Port Authority Building  sign. In the corner.
    84. On the southwest cargo ship.Use a helicopter to reach.
    85. In the office in the very back of the hanger.
    86. In the corner in the doorway of a building north of 8-ball's.
    Escobar International Airport
    87. On top of the luggage and cargo building.
    88. On top of the helipad.
    89. On top of the hanger.
    90. At the end of the east loading bridge.
    91. On top of the southwest most parked plane at the loading bridge.
    92. Under the plane 91 is on.
    93. Under the wing of the large Rockstar plane.
    94.  Behind the fire station.
    95. Inside the airport terminal against back wall.
    96. On the roof of the airport terminal.
    97. Inside one of the eastern most boarding gate.
    98. In corner behind the wall of billboards.
    99. Under an airplane in the north airport.
    100. Behind the gray stone Vice City Air Reserve Fort Baxter Air Base sign to
    the west of the base entrance.
    7. Unique Jumps                |
    Grab a motorcycle and gain some speed.  You can tell you are at the right
    location when the game goes into a slow cinema as you hit the jump.  Here are
    all the locations: I am assuming you have the Brady guides map yet again.
    1. Part of G-Spotlight Mission.
    2. During the "Hog Tied" mission you will use this staircase to jump onto a
    building across the street.
    3.Part of G-Spotlight Mission
    4.Part of G-Spotlight Mission
    5. Located in small alleyway in northern Little Haiti.  Be sure to clear the
    6. Located near Kaufman Cabs.  Be sure to clear the school bus.
    7. Near 6.  Hit the ramp with the police bribe.
    8. Located on a rooftop northeast of Robina's Cafe.  Enter an alleyway from the
    north to get up to the roof.
    9. Jump the stairs in the airport lot toward a building across the street.
    10. Jump the statue north of the airport terminal to land on its roof.
    11. Hit the ramp at the end of the runway.
    12. Jump the stairs near the loading bay.
    13. Jump another set of stairs near the loading bay.
    14. Jump yet again another set of stairs in the loading bay.
    15. Hit the set of stairs just west of the red control tower in the center of
    the airport.
    16. Ramp the small sign to the east of the red control tower in the center of
    the airport.
    17. Jump the small set of stairs in front of the north east house on Starfish
    18. Ramp across the small river in front of the Malibu.
    19. From 18's ramp, head south in the grass to hit another ramp.
    20. Ride a motorcycle to the top of the contruction site and ramp off the
    I-beam pointing north.
    21. Ramp across the small river just west of the Washington Beach Police
    22. Ramp back across the small river using the mound of dirt just south of the
    23. Hit the ramp in front of the building south of the Malibu.
    24. Ramp the stairs used by Tommy during the mission "Guardian Angels".
    25. Ramp the stairs used by Lance during the mission "Guardian Angels."
    26. Hit another set of stairs in the alleyway south of jump 24.
    27. Still heading south in the same alleyway, hit a small ramp.
    28. Hit a ramp off the building you land on from jump 29.
    29. From the southwestern side of the roof of the Washington Mall, ramp to the
    building across the street to the east.
    30. A bit further south from 27, turn around and head north to hit another
    small ramp.
    31. From the top of the carpark with green moss on the sides, ramp south to a
    building across the alleyway.
    32. West of jump 31 is a lot with stairs leading to a body armor.  Head down
    the alleyway across the street to the north, turn around, and ramp the stairs.
    33. The building you land on from 32 has a ramp on it.  Hit it to complete the
    34. Head out to the northern dock in Ocean Beach.  Ramp across the bay with the
    small ramp to the south.
    35. Still going strong from 34, continue straight to hit another ramp.
    36. On Prawn Island, use the small ramps to the east of InterGlobal Films to
    reach the roof of the building.  From there, ramp east across the street and
    over the gates of the studio.
    8. Rampages                    |
    Once again I am assuming you have the Brady guides map.
    1. On the destroyed hut platform near hidden package #1.
    2. On the path taken to reach the lighthouse. Just look around.
    3. On southernmost part of the beach. There will be a big cliff drop in the
    sand. It is right by this.
    4. On top of building by the car park with the Cone Crazy mission.
    5. Between two of the white apartment complexes behind a tree.
    6. Inside of the fenced in large pink apartment buildings by the gas station.
    7. On ledge in grassy area by medical research building. Near package #6.
    8. On top of the parking area on the south mall.
    9. In front of building with the moats.
    10. To the side of the building.
    11. On the highest diving board of the empty pool behind the building.
    12. At the end of the little circular road.
    13. On a dock to the north of the bridge leading to Leaf Links. (Very Small)
    Right by the bridge.
