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Bond Move/007 Tokens FAQ by N3Burgener

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/14/03

    _____      _____    ___________ _____________|       ___|___               
   / ___ \    / ___ \  | ______    |_____________|      /   |   \              
  | |   | |  | |   | | |_|     /  /____|_|_|           /    |    \             
  | |   | |  | |   | |        /  /  \_   /          ___|___/|\___|___          
  | |   | |  | |   | |       /  /_______/              |   \|/   |             
  | |   | |  | |   | |      /  /                       \    |    /             
  | |___| |  | |___| |     /  /                         \___|___/              
   \_____/    \_____/     /__/                              |                  
   __     _               _         _       ____                               
  |  \   | |             | |       | |     / ___|                              
  |   \  | |       ____  | |   ____| |____| |___                               
  |    \ | |  /|  / _  \ | |___\___   ____   __/ /|   _____   _____            
  | |\  \| | | | | | | | |  __ \   | |    | |   | |  / ____/_/  _  \           
  | | \    | | | | |_| | | |  \ |  | |    | |   | | | |   \_   |_|  |          
  | |  \   | | |  \___ | | |  | |  | |    | |   | | | |     | ______|          
  | |   \  | | |     / | | |  | |  | |    | |   | | | |     \ \___/ /          
  |_|    \_| |_|  __/ /  |_|  |_|  |_|    |_|   |_| |_|      \_____/           
           James Bond 007: Nightfire - Bond Move/007 Tokens FAQ   v - 1.0      

Last Updated: 							       
Constructed by Nick Burgener, aka 'N3Burgener'                                 
E-mail: N3Burgener@yahoo.com 

Special Effects Intro to FAQ.....                                              
* Screen fade to black -> Music play                                           
* Gun barrel = slide from RightToLeft                                          
* Bond sprite walks RightToLeft                                                
* Music intensifies                                                            
* Sound queue: "BANG"                                                          
* Red color=225 slide from ToptoBottom                                         
* Music simmers                                                                
* Screen fade to white, to FAQ                                                 
 Version / Update History
	1.0 - 8/15/2003
		The first one, most likely to be changed later.

/									      \
|	-------------------     Table of Contents      -----------------      |

 I ------ Intro.
 II ----- Level 1: Paris Prelude
 III ---- Level 2: The Exchange
 IV ----- Level 3: Alpine escape
 V ------ Level 4: Enemis Vanquished
 VI ----- Level 5: Double Cross
 VII ---- Level 6: Night Shift
 VIII --- Level 7: Chain Reaction
 IX ----- Level 8: Phoenix Fire
 X ------ Level 9: Deep Descent
 XI ----- Level 10: Island Infiltration
 XII ---- Level 11: Countdown
 XIII --- Level 12: Equinox
 XIV ---- Credits
 XV ----- Legal Info.

/									      \
|	----------------------     Intro     --------------------------       |

Well, obviously, this is going to tell you where each 007 token is, and how to 
get "Bond Moves". To obtain Platinum Medals, you are nearly forced to get as 
many "Bond Moves" as possible, and all the tokens, on 00 Agent difficulty. Some
of these are well hidden, and you might not even find unless you truly have a
mind like Bond.

When you collect all of the 007 tokens, you will receive a large point bonus. 
This can only be obtained if you have collected every 007 token in the level.
Quite often, by using Bond Moves, they will immensely benifit you, either by
a shortcut, more ammo, better fighting position, armor, etc.

This FAQ will list each "Bond Move" and 007 Token for each level so that you
can get a higher score when attempting to get a Platinum Medal. Or if you are 
simply going for a new high score. Whatever your reason, this FAQ may and
should help. 

/									      \
|	----------------     Level 1: Paris Prelude     ---------------       |
 Bond Moves - 1. In the begining, you find yourself in a helicoptor, chasing
		 Dominique and the truck. There are 2 black cars chasing her 
		 and shooting at her. Take careful aim by zooming in and shoot
		 the tire of the first car. This will trigger a Cut Scene where
		 they do this fancy collision and explode, and you are credited
		 with a Bond Move.

	      2. Again, alot of Bond moves are gotten by shooting the tires of
		 enemy cars. For a second Bond Move, shoot out a tire of the 
		 next car you see (Should be the 3rd one).
	      3. Shoot out the tire of the next car (Should be the 4th one).

