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FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark Vortex

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/13/06

                          Delta Force: Black Hawk Down                         
                           By: Dark Vortex (Quan Jin)
                                  Version 1.1

This guide may be found on the following sites:

[http://faqs.ign.com]------------------------------------------------[IGN FAQs]
[http://www.dlh.net]--------------------------------------[Dirty Little Helper]

This guide is copyright (c)2005-2006 Quan Jin

                               Table of Contents            

      1. Introduction...............................................[1000]
      2. FAQ........................................................[2000]  
      3. Controls...................................................[3000]
      4. Walkthrough................................................[4000]
             4.1. Marka Breakdown...................................[4100]
             4.2. Bandit's Crossing.................................[4200]
             4.3. River Raid........................................[4300]
             4.4. Gasoline Alley....................................[4400]
             4.5. Besieged..........................................[4500]
             4.6. Radio Aidid.......................................[4600]
             4.7. Russian Underground...............................[4700]
             4.8. Shattered Palace..................................[4800]
             4.9. Diplomatic Immunity...............................[4900]
             4.10. Shore Patrol.....................................[4010]
             4.11. Irene............................................[4011]
             4.12. Lost Convoy......................................[4012]
             4.13. Valiant Soldiers.................................[4013]
             4.14. Last Stand.......................................[4014]
             4.15. Mogadishu Mile...................................[4015]
             4.16. Aidid Takedown...................................[4016]
      5. Weapon Listing.............................................[5000]
      6. Multiplayer................................................[6000]
             6.1. Classes...........................................[6100]
             6.2. Gametypes.........................................[6200]
      7. Version History............................................[7000]
      8. Legal Information..........................................[8000]
      9. Credits & Closing..........................................[9000]

                                1. Introduction                        [1000]

I was pretty surprised at the lack of complete single player guides for this 
game. This game isn't that unpopular (albeit a bit outdated). 

Within this FAQ/Walkthrough, you'll find a full single player guide that will
walk you through each and every one of the campaign levels along with a weapon
appendix that describes each available weapon in detail. 

Please note that this guide does not cover the Team Sabre expansion pack. 

                                    2. FAQ                             [2000]


              [Q] What are those red arrows appearing over some doors?
              [A] During some missions when you come across rooms filled with
                  enemies, you will have the option of having your allies
                  perform a 'takedown' procedure. Use the backspace key 
                  whenever that icon comes up. Basically, one of your
                  allies will throw a Flashbang and then begin clearing out
                  the room for you. 


              [Q] How do I get past those minefields?

              [A] Whenever you come across a minefield, be sure to scan the
                  area for the white sticks. Normally, they would create a 
                  path free of mines. When crossing minefields, stick very
                  close to the white stakes to safely get across. 


                                  3. Controls                          [3000]

This sectionly highlights basic keyboard controls (the first three pages of 
the key sheet). To see more, press F1 in-game and use the PgUp and PgDwn to

                     Look --------------------- Mouse
                     Primary Fire ------------- Mouse Button 1
                     Alternate Fire ----------- Mouse Button 2

                     Forward ------------------ W, Up
                     Back --------------------- S, Down
                     Strafe Left -------------- A, Left
                     Strafe Right ------------- D, Right
                     Lean/Roll Left ----------- Q
                     Lean/Roll Right ---------- E
                     Look Up ------------------ P
                     Look Down ---------------- . 
                     Turn Left ---------------- L
                     Turn Right --------------- ;
                     Prone -------------------- Z, Mouse Button 3, PgDwn
                     Crouch ------------------- X, End
                     Stand -------------------- C, Delete
                     Jump --------------------- Spacebar

                     Knife -------------------- 1
                     Secondary Weapon --------- 2
                     Primary Weapon ----------- 3
                     Flashbang Grenade -------- 4
                     Frag Grenade ------------- 5
                     Smoke Grenade ------------ 6
                     Explosive ---------------- 7
                     Radio Detonator ---------- 8
                     Medic Pack --------------- 9
                     Reload ------------------- R

                     Binoculars --------------- B
                     Night Vision ------------- N

                                4. Walkthrough                         [4000]

The walkthrough will take you through each mission in detail and help you 
tackle each of them. Keep in mind that these are just MY strategies. If you 
have a different way of getting through a mission, that's fine.

   4.1. Marka Breakdown      [4001] 

     Date: February 16, 1993 - 1530 hours
     Location: Marka Village, Jubba Valley

     Default Weapon Set: M21 (Primary), M9 Beretta (Secondary), AT4 (Accessory)

     * A UN convoy carrying food and supplies has broken down in the valley
       just north of Marka. It is suspected the militia members might try to
       raid the convoy and take the shipment for themselves. Board the
       waiting Hummvee and proceed to their location. Protect the convoy and
       escort it to its destination.

     You'll be spending a lot of this mission in the gunner seat of a Hummvee
     or with a Black Hawk, so don't worry about your primary weapon. The .50 
     will rip through enemies very easily. Wait until your Hummvee begins to 
     move. Try not to shoot any of your allies in the other Hummvees or the 
     civilians on the ground. As tempting as it may be, you'll fail the 
     mission. Soon, you will begin to hear some commotion up ahead. There are 
     a number of militia up ahead. Wait until you have a clear shot and take 
     out the technical ahead. Look for the soldiers on the ground as well. 

     When the Hummvee turns, begin firing upon any enemies to your left or 
     right. Prioritize the ones holding RPG launchers! If you're hit with 
     one, you are dead. The majority of the RPG launchers are in the hills,
     but be sure to take out the one by the derelict technical on your left.
     When you clear the valley, look to your left and destroy the two incoming
     technicals. After this, you will reach the convoy. Your Hummvee will park
     to the north. There will be 2-3 technicals moving in ahead. Aim your gun
     and take them all out.

     Your job isn't over though. Many, many enemy soldiers will begin pouring
     out of the hills to the left. They're small targets, so they might be a 
     bit difficult to see. Take out as many as possible before they get too
     close. Eventually, you'll be called off of the Hummvee. Press the 'Use'
     button (default key: Shift) to dismount the .50 and meet in front of the
     convoy. Look at the arrow on your radar for the direction. Get used to
     checking your radar for objective locations. 

     You will not encounter any resistance on your way to the Overwatch 
     Position, so no worries. When you reach your objective, whip out your
     M21 (if it isn't already out) and aim at the bad guys below. There are 
     a number of them, but you have the height advantage. Plus, your allies
     will provide some fire support as well. Be sure to take out the two 
     enemies by the sandbags that are a bit further north. Once the CP is
     cleared, head on down. If there are any enemies remaining, be sure to put
     in their place. A Black Hawk will come down. Jump on and man the left

     Once you dust off, you'll be given a new objective. You must protect the
     convoy from any attacks. With the minigun, that'll be an easy task. Your
     first two enemies will appear to the left on the ground. Put some holes
     through them. The Black Hawk will turn toward another group of militia
     below. Be wary, as one or two of them may be holding an RPG launcher. Be
     sure to blow up the non-moving technical as well. The Black Hawk will 
     receive a call from the convoy and turns toward it. Keep an eye out for
     any enemies on the ground. Don't worry about the right side of the 
     helicopter; your teammate on the other gun will take care of them. And
     also, try not to SHOOT the convoy either. 

     The Black Hawk will pass the convoy. Scan the ground below you for any
     more soldiers there. You'll fly over two enemy vehicles and a handful of
     militia. As long as you take the majority of them out, they shouldn't
     pose much of a threat. Be sure to watch out for the potential RPG launcher
     by the technical. In the distance, two more technicals will also appear.
     the Black Hawk will soon pass the convoy a second time. Help the Hummvees
     on the ground with the enemies in the field. Destroy any more technicals
     you see. 

     Your Black Hawk will pass over the convoy another time. There should be
     two technicals harassing them. Watch your fire, being very careful not to
     accidentally hit the convoy, and take out the two. Before you reach the
     town, you will have to take out two more technicals below. Be careful of
     the RPG launcher in the hills. You'll be notified of his location. As you
     fly around town, another technical will appear on the dirt path ahead. 
     Dispose of it along with the RPG launcher shortly thereafter. Finally,
     you will have one last technical by the convoy as you pass it again. That
     is it for the enemies here. Simply wait for the convoy to pull into town
     and the mission will be complete. 

   4.2. Bandit's Crossing    [4002]

     Date: February 27, 1993 - 1930 hours
     Location: Jubba Valley

     Default Weapon Set: M16 (Primary), M9 Beretta (Secondary), Satchel Charge 

     * UN Forces are attempting to distribute food and provisions to local
       civilians. Intel reports that Habr Gedir militia may be planning to
       raid the distribution center and take the supplies for their clan's 
       use. You must prevent any militia units from taking food shipments. 
       Secure the village and ensure that enemy reinforcements cannot reach
       the UN Convoy. 

     You begin the mission on a civilian boat. Wait until you stop at the dock
     and then jump off. Begin moving toward the drop-off point. An explosion 
     will ring through the air and you're told to check it out. Stop by the
     boxes and begin engaging the enemies to the south. Use the crates as 
     cover. When you clear out the small force of about 10 men, move forward to
     the UN convoy itself. Just as you reach it, Habr Gedir trucks, carrying 
     a number of militia, will move in. 

     Take cover by some of the other cars in the area. The majority of your
     opposition will be by the UN convoy. However, there may also be some 
     scattered farther away. A group of civilians will also evacuate around
     that time. DO NOT hit any of them. When they're out of the way, you can
     begin firing upon any enemies in the vicinity. It shouldn't take long to
     clear them. When you're given to go-ahead to proceed, head east to the
     field. There will be a bridge in the distance.

     Stay behind the barrels and use them as cover. There are a bunch of enemy
     soldiers in the following field. Take aim and knock them all down. At
     some point, a technical may try running through the field. There's no
     need to kill every single enemy here unless you're looking to perfect the
     mission. When enough Habr Gedir soldiers have been neutralized, you can
     proceed. Command will tell you to move into a run-down fishing boat to
     the left of the bridge (on your side). Follow the arrow on your radar to
     reach it.

     There is a health pack and ammo on the boat. Take it if you want it. Now,
     look toward the bridge and shoot any enemies attempting to cross. Also,
     take down any soldiers that you have a clear shot at on the opposite 
     side. Your little boat will provide you enough cover to protect you from
     enemy fire. After a little while, you'll be notified of two technicals
     moving in. M16 fire will be enough to take them out on the bridge. If you
     don't feel like wasting your ammunition, your allies will take care of 

     After the technicals have been destroyed, you will be ordered to cross 
     the bridge and destroy the ammo cache on the far side. When crossing, be
     sure to take your time! You aren't in any rush, and enemies are all over
     the place. When you hit the other side, take down the snipers on the roof
     of the small, stone building in front of you. Afterwards, focus on the
     other militia scattered around the building. When you've cleared out 
     enough of them to proceed, continue to the stone building and check the
     back. The ammo cache is right here. You only need to destroy three or
     four crates of guns before the entire thing blows up. 

