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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lord Vic

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    DEADLY DOZEN II - Pacific Theater
    Frequently Asked Questions/Walkthrough list v.1.0
    by Vic (lordvic@mindspring.com)
    I - Introductory notes
    II - Basic Game info
    III - Friends, Foes, and Resources
       A. Skills
       B. The Deadly Dozen
       C. Allied Equipment
       D. The Enemy
       E. Japanese Equipment
       F. Vehicles
    IV - General Hints/tips/observations
    V - Walkthroughs
    VI - Cheats
    VII - Disclaimer/Credits/Miscellaneous
    VIII - Version History
    --- I - Introductory Notes ---
    I wrote my first FAQ for GameFaqs when I was completely impressed by nFusion's
    Deadly Dozen.  Well, I have been even MORE impressed by its sequel, which is
    why you are reading this now.  While the original Deadly Dozen was
    single-player only, Multiplayer has been added to Deadly Dozen 2.  However,
    this walkthrough will focus solely on the single-player game, though the
    sections on equipment will apply to all players and the walkthroughs will work
    for co-op play as well.
    --- II - Basic Game Info ---
    Deadly Dozen 2 - Pacific Theater (DD2 or DDPT) is a sequel to nFusion's
    original WWII squad-based tactical shooter Deadly Dozen (DD).  While DD focused
    on the European Theater, DD2 focuses on America's struggle against the Japanese
    war machine in the Pacific (hence the title, of course).  The gameplay itself
    is improved in all areas - AI, graphics, gameplay, speed.  Also, Multiplayer
    combat has been added with three styles of multiplayer games available
    (Free-for-all, team deathmatch, and co-op).  As mentioned before, this
    walkthrough will focus solely on the single-player game.
    As in Deadly Dozen, in DDPT you will have a pool of twelve of the meanest
    sonsofbitches in the US military, and you will choose up to four for each of 12
    missions which you must complete.  Each mission consists of a set of objectives
    which you must complete, then make your escape to the exit zone.  If men are
    killed they are out of the selection for future missions, so it behooves you to
    preserve all your men's lives if possible - one of them might just be the only
    man who can complete an important task in a future mission.  You can outfit
    them with equipment at the outset of each mission, and you can also take
    equipment from the enemy as you eliminate them over the course of the mission.
    --- III - Friends, Foes, and Resources ---
    There is a dramatic increase in the number of skills in DD2 over the original
    DD game, mostly specializing a lot of tasks that were formerly under one
    heading.  For example, instead of "Small Arms" there are now separate skills
    for Sidearms, Rifles, Machine Guns, etc.  The auto-outfitting generally takes
    these skills into account when outfitting the men (giving the .45 or M1 Carbine
    to those with good Sidearms skill, giving the BAR to those with good Machinegun
    skill, etc.), so keep the skills in mind when making any equipment outfitting
    modifications.  The skills are listed below along with an abbreviation and
    Toughness (TO) - This affects how well the character can deal with taking
    damage.  Higher ratings are less affected by hits, recover faster, etc.
    Infiltration (IN) - This affects the character's ability to sneak around
    Blades (BL) - This affects the character's proficiency (ability to hit, deal
    damage, etc.) with bladed weapons.
    Sidearms (SI) - This affects the character's proficiency with sidearms.  This
    includes pistols and the M1 Carbine.
    Rifles (RI) - This affects the character's proficiency with rifles.  This
    includes the M1 Garand and the Arisaka rifle.
    Machineguns (MG) - This affects the character's proficiency with machineguns
    and submachineguns.  This includes a great variety of weapons - M1 Thompson
    SMG, BAR, Type 100 SMG, Type 99 MG.
    Sniping (SN) - This affects the character's proficiency with sniper rifles. 
    This includes the Springfield and the Arisaka with scope.  I believe that this
    skill ONLY takes effect if you are using the scope - if you are simply firing
    from the shoulder the Rifles skill takes over.
    Grenades (GR) - This affects the character's accuracy with grenades - you will
    be able to throw farther and hit closer to your target with a higher Grenades
    Explosives (EX) - This affects the amount of damage dealt when placing TNT
    explosives on a target.  While a demolitions expert may only need one charge to
    blow up an artillery piece, for example, someone unskilled in Explosives may
    need two or more to destroy the same target.  This also affects accuracy/damage
    when using Bazookas.
