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Magic Guide by alterEgo

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 05/04/2004

                         Gothic II Magic Guide
                          Version 1.4, 5/4/04
                          Jim Wahl (alterEgo)

I love Gothic II.  It is one of the best RPGs I have played in a long time.  I
love it so much that immediately after I beat it the first time I wanted to
play through the game again.  The first time I played I was a Paladin, but the
second time through I decided to become a Fire Magician.  I also decided that
as I played I would compile all the information I could about magic, and write
this guide.

This guide will cover magic only as experienced by a Fire Magician.
Therefore, certain runes or spells applicable to Paladins only, are not
covered.  This FAQ will also NOT cover any of the specific Fire Mage Quests,
as I don't currently have the time/desire to cover all aspects of each quest
in a way that I would like.  Ellusion's FAQ does cover a few of the early Fire
Mage specific quests, and the rest should not be too tough for you to figure
out on your own.  Please don't e-mail me with questions about specific Fire
Mage Quests.  Instead, post any questions to the GameFAQs.com Gothic II
message board, and I along with many others will be more than happy to help
you out.  There are many knowledgeable and friendly people on that board (as
opposed to some other boards I've frequented).

Now that I have completed my playthrough as a Fire Magician, I would like to
think that this guide is pretty much complete.  However, I am quite certain
that there are things I may have missed, or errors in the information below,
or that I may have overlooked the usefulness of some spells.  Therefore,
should anyone have anything to add, or find any errors or omissions, I will
gladly accept e-mails pointing out these mistakes.  However, please understand
that while I will do my best to reply to all e-mails, I may not be able to do
so due to the demands of Real Life, or my waning interest in maintaining this
guide.  I will do my best to verify all submissions, as well as provide credit
for those who have provided information added to the guide.  I thank you in

You may not reproduce this guide on any digital or print media without my
permission.  However, any website is welcome post this guide on their site, as
long as it remains whole, intact, and unchanged.  I would only ask that any
page that contains a link to a copy of this guide include the version number
and possibly either my name or online handle (Jim Wahl and alterEgo,
respectively).  I would also ask that if you should post this guide on your
site, that you simply send me a quick e-mail to inform me who you are or what
site it is that you represent that is now posting my guide.

I will ALWAYS have the very latest version of this guide posted to
www.GameFAQs.com first, as I have a great respect for that site and appreciate
all their hard work.  Therefore, if you want to make sure this is the latest
version of this guide, please go there.


- 1.4 (5/4/04)
 - Probably the last update, as I've moved on to other games, but I felt there
   were a few important things left to be added/changed to warrant one more
 - Added Q10 in Section I (how to use spells and runes).
 - Re-wrote the descriptions for Ice Wave and Breath of Death.
 - Updated Found sections for Breath of Death and Wave of Death.
 - Added suggestion for Wave of Ice in the "Other Spells" category of
   Section VI.
 - Added a line or two of information in the paragraph about summoning spells
   in the "Other Spells" category of Section VI.
 - Various grammar corrections, spelling corrections, etc.

- 1.3 (3/1/04)
 - Inserted Section IX (People and Places).
 - Added request in Section X relative to Section IX.
 - A few various grammatical or data changes (things like mentioning that you
   must go to the Monastery to become a Novice in Q1).
 - Added a description for the Holy Light rune.

- 1.2 (2/24/04)
 - Changed the "ABOUT THIS GUIDE" section above, as I have now finished the
   game as a Fire Magician.
 - Re-wrote Section VI to look more like what I originally intended it to be.
 - Added a quick line or two in the general description mentioning the fact
   that magicians can create their own magic runes.
 - Added more spell descriptions, mostly circle 6 spells.
 - Added the "'Thank You's and a Request" section.
 - Finished Blank Rune list.
 - Added Q8 and Q9 in section I. (Q9 is actually just moved from its previous
   spot in Section VI)
 - Army of Darkness is taught by Milten, not Pyrokar.
 - Vatras also teaches circles of magic on the ship in Chapter 6.

- 1.1 (2/22/04)
 - Changed the order of a few of the Sections.
 - Changed layout of Section I and added more information about runes and
   magic circles.
 - Completed Sections III and V
 - Discovered and fixed the fact that the "Shrink Monster" spell was
   completely omitted from the first version.
 - Ice Block encases an enemy for 20 seconds, not "about 10."
 - Added more blank runes.
 - Added a second Teleport to Valley of Mines Pass teleport rune, and location
   of second Fear rune.
 - Added Harm Evil/Banish Evil spell scroll.
 - Added and updated a few descriptions for some of the spells.

- 1.0 (2/17/04)
 - Released the guide.  Future updates will be coming shortly.

Section I: Magic Circles and their Runes
   1) General Description
   2) Common Questions
      Q1) How do I become a magician?
      Q2) Who will teach me the magic circles?
      Q3) When can I learn a new circle?
      Q4) What spells are available in each circle?
      Q5) Who will teach me the spells?
      Q6) How do I create a rune?
      Q7) Is there any difference between a spell cast by a rune and one from
          a scroll?
      Q8) What are the benefits/disadvantages of becoming a Fire Mage?
      Q9) Will two Fire Arrow spells (2 x 30 damage) cause the same damage as
          one Fireball spell (1 x 60 damage)?
      Q10) Okay, but how do I actually use a scroll or rune?

Section II: Circle Spell details
   1) Circle 1 spells
   2) Circle 2 spells
   3) Circle 3 spells
   4) Circle 4 spells
   5) Circle 5 spells
   6) Circle 6 spells

Section III: Table of Rune stats
   1) Offensive spells
   2) Group offensive spells
   3) Summoning spells
   4) Healing spells
   5) Miscellaneous spells

Section IV: Blank Runes

Section V: Runes you can find
   1) Table
   2) By chapter

Section VI: Rune creating/using strategies
   1) Standard Spells
   2) Must-haves
   3) Other spells
   4) Don't be stingy!

Section VII: Special Runes

Section VIII: Scrolls

Section IX: People and Places
   1) The Monastery
   2) Fire Magicians
   3) Novices
   4) Other People

Section X: "Thank You"s and a Request

                    |   SECTION I: Magic Circles and their Runes   |

General description of how magic works in Gothic 2 for a Fire Magician:

There are six circles of magic, and each circle has from four to six spells,
for a total of 29 spells (30 if you count the "secret" spell, discussed below)
that I like to refer to as "Circle Spells."  There are other spells that do
not belong to a Magic Circle, such as transformation and teleportation spells.
There are two ways in which a spell can be cast: either through a scroll or a
rune.  Scrolls are one time use, and can be used by anybody as long as you
have the needed mana points (Section VIII details more about scrolls).

Runes, however, are never used up, and can be used to continually cast a
spell.  The only restriction is that you must have learned the magic circle
that that rune belongs to.  For instance, if you've only so far learned
circles one and two, you will not be able to use a circle three rune.

Magic runes can be created ONLY by magicians, and is the main way they will
acquire their spells.  There are certain requirements to creating a rune,
however, and they are listed below.

Here are a few of the more common questions about magic and runes:

Q1) How do I become a magician?
A1) You must first go to the Monastery and become a novice, then complete the
    Test of Fire quest.  Only then will you be allowed to learn the magic

Q2) Who will teach me the magic circles?
A2) Parlan will teach you circles 1-3, Karras will teach you circles 4-5, and
    Pyrokar will teach you circle 6.  Each time you learn a new circle you
    will spend 5 learning points.  Also, in Chapter 6, if you bring Vatras
    with you on the ship, he is able to teach you magic circles.  I assume he
    can teach circles 1-6, but since I had learned all six circles at that
    point, I am not sure.  Please e-mail me if you know for sure.

