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FAQ/Walkthrough by Soldancer

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 12/15/02

007: Nightfire

Game Guide and Walkthrough

Tableux de Contents

Section A: Introduction - legal crap and general info
  (Look here for update info)
Section B: General Gameplay Information
  B-1: Basics
  B-2: Weapons
  B-3: Gadgets
  B-4: Vehicles
Section C: Multiplayer
Section D: Walkthrough
  (There are large level numbers and names.  Just Ctrl-F to find what you're
  looking for.)
Section E: Conclusions and Thanks

Section A
Legal Crap

This actual Game Guide file is copyright 2002 Matt Hoffmann (aka Soldancer on
Gamefaqs message boards).  Any reference to previously copyrighted, registered,
or trademarked materials (including but not limited to: Electronic Arts, James
Bond, Nightfire, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox, and any related items) does not
constitute a challenge to said copyright, registration or trademark.  I didn't
come up with any of the material in the game, and I make no claim to own or
possess it in any way.  This file may only appear online at WWW.GameFAQs.com;
no other site may use this file (or any portion thereof) in any way.  No one
may sell this file, use it for promotional purposes, or otherwise profit from
it financially, be it directly or indirectly.  I don't want to go stepping on
EA's toes, but I don't want anyone to step on mine.  Plagiarism will absolutely
not be tolerated.  Send any questions, concerns, or potential violations of
this statement you may find to Matthew_Hoffmann@hotmail.com and put "Nightfire"
in the subject line.

Ok, now that we have that over with...

Game Guide Info (Version 0.1)  Next Update by 12-21-02 at the latest.
This file was written using the PS2 version of Nightfire, but as far as I know
should work just fine with the Gamecube, Xbox, and PC versions as well.  I am
making all controller references to the function of the button rather than the
button itself.  (I.e. "Press Action" rather than "Press R2")
In this first version, there are full guides to levels 1, 6, and 11, with more
forthcoming.  I played the game first on Agent difficulty, but there's rarely
much difference between Agent and 00 Agent.  However, there's a lot missing
from Operative level missions, so if I go telling you to look for something and
it is not there, that might be why.  Also, I have not uncovered everything in
the game yet.  I may not be able to do it all myself, so please feel free to
send in any corrections, additional information, or anything else (except
flames) to Matthew_Hoffmann@hotmail.com.  Please mention Nightfire in the
subject line, and do NOT send attachments.  I prefer plain text, too (i.e. no
colors or weird fonts).

Game description/general:
The main game of Nightfire is a first person shooter with some exciting
variations thrown in for good measure.  There are straight combat levels,
stealth levels, and driving/gunning levels.  Lots of good stuff to be found
here, especially for Bond fans.  While Bond's voice is not Pierce Brosnon
(unfortunately), the voice acting is still pretty good, and it really feels
like you are playing a Bond film.  It's pretty creepy how well they did
Brosnon's face throughout the game - you'd swear that Nightfire is based on a
movie, but it is indeed an original story (if one could call any Bond story
"original").  The basic layout centers around a level select menu.  There is a
reward system that allows you to replay levels in order to achieve a better
score.  Higher scores get better rewards.  Interestingly, it is impossible
(according to the in-game pre-level hints) to get the highest award (Platinum
Medal) on any level the first time you play.  You must actually get the Gold
Medal first, which makes 007 bonuses appear.  These give you the points you
need to hit that Platinum score.  Also, the difficulty level affects your point
totals.  All in all, it's a great variety of level types with a real reason to
replay them.  The majority of the rewards are skins and game types for
multiplayer, though several are upgrades that give you better weapons and
gadgets in the main game.

Section B
Gameplay info

B-1: Basics

There's not a lot to mention here, other than to practice a lot.  Try playing
Arena with a bunch of easy-setting bots to get the hang of it and figure out
which setting works the best for you.  I play with Nightfire Inverted.

Auto Aim
It would seem that this is a nice feature right?  Well...sort of.  I personally
had it off for every mission except Island Infiltration.  Here's why: you have
to use Manual Aim to get headshots.  The Auto Aim locks on to the enemy's
torso, and makes it difficult to get one-hit kills in some levels.  It's
alright for stealth missions, like Night Shift, but it can really hurt you in
missions like Double-cross.  If you're going for a high score, it can help
increase your accuracy, but you might not have as high a stealth or health
rating.  It really depends on skill level and preference, but it's worth
mentioning here.  Also, having this on or off makes no discernable difference
in your score.  Note that there are separate options for this in the main game
and in multiplayer.  You can have it on in the main game and off in
multiplayer.  In MP, only rookies should be allowed to use Auto Aim (it is OFF
by default).

Always reload whenever you can.  It'll keep you from getting caught with your
pants down.  If you have a choice, use the weapon with the fastest reload time
to damage ratio.  I'd rather have a Raptor than a Shotgun, simply because it
reloads faster, and I can still get one and two hit kills out of it.  The other
thing to watch out for is reloading around interactive objects.  If you are
near something you can use with Action, you'll do that instead of reloading. 
Don't hang out in doorways during a firefight, and try to be aware of any
interactive objects.  You can still auto-reload (if your clip runs empty) in
front of an interactive object, but it's generally not a good idea.