     Once that's gone, you will be told of multiple enemy vehicles and 
     personnel moving in on your position. Double-time your way out of there
     and back to the bridge. Follow the line on your radar to the middle of 
     the bridge. Take haste, as a number of technicals and militia are running
     after you. Put down your Satchel Charges in the middle of the bridge and
     run back to the safe side of the bridge. Before detonating the charges,
     make sure that your allies are off the bridge. Blow it up to finish the

   4.3. River Raid           [4003]

     Date: April 27, 1993 - 0700 hours
     Location: Brava Village, Jubba Valley

     Default Weapon Set: M16/203 (Primary), M9 Beretta (Secondary), AT4 

     * An informant has given us the location of an illegal weapons shipment
       waiting to be transferred to the Habr Gedir. Your team will insert the
       target area by Black Hawk. Find and secure the weapons cache and  
       retrieve any intel. Victor Two will be on standby if you need any 

     You begin the mission on a Black Hawk. You'll be briefed along with the
     rest of your team. Wait until the Black Hawk touches down. Now, get off
     and begin running toward the city. You'll notice a bunch of militia 
     pouring out of the city as well. Don't try to enter just yet. Instead,
     stick out there and shoot down any bandits. When you've cleared out the
     ones that are currently attacking you, run toward the city. The arrow
     points you in the direction of the warehouse. However, the area is a bit
     too hot to get there right now. 

     When you move in, you will have to be careful of civilians. Do not shoot
     anyone with a red "X" when you aim at them. Killing too many of them will
     fail the mission. Take cover amongst the various houses and lean out to
     shoot. This will help you avoid getting hit. Stay in this general area 
     for a little bit. After a little while longer, head to the blip on the 
     radar. It represents a .50 Caliber. Get on it and a technical should 
     come in from the south. Rip it apart and then focus on the other militia. 
     Stick there a bit longer and neutralize any remaining enemies in the 
     immediate vicinity. 

     When this area is clear for the most part, you can continue toward the
     warehouse. I strongly suggest you duck in-between the buildings instead
     of following the main road. Therefore, when you do reach the warehouse,
     you can lean and pop some of the baddies without putting yourself in 
     danger. The warehouse is guarded pretty heavily. There are Habr Gedir 
     inside and outside. Take out the few standing outside the entrance. Duck
     into an alleyway for cover when facing the enemies hanging around here.
     Do not enter the warehouse until you've killed the majority inside. 
     After most of the militia are dead, you can proceed into the warehouse.
     Keep your guard up, as some enemies could still be lurking within. Walk
     up to the walkway and follow it to the rear of the building. Pick up the
     enemy documents here. With that done, you'll be given a new objective.
     First, get behind the warehouse and wait for the truck to appear. You 
     must head over to Deka and assist Victor Two. 

     Hop on the back of the truck and you'll start moving. The way will be
     free of resistance apart from two technicals. The first one will begin
     parked by a .50 Cal. The other will appear on your left. Take out the
     gunner on both of those. Eventually, your truck will come to a stop by
     a mine field. Get off and examine the red sticks in the ground. The white
     sticks represent the path you must take to get past safely. Now, 
     carefully make your way along the white sticks. When you reach the other
     side, you'll be near a river.
     Follow the blue path toward Victor Two's drop-off point. When you get 
     near the river, take caution around the crocodiles hanging around. There
     is no enemy resistance along this way, so don't worry. Also, feel free 
     to jump in the water and swim across. There's no need to try to get to
     the other side without getting wet. Follow the arrow to Victor Two. Pick
     up the health and ammo here if you need it. Then follow the path toward 
     the city. 

     Like before, try to stay in the hills outside the city before entering.
     It's best to kill as many enemies before entering. You might be 
     overwhelmed in that case. When inside the town, proceed to Waypoint 
     Hotel. Take your time though! There are a lot of enemies in this city
     as you can probably tell. The buildings allow for good cover so use them
     to your advantage. Near Waypoint Hotel is a dock. There are a lot of 
     enemies around here. Also note the green boat on your radar. Don't stray
     too far away from it. Don't worry about seeking out the Habr Gedir; 
     they'll come to you. Also, a Black Hawk will patrol the skies above you
     and provide cover fire. 

     After about a minute, you will be told to destroy a weapons shipment 
     boat that is leaving the docks. THAT is the boat I told you of before.
     Run over to it and put as many rounds into it as you can. A few shots
     should be enough to blow a hole right through it. When that boat is down,
     the mission should end. 

   4.4. Gasoline Alley       [4004]

     Date: August 27, 2003 - 2015 hours
     Location: Mogadishu Outskirts, Somalia
     Default Weapon Set: M16 (Primary), M9 Beretta (Secondary), Satchel Charge

     * We have our first mission for Task Force RAnger today. Aidid's 
       financial chief, Osman Otto, operates a warehouse where they are 
       outfitting trucks with fifty-caliber machine guns. We need to capture
       those technicals and destroy them. 

     The mission begins with you manning a .50 on a Hummvee. Once you join the
     convoy, get your trigger finger ready. You won't meet any reistance for
     a little bit. However, as soon as you round the first corner, some 
     gunfire will ring through the air up ahead. Watch the rooftops and 
     alleyways, but prioritize those on the roofs. The ones on the ground can
     be taken out by your allies. Soon, you will turn another corner. The 
     enemies will be much more thicker here. Be wary of any RPG launchers on 
     the surrounding rooftops. Take the enemies to the left and right. They 
     will mostly be concentrated to your right though. 

     The militia with regular AKs won't pose too much of a threat. However, 
     keep an eye out for stray RPG launchers. They are the biggest danger
     along this stretch of road. A few minutes into the mission, an air strike
     will be called to take out a position ahead of you. Shortly afterwards,
     your Hummvee will turn another corner toward a bridge. Aim at the enemies
     on top of the bridge while taking out any stray militia on the ground. 
     After you pass the bridge, you'll reach your next mission objective. Get
     off the Hummvee. 
     You are told to avoid the front door of the garage for now. Go north 
     along the waypoint line. There are enemies to the right on top of the 
     cargo crates. Take cover amongst the shacks to your left while proceeding
     to your next waypoint. When you hit Bravo, take cover by the bus you see
     ahead of you. Look behind you and take out any enemies on the rooftops. 
     Up ahead is a thick enemy position. Stay by the bus and try to take them
     down without getting hit yourself. As long as you stay in that position,
     you should be able to dispatch all of them without much trouble. 

     Otto's garage is just up ahead. However, don't just rush in there. Walk 
     up a little bit and peak to the left. There is another group of enemies
     here with a .50 Caliber nearby! Kill them all before they manage to gun
     you down. When that area is clear, you can proceed to the garage. Follow
     the waypoint arrow right and around the side of the garage warehouse. 
     One or two enemies might appear in front of you so keep your guard up. At
     the other end of the building is the entrance into the garage. Your
     teammates will notify you of enemies outside on the rooftop to your 
     right. Take him down and anyone in the immediate vicinity. Then enter
     the garage. 

     Now you are going to have to clear all Habr Gedir from this building. The
     first room (with the two Technicals parked inside) is clear. However, the
     main garage has a few bad guys inside. Throw a Frag Grenade before 
     heading in and then mop up the rest of them. There are about three 
     Habr Gedir on the walkway above you. Take them out first and then focus
     on the militia on your level. Clearing the garage shouldn't take too 
     long. When you do, walk into the room to the left and pick up a health
     pack and some more ammunition. Save the extra packs for later; you will
     probably need them then. 

     Your job isn't complete yet. Enemies will surround the garage and attempt
     to take it back. Get back in the main garage bay and stay to the right 
     side of the large garage door. Keep an eye on the upper walkway. Two or
     three Habr Gedir will run there. Stay clear of the main garage door as a 
     technical will come crashing in. As long as you are to the side, you will
     be untouched. After the suicidal technical, a large group of militia will
     group outside of the garage. First, take out any enemies that occupy the
     side bay or door. Once your flank is secure, take the .50 Cal on the 
     technical in the main garage bay. Quickly mow down the large group of
     militia outside the garage. 

     Due to the angle of the gun, you can't hit all of the enemies stationed
     outside. Get off and find yourself a good spot inside the garage to shoot
     out. The majority of enemies will attack you from out there. However,
     you will still want to watch the side bay door. Bad guys will appear from
     there sporadically, but it's best to stay safe. When the group outside
     the main bay door grows in size, man the .50 Caliber again. Be sure to 
     use it whenever the situation arises. For the most part, staying inside
     that garage will keep you safe. Don't run outside until you have very 
     little resistance left. By that time, the convoy should be moving in to
     pick you up. 

     Head over to the side bay and drop your Satchel Charges on the two/three
     technicals there. Don't detonate them yet though. Head outside and walk
     over to the convoy. Get onto the truck and THEN detonate the charges. The
     technicals inside will go up in smokes. There may still be a few enemies
     in the area. If you need to, take out any remaining baddies in the area.
     The mission will soon end. 

   4.5. Besieged             [4005]

     Date: May 5, 1993 - 1330 hours
     Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

     Default Weapon Set: M16 (Primary), M9 Beretta (Secondary), Satchel Charge

     * A convoy of Pakistani U.N. soldiers are under heavy fire in grid 
       Charlie Two. They have at least one truck destroyed and are surrounded.
       Get your team to their location and help them pass the roadblock that
       has them trapped. 

     You begin the mission on a .50 Caliber atop a Hummvee. There are no 
     enemies so first, so ease up on your trigger finger a bit. You will be 
     told to avoid civilian casualties. For the first few seconds of your 
     ride, you won't pass any opposition. However, when you see some gunfire
     up ahead, mow down the group of Habr Gedir at the corner. When you turn,
     a technical will pop up ahead of you. The man in the back is holding a
     RPG launcher. Quickly destroy the technical before he has a chance to
     fire. Keep an eye on the militia on the ground. They aren't armed with
     RPG launchers, but they can still hit you.

     When you pass a bus on your right, look ahead as a technical will bust
     right through the wall. Again, destroy the car quickly before the RPG
     launcher has a chance to fire! You will turn another corner and enter a
     somewhat open area. At the opposite end, three technicals will move in!
     Although you have some time before the RPG launchers on the back can
     shoot at you, you should still destroy all three technicals as quickly
     as possible. Your Hummvee driver will circle around the plaza area. Keep
     an eye behind you as another technical will attempt to surprise you as
     you're heading out. 