    14. On the back porch area of the apartment building east of Northpoint Mall.
    15. In front of east entrance of Northpoint Mall.
    16. On second floor of mall near the excalators. East section.
    17. In an alley behind a building north of the west edge of the car park.
    18. In the area by south of the statue at the V.A.J. financial building.
    19. Up the winding white steps of a staircase north of the road.
    20. On top of steps used to ramp onto Ammunation.
    21. Near the entrance to the helipads at Hyman Stadium.
    22. In the alley behind the record building. West side of alley.
    23. Behind the Moist Palms Hotel.
    24. Follow an alley west behind the building on the curb.
    25. Behind a small building near the southwest of this 4 way stop.
    26. In the alley between all the fences behind the buildings.
    27. On top of small ramp behind the building two buildings north of Cherry
    Popper Ice Cream Company.
    28. On the south ledge of building directly north of the Cherry Popper Ice
    Cream Company.
    29. On roof of building on corner. Use the stairs to climb to the top.
    30. Behind the orange building with the swimming pool near the intersection for
    airport/seaport/sunshine autos.
    31. On the northeastern most cargo ship.
    32. Inside of the airport terminal behind back wall.
    33. On top of airport terminal.
    34. In bushy area east of military base.
    35. In driveway of western most house on Starfish Island.
    9. R3 Missions                 |
    A. Vigilante                  \
    Grab a law enforcement vehicle of any type and take out some criminals.
    Objective: Complete vigilante mission level 12 to get 150 armor.
    B. Paramedic                  \
    Head for a hospital and jack an ambulence.  Pick up wounded citizens and rush
    them to hospital. (Note that the ambulence can only hold 3 patients at a time.)
    Objective: Complete paramedic mission level 12 to get infinite adrenaline.
    C. Firefighter                \
    Get to the firestation in Downtown and grab the firetruck.  Spray down flaming
    vehicles and people.
    Objective: Complete firefighter mission level 12 to become immune to fire.
    D. Pizza Boy                  \
    Go around back of any pizza restaurant to find a scooter.  Hop on and start
    delivering pizzas by holding L2 or R2 and pressing circle to throw.
    Objective: Successfully deliver 55 pizzas consecutively to get 150 health.
    E. Taxi                       \
    Jack a taxi and take customers to their destinations.
    Objective: Complete 100 total fares to gain hydrolics (using L3) for all taxi
    10. Rewards for 100%           |
    After doing all that has been mentioned you will gain the following:
    200 Health
    200 Armor
    2x Car Health
    Frankie Outfit (White T-shirt with black trim that says "I completed Vice City
    and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"
    Infinite Ammo
    2-3 Gang members to help you.
    11.Cheat Codes                 |
    These are all push button codes. You can enter them any time during regular
    U = Up D = Down L = Left R = Right T = Triangle S = Square X = X O = Circle L1
    = L1 L2 = L2 R1 = R1 R2 = R2
    *Player Cheats*
    All Weapons #1 R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U
    All Weapons #2 R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, L
    All Weapons #3 R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, D
    Full Armor R1, R2, L1, X, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U
    Full Health R1, R2, L1, O, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U
    Commit Suicide R, L2, D, R1, L, L, R1, L1, L2, L1
    Raise Wanted Level R1, R1, O, R2, L, R, L, R, L, R
    Lower Wanted Level R1, R1, O, R2, U, D, U, D, U, D
    Ladies Man O, X, L1, L1, R2, X, X, O, T
     *Character Cheats*
    Change Clothes R, R, L, U, L1, L2, L, U, D, R
    Play As Ricardo Diaz L1, L2, R1, R2, D, L1, R2, L2
    Play As Lance Vance O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, L1
    Play As Candy Suxxx O, R2, D, R1, L, R, R1, L1, X, L2
    Play As Ken Rosenberg R, L1, U, L2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R1
    Play As Hilary King R1, O, R2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R2
    Play As Love Fist Guy #1 D, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X
    Play As Love Fist Guy #2 R1, L2, R2, L1, R, R2, L, X, S, L1
    Play As Phil Cassady R, R1, U, R2, L1, R, R1, L1 ,R, O
    Play As Sonny Forelli O, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X
    Play As Mercedes R2, L1, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, O, T
     *Spawning Cheats*
    Spawn A Rhino O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, T, O, T