Flashing Objects
Turning this on will show you exactly which things in the game you can use with
action, shoot with your laser, and such.  It makes things easier usually, but
it's pretty cool to figure things out yourself.  A personal preference.

Don't forget Jump and Crouch
Use them.  Duck under things and jump over stuff.  It's very fun, and can be,
in the words of former governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura, "very productful."

In every level, there are four rewards you can earn based on your performance. 
The medals correspond to each reward.  Bronze will earn you the "Reward Card"
for that level.  This is simply a picture of a key person or vehicle from the
game.  Whenever you earn a new medal, you get to look at the card, but then
there does not seem to be any other way to access it or use it. Very odd.  The
other rewards vary by level, and are one of three things: a new skin for
multiplayer, a new multiplayer scenario, or an upgrade for a weapon or gadget. 
The only one of these that really needs any explanation is the upgrade (see

Upgrades give you a better version of existing equipment.  You can upgrade the
pistols to their golden equivalents (not to be confused with the actual Golden
Gun), get more range from the Grapple, fire four missle at once from the
Vanquish, etc.  The real tricky thing about the upgrades is that they carry
over to your multiplayer character.  So when I play with friends, they all have
the basic equipment and I have better stuff.  It's a little unfair.  One might
think that I could just use a different file for multiplayer, but then I
wouldn't have access to the skins and game types I had unlocked.  It's a little
weird, but generally it doesn't make that much of a difference.

In every level, there are certain things you earn points for doing.  The
categories are: enemies elinimtated (killed, subdued, or made to surrender),
health remaining, accuracy, time, Bond Moves (see below) and 007 Bonuses (see
below).  Each level has targets for each category.  The category is assigned a
score total, and this score is divided evenly among the number of items in the
category.  In otherwords, if the target is 5 Bond Moves, each Bond Move is
worth 1/5 of the total points for that category.  Going above and beyond a
target will give you extra points, but not as many as you might think.  Your
difficulty level also affects your score.  On Operative, you get no bonus.  On
Agent, you get double score, and on 00 Agent, you get triple your final score. 
This really helps get you a better medal.  Even if you do mediocre, you can
still get a silver or gold just from the difficulty bonus.

Bond Moves
These are special tasks or methods of doing things that are considered to be
"Bond-like" by the game.  This includes being stealthy, using gadgets, or
finding clever ways to eliminate enemies.  For example, in Vanquish levels,
you'll get a Bond Move whenever you use a gadget successfully.  Each of these
is worth points towards your total score at the end of a mission.  Try to find
as many as posssible in a mission to boost your score.  These are usually
fairly easy to do, but tough to discover.  When you do one, a light gold 007
logo appears at the top of the screen, and you will hear a brief bit of music.

007 Bonuses
These are somewhat similar to Bond Moves as far as scoring goes.  There are two
catches, though.  The first catch is that they do not appear in a level until
you have earned the gold medal for that level first.  The second catch is that
you have to get ALL of them in a level in order to get the bonus points.  They
are collected powerups like ammo or armor; you must physically touch them in
order to collect them.  They look like spinning bright gold 007 logos.  You can
pause the game and go to the scores menu to look at the target number.  As far
as I have found, there are EXACTLY that many in the level, so you'll have to
find them all.  According to the in-game hint menu, you have to collect these
in order to get enough points for the platinum medal.

Mission layout and Restarting
Each mission has one or more sections containing one or more objectives.  The
sections are divided up for the longer missions.  Remember that if you did not
see a FMV cutscene or a load screen, you are in the same section.  A good way
to know for sure is to check your objectives.  If there's stuff completed,
you're probably in a different area of the same section.  I'll help you know
for sure in the actual walkthrough.  The reason I mention this is if you die
and choose "Replay", you get to restart the section you were on with the same
health and armor you had when you completed the last section.  The game will
sometimes give you a bit more health (enough to be yellow) if you would restart
in the red with no armor.  Always try to collect unused armor right before
moving to a new section.  Also, if you chose "restart" from the pause menu, it
restarts the ENTIRE MISSION, not just the section you are on.  Finally, your
time at the end of the mission DOES count every time you die.  So if it take
you several tries to get through a mission, the game counts your total time. 
This is not true of any other scoring category.  (If you get a Bond Move, and
then die, you lose that Bond Move).

The 2 Ps
This game requires Patience and Practice.  Keep at it, and you will succeed
eventually.  Remember, every level happens EXACTLY the same way everytime you
play it.  Unless you change the difficulty level, the guards will always be in
the same places at the same times.  This give you a chance to learn the
patterns and perfect those platinum medal runs.  Good Luck!