Q3) When can I learn a new circle?
A3) Each circle can only be learned after you have reached a certain point in
    the story, or have completed a certain task:

 -Circle 1: Complete the Test of Fire quest and become a Fire Magician.
 -Circle 2: Gain access to and speak to Lord Hagan about the Valley of Mines,
            thus starting chapter 2.
 -Circle 3: Return to the New World with the letter from Garond, thus starting
            chapter 3.
 -Circle 4: Restore power to the Eye of Innos.
 -Circle 5: Kill all four dragons, and return to the New World, thus starting
            chapter 5.
 -Circle 6: Find the "Sea Chart to Isle of Irdorath," and examine it from your
            inventory screen.

Q4) What spells are available in each circle?
   | Circle 1:             | Circle 2:             | Circle 3:              |
   |  1) Light             |  1) Fireball          |  1) Heal Medium Wounds |
   |  2) Fire Arrow        |  2) Ice Arrow         |  2) Small Fire Storm   |
   |  3) (Small) Lightning |  3) Summon Wolf       |  3) Create Skeleton    |
   |  4) Goblin Skeleton   |  4) Wind Fist         |  4) Fear               |
   |  5) Heal Light Wounds |  5) Sleep             |  5) Ice Block          |
   |                       |                       |  6) Ball Lightning     |
   | Circle 4:             | Circle 5:             | Circle 6:              |
   |  1) Large Fireball    |  1) Ice Wave          |  1) Rain of Fire       |
   |  2) Lightning         |  2) Large Fire Storm  |  2) Breath of Death    |
   |  3) Awaken Golem      |  3) Summon Demon      |  3) Wave of Death      |
   |  4) Destroy Undead    |  4) Heal Heavy Wounds |  4) Army of Darkness   |
   |                       |                       |  5) Shrink Monster     |
   |                       |                       |  6) Holy Missile       |

Q5) Who will teach me the spells?
A5) Every spell you learn will cost 5 learning points.  Here is a quick table
    of the teachers and which spells they teach:

| Teacher | Spells                                                          |
| Hyglas  | Fire Arrow, Fireball, Small Fire Storm,                         |
|         | Large Fireball, Large Fire Storm                                |
| Parlan  | Light, Heal Light Wounds, Wind Fist, Sleep, Heal Medium Wounds, |
|         | Fear, Destroy Undead, Heal Heavy Wounds                         |
| Marduk  | Small Lightning/Lightning, Ice Arrow, Ice Block,                |
|         | Ball Lightning, Lightning, Ice Wave/Wave of Ice                 |
| Karras  | Create Goblin Skeleton, Summon Wolf, Create Skeleton,           |
|         | Awaken Golem, Summon Demon                                      |
| Milten  | Fire Arrow, Fireball, Ice Arrow, Wind Fist,                     |
|         | Army of Darkness (on ship in Chapter 6)
| Pyrokar | Rain of Fire, Breath of Death, Wave of Death, Shrink Monster    |

Q6) How do I create a rune?
A6) These are the steps you must take to create a rune:

 1) Be a Fire Mage and have reached the circle of the spell you wish to
    create.  Each circle will cost 5 learning points to learn.
    (See Q2 & Q3)

 2) Learn the proper procedure for creating the rune from one of the Fire
    Magicians.  This will also cost you 5 learning points.
    (See Q5)

 3) Have one of EACH of the items listed in the "Ingredients" section for that
    spell, as listed in Section II (you can also read this information in the
    books in the Fire Magician Library).

 4) Have a blank rune stone.  A list of where each one can be found is located
    in Section IV.

 5) Have one spell scroll of the same spell you wish to create.  i.e., if you
    want to create a Fireball rune, you will need a Fireball spell scroll.

 6) Approach a Rune Table and select to create the desired spell.  Each of the
    items listed above will be used up, and you will be left with a Rune of
    the selected spell.

Q7) Is there any difference between a spell cast by a rune and one from a
A7) There are only two differences between a scroll and a rune:
    1) A scroll is used up once the spell is cast, while a rune can be used
       again and again.
    2) A scroll can be cast by anyone, while a rune can only be used by a
       magician who has attained the circle of that rune.
    There are NO differences between a scroll and a rune with regards to spell
    effects or mana cost.

    (This sort of touches on one thing I hope they change in future Gothic
    games: the fact that a non-guilded level 1 character does the same exact
    damage with a Fire Arrow scroll that a level 30 Fire Magician does with
    his Fire Arrow rune.  Spells do not have a modifier that increases their
    damage, much like what Strength and Dexterity do for weapons.  For
    instance, a level 1 character with only 10 strength and 10% 1H skill will
    NEVER do the same damage with a dagger that a level 30 character with 80
    strength and 100% 1H skill will do.  I wish that besides the standard
    Strength and Dexterity attributes, there was another attribute such as
    Intelligence or Wisdom, that would modify the damage/healing/duration of
    any spell.  Thus a Fire Mage with a Wisdom value of 100 would do more
    damage with Fire Arrow than that same level 1 character we spoke of
    earlier who would only have 10 or so Wisdom at the start of the game.  I
    can only hope they'll do something like this for the future Gothic games,
    as it would make creating a magician character THAT much more

Q8) What are the benefits/disadvantages of becoming a Fire Mage?
A8) Playing through the game as a Fire Magician is a much different experience
    than that of a Paladin or Mercenary.  For instance, certain quests are
    changed in various ways, other quests are completely new, and NPCs will
    react to you differently (some will treat you with honor as a Fire Mage,
    whereas they would have treated you with disgust were you a Mercenary).

    In terms of character development, once you become a Fire Magician it will
    thereafter cost double the amount of learning points to train any of the
    four weapon skills as well as both strength and dexterity.  Thus you are
    somewhat "encouraged" to spend your learning points on increasing your
    mana points and learning circles and spells.  Of course, you could proceed
    through most of Chapter 1 before becoming a Fire Mage and spend your
    learning points on those weapon and stat skills before incurring that
    penalty.  You can reach level 10-14 in chapter 1 without TOO much
    difficulty before joining a guild, thus you would have 100-140 learning
    points to spend. But don't fool yourself into thinking you can train to
    100 strength or 100% in either 1H or 2H, because there are built-in limits
    in the game with regards to how far you can train in Chapter 1 while being

    I personally set limits on how I could create my character.  I spent no
    learning points to increase strength and trained only to 30% in one-handed
    weapons and bow.  This kept me from relying on a sword or bow, and forced
    me to be a "true" Fire Mage who relied on his magic to survive.  There is,
    however, nothing keeping you from being a two-handed magician/warrior if
    you so choose, other than how much it would cost in learning points (of
    course, I DID end up with about 100 learning points and nothing to spend
    them on at the end of the game).

    Since training your combat skills is expensive as a Fire Mage, and early
    spells are somewhat weak, the first couple of chapters will be the
    toughest.  However, near the end of the game, with the right spells and a
    stock of potions, you will become more powerful than any other character
    you could possibly create, IMO.  For example, the first time I beat this
    game I was a Paladin, and at around level 35 it took me about 4-5 hours to
    complete the last chapter.  However, as a Fire Mage of about the same
    level, I was able to wipe through that chapter in under 2 hours without
    EVER being in danger of being killed; it was almost TOO easy.