    Flamethrower (FL) - It may not seem like it when all you are doing is shooting
    a big jet of flame, but it takes skill to use a flamethrower effectively.  A
    person high in this skill is who you want giving the flame injection to
    Japanese pillboxes and bunkers.
    Medicine (MD) - This affects the amount of damage healed with one use of a
    first aid kit.  It's best to let your medic do all of your squad's healing, if
    possible - to heal another character, switch to your medic, point the cursor at
    the person you want to heal so that their name appears over the cursor, then
    use the Item scroll to select a first aid kit and hit the 'Use' key.
    The twelve men of the Deadly Dozen are listed below, along with their specialty
    and some brief commentary on strengths and weaknesses.  After all of the men is
    a chart listing the skill levels for each man.
    - Pvt. Robert Egan
    Covert Ops, US Navy
    If there were a leader to the Deadly Dozen, it would be Pvt. Egan.  While his
    specialty is covert ops, he has the skills to do pretty much anything: medic,
    small arms, rifles, sniper... you name it.  You'll probably be getting a lot of
    mileage out of Pvt. Egan.
    - Pvt. Jackie Boyle
    Medic, USMC
    Pvt. Boyle is the top medic for the Deadly Dozen.  He's also a pretty good shot
    with sidearms, machineguns, and grenades, and so useful to have around for rear
    guard/covering fire.
    - Pvt. Eddie "The Wall" LeJeune
    Machine Gunner, USMC
    Pvt. LeJeune is absolutely deadly with machine guns.  He is an excellent choice
    if you expect heavy infantry resistance and aren't too worried about making
    noise.  Give this man a BAR and you'll be schooling the Japanese in no time. 
    His toughness also makes him a good to have in a fight.
    - Pvt. Salvatore Varriale
    Demolitions, USMC
    Pvt. Varriale is a Demolitions expert and is very good with sidearms and quite
    good with rifles and machineguns as well.  Again, a good man to have around for
    covering fire.  His high infiltration and bladed weapons skill also make him
    useful for sneaking in quietly to set explosives and such.
    - Pvt. Michal Zadrozny
    Flame Thrower, USMC
    A flamethrower and Pvt. Zadrozny make a perfect pair, and he's also very handy
    with machineguns too.  If you manage to pick up a spare Type 99, you have
    yourself an excellent cover-man.
    - Pvt. Vernon Banks III
    Rifleman, USMC
    While nominally a rifleman, Pvt. Banks' true proficiency is with sidearms.  His
    excellent stealth skills and proficiency with grenades and explosives make him
    a good 'tunnel-rat' - and his toughness makes sure that he can handle himself
    while isolated from the team.
    - Pvt. Diego DeSantos
    Sniper, US Army
    Pvt. DeSantos will be spending a lot of time creeping ahead to use his
    excellent sniper skills on the enemy.  He's also quite handy with un-scoped
    rifles, so if he's not on point you can have him lay down covering fire as well
    - pair him with a machinegunner like Pvt. LeJeune and you have an unstoppable
    covering fire team.  He's also a very good medic.
    - Pvt. Fredrick Madison
    Scout, US Army
    As a scout, Pvt. Madison is well-trained - excellent skill with infiltration
    and bladed weapons make him a good silent killer, and his excellent rifle skill
    make him valuable in fire support as well.  He's not a bad sniper, either. 
    Oddly, though, he's not all that great with sidearms, and Garands aren't
    exactly the first weapon you think of for infiltration work...
    - Pvt. Elijah "Cherry" Appelbaum
    Radioman, US Army
    Pvt. Appelbaum is the radio/comm expert for the squad, and is also a great
    backup demolitions man.  Also very good with sidearms and machineguns and
    another infiltration expert.
    - Pvt. Yiorgios Kontoyannis
    Heavy Weapon Specialist, US Army
    Pvt. Kontoyannis is the man you want if you're expecting armor - his skill with
    bazookas and other explosives can make short work of any of those pesky Type 95
    tanks you're sure to encounter.  Also, as a mechanic, he'll be good if you plan
    to commandeer one of those tanks to give the Japanese a taste of their own
    - Pvt. Saburo Takahashi
    Intelligence, US Army
    When one thinks of Japanese warriors, two archetypes come to mind: the tough,
    brave Samurai and the stealthy, sneaky Ninja.  Pvt. Takahashi manages to embody
    the best characteristics of both to be one of the most invaluable members of
    the team.  Excellent stealth and blade skills make quiet kills easy, excellent
    sidearms and rifle ratings make him deadly in a firefight, and his toughness
    ensures that he can last long enough to deal out damage to anyone who manages
    to get the drop on him.
