• Access the Secret Ending

    To view the secret ending of ''Max Payne 2'', start the game in ‘Dead On Arrival’ difficulty mode, and then enter this into the developer console:

    Shows you the secret ending (different ending) of the gamemaxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( );

    Contributed By: I-M-INDIAN18.

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  • Change Character

    Make a shortcut to maxpayne2.exe, right click on it and select ''Properties.'' Where it says ''Target:'' you will see the location of your maxpayne2.exe file. Change this text so that it reads ''C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 2\MaxPayne2.exe'' -developerkeys.

    Once in game, press PgUp and PgDown to change your character model. Some models are special, and some levels do not work properly with this code:

    Generally, any level where Payne moves in a cutscene. ie Get in elevatorUnusable levels
    No slowmotion in Shootdodge, infinite 9mm ammoEnemies/Payne/Mona/Vlad/Vinnie
    No weaponsBravura/Finn/'Wall Street Yuppie'/Vinnie in 'suit'

    Contributed By: Deacon Swain.

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  • Speed up / slow down the game

    Start the game with the -developerkeys tagline at the end of the shortcut. While in game, press home and end to speed up or slow down the game.

    Contributed By: Krakka.

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  • Lots of Empty Clips

    Similar to the glitch in Max Payne 1 which allows you to drop the same clip on the ground numerous times by jumping, this involves the same technique. Once you've hit the reload button, do a jump roll (NOT [shift] bulletdodge) to the left, right, or back, as soon as the clip is coming out, when you come out of the jump roll, Max will drop the clip again, and the process can begin anew. However, jumping up or forward will not affect the reload.

    Contributed By: RhinoH.

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  • Super Jump

    Switch from a one handed weapon (pistols, SMG's) to a two handed weapon (shotgun, rifle) or vice versa and immediately press jump.

    Contributed By: gta3kilchy.

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  • Unlocking game modes

    To unlock the game modes:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Unlock "Dead on Arrival" difficultyComplete "Hard-Boiled" difficulty once
    Unlock Hard Boiled, New York Minute, Dead Man Walking modesComplete "Detective" difficulty once

    Contributed By: Wario64.

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Easter Eggs

  • In Memoriam (eerie)

    This could be found on Part 1 Chapter 7 (The Million Dollar Question) After entering the room with a cleaner talking to another outside a window, take em off both. Jump into the lift outside the window and press the button to make your way down the scaffoldings. Make your way further down the scaffoldings into another window below where you've just seen a man taken off. Blast the cleaner inside with a shotgun (preferably! bang!) and instead of going inside, move your way further to the left side of the building (walk on the ledge). There you'll see an open window with some sort of faint light emanating from the inside. See for yourself what's inside the room! Eeerie!

    Contributed By: abdoncolina.

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  • Kung Fu Poster

    In part 1, chapter 6 go through the entrie fun house til you are in Mona's hideout. Once Inside look around in Mona's gym area. You will find a poster of the famous Max Payne 1 mod Kung fu by Kenneth Yeung.

    Contributed By: Aux116.

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  • Instantly Unlock All Gameplay Modes

    Go to Start Menu->Run and type in ''regedit''. Press Enter.
    In the directory tree on the left, Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->Remedy Entertainment->Max Payne 2. Click on the ''Game Level'' folder, and some items will appear on the right side of the screen. Right-Click and select New->DWORD Value

    Double-Click on the entry you just made and set the value to 1. Rename the entries to the following:

    LevelSelector - Unlocks ''Level Select'' mode
    timedmode - Unlocks ''New York Minute'' and ''Dead Man Walking'' modes
    nightmare - Unlocks ''Hard-Broiled'' mode
    hell - Unlocks ''Dead On Arrival'' mode

    Contributed By: hel.

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  • Special Ending

    To get the special ending, simply beat Dead on Arrival mode

    Contributed By: Wario64.

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  • Taking cool screenshots

    Start the game with maxpayne2.exe -developerkeys -screenshot.
    To do this you right click on your shortcut (which is usually on your desktop) and add -developerkeys -screenshot after the target line, here's an example:

    ''C:/Games/Max Payne 2/MaxPayne2.exe'' -developerkeys -screenshot

    Then when you're playing press the pause button and then F3 and you'll be able to move the camera around freely, and with F10 you'll take a screenshot which will be saved in a folder called 'screenshots' in your Max Payne 2 folder. To get the camera back to normal just press the F3 button two more times.

    Contributed By: FAQ GOD.

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