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Secrets FAQ by LM

Updated: 01/28/04



Date: January 2004
Author: LM
Copyright info: This document may be freely copied and reproduced

Introductory note

1. The secrets in Nightfire fall into two categories: plain secrets and “Bond
moves” (abbreviated as S’s and BM’s below). The Bond moves are usually
roundabout ways to proceed in the game, such as circumventing security,
avoiding direct confrontation, etc. The Bond moves are different from the
secrets in that, in most cases, they register only if you perform them when
they are meaningful, i.e., before doing something more direct and brutish. In
other words, when a Bond move consists in making use of a grapple point to
sneak unnoticed past the guards, it may not register if you kill them first and
then use the grapple. I’ve tried to mark the Bond moves that are sensitive in
this respect; look for words in capital letters, such as DO NOT, BEFORE, etc.

2. The secrets and Bond moves are tallied only at the end of each mission,
which makes it harder to keep track. When you discover them, you don’t get a
written message, such as “You’ve discovered a secret!” You hear a brief upbeat
tune, different for secrets and for Bond moves. The discovery of a Bond move is
also marked by the appearance of a 007 logo in the upper left corner of the

3. The game has been played in the “Agent” difficulty setting. Other settings
may produce different results in terms of the number of secrets, ways to get
them, etc. Probably not, though. However, in mission 6, I’ve been able to
discover more secrets than the after-mission tally is programmed for. When I
discovered two secrets and two Bond moves, the after-mission stats were shown
as follows: Bond moves: 2 out of 0; secrets: 2 out of 1. Therefore, this FAQ
may not be as complete as I think it is. Then again, maybe it’s just that I
have an unpatched or defective disc.

4. The BM’s and S’s are listed in the order I was finding them while playing.
Your order may be different, but not by much, since the missions are pretty
linear. One notable exception is mission 3, where several sequences are

5. A Transition with a capital T means a time when a new scene requires the
game to load it and you are forced to stare at a certain actor’s likeness with
the word “LOADING” below it.


Total: 2 Bond moves, 2 secrets

BM1. DO NOT jump down from your starting position (or get too close to the edge
without a railing) before reading this. Your objective is to get inside Drake’s
castle. There are various ways to achieve that, but not all of them will win
you a Bond move. You should be facing the castle when you land. Look left and
you’ll see a couple of watchtowers connected by a bridge, with an idling truck
below. Look right, and there’s another couple of watchtowers. Put on your
Q-specs (F is the default key) and change their setting (with the V key) to
infrared, i.e., purple. Still looking right, you should be able to see a guard
manning a searchlight on the bridge between the twin watchtowers and another
one patrolling the road. Attach the silencer to your pistol (with the pistol in
hand, press the Alternate Fire key). Your best bet is to shoot with the Q-specs
on: that will improve your accuracy immensely. Wait for the gadget to recharge
and kill the guards. (There are guards on top of the twin watchtowers on your
left as well, but killing them is not critical for this BM.) You have two
options to complete the BM:
OPTION 1. Jump down onto the right-side ledge of the bridge connecting your
watchtower with its twin. You’ll hear the truck pulling off. Facing the
watchtowers that were formerly on your right, wait for the truck to come out
from under the bridge, jump onto its roof, and stay low by crouching (the
Control key by default). The truck is heading for the castle gates, where it’ll
stop, ostensibly for the guards to inspect it. You should stay on its roof, but
I cannot pinpoint what triggers the BM tune. Sometimes I had to kill the
guards, sometimes it was enough to incapacitate them with flash grenades, and
sometimes I just stayed crouched with the guards shooting--as the truck was
apparently being let through the gates.
OPTION 2. Jump down (the truck starts moving) onto the bridge, open the door
behind you, and run downstairs, outside, and towards the watchtower that was on
your right when you landed. Grab the submachine gun left by a slain guard, get
to the door of the watchtower, burn off its lock (read about the watch gadget
in step S2 below), get upstairs, and jump down onto the roof of the truck--even
though by that time, M has probably informed you that you have missed it. Stay
on its roof and do whatever you would at the end of Option 1. (If you are fast
enough, you can even grab the armor plates that are found on the table in the
upper room of the watchtower, before getting on the truck.)

BM2. This should be done BEFORE you kill any searchlight-manning guards or
shoot out any searchlights. Just inside the castle walls, there is an area to
the left of the entrance and directly opposite the unloading station where the
delivery truck has docked. Go there, but don’t venture too deeply inside. As
you enter, preferably crouching, kill the lone guard up on the balcony
(remember to use the Q-specs for better accuracy). Still crouching, approach
the uncovered part of the generator located here. Position yourself so that a
green icon appears at the bottom of your computer screen. It should show a
hand, and it is called the Use Item icon. (Actually, the icon can be stubborn
in this area. Just aim in the general direction of the red switch.) Press the
Use key (E by default), and the searchlights go dead up on the castle walls.