    - Pvt. Danny Fisk
    Covert Ops, US Navy
    Pvt. Fisk, like Pvt. Egan, is a well-cross-trained member of the team, coming
    from a Covert Ops background.  Tough, stealthy, proficient with blades and
    sidearms, he's another good one to go in when you don't want to make a lot of
    noise - and his expert ability with explosives gives you LOTS of options for
    having fun with TNT (like setting a two-minute delay and sneaking out with the
    Japanese being none the wiser until the world blows up in their faces).
    Skills of the Deadly Dozen:
    	         TO  IN	 BL  SI	 RI  MG	 SN  GR	 EX  FL	 MD
    	        --- ---	--- ---	--- ---	--- ---	--- ---	---
    Egan	         95 100	 95  65	 75  75	 95  65	 75  35	 95
    Boyle	         95  55	 65  85	 85  85	 45  85	 65  65	100
    LeJeune	        100  35	 75  75	 75 100	 55  85	 75  90	 65
    Varriale	 65  85	100  95	 85  85	 45  95	100  30	 45
    Zadrozny	 85  55	 65  85	 75  95	 55  75	 75 100	 65
    Banks	         95  95	 75 100	 65  65	 65  90	 90  25	 65
    DeSantos	 65 100	 55  85	100  75	100  75	 55  25	 95
    Madison	         85 100	 95  55	100  75	 90  75	 65  25	 65
    Appelbaum	 65  95	 65  85	 80  90	 75  90	100  30	 55
    Kontoyannis	 85  85	 55  75	 80  85	 55  85	 95  85	 45
    Takahashi	 85 100	100  85	 95  75	 80  75	 45  25	 65
    Fisk	         85  95	 85  85	 65  65	 65  65	100  35	 85
    As with DD, men are limited to eight equipment slots - a pre-loaded knife slot,
    two weapons (Primary and Secondary), and three equipment slots, with two free
    at the outset.  The total weight is shown in the ouftitting screen so that you
    can see who is overloaded as you outfit the men.
    Knife - The knife is standard-issue for all men.  It can't be dropped and
    doesn't have to be chosen - it's automatically there.  If you are good at
    sneaking and can approach from behind you can probably make a silent kill with
    it - but be careful.
    Machete - Bigger than a knife, it is deadlier and in the right hands can be a
    fearsome (if limited) weapon.  Can also be used to clear vegetation.
    M1911A1 Colt .45 Pistol - A common sidearm, this pistol is powerful at close
    ranges.  Comes with a seven-shot clip and five extra clips.
    M1 Garand - The Garand is a reliable .30 caliber rifle, one of the first
    semi-automatic rifles in the world.  Fairly powerful to a very good range. 
    Comes with an eight-shot clip and five extra clips.
    M1 Carbine - Despite being the size of a rifle, the M1 Carbine is a sidearm
    designed to replace the Colt .45.  It has a longer range but not quite as much
    stopping power due to its light .30 caliber cartridge.  Comes with a 15-shot
    clip and five extra clips.
    M1 Thompson SMG - The Tommy Gun is a deadly weapon at close range.  The high
    rate of fire and powerful .45 caliber cartridge can make mincemeat of the enemy
    in no time.  Comes with a 20-shot clip and five extra clips.  Shoot sparingly,
    because it eats up ammo fast.  Remember - short, controlled bursts.
    1903A4 Springfield - An oldie but a goodie, this bolt-action .30 caliber rifle
    is outfitted with a sniper scope and is absoltely lethal in the right hands. 
    It only has a five-shot clip, but with only one shot per kill you can still
    rack 'em up if you know what you're doing.  Comes with five extra clips. 
    Beware the long recovery time between shots.
    Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) - The BAR is a light machine gun that eats up
    both ammo and the enemy at the same time.  It's .30 caliber cartridge only
    comes 20 to a clip, but the gun does come with five extra clips.  It's
    recommended to have the man outfitted with this gun also bring along some spare
    ammo belts to bolster the ammo supply.  It's accuracy with extended fire
    decreases dramatically, so as with the Thompson SMG, short, controlled bursts
    are the order of the day.
    Flamethrower - does anything need to be said about this weapon?  Throws flame
    and burns anything it touches.  Heavy and cumbersome, when it is needed and on
    hand it pays for itself.  Use on clusters of enemies if at all possible.
    Bazooka - a fantastic anti-tank/mass anti-personnel weapon.  Comes with 7 extra
    Grenade - a timed-delay fragmentation explosive designed for anti-personnel
    use.  You get four of these per slot you outfit.  They work wonders for
    clearing rooms/small houses or surprising the enemy before frontal assault.
    Demo Charge - a load of TNT plus a delay timer.  You can set the delay in
    ten-second increments (default = 10 seconds), then lay it down and watch the
    fireworks - hopefully from afar.  Always be sure to leave yourself enough time
    to get away.
    First Aid Kit - use to heal wounded characters.  The amount of health recovered
    is directly related to the "Medicine" skill of the user, so it's best to let
    your medic do all of your squad's healing if possible.
    1941 US Quarter - bright, shiny objects that go 'clink' when they land are good
    for distracting people you're about to kill...
    Binoculars - a handy way for non-snipers to get a good look at faraway enemies
    and emplacements.
    Lockpicks - can be used to open locked doors.  It takes a few seconds to open a
    door with lockpicks, so be sure the immediate area is secure before using.
    Anti-Personnel Mines - just like they sound - small mines designed to take out
    infantry.  Too small to damage vehicles.
    Anti-Tank Mines - larger mines designed to take out all manner of vehicles.
    Ammo Belt - one of the best weight-tradeoffs you will make is in picking up one
    of these.  Each one of these you equip adds two extra clips to ALL of the
    weapons you carry at the pre-mission outfit.  Particularly useful if you have
    any of the guns with ravenous appetites for ammo such as the BAR or the
    Thompson SMG.
    Camera - some missions may require you to take pictures of sensitive enemy
    The enemy you will be facing are tough, battle-hardened soldiers of great
    skill.  Don't take them lightly.
    Infantry - these men will be either in uniforms or simple, unadorned black
    robes.  They may carry a variety of weapons, from the Arisaka rifle (with or
    without scope) to the Type 100 Submachine Gun to the Type 99 machine gun.  Some
    even carry around Type 4 Bazookas.  Don't take them lightly.
    Tank crew - when you destroy a Japanese tank, one of the crewmen will crawl out
    of the wreckage and attack you.  They are typically dressed in brown robes. 
    Because of size considerations they will always be armed with Nambu pistols.
    Pilots - you'll often see pilots near their aircraft when they are on the
    ground.  They are armed with Nambu pistols.
    Officers - these men are set apart by always appearing in dress uniforms
    complete with cap.  They are often only armed with a pistol and a saber, but
    their great skill and ability to rally the troops near them make them very
    dangerous opponents.  Always make your first shot at one of these if they are
    The Japanese made themselves some very nice weapons which are well worth
    claiming if you happen to need them for whatever reason.  If your own guns are
    running low on ammo, just plunder your enemies' bodies to get enough to make
    more mayhem.
    Katana, aka Samurai Sword - not just belt decorations, these high-quality
    swords are deadly in the right hands.
    Nambu Pistol - this, like most pistols, is better than a fist but not by much. 
    Comes with an 8-round magazine.
    Arisaka Rifle - this 7.7mm bolt-action rifle is a bit slow on the reload but
    powerful.  The bare models are better than nothing, but not essential if you're
    already well outfitted.  However, they are also occasionally issued with a
    scope to snipers, and these models are well worth the trouble, especially if
    your own sniper is running low on ammo.  Has a five-shot magazine.  Be aware
    that the ammunition is NOT interchangeable between the scoped and bare Arisaka
    rifles - you can't use clips from one for the other.
    Type 100 Submachinegun - this is actually quite a fine weapon.  Has an 8mm
    20-round magazine, and as with most machine guns eats up ammo quickly if you
    don't watch it.  You should have your riflemen/snipers pick these up if they
    get the chance, but be careful of your encumbrance.