Q9) Will two Fire Arrow spells (2 x 30 damage) cause the same damage as one
    Fireball spell (1 x 60 damage)?
A9) No.

    Remember that each offensive spell must take into account the target's
    magic defense before determining its actual damage.  Thus, a Fire Arrow
    spell, which has a base damage of 30, may only cause 10 damage to an enemy
    that has magic defense of 20.  The same goes for a Fireball spell that has
    a base damage of 60, but would only cause 40 damage to the same enemy.

    When comparing the Fire Arrow Spell (5 MP for 30 damage) and the Fireball
    spell (10 MP for 60 damage), you'll see that each requires 5 mana points
    for 30 points worth of damage.  So you might assume that firing off two
    Fire Arrows will have the same effect as one Fireball.  However, this is
    not so.

    Assume the made-up enemy we talked about above has only 30 hit points to
    go with its magic defense of 20.  A single Fire Arrow spell will cause 10
    damage to this enemy, thus requiring THREE of them to kill this enemy,
    which costs 15 mana points.  However, a single Fireball spell will cause
    40 damage, killing the enemy in ONE blow, costing only 10 mana points.
    Thus it is oftentimes more efficient to use the stronger spell.

    This can be easily exemplified with an Orc Shaman.  A Fire Arrow spell
    won't cause ANY damage to an Orc Shaman, as his magic defense is higher
    than the base damage of a Fire Arrow spell.  However, a Fireball spell has
    a high enough base damage to actually cause an amount of damage to an Orc

Q10) Okay, but how do I actually use a scroll or rune?
A10) You equip and use scrolls and runes in much the same manner as you do for
     swords, bows, and crossbows.  From the inventory screen, click on a
     scroll or rune to equip it.  When you have clicked on the desired scroll
     or rune, a number should have appeared over its icon in the inventory
     screen.  This number corresponds to which number key on your keyboard you
     need to press to select to cast that scroll.  Actually casting the spell
     requires you to simply press the corresponding key to equip the spell,
     and then the left mouse button to actually cast the spell.

     For instance, say you want to use a Fireball scroll.  You open your
     inventory, find the scroll, and click on it.  A number 4, for example,
     then appears.  Close the inventory, and when you are ready to use the
     scroll, press the 4 key on your keyboard and your character will go into
     a magic use stance.  Now press your attack button on your mouse (left
     mouse button), and if you have enough mana points to cast the spell, a
     fireball will shoot from your hand, and the scroll will disappear from
     your inventory.

                    |   SECTION II: Circle Spell details   |

Legend (not all terms are associated with each spell):

-MP cost:      How many mana points it takes to cast a single instance of the
-Damage:       How much magic damage the spell will cause.  This amount is
               BEFORE factoring in the target's armor and/or magical defense.
               Therefore, the actual damage registered on an enemy after a
               successful use of the spell will more than likely be somewhat
-Healing:      How many hit points a single instance of the spell will restore
               to your character.
-Mana per sec: Some magic spells can be "charged."  i.e., you can hold down
               the attack key and the longer you hold it down, the greater
               the effect of the spell.  This value describes how many mana
               points are used each second you hold the attack key.
-Duration:     How long the effects of the spell will last.
-Learned from: When you have attained the circle of the spell, this is the
               person you can learn how to create the spell's rune from.
-Ingredients:  These are the items you need in addition to a blank rune stone
               and a spell scroll of the same spell, in order to create a rune
               of the spell.
-Description:  General description of the spell.
-Found:        Where, if possible, and in what chapter a rune of the spell can
               be found, bought, etc.  A more detailed description can be
               found in Section V.

|   CIRCLE 1   |

 -MP cost:      1 MP
 -Duration:     5 minutes
 -Learned from: Parlan
 -Ingredients:  Gold Coin

Fire Arrow
 -MP cost:       5 MP
 -Damage:       30 HP
 -Learned from: Hyglas, Milten
 -Ingredients:  Sulfur
 -Description:  The first of the standard attack spells.  These types of
                spells are shot like an arrow, but with longer range that will
                not miss if the enemy doesn't move much.
 -Found:        (Ch1) You create this rune as part of your initiation to
                become a Fire Mage.

Small Lightning/Lightning
 -MP cost:       6 MP
 -Damage:       30 HP
 -Learned from: Marduk
 -Ingredients:  Rock Crystal
 -Description:  Another standard attack spell.

Create Goblin Skeleton
 -MP cost:      10 MP
 -Learned from: Karras
 -Ingredients:  Bone of a Goblin
 -Description:  Creates a Goblin Skeleton ally.
 -Found:        (Ch3) Found in the locked chest in farmer Sekob's house.
                Xardas gives you the key when he needs to prove his
                intentions to Pyrokar.

Heal Light Wounds
 -MP cost:        5 MP
 -Healing:      100 HP
 -Learned from: Parlan
 -Ingredients:  Healing Plant
 -Description:  Heals a few hit points.
 -Found:        (Ch2) Found on the ground near an Orc Shaman in the Pass to
                the Valley of Mines.

|   CIRCLE 2   |

 -MP cost:      10 MP
 -Damage:       60 HP
 -Learned from: Hyglas, Milten
 -Ingredients:  Pitch
 -Description:  Larger version of the Fire Arrow.

Ice Arrow
 -MP cost:       7 MP
 -Damage:       40 HP
 -Learned from: Marduk, Milten
 -Ingredients:  Glacier Quartz
 -Description:  Like the Fire Arrow, only with ice.
 -Found:        (Ch2) Found on the ground just beyond 3 Skeletons on a cliff
                overlooking the pond in front of the entrance to the Snow Area
                (near the cave tomb surrounded by many boulders).

Summon Wolf
 -MP cost:      20 MP
 -Learned from: Karras
 -Ingredients:  Wolf Skin
 -Description:  Creates a wolf ally.

Wind Fist
 -MP cost:      50 MP (max)
 -Damage:       60 HP (max)
 -Mana per sec: 5 MP
 -Learned from: Parlan, Milten
 -Ingredients:  Coal
 -Description:  Knocks enemy backward, while causing some damage.

 -MP cost:      10 MP
 -Duration:     10 min.
 -Learned from: Parlan
 -Ingredients:  Swampweed
 -Description:  Causes the targeted person (and monster?) to fall asleep.

|   CIRCLE 3   |

Heal Medium Wounds
 -MP cost:        7 MP
 -Healing:      200 HP
 -Learned from: Parlan
 -Ingredients:  Healing Herb
 -Description:  Heals some hit points.

Small Fire Storm
 -MP cost:      20 MP
 -Damage:       60 HP
 -Learned from: Hyglas
 -Ingredients:  Pitch, Sulfur

Create Skeleton
 -MP cost:      30 MP
 -Learned from: Karras
 -Ingredients:  Bone of a Skeleton
 -Description:  Creates a Skeleton ally.

 -MP cost:      15 MP
 -Learned from: Parlan
 -Ingredients:  Black Pearl
 -Description:  The target's weapon leaves his hand and flies around, scaring
                the target and those nearby so that they run away in fear.
                Seems a little buggy when used on certain characters.
 -Found:        (Ch2) In cave where Olav's body is found in the Valley of
                (Ch4) On table in Xardas's old tower.