     Shortly thereafter, you will be told to dismount the Hummvee and assist 
     the soldiers up ahead. Get off of the .50 Caliber and run to your next
     objective. This area is quite hot, so immediately take cover behind the
     grounded truck. Don't shoot the soldiers in uniforms; they are your 
     allies! Look above you and take out the enemies on the balconies. There 
     are a few more up ahead. Snipe them out. When the area is clear, move up
     to the rest of the convoy. Look to your left and take out the militia on
     the rooftop and windows. 

     There are a number of them. Make sure you don't proceed until you've
     cleared the windows and rooftop directly ahead of you. Afterwards, head
     up along the length of the convoy. When the direction changes, look to
     your left and kill any militia there. The last few snipers are further
     to the right, in the buildings. Once you've cleared the snipers from the
     rear building, you will be told to proceed to the bombed-out building
     up ahead. There are health and ammo packs scattered in the various
     alleyways around so check them out if you need them. 

     When you see a clearing on your left, lean out and scan the rooftops of
     the building up ahead. That's the building you are supposed to get to.
     Take out as many militia on the rooftops as possible. Don't proceed too
     quickly though. Along the left side of this street are many enemies 
     stationed in the windows. Continue with caution and make sure you take
     out the enemies there before they can hit you. The entrance to the 
     building (follow the arrow on your map) is up ahead. However, there is a
     large number of militia flowing out of there. Before heading in, throw a
     Frag Grenade to clear the doorway. Stay outside and aim into the
     building, taking out any remaining enemies on the first floor. 

     When the way is mostly clear, enter the building. There may still be a
     few scattered Habr Gedir, so keep your guard up. Along the left side of
     the room is a doorway leading into a hallway. Before going through
     though, toss a Frag Grenade to clear some enemies out of the way. When
     you proceed through this hallway, make sure you check all of the side
     rooms. There may be a few enemies hiding amongst the rubble. The 
     staircase to the second floor is up ahead. To the left of the staircase
     is a health pack if you need it. 

     Be sure you go very SLOWLY when climbing the stairs. If possible, have
     one of your allies go up first. Chances are, there will be a mob of
     Habr Gedir when you reach the second floor. A Frag Grenade would work. 
     There are almost two dozen enemies on the second floor. Luckily, the 
     area is a bit more open than the hallway of the previous floor. Your
     allies will also prove to be very helpful in covering your back. Once
     this floor is clear as well, you can go to the rooftop. Follow the arrow
     on your radar to reach it. 

     The amount of enemies on the rooftops depends on how many you killed 
     while at the bottom. If you took out many of them, then there won't be
     so many gunners up here. If not, then you will have a lot more opposition
     to take out. Prioritize this rooftop first and then look across the 
     street to the left. Shoot down any Habr Gedir inside the windows across
     the sreet. Upon disposing of those shooters, you will be told to destroy
     the roadblock blocking the convoy. Before heading down, go over to the
     north end of the room and look down. Kill any Habr Gedir down there. 
     Look at your radar and locate the "E" on the map. Lean out along the wall
     and try to find the .50 Caliber (It's the "E" on the map). Take out the
     person manning it. 

     Now go ahead and head downstairs. When you reach the first floor, turn to
     the left. If there are any Habr Gedir here, be sure to eliminate them.
     Exit the building to find yourself at the front of the convoy and, of
     course, the roadblock. Look around to make sure the coast is clear and
     then run to the pile of rubble. Place your Satchel Charges on it and move
     back a good distance. When you're out of its blast range, detonate the
     charges. Say goodbye to that roadblock! 

   4.6. Radio Aidid          [4006]

     Date: September 3, 1993 - 0200 hours
     Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

     Default Weapon Set: MP5 (Primary), Colt .45 (Secondary), Satchel Charge

     * The Habr Gedir clan operates a radio station in Mogadishu that is
       broadcasting anti-U.N. propaganda throughout the region. You've been
       ordered to undertake a stealth raid after nightfall to take it off the

     Being a stealth mission, remember that there is no need to kill everyone
     that you come across. The MP5 is silenced so I'd suggest you use that for
     the entire length of the mission. You begin with night vision enabled. 
     I'd suggest leaving it on. However, if you ever want to shut it off (the 
     green gets annoying after awhile), just press "N" on your keyboard. Your
     team consists of three other men so you have a pretty sizeable force

     Begin by heading north toward your first waypoint. There is a bad guy
     patrolling the street up ahead. If you want to, duck into the alleyway to
     your right and follow the arrow to waypoint Bravo. Be careful of any
     stragglers patrolling the alleyways though. You know what to do. Proceed
     east along the main street and shoot anyone that attempts to attack you.
     When you reach the corner, turn right and begin moving south. There are
     a number of guards hiding by the shack in the middle of the street. Move
     in quickly and get rid of the enemies here. Proceed behind the shack and
     kill any enemies by the burning barrel. Hold here and shoot down any
     guards up ahead of you. When it's clear, move up and turn to the left
     into an alleyway with a bus. 

     Before you reach the arrow to waypoint Echo, lean out to the right. There
     are a number of guards by a burning barrel here. Catch them by surprise
     and kill them. Continue eastward, being careful of any remaining guards
     in the area. Up ahead should be another burning barrel with a number of
     Habr Gedir near it. Keep your distance and snipe the baddies. Advance 
     toward the next waypoint and then duck into the alleyway on your right.
     There are a number of guards ahead of you by a streetlight. There is
     a health pack to your left as well. Dispose of the enemies any way you
     choose and proceed ahead. 

     Enter the radio building to find a multitude of Habr Gedir. Throw a 
     few grenades into the rooms to clear them out. When the floor is mostly
     secure, proceed into the generator room to the left of the entrance. 
     Place ONE Satchel Charge on it and detonate it to destroy it. With that
     done, you are told to head to the roof and destroy the radio tower and
     transmitter. Before heading to the staircase in the back, check all of 
     the rooms on the first floor to make sure that everyone is dead. Now, 
     head up two sets of stairs to the second floor. There should be two 
     enemies up ahead. Take them out and the second floor will be clear. 

     Go up one more ramp to the third floor. Clear the enemies out of this 
     floor and destroy the radio equipment (gunfire will be enough) you come 
     across at the end. There are two ladders. One of them is right by the 
     ramp leading up here and the other one is at the other side of the room. 
     Use either one to climb up to the roof. The radio tower is located up 
     here; destroy it using your final Satchel Charge. Don't forget about the 
     health and ammo pack right by it. With your objective complete, make your 
     way back to the first floor. 

     Leave the radio building and look to the south. There is a lot of 
     opposition in the area ahead. Camp by the radio building's entrance and
     take out the Habr Gedir from that position. A technical will eventually
     move in. Put some rounds into it to destroy it quickly. Now, follow your
     waypoint to X-Ray through the alleyway. There are many guards in the 
     surrounding area. However, you will find it easiest to just run past
     them. A Black Hawk will assist you from the air. Before you are about
     reach X-Ray, be sure to clear out the Habr Gedir hiding by the shacks.

     When you reach X-Ray, duck into the alleyway toward Yankee. You should 
     not meet any resistance in the alleyways. Just in case though, keep your
     MP5 ready. Just as you are about to reach the extraction point, lean 
     ahead and shoot the gunner off of the technical ahead of you. Don't
     worry about destroying the technical. Proceed ahead and take out the
     gunner on the technical just ahead of the other one. The Hummvees will
     arrive and the mission will end. 

   4.7. Russian Underground  [4007]

     Date: September 10, 1993 - 0700 hours
     Location: Mogadishu, Somalia
     Default Weapon Set: CAR15 (Primary), Colt .45 (Secondary), Satchel Charge

     * We have reports of a large Habr Gedir clan meeting happening today in a
       complex built by the Soviets. We're sending in teams to capture as many
       of them as we can find. If we're lucky, one will talk and give us 
       information on Aidid. 

     Wait for the Black Hawk to enter the city and drop you off on top of the
     building. Before heading in, look from the roof and try to take out any
     Habr Gedir on the ground or rooftops. Be very careful not to mistake your
     own allies on the ground for enemies! When you've defeated the majority
     of those in the ground, you will be told to enter the building. Hop down
     either of the two vents (at least I think they're vents) and immediately
     find some cover. As you probably expected, the second floor is infested
     with enemies. Fight your way to the center room where the staircase is
     located. Kill the enemies in here with a well-placed grenade and then
     hunt out the remaining enemies hiding in the rooms. 

     When the second floor is clear, descend the staircase to the first floor.
     The other managed to capture one Habr Gedir official as you can see. 
     However, you're responsible for getting another one. Descend the other
     staircase into the basement where another group is stuck behind a 
     reinforced door. Place a single Satchel Charge at its base and stand
     back. Detonate it to blow it out of the way. A few enemies might attempt
     to take you out from behind the door. Get rid of them and head into the
     next area. 

     Up ahead, a wall of reinforced glass prevents you from reaching another
     official. Instead, turn to the left where you will find some Habr Gedir.
     Clear out the enemies in these two rooms. There's nothing of interest 
     here apart from the trapdoor at the corner of the second room. Get your
     Flashbangs ready as you fall through. Immediately find some cover and
     throw your Flashbangs out. This room is filled with Habr Gedir! Take your
     time when killing them and use grenades often to clear them out easily.
     As long as you use the crates for cover, you will not be beaten up too

     Once the floor is clear, you will be told to proceed upstairs and follow
     the Tier 1 officials. However, if you go downstairs first, you will find
     a health and ammo pack. Now go upstairs to find yourself in the room that
     was originally behind the unbreakable glass. Walk into the tunnel that 
     the Tier 1 officials ran out of. It's pretty linear so you shouldn't have
     much trouble finding your way. Be careful not to shoot the civilians 
     hanging around down here though! You will only meet enemies one-by-one
     in the little niches along the path. 

     Just before you reach waypoint Quebec, you should notice a "E" on your
     radar. That represents an emplaced .50 Caliber. Don't just run in front
     of it unless you want to be ripped apart. Instead, sneak up and lean out
     to see the enemy manning the gun. Take him down and mop up the rest of 
     the Habr Gedir in that area. Be sure that you kill them before they run
     to the machine gun. Behind the emplaced weapon is a health and ammo pack.
     Pick it up before you continue. 

     The rest of this tunnel is the same as before. However, try to keep your
     pace up as there will be enemies coming from behind you. Also be sure
     to kill the enemies that appear ahead of you before they shoot you. Soon,
     you will reach a ladder leading up. Climb it and leave the building. The
     Black Hawk will fly north to a clearing. Don't follow it until you clear
     the enemies in this area. There are a number of them so take caution. 
     Take cover by the buildings. 

