2D ProductionBrandon Bickford
2D ProductionAmiya Jack
2D ProductionDeon Strydom
2D ProductionFredrik Svegert
2D ProductionTim Tower
2D ProductionJorge Verea
3D ProductionGilbert Arcand
3D ProductionMilton Cadogan
3D ProductionAndrew Gilmour
3D ProductionCaleb Strauss
Additional VoicesRick Bowman
Additional VoicesDan Castle
Additional VoicesRyan Drummond
Additional VoicesJennifer Hunt
Additional VoicesLani Minella
AnimationJames Green
AnimationJesse Taylor
Animation/3D ProductionJeff Geis
Art DirectorJustin Chornenky
DesignTyler Cowie
DesignMatthew Hollingshead
Executive ProducerJon Walsh
Lead Designer/2D ProductionBarry L. Gibbs
Lead Level DesignerTorbjorn Ahlen
Lead Programmer/Technical DirectorRobert Berry Jr.
Level DesignChris Blundell
Level DesignEric Boltjes
Level DesignSean Bonney
Level DesignPhil Cole
Level DesignJohn C. Falgate
Level Design DirectionV.J. DeLeon
Level Design/2D ProductionStamley L. Chou
Music SoundtrackDoug DeAngelis
Music SoundtrackKevin Haskins
ProducerChris Boxmeyer
ProgrammerLucas Alonso
ProgrammerRay Davis
ProgrammerMichel Lambert
Sound Engineer/Audio DesignAtom Troy
Technical Level DesignBen Golus
Voice ArtistElizabeth Berry
Voice ArtistSteve Carlton
Voice ArtistBrendan Grubb
Voice ArtistErin K. Harkin
Voice ArtistNoah Levine
Voice ArtistMatthew Miniea
Voice ArtistVicki Trujillo
Voice ArtistJessica Welch


Data and credits for this game contributed by Chaos Control, Mookiethebold, odino, Hardkoroff, and misschu.

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