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    Chapter 6 Walkthrough by N3Burgener

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/18/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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        / /       ^  | / \ |   | |   |  /  \ \ | | / /       ^   | }|  | }|        
        < {    _____ { ( ) }   | |   | |    ) }| | < {           | }|  | }|        
        \ \    ^-. | | \_/ |   | |   | |   / / | | \ \       _   | }|  | }|        
         \ ^-...-^ | \_   _/   | |   |_|  / /  |_|  \ ^-...-^/   | }|  | }|        
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                  \|            \|   Chapter 6: Walkthrough      |^/    \^|        
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     Last Updated: 4/17/2004
     Creator: Nick Burgener (aka N3Burgener)
     E-Mail: N3Burgener@yahoo.com
     + Version History +
    	2-9-2004 - Version 1.00
    		It's the first one, most likely tons of spelling errors and
    		such. Hope it's useful.
    	2-25-2004 - Version 1.20
    		Added some information from alterEgo and dermortraken. See the
    		credits for what information they gave (thanks guys).
    	3-1-2004 - Version 1.21
    		Fixed the Version details at the top.
    	4-17-2004 - Version 1.3
    		Added information on Embarla Firgasto
     + Introduction + 
    At the current time that I am writing this, there is only one Walkthrough for
    the game, written extremely well by Ellusion. However, this walkthrough does
    not cover chapter 6, the final chapter in the game.
    Several people have asked for a walkthrough for chapter 6, and i've been in a
    very good "Gothic FAQ-writing" mood lately, so i figured I'd write a
    walkthrough for it. 
    At the time that I am writing this, February 2004, I have only beaten the game
    once, so there are bound to be areas that I am shady on; ie monsters in each
    room, items found in each room, etc. However, the walkthrough portion will be
    sufficient enough to get you through the final chapter of the game.
    This is a very simple FAQ, so it's not going to have very much content in it,
    but i hope it will still be of use for completing the game. 
     + Table of Contents +
     I - Chapter 5: Departure
     II - Chapter 6: The Halls of Irdorath
     III - Credits and Closing Words
     IV - Legal Information
     I - Chapter 5: Departure
    Ok, chapter 5 is solely intended to set you up for chapter 6. I will only deal
    with the part of Chapter 5 that involved setting up your captain and crew, and
    then proceed on to chapter 6, so this is not a walkthrough for chapter 5, it 
    only deals with issues in chapter 5 that will directly effect chapter 6, since
    you cannot go back and change what you did. 
    		     | No Travelling Without a Crew |
    Alrighty, having obtained the Halls of Irdorath book back, and obtained the
    Tears of Innos, and the sea chart, you must get a ship, crew, and captain. I
    will only go over what will have a direct effect on the outcome of chapter 6,
    which will be crew, and captain. 
    Picking your crew is essential, since you're required to have at least 5 
    members, otherwise you will not be able to sail to Irdorath. Your crew is also
    your training; if you expect to reach high level strength, dexterity, or mana,
    you will have to select good crew members, since the amount they can teach you
    is limited, and chapter 6 provides the highest amount of training. 
    The following are people whom you can select to be crew members:
    	Milten - He will most likely be the first person to offer their
    		 services with you as a crew member, since you have to stop by
    		 the monestary at this point anyways. He's standing out in
    		 front of the Monestary where he's been ever since you freed
    		 Gorn from the dungeon at the castle in the Valley of Mines.
    		 Milten is one of the "Fantastic Four" from the first gothic,
    		 and has proven he is one of your best friends, so bring him
    		 along. He is trustworthy, and definately helpful.
    		 Once at Irdorath, Milten will be willing to train your mana
    		 past 100, definately useful if you're a mage. He can also 
    		 teach rune-making, also useful if you're a mage. If you're not
    		 a mage, he still has a pretty hefty inventory which you might
    		 find useful.
    	Lester - Also a member of the "Fantastic Four", Lester is found at 
    		 Xardas' tower where he was when he gave you Xardas' note about
    		 the Halls of Irdorath. He won't be of much help to you, other
    		 to enhance the plot. Bring him along anyway, since he's your
    		 buddy from the first game.