	      4. Sigh, getting a little repetitive eh? Shoot the tire of the
		 car chasing Dominique while you're overlooking the street.

	      5. At this point, you're in your V-12 Vanquish after watching 
		 (or skipping) the cut scene. With all other levels, whenever 
		 there is a "dadget" displayed on the screen, you should use
		 it to get Bond moves. Imediately use the smoke screen on the
		 cars behind you for another Bond move. 

	      6. After comming out of an alley, use the Q Wedge gadget to slide
		 through the 2 blockade cars for another Bond move.

	      7. Right at the bridge, use the Q boost and jump across the open
		 bridge for another Bond move.

 007 Tokens - 1. Once you have the Vanquish, keep on heading straight. There is
		 a little "park" thing with benches right at the begining of 
		 the level before a right turn. The 1st 007 Token is In that 
		 area against the far ledge.

	      2. A little ways on, the next token arrives. The 18-wheeler will
		 back up and block your path to the truck, forcing you up the 
		 ramp. In that "park / seating area", there is the second token
		 off the the left nearly against the building.

	      3. Further on, there's this huge drop that you shoot off of. You
		 can see the third token there, just aim yourself right and 
		 you should grab it in the air.

	      4. Right near the end before you get to the tunnel, turn left and
		 go along the benches and light posts and get the 4th token and
		 continue on through the tunnel and EMP the truck.

/									      \
|	----------------     Level 2: The Exchange      ---------------       |

* Bond Moves 1 & 2 cannot be completed in the same level. You can only do one *

 Bond Moves - 1. Quite simply follow what M tells you and jump on the truck. 
		 You should go by unseen by the guards through the door and get
		 a Bond move.

	      2. At the starting point, turn to your right and find a small 
		 ledge on the wall and jump into it. Follow the mountain path
		 down and pick up body armor and a 007 token. Follow this path
		 under the land bridge and use your grapple on the hook above 
		 you. Once up, turn around and walk along the small ledge along
		 the side of the building, crossing the grapple point. Follow 
		 this and then you will be at a spot with several windows with 
		 guards walking inside. Walk along the walls without being seen
		 through a window for a Bond Move. 

	      3. In the hut near the fish fountain, there is a control box on
		 the wall. Open it, and use your watch laser to zap off the 
		 green section. ONLY ZAP THE GREEN! By zapping the red a highly
		 annoying alarm is set off.

	      4. After continueing on through the mission, you should hit a 
		 meeting cut scene that you spyed on. Continue out through the
		 window to the left. Once out, use the slide rope and slide
		 across for a bond move. 

 007 Tokens - 1. At the start, go down the stairs and stick-up the guard at the
		 door. He'll drop his gun, afterward kill him or whatnot and 
		 turn around and go through the arch. You'll be heading back 
		 the wrong way you are supposed to. Eventually, you will come
		 to a dead-end guarded by one snow soldier. Kill him and grab
		 the token against the closed gate. 

	      2. Follow the "secret route" mentioned in #2 for Bond Moves 
		 and get the 007 token next to the body armor at the smashed

	      3. Continue on and get another token in the wine cellar.
	      4. After continuing this way, you should come to a long path at
		 the edge of the castle. Instead of heading to the left into
		 the stairwell, go straight a pick up the token at the end of 
		 the path. 

	      5. After finding the library and meeting up with Dominique and
		 Alura, pick up the 007 token on the table and a body armor.

	      6. Before going through the 1st blinking door that Dominque gave
		 you the key for, continued on forward and to the left into
		 a small room. Another 007 token lies near the fireplace.

	      7. After you spy on the meeting with Drake and Mayhew, continue 
		 through the window, and pick up the 007 token directly to your
	      8. At the skyrail station, follow a series of catwalks until you
		 find a small storage room. In there behind some crates is 
		 yet another 007 token, giving you 8 of the required 7. 

/									      \
|	----------------     Level 3: Alpine Escape     ---------------       |

 Bond Moves - 1. When you are in the shed, and guards start coming in from
		 a hut in the background, a skyrail car will come by. Shoot it
		 off by hitting the blue thing above it and it should fall down
		 on the 2 guards.