S1. Still facing the generator, turn left about 30-45 degrees and you should
see a gray device just above the balcony where you killed the guard. Its
brightness oscillates slowly, and it looks like a old-fashioned door handle.
Whenever you see such a device throughout the game, you know you can use the
grapple from your gadget inventory (G is the default key for switching from
weapons to gadgets and vice versa). Equip the grapple (disguised as a cell
phone), aim at the device, and press the Fire key. There is some ammo and armor
on the balcony where you’ll land; the way back to the ground is through the
hole next to the armor plates.

S2. You find this one inside Drake’s lair, when you’ve already acquired more
gadgets at the party, taken pictures, and met two female agents. While you are
making your way through the chateau, M informs you at some point of a secret
safe in a “red gallery.” The gallery she is talking about is the room you are
about to enter or have just entered, even though it doesn’t look quite red to
me. Anyway, that room has a beam that you should use to get to the other side
and from which you can kill the guard below. The safe is located behind the
painting hanging to the left of the fireplace downstairs. You may discover it
on your own by trying to “Use” all the paintings in the area or by putting on
the Q-specs, switching them to X-ray (blue), and looking for suspicious objects
behind the canvasses. When you “Use” the camouflage painting, it moves,
revealing a safe. When the blue-colored Use Item icon appears (it shows a
watch), switch to the gadgets, equip the watch and burn off the lock. Your
tangible prize is a couple of hand grenades.


Total: 1 Bond move, 5 secrets

S1. Soon after the start of the mission, you come to a generator that you have
to turn off in order to disable the searchlights. Facing the generator, look up
and left, about 45 degrees. You should see another one of those gray door
handles on the roof tower. Whip out your grapple and get to the roof. There’s a
bag with some supplies there, while the guard standing next to it, whom you can
and must kill, will leave a sniper rifle for you. The order in which you kill
the guard, get onto the roof, and deal with the generator is not important.
However, you may only kill this guard; any attempt to punish the other ones you
may see, even on this same roof, will lead to mission failure. Don’t worry,
you’ll have your chance later in the mission. The safe way down from the roof
would be to jump down to a lower roof nearby and then down to the ground or
onto the generator.

S2. In the first building that you enter in this mission, marked “Control Tower
Administration,” there is a room marked “Administrator”--it’ll be on your left
after you make your first left turn. The desk inside the room has one of the
drawers ajar. “Use” that drawer to open it and get a pistol, different from the
one you already have.

S3. In the same building, before the up staircase leading to the “Control Tower
Administration” room, there is a room marked “Utility Closet.” There’s a supply
bag on the shelf there.

BM1. As soon as you gain access to the Control Tower, you’ll end up in a
stairwell. DO NOT use the staircase. Look up: there’s a grapple point on the
ceiling. Use the grapple to get upstairs quickly.

S4. After you save your partner, who keeps “making a break for it,” but before
you enter the warehouse, note the two trucks docked at the unloading platform
next to it. Using the Jump/Crouch maneuver, get onto the wooden crate next to
the truck with no cover and then into the back of the truck. There is a supply
chest there; burn off its lock to find some goodies.

S5. Inside the warehouse, you’ll notice a fenced area next to the door marked
“Main Warehouse Administration.” Since the entrance is blocked, the only way in
is from the roof of the nearby office. You get to the roof by jumping from
crate to crate. You will find crates that are stacked suitably enough after
you’ve crawled through a pipe into another section of the warehouse. The jump
from the final crate onto the roof of the office adjacent to the fenced area
can be tricky. I’ve found it useful to switch to the unarmed hand in the
weapons menu in order to make a successful jump.


Total: 3 Bond moves, 5 secrets

S1. After the cut-scene in the bunker, turn away from Mayhew and go left. The
room at the end of the passage has a locker. Burn off the lock.

S2. The room where you rescue the Bathhouse hostage has an elevated area. If
you choose to penetrate the Bathhouse through the underwater passage rather
than through the entrance door, that’s where you’ll emerge when you enter. Or
you can simply jump up there from the bath area. Anyway, there is a wooden
chest there, with a lock for you to burn off.

