Review by Mortifet

Reviewed: 01/18/04

A Pretty Cool Game

I gave this game a 7 out of 10.

It is about a man named Gus MacPherson, who is a retired detective, he is living in Paris... that is until he is drawn to New York to solve the murder of a two people- their heads were chopped clean off and in their laps. (Sounds pretty good if you like that gorey type thing)

I, however, found it rather disappointing. The only scene involving any decent amount of blood was in the beginning when you see the murder of the couple. All the other scenes were blurry and not scary at all. I bought this game hoping to get a real scare- and didn't...

I also thought that the dialog was choppy. Majority of what they said made entirely no sense to me. I am assuming this is because it was translated from French to English by non-native English speakers. Whomever it was that decided that it was OK to do something like that was off their rocker!

I enjoyed the basic theme of the story, this guy- Gus MacPherson, thinks he's retired for life, stumbles on a thrilling case, has visions of other murders, solves the case. It was an awesome plot! The only problem was that the game lasted about as long as long as what I just said. Sure there's a twist and turn here and there (I won't spoil them for you) but for the most part, the game was more or les a quick and easy solve and if I had to compare it to a household item I would compare it to shake and bake- it's quick to make, simple to do, and you can eat it up quick.

Other than that,the sound also left a lot to be desired, there were almost no sound effects and it made everything in the game seem so unreal! The music was eerie, but other than that... lousy.

I recommend this game to those of you who like murder mysteries but are not expecting a big scary, gorey, exciting thing- because this is not it.

And finally, there was a serious lack of truth in the ESRB rating- I always think they are slightly delicate and must have someone extremely sensitive gving out these ratings. I noticed it said VIOLENCE, what are they talking about anyway, some guy with a sirenge murdering some woman, you see it in a blur, and you don't even watch her die! I mean sure you see the guy with the knife- you see the lights go out- you see her dead. I mean (and this is a stretch of imagination) some other guy could have come in and killed her and that guy with the bloody knife could be totally innocent. Another thing ESRB said was GORE AND BLOOD, please! don't get me started with that one. Animated blood, and one gorey scene. I guess that's enough though for some people. Finally, MATURE SEXUAL THEMES, that sounds awful! It makes it sound like Gus MacPherson starts doing it with this girl that arrives on his doorstep- the way they are calling her sensuous and all. I don't think anything in this game involves sex. Unless they are talking about their 'oh so gorey, violent scene where Mr. White and his sister are found murdered and she is top-naked? I guess that could do it, but don't be expecting much...

And, well, that's MY rating, I'll have to talk to ESRB later about theirs... Enjoy the game for what its worth and get over those little choppy conversations and lack- of sound effects and just have fun!!!!!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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