B-2: Weapons

You know it.  I know it.  We like to blow things up.  Or snipe people from half
a mile away.  It's fun - excellent stress relief.  Well, the folks at EA have
gone the extra mile to give you the most bang for your buck.  There's a TON of
weapons in this game, and they are all very, very cool.  Here, vaguely in the
same order as they are ranked by the game, are your tools of destruction. 
Won't you give them a warm welcome?

PPK - Semi/Silenced (Upgrade - Golden)
It's a pistol.  With an optional silencer.  Wow.  Next, please.

P2K - Semi/Silenced
Practically indistinguishable from the PPK.  Has a bigger clip and better
power, though.

Kowloon - 18 Auto/Semi
A pistol with full auto?!  Neat, but not very powerful or accurate.

Delta Repeater - Single
MI6 issue stealth crossbow.  Packs a heck of a punch.  Has a scope, but it
loses accuracy at more than about thirty feet, since the bolts will fall before
they hit the target.  Very powerful up close, though.

M32 Storm - Auto/Semi
The worst weapon ever.  It takes more than a full clip to drop anything, even
with headshots.  It's just not worth it.  You get these in the Double cross
mission, but I suggest using the Raptor, or the Shotgun instead.  Even the PPK
is better.  I guess about the only good thing is for laying down cover fire.

Deutche - Auto/Silenced
A decent automatic with a silencer.  Nothing special, but not too shabby

SG5/SG5 Commando - Semi/Burst
A versatile, powerful assault rifle.  Very nice weapon to carry while
exploring.  The commando variation has a scope for limited zooming and a

Stun Grenade
Very nice if used properly.  Whatever you do, do NOT wear the nightvision
glasses while using these.  Make sure you are facing away from the grenade when
it explodes, even if there is a wall.  You can KO any enemies stunned by this
in one punch.  Works well in multiplayer, though remember that it doesn't
actually deal damage.

Frag Grenade.
The best thing about these is the way it scatters enemies.  Throw one and watch
them all run for cover.  Half the time it still kills them anyway.  Good times.

Remote Mine - Grenade/Detonate
One of my personal favorites.  The first mode throws this baby, and the second
detonates all of the ones you have thrown.  The tend to stick to things such as
walls, ceilings, and people.  I really like sticking one to a friend, then
running away and blowing him up when he least expects it.

Section C

In the grand Goldeneye tradition, the game includes a wonderful multiplayer
mode that is an absolute blast to play.  Score yourself a multitap, grab three
friends, and go to town!

Of course, if you want to try out the multiplayer levels alone (or don't have
enough friends), you can install up to 4 AI "bots" to play with or against. 
The really cool thing about the bots is how customizable they are.  Unlike
Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament, you can set their health level, aggressiveness
level, accuracy, reaction time, and recovery rate.  In addition to these basic
stats, the bots (and, in fact all of the skins) are divided in to 2 teams: MI6
(blue) and Phoenix (red).  Each team has four special personality traits that
are only available to that team's bots.  To make things even more interesting,
the bots all have pre-set presonalities.  The original characters from
Nightfire (including main characters and grunt enemies) can be altered to your
tastes, but the "bonus" skins you get from doing well in single player cannot
be altered.  These "personality bots" behave as you might expect them to, based
on their personality from the film in which they originally appeared.  They
also get special skills, like Oddjob's one-hit-killing Iron Hat.  You'll have
to play against them to see any of these skills, as using the skin yourself
simply makes your player appear like that character.  Personally, I like it
this way, as it really makes you feel like the villains and heroes are special
when using them as a bot.  Eventually, I will include the default info for all
of the bots in the FAQ.

These are important, since they will very heavily influence your gameplay.

Player Mods

Friendly Fire
This is really just a personal preference.  Whether or not you have this on or
off, you can still blow up memebers of your team with explosives, lasers, etc. 
This option only affects actual bullets.

Weapon Set
Here are the basic weapon sets.  Most of the time, these are a matter of
preference, but they can drastically affect Demolition, Protection, and King of
the Hill.  The first weapon listed is the default weapon for that set and the
last listed is the "mother" weapon found in only one or two locations in the

Normal: PPK, SG5, Sentinel
Pistols: P2K, PPK, Kowloon-18, K40, Raptor, Golden Gun
Automatics: K40, M32, SG5, AIMS-20, Ronin
Sniping: Raptor Type 2, Delta Repeater, SG5 Commando, Tactical Sniper, Covert
Sniper, AIMS-20
Explosives 1:
Explosives 2:  Stun Grenade, Frag Grenade, Remote Mine, Tripbomb, Satchel
MI6: P2K, Delta Repeater, SG5 Commando, Covert Sniper, Remote Mine, Golden Gun
Phoenix Weapons: K40, SG5, Tactical Sniper, AIMS-20, Ronin, Samurai
Cloak and Dagger: Delta Repeater, Covert Sniper, SG5 Commando, Deutche
State-of-the-Art: AIMS-20, Tripbomb, Remote Mine, Ronin, Samurai
Random:  This actually seems to give you completely random weapons, not just a
random weapon set.  This can make for very interesting rounds, especially since
the game likes to give out Sentinels and Scorpions (!) as the default weapons. 
If you choose to replay a round by pressing Square at the results screen, you
will get different random weapons.