    Spawn A Bloodring Racer D, R1, O, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, L, L
    Spawn A Bloodring Banger U, R, R, L1, R, U, S, L2
    Spawn A Hotring Racer #1 R1, O, R2, R, L1, L2, X, X, S, R1
    Spawn A Hotring Racer #2 R2, L1, O, R, L1, R1, R, U, O, R2
    Spawn A Romero's Hearse D, R2, D, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, L, R
    Spawn A Love Fist R2, U, L2, L, L, R1, L1, O, R
    Spawn A Trashmaster O, R1, O, R1, L, L, R1, L1, O, R
    Spawn A Sabre Turbo R, L2, D, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, O, L
    Spawn A Caddie O, L1, U, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, O, X
    *Vehicle Cheats*
    Cars Float On Water Right, R2, O, R1, L2, S, R1, R2
    Blow Up Cars R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, S, T, O, T, L2, L1
    Aggressive Drivers R2, O, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, R2, L2
    Pink Cars O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, X
    Pink Cars O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, O
    Black Cars O, L2, U, R1, L, X, R1, L1, L, O
    Dodo Cheat R, R2, O, R1, L2, D, L1, R1
    Perfect Handling T, R1, R1, L, R1, L1, R2, L1
    Weird Wheels R1, X, Triangle, Right, R2, Square, Up, Down, S
    Car Speed x2 R1, R2, L1, L1, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U
    *Weather Cheats*
    Sunny Weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, D
    Cloudy Weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, T
    Very Cloudy Weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, S
    Stormy Weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, O
    Foggy Weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, X
    *Miscellaneous Cheats*
    Speed Up Time O, O, L1, S, L1, S, S, S, L1, T, O, T
    Slow Down Time T, U, R, D, S, R2, R1
    Pedestrians Riot D, L, U, L, X, R2, R1, L2, L1
    Pedestrians Hate You D, U, U, U, X, R2, R1, L2, L2
    Robocops O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, X
    Peds Have Weapons R2, R1, X, T, X, T, U, D
    Gals Drop Weapons R, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, L1, X
    Media Level Meter R2, O, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, S, T
    12. Easter Eggs               |
    These are small things to keep you amused that do not count torwards 100%.
    Beach Ball
    This can be found in many places. The object is to bounce it on your head as
    many times as possible. You do not, I repeat do not gain any sort of reward for
    doing this multiple times.
    Candy Suxx Pictures
    Look on the table in your office. There should be some pictures. Zoom in the
    the sniper rifle to view.
    You must do these on a bike. For wheelies you pull up the front end. For
    stoppies you pull up the back end.
    After beating each stadium event you will get a trophy on the T.V. in the
    recreation room of the mansion.
    "Brown Thunder"
    After gaining the hunter you can now play the "Brown Thunder" minigame by
    pressing R3. This is the same as vigilante except in the hunter.
    Invincible Sabre Turbo
    After Completing "The Driver" mission push the Sabre Turbo to a garage. The
    invincible car is now yours.
    Invincible Washington
    Fail the "Guardian Angel" mission and take Diaz's washington to a garage. The
    invincible car is now yours.
    Hunter In Washington Beach
    To get the hunter to show up at the helipad of the southern most house on the
    first island beat all missions and gain 100 packages. It will spawn there
    13. Frequently Asked Question |
    Q:Will cheating effect my getting 100%?
    A: No it will not in anyway effect it. Some cheat lower your criminal rating.
    That is all they do.
    Q: Is it true I can get the Hunter before 100 packages?
    A: Yes, it is. you can get it once you have beaten all main missions. It also
    spawns randomly before then.
    Q: I still cannot find or do (Insert mission or object here) what do I do?
    A: Just instant message me at MoonlitLoneWolf. I am usually more than happy to
    help out others.
    14.Credits, Closing, And Contacting|
    I would like to thank everyone for helping get this done. It was a huge task to
    do. I great hope that it in turn helps all of you as all of you helped me along
    the way. This is not to be distributed without my permission but I am usually
    more than willing to give it so please just ask first. If you need to contact
    me for anything my e-mail address in benblevins@hotmail.com or instant message
    me on aim. My screename is MoonlitLoneWolf. Thanks goes to Psychomants and
    Pantalones for help. All copyrighted material is property of it's respective
    owner. This faq is not to be redistributed without my consent.
    Copyright 2002 Ben Blevins

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