Ice Block
 -MP cost:      20 MP
 -Damage:        2 HP
 -Learned from: Marduk
 -Ingredients:  Glacier Quartz, Aquamarine
 -Description:  When successful, target is encased in an ice block and cannot
                move for about 20 seconds.  Otherwise it just causes a small
                amount of damage.  The larger enemies such as Trolls cannot be
                encased in ice.  In addition, certain enemies slowly lose an
                amount of HP every second they are encased in ice.

Ball Lightning
 -MP cost:       60 MP (max)
 -Damage:       180 HP (max)
 -Mana per sec:  10 MP
 -Learned from: Marduk
 -Ingredients:  Rock Crystal, Sulfur

|   CIRCLE 4   |

Large Fireball
 -MP cost:       75 MP (max)
 -Damage:       300 HP (max)
 -Mana per sec:   8 MP
 -Learned from: Hyglas
 -Ingredients:  Sulfur, Pitch

 -MP cost:       20 MP
 -Damage:       120 HP
 -Learned from: Marduk
 -Ingredients:  Rock Crystal, Glacier Quartz
 -Description:  Upgraded version of the Circle 1 Lightning spell.  Powerful,
                and looks SWEET!  My favorite spell so far.  :)

Awaken Golem
 -MP cost:      40 MP
 -Learned from: Karras
 -Ingredients:  Heart of a Stone Golem
 -Description:  Creates a Golem ally.

Destroy Undead
 -MP cost:        40 MP
 -Damage:       1000 HP
 -Learned from: Parlan
 -Ingredients:  Holy Water
 -Description:  A slower moving ranged attack that causes a GREAT amount of
                damage to undead creatures such as Skeletons, Zombies, etc.

|   CIRCLE 5   |

Ice Wave/Wave of Ice
 -MP cost:      60 MP
 -Damage:        2 HP
 -Learned from: Marduk
 -Ingredients:  Glacier Quartz, Aquamarine
 -Description:  A sheet of ice expands out in all directions from where you
                are standing, damaging any enemy within, and possibly encasing
                them in ice just like the Ice Block spell.  However, this
                spell cannot freeze some of the stronger enemies that Ice
                Block could.  For example, Ice Block can freeze Dragon
                Snappers, but Wave of Ice CANNOT.

Large Fire Storm
 -MP cost:      125 MP (max)
 -Damage:       300 HP (max)
 -Mana per sec:   8 MP
 -Learned from: Hyglas
 -Ingredients:  Sulfur, Fire Tongue

Summon Demon
 -MP cost:      50 MP
 -Learned from: Karras
 -Ingredients:  Heart of a Demon
 -Description:  Creates a Demon ally.

Heal Heavy Wounds
 -MP cost:       15 MP
 -Healing:      400 HP
 -Learned from: Parlan
 -Ingredients:  Healing Root
 -Description:  Heals many hit points.

|   CIRCLE 6   |

Rain of Fire
 -MP cost:       60 MP
 -Damage:       300 HP
 -Learned from: Pyrokar
 -Ingredients:  Pitch, Sulfur, Tongue of Fire
 -Description:  Can you say "overkill?"  :)  This is one POWERFUL spell.  With
                it, you should have no problems at all.  Hell, I was able to
                easily clean out the castle in the Valley of Mines, and the
                Paladins on the docks in Khorinis, without hardly being
                touched.  What this spell does is create an area of damage
                around you, and should anyone other than yourself be in this
                area, they get cooked.  You're not a true Fire Magician until
                you have this spell!

Breath of Death
 -MP cost:       50 MP
 -Damage:       500 HP
 -Learned from: Pyrokar
 -Ingredients:  Coal, Black Pearl
 -Description:  When used, a "fog" appears and slowly moves away from your
                character.  Although the effective range of this spell is
                short, it will damage anyone and anything it comes into
                contact within its short range.  This is an amazingly deadly
                spell, and useful against multiple enemies that like to get
                close, or a single slower moving but strong enemy.
 -Found:        While the rune itself cannot be found, the spell scroll needed
                to create the rune can only be found in two places: 1) In
                chapter 5, once you have learned the spell from Pyrokar you
                can buy the scroll from Gorax.  2) On the island during
                chapter 6, in the Black Novice's room just before running into
                the Shadow Lord Archol.

Wave of Death (also called Mass Destruction in certain instances)
 -MP cost:      150 MP
 -Damage:       400 HP
 -Learned from: Pyrokar
 -Ingredients:  Bone of a Skeleton, Black Pearl
 -Description:  Did I call Rain of Fire overkill?  Well, this spell belongs in
                the same category.  :)  It takes a while for the animation to
                complete and the spell to actually be cast, but once it is, it
                causes more damage than Rain of Fire.  It is HIGHLY effective,
                but will eat up your mana points VERY quickly, however.
 -Found:        Like Breath of Death, this spell's rune cannot be found, but
                its spell scroll needed to create the rune can only be found
                in three places: 1) In chapter 5, once you have learned the
                spell from Pyrokar you can buy the scroll from Gorax.  2) In
                chapter 6, when standing in the room where you need to raise
                the five pillars to open the door, stand in the middle of the
                room looking at the door.  Now take the stairway on the right
                that heads downward.  You will find the scroll on the ground
                down there.  3) In chapter 6, once you have gotten past that
                previously mentioned door, you will come to an area with many
                Seekers and a lone Black Magician.  In one of the four side
                rooms you will find the scroll laying on the ground.

Army of Darkness
 -MP cost:      60 MP
 -Learned from: Milten (on the ship in chapter 6)
 -Ingredients:  Bone of a Skeleton, Black Pearl,
                Heart of a Stone Golem, Heart of a Demon
 -Description:  Creates six Summoned Skeletons allies.

Shrink Monster
 -MP cost:      100 MP
 -Learned from: Pyrokar
 -Ingredients:  Bone of a Goblin, Troll Tusk
 -Description:  The targeted monster shrinks into a tiny version of itself.
                This shrunken monster loses most of its defensive values, and
                will try to run away instead of attacking.  A shrunken
                monster that is killed will have the same inventory as it's
                normal-sized version.

Holy Missile
 -MP cost:       50 MP
 -Damage:       300 HP
 -Learned from: Read the Almanac in the Hidden Library
 -Ingredients:  Holy Water (do not need a scroll)
 -Description:  This is a "secret" circle 6 spell.  You do not learn this the
                traditional way through one of the other Fire Magicians.
                Instead, you learn about this spell by reading the Almanac in
                the Hidden Library beneath the Monastery.