     When this sector is clear, proceed north into the alleyway toward the
     Black Hawk. Take your time though because there are numerous Habr Gedir
     hiding in the alleyway. They can surprise you easily if you are not
     careful. In the next clearing, you will see the Black Hawk to your left.
     Before you can extract, you will need to clear out any remaining enemies
     hanging around here. There is one RPG launcher to your right. Prioritize
     it and kill him before he manages to fire. The Tier One officials are at 
     the upper corner. Once their bodyguards are killed, they will surrender. 
     That's pretty much it for the mission so walk over to the Black Hawk and 

   4.8. Shattered Palace     [4008]

     Date: September 17, 1993 - 1045 hours
     Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

     Default Weapon Set: CAR15/203 (Primary), Shotgun (Secondary), Claymore

     * A number of Tier One personalities will be meeting tonight at an old
       hotel complex in the city. Aidid is expected to be in attendance. Our
       teams will secure the complex and capture any Habr Gedir personnel.
       There will be many civilians in the area, so check your fire. 

     You begin the mission riding alongside a Little Bird following Delta
     Team Four in the chopper up ahead. There won't be any conflict until
     you are well into the city. As your Little Bird slows down, look ahead
     because a RPG will fly right past you. The culprit is standing on the 
     bridge up ahead. You have some time to aim and take him out before he 
     lands a RPG on you. The hotel complex is up ahead and Delta Team Four
     will drop. Your job, on the Little Bird, is to try to take out as many
     of the Habr Gedir on the roof as possible. Feel free to use one of your
     CAR15/203's HE grenades. The enemies on the roof are grouped together,
     making the grenades very effective. 

     As Delta Team Four hotdrops into the hotel, you will be sent to a small
     building nearby. Get off of the Little Bird and stay by the sandbags 
     while looking down upon the enemies below. Try to take out as many of
     them as possible while on the roof. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO HIT THE 
     CIVILIANS! Also, notice the two .50 Caliber machine guns stationed at
     the sides of the hotel to the west. Currently, they are unmanned but 
     later on, you will need to take those guns out. When the ground is clear
     for the most part, run over to the hole leading into the rest of the

     First, throw a Flashbang as there are about a dozen or so Habr Gedir
     waiting downstairs. Quickly make your way down there and kill the militia
     on the top floor. Make sure this floor is secure before looking below. 
     Throw another Flashbang into the first floor and run down. There are many
     enemies down here as well. Take them out as efficiently as you can and
     snag the health pack at the rear end of the room. Now that this building
     is secure, you will be told to head over to the hotel. Be sure to take 
     out the Habr Gedir running into this building first. 

     Run out and stay by the building's doorway. The courtyard is still hot. 
     You should notice a lot of enemy activity toward the hotel. Stay by the
     doorway and shoot them down before they deal any damage. Further ahead
     at the sides of the hotel are the two machine guns that you saw before.
     This time though, they are manned. If you were to make a beeline for the
     hotel, the machine guns would rip you apart in seconds. Take caution and
     slowly move up into killing range. Shoot out both heads manning the 
     .50 Caliber and take out any remaining enemies in the courtyard. 

     Now, head over to the hotel entrance. There are many enemies scattered
     inside so take caution. The majority of them are in the center of the
     main room but there are some in the pockets jutting out by the entrance.
     Be sure to kill them all before proceeding anywhere else. There's an 
     ammo pack in the left pocket jutting out by the entrance. Now, you have 
     a few ways to go: upstairs, through the left doorway, or the right 
     doorway. Don't head upstairs until you've first cleared the first floor.
     That means you will need to check both doorways and the hallways that
     follow. The doorway on the right will lead you to a health pack. The 
     other way will bring you into a complex hallway with rooms branching off.
     At the end of this hallway is a staircase. 

     Once you have cleared all Habr Gedir out of this building, you can 
     proceed upstairs. There is one staircase at the end of the left hallway
     along with the stairset in the main room. Go upstairs and follow your
     waypoint arrow to Delta Team Four's location. The Tier One prisoners are
     secure here. It will be your job to ensure a safe extraction. However,
     that will prove to be fairly difficult as Habr Gedir are stationed
     outside of the hotel. You are told to take a M60, but you can choose any
     weapon and succeed. Because the M60 is a piece of crap (at long 
     distances), I would suggest the M21 due to its long-range capabilities.
     Although it has a slow rate of fire, you still want to focus more on 
     accuracy than pure firepower. 

     Now, run to the staircase at the southwest corner of the hotel and climb
     up to the roof. Quickly establish a vantage point at waypoint Whiskey.
     There are a multitude of enemies to your left, right, and directly across
     the courtyard. First, focus on the enemies to your right (in the windows)
     and then take out a few to your right (on the bridge). Don't worry if
     you don't get them all up there. You want to focus on the buildings
     directly across the courtyard; they will pose the biggest threat to the
     extracting team. You don't need to kill them all, but you do want to take
     out enough of them so that Delta Team Four can get out. Once the convoy
     is out, you can board the incoming Little Bird and finish the mission. 

   4.9. Diplomatic Immunity  [4009]

     Date: September 24, 1993 - 1430 hours
     Location: Mogadishu, Somalia
     Default Weapon Set: CAR15 (Primary), Colt .45 (Secondary), Claymore

     * A number of captured Habr Gedir were being transferred to UNOSOM II
       custody when there was an attack by a large number of militia gunmen.
       A small riot has ensued and a number of UN personnel are being held as
       hostages. Your team's being sent in to rescue them. 
     You will want to take full advantage of your save points in this mission.
     Some segments are pretty difficult and it can be annoying playing the
     mission over and over again. You will fly toward the building in a Little
     Bird. When you enter the city, you'll immediately meet some resistance
     on the ground in the form of RPGs and gunmen. Try to take out as many of
     the enemies as possible on the first pass around the complex. There are
     RPGs scattered around on the ground and atop the rooftop of the building.
     Don't worry if you miss any of them on your first pass. 

     When your Little Bird completes the first pass, he'll slow down a little
     bit so you can clear out the RPGs before they destroy you. You will hover
     at the corner of the building. Look below and shoot out the RPG launcher
     there if you didn't hit him on your first pass. As you revolve around the
     building, scan the rooftops for two RPG launchers. Clear the enemies of
     the gate and observation tower ONLY when the RPG launchers on the roof 
     are taken care of. There should be one last RPG launcher at the far 
     corner of the building. When your Little Bird flies around there, look
     down for a Habr Gedir holding one. When the RPGs are gone, your Little
     Bird will finally set down. 

     Before you enter the building, be sure that you snag the health and ammo
     packs by the Little Birds. Follow the waypoint arrow to the front door
     of the complex. Quickly throw in a Frag Grenade and clear the room up
     front. The hostages are in the south room and they are guarded by at 
     least two Habr Gedir in the outside hallway. Try not to hit those 
     friendlies though! When the Habr Gedir on the first floor are gone, move
     to the staircase in the back and climb up. The ladder leading up to the
     observation tower is heavily guarded. The room holds at least a dozen
     enemy gunmen! Before entering, use a Frag Grenade to blow a nice chunk
     out of that force. Climb the ladder up to the observation deck and clear
     any enemies you failed to kill previous (while on the Little Bird).

     A bunch of enemy forces are closing in on your position. Quickly get onto
     the .50 Caliber nearby and get ready for a bit of action. The first
     to pop in is a technical along the north road to the east. Look over 
     there and quickly blow it up. You will hear your teammates screaming, 
     "RPG! RPG!" so you can assume that there will be a few of those in the
     area. They mostly come from the east. Kill anyone that appears there and
     then swivel around to the south. There will also be technicals rushing
     in from there. After clearing them out, turn back to the east and kill
     the two or three RPG launchers running in. More technicals will rush
     from the northeast road. Take care of them as you see fit. 

     When those are cleared out of the way, you will be ordered to head back
     downstairs and escort the hostages out of the area. Proceed down the same
     way you came up and meet the hostages outside of the building (follow the
     waypoint arrow). They are currently waiting beside a wall with an 
     opening ahead. Head up there and stay there while gunning down all of
     the Habr Gedir outside of the wall. There is a large group of them to 
     your left. Dispose of them before they cause too much trouble. Make sure
     the area up ahead is clear before moving ahead. Your waypoint arrow will
     have you duck into an alleyway. However, before you enter it, take out 
     the RPG launcher standing directly above the alleyway entrance! He won't
     shoot until you get really close so take him out before heading in. 

     This is a pretty short alleyway. Notice the smaller alleyways branching 
     off to the left. If you peek out each of them, you will notice a RPG 
     launcher standing on the roof opposite your position at each branching
     alleyway! Stop every time and take them down before they fire. At the
     same time, watch your back as gunmen can surprise you from behind. When
     you reach the end of the alleyway, head north. You should see the convoy
     moving in up ahead. Don't let your guard down just yet. Just before you
     reach the convoy, a RPG launcher or two will run out from the wall. If
     you are too slow, he'll blow you to pieces. Once that threat is cleared,
     you can proceed to the convoy and finish the mission. 

   4.10. Shore Patrol        [4010]

     Date: October 1, 1993 - 1930 hours
     Location: Port Area - Mogadishu, Somalia
     Default Weapon Set: CAR15 (Primary), Colt .45 (Secondary), Claymore

     * Aidid has taken control of a radio transmitter in Habr Gedir territory,
       near the Mogadishu docks, and is using it to coordinate attacks on the
       U.N. relief efforts. Multiple guards protect the area and the shoreline
       has been mined. 

     This is not an easy mission. It's also fairly long so make sure that you
     don't use up all of your save points too quickly! You will insert by 
     fishing boat. The shores are lightly defended by guards. Check the 
     beach head along with the docks to the right for enemies. If you aren't
     careful, they will hit you. Mortars will begin coming down upon your
     ship. However, none should hit you. Concentrate more on the enemies on
     the beach. Stay away from the front of the boat and lean out alongside
     the boat to avoid any splash damage from the crazy, but inaccurate, 
     mortars flying around.
     When your beach hits land, get off immediately and run for cover by the
     rocks to the left. Unless you are in the open, the mortars should not
     affect you. You also don't want to be right in the open as there is a 
     minefield right there. You could always follow the white sticks, but it
     is much safer taking this path. From your current position, look to the
     west and run to the following group of rocks. Turn north (utilize your
     map compass) and run toward the next group of rocks. This path should
     avoid any mines in the area. From there, head directly north toward the
     village behind the fence. 