Professional Mode:
This option allows you to make the game vaguely more realistic.  When ON,
Professional mode allows each player to carry only one pistol and one other
weapon, plus it increases the amount of damage done to a more realistic level. 
You must take care when running around the level that you do not pick up a new
weapon you don't want by mistake.  Having this option ON makes Demolition and
Protection ridiculously hard for the attacking team, since satchel charges
count as your second weapon.

Location Damage:
If this is on, the damage will vary depending on where you hit your enemies. 
Head is worth the most, then body, legs, and arms.  If this is off, all
location damage is the same.  Turning this off works best if most or all of the
players are novices and/or are using auto aim.

Name and Team indicators:
I like having this on, but try to make sure that the player names are not too
long.  The longer names can really obscure the actual character from a
distance, making it difficult to target effectively.  Having this on can make
people too easy to spot and/or too hard to hit.  Disabling this feature is best
for free-for-all games, but not so good for team games.  If you like a lot of
chaos and swearing, then try turning this off and Friendly Fire on.  Ouch.

Here's the fun stuff.  These are ways of affecting how your players interact
with the level itself.

Respawn location
This one makes a BIG difference in gameplay.  As far as I have noticed, during
team games, you will still spawn somewhere in your team's starting area, even
if you pick near or far.

Explosive Scenery - Locked

This is interesting.  It lets you use the grappling hook to get to
hard-to-reach places in a flash.  It's still fairly balanced, because even
though you have access to higher places, you still have to put your weapons
away to use it.  If you happen to open this up before you get to the Chain
Reaction mission (it's the first mission with grapple points), look for large
iron loops to grapple to.

Fixed Gun Placements
Ok, now we're getting a little crazy.  Each level has two gun placements,
regardless of the level's size.  These weapons vary according to the weapon set
you are currently using.  Automatics gets chain guns, State-of-the-Art gets
lasers, and Explosives 1 & 2 get Howitzers.  Press action to use one, and press
it again to disengage.  Remember, the Aim button still works with these, so use
it.  Also, keep in mind that these things all have incredibly slow turning
speeds, so if you notice someone trying to get close to you, it's ususally
better to just get away from the gun than to try and turn towards him/her.

These are the funniest, most entertaining thing I have seen in a long time. 
They are small, remotely operated vehicles.  While they can be a little tricky
to control, the payoff is worth the effort of learning how to drive them well. 
They seem impervious to bullets, and are even hard to catch in an explosion. 
They both carry deadly chain guns with infinite ammo, and can detonate on
impact or command for massive damage.  The drawback is that if someone finds
your "body" while you're driving around, you're pretty much dead.  To use a
mini-vehicle, simply approach it and press the action button.  Pressing Fire
will make the vehicle fire.  Press action again or run into something to
detonate the vehicle.  What makes these especially funny is that bots tend to
ignore them, especaially if the vehicle is not firing.  This is great for King
of the Hill with bots, where you can simply blow up all the opposition by
driving into the ring and pressing action.  It's really funny to watch this
from another player's screen.  One more note - the tank is hard to get the hang
of because the "move" stick controls the treads while the "look" stick moves
the turret.  Practice and you'll get the hang of it eventually.

Game types

Nightfire includes 12 different multiplayer games.  4 are free-for all, and 8
are for teams.

Arena - Free-for-all
Straight-up deathmatch.  Not much to explain here.  Kill the target number of
people before the time limit runs out.  You respawn when killed until the end
of the match.  If time expires, s/he with the most kills wins.
Best Levels: Any

Team Arena - Team
Same as Arena except with teams.  Each kill gives you a point for your team.
Best Levels: Any

Capture the Flag - Team
Grab the flag from the enemy base and return it to your own.  Unlike CTF
scenarios in many other games, you need not have your our flag at your base to
score.  Hit the score limit or be ahead when time runs out.
Best Levels: Ft. Knox, Ravine, Snowblind, Skyrail, Sub Pen

Uplink - Team
There are three satellite dishes in the level.