                    |   SECTION III: Table of Rune stats   |

The tables below detail and categorize each spell listed in the previous
section.  These tables serve as a better way for a quick comparison between

  |                      OFFENSIVE SPELLS                              |
  |Circle| Name                      | MP Cost |  Damage  |  Dmg/MP    |
  | 1st  | Fire Arrow                |   5     |   30     |   6.0      |
  | 1st  | Small Lightning/Lightning |   6     |   30     |   5.0      |
  | 2nd  | Fireball                  |  10     |   60     |   6.0      |
  | 2nd  | Ice Arrow                 |   7     |   40     |   5.7      |
  | 2nd  | Wind Fist                 |  50 max |   60 max |   1.2 max* |
  | 3rd  | Ice Block                 |  20     |    2     |   0.1**    |
  | 3rd  | Ball Lightning            |  60 max |  180 max |   3.0 max  |
  | 4th  | Large Fireball            |  75 max |  300 max |   4.0 max  |
  | 4th  | Lightning                 |  20     |  120     |   6.0      |
  | 4th  | Destroy Undead            |  40     | 1000     |  25.0***   |
  | 6th  | Holy Missile              |  50     |  300     |   6.0      |
  |   *: Also knocks target back a few feet.                           |
  |  **: Also encases some targets in a block of ice.                  |
  | ***: Only damages the undead, such as Skeletons, Zombies, etc.     |

  |                   GROUP OFFENSIVE SPELLS                      |
  |Circle| Name                 | MP Cost | Damage* | Damage/MP** |
  | 3rd  | Small Fire Storm     |  20     |  60     |    3.00     |
  | 5th  | Ice Wave/Wave of Ice |  60     |   2     |    0.03***  |
  | 5th  | Large Fire Storm     | 125 max | 300 max |    2.40 max |
  | 6th  | Rain of Fire         |  60     | 300     |    5.00     |
  | 6th  | Breath of Death      |  50     | 500     |   10.00     |
  | 6th  | Wave of Death        | 150     | 400     |    2.67     |
  |   *: With group offensive spells, one instance of the spell   |
  |      can damage more than one single enemy, depending on how  |
  |      close those enemies are when the spell makes contact, or |
  |      if they are in the spell's effective range.  The damage  |
  |      value listed is per enemy affected.  Thus, if three      |
  |      enemies are effected, the total damage would be          |
  |      multiplied by three.                                     |
  |  **: As with the base damage, this value can be multiplied by |
  |      the number of enemies affected to get the true amount of |
  |      damage per mana point spent.                             |
  | ***: Also encases some targets in a block of ice.             |

  |          SUMMONING SPELLS               |
  |Circle| Name                   | MP Cost |
  | 1st  | Create Goblin Skeleton |   10    |
  | 2nd  | Summon Wolf            |   20    |
  | 3rd  | Create Skeleton        |   30    |
  | 4th  | Awaken Golem           |   40    |
  | 5th  | Summon Demon           |   50    |
  | 6th  | Army of Darkness       |   60    |

  |                    HEALING SPELLS                    |
  |Circle| Name               | MP Cost | Heal | Heal/MP |
  | 1st  | Heal Light Wounds  |   5     | 100  |   20.0  |
  | 3rd  | Heal Medium Wounds |   7     | 200  |   28.6* |
  | 5th  | Heal Heavy Wounds  |  15     | 400  |   26.7  |
  | *: As you can see, Heal Medium Wounds is the most    |
  |    cost effective healing spell as far as the number |
  |    of hit points healed per mana point spent.        |

  |           MISCELLANEOUS SPELLS               |
  |Circle| Name           | MP Cost | Duration   |
  | 1st  | Light          |    1    |  5 minutes |
  | 2nd  | Sleep          |   10    | 10 minutes |
  | 3rd  | Fear           |   15    |            |
  | 6th  | Shrink Monster |  100    |            |

                    |   SECTION IV: Blank Runes   |

Blank Runes are the key to a Magician's success.  Without them, you cannot
create the spells you need to ravage the land with your destructive magical
power.  ;)  What follows is a listing of where you can find/obtain these blank
runes, and in what chapter each can earliest be gotten.

Note that if you are a Paladin or a Mercenary rather than a Fire Magician, you
will receive/find something other than a Blank Runestone in the locations
listed below.  This is because Paladins and Mercenaries cannot create runes
and thus have no need for Blank Runestones and therefore the game gives you
something else that you CAN use.  This explains why, in other
guides/walkthroughs, the rewards for some of these tasks are said to be
something other than a Blank Runestone (for instance, #12 below is listed
instead as a Lump of Ore in Ellusion's Guide).

Blank #1:  (Ch1) Received in the process of completing the Path of Believers
                 quest to become a Fire Mage.
Blank #2:  (Ch1) Bought from Gorax
Blank #3:  (Ch2) Given to you by Milten after agreeing to go see the three
Blank #4:  (Ch2) Bought from Gorax after visiting the Valley of Mines.
Blank #5:  (Ch2) Bought from Gorax after visiting the Valley of Mines.
Blank #6:  (Ch2) Kervo, whose hiding in a cave near the western mine, offers
                 this blank rune to you if you'll kill the nearby Lurkers.
Blank #7:  (Ch2) You are given a key from Lutero after completing the
                 "Snapper's Claws" quest.  This key opens a chest in a cave
                 near the Tavern that contains the rune.
Blank #8:  (Ch3) Bought from Gorax.
Blank #9:  (Ch3) Complete the "Fernando's Business" quest by reporting the
                 situation of the Valley of Mines to Fernando.
Blank #10: (Ch4) Bought from Gorax.
Blank #11: (Ch4) Given to you by Talbin for taking him across the Valley of
                 Mines Pass.
Blank #12: (Ch4) Found in the Valley of Mines, on the table at the top of
                 Xardas's old tower.  Careful, as that room is now guarded by
                 three Seekers.
Blank #13: (Ch5) Bought from Gorax.
Blank #14: (Ch5) Bought from Lutero in Khorinis City.
Blank #15: (Ch6) Bought from Milton in the ship in chapter 6, if you brought
                 him along.

                    |   SECTION V: Runes you can find   |

Of the set of runes you are able to create yourself, a few of them can also
be acquired through other means.  You will find most of these runes simply
lying around in hard to reach or inconspicuous places.  This section will
detail which runes these are and how, where, and when you can find them.

1) Here is a table of the runes you can obtain, sorted by their circle.  This
   table can help you determine which runes you will want to create yourself.
   The "Chapter" column indicates the earliest chapter this rune can be found
   in.  Most of these runes are simply lying around, so although you could
   find a rune like Heal Light Wounds, for example, as early as chapter 2,
   there is nothing preventing you from waiting until chapter 3 to get it.

              |Circle| Name                   | Chapter |
              | 1st  | Fire Arrow             |    1    |
              | 1st  | Heal Light Wounds      |    2    |
              | 1st  | Create Goblin Skeleton |    3    |
              | 2nd  | Ice Arrow              |    2    |
              | 3rd  | Fear                   |   2,4   |

2) Below is a detailed listing of how and where you can find these runes,
   sorted by chapter.

| Chapter 1 Runes |

Fire Arrow
 - You create this rune as part of your initiation to become a Fire Mage.  So
   although this rune isn't technically found, it will be the first rune you
   create as the NPCs involved in the quest walk you through the process of
   creating runes.

| Chapter 2 Runes |

Heal Light Wounds
 - In the Pass to the Valley of Mines, you will run across a group of Orcs and
   Orc Shamen (unless you take the alternate path through the cave).  There is
   a campfire in the area where all these Orcs are loitering around, and the
   Heal Light Wounds rune is laying on the ground right near this campfire.

 - This rune is found in the storage room where Olav's body is found in the
   Valley of Mines.  To get there, walk down the battering ram that serves as
   the castle's only entrance, and walk forward to the path that runs left and
   right.  Head to the right on this path, and follow it as it winds first
   left, and then right.  After making that right turn, there will be cliffs
   on your left, a hill on your right, and the path will descend as you go
   forward.  Just before the path starts to ascend again, there will be an
   opening on your right, beneath the hill.  In that opening you will find the
   storage room.  Within this storage room lies Olav's body, and on the ground
   lies the Fear rune.