     There are numerous Habr Gedir hiding inside the village. Before entering,
     check to see if there are any shooting at you from behind the buildings
     to the left or right. Enter the village cautiously. You don't want to
     let any enemies catch you off guard. When you do enter, make sure you 
     do not pass the two BIG mine signs. They are there for a reason. Head
     left and pick up the health pack by the base of the hill. Follow the
     orange waypoint arrow up the hill. When you hit the summit, stay low and
     take out the enemies grouped up ahead. Use the explosive crates to 
     assist you. 

     Enter this center area and defeat any more enemies in the area. Head
     north toward the big building. Be careful not to hit any civilians in the
     area. They may throw rocks at you, mind. When you reach the next 
     waypoint, you will be told that this way to the radio building has been
     blocked. You will now have to find your own route without the help of
     navigation. Head backwards to the open area that you arrived at when you
     climbed up the hill. Look to the right and find the large, red cargo
     crate. Duck to the left of that into the alleyway. Follow this map which
     represents this rough 4x4 stretch of buildings and alleyways: 

                      ,---. ,---.        | ,---.
                      |   | |   |  ,----.| |   |
                      |   | |   |  |    || |   |
                      `---' `---'  `----'| `---'
                                         |       ,-.
                              ,----.---. | ,---. | |
                              |____|   | | |   | | |
                                   |   | | `---' | |
                        ,----.     |   | '------ `-'
                        |    |     |   |   ,---. Start
                        `----'     `---'   |   |
                      ,---.  ,---.         ,---.
                      |   |  |   | ,----.  |   |
                      |   |  |   | |    |  |   |
                      `---'  `---' `----'  `---'

     When you reach the clearing that the arrow leads you to, you will come
     across a large number of enemy militia. Further ahead is the radio 
     building. Don't try to enter it just yet. You will first want to get rid
     of the crazy amount of Habr Gedir hanging around outside. To the right of
     the building entrance is an emplaced machine gun. There are at least two
     RPG launchers lurking behind the buildings as well! Proceed slowly and
     avoid running blindly into an exploding rocket. 

     Once the area is clear, go ahead and enter the building. Immediately take
     out the two enemies in the corners. The doorway on the left has nothing 
     of interest so walk through the doorway on the right. The room on the 
     left just before the staircase has a single enemy inside. Take him down
     quickly and then pick up the health and ammo packs here. Now, head up
     two flights of stairs and you will reach the roof. Exit the building and
     clear the two enemies on the rooftop. In the room to the left is a large
     number of Habr Gedir. Use a Flashbang and gun them all down. Destroy
     the radio equipment here and you will be told to head over to the pier.

     Instead of backtracking, just proceed through the other doorway and head
     downstairs this way to the back exit. When you leave, try to stick around
     a little bit and thin the enemy resistance ahead. Follow the arrow to an
     open area. There are a lot of enemies here! Take out the RPG launcher to
     the left first! Find yourself some cover behind a building or some boxes
     and neutralize the Habr Gedir. When they are all gone, proceed north of
     the original location of the RPG launcher and into the alleyway. At the
     first split, go right. At the next fork, head straight. At the one 
     following that, head right. 

     At the last fork, head straight to reach another open area thick with
     enemy resistance. Luckily, there's no RPG launcher hiding around here.
     Just find some cover and lean out to shoot. Once the enemies are gone,
     check your radar and head southeast to the health and ammo pack on the
     map. Of course, use them if necessary. Be sure that you clear the man
     guarding them. After picking them up, look to the left and take out the
     nearby Habr Gedir that way. 

     Focus on the cargo ship below and the docks. Whip out your primary weapon
     and take out the .50 on the docks before the choppers arrive. There will
     be other stragglers attempting to run up toward your position. Take them
     out before they get too far. After clearing out a good amount of enemies
     down on the docks, move in toward the ship. A team will drop via Black
     Hawk. Quickly get onto the docks and cover them as they come down. Be 
     sure to neutralize any RPG launcher threats by the boat itself. With the
     extra help, secure the area of any remaining enemies.

     The last thing you have to do is plant your Satchel Charges in the ship's
     cargo hold. Use the ramp to get onto it. Be wary of any remaining Habr
     Gedir actually stationed on the ship. On the ship is an open hatch that
     reveals the ship's cargo hold. Toss a Satchel Charge down there. Don't
     worry about the enemies in the cargo hold; they will go down with the
     ship once you detonate the charges. Now, run back to the Little Bird
     that has touched down on the docks. When you are safely latched on, go
     ahead and detonate your charges. Mission accomplished. 

   4.11. Irene               [4011]

     Date: October 3, 1993 - 1535 hours
     Location: TFR base outside Mogadishu, Somalia

     Default Weapon Set: CAR15 (Primary), Shotgun (Secondary), AT4 (Accessory)

     * Two of Aidid's high-ranking officers will be meeting with other militia
       members today near the Olympic Hotel in the heart of Habr Gedir 
       territory. This is our best chance to capture two of Aidid's top
       lieutenants and a number of lower level officers. This mission will
       include four chalks of Rangers, Delta assault teams, and multiple SOAR
       helos. We should be in and out in under thirty minutes. 

     You begin the mission inside your base. Run southward toward your Little
     Bird and board it quickly. After a little briefing, you will lift off and
     begin moving toward the city. When the music cuts in, prepare to do some
     shooting. Keep your eyes on the ground ahead of you for now. There will 
     be RPGs. However, each of them will ALWAYS miss the first time so you can
     aim and fire. Make sure you kill each one before they manage to reload 
     and shoot off a second round. Don't worry about the civilians on the
     ground. Although you should avoid shooting them, don't ease up on your
     firing because they are there. 

     Once you touch down on the roof, head over to the side and assist your
     allies on the ground by defeating some of the Habr Gedir down there. 
     Afterwards, enter the building itself through the roof door. Go 
     downstairs to find yourself on the third floor. There is a large opening
     in the middle of the floor, revealing the two floors below it. From the
     third floor, feel free to kill any Habr Gedir on the second. Don't head
     downstairs until you've cleared the third floor. There are numerous 
     enemies behind the large door. Use a Flashbang to ease the task of 
     clearing them out. Check the remaining rooms on the third floor and 
     dispose of any militia you find until the third floor is clear. 

     Head down one floor. Again, check every single room, defeating any 
     enemies that you find. When the second floor is clear, you can head
     downstairs. Don't worry, the other team already cleared the first floor.
     From the staircase, turn to the left. The team there is apparently
     stuck behind a door. They'll recommend that you use a Frag Grenade to 
     blow it out of the way. Before doing that, duck into the doorway on the
     right and pick up health and ammo. Head back up to the second floor and
     use a Frag Grenade to blow the large gray door out of the way.

     The Tier One prisoners are just beyond here, so watch your fire! You want
     to kill only the Habr Gedir with guns, of course. The prisoners must stay
     alive. There are more guards in the side room to the right. Secure this
     room to complete this objective. Now you will be told to escort the 
     prisoners outside. Head down to the first floor and follow the waypoint
     arrow outside. The trucks will move in, but your mission isn't finished.
     Ranger chalk 4 is under heavy fire. Follow the waypoint arrow to the
     north. However, watch out for the group of enemies that rush out of the
     alleyway. There is also a RPG launcher around so keep your guard up. 

     You will find chalk 4 with a wounded soldier. Look around and help them
     fight off the incoming Habr Gedir. There really aren't that many. Kind of
     makes you wonder how chalk 4 failed to fight them off. Pick up the health
     pack by the wounded soldier if you need it. Shortly thereafter, you will
     be ordered to move east and assist chalk 2. Proceed that way and find the
     group. Look to the east and clear out the group of Habr Gedir rushing out
     of that alleyway. There will be a RPG launcher in their midst, so take 

     Once chalk 2 is safe, run over to the .50 Caliber. There will be two
     prominent groups of Habr Gedir you must kill. The first group will come
     out of the opening to the direct east and the other will move in more
     passively from the southeast. Both groups are very large. However, the
     .50 Caliber should have no trouble mowing all of them down. Keep fighting
     them off until a RPG lands a hit on Super Six One! The mission ends 
     shortly after. 

   4.12. Lost Convoy         [4012]

     Date: October 3, 1993 - 1735 hours
     Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

     Default Weapon Set: M21 (Primary), Colt .45 (Secondary), Claymore

     Prepare yourself for a rather lengthy Hummvee ride. RPG launchers will
     appear almost everywhere, so you will need to keep your guard up at all
     times. You begin on the .50 Caliber. Wait for the Hummvee to begin and 
     make the first turn. There are numerous gunmen on the ground along with a
     RPG on the rooftop directly across from you. He will almost always miss
     his first shot so keep your eyes open. After taking that threat down,
     look to the right and mow down as many of the of the enemies stationed
     there as possible. Don't worry if you don't take them all out before the
     Hummvee turns south. 

     Look at the buildings up ahead on the right side of the road. There are
     at least two RPG launchers stationed on top of it. Look for the smoke
     trails of missed rockets and shoot down each of the RPG launchers before
     they can fire again. Once you clear the building in which the RPG 
     launchers attacked from, you'll notice a .50 Caliber ahead. Take out the
     person manning it and check the windows for any baddies. Your Hummvee 
     will then turn left. A technical will immediately pop up ahead. Pop a 
     few rounds into it and destroy it. There are enemies on the ground, but
     they aren't much of a threat. 

     Be sure to check the windows up ahead as well. Make sure that you always
     look at the windows whenever you pass by them. RPG launchers may 
     sometimes hide in them. When your Hummvee turns left again, look ahead.
     There will be another RPG launcher on the right side of the road. Quickly
     take him down and then destroy the technical that should appear. Again,
     check the windows up ahead. The Hummvee will then turn right after
     clearing this little stretch of road. There are a number of gunmen on the
     ground here as well. They won't create much of a problem. As your Hummvee
     rounds the corner, you'll notice that the north pass is blocked off by
     two technicals and a LARGE number of Habr Gedir. Destroy the technicals
     and your Hummvee will attempt to find another way to the crash site. 

     There will be yet another RPG launcher ahead on a rooftop. Get used to
     scanning the rooftops for these monstrocities. Afterwards, you will turn
     left again. There will be another RPG launcher on the following rooftop. 
     At the end of this stretch of road, your Hummvee will turn right. 
     However, turn your gun to the left and neutralize the large group of
     Habr Gedir on this side. Quickly turn around and take out the .50 Caliber
     machine gun along with the enemies on the rooftop directly above it. 
     There may be another RPG launcher in the window ahead. As you turn right
     again, another technical will rush out ahead; destroy it. After a few
     seconds, your Hummvee will arrive at a roadblock. Looks like you'll have
     to find another route. Check the rooftops ahead for RPG launchers. There
     are also Habr Gedir on the ground. 