Industrial Espionage - Team
Variation on capture the flag.  The rules are the same, except the flag is
replaced by a glowing gold data disc, and the bases are tall comupter nodes. 
It spawns in a random location everytime either team scores.  This mode is a
little goofy, since I have had the disc appear right next to my base on several
occasions, sometimes 2 or 3 times in a row.
Best Levels: Ravine, Sub Pen, Atlantis, Skyrail

Top Agent - Free-for-all
Arena with a set number of lives.  Instead of setting a score to reach, you set
the number of lives each player gets.  Everytime a player respawns, s/he loses
a life.  Upon losing his/her last life, a player is eliminated.  The focus here
is more on staying alive than killing.  There are no points, but if time runs
out, s/he with the most lives left wins.  In a tie, the one with the most kills
wins.  Try playing with four humans and one life with no time limit.
Best Levels: Any

Opened by: Completing Chain Reaction with silver or better
While entertaining, this scenario requires a bit of explanation.  It is
incredibly fun if you use the right settings for it.  MI6 is tasked with
destroying a satellite dish controlled by the Phoenix team.  Each MI6 player
begins the round with 2 Satchel Charges in inventory.  The dish can take quite
a bit of punishment, but one charge set directly on it will destroy it.  What's
confusing about this one is the way the time and score settings work.  The time
limit determines how long MI6 has to blow up the dish.  If they succeed, the
team scores one point.  If time runs out, Phoenix scores a point.  The round
then resets, with the dish being repaired and the players returing to their
starting positions.  This continues until one team or the other reaches the
target score.  This means that the time limit you set determines the length of
each ROUND, not the entire match.  The default setting of 10 minutes and 10
points is a little ridiculous, since for Phoenix to win, the game would have to
last at LEAST an 1 hr 40 min.  If MI6 had managed to score 9 times at the last
second, the game would last a total of 3 hr, 9 min, and 51 sec.  That's INSANE!
 I recommend 1-2 minutes for the time limit (depending on the level and the
player's skills), and a score of 3-5.  Also, I highly recommend NOT using
Professional Mode for this scenario.  It weighs the match HIGHLY in favor of
Phoenix, since the Satchel Charge counts as your second weapon.  Finally, keep
in mind that weapon emplacements and the weapon set may make it easier
(Explosives 1/2, State of the Art) to destroy the dish, while some (Pistols,
Sniping) make it much harder.
Best Levels: Any, but adjust the settings to each level

Same as Demolition but with Phoenix doing the blowing up.

Goldeneye Strike - Team
Opened by: Completing Equinox with silver or better
Probably one of the weirder variations.  There are two halves of the Goldeneye
key which spawn in random (put preset) locations around the level.  When any
single player collects both halves of the key, a laser (presumably from the
Goldeneye satellite) blasts from the sky and kills an opposing team member. 
These kills are the only ones that count towards your final score.  It's pretty
crazy, and can be a lot of fun.  Keep in mind that the key pieces are not
dropped, but instead respawn when the carrier is killed.
Best Levels: Any

Assassination - Free-for-all
<<Please read this, since the manual is misleading in explaining this game.  It
implies that the Assassin is set at the start of the match and never changes;
read on to find out how this game really works.>>
My personal favorite.  Works best with several human players, but can be really
tough with bots.  One player is randomly chosen as the Assassin at the start of
the match.  If it's you, you'll see a rifle in the bottom left corner of your
screen.  This player must kill the Target, also chosen at random.  The Target's
icon is a crosshairs.  Aiming at someone will make that person's icon (if any)
show up on your screen, so you can tell who's who.  Granted, you could look at
your opponent's screens to see who's the Assassin and Target, but you can't do
that with bots, and some people might not think looking at other player's
screens is very sporting and swear that they never look at other player's
screens.  (These people, incidentally, are most likely LYING THROUGH THEIR
TEETH.)  Anyway, the Assasin gets 5 points for killing the Target.  The role of
Target then passes to another random player.  Anyone killing the Assassin
becomes the Assassin.  If the Target kills the Assassin, then that player not
only becomes the Assassin, but also scores 3 points.  This continues until time
runs out or the target score is reached.  20-30 makes for a pretty good length
of game.  One extra note of intertest - it does not appear possible to kill
bots other than the Assassin.  You can kill any human players you wish, and the
bots seem capable of killing anyone, but for some reason you cause no damage to
any bots who are not the Assassin.  Very odd.  Anyone else noticed this?
Best Levels: Snowblind, Ravine, Skyrail, Atlantis

King of the Hill - Free-for-all
This is pretty fun, too.  The goal is to get the most points before time runs
out, or be first to achieve the point limit.  A player gets points by spending
time inside the glowing blue goal area, appearing somewhere towards the center
of the level.  For every five seconds or so one spends in the ring, s/he gets a
point.  High point totals are par for the course with this game, so adjust your
settings accordingly.  Also, it's a good idea to ensure that respawn is on near
or random, since putting it on far can make it pretty hard to get to that
circle in time to catch up.  Of course, this can also make it more interesting.
Best Levels: Any

Team King of the Hill - Team
Same as King of the Hill, but with teams.  Interestingly, this throws some
monkeywrenches into some of the levels.  Since teams can only respawn in or
around their bases, this gives certain teams the advantage.  For instance, in
Skyrail, Phoenix has a clear view of the ring from their base, while MI6 does
not.  If you're using Sentinels or Helicopters, this doesn't matter too much,
since you can pilot the device in and blow people up.  However, Phoenix can
snipe from the rooftop, and that's a pretty hearty advantage.  Just make sure
you keep this in mind while selecting a level.
Best Levels: Sub Pen, Phoenix Base, Snowblind


Here are some notes about the levels themselves.  I might eventually go so far
as to list where key items and special weapons appear, but for now I will keep
it simple.