    	Diego -- Yet another member of the "Fantastic Four", Diego is still at
    		 his house he claimed from Gerbrandt in Khorinis. When you ask
    		 him to come along, he will gladly offer his services. In doing
    		 so, he returns to the house, and puts on his Shadow Armor, the
    		 armor he wore in Gothic. 
    		 Diego will be a big help to you, definately one of the most
    		 helpful. His biggest ability is that if you're stuck, he'll
    		 provide the information you need on continuing. Now, I'm not
    		 sure if you NEED him or not; I needed to ask him for advice
    		 twice, bring him along just to be safe.
    		 Also, once at Irdorath, Diego will train your dexterity, and
    		 Bow-Skill to 100, as well as having a heft ammunition for bows
    		 and crossbows.
    	Gorn --- Yeah, Gorn may be a "Fantastic Four", but he doesn't serve
    		 much purpose in this chapter either. He wanders about the 
    		 ship, and provides some pretty heavy-damage axe for when the
    		 orcs raid the ship, but other than that, he has no purpose.
    		 Bring him along, just because he's your buddy.
    	Lares -- Again, like Gorn, he doesn't have a practical purpose; he's 
    		 only take-able for flavor. Bring him along if you please.
    	Lee ---- He'll go with you, if you ask, provided you take him to the
    		 mainland so he can get back at King Rhobar and the others for
    		 their verdict to throw him into the penal colony when he was
    		 framed. Of course, you don't end up doing this, but it's nice
    		 to know.
    		 Once at Irdorath, he can train one-handed and two-handed 
    		 weapons up to 100, which is nice. 
    	Angar -- Provided you've gotten his amulet for him, he will be able to
    		 go with you. He will go with you into the island to help
    		 fight, since his headaches are getting unbearable. He figures
    		 if the evil is gone, his headaches will be gone.
    	Vatras - Definately a willing member of the Circle of Water who will
    		 aid you. Bring him along. Definately. He'll be at Khorinis
    		 City where he always is.
    		 Once at Irdorath, he will be able to heal you, teach alchemy
    		 recipes, heal possessions, and provide some good healative
    		 herbs. Definately worth bringing.
    	Biff --- He's back in the Valley of Mines, provided he's still alive.
    		 He shows up for plot-flavor, that's about it.
    	Girion - He will be guarding the ship, and insist that you take him
    		 along to ensure that the ship will be returned to the city
    		 and lord Hagen.
    		 He'll cut-scene you and you'll have to bring him along, unless
    		 you have Torlof as your captain. Torlof being your captain,
    		 will have resulted in Hagen sending all Paladins to the Valley
    		 of Mines to aid the Paladins at the castle, and Girion will
    		 go with them.
    		 If you don't want him in your party, do not interact with him
    		 until you've gotten Torlof as your captain. Other wise, he'll
    		 go with you.
    		 Once at Irdorath, he will teach one-handed, two-handed, and
    		 crossbows up to 100.
    	Mario -- The uber backstabber. His purpose is to "be a good artillery
    		 man", and is good enough at playing that to get you to bring
    		 him along. 
    		 At Irdorath, he'll sneak off during the Orc raid on the ship,
    		 and you'll have to fight him later on. Don't bother bringing
    		 this guy.
    	Bennet - He'll be your smithey (though you don't really need one...).
    		 If you haven't gotten the Heavy Ore Dragonslayer from him
    		 yet, it'd be a good idea to bring him along then. You will
    		 need that sword.
    		 You can get some EXP when dealing with dragon eggs (you'll
    		 find some on the island), and Bennet will refuse to deal with
    		 them. Bring him along. 
    		     	| Who Will be my Captain? |
    Of course, with having a ship, you'll need a captain to pilot it and such. Of
    course, you will have three options for you captain; conveniently, one from
    each guild. If you're allied to one guild, i believe you can still get any of
    the other captains, but it's advised to go with the one who is represented by
    your guild. 
    The following are people whom you can select to be your captain:
    	Torlof - You have to do the most work to get Torlof as you captain.
    		 He'll be at Onar's farm where he usually is. When you mention
    		 boats and captains, he'll say that he used to be one, and will
    		 offer his services as a captain. However, he's unsteady about
    		 it, since the Paladins are still in-town. 