Ice Arrow
 - This rune is a little difficult to obtain at lower levels, as it is on a
   cliff ledge guarded by three Skeletons, with other Skeletons lurking
   nearby.  It is in the Valley of Mines, and there are a few ways to arrive
   at its exact location.  There is a pond just outside the entrance to the
   Snow Area, and if you are standing at the edge of the pond looking toward
   the Snow Area entrance, the ledge you want to reach is up and to your left.
   One way to reach that ledge is to go forward toward the Snow Area entrance,
   and you'll find a path that goes off to the left and leads up into the
   mountains.  If you follow this path, when you reach the top, follow the
   mountain wall on your left and you will eventually reach the ledge.  This
   path is the most dangerous, as you will have to deal with two Ice Golems, a
   few Dragon Snappers, and a total of at least 7 Skeletons.  However, if you
   turn and face away from the Snow Area entrance, you will see that on the
   other side of the pond there is a small opening leading away from the pond.
   If you head up that opening and keep the rock wall on your right, going up
   a slight incline, and then making a couple right turns, you will eventually
   reach the ledge.  Going this way will lead you through only 4 Skeletons,
   and you might be able to actually avoid one of them.  When you reach the
   ledge, you will find the Ice Arrow rune lying on the ground.

| Chapter 3 Runes |

Create Goblin Skeleton
 - Near the end of chapter three, you will reach a quest that involves helping
   Xardas prove his intentions to Pyrokar.  In order to do this Xardas gives
   you the key to the locked chest in farmer Sekob's house.  Sekob's house is
   the farm located right near Onar's, which has all the Mercenaries around.
   In that chest, you will find the Create Goblin Skeleton rune.  Just be
   careful when opening the chest, as sometimes Sekob and his wife will attack
   you.  Sneak into the house, or go there late at night to avoid irritating

| Chapter 4 Runes |

 - Once again you can find a Fear rune.  If you missed the one near Olav,
   during Chapter 4 you can head to the top of Xardas's old tower in the
   Valley of Mines, and find a Fear Rune (and a blank rune) on the table at
   the very top of the tower.  Be careful, however, as that room and the rest
   of the tower is now guarded by Seekers.

                    |   SECTION VI: Rune creating/using strategies   |

There are a total of 30 creatable runes and only 15 blank runestones.
However, 5 of those runes can be found out in the wild.  Thus there are at
least 10 spells that you will never have a rune for in the course of the game.
However, in my opinion, there are only 7 spells that you REALLY need.  Here
are my suggestions as to which spells you will want/need.


Firstly, there four spells that I consider the "standard" attack spells.
These spells provide the best damage per mana point spent, and act much like
how a bow or crossbow works, in that you get a single missile per casting,
which damages one enemy.  You will want to get these four spells as soon as
possible, as each successive spell will replace the previous in terms of

The first of these four spells is Fire Arrow, a circle 1 spell.  The second
"standard" attack spell is Fireball, a circle 2 spell.  You will use Fireball
for a while, since the next of the four "standard" spells is the circle 4
spell, Lightning.  Once you have attained circle 6, you can create the fourth
and last "standard" spell, Holy Missile.  These four spells will and should be
the base of your repertoire of runes.  As I learned each of these spells, the
newest one was always mapped to key "4" so that I could quickly pull it out to
counter any surprise attacks.


Besides those "standard" spells, there are only three other spells that I
consider "must haves," as they will make your life MUCH easier:  Ice Block,
Destroy Undead, and Rain of Fire.

Ice Block, a circle 3 spell, makes taking on a small group of enemies, or one
single stronger enemy a piece of cake.  A successful hit from Ice Block will
encase the target in a block of ice, rendering them immobile and completely
helpless for 20 seconds.  During this time you can either attack with a
different spell, a sword, or bow, or simply run away.  For instance, draw an
Orc Elite away from the rest of the group, hit him with Ice Block, then hack
away with your sword until he's dead.  Or, if you come upon a group of 3 or 4
enemies like Lizard Men, hit the first with Ice Block before they've noticed
you, then hit the others as they run towards you, quickly run up to the first
and pull out your bow or sword and finish him off, and then turn and take out
the others (or simply use a strong summon like Summon Demon to do the work for
you).  Nice and neat, and with a minimum of mana points spent.

Destroy Undead is basically instant death for any undead creature.  This
includes Skeletons, Shadow Lords, Zombies, Goblin Skeletons, Lower Skeletons,
Skeleton Shadowbeasts, etc.  For just 40 MP a piece, you can take out a
roomful of Skeletons with very little worries.  With this spell, the tomb of
Innubus can be completely cleared with little effort.  This spell is PRICELESS
(especially in the last chapter), and the best part is that you can get it as
soon as circle 4.

Rain of Fire is one of those "end of the game" items.  Those are the spells
or weapons that you can only obtain near the end of the game, because getting
them earlier would ruin the balance of the game COMPLETELY.  This spell is
SUPER sweet, and will help you take on groups of 10+ enemies with no problems.
However, this is a circle 6 spell, so you won't be getting it for a while.


Creating those 7 spells above leaves you with 8 more blank runes to create
whatever other runes you may desire.  You may want to check out the chargeable
spells such as Large Fireball and Ball Lightning.  I didn't bother much with
them, as they are not too efficient.  They are, however, useful to weaken a
powerful enemy from afar.  For instance, at circle 4, a full charge of Large
Fireball can cause up to 300 damage, which is the highest damaging spell at
that point (except for Destroy Undead, but that only works on the undead).
The only drawback is the long charging time and higher MP cost per point of
damage compared to other spells.

Wave of Ice is a nice spell as it can freeze multiple enemies at the same
time.  However, it is limited somewhat in that it can only freeze weaker
enemies.  Also, it is a circle 5 spell, and by the time you can learn circle 5
spells you are about 20 minutes away from learning even more powerful circle 6
spells such as Rain of Fire and Wave of Death.  Thus, Wave of Ice is a nice
spell to have, but not necessarily a "Must Have" spell.

The summoning spells are cool, but difficult to actually use effectively.  The
problem is that once you summon a monster ally, that monster just stands
there, instead of seeking out an enemy to attack.  So to make it useful, you
have to lure monsters to it, and hope that your summoned monster can get the
lured monsters attention, and vice versa.  An alternative method would be to
get an enemy's attention and THEN cast your summon spell, but by the time the
summon is over, you will probably have already taken some damage.  An
effective way to use summoning spells is to first freeze your enemy or enemies
with either Ice Block or Ice Wave, and then summon a couple monsters to finish
off the frozen targets, while you either help out or go hide behind a rock. :)
Be warned, however, that there seems to be some sort of bug related to
summoning creatures.  It seems that if you have too many summoned creatures on
the screen, the game will crash.  Like all bugs, however, you may or may not
experience it.

Healing spells are also another route you can try, but in general there are
many other effective ways to heal yourself in Gothic 2, and thus I didn't find
these too useful.

The "special" spells like Sleep, Wind Fist, Fear, and Shrink Monster can be
fun to play around with, but in general are not too effective.