A nice, big open area.  Good for free-for-all and killing type games, but a
little too big for most team games save Capture the Flag.  Excellent with
sniping weapons, guided missles and remote vehicles.  The gun placements aren't
too great, though.  Also, there is a railcar that goes around the level.  Most
of the time, it just takes too long to be able to use it, though.

Ft. Knox
A large, well-balanced level.  It's a bit big for free-for all type games, but
works very well for Capture the Flag and ok for Industrial Espionage.  The
grappling hook is great here.

A good level for pretty much every game type.  The bases are fairly equal,
though Phoenix has a gun emplacement right outside their base.  A fun level to
use the grapple on.

Phoenix Base
Mayhem at its finest.  This tiny level is wonderful when you just want to kill
and blow stuff up, but it's a little too tightly packed for anything more
strategic.  The gun emplacements are well-located, and the super weapon is on a
hard-to-reach hanging platform in the middle of the level.

Missle Silo
I really hate this level.  It's just four floors of roundness and stairs. 
That's it.  Wheee.

This one's pretty cool.  It works ok for CTF, and is also fairly good for just
about anything else.  The guns are right next to each other, giving you a
chance to have an emplacement shoot-out.  Try playing a weapon set with
tripbombs for a really fun time.

Sub Pen
Another of my favorites.  It's big, but not too big, has some open areas, some
passageways, good gun emplacement locations, good superweapon and King of the
Hill ring locations, and balanced bases.  A sure pick for any game type.

Probably my favorite, except it doesn't allow for bots.  Try Assassin with
Sniping weapons for a lesson in target practice.  It's tough to juke while you
are running across that landbridge.  Unlike Skyrail, there's two cars here, and
they are actually worth getting into.  It's a great way to surprise people.

Level   000
       0   0
       0   0
       0   0

----------------Paris Prelude---------------

Bond Moves: 7
007 Bonuses: 4
Target Time: ???
Level Rewards:
  Bronze:  Dominique Reward Card
  Silver:  Jaws MP Skin
    Gold:  Missle Upgrade
Platinum:  Renard MP Skin

Misson notes:  The first time you load up the game, this will be exceedingly
easy.  Just play it and follow the instructions on the screen.  You pretty much
can't fail, unless you are very new to video games, in which case - just
practice until you are confident.  Once you have completed the mission, you can
try it again after setting up your agent profile from the main menu.

Section 1
Objective: Protect the French Intelligence Agent
It helps if you remember what to do from the tutorial.  Firs things first -
take out those two enemy cars.  If you manage to score a direct hit on a tire
the first time you actually hit either car, you'll get a Bond Move.  Do it fast
enough, and you will be able to take out both cars, getting a Bond Move for
each (Bond Move #1, Bond Move #2).  In order to progress, you need only hit one
of them.  Follow the same procedure for the second set of cars (Bond Move #3,
Bond Move #4).  For the third car, you can either zoom in, or wait until it get
in range.  One shot is all you need to hit it with.  When Dominique jumps her
Cobra over the construction site, aim for the blue support bracket that is
holding up the beams.  If you hit it, the beams should fall, and you will get a
cutscene.  Afterwards, James will be driving with Dominique in the passenger

Section 2
Objective: Stop the Bomb Truck
As soon as the on-board computer tells you that the Smoke Screen is online, hit
the Gadget button to score Bond Move #5.  As you pass the first building, keep
an eye out for your first 007 Bonus (remember that you have to finish the level
with a gold medal before the 007 bonuses appear).  Fire missles at any
oppostion you wish to destroy along the way.  The next 007 Bonus is just to the
left of the next building among some benches.  After you crash through the
glass, DO NOT fire at the enemies on the other side of the building.  Instead,
wait until the computer tells you that the Q-wedge is online, then use it. 
Steer right between the two cars.  An enemy will appear and move around the
corner - wait until you have a clear shot before firing at it.  Soon you will
be going up an incline and over a balcony.  Right before you are in the air,
ease off the gas and grab the third 007 Bonus, which is floating in mid-air. 
The final bonus

Level   1

---------------The Exchange----------------

Bond Moves: ???
007 Bonuses: ???
Target Time: ???
Level Rewards:
  Bronze:  Zoe Reward Card
  Silver:  Oddjob MP Skin
    Gold:  Pistol Upgrade
Platinum:  ???

Level   222
       2   2

--------------Alpine Escape------------------

Bond Moves: ???
007 Bonuses: ???
Target Time: ???
Level Rewards:
  Bronze:  Zoe Reward Card
  Silver:  Oddjob MP Skin
    Gold:  Pistol Upgrade
Platinum:  ???

Level   333

Level     6
       6   6

---------------Chain Reaction----------------
 Bond Moves: ???
007 Bonuses: ???
Target Time: ???
Level Rewards:
  Bronze:  Rook Reward Card
  Silver:  Demolition MP Scenario
    Gold:  Wai Lin MP Skin
Platinum:  ???