    		 To be able to go, he asks that you steal the key from the
    		 main gate duard at the castle in the Valley of Mines, and open
    		 the gate, to let the orcs enter the castle. In doing so, the
    		 Paladins would HAVE to go rescue the faction at the castle,
    		 and leave the city. 
    		 This is rather simple; go into the barracks of the castle,
    		 go through the door at the far corner opposite the door you
    		 entered to get into the sleeping room, and there'll be a guy
    		 there. Use the pick-pocketing skill I hope you've learned,
    		 and take his key. With that, go into the door past him, and
    		 pull the lever. 
    		 Having done this, Torlof will go with you, of course, you'll
    		 still have to pay him 2500 gold. However, once at Irdorath,
    		 he can train your strength to 100, which is always nice.
    		 Having Torlof as your captain gets you the least amount of
    		 exp, but he trains you, while the other 2 don't. And, him
    		 being captain enhances the plot of the story more than having
    		 either of the others be your captain. 
    	Jack --- This captain requires you to have completed the "Bandits at
    		 Jack's Lighthouse" quest. Having completed this, he'll be at
    		 his lighthouse, sitting in the chair downstairs. Bringing up
    		 the subject of sailing will make him want to do it all over
    		 However, someone will need to take care of his lighthouse
    		 while he's gone. He says that Brian, Harad's apprentice would
    		 do it. Go back to Khorinis City, talk to Brian about it, he
    		 agrees, and goes to Jack's lighthouse. From there, ask Jack to
    		 be your captain, and he'll wait for you at the harbor.
    	Jorgen - If you've talked to Jorgen, and told him to talk to Milten 
    		 about joining the Monestary, he should be in it by chapter 5.
    		 Milten will tell you that Jorgen is a good captain, and you 
    		 can go talk to him.
    		 He would like to go, but unfortunately the monestary will not
    		 let him leave, since he has not paid his dues to the monestary
    		 and done little work. However, talking to Pyrokar will find
    		 a way for you to beat the system.
    		 Pyrokar will ask you to figure out what's going on at Xardas'
    		 tower. Go there, and kill the 4 demons and the demon lord, and
    		 return to Pyrokar. He will then let you take Jorgen with you.
    		 Report back to Jorgen, and tell him he can come.
    		             | Aura of Innos |
    Mage Only:
    After you've opened the Halls of Irdorath book you got back from Sekob's farm,
    go to Pyrokar. He will give you the Aura of Innos, which is an amulet which
    gives you +20 weapon defense, ranged defense, and dragon fire defense; a very
    nice artefact. Definately wear it as soon as you've used the power of the Eye.
    In my game, I brought: Lester, Milten, Diego, Gorn, Angar, Lee, Torlof, Mario,
    Bennet, and Lares. The walkthrough for Chapter 6 that I will provide will be
    based off of a crew of these 10. There are likely to be differences between
    having a different crew, such as experience you can gain, but the walkthrough
    I provide will use these 10, feel free to use a different combination if you
    It'd probably be wise to save to a different slot before you leave, so that 
    you can have a back-up file in case you realize there was something you wanted
    to do, or something like that.
    If you have the Tears of Innos, and are a fire mage, drink it. It will give you
    +5 dexterity, +5 strength, completely heals, and gives 5 minute speed boost. 
    The stats are nice, but using it later on in chapter 6 is suggested if your
    stats are well enough. Full heal and speed is always nice. 
     II - Chapter 6: The Halls of Irdorath
    Alright, you've just docked at the Island of Irdorath; there's no going back.
    Your captain will not take you back, and if you try to swim out, you get a 
    nice FMV of you getting eaten by a sea-monster. Pretty interesting to see
    Ok. I'm not going to put trainers here; read chapter 5 under crew members and
    captains to see who all can provide what training.
    This should get you through chapter 6. There may be a few items and such that
    I miss, and a few other shady areas, but mostly everything you should be able
    to figure out yourself. 
    And, don't forget that you can bring Angar along with you to fight!
