1. Philippe Vimont 3D Research
  2. Patrick Bodard Animation Director
  3. Bruno Leroy Animation Tools Developer
  4. Alexis Vaisse Animation Tools Developer
  5. Damien Barranco Animator
  6. Sylvie Gorris Animator
  7. Frederic Mauxion Associate Producer
  8. Alexandra Ancel Character Design
  9. Michel Ancel Character Design
  10. Hubert Chevillard Character Design
  11. Florent Sacre Character Design
  12. Paul Tumelaire Character Design
  13. Jean-Philippe Caro Cinematic
  14. Olivier Desanges Cinematic Assistance
  15. Jacques Exertier Cinematic Director
  16. Laetitia Garric Pansanel Cinematics Orchestration
  17. Micheal Ancel Director
  18. David Gasman Double H (Voice)
  19. Jean-Sebastien Morin Game Design
  20. Jodie Forest Jade (Voice)
  21. Frederic Houde Lead A.I. Developer
  22. Jean-Yves Regnault Lead Animator
  23. Florent Sacre Lead Artist
  24. Paul Tumelaire Lead Artist
  25. Olivier Soleil Lead Cinematic
  26. Roland Ferrier Lead Developer
  27. Dany Joannette Lead Developer
  28. Thierry Quere Lead Developer
  29. Philippe Vimont Lead Developer
  30. Bertrand Israel Lead Level Designer
  31. Nicolas Carre Level Designer
  32. Francois Emery Level Designer
  33. Jean-Francois Le Quere Level Designer
  34. Christophe Heral Music/Sound Design
  35. Robert Burns Pey'j (Voice)
  36. Michel Pierfitte Process Production Director
  37. Yves Guillemot Project Producer
  38. Yoan Fanise Sound Design/Effetcs
  39. Patrick Bodard Story Board
  40. Hubert Chevillard Story Board
  41. Jacques Exertier Story Board
  42. Jaques Exertier Story/Dialogue
  43. Michael Ancel Story/Game Design
  44. Nicolas Daire Technical Support
  45. Martial Le Minoux Voice (FR) - Double H
  46. Emma De Caunes Voice (FR) - Jade
  47. Luc Bernard Voice (FR) - Pey'j
  48. Hans-Gerd Kilbinger Voice (GER) - Double H
  49. Shandra Schmadt Voice (GER) - Jade
  50. Fritz Stavenhagen Voice (GER) - Pey'j
  51. Massimo Milazzo Voice (ITA) - Double H
  52. Chiara Colizzi Voice (ITA) - Jade
  53. Pieraldo Ferrante Voice (ITA) - Pey'j
  54. Stan Limburg Voice (NL) - Double H
  55. Nikki Romijn Voice (NL) - Jade
  56. Victor Van Swaay Voice (NL) - Pey'j
  57. Juan L. Senior Voice (SPA) - Double H
  58. Beatriz Berciano Voice (SPA) - Jade
  59. Luis Martin Voice (SPA) - Pey'j


Data and credits for this game contributed by bcks, Blk_Mage_Ctype, Chaos Control, gamer_boy997, Menji, Mookiethebold, odino, and oliist.

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