BM1. In order to claim this BM, DO NOT go inside the Viewing Pavilion (where a
hostage is held) before reading this. In the Main Garden you’ll notice two
Oriental lanterns hanging on a wire. Using the sniper rifle, kill the thug
guarding the hostage in the Viewing Pavilion. (Then read step S3 below, for
future reference.) Shoot off the lanterns and climb on the rocks next to the
tree to which the wire is attached. A green-colored icon (“Hand-over-Hand”)
should appear. Press the Use key and then the Move Forward key, waiting out
sparking fits in the two areas where the lanterns used to be.

S3. If you inspect the Main Garden area before executing BM1, and namely, if
you take a stroll on the boardwalk adjacent to the houses in the area, you’ll
notice a room with a wooden chest behind a window. That room can be reached in
the following manner. From the Viewing Pavilion (where you get after completing
BM1), go forth and have a fight with some goons in a dining room and a kitchen.
Walking past the kitchen, you’ll reach a corridor with two doors, one on your
left and the other straight ahead. Go through the latter and through a
Transition zone. In the larger and brighter room that follows, go through the
door (and another Transition zone) on the far right. The chest is now yours for
the taking. You’ll need to destroy whatever sits on the lid so that it could

S4. After you leave the S3 area, go through the door directly in front. You’ll
end up in an enclosed garden. Go to the right (NOT left, or else you are
risking lucking out on BM2 if you venture too deep inside), past one door (as
you are walking by, the Transition Ahead icon appears), and through the second
one. The large room at 1 o’clock from the entrance has an upper level. There is
a smaller room upstairs, with a closet. “Use” the sliding door, and a wooden
chest is revealed. Burn off its lock.

BM2. As you leave the smaller room in step S4, look left. Jump onto the floor
lantern and then onto the chest of drawers. Using the Jump/Crouch move, crawl
outside. The 007 logo appears when you land on the roof. (The BM WILL NOT
register if you have already done something in the building under that roof
(Servants’ Quarters), other than what is described in S4. That would include
releasing the Servants’ Quarters hostage or destroying Mayhew’s computer.) You
can now walk over to the three skylights and kill the goons who are guarding
the hostage below. What I would suggest next, however, is moving on to BM3
rather than jumping down to where the hostage is standing.

BM3. After BM2, jump down into the garden and locate a grapple point above a
balcony. Use it to gain access into the Library, from upstairs. (The BM WILL
NOT register if you have already rescued the Library hostage.)

S5. In a corner on the first floor of the Library, there is a single bookshelf
that contains, among other books, a thick folder with a red Phoenix logo
(Phoenix being Drake’s company). When you approach the bookshelf, the Use Item
icon appears. Press the Use key, and the bookshelf will move, revealing a
secret room.


Total: 4 Bond moves, 3 secrets

S1. As you are about to leave the garage through the door marked “Exit,” turn
around and look for a white van with the Phoenix logo. Its side door is open,
and you will find some ammo inside it.

BM1. After the next scene loads, you should immediately neutralize the two
guards who are walking away through the left-side passage. There are several
ways to claim the BM now:
OPTION 1 (the safest and most logical). Proceed through the left-side passage.
Just as you enter the larger area, look up for a grapple point on the balcony,
right above you. Getting on the balcony allows you to safely bypass the guard
who is observing this area from behind the tinted window on the main floor. The
idea is to get to the far end of the balcony and jump down from there.
OPTION 2. The BM still registers if you postpone using the grapple point until
another time before the next Transition. Actually, if you face the giant stone
tablet hanging from the ceiling, you’ll notice that there are two grapple
points, one on the right, the other on the left.

S2. Before you jump from the balcony as mentioned at the end of BM1, Option 1,
check out the sitting area where the balcony widens into an overhang. There is
a pistol and some ammo on a table there.

BM2. This comes when you have turned on the elevator and gone to the upper
floors. Shortly after you upload the virus to the first computer, you’ll see an
open area that connects one section of the building with the next. There are
two spiral-like objets d’art suspended from the ceiling. You can fire your
grapple at the point where the nearest one is attached to the ceiling. Repeat
this on the second grapple point and then land on the walkway on the opposite
side. This apparently allows you to be less noticeable to the guards patrolling
the area. The BM WILL NOT register if you use the grapple points when, after
crossing this open passage in the normal fashion, you make a single step into
the next section of the building, where you see a guard constantly checking the
alarm-sounding station.

S3. This will happen right after the Transition that gets you into the
maintenance area. There is a door to the right of the starting point, past the
window of the room with a worker. The door leads into a storage room that has a
locker with a destroyable lock.

BM3. Soon thereafter, when you open the exit door located up the catwalk in the
room with generators, turbines, and several workers, you’ll see a fuse box on
your left. Burn off the lock, open the box, and shoot out the fuses.