    Ok, step off the ship, and head forward. You'll encounter several Orc Elites, 
    Orc Warriors, Wargs, and Orc Shamen up this path. Unless you're dangersouly 
    strong, these battle will be moderately difficult. A good spot i found to kill
    them easily: from the ship, facing the island, go to your left, and you'll see
    a small ledge which you can jump over. This is where you're supposed to go if
    you fall in the water (swim to the shore near there, go up, and jump across).
    If you lure them over there, and jump across, you can stand there and attack
    left, right, left, right from across the ledge safely. One might fall off the
    ledge and die, but that doesn't really matter. 
    You can use this spot to safely eliminate all the Orcs in this area if you need
    Now, continue forward, and you'll reach a cave. Enter. In here, there are some
    more orcs, and a cave troll. Kill the orcs, and the troll. There is a ramp to 
    your left, and a door past the cave troll. We're going to go up the ramp.
    Ok, now head back to the cave, and this time go up the ramp. In here, are 
    several strong orcs, and and Orc Colonel. Notice they aren't attacking you yet?
    Once you get close enough to the Colonel, they'll start attacking you. Best way
    to take these guys out is to go back to the door which led into that room, and
    just sit there going left, right, left, right. 
    Be sure to pick up the key in the Orcish Colonel's inventory to get into the
    door behind the Cave Troll. 
    After having triggered the journal entry with the Orc Colonel, head back to
    your ship, and you'll find that several orcs have respawned on the path, and
    have attacked your ship. Show up, and kill them all.
    Once they're all dead, go through their inventory and pick up stuff that you
    would need. Now, head back to the Cave, at the door behind the Cave Troll. 
    Past that door, there are 3 other doors that you will find. The one on the left
    has Pedro in it, the guy who stole the Eye of Innos from the Monestary at the
    begining of the game. Don't go in here just yet; loot the other 2 rooms for 
    potions and such, as well as a Diary from the black mage's apprentice. Open it,
    and read it. It's not really that useful to you, but it does add a journal 
    Now, go to Pedro, and tell him that you were sent by the Fire Mages to kill
    him, and you'll get some good exp. Then, agree not to kill him, and bring him
    back to the ship. There, he will tell you a hefty good bit of information that
    you would need to know. 
    You can now go talk to Milten, and tell him that you found Pedro for some more
    Now, there's no other way to go... or is there?
    In this room, there are two switches, which are disguised as torches. They are
    on both walls perpendicular to the wall with the door-outline, closest section
    towards the door. The switches are really picky, so it may take a few times
    for you to active them. Even if you do, they must be done in the right order.
    Now, mind you, there won't be a narrator label that will say "switch".
    The order is: left, right. That will open the door. Go through there, and now
    you will begin to find Lizard Men. They will be scattered all about this next
    area. Also, through this door, you will encounter a seeker. 
    This hall will twist around, until it finally opens you into a big room, with
    several well-lit pits, lizard men, treasure chests, and seekers. Be careful,
    since there are tons of lizard men in this area. In each pit, you will find
    lizard eggs. Grab them. Towards the end of this big room, there are treasure 
    chests. They don't contain anytying quest-related, but they do have some 
    pretty good stuff in them. They require a lock-picking skill.
    You can take the dragon eggs back to Bennet, and ask what he can do with them.
    He will refuse, and say he wants nothing more with dragon eggs. You get some
    experience with this. You can then take them to Milten, who won't take them,
    but rather mention a recipe that used them, and give you some exp.
    Now, at the very end of this room... you find a fifth dragon. Feodaron. 
    Feodaron is exactly the same strength and all as the Fire dragon Feomather back
    at the Valley of Mines:
    		         STATS			     DEFENSE
    Name		Level	Strength    Mana   Life  //  Weapon	Arrow    Magic
    Feodaron	 450	   140	    1000   1000	       100       100	  50
    He should be fairly easy to take out, use a crossbow, shoot, strafe to the 
    side, shoot again, etc. You can use whatever tactics you want on this guy.
    Whatever you did to beat Feomather, will work against this guy. 
    Killing him will result in the obtainment of 4500 exp, and a used-up Eye of
    Innos. There will be several alchemist benches on the way to the final boss,
    so you don't need to go all the way back to the ship. 