The other circle 6 spells are fun in their own way, but unfortunately you
won't get them until the game is pretty much over, especially Breath of Death
and Wave of Death.  However, I would suggest saving a couple blank runestones
for these spells, as they can be fun to play with.  :)


No matter which runes you choose to create, do not be afraid to use them for
fear of running out of mana potions.  I was somewhat conservative with my
potions through the first 3 or 4 chapters, but VERY liberal with their use in
the last couple chapters, and I still finished the game with 212 Mana Essence
potions, 659 Mana Extract potions, and 85 Mana Elixir potions.  That means
that over the course of the game, I could have used 68,525 more mana points
than I did!  That's almost 7,000 more casts of Fireball, or 3,500 casts of
Lightning, or 1,142 casts of Rain of Fire!  As long as you explore most nooks
and crannies of the world, you will find many potions, as well as enough
valuable items of which you can sell in order to buy your potions.

                    |   SECTION VII: Special Runes   |

These are magic runes that you can find throughout the game that you cannot
create yourself.  Most of these consist simply of teleport runes.

Holy Light
 -MP Cost:     5 MP
 -Duration:    5 min. duration
 -Description: A somewhat annoying "star"-like light is created above your
               head.  Perhaps it's just me, but it kind of gave me a headache.
               It also isn't all that effective (since it pretty much blinds
               you instead of illuminating the surrounding area), and I prefer
               the effects of a torch anyway, even though you can't wield a
               weapon and a torch at the same time.
 -Found:       (Ch2) On a dead Paladin near the beginning of the Valley of

Teleport to Valley of Mines Pass
 -MP Cost:  5 MP
 -Found:    (Ch2) On a barrel near the two Field Raiders across bridge near
            the entrance to the Valley of Mines.  Also found in the Snow Area
            guarded by a couple of Ice Golems near the cave the Ice Dragon
            resides in.

Teleport to Castle
 -MP Cost:  5 MP
 -Found:    (Ch2) On bench on the upper level of the Fire Mage Cathedral where
            Milten is first found in the Castle in the Valley of Mines.

Teleport to Ancient Demon Tower
 -MP Cost:  5 MP
 -Found:    (Ch2) In Xardas's old tower in the Valley of Mines, on the upper
            floor on the center table.

Teleport to Pass of Khorinis
 -MP Cost:  5 MP
 -Found:    (Ch3) On one of the dead Paladins guarding the door to the Pass.

Teleport to Xardas
 -MP Cost:  5 MP
 -Found:    (Ch3) Given to you by Lester after returning from the Valley of
            Mines.  You'll find him near the two dead Paladins that were
            guarding the entrance to the Pass.

Teleport to Tavern
 -MP Cost:  5 MP
 -Found:    (Ch3) Bought from Orlan at the Tavern.

Teleport to Landlord
 -MP Cost:  5 MP
 -Found:    (Ch3) Given to you by Lee on Onar's Farm.

Teleport to Monastery
 -MP Cost:  5 MP
 -Found:    (Ch3) Given to you by Pyrokar in the Monastery.

Teleport to Harbor City
 -MP Cost:  5 MP
 -Found:    (Ch3) Given to you by Lord Hagen after reporting back to him
            about the Valley of Mines.

                    |   SECTION VIII: Scrolls   |

What follows is a listing of spells that do not exist in a rune format, as far
as I know.  These spells can only be used through the use of a spell scroll.
Most of these consist of transformation spells.

Spell scrolls are one use only.  To some that may be obvious, but others
might think that once you have chosen to use a scroll, you can use it until
your mana points are used up.  This is INCORRECT.  You get one shot per

 -MP Cost:     10 MP
 -Description: When used on an NPC that is angry with you, that person will
               forget why they are angry, and again treat you as a friend.
               This spell cannot be used while said NPC is in the process of
               attacking you.

Harm Evil/Banish Evil
 -MP Cost       15 MP
 -Damage:      300 HP
 -Found:       Pickpocket Oric in the Castle in the Valley of Mines.
 -Description: This is not a normal magic spell, as the only way you can get
               this spell as a Fire Magician is by stealing it from Oric.  It
               is actually a Paladin spell, and a decent one at that, as it
               gives you 20 damage per mana point spent.  It's too bad you
               can't get more of these as a Fire Magician, so use it wisely.

Transform into Field Raider   (MP Cost:  5 MP)
Transform into Giant Rat      (MP Cost:  5 MP)
Transform into Lurker         (MP Cost:  5 MP)
Transform into Scavenger      (MP Cost:  5 MP)
Transform into Sheep          (MP Cost:  5 MP)
Transform into Lizard         (MP Cost: 10 MP)
Transform into Snapper        (MP Cost: 10 MP)
Transform into Wolf           (MP Cost: 10 MP)
Transform into Dragon Snapper (MP Cost: 15 MP)
Transform into Fire Lizard    (MP Cost: 15 MP)
Transform into Shadowbeast    (MP Cost: 15 MP)
Transform into Warg           (MP Cost: 15 MP)

Note: After you have used one of the transformation scrolls to transform into
      a creature, remember that to change back to yourself, you need to hit
      the "Enter" key.

                    |   SECTION IX: People and Places   |


This is where your "home base" as a Fire Magician will be.  This is where all
the Fire Magicians call home, and where you will be returning to often
throughout the game.  Even if you play the game as a Paladin or Mercenary,
much of the story of Gothic II revolves around the Monastery.

If you look at your map, you will see near the center of the map a large
building in front of a narrow bridge over a body of water.  This is the
Monastery.  The only direct path to the Monastery stems from the Tavern,
passing a shrine as it goes into the hills; look for the signpost pointing out
the direction.

To enter the Monastery, you will need to bring Pedro a sheep and 1000 gold: a
donation required before you may become a Novice.  However, the front right
side of the outside of the Monastery can be climbed, and you can then drop
down from the roof into the Monastery unwelcomed.  Getting back out is a
little tricky, however, and some people may not be too appreciative of you
sneaking in.  All in all, if you plan on becoming a Fire Mage, there really
isn't any practical purpose to sneaking in.

When you enter the Monastery through the main door, you will arrive in an open
courtyard.  On your left are where the donated sheep are kept, on your right
is the garden, and straight ahead is the Church where the heads of the
Monastery sit.

On the left side of the Monastery, the door in the near corner leads to the
Library.  Next to that door is a Novice lodging room, followed by the Shrine
Room, where you will find a shrine that you can pray to.  Beyond the Shrine
Room lies another Novice lodging room, and beyond that in the far corner you
will find a door leading to one of the Fire Mage lodging rooms.

On the right side of the Monastery, in the near corner you will find the
winery, where Novices are busy squishing grapes to create the Monastery's
excellent wine.  Next to this room you will find another Novice lodging room.
Beyond that room you will find the stairs that lead down into the basement.
In the basement you will find the Alchemy Lab, Sacred Hammer room, treasury,
larder, and Main Library.  The room next to the stairway is the last of the
four Novice lodging rooms.  Next to that room lies your own room, of which you
will get the key for when you become a Fire Mage.  The last door on the right
side leads to the second of the Fire Mage lodging rooms.

Your room is equipped with a bed, an alchemist table, a rune table, and a
chest where you can store your items.  Feel free to place valuables in that
chest, as no one will steal them, and items placed in that chest in chapter 1
will be available until the end of chapter 5.  Compared with the other two
guilds this is the only guild that provides you with your very own room with
full amenities, something that I feel adds to the attractiveness of playing
Gothic II as a Fire Magician.