BM4. When you get to Drake’s penthouse, do not bug his computer (the bugging is
achieved by approaching its front) right away: this summons a gunship, which
could complicate exploration. Explore the area and find a security keypad next
to a large gate. After you break the code, a secret door to the right of the
keypad will open, revealing a supply room. Burn the lock off the chest inside
the room, which will give you an unlimited source of bullets for your automatic
rifle and pistols. The gated part of the arsenal, where a rocket launcher is
stored, will be accessible later. A stray missile from the gunship that will
appear when you plant the bug will hit this room and clear the way to the
weapon and its ammo. You’ll hear an alarm go off when that happens. That
missile will also blast open the supply room if you haven’t done it yourself by
then, but the BM WILL NOT register in that case.


Total: 1 Bond move, 3 secrets

BM1. Three different ways to achieve this are possible, but Option 1 is not
available once you are out of the air duct where you start. Also, if you choose
Option 3, BM1 and its companion S1 will actually be preceded by S1 and S2.
OPTION 1. When you start this mission inside an air duct, you’ll come across
several vents with burnable clasps, each allowing you to drop down. For Option
1 to materialize, go up from the starting point, right (and past a vent), and
right again. Use the Q-specs now so as not to miss a T-junction that comes
next. Turn left at the junction (another vent), left again, and then right. The
vent you see in front is the one you want. Burn off the clasp and jump down
onto a piece of machinery, which, in my technical ignorance, I presume is a
generator. First, deal with the resistance on the floor below (let’s call this
area “Main Machine Room”) and in the various rooms overlooking this one. Then
look up, and you’ll see a wire overhead. Jump onto the higher part of the
generator and execute a hand-over-hand maneuver. The BM registers when you land
on an air duct.
OPTION 2. The same wire is accessible from the ground floor. In this case, you
can experiment with different vents in the air duct and choose the most
suitable one in terms of safety and advantage. Then find the Main Machine Room
and kill everyone there. There is a door on the ground floor, marked “Control
Room 1.” There is also a small ledge in the wall, running at a little less than
your height along most of the perimeter. Note the generator next to the wall,
not far from Control Room 1. Next, use one of these alternatives: (1) If there
still are flammable barrels nearby, Jump/Crouch on them; (2) If all the barrels
have been destroyed, walk past the generator, locate a small lamp wedged
between the floor and the wall, jump onto the lamp. Then get onto the wall
ledge, move towards the generator, and Jump/Crouch onto it. From there, jump
onto the nearest generator, and continue until you reach the sixth one. It’s
the one where you land after dropping from the initial air duct in Option 1.
Follow the instructions above to reach the second air duct.
OPTION 3. The generator from which you start jumping in Option 2 can be reached
in a different way. At some point in this mission, you’ll be required to visit
Control Room 1, which will be accessible by then. Once the turbine-activating
button turns green upstairs in that room, jump onto the control panel and crawl
outside. Drop onto the generator and follow the rest of the instructions in
Option 2.

S1. Still on top of the air duct you reach at the end of BM1, burn the clasp
off the side vent and get inside the duct. Crawl all the way into an otherwise
unreachable room with supplies, including a rocket launcher.

S2. Back in the Main Machine Room, note the security room overlooking the
machinery and flanked by catwalks. Also note the two fenced areas to the left
and right of the control room on the ground floor. There is an armor jacket in
one of them, but the gate is blocked. You can get inside the security room
(after breaking its window) from the catwalk. Or you can reach it eventually
while exploring the corridors, in which case it will be discovered after S3. In
any event, the security room (its door is marked by a picture of two
maintenance tools, so maybe it’s not so much a security room as a maintenance
control one) has a vent in the floor. Burn off the clasp, drop or climb down,
crawl, and claim the aforementioned jacket.

S3. Back in the Main Machine Room yet again, go up the catwalk to the right of
the security room. Walk through the door marked “Service Elevator” and then
through another door. Turn right and open the central maintenance panel on the
wall. Take the laser trip mines.


Total: 2 Bond moves, 2 secrets

BM1. When you are in the falling elevator, there comes a point when your ordeal
is almost over and you have to use your grapple to jump ship. Well, you need to
do this WITHOUT shooting the guard who appears next to the grapple point. By
doing so, you’ll crush him when you grapple-jump. Sadistic economizing, if you
ask me.

S1. This happens after you have entered the stairwell. One of the rooms on the
29th floor has a supply bag and an armor plate sitting on the floor. Less
visible is the Phoenix Ronin, i.e., machinegun suitcase, which is located under
one of the desks in the same room.