    Past Feodaron, is a huge chasm. The switches to activate the bridge are across
    the gorge, so you'll have to figure out another way to activate them. Equip a
    ranged weapon (If you don't have one, go back to the ship, and hope you brought
    someone who sells one. Eitherway, there are some chests in the room which you
    can pick, and get a bow and some arrows from there. Hope you've got a lock
    picking skill).
    Across the gorge, the two large towers house a switch.
    Having your weapon out, and holding the action key, it will auto-lock on to the
    switch, so all you have to do is hit "forward".
    Then, aim at the other tower, auto-lock, and then shoot. The bridge will be
    deployed, and you can walk across. There are doors for each tower, which you
    can go in and up, finding a treasure chest in each room. No quest items in them
    but definately useful stuff. Directly to the left after crossing the bridge; a
    From here, the path curves to the right, and you will see several skeletons and
    seekers in this area. Kill them. Behind the stelagmites, you should find mass
    abundances of herbs, which you would probably want to pick up. 
    On the left, you see the big seeker portrait-covered stone wall, with a single
    door in the center. Go through it. There are two doors; a door on your left, 
    and one on the right. The room on the right will set you up with some potions,
    and a recipe: Embarla Firgasto. 
    This recipe requires 11 dragon eggs, 1 powderized black pearl, and a pinch of
    sulfur, all of which can be obtained in Irdorath. The recipe claims that the
    result of the potion being consumed is unknown, but it can offset the balance
    of mana.
    Embarla Firgasto, when used by anyone other than a Mage, will give you a +15
    strength increase. When used by a Mage, it will give you a +15 dexterty
    increase. Definately make and use it; dragon eggs are only used for this in
    this chapter, since Bennet won't take them. 
    To the best of my knowledge, you MUST drink embarla firgasto. One person
    (Lucklarin) couldn't open the door further in the level until he drank the
    potion, so it seems you must drink it to pass through the game.
    Now, the door to your left, will contain a special undead shadow warrior, Lord
    Archol. But he is pretty strong. If you are not sure
    of your ability to take him out, lure him back to the bridge. When crossing the
    bridge, jump over the corner on the left back over to the Feodaron side. The
    Undead Shadow Warrior should get stuck there, and you can kill him from there
    without getting hit.
    Take all his belongings, and continue onward. Kill the remaining skeletons in
    his room, if you haven't done so yet, and go through the door to the right.
    Then, follow this around, and, if Mario was in your party, you'll get a nice
    plot-twist right about now.
    Mario will be in the room with a bunch of skeletons. You'll get a hefty amount
    of EXP by talking to him, and learn that he is possessed. After this dialogue
    is over, he and his skeletons will attack you. Best way to take these guys out,
    is to go to the door of that room, set yourself up, and left, right, left, 
    right attack until they're dead. 
    You can get the almanac of the possessed from Mario if you want, but don't open
    it; you'll get possessed too. You can bring it back to Milten, who will say
    that he, sadly, doesn't know much about that sort of thing. But, you do gain
    some experience from this.
    After you've killed Mario, you can go back to Lester and confirm that Mario had
    backstabbed you, and get some extra experience.
    In this room, are also some weapons near the pillars which you might like to 
    take, if they're better than what you have equipped. 
    And now, we enter the puzzle room!
    Firstly, this is what it'll look like, just to elaborate:
    	\4 \ |   | /3 /		1 = Center Room		6 = Gear Room L
          ___\  \|   |/  /___	2 = Lower Right		7 = Gear Room R
         |6        1        7|	3 = Upper Right		8 = Final Door
         |___             ___|	4 = Upper Left		9 = Entrance
             /  /-| |-\  \		5 = Lower Left
            /5 /  | |  \2 \
    * It is a very crude illustration, but it'll help. Use this when explaining
      which corridor to take.
    Ok, your main goal of this room, is to activate 5 switches that pop-out of
    the ground at the circle in the center of the room, to open the big door in
    front of you. This is done, by turning 4 other switches in the 4 rooms
    This is probably the spot where most people get confused. At first, you will
    only be able to access two of the 4 rooms, since a gate is blocking two of 
    them. Go down either tunnel, and fight the monsters down there. 