	      2. Still in this spot, there is a large orange/red gas tank to
		 the left. Once some guards run near it, fire at the gas valve
		 towards the bottom and it should explode.

	      3. Once you're in and out of the forest, you should be coming at
		 two guards before a wall and some fuel barrles. Shoot the 
	         barrles out for another Bond Move.

	      4. Right before crossing the bridge, shoot the metal grate and 
		 continue for a Bond Move.

	      5. Once you're at the big gates that usually close and you have 
		 to blow them open, aim for the control box on the left. If you
		 shoot it out before the gates start to close, they won't close
		 and you can continue on through.

 007 Tokens - 1. After heading through the woods, you should be at a oil
		 station simmilar to the ones in a TWINE level. Shoot the fuel
		 barrels there for a bond token to fly out at you.

	      2. At the cutscene with the oncoming snowmobile, kill him before
		 it passes you for a 007 token to fly out at you.

	      3. Kill the 2 sniper guards above the wooden gate that you are 
		 usually stopped at for a token to fly out at you.

/									      \
|	----------------     Level 4: Enemies Vanquished     ---------------  |
 Bond Moves - 1. Use the smokescreen again when the first police car emerges
		 from behind the billboard.

	      2. A little ways on after a little squiggly road, you should be
		 forced to turn left. If you keep heading straight, you'll 
		 drive up some stairs and be sent over a ledge. This will get
		 you a Bond Move as well as a 007 Token and body armor.

	      3. Once you're on the country mountain, you'll see a police car
		 sitting on the side of the road. Smokescreen it once it 
		 starts following you.

 007 Tokens - 1. Near the begining, there should be some turns. Near one, there
		 is a building that juts out a little bit with some park 
		 benches next to it on your left. A token lies there in the 
		 series of benches.

	      2. Use the shortcut you took earlier for a Bond Move. The Token
		 is in the building you break through to get into the alley way
		 to the body armor and the street.

	      3. When you first get to the ice-road, it's in the air. Aim 
		 yourself properly to you'll drive into it in the air.

	      4. Still on the ice-road, when the path splits in two, take the
		 left path and it's in the road there.

	      5. The last one is at the end of the level where you battle the
		 helicopters and snowmobiles. It's against the edge of the 
		 island directly to the left of the starting points after the
		 cut scene.

/									      \
|	------------------     Level 5: Double Cross     -------------------  |

 Bond Moves - 1. In the first area after leaving the bunker, swim under water
		 to the bridge and shoot the guard from the water for a Bond

	      2. Still in the open after leaving Mayhew's bunker, go into
		 the water, and swim through a small hole near a part of the
		 building. Following that path underwater, it will take you to
		 the first hostage. This will give you a Bond Move.

	      3. After crossing through a section of the building, you'll be in
		 another open area. After killing all the guards, head for a
		 set of rocks at the base of a power line. Shoot the 3 lanterns
		 there, and then climb up the rocks. Climb along the wire while
		 avoiding the electricity and drop into the balcony of the 
		 hostage room.

	      4. Go into Mayhew's bedroom after opening the safe. On the right 
		 wall there is a slanted picture that is flashing. Hit "A" 
		 on it to straighten it and it will open a secret passage. This
		 will take you behind the guard holding up a hostage in the 

	      5. Kill the guard holding up the hostage in the kicthen through
		 a square service hole in the wall from the other side.

 007 Tokens - 1. Near the start of the level along a ledge there is the first
		 token off to the right.

	      2. Before you go in through the bunker door, continue on and go
		 up the stairs and get ammo and a 007 token.

	      3. In the first open area in the far corner, there is a hut there
		 with a gong. Grab the other token there.

	      4. Inside the building near the kitchen there is a thing that you
		 can go behind for a 007 token.

	      5. In the second large open area outside, on the path where the
		 sniper is, there is a 007 token on the ledge.

	      6. Near where the second sniper is off to the side.

	      7. In a servant's room there is a 007 token.

/									      \
|	------------------     Level 6: Night Shift     --------------------  |

 Bond Moves - 1. On the office floors, go into the storage room and find a vent
		 & open it and use the grapple hook to get in. Follow the vent 
		 until it drops you into a securty room for a Bond Move.

	      2. In the large circular room where the NightFire data is, get
		 to the computer without setting off any lasers for a Bond Move
		 (You can turn off the lasers from a previous security room or
		 just dodge them). 

