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Reviewed: 01/19/03 | Updated: 01/20/03

A decent adventure game that might please the hard-core fans of the genre.

Microids apparently want to try and bring the point-n-click (adventure) genre back into the land of the living. After they made Amerzone, a game people said it showed lot of potential, they created Syberia, the best point-n-click game since The Longest Journey (2000). Their next game is called Post Mortem. The game is a first person point-n-click adventure that takes place in a still image world (similar to Myst). Personally I am not sure if those images are 3D or 2D because in some cases they look really bad. The characters to which you can speak to are 3D and you just can’t miss them in those blurry images. Speaking of which, sometimes the characters have very odd moves (they can either make you laugh or make you cry).

But let’s start in a proper manner. You are Frank Black…. Uh I mean Mr. MacPherson or Mac (as the friends call him). You are contacted by a mysterious yet unattractive woman (those low polygons I tell you) named Sophia Blake and she wants to hire you in order to investigate the murder at the Orphee Hotel. The main character has visions from time to time and the game actually starts with a vision of the murder. As a good player that you are, you will of course take the challenge (if not the game would end) to try and find the murderer. So from now on you will simply jump from an image to another and move the mouse around the whole screen to find valuable information’s. The mouse cursor will automatically change when you come across something that you can pick, use or talk to so the game really resumes to just moving the mouse around. The puzzles aren’t hard and they won’t stress you that much. There are some stupid situations in the game and I will name one of them. When you reach for the first time the Orphee Hotel the receptionist won’t let you to go to the 2nd floor. But once you tricked him you will be able to move at free will to the 2nd floor and back down. It’s like you are all of a sudden invisible to the receptionist. I found that stupid and totally without a trace of logic. But as there are some stupid puzzles I found some great ones. Almost near the end there are two puzzles one after the other that are simply great. They managed to get me more attracted to the game then I ever was. I won’t tell you what the puzzles are except that the first one is involved with some Alchemy stuff.

So as you go through the game you will notice that the plot becomes interesting and the game doesn’t do right to the story. Also as you will go through the game and are stuck somewhere and will look for a walkthrough you will come to the amazement that this game offers at least two possibilities to solve a puzzle. This is very welcome because the point-n-click genre is dang linear. The end can happen in two ways also but overall it will be the same outcome.

The thing I truly loved in the game are the visions. They aren’t made with the game engine and let me tell you, they are the best feature this game has. They really impressed me as they give you a feeling that you are actually watching a good cop movie. I quickly fell in love with them, too bad that the game is so short. Besides the visions there are a few videos in there as well. In Syberia I noticed Microids really know how to create digital videos and they didn’t let me down this time neither. The videos are greatly done but again, too bad of their choice of blurry still images during the game.

Now in true tradition, in all Microids games, I constantly hear a buzz in the background while I play their games. I initially thought it was something to do with my soundcard but this game convinced me this is not the case. When I play the game I hear a buzz but when I watch a video (that doesn’t use the game engine) then all of a sudden that buzz is gone. I came across this in Syberia too. The music that’s in the game is… decent. In some cases it can really become annoying but lucky the game is short so your ears won’t have to suffer a great torture… just a minor one.
If the music is decent I cannot say the same thing about the voices. They are for the most part badly played. In my personal opinion the voices are worse then the ones in Syberia (and they weren’t that great neither). Perhaps Microid should try and actually pay attention to this since in this type of games, where a lot of talking is involved, it can become a crucial detail.

So overall the game is good but if you aren’t a fan of this type of games I don’t suggest you start here, as you will probably uninstall it pretty quick. I love this genre above all the others and I still wanted to quit after playing 5 minutes but my will to pursue was stronger.
Apparently Microid won’t stop here (they are working on Syberia 2) and I don’t want them to stop here, however I sincerely hope they will learn from their mistakes and that they won’t start building games after games after games. Cryo did that, build games after games after games, without giving them much thought and look where they are today… bankrupt.

Graphics – 7
Sound – 6
Gameplay – 8
Story – 8
Impression - 6

Overall - 7

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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