    Type 99 Machine Gun - this is the Japanese analogue of the BAR - a light,
    portable 7.7mm Machinegun.  Be careful if you're on the wrong end of one of
    these, but if you have a machinegunner low on ammo or just need some extra
    punch it might be worth picking this up.  While the Type 99, like the BAR,
    suffers from degrading accuracy on sustained fire, it is superior in one regard
    - it has a 30 round magazine.
    Type 4 Anti-Tank Weapon - the Japanese analogue of the Bazooka.
    Type 97 Grenade - functionally identical to the American standard-issue AP
    grenades, with perhaps a slight bit less punch.
    You will encounter both friendly and enemy vehicles which you can commandeer
    for your own use.
    Scout Car - this lightly-armored Japanese vehicle provides little protection
    but is fast and maneuverable.  Can carry two men.
    Truck - Cargo trucks are much sturdier vehicles and can take a fair amount of
    punishment before quitting.  Can carry four men.
    Type 95 light tank - this Japanese tank is light compared to other tanks but
    still tough enough to take out lots of infantry.  Their speed makes them quite
    hard to hit with a Bazooka, so a good option is to carry an AT mine, watch the
    patrol path from cover, then leave it a surprise... Carries four crewmen.  Only
    one escapes if you blow up an enemy-operated tank in combat, however.
    Sherman - this US tank is quite sturdy and powerful - very useful if you manage
    to come across one.  Carries four crewmen.
    --- IV - General Hints/tips/observations ---
    - As with the original Deadly Dozen, this game was created with realism in
    mind.  Unlike some other WWII shooters, you can't go blazing into a room, get
    hit 50 times, and still survive long enough to blast everyone.  The one-shot
    kill can happen on both sides of the game.  With this in mind, think like a
    soldier.  MOVE SLOW!  STAY IN COVER!  COVER YOUR ADVANCES!  Or, if you like
    that type of arcade action, set the game's damage setting to 'Arcade' rather
    than 'Realistic'.  I personally like the 'immersiveness' of the atmosphere, and
    so living on the edge makes the game that much more enjoyable.  Give it a
    chance before dialing it down.
    - Always review your objectives and mission intel carefully, and then keep them
    in mind when choosing your squad and outfitting equipment.  In a step up from
    the original game, DD2 will pre-choose your squad and outfit them with
    recommended equipment.  You are free to modify it, of course, but the
    auto-outfit seems to do a pretty good job.
    - The addition of the 'prone' feature, along with the dramatic increase in
    foliage/soft cover, leave you a LOT more options when making advances. 
    Basically, it wouldn't be out of place to spend the entire game on your belly. 
    Your stationary/covering men should DEFINITELY be under the best cover
    possible, and often that is in the prone position.
    - You don't necessarily have to go hog-wild picking up enemy equipment.  Don't
    turn up your nose at an enemy SMG if one of your men only has a singleshot
    rifle, of course, but you don't have to pick up everything out there under the
    sun.  Carrying weight DOES play a factor in the game, which leads to the next
    - Watch your fatigue level.  If you're doing slow, careful advances this may
    not be a problem much, but run around a lot and you're asking for trouble.  If
    your fatigue meter is low, stop and rest for a bit, especially if you expect
    combat soon.  You also wear out faster if you are overloaded with equipment, so
    ditch what you can when you're done with it.  You can see your total weight
    carried if you scroll your equipment slot on-screen - and if the number is in
    red, you are overloaded.  The magic number is 30 lbs - if you carry less than
    this, you can run all day - carry more and you better give yourself small
    - While your squad choices should be flexible from mission to mission, it's
    usually a good idea to bring along a medic, a machine-gunner, and a stealth man
    - and better if you can find men who can wear two hats so as to maximize your
    squad's skills on the field.  (For example, you'll probably get a lot of
    mileage out of Pvt. Egan, since he's a top stealth man and backup medic and a
    pretty good sniper to boot....)
    - Watch your cursor.  It has an enemy alert (which can be switched off for a
    more challenging game, BTW) which flashes a red arrow pointing in the direction
    of trouble.  Also, the four red lines around your centerpoint are your 'shot
    spread' - if you are still, they are very tight around the centerpoint, making
    your accuracy very high - but if you move a lot, run a lot, use sustained fire
    from an automatic weapon, you will see these lines spread out.  The farther
    they are out, the farther your shots will spread.  Try not to shoot on the run
    and, when using automatic weapons, use short bursts and pauses to keep your
    accuracy indicators as tight as possible.