Section One
Objective: Enter the building SR-1
After the cutscene, you will be facing a large, round structure slightly off to
your left.  Immediately aim, zoom, and shoot the guard, who will be walking
away from you, with the sniper rifle.  Quickly turn around and run to the other
side of the rooftop to the opening covered by a metal grate.  Use your laser on
the four hinges to open the grating, then drop in for Bond Move #1.

Objective: Photograph the Jetpack
This part can be a little tricky.  If you aren't going for a high score, then
you might want to just enter the building from the opening right in front of
you at the start of the level.  Either way, you'll have about six guards to
deal with.  You might be able to pick the first couple off with the rifle, but
then you'll have to get over to them and grab their guns to fight back.  After
you've dealt with the guards, drop down a level to where the pack is.  Pull out
your camera and snap a quick photo of the pack.  From facing the jetpack, drop
down to the ground floor, and find the stairs leading down to your right.  Exit
the building.

Objective: Proceed to Building TR-4
There's a couple different ways to go, but I believe this way is the best. 
Once outside the building, there's a good chance that the snipers in the hangar
you are overlooking will be able to see you.  Don't worry about them now, just
run to the right and follow the wall around.  When you see a gate, be prepared
to snipe a guard down the long path.  Run down, get his gun, and take up a good
defensive position.  From here, there's about four guards you can hit; two are
right in front of you by the loaders, one on the building to the upper right
(just below the zipline), and possibly one in the hangar or on the
aforementioned building's roof.  Neutralize them.  Climb the ladder or grapple
up to the closest round structure.  Jump to the zipline, cross the gap, and
head left to grab some body armor.  Cross the second zipline, then, the third
over to the building.  Enter the door.

Alternately: You can grapple to the building's roof, then zipline over to the
hangar.  Each side of the hangar has a body armor, and there may be some way to
enter the car in the middle, but so far I have not figured out how to do so. 
Going this way forces you to climb and zip back across the round buildings

Once you are inside the building, you'll have to take it nice and easy to avoid
unnecessary damage.  Eliminate the guards first, then grapple to the high
platform for some extra ammo and armor.  You must be on the beam in the center
of the warehouse to grapple there.  Finish off the guards, then exit through
the door on the topmost floor of the building.

Section Two
Objective: Proceed to the next building

Now things start to get tough.  Be patient in this level; the enemies are
predictable and follow a set pattern.  Once you learn where and when they
appear, you can snipe them almost instantly.  I found that this method works
well for me, but you might try to experiment.  At the start, immediately crouch
and target the guard walking away from you on the platform.  Take him out, then
find the next guard to the lower left on the same platform.  The third guard to
hit here is a little tougher; he's below you on a platform just to the right of
the far left wall.  He can hit you even if you can't see him, so try to find
him fast.  If you're having trouble, look up at the broken windows, and trace a
path straight down from there.  After you get him, grab the armor and head down
the stairs.  About halfway down, jump off the stairs to the left, and land on
top of a large metal crate.  You should see a doorway right in front of you. 
Crouching might help here.  Two snipers are waiting for you in the doorway; get
them in the legs before they have chance to hit you.  Inside the doorway you'll
find a temporary safe spot, as well as some armor-piercing ammo.  When you've
collected yourself, exit the room and run left along the wall.  Position
yourself so that you can clearly see the windows in the building you were just
in.  In a moment, two guards will fire at you from the windows.  They are very
hard to spot, and can be even harder to hit.  I recommend keeping the whole
window in your sights until you spot a soldier, then zoom in for the kill. 
Once you've gotten those guys, you're almost in the clear.  There's still two
more to hit on the catwalk of the tanker in the back right of the level.  You
might have seen them shooting at you earlier if you were slow or unlucky.  Try
to take them out from around the corner of the building.  Once they are gone,
you have free reign of the area for a little while.  Take the time to grab any
dropped equipment, but do not go up unto the crane just yet.  Don't forget the
armor by the loader to the right of where you begin.  When you are ready, climb
up onto the loader at the base of the crane.  Look up at the crane and fire
your grappling hook to the metal loop up there.  When you land, immediately
crouch and equip your rifle.  Four guards will rush out from behind cover on
the roof that is slightly to your right.  Take them out from right to left, and
do your best not to miss a shot, since that will almost guarantee you will get
tagged.  Once you have eliminated this final wave of snipers, grab the zipline
and immediately start climbing across.  Don't stop, since you only have about
one and a half seconds of leeway here.  From where you land, go to the control
panel to your left and activate the crane.  While it's moving, walk carefully
out to the end of the crane arm.  Drop down, then grapple over to the catwalk
where the guards were earlier.  Here you'll find some more armor-piercing
rounds, as well as the rifles the other two soldiers dropped.  Grab the stuff,
then turn to face the crane.  Carefully jump to the small ledge sticking out of
the right hand wall, then walk along it to the door.  Even if all of the
snipers outside are dead, somehow someone sees you walking into the door.
("He's gone inside!")

