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Reviewed: 04/10/03 | Updated: 04/10/03

A Game For The Fans

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, the next attempt by LucasArts to put Indiana Jones into a game....

Starting with...

Story: 6
The story is interesting, but it often left me confused on what I was doing at certain locations. It's as if they forgot to put in some cutscenes at many points in the game. For example at one point in the game you visit a German castle, and your not told what you are doing here, but it does eventually become clear after. Overall the story was interesting enough.

Graphics: 6
The graphics are below today's standards, not to say that the graphic would cause your eyes to hurt from the uglyiness but that they could have made them better. Simple textures make some levels seem plain, but at other times the detail makes levels seem creepy and very interesting.

Sound: 9
The voice acting and fx are well done and the music fits and shifts with the type of action going on in the game. Like for example you enter a room, the music is calm and friendly, Boom! two thugs burst out of a door, the music picks up into a fast pace ''fighting'' music, Pow!, the thugs are defeated, the music switches to the Indiana Jones theme making it sound like celebrating the victory. It fits so well...

Gameplay: 7
The fighting system is well done. It never gets old fist fighting with a bunch of thugs. There are plenty of combos and weapons to use so fights can get interesting and are never too tough. The puzzles are fairly easy, butI guess this is balanced out with the large amount of jumping puzzles in the game. I guess you can expect nothing less from a Indiana Jones game. The levels themselves are fun, and at times some levels are very hard while others are easy. Overall it's fun enough...

Bugs/Problems: 5
This game has a garbage save system, it only saves when you beat a level! So you can be playing a level for about 15 min just to die right before the exit and have to redo the whole level - Another problem is the controls, during a fight you almost completely lose control of the camera.
Other problems include swimming, which is extremely terrible. After swimming once in the game you pray after that level that you will never have to swim again in the game...It's that bad!

Overall I have to this game a 6, it does contain many problems but it's worth at least a try, playing through the game is fun enough, but not fun enough for a second time, any fan of the movies will enjoy this game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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