    - Advance in pairs if you're staking out new territory.  Always position your
    pairs so that the stationary one can cover the advancing one.  Similarly,
    inside a pair, be sure to order 'hold position' if you need to recon an area,
    and see if you can get your stationary man to a covering position.  Try to have
    your covering man be the one with a very high skill and the right weapon for
    the job to maximize the skills of the squad - for example, if you have Pvt.
    LeJeune and a BAR, have him be stationary and cover your advance, because his
    100 skill in Machineguns is positively deadly when run by the computer AI. 
    Keep this sort of skill-maxing in mind when setting ambushes too.
    - Japanese tanks are quite fast, and your bazooka rounds are fairly slow in
    comparison to bullets.  Be sure to lead your target adequately, or try to
    attack on a straight approach (from directly in front or rear) to be sure you
    hit your target.  Also, once the tank is destroyed, have your man covered, run
    away fast, or switch to another weapon quickly, because one of the tank crew
    will jump out of the tank and attack you.  Try to circumvent tanks or destroy
    them with mines, if possible, as these tanks are MUCH harder to kill than in
    the first Deadly Dozen (or in most other WWII-shooter games I've played...).
    - A note on ammunition: Japanese weapons that are placed on the map (not
    outfitted on a soldier) will have a full load of ammunition and five extra
    clips when you pick them up.  Weapons you plunder from dead soldiers will have
    only one extra clip, with the number currently in the weapon depending on
    whether or not the soldier you killed had fired any rounds from that clip
    before dying.  If you have the chance, wait until they reload before killing
    them so that you get the most ammo from plundered weapons.  If you're using a
    plundered weapon that's almost empty on its current clip (and you're an
    anal-retentive type :)  ), then you should opt NOT to reload if you manage to
    find a similar weapon on the map, and instead drop your current one, pick up
    the new one, and then grab any spare clips you had in the one you dropped.
    - Another note on ammunition: friendly characters under AI control will empty
    their current clip as they fire, but if they re-load that clip does not
    subtract from their spare clip total.  Keep this in mind if you are setting
    ambushes or otherwise deciding who to control and who to let the AI run - give
    your low-spare-ammo men over to AI control to get the most out of their limited
    ammo supplies.
    --- V - Walkthroughs ---
    The format for each mission's walkthrough will be similar:
    Enemy Strength Assessment
    Synopsis of Walkthrough
    Detailed Walkthrough
    The items listed above in ALL CAPS are as they are given in the game.  The
    other items are my personal comments and information based on playing through
    the missions.  Keep in mind, though, that this game is non-triggered and very
    open-ended, so the walkthrough as given is only one from many possible ways to
    win.  However, the location and makeup of enemy forces will naturally apply to
    any play through these missions.  Depending on your timing, any patrolling
    guards may not be encountered exactly where I mention them in the walkthroughs,
    but I have tried to describe as much of their patrol paths as possible so you
    roughly know where/when to expect them.  Still, caveat soldier, and keep your
    damn head down!
    LOCATION: Philippine Islands, March 1942
    BRIEFING: All right men, it's time you introduced yourselves to the Japanese.
    I'm sure you'll make a lasting impression. As you know, thousands of Allied
    personnel have been taken prisoner in the recent debacle in the Philippines.
    Among the captives now on the Death March are some officers of particular
    importance. One of them is MacArthur's nephew, an Army Major named Phillip
    Preston. The General has asked me to insure his safe return. Our latest
    intelligence has placed him in a prison camp not far from the coast, and it's
    imperative you get him out before the Japs discover his identity. You'll be
    operating well behind enemy lines, so get in fast, eliminate any opposition,
    and escort the prisoner to your extraction point. An American seaplane will
    rendezvous with you there. Precise intelligence on Japanese strength in the
    region would be helpful, so keep a look out for any documentation. Now knock
    'em dead. And remember, this one's for family.
