Additional Character DialogMichael Rooney
Additional Character PortraitsRon Lemen
Art DirectorJeff McAteer
ArtistAaron Brown
ArtistMike Colonnese
ArtistChung Ho Khan
ArtistJi Young Park
ArtistErik Van Pelt
ArtistMike Suyo
ArtistZach Young
Associate ProducerDoug Avery
Audio DirectorAdam Levenson
Audio ProducerFred Hatch
Co-Producer / Lead Designer / Writer / Additional Sound Effects and EditingIon Hardie
DesignerDan Ruskin
Lead ProgrammerJames Smith
Lead Writer / DesignerEric Dallaire
Localization ManagerRafael Lopez
Music ComposerInon Zur
Producer / ProgrammerLars Brubaker
ProgrammerLee Cooper
ProgrammerSimon Hallam
Senior ProducerChris Parker
Sound DesignPaul Dorman
Sound DesignBrian Fredrickson
Voice ActorGrant Albrecht
Voice ActorDee Bradly Baker
Voice ActorEarl Boen
Voice ActorGrey Delisle
Voice ActorBarry Dennen
Voice ActorSteve Franken
Voice ActorVictor Gardell
Voice ActorBrian George
Voice ActorJennifer Hale
Voice ActorJames Horan
Voice ActorRodger Jackson
Voice ActorTony Jay
Voice ActorLex Lang
Voice ActorDavid Lodge
Voice ActorJohn Mariano
Voice ActorVanessa Marshall
Voice ActorEd McKay
Voice ActorAlexi Murdoch
Voice ActorAlan Oppenheimer
Voice ActorPhil Proctor
Voice ActorMichael Reisz
Voice ActorGustavo Rex
Voice ActorDwight Schultz
Voice ActorKath Soucie
Voice ActorBrian Stepanek
Voice ActorGonzalo Suarez
Voice ActorDave Thomas
Voice ActorLori Tritel
Voice Actor: Beast SpiritKevin Michael Richardson
Voice Actor: Richard LionheartGreg Ellis
Voice Actor: William ShakespeareRobin Atkin Downes
Voice DirectorChris Borders
Writer / DesignerBryce Baker
Writer / DesignerErnie Ramirez
Writer / EditorChris Avellone


Data and credits for this game contributed by a0me, Shadow., Hardkoroff, LTPofficial, and misschu.

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