     As you proceed this way, you will eventually hit another machine gun.
     Dispose of it quickly along with any gunmen on the ground. When you turn
     right, your Hummvee will enter a civilian dwelling of some sort. Be 
     careful not to hit too many of them. There aren't any enemies here, so
     no worries. However, when you turn right out of the area, there will be
     a RPG launcher in the window. After you turn left (somehow managing to
     get onto the main road), you will meet much more resistance in the form
     of Habr Gedir on foot. There are also many civilians scattered around. 
     Be sure to watch your fire. Directly ahead of you is a RPG launcher on 
     the rooftop. He will miss his first shot so keep your eyes open. There is
     also a .50 Caliber directly below the RPG launcher. 

     By the .50 Caliber is yet another roadblock. Your Hummvee will turn north
     to go around the outside. You won't meet any resistance for a little bit.
     When you notice a gunman on the rooftop, quickly mow down him down. There
     will be a RPG launcher up ahead by two unmanned machine guns. Prioritize
     him to avoid getting your butt blown off. You will then turn right toward
     a busy area. Watch the window in the building on your right for a 
     potential RPG launcher. The next area is basically squished in-between 
     two lines of buildings. In the windows of both sides are gunmen and 
     maybe a RPG launcher or two. The resistance here is thick. Assuming you
     kept some of your allies alive, you will be helped considerably by their
     machine guns. Make sure that you clear both sides of the street the best
     you can. At the end, you'll be told to dismount. Before doing so, use the
     .50 Caliber to take out any remaining Habr Gedir around you. 

     Your first waypoint arrow tells you to move west to waypoint Alpha. When
     you reach Alpha, take the health pack there. Now head south through the
     alleyways. Be wary of any stray Habr Gedir hiding through these 
     alleyways. Soon, you'll reach a somewhat open area with a destroyed truck
     on the right. Watch your back and clear this area of any resistance. From
     the truck, go east and follow the alleyways toward your next waypoint. 
     There are enemies patrolling these alleyways so take caution. When you 
     hit the aluminum shacks, climb up the ladder by the bombed-out structure.
     This height advantage will allow you to easily clear the following area
     of any enemies. 

     Get back down and move westward. At Echo is an open area. Kill any Habr
     Gedir that get in your way. Proceed to the next waypoint and you'll find
     a large building. Super Six One is just beyond it on the other side. Use
     the large piece of rubble as a ramp and climb into the building. Find the
     ladder inside and use it to get to the roof. Move to the health and ammo
     packs on the roof and whip out your M21, using the little window by the
     health/ammo pack as an observation point. As you can see, Super Six One 
     is in quite a pickle below. Help them out and snipe out the RPG launchers
     on the rooftops. All of them are on the rooftops. After killing the 4-6
     RPGs, a Black Hawk will head toward your position. For now, just provide
     cover fire for the team below. DO NOT allow the Habr Gedir to overrun
     their position. Once the rescue team arrives, the mission will end. 

   4.13. Valiant Soldiers    [4013]

     Date: October 3, 1993 - 1800 hours
     Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

     Default Weapon Set: CAR15/203 (Primary), Colt. 45 (Secondary), AT4

     * There's been another Black Hawk shot down. Super Six-Four was hit by
       an RPG and crashed south of the target building. We also have men 
       separated from their units. Collect a team and make your way to the
       second crash site. 

     Ouch, another Black Hawk has been shot down. Since you obviously don't
     have much of an assault team, you'll need to pick up some soldiers to 
     help you. The first one is at waypoint Charlie. Begin by heading south
     along the waypoint arrow. Then move west toward waypoint Bravo. When you
     reach an open area, look to your left, shooting any enemies that appear.
     There will be more up ahead in the bombed-out structure (all that's left
     is the wall surrounding the first floor). Try to avoid getting beat up 
     too badly. The soldier you're looking for can be found inside the small
     building north of the large bombed-out building. Just follow your arrow
     to find him. On the second floor of the building he's located in, you'll
     find a health pack. 

     At this time, you'll be notified of another soldier at waypoint Juliet.
     Have your team follow you west from the building with the first soldier.
     You will come across a large red crate. Camp here for a little bit and 
     let the Habr Gedir come to you. There will be a lot of militia in the
     area. When you're satisfied, get a move-on and head north toward the
     next waypoint. This following area can be a bit tough. There's no need
     to rush through the street. Instead, take cover by the walls of the
     buildings. Move toward waypoint Echo through the alleyways. When you 
     reach an open area with a bunch of aluminum shacks scattered around, take
     up a position at about (ZT, -5). To your right is a .50 Caliber. Take him
     out first and then kill the remaining enemies in the area. 

     Once the area is, for the most part, void of any enemy activity, move 
     north toward waypoint Foxtrot. It will lead you into a building. Walk
     through the big hole and head upstairs. Don't worry about enemies here;
     there are none. Upstairs, you'll find two soldiers by a health pack.
     They'll gladly join you. Now, leave the building and you'll be told of
     another soldier pinned down at waypoint Papa. Go southwest and follow
     the waypoint arrow. You won't meet any enemies until you get farther in.
     In the open area by the health and ammo pack, you'll come across a 
     handful of Habr Gedir. Neutralize them and then take the health and ammo
     pack to the left. 

     From here, go south and then turn westward. This open area is full of
     enemies. Take cover amongst the multitudes of aluminum shacks in this
     area. Try not to go too south at the moment. Concentrate on the enemies
     coming at you on foot before moving south and dealing with the snipers
     down there. When you are satisfied, slowly move southward toward the
     windowed building. Don't get too close though! Aim at each window and
     scan them for a sniper. There are a many of them. At the same time, make
     sure that no random gunman will surprise you on the ground. After
     clearing the building of snipers, follow the waypoint arrow to November.
     This next street is infested with militia hiding among the corridors of
     the buildings. Walk slowly and check the pockets of each building. 

     Enter the building that the waypoint arrow leads you to. You'll find the
     soldier on the ground floor by a health pack and some ammunition. Take
     them if you need them. Now, leave the building through the west exit. 
     Don't wander out though! There's a .50 Caliber pinning you down to the
     left. To add, there are militia in the windows in the building across
     the street. Watch the street itself (as enemies will come at you on the
     ground), but take out the enemies in the windows. After they're gone, 
     take out the .50 Caliber to the left. 

     When you leave the building, keep in mind that there may be enemies in
     the windows behind you. Head southward toward the open red crate. Enter 
     it and peek out at the other side. There's another machine gun stationed
     just outside. Wait for the right moment and take it down. Quickly run 
     over to the empty machine gun and man it. Mow down the gunmen on the
     balconies and on the following street. Get off and use your scope to find
     another .50 Caliber at the opposite end of this street to the north. 
     If you can't see, head north a little bit until you make it out. Don't 
     get too close though! 

     Head north along this street, killing any Habr Gedir that give you any
     problems. 2-3 will signal you with some smoke so keep an eye out. When 
     you find the shack, don't enter immediately. Instead, stick outside and
     try to thin the enemy resistance further to the west. There are a lot of
     them, and they will be sure to give you problems. You don't have to 
     secure the following area completely; just pick off a handful of them.
     Then enter the shack to find 2-3 by a health and ammo pack. Pick both up
     and leave the building. 

     Make your way west toward the next waypoint. Assuming you cleared out the
     enemies before, the resistance will be much less here. Simply follow the
     waypoints as you slowly inch toward Delta 5-3. Enter the building and 
     then walk around the fence. Help 5-3 clear out the rest of the enemies 
     in the area, and then lead them to waypoint Zulu. Once you reach it, the
     mission will finish. 

   4.14. Last Stand          [4014]

     Date: October 4, 1993 - 0600 hours
     Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

     Default Weapon Set: CAR15/203 (Primary), Colt .45 (Secondary), Satchel
                         Charge (Accessory) 

     * Enemy mortars are pinning down your team. You must get around behind
       their position, and take them out with a satchel charge. Once they are
       clear, your team will be able to make their way back to base. 

     Try not wander near the bomb holes along the side of this building. They
     have a machine gun out there. If you get too close, he'll mow you down
     in seconds. After getting briefed, head out through the back way. Move
     southeast through the corridors until you hit the road. There may be
     about 4-5 gunmen on this road. Check the balconies directly above you.
     Turn to the left and shoot off the man on top of the bus. Run toward it
     and hold your position once you reach it. Find a good vantage point and
     lean out. There are not that many enemies up ahead. However, they can
     easily ambush you if you aren't careful. 

     Inch through this area slowly. Pay close attention to your right flank as
     Habr Gedir like to run out of some of the openings there. When you reach
     the burning barrel, shoot the man behind it and proceed. Up ahead is a 
     bombed-out building. Immediately look to your left and take the man out
     of the window. There's a RPG launcher just past the structure. Don't make
     yourself an easy target and rush him before he can fire. Don't wander 
     onto the next road just yet. A helo will come and help you destroy the
     .50 Caliber stationed at waypoint Delta. While you wait for it to come,
     go pick up the health pack nearby. 

     After it makes its pass, you can proceed along that way. There are still
     enemies hanging around, so keep your guard up. After a short while, the
     path will turn southbound. There are many aluminum shacks in this area. 
     If you need another one, there's a health pack behind the northern-most
     shack. The area to the south holds a few Habr Gedir. Slowly make your
     way south through the area. There is a man behind you on a rooftop. He's
     very far away though. When you see the burning barrel up ahead, scan the
     left wall for a pocket. There will be a Habr Gedir there who might catch
     you off your guard. 

     Turn to the left and kill the militia behind the tires. Then proceed in
     that direction until you reach waypoint Foxtrot. Turn left and duck into
     the alleyway here. At the first split, turn left. At the following fork,
     turn left. This should lead you to a burning barrel alongside some 
     weapon crates. Take out the Habr Gedir standing by it and continue. From
     here, head northeast and dispose of the Habr Gedir standing by the tires.
     Hold your position there as there is a rather large force blocking the
     next road. 

     To assist, the helo will come again and destroy the stronghold up there.
     Once it's gone, make your way to it. Keep in mind that some enemies may
     still be alive. Also, watch out for fire from the rooftops. There is a 
     health and ammo pickup by the destroyed technical. Now, go north and turn
     to the left. There are a handful of Habr Gedir hiding along this 
     alleyway. Proceed this way keeping your sights ahead. You may
     occasionally want to glance to the left. Sometimes, there will Habr Gedir
     on the rooftops in that direction. After a bit of walking, you'll come
     across some big red crates. 