- Pyrokar
Pyrokar is the head of the Monastery.  He sits in the head chair of the
Church.  Along with giving you quests and information needed to advance the
main story, Pyrokar can eventually help train your mana points and teach you
the strongest magic spells.

- Serpentes
Serpentes is a rather pompous individual, who really deserves to be put in his
place.  Every group of people in the world of Gothic has to have at least one
arrogant ass, and Serpentes fits the bill for the Fire Mages.  Unfortunately
he is one of the three heads of the Monastery and thus demands respect.
Serpentes sits on Pyrokar's right hand in the Church.

- Ulthar
Ulthar is one of the more benevolent Fire Mages you will run into.  He is the
third of the three heads of the Monastery and sits in the Church on Pyrokar's
left hand.  Ulthar will generally treat you well, and give you pointers for a
few of your quests.

- Parlan
Parlan is probably the first Fire Mage you will talk to in the Monastery.  He
is standing right outside the entrance to the Church in the middle of the
courtyard.  He will serve as somewhat of a mentor to you for a short while
until you become a Fire Magician.  He can also train your mana points and
teach you various spells.

- Gorax
Gorax supervises the novices who are making the Monastery's famous wine.  He
will sell you magical items and spell scrolls (he usually has another blank
rune in his stock at the beginning of each chapter), and is located in the
room in the corner on the right side of the Monastery.  He is also in
possession of the only key that will open up the treasury in the basement.

- Marduk
Marduk is a Fire Mage standing on the left side of the Monastery at the
entrance to the Shrine Room.  If you choose to become a Fire Mage, Marduk will
not play a large role in the game, but he will teach you various spells.

- Neoras
Neoras is the Monastery's resident alchemist.  He is in the Alchemy Lab in the
basement.  The stairs to the basement are found on the right side of the
Monastery.  Neoras can brew potions for you for a small price (and will use
his own lab flasks), and can teach you how to brew some of your own potions.

- Talamon
Talamon is a rather unfriendly Fire Mage, or perhaps he's just very diligent
in his task of guarding the Main Library.  He will not let you enter the Main
Library until you have been given permission to do so from Pyrokar.  If you
try to sneak past him, you will regret that decision.  You will find him and
the Main Library in the basement across the hall from Garwig and the Sacred

- Karras
Karras is an odd Fire Magician in that he deals mostly with summoning spells,
rather than "normal" Fire Mage spells.  You can find him in a corner of the
Library, and he will sell you magical items and spell scrolls.  He will also
play a key role in helping you determine the origin and purpose of the Seekers
and create an amulet to protect you from their stare of possession.

- Hyglas
Hyglas is the second Fire Mage busy studying in the Monastery's library.  He
doesn't serve too much purpose, but will teach you how to create various spell

- Daron
Daron is the only Fire Magician within the walls of Khorinis City.  You'll
find him near the eastern gate.  He seems a bit sleazy, but he proves very
beneficial.  Making donations to Daron in increments of 50 gold will bring you
some very valuable bonuses, no matter what guild, if any, you've joined.

- Isgaroth
Isgaroth is not found in the Monastery, but instead spends all his time
praying in the large shrine you pass on your way to the Monastery.  He will
sell you magical items and spell scrolls.

- Milten
Milten is an old friend from the original Gothic game.  He initially resides
in the Church in the Castle in the Valley of Mines, but will eventually
relocate to the entrance to the Monastery.  Milten will serve many purposes
throughout the game, some of which include teaching you various spells and
accompanying you on your final quest in chapter 6.

   | NOVICES |

- Pedro
Pedro is tasked with guarding the entrance to the Monastery.  Well, perhaps
merely "manning" the entrance is more accurate.  Your journey down the path of
becoming a Fire Magician begins with bringing him a sheep and 1000 gold, which
gives you access to the Monastery.  Pedro, however, will play a larger and
more critical role later in the game.

- Opolos
Opolos is a kind, but rather "slow" novice.  He's been put in charge of the
Sheep of the Monastery, but really would like to get into the Library to study
the books contained within.  He can train your Strength, and is located just
to the left of the Monastery entrance.

- Dyrian
Dyrian is usually found standing to the right of the entrance to the Church.
He's been accused of stealing, and is facing a possible expulsion from the
Monastery.  If you agree to help him with his situation, he will give you a
spell scroll that could prove useful...

- Babo
Babo is a novice who is always sweeping the floor outside your room, but he
would really like to be allowed to work in the Monastery garden again.  If you
talk to the Paladin Sergio for him, he will train you in 2H weapons.

- Igaraz
Igaraz is a arrogant novice usually found talking to another unnamed novice
near the entrance to the Church.  He's not too friendly, and might prove to be
a pain.

- Agon
Agon can be first found in the garden to the right of the entrance to the
Monastery.  He is another novice with potential to become a Fire Magician,
which is in direct conflict with your own goals.

- Garwig
Garwig is a novice who has been given the task of guarding the Sacred Hammer.
You'll need that hammer to complete a quest in order to become a Fire Mage,
but Garwig's attention is never drawn from his duties as guard of the Sacred
Hammer, and he never sleeps.  Or does he....?

- Ulf
Ulf is a novice who spends his time drinking beer at the free beer stand in
Khorinis.  He's not exactly all about working hard to get ahead, and his
future with the Fire Magicians is destined to be short.


- Sergio
Sergio is a Paladin who is standing in the Shrine Room on the left side of the
Monastery.  He won't have much to say to you, but will have a role in a couple

- Jorgen
Jorgen appears in chapter 3 at the foot of the bridge that leads to the
Monastery.  He's interested in becoming a Novice, although not really for the
right reasons.  Once he's joined the Monastery, you can find him to the right
just inside the entrance to the Monastery, along the wall.

- Vatras
Vatras is to the Water Mages what Pyrokar is to the Fire Mages.
Unfortunately, Vatras is the only Water Mage you will meet in Gothic II (the
Gothic II expansion, "Night of the Raven," will include additional Water
Mages; I can only hope that us English speakers will get a chance to play it).
Vatras will prove to be a very big player in the events of Gothic II, so don't
lie to him, and respect his opinions.

                    |   SECTION X: "Thank You"s and a Request   |

- Thanks go to Marcus Martin for helping me pin down exactly when you can
  learn circles 1-4, pointing out what Large Fireball is useful for, and a few
  other tidbits.

- Thanks go to Michael Lugo for assuring me that Wave of Ice CAN and DOES
  indeed freeze enemies.  I should have taken the time to investigate this
  spell further, so I apologize to everyone.  Michael also helped me by
  describing how he thinks Breath of Death works, and telling me that Gorax
  sells the Breath of Death and Wave of Death spells.

- Thanks go to **************** for giving me more practical uses for Ice Wave
  and the various summoning spells, as well as both reiterating and expounding
  on a few of the things Michael pointed out to me above.

- I will add anyone to this list who may be able to provide me with any
  information, insights, or point out errors in my guide.  In particular, here
  are a few questions that I am looking for answers to:

  -Am I overlooking any spells in terms of effectiveness or usefulness?
  -Did I miss any Blank Runes?
  -Did I miss any findable runes?
  -Did I miss any important people or places, or misname any?
  -What circles can Vatras teach on the ship in chapter 6?
  -Have any more information on the bug that seems to crop up with summoning
   too many creatures (game crashes)?

  Feel free to send me an e-mail with any answers to the questions above, or
  with anything else related to this guide at:

Thank you.

Copyright 2004 Jim Wahl

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