    - Rescue MacArthur's Nephew
    - Locate and secure intelligence documents (Secondary)
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: The enemy forces in this first mission are fairly
    light.  Through the jungle you will only find single or paired guards either on
    station or walking a patrol path.  The heaviest opposition will be at your the
    three main objective points - the prison camp, the location of the intelligence
    documents, and near the exit zone.  There you will find several guards of
    varied makeup.  The prison camp also has an officer on station and has two
    snipers in guard towers.  However, you won't have to face any pillboxes or
    enemy armor.  Simple anti-personnel weapons should do fine through this
    mission, including at least one sniper and one machinegunner.
    Synopsis: You start in the middle of the map that is shaped like a triangle
    with a point to the north and the other two points to the southeast and
    southwest.  Proceed north to the prison camp to rescue MacArthur's nephew, then
    southeast to retrieve the documents, then west to the southwest corner to the
    dock where the Catalina seaplane will fly you back to base.
    At the start of the mission you are slightly to the west of the middle of the
    map, immediately south of a small river that runs east-west through the middle
    of the map.  Crouch, then creep your men slightly north-northwest until you
    cross the river, then take cover on the north bank.  You should see the main
    thoroughfare proceeding north from here.  Proceed in cover by pairs a little
    farther north until you are faced with a choice of either continuing north or
    heading east.  The east passage will bring you against slightly less
    opposition, so head east with your sniper or stealth man - SLOWLY.  A very
    short way east from this first intersection you will see a gully begin to form,
    and just east of this is a Japanese soldier in cover in the gully.  Creep
    slowly and snipe him out or draw him into an ambush, then proceed carefully
    farther east.
    A short way east from the first opposition you will see the jungle open up to a
    fairly large clearing.  The gully you are in runs along the southern edge of
    this clearing, then proceeds south/southeast back towards the beach.  North of
    this gully the clearing splits into two northern passages, the western one
    proceeding north to the prison camp and the eastern one continuing east to
    nowhere.  Creep under cover towards the western north opening, and watch for a
    patrolling Japanese soldier whose patrol circuit covers this passage.
    After taking out this patrolling guard continue north, again by pairs and
    staying in cover - you will most likely encounter yet another guard as you near
    the top of a hill, and likely in sight of the prison camp.  Start a ruckus too
    close and you'll be in trouble unless you're set up for an ambush, so consider
    the silent kill or snipe from an extreme distance.
    As you approach the prison camp from this position you will see a guard tower
    with a machinegunner to the east of an opening in the fence.  This fence
    opening is patrolled by another guard.  Beyond this gate, farther inside, you
    may just be able to make out an officer near a hut that has a prisoner inside -
    MacArthur's nephew.  Farther west, out of sight for now, are two more guards
    near the southwestern opening in the fence, another guard on the northwestern
    opening in the fence, and another machinegunner in a guard tower outside the
    north side of the camp.  Fortunately, you are positioned well to deal with the
    enemy if you can take out the closest tower guard and fence guard without
    alerting the rest of the camp.  Snipe them both from as far away as possible,
    then bring your men forward in pairs to cross-fire the fence opening from cover
    on the tops of the ridges that are just outside this fence opening.  If anybody
    else is alerted you are perfectly set up to take them out easily.  If nobody
    else is alerted, then bring your pairs closer to flank the fence opening.
    If he isn't dead already, snipe the officer in front of the hut on the far side
    of the camp, then bring your men inside.  Just inside, to your right, is a set
    of crates and barrels which you can take cover behind to cover the rest of your
    advance across the camp.  Put a sniper and a machinegunner here as they're your
    heaviest hitters for stationed gunners.  Your stealth man should proceed
    towards the northern houses, while your last man can either join the other two
    covering men or get behind the southern house (just left from this fence
    entrance) in case anyone tries to rush your position.  Your stealth man should
    hug cover as he circles the northern houses to snipe or otherwise take out the
    northern tower guard and any other stationed guards around.  Be sure he has an
    SMG of some type because the enemy may try to circle the 'wrong' way around
    buildings and surprise you from behind.  If you're careful, though, your men
    should be albe to kill all opposition in the camp easily.  Don't walk into the
    easternmost northern hut to free MacArthur's nephew until you have cleared all
    opposition out of the camp.  You should also take any Japanese weapons you wish
    (those Type 100 Submachine guns are nice weapons :)  ) and stock up on health
    kits if you need to - there are a couple in the southern hut.  Once you're
    stocked up and ready to go, head back out the way you came.