	      3. In Drake's office, there is a AT-600 Scorpion on his desk. 
		 Take it and destroy the helicopter that is taking off with it
		 for the third Bond Move.

 007 Tokens - 1. In the parking garage from where you start, there is one in 
		 the dark straight ahead.

	      2. On the first floor, make your way to the front room and get
		 the token near the main entrance.

	      3. On the office floor, there is one behind a desk in a cublice

	      4. There is one on a ledge from where you leave the elevator.

	      5. In the dead end just before you get to the door to lead you
		 outside, grab the token yonder.

	      6. In the meeting room where the cut scene is. After it, grab the
		 token in that room.

	      7. Once you're on the roof with all the guards, the last one is 
		 off to the left, still on the roof. 

/									      \
|	------------------     Level 7: Chain Reaction     -----------------  |

 Bond Moves - 1. On the roof where you start, turn around and use the laser on
		 the pins holding a metal gate on the shaft. Then jump in for
		 a better fighting position and a Bond Move.

	      2. Once you're out in the open on the ground (the area that you
		 were looking down at in the begining), get out your grapple. 
		 All the way to the right of the bunker in the middle (facing
		 it from the wide-walled end) there is a grapple up to a broken
		 set of metal stairs. At first it is too high for you to get to
		 so go find the robotic forklift. It will drive you around on 
		 the ground. Once you're near the grapple point, shoot up there
		 for some ammo and a Bond Move (You can use that spot to get a
		 007 token).

 	      3. In the last room, flip a lever in the control room to activate
		 a large I-Beam. It will start moving back and forth. Step 
		 outside the control room and grapple onto the nearest hook and
		 wait until the beam is under you. Landing on it will get you a
		 Bond Move.

 007 Tokens - 1. Drop down the shaft and find a forklift in that room on the 
		 bottom. There is the first token on it.

              2. Take the path described in Bond Move #2 to get to the ledge. 
		 From there, use the slide rope to the catwalk in the warehouse
		 and get the armor and Crossbow. Jump across the railing onto
		 the small building in the middle and laser off the grid on
		 top. Drop in for a Ronin and another 007 Token. 

		 *You can also jump on some boxes near the warehouse and 
		 grapple onto the other catwalk, though this will avoid a Bond

	      3. In the second building you enter on a walkway that is normally
		 unsaccesable. Use the grapple hook to get over there and take
		 another 007 token. 

	      4. In TR-2, there is a large power generator. Go behind it and
		 take another token.

	      5. There is a small room afterwards where 4 guards are in. Go in
		 and get another token.

	      6. On a catwalk where the Crane will take you to off to the side.
	      7. Once you need to take a picture of the laser, there are some
		 crates around it. Another token is behind them.

/									      \
|	---------------     Level 8: Phoenix Fire     ------------------      |

 Bond Moves - 1. In the start while you're still in the elevator, jump out of 
		 it to your left. Pull out your grapple and get to a vent above
		 the elevator and crawl around in the vents and drop into the
		 first room for a Bond Move.

	      2. Once you have the AT-600 Scorpion, wander around the Office
		 Floors and destroy the helicopter that is patrolling around
		 that floor outside. 

 007 Tokens - 1. Again, turn to the left of the evelator and walk along the
		 ledge it should take you to a 007 token.

	      2. There's one in the Cafeteria sort of on a table

	      3. One is in the meeting room

	      4. One near the security room around the offices in the hall

	      5. One in room 70-A near a desk.

	      6. Security room on ground floor.

	      7. In the lobby at main entrance on ground floor.

/									      \
|	---------------     Level 9: Deep Descent     ------------------      |

 Bond Moves - 1. For objective 3, "destroy communications node", use a remote
		 torp and guide it through the chopper and blow up the node for
		 the first Bond Move.

	      2. Right before you get to the first laser wall, use a remote 
		 torp and guide it into the tanks on the ground. They should
		 explode and take the enemy sub with it for a Bond Move.

	      3. After objective 5 "follow sub into base", use any type of torp
		 (guided are easier to aim) on the tanks behind the 3 docked
		 subs to blow them all up.