     You can hold your position here or proceed normally. When you are in the 
     clearing though, there will be a RPG launcher on the roof of the building 
     to the right. Kill him before he has a chance to launch off his first 
     round. Once he's down for the count, concentrate on the other gunmen in 
     the area. There will be some on the roofs to the south. If you are taking
     fire from them, shoot them down as well. Continue toward the next 
     waypoint. You will appear by a bombed-out structure. There is a .50 
     Caliber to the south. With a well placed shot, take out the man on the
     gun. Once clear, move south along along the path. 

     The enemies here will thicken quite a bit. There's a health pack by the
     .50 Caliber. From the .50 Caliber, head west toward the open area down
     there. There are a lot of Habr Gedir in the following area. Luckily, you
     will have the help of the helos. Make your way forward and shoot any
     enemies that get within your sights. As soon as you enter this next open
     area, look to your left and take out the RPG launcher hiding in the
     window. Also get rid of the one or two soldiers on the bridge. A helo 
     will move in and clear the hotel's roof of enemies. 

     From your current position, head south toward the hotel. Notice the "E"
     on your map. Don't wander too close to the .50 Caliber until you are
     ready to take it out. Watch out for other enemies coming in from the
     aluminum shacks. You should see the technical (w/ .50 Caliber) alongside
     a bunch of militia. Clear the machine gun and then work on defeating the
     other infantry. Don't step onto the road just yet as another helo will 
     make a strafing run along it. After it passes, you can safely walk on the
     road. There will be enemies on the balconies and on the other side of 
     the street. To avoid getting hit, stay under cover often. As you proceed
     that way, you'll pass a small building with a health and ammo pickup.

     You should see a smoldering wreckage of a truck and some debris blocking
     the road. Hold your position here and aim your scope up ahead. Look for
     a .50 Caliber along the left side of the same road you are on. From the
     destroyed truck, move south through the alleyway. After a little bit, you
     will find the mortar crew. Use a few well placed grenades to clear the
     area out. Even when the mortar crew is down though, enemies will rush in
     from the alleyway left of the mortar camp area. The open area there has
     a lot of baddies atop the buildings too. 

     In order to destroy the mortars, you'll need to put a Satchel Charge on
     each one. Do just that and run back to the alleyway that you came from
     before blowing them off. Once they're gone, you'll be told to get to the
     relief convoy moving in. Head back to the mortar camp and move east. A
     helo will help thin the resistance along this stretch. The convoy will
     move in. Simply follow them to the hotel in which you started this
     mission at. 

   4.15. Mogadishu Mile      [4015]

     Date: October 4, 1993 - 0715 hours
     Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

     Default Weapon Set: CAR15/203 (Primary), Shotgun (Secondary), AT4

     * A rescue convoy has been dispatched from base. When it arrives, load
       the wounded and follow it to a strongpoint we've established. Provide
       cover fire for the trucks and watch for snipers. 

     You will need to walk on foot alongside the convoy. Begin by heading to 
     the front end of the convoy. When it begins to move, get going. The large
     courtyard you pass holds a hold of enemies. However, stick close to the
     convoy. When you round the corner, immediately kill the RPG launcher in
     front of you. There will be another RPG launcher on the right side and
     a third one farther back behind the tires. Quickly seek them both out and
     kill them before they deal any damage to the convoy. There are also 
     numerous gunmen in the courtyard. However, they will deal minimal damage.
     You have to keep up with the convoy so take out the resistance as 
     quickly as possible. 

     When the convoy makes a "S" turn, watch the area ahead on the right side.
     There's a .50 Caliber stationed there. Neutralize it quickly because
     those machine guns do quite a number on the Hummvees. Directly opposite
     the machine gun will be a group of militia. They're only gunmen so there
     is no need to worry. Just as you're about to enter the city, the convoy
     will speed up and leave you. Looks like you're on your own for now. 

     Walk up a little bit and turn to your left. There should be a .50 Caliber
     there. Quickly kill the unit manning it. Now, there are two ways you can
     go about reaching the convoy again. The first is just walking down this
     stretch of road. You can also take the alleyway route along the left side
     of the road. A helo will constantly perform strafing runs on the main
     road so you may want to take the alleyway route. It's not too confusing.
     Just follow the waypoint arrow to your next location. There are, of 
     course, going to be enemies. Proceed slowly and with caution.

     When you hit the corner of the road, take out the RPG launcher there and
     look ahead. This next stretch of road might be a bit difficult. The left
     side of the road is lined with buildings and windows. If you are going
     to proceed, head along the right side of the road so you can scan the
     left side buildings. There are snipers in the windows. However, be sure
     to watch your right flank as well. There will be a few militia hanging 
     around on your side. If you aren't careful, they will kill you before you
     even know it. 

     That bridge-like structure up ahead has two RPG launchers standing on top
     of it. From the beginning of the road, you can't really see them. 
     As you get closer though, make sure that you neutralize the two threats
     on the bridge. Moving along this road will be slow going. Don't rush 
     through the opposition. It's very thinly scattered nonetheless, and you
     shouldn't have that much trouble if you just take it slow. Once you reach
     the bridge, you have walked through half of the road. Now you can
     continue along the middle of the road. Enemy resistance is not as
     concentrated at the left side anymore. In fact, there is ALMOST no 
     resistance from here to the convoy. 

     When you reach the convoy, pick up the health and ammo pack. Lead the
     way to the stadium. All RPG launchers will jump at you from the right
     so stay on that side of the convoy. Don't worry too much about small arms
     fire. At each path branching off from the main road, be sure to check 
     for any RPG launchers. Sometimes, they may hide underneath a building's
     overhanging. Try not to miss any of them. When the convoy turns, get in
     front and help the Hummvees clear the following open area of enemies.
     There is definitely at least one RPG launcher in that field. A helo will
     also help and strafe across the field. Once this area is clear, the rest
     of the way will be easy to clear. Upon reaching the stadium, the mission
     will end. 

   4.16. Aidid Takedown      [4016]

     Date: July 24, 1996 - 1545 hours
     Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

     Default Weapon Set: MP5 (Primary), Shotgun (Secondary), Claymore

     * Three years have passed since Task Force Ranger pulled out of Somalia.
       The country is still wracked with clan in-fighting. We've made an 
       agreement with a clan that opposes Aidid, to create an opportunity 
       to take him out. This is a Black Op that is designed to make it appear
       that Aidid died during clan fighting. 

     You begin the mission in the back of the truck. While you're getting
     briefed, find a good place to go prone and stay that way. You don't want
     to get shot while riding to the mission. After a bit of riding, you'll
     stop. Get off and shoot the two straggers that appear behind the truck.
     If you don't take care of them, they can kill your informant. Once they
     are dead, duck into the alleyway and head north. Follow the informant
     until he stops and tells you to kill the enemies up ahead. 

     To your left is a machine gun. To the right are two gunmen. Begin by 
     tossing a Frag Grenade to the right (bounce it off the wall). If the 
     grenade doesn't kill both of them, it will at least notify them of your
     position. When they come running toward you, ambush them and take them
     out. After clearing the two of those out, lean out to the left and aim
     at the .50 Caliber behind the sandbags. Kill the first gunner. Another
     one will immediately get on after the first dies. Kill him as well and
     have the informant lead you again. In the next sector, you have a few
     more enemies to kill. Watch your informant behind you. There is a chance
     that a Habr Gedir might try to take him down from behind. 

     Once the area is clear, the informant will get his butt moving again and
     lead you to the entrance to Aidid's bunker. Follow him into the ladder
     room and climb down. Go through the tunnel here until you reach the 
     cracked wall. Toss a Frag Grenade to blow it open. Now that you have 
     access to Aidid's bunker, head down. You won't meet any resistance right
     away so continue through the tunnel. 

     After a little bit, you'll come across two gunmen. You will probably
     catch them off guard. Kill them and proceed to a fork in the path. Opt 
     for the path on the right. You'll meet some more resistance in the form
     of regular Habr Gedir militiamen. Follow this path until you notice an
     open area on the right. There is a .50 Caliber in this room right here.
     Make sure that your rear flank is secure and toss a Frag Grenade into
     the room. After it goes off, run in and secure the room. 

     Proceed through the tunnel and you should come to another fork shortly. 
     This time, take the left fork. Aidid is very close. Enter the first room
     on your left. There will be a few gunmen around this area. Eliminate them
     before entering. Aidid is the bald guy by the board. He has a bit more
     HP than the others, but he'll go down very quickly. Once he's been
     killed, you will be told to evacuate. Leave the room and turn to the 

     Obviously, you can expect some resistance before you can leave. You want
     to get to the surface as quickly as possible. Gun down any enemies that
     attempt to attack you. Climb up the stairs and make your way forward. 
     There are three machine guns in the next hallway. Use your radar to 
     locate them. The first is on your left. Use a well placed Frag Grenade
     to take him out. The others all face the hallway like the first. Either
     use a grenade or just use your gun. While you are concentrating on the
     machine guns, Habr Gedir may attempt to ambush you from behind. You'll
     want to finish the machine guns off as quickly as possible. 

     After clearing the three machine guns, proceed through the tunnel. A
     ladder is up ahead. Climb it and clear this small hallway of any 
     enemies. Leave the building and turn to your left. There are a few more
     Habr Gedir gunmen blocking your road of escape. They won't put up much of
     a fight. Eliminate them all and head toward the road. Your ride will come
     and pick you up. Mission accomplished!

                               5. Weapon Listing                       [5000]

You are required to choose from a number of different weapons for each
mission. For the most part, weapon selection (apart from Accessory weapons)
doesn't affect your ability to finish a mission. However, different weapons
are best suited for different situations. 


                              --[ P R I M A R Y ]--

     M16 ~
          Ammo Type: 5.56 x 45mm
          Rounds Per Clip: 30
          Rounds Carried: 300
          Description: The M16 is a solid rifle with great firepower. 
                       Automatic fire is not available. However, one
                       can switch between semi-automatic and three-round 

     M16/203 ~
          Ammo Type: 5.56 x 45mm, HE grenades
          Rounds Per Clip: 30, 1
          Rounds Carried: 300, 10
          Description: The M16/203 is basically a M16 with an attached grenade
                       launcher. The grenade launcher attachment is fairly
                       accurate. However, grenade quantity and rate of fire
                       requires that you use it sparingly. 

     M21 ~
          Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm
          Rounds Per Clip: 20
          Rounds Carried: 200
          Description: This semi-automatic sniper rifle boasts a nicely sized
                       magazine of 20 rounds each. At long ranges, the M21 is
                       perfect for taking out targets in the distance before 
                       they can reach you. 

     M24 ~
          Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm
          Rounds Per Clip: 6
          Rounds Carried: 180
          Description: Due to the generally small size of the magazine clip, 
                       ammunition should be conserved. The M24 is very 
                       accurate and is therefore deadly at longer ranges. 