Objective: Photograph the Laser
There's a room to your left and a much larger warehouse to your right.  There's
armor in the small room, but if you still have any left you might want to save
it for a minute or two.  In the large room, keep crouched and snipe the guards
until they stop firing.  There's a lot of them, but they are all pretty easy to
spot since they are wearing white lab and biohazard gear.  If you want to do
clean up on foot, you can, but the level's almost over.  Don't forget to come
back for the armor if you need it.  When the lab guys are all down, throw the
switch on the panel located in the balcony where you entered the room.  This
will bring a mobile platform towards you.  Quickly switch to the grapple and
move to the stairs just outside the control panel.  Time your shot so that when
you hit the hook, you'll land on the moving platform.  If you do it right,
you'll get Bond Move #2.  Ride the platform and jump off on the upper catwalk
to you right.  There are probably a couple more guards here, so take them out. 
Arm the mini-cam and grab a photo of the laser.

Objective: Exit the Building
Time to get the heck out of dodge.  Get over to the laser and press Action.  If
you've been playing multiplayer with gun emplacements, this will seem familiar
to you.  Fire the laser with the fire button, but be careful you don't let it
overheat.  Fire at the large metal door directly across from you, being careful
not to ignore the guards that are shooting you.  Once the door melts, you have
two options.  You can either hang out for a couple minutes and try to kill all
the attacking guards, or you can make a run for the doorway.  If you need extra
kills to get a higher score, now's a good time for them.  Otherwise, just
disengage from the laser (with Action) and make a run for the door.  Stay to
the right on the catwalk, then jump down and head for the passageway.  Keep
going until the level ends.  (You can breathe now.)

Level   7777777

---------------Phoenix Fire-------------------

Bond Moves: ???
007 Bonuses: ???
Target Time: ???
Level Rewards:
  Bronze:  Kiko Reward Card
  Silver:  ???
    Gold:  ???
Platinum:  ???

Level     888
         8   8
         8   8

----------------Deep Descent------------------

Bond Moves: ???
007 Bonuses: ???
Target Time: ???
Level Rewards:
  Bronze:  A-12 Sub Reward Card
  Silver:  ???
    Gold:  ???
Platinum:  ???

Level    999
        9   9

--------------Island Infiltration------------

Bond Moves: ???
007 Bonuses: ???
Target Time: ???
Level Rewards:
  Bronze:  Plane Reward Card
  Silver:  ???
    Gold:  ???
Platinum:  ???

Level   1    000
       11   0   0
        1   0   0
        1   0   0
       111   000

Bond Moves: ???
007 Bonuses: ???
Target Time: ???
Level Rewards:
  Bronze:  Drake Reward Card
  Silver:  ???
    Gold:  ???
Platinum:  ???

Level   1     1
       11    11
        1     1
        1     1
       111   111


 Bond Moves: 0
007 Bonuses: 0
Target Time: 4:15
Level Rewards:
  Bronze:  Bond Reward Card
  Silver:  Goldeneye Strike MP Scenario
    Gold:  ???
Platinum:  ???

Objective: Defeat Drake and stop the missles
This is it!  The final encounter.  Take the first few seconds to get used to
controlling Bond in space.  The Action button will cause Bond to level off with
respect to the station.  Try not to drift below the platform too much, since it
can be very hard to hit the couplings on the missles, as well as to get back up
the the topside.  I might as well go ahead and mention not to mess with the
alternate fire on the laser, too.  Check out your map in the upper right
corner.  The round things are the missles, and the rectangles at the top are
the hatches that Drake's soldiers appear out of.  The missles always come up in
a set order, and take three direct shots from the laser to send off-course. 
They are surrounded by a series of green lights, which will turn red when you
have successfully destroyed the coupling.  It helps to use manual aim, since
the Samurai has a scope.  The order of the missles is shown below.  Same
numbers mean that those missles come online simultaneously.


5               5
3               2
1               4
5               4

You have about thirty seconds from the time the missle first starts moving
(when the map turns green) to take out the coupling.  Basically, make every
shot count.  This is especially true in hard mode, where the astronauts take 2
shots to kill.  Once you have taken out all the missles, tkae the next few
seconds to get rid of any straggling spacemen who might still be alive.  The
next few moments are critical.  Drake will emerge from the station to attack
you with missles.  If you are quick, you can overcharge the laser and aim right
below where Drake's observation area was.  Otherwise, stick to the beam
setting.  Aim at Drake, and either destroy or avoid his missles.  Just shoot
him a lot, and victory will be yours!  Congratulations!  You've saved the
world, 007!  Enjoy the end movie and the little behind-the-scenes featurette. 
Don't forget to save your rewards data.

More to Come in the next update.  Should be up by 12-21-02  Thanks for reading,
and please pass along any comments, questions, etc. to

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