    To the right, there should be a gated room. By walking in there, a seeker
    should appear, except this is the gate master. He will end up cursing you if
    you get locked into conversation with him. During the cut scene that he arises,
    you can walk, so you can get enough hits in to kill him before he begins to
    talk to you, so you can avoid a possession. 
    Take the key off of him, and go back up the tunnel to the center room. Now,
    there are two doors, directly on the sides of the room. With the key, you can
    now open those doors. In these rooms, there are two levers. By activating them,
    you change which hallway is gated on that side of the puzzle.
    Use this wonderful device to switch around which doors are open and which are
    The 4 rooms are all essentially the same thing; Kill the monsters in each room,
    and press the three switches in the right order. Only 2 are different, but I
    will explain all 4.
    Lower Right:
    There will be some monsters that are in here, kill them. If you are having 
    problems (I think this room has a shadowbeast), you can back into the stairwell
    and left, right, left, right attack them. 
    Then, proceed around to the left, and go through this hall. Once entering the
    room beyond that, some monsters will warp in. Kill them. This is one of the 
    weird rooms. There is only one switch. By pressing that, two formations on the
    wall spin around, letting out some monsters, and revealing the other two 
    Kill the enemies, and then press the switching, in the order: "center, left,
    right". This is as if you were looking in the room. Messing up the order will
    spawn more enemies, which can be a good training device if you're skilled
    enough. Then, a column switch will rise from the ground. Activate it, and you
    will see a pillar rise from the ground in the center room. 
    On your way back, some more enemies will warp in at the first room of this
    section, so be warry.
    Upper Right:
    Go through here, and kill the monsters, in the first room. Then, pick up an
    items and weapons you want, and continue around to the right. There will be a
    hallway, followed by a small staricase. Up here, will be some more enemies.
    Kill them, and then hit the switches in the order "Center, Left, Right". The
    switch should rise up from the floor as it did in the lower right room. Turn
    it, and watch another pillar rise from the center room.
    On your way back, some more enemies will warp in at the first room of this
    section, so be warry.
    Upper Left:
    This will look exactly like the Upper Right, only mirrored. So, Kill the 
    enemies in the first room, and then curve around to the left. Go through the
    hall, and up the stairs.
    Some enemies'll appear in this room, kill them, and do the switch combination
    "Center, Left, Right" (getting tired of that combo eh?), and then turn the
    switch that comes up from the floor, showing yet another pillar rise from the
    On your way back, some more enemies will warp in at the first room of this
    section, so be warry.
    Lower Right:
    Go down this hall, kill the enemies in this room, and curve around to the right
    through the hall, into the final room. Kill everyone here, and then push the
    only switch you see.
    Now, this should rise up a fourth pillar from the floor in the center room.
    On your way back, some more enemies will warp in at the first room of this
    section, so be warry.
    Ok, so we're in the center room, with 4 columns sticking up from the ground.
    You'll notice, that they each have a switch on them. Push all of the switches
    (Order doesn't matter for this part). Once they're all down, and you've
    watched the cut-scene for them unlocking a part of the door, a fifth pillar
    will show.
    Push it, and the door will open.
    From here, you'll go into a spider web infested room with statues, and beyond
    it, a large open room.
    In this room, several seekers wait to set you on fire. Run around and kill each
    seeker, but avoid encountering the necromancer at the end of the hall.
    There are 4 rooms in here, all of which have some good stuff. There is a seeker
    in each room as well, so be careful. The first room on your left, has an
    alchemist's bench. Recharge the Eye of Innos right now. Ok, now, go out the
    room, and go down to the end of the room to encounter the necromancer.
    By talking to him, you can learn some information, and get possessed at the
    same time. If you don't want to get possessed, then just attack him with a
    ranged weapon, and, either keep fighting like that, or bust out your stronger
    melee weapon and take him out. You don't NEED the information from him, but if
    you want to avoid getting possessed, do as stated above. He will give you
    +300 experience, which isn't necesarily needed unless you're desparate for
    skill points. 
    I suggest saving, talking to him, and then restarting and just attacking him.