 007 Tokens - 1. When you go into the sunken ship look to the right for a token
		 under some of the wreckage.

	      2. At objective 3, after destroying the Node, navigate your way
		 inside to the center. Another token is at the bottom.

	      3. At the second laser wall, below the power box. Check deep down
		 below it.

	      4. While in objective 5, follow the sub through the 2nd door. 
		 Before you reach the 3rd, off to the right on a ledge another
		 token is placed.

	      5. After doing Bond Move 3, check in the center-top of the base.
		 Another token should be there above the entrance.

	      6. In the large area with the Nuclear subs and the battle sub, 
		 head up to the top and skim along under the surface. It's up
		 there randomly in a non-descriptive place.

/									      \
|	-------------     Level 10: Island Infiltration     ------------      |

 Bond Moves - 1. Before getting to the system code from the off-shot road to 
		 the right at the first fork  in the road, wait at the gate. If
		 you crash through it the other defense systems will activate.
		 It should open on it's own, so wait until it does that for a
		 "secret" way in and a Bond Move.

	      2. Near the end of part one, there is a secret ledge that you go
		 sailing off of for a better location for the rest of the
		 level. Take that path and get the Bond Move.

	      3. When going through the level, destroy each overhead bridge. 
		 By doing so, it should give you a bond move.

	      4. When you're in the rail gun tank at the end, shoot the fuel
		 barrels on the left when the first tank comes out.

	      5. Shoot every plane in the first run from the left.

	      6. Shoot every plane in the second run from the right.

	      7. Shoot every plane in the third run from the center.

 007 Tokens - 1. At the start point, turn around for the first token.

	      2. In the security area where Bond Move 1 is.

	      3. At sentinel 3, check behind it for another token.

	      4. Destroy the first attack tower when in the aeroplane for a 
		 token to fly out at you. 

/									      \
|	-----------------      Level 11: Countdown      ----------------      |

 Bond Moves - 1. Using the vents, drop into the 2 security rooms available and
		 open a control box on the wall. Zap off the green part to 
		 deactivate the lasers and cameras. Later on before you get to
		 the server room that you blow up, check the alarm room and
		 zap the green part of the control box on the wall. Zapping all
		 three will get you a Bond Move.

 007 Tokens - 1. Again, in the vents, go all the way to the end. You should see
		 a token through a grate. Get up against the grate and then 
		 head back and you should get it. There's probably a legal way
		 to get it but i'm not sure. I always did it this way. 

	      2. In section Alpha 6 in a storage room, pinch through some 
		 crates for some body armor and a token.

	      3. After going into Delta Sector, another is in a dead end hall
		 around D12C. You should see it earlier, but have to go around
		 to get it.

	      4. Just before Omega Sector on some boxes in that room.
	      5. At the third transition in the Phoenix Base level in Multi
		 Player level, off to the right in a small room on the second
		 level on some boxes.

	      6. Under the first shuttle.

	      7. Under the second shuttle.

/									      \
|	-----------------      Level 12: Equinox      ------------------      |

 Bond Moves - 1. N/A. There aren't any you can do.

 007 Tokens - 1. On the left side, underneath the platform, sort of under the
		 second missile.

              2. On the right side, underneath the platform, sort of under the 
		 second missile on that side.

	      3. Up where the laser canon charges.

	      4. Towards the edge opposite the laser above the platform and to
		 the right.

	      5. Towards the edge opposite the laser above the platform and to
		 the left.

	      6. Towards the edge opposite the laser below the platform and to
		 the right.

	      7. Towards the edge opposite the laser below the platform and to
		 the left.

/									      \
|	----------------------      Credits     -----------------------       |

 Narrator ................................... Nick Burgener

 Art Designer ............................... Nick Burgener

 Title Artist ............................... Nick Burgener

 Author ..................................... Nick Burgener

 Typos ...................................... Nick Burgener

 Spell Checker .............................. N/A

 Supervisor ................................. N3Burgener

 Casting .................................... Nick Burgener

 Sound Team ................................. N/A

 Color Team ................................. N/A
 Special Effects Team ....................... Nick Burgener

 Host Site .................................. www.gamefaqs.com
 Writing Program ............................ Notepad

/									      \
|	----------------------      Legal Info     --------------------       |

 You can use this FAQ anywhere you wish, as long as you credit the author and

 Nick Burgener (N3Burgener), www.gamefaqs.com

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