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Reviewed: 03/09/03 | Updated: 03/09/03

An average game

Post Mortem is by no means a bad game; if anything it's a very good game that's worth at least one play through.

Post Mortem is by no means a good game; if anything it lacks the inital boost of intrest to keep a gamer intrested.

I was debating on which opening to use since they both describe the game very well. I opted to use both of them, because for it's short comings, Post Mortem does offer a really entertaining story line based on a some good myths.

The game is a rather standard point and click adventure. The graphics give the feeling of a painted appeal, while the main characters are nicely rendered. The NPC's offer solid support, and offers hit and miss voice overs. I tend to think that some of the voice overs are good, but at the beginning some of the dialoge is rather boring. (Especially when you meet a certain feamle in her room).


Normally, I never touch the storyline in any review; but, I suppose being an adventure game I should. Based in the 1920's, their's been a nasty murder at a local hotel. Of coarse, somebody needs to investigate it, so youre hired. Gustave MacPherson. Hired by a Sophia Blake to unravel the mystery. And so the game begins, taking up about 15 hours of youre life, you will point and click..go pixel hunting a few times(although Post Mortem does a good job of keeping it to a minium)and of coarse solve mysteries.

Their is no particular order to do things in the game, and depending on how yo uact to people, you can seriously tick them off. Of coarse you can never make somebody so mad that their is no way to continue playing the game.


The graphics are decent, the Sound is decent. Their are some really good tunes that play in the game, that are catching. The sound effects are good as well. Though, it's kind of hard to mess up with the sound effects. The graphics resemble a moveable painting, with some nice FMV's and cutscene's thrown in for good measure. Their's only one option for graphics quality, and that's Anti Aliasing, or removing the jagged edges from the 3d characters. Up to you if you want to use it. Since it only applies to the characters and not the backrounds, even a GeForce2 should be able to impliment this without a serious hit to performance.

Sys Requirements:

I used a AMD Athlon XP 2600+ with a 9700PRO and 1gig of ddr. I would recommend a 700mhz processer with 192meg of ram and a GeForce2. Why such minimal sys requirements? Not much rendering. Those sys specs will do just fine. I would even wager a slower processer would work just fine.


Post Mortem is a good adventure game. It will not redifine the genre, but it will entertain you with a good story about a myth dealing with Templar history. I have actually researched the topic which the game revolves around, and I must say, Post Mortem is not much for realitly. Grab it if your just looking for an adventure game to play.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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