     MCRT .300 Tactical ~
          Ammo Type: .300 Magnum
          Rounds Per Clip: 4
          Rounds Carried: 180
          Description: The MCRT .300 Tactical is a very accurate sniper rifle
                       effective at medium to long range. The .300 Magnum 
                       round is very powerful and will take down an enemy
                       easily. Because of the small clip size, this weapon 
                       should be used from a distance. 

     Barrett ~
          Ammo Type: .50 BMG
          Rounds Per Clip: 10
          Rounds Carried: 100
          Description: The Barrett works well at longer distances. Its rate
                       of fire isn't great. However, to a good sniper, one 
                       shot will usually be enough to take an enemy down. Its
                       clip size is average though so reloading will occur
                       less often. 

     SAW ~
          Ammo Type: 5.56mm
          Rounds Per Clip: 200
          Rounds Carried: 600
          Description: The SAW is a heavy machine gun that is actually fairly
                       accurate when compared to the other two. Its gigantic
                       clip allows you to spray bullets for an extended time
                       before needing to reload. At long ranges, the SAW is

     M60 ~
          Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm
          Rounds Per Clip: 200
          Rounds Carried: 600
          Description: This is really the definitive machine gun, so to speak.
                       With mediocre accuracy, the M60 packs a punch. Its 200
                       round clip allows you to keep your finger on the 
                       trigger for extended amounts of time. At long ranges
                       though, the M60 is useless. 

     M240 ~
          Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm
          Rounds Per Clip: 200
          Rounds Carried: 600
          Description: The M240 is a powerful machine gun that packs a punch.
                       A 200 round clip allows you to spray bullets for 
                       extended amounts of time. Don't count on this weapon
                       being too effective at long ranges though. The M240 is
                       solely a machine gun and nothing more. 

     MP5 ~
          Ammo Type: 9mm
          Rounds Per Clip: 30
          Rounds Carried: 300
          Description: The weapon of choice for those that would sacrifice 
                       power for stealth, the MP5 is a good choice for those
                       that would prefer to have a quieter gun. It can be a 
                       very effective gun if used properly. The MP5 is

     CAR15 ~
          Ammo Type: 5.56 x 45mm
          Rounds Per Clip: 30
          Rounds Carried: 300
          Description: A very staple assault rifle today, the CAR15 is
                       effective in almost any situation. Being able to switch
                       between automatic fire and semi-automatic, you can use
                       the CAR15 for close-range combat or snipe enemies from
                       far away. 

     CAR15/203 ~
          Ammo Type: 5.56 x 45mm, HE grenades
          Rounds Per Clip: 30, 1
          Rounds Carried: 300, 10
          Description: The CAR15/203 is basically a M16 with an attached 
                       grenade launcher. The grenade launcher attachment is 
                       fairly accurate. However, grenade quantity and rate of 
                       fire requires that you use it sparingly. 

                           --[ S E C O N D A R Y ]--

     M9 Beretta ~
          Ammo Type: 9mm
          Rounds Per Clip: 15
          Rounds Carried: 30
          Description: The M9 Beretta bears a pretty large clip for a sidearm.
                       However, each shot isn't really that powerful. Even so,
                       the larger clip will increase the time and firepower
                       between reloads. 

     Shotgun ~
          Ammo Type: 00 Buck
          Rounds Per Clip: 7
          Rounds Carried: 14
          Description: When used up close, the Shotgun is absolutely 
                       devastating. At longer ranges though, the shells will
                       deal less, if any damage at all. Rate of fire is pretty
                       slow and ammunition is somewhat short. 

     Colt .45 ~
          Ammo Type: .45 automatic
          Rounds Per Clip: 7
          Rounds Carried: 28
          Description: The Colt .45 has a small clip. Each round is pretty
                       powerful though so the Colt .45 makes up for that in
                       sheer firepower. 

                           --[ A C C E S S O R Y ]--                           

     AT4 ~
          Ammo Type: Anti-Tank Rocket
          Rounds Carried: 1
          Description: With just ONE shot, make sure that you use that AT4
                       when you REALLY need it. The rocket is very 
                       devastating, being capable of taking out groups of 
                       enemy infantry and enemy vehicles. 
     Satchel Charge ~
          Ammo Type: C4
          Charges Carried: 2
          Description: Satchel Charges are the standard C4 remote charges. 
                       Just put one down and detonate it using the Detonator.
                       Make sure that you are pretty far away before blowing a
                       charge for obvious reasons. 

     Claymore ~
          Ammo Type: Directional Mines
          Mines Carried: 2
          Description: These directional mines will explode whenever anyone
                       triggers it by stepping on or near it. The resulting
                       explosion will usually destroy whatever sets it off.

                                 6. Multiplayer                        [6000]

Once the Single Player campaign is out of the way, you can always get into
the multiplayer. I apologize if this section does not hold as much information
as you'd like. I, for one, am not too big on Delta Force multiplayer. Be sure
to check either of the two Multiplayer Guides on GameFAQs if you need more

                                  6.1. Classes                         [6100]

When playing online, you have the ability to choose one of four classes. Each
class has their own unique advantage along with their own disadvantages. It
would be best to experiment with each class to see which one works best for

     Close Quarters Battle
        -- CQB's are a typical all-around type of soldier. They're very fast
           in comparison to other classes and are capable of wielding weapons
           that are effective against long-range targets and enemies in close
        -- Unique Weapon/s: MP5

        -- Gunners are capable of wielding heavy machine guns. However, they
           are very slow runners on the field and can be very easy targets for
           enemy snipers. Speed is compensated with strength and firepower.
           Those two attributes are indeed a Gunner's strong point. 
        -- Unique Weapon/s: M240, M60, SAW, AT4

        -- This class speaks for itself. Snipers fail in close quarters 
           combat, but at long ranges, they can pick off enemies quickly and
           are often used as support fire to clear the way or help defenders
           defeat oncoming enemies. 
        -- Unique Weapon/s: Barrett, M21, M24

        -- Medics aren't exactly the best fighters, but they have the ability
           to revive fallen soldiers or heal wounded soldiers. To add, Medics
           are also the fastest soldiers on foot and can still wield weapons
           such as the M16 and secondary weapons (M9, Colt. 45). 
        -- Unique Weapon/s: Medic Pack

                                 6.2. Gametypes                        [6200]

Black Hawk Down's multiplayer has quite a few gametypes. I've had fun with all
of them, but nothing beats a classic game of Team Deathmatch or Capture The

        -- Deathmatch is a free-for-all bloodbath. Basically, just kill anyone
           that isn't you. As unorganized as it may seem, this gametype can 
           get pretty fun, although chaotic with more players. There are no 
           teams and not much strategy involved. The lack of order is probably
           the reason as to why Team Deathmatch is so much more popular.

     Team Deathmatch
        -- Think of Team Deathmatch as Deathmatch with teams. That's really
           it. Due to the fact that you aren't by yourself, more strategy is 
           required to beat out the other team. Different classes make more
           sense here because snipers can pick off foes from above while 
           gunners can cut a swath through enemy soldiers below. And of 
           course, the medic class becomes THAT much more useful for obvious

     Capture The Flag
        -- Capture The Flag is a nice gametype that requires team coordination
           and strategy. The idea is to bring an enemy's flag from their base
           back to your base. Sure, it may sound easy to just walk in and walk
           out. However, do note that you have a horde of enemy soldiers that
           want that flag back. Getting a flag from the enemy base to yours
           is no easy task. Some players should stick on offense while others
           play on defense. Working out an effective strategy is key to 
           outwitting an opposing team. 

        -- Flagball takes the same concept as Capture The Flag and changes it
           to make just ONE neutral flag. When the game begins, both teams
           are to rush and pick up the flag before the other and return it to
           their base. That's the typical mode of scoring. Of course, since
           there is only one flag, expect competition to be fierce. Much like
           Capture The Flag and virtually all team games, team coordination
           is required to win. 

     Attack And Defend
        -- In Attack And Defend, you have two teams. One team defends a series
           of targets while the other team attempts to rush in and destroy the
           targets. if the attacking team successfully destroys the targets,
           then they, of course, win the game. The defensive team's job is
           to prevent the other team from doing just that. 

     Search And Destroy
        -- The idea of this gametype is the "SEARCH" out an opponent team's 
           targets and then "DESTROY" it (hence the name). At the same time, 
           your team will also be defending your own targets from enemy
           soldiers. If you choose to send every single player on your team
           against an enemy position, then you'd have no one defending. 
           Therefore, any attacking CQB can simply toss a Satchel Charge on
           your targets and win. As always, team strategy is a must. 

     Team King Of The Hill 
        -- In Team King Of The Hill, the teams attempt to get as many players
           as possible into the "hill" which is a special portion of the map. 
           The longer the soldiers stand within the hill, the more time is
           obtained. The first team that reaches the goal time wins the game.
           Needless to say, the area around the hill will be pretty hot.  
           Strategize with your team to get as much time as possible. 

                               7. Version History                      [7000]

         Version 0.3 -- Guide's multiplayer section is completed. 14 KB

         Version 0.6 -- Walkthrough completed up past Russian Underground.
                        Work has begun on weapon list. 54 KB

         Version 1.0 -- Guide is complete. 112 KB

         Version 1.1 -- Legal Information updated. 

                              8. Legal Information                     [8000]

This FAQ is the property of its author, Quan Jin. All rights reserved. 

Any stealing, selling for profit or altering of this document without the
author's expressed consent is strictly prohibited. You may download this file 
for personal and private use only. 

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is a registered trademark of NovaLogic. The author
(Quan Jin) is not affiliated with NovaLogic in any way or form. All other 
trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

                             9. Credits and Closing                    [9000]

That's it for the guide. I hope you enjoyed Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. 
If you liked this game, suggest picking up some of the other games in the 
Delta Force series. You won't be disappointed. 


Blueberry Buttface - His multiplayer guide provided some basis for this 
                     guide's pathetic multiplayer section. If you're looking
                     for in-depth strategies and multiplayer information, be
                     sure to check it out. 

Y.T.W.S.R. - Only a few selected people might know what I'm talking about here.
             Since I'm not one to give it away, I would still like to thank
             this group for their support and motivation throughout the 
             lifespan of this entire FAQ.

The FCSB - They didn't help too much but what can I say? Where would I be 
           without a few of them? Major props to these great board members who 
           are also prized FAQ writers. 

- All outside sources which have contributed to the making of this guide in
some form have been cited in this section. Any sources that have provided any
information at all are listed in the credits. I am not taking credit for others
hard work and I hope they do the same. Not providing proper credit is 
plagiarism and is against the law.

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