    Once he's out, take the document he has, "Black Magician's Scroll", and his 
    chest key. You can take everything else, but what you need is the scroll and
    key. Read the scroll, and then go into the second room on the right (should be
    the room directly to the right of the door, from where the Black Magician was
    standing). There is a chest in the corner. Open it, and take all that is in it,
    including the Eye of Power.
    Go to the door, and activate it with "action". You will open the door. 
    This, is the final boss of Gothic II. Go around the wall with the overly large
    seeker statue, and up some stairs. You will see the final dragon, "Undead 
    Dragon" (I sure hope you recharged the Eye of Innos). Walk up to him, and
    engage him with conversation, and learn the final plot of the game. 
    Then, you will go into battle with him.
    He is unlike any of the other dragons, he is way stronger:
    		         STATS			     DEFENSE
    Name		Level	Strength    Mana   Life  //  Weapon	Arrow    Magic
    Undead Dragon	1000	   170	    1000   1000	       150       150	  150
    To kill this dragon, it's advised to be a wuss. Get a hit in, and then run
    down the stairs, chug some potions, rung back in, etc. Or, you could shoot
    a bolt, strafe, shoot, strafe, etc. A single hit from this dragon will take
    your health nearly 1/2 away, so be careful. 
    I managed to get an extremely nice glitch, in which i went half-way down the
    stairs, and he tried to follow and got caught on the wall, but kept trying to
    walk towards me rather than attack me, so I stayed there shooting bolts at him
    until he died. I'm not sure if this'll work again though.
    Basically, just use the normal strategy against the other dragons, except 
    uber amplify it. And watch out for the undead orcs that are in prisons behind
    the dragon; stay in-between the dragon and the stairs the whole time.
    Beating the Undead Dragon will get you 10000 experience, which is obsolete,
    since you've nearly beaten the game at this point. You get to watch an
    interesting FMV where you slay the dragon, and then head back off down the
    You can go back to the dragon, and take his heart, scales, and blood if you so
    desire, but you don't have to. Also, you can go kill the Undead Orcs one at a
    time for more exp if you want.
    Alright, now make your way back to the ship. Along your way, you can find
    Diego, Milten, Lester, and Lee (from the crew that I brought, will vary based
    off of whom you brought along). Talk to them, and then, make it all the way
    back to the ship, and talk to Gorn. Talk to everyone there if you so wish, and
    then talk to your captain, and tell him you've slayed the evil, and that it's
    time to go home.
    You now get to watch the final cut-scene; I won't say anything about it, since
    you probably want to see/hear it for yourselves. But, sit through the credits,
    there's an interesting bit of humor afterwards. 
     III - Credits and Closing Words
    I would like to thank Raka for confirming my belief that chapter 6 was 
    titled "Halls of Irdorath".
    I would like to thank alterEgo for confirming my belief that the novice's diary
    was NOT in Pedro's room. Also, for telling me that the doors behind the Cave
    Troll needed a key from the Orcish Colonel, giving a bow location tip, giving
    information on Embarla Firgasto as a mage, and the name of the Undead Shadow
    _____________________ *write your name here*
    dermortraken: told me the key from the Orcish colonel was needed to get into 
    the rooms behind the cave troll. He provided the information about the Aura of
    Innos, and what all it did. He also provided the information for the effects of
    the Tears of Innos. Also, for Embarla Firgasto as a mage information, exp given
    by the black magician.
    PoopHeadGuy gave information on when Pyrokar gives the Aura of Innos to you. 
    Lucklarin: helped prove embarla firgasto is required to pass through the door
    past the black magician.
    There is definately alot that I left out of this in specificity, ie monsters 
    in each section of the puzzle room, and obtainable items in chests, chest 
    combinations, etc.
    If you know any of these, feel free to send me the information by e-mail:
    N3Burgener@yahoo.com . I will give you full credit for the find.
     IV - Legal Information
    Before posting this FAQ on any website or other published network, ask my 
    permission first through e-mail: N3Burgener@yahoo.com
    And, provide the author, and host site.
    Nick Burgener (N3Burgener), www.gamefaqs.com
    Copyright Nick Burgener 2004

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