S2. When you reach the 7th floor, a Transition Ahead icon will appear. Before
going through that door, go all the way down: there’s a maintenance area behind
a chain-link door. Burn off the lock for some armor and ammo.

BM2. When you are back in the lobby of Phoenix, plan your actions with this in
mind: There is a huge stone tablet hanging from the ceiling in the larger area
of the lobby. Now that you have a rocket launcher, find time to fire a rocket
at the ceiling where the masterpiece is attached. It should come down. Visit
the crash site because the tablet has landed on some supplies. Note: There is a
launcher-wielding yakuza on the balcony. If you get on the balcony before
destroying the tablet, a stray rocket from his weapon might do the job for you.
The BM will still count as your achievement.


Total: 3 Bond moves, 4 secrets

S1. Still on the beach, search under the hut that serves as an outpost. There
should be a pistol there.

BM1. Soon after you get inside the caves, you cross a bridge. There will be a
sequence of fenced areas for you to liberate and explore. Right after you do
that in the second such area, you’ll find yourself facing a narrow passage.
Stopping by the tripod spotlight that is just inside the passage, turn around
and look at the overhead pipes. There should be a grapple point a little to the
right of the pipes. Use it to get onto the pipes, and then move into the upper
passage that mirrors the one underneath. Obviously, all this should be done
BEFORE you venture into the next cave using the normal path or try to kill any
guards you see there.

S2. This happens right after BM1, when you emerge from the overhead passage
above another fenced area. There are two more such areas ahead. The one on the
right has a burnable lock, so it doesn’t present a problem. The door of the
left one is blocked, but there are some boxes next to its left side. You can
Jump/Crouch onto them and then drop inside. That’s your secret for you.

BM2. The S2 cage is followed by a Transition. Right at the start of the next
scene, peek into the large area and note a couple of guards working on a piece
of machinery. DO NOT kill them now or try to cross the area openly, or else the
BM won’t register. Moving carefully, enter and go left, then right, and up the
ladder onto a catwalk. There is a desk there with some supplies. Grab them and
get on the desk. A Hand-over-Hand icon should appear after you move a little
forward, as if to jump down. Press the Use key to start moving across the wire
above the guards. Beware of the sparking part in the middle of the wire.

S3. Soon after BM2, you end up in a large room with machinery, a fenced area,
and a catwalk. The catwalk goes all the way around the room, but it passes
through a booth with a closed door, so you seem to lack access to its remaining
part. However, when you just get to the upper part of the catwalk after two
flights of stairs, turn left and face the sign “Demolitions” on the other side.
Look up, and there’s a wire going in the direction of that sign. Execute the
Hand-over-Hand move, keeping in mind that there’s a sparking part in the
middle, and land on the opposite part of the catwalk. Visit the booth on the
right for supplies.

BM3. After you sabotage the missile, you end up in a large shaft. The passage
that spirals around the shaft is littered with several security buildings. When
you’ve cleared the first one and crossed the bridge that comes next, stop and
look left and up. Locate a grapple point on the tall tower that occupies the
center of the shaft and use it to get there. Find a ladder and climb it as far
as it goes. Eliminate the guards in the third security building, who will have
noticed you by now, and then jump down onto the bridge between that building
and the lower (second) one, which you would have crossed if you had followed
the path below. The BM WILL NOT register if you visit the second building prior
to executing the move.

S4. When you first see buildings in the ESM (electronic countermeasures) area,
note the one with a high tower and an antenna on the roof. If you look through
the scope of your sniper rifle, you’ll notice that the antenna has a grapple
point. You should be able to use it when you get closer. This provides you with
an alternative way to get inside this building and also gets you some ammo,
which one of Drake’s minions has left on the roof.

Mission 8. ZERO MINUS

Total: 1 Bond move, 1 secret

BM1. When you’ve successfully eliminated the resistance (including some tougher
soldiers) in the first spacious warehouse, move towards the door marked
“Security.” Before going through, though, look left. There is a staircase
leading to a control panel with a lever. Facing the panel, look 10 o’clock:
there’s a grapple point above the upper catwalk. If you get there right away
and start Hand-over-Handing, you’ll discover that a crane is blocking your
passage. Return to the control panel and push the lever; the crane will move
out of the way. Now you can execute the maneuver to its logical conclusion,
i.e., get to the other portion of the upper catwalk.

S1. Proceeding along the BM1 catwalk, use the decoder on the keypad blocking
the next door. Cross the next catwalk (the door on the other end will open when
you approach) and enter another spacious warehouse. Stop and look up and left:
there’s a grapple point above what looks like a bridge crane. When you get up
there, look for a rocket launcher.

Mission 9. RE-ENTRY

No secrets

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