    Proceed south out the same entrance you came into camp from, but be careful
    once you get near the big clearing - there are two Japanese reinforcements in
    the gully on the south side of the clearing, and then farther down the
    southeast passage are two more stationed guards.  Fortunately, if you're quiet,
    you can take out the gully guards without alerting them - sneak your stealth
    man south, stop before peeking over the ridge into the gully, then chuck in a
    grenade and switch to your SMG - if the grenade doesn't kill them, Mr. Thompson
    or Mr. Browning will do nicely.  After that, set up your machine/SMG gunners in
    the gully facing the southeast opening, then have your sniper take one of the
    SE guards out from a distance and then race back to cover.  Your covering men
    should make short work of the other guard when he runs to investigate.  Once
    they're dead, proceed quietly southeast - this will take you near the river you
    first crossed at the start of the mission, but farther upstream.
    Once you get to about the position that those guards were stationed you will be
    very near the river and also near earshot of two guards who are near the river
    crossing.  A three-pronged approach might be best, with your men proceeding
    middle/left/right slowly and in cover until you take out both guards and get to
    the river.  You should be able to cross with no problem, but almost immediately
    after crossing there is another guard walking a north-south beat on this
    passage south of the river.  Be quiet, creep on your belly, then take him out
    and get the rest of your men across.
    As you proceed down this southern passage you will see it open up to a fairly
    wide area - again, that three-pronged approach might be best - have two
    riflemen/snipers on the sides, one on each side, with your heavy machinegunner
    in the middle, and leapfrog forward slowly.  You will encounter at least one if
    not two guards walking north-south beats on this passage.  When you start to
    see the vegetation thin out you will be near the beach.  You'll see a shack to
    the southeast of the opening onto the beach, with two guards near the shack and
    another in earshot on a dock just past the shack.  There's also a guard on the
    ridge just to the west.  With your western sniper and machinegunner stationed
    slightly forward they should be able to easily take out anyone you draw into an
    ambush by sniping with your easternmost forward man.  Once these guards are
    dead take a man to the shack and go inside to retrieve the documents.
    The exit zone is straight west from here, where a US Catalina seaplane is
    parked at a dock near a guard house.  As you proceed west there is a single
    guard stationed in the sand about halfway between both docks.  Just beside the
    exit zone dock is a guard house with two guards stationed in front, and then a
    short way up the passage proceeding north from the shack are two more guards. 
    If you're too close when you try to snipe out the house guards you will alert
    the others, so be careful.  The best approach is to have all of your men stick
    to the ridge, in cover, sniping the lone guard in the middle of the beach. 
    Then, have your machinegunner and rest of the squad on the ridge ready for
    guards from both the house and the passageway, then snipe out the house guards
    from behind a tree.  If they get too close, your other men are ready to take
    out all comers.  Once everyone is dead, just run for the dock - Mission
    LOCATION: Rabaul, New Britain, Solomon Islands, June 1942
    BRIEFING: Our next target is an ammunitions yard on New Britain. The yard lies
    on the outskirts of the Japanese port of Rabul, their base of operations in the
    Solomon Islands. Approach the yard through the jungle, set explosives in all
    three munitions buildings, and keep an eye out for a cargo manifest. We'd like
    to know just what has been passing through that yard. For your extraction,
    repossess a captured American MTB boat along the quay and return to base. We've
    been wanting to recapture that boat for some time. One more thing: the officer
    in command of the garrison is a known war criminal named Tako Sugahara,
    responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians in Manchuria.
    Before you blow the munitions, find him and relieve him permanently of his
    command. To be frank, gentlemen, this is the mission's primary objective. It is
    also the only objective that does not officially exist.  Good luck. entlemen,
    this is the mission's primary objective. It is also the only objective that
    does not officially exist. Good luck.   nly objective that does not officially
    exist. Good luck.
    - Relieve Sugahara of command
    - Destroy Munitions Building #1
    - Destroy Munitions Building #2
    - Destroy Munitions Building #3
    - Find the Cargo Manifest (Secondary)
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: A bit tougher than the previous mission.  Overall,
    there are fewer men, but they are much more clustered and strategically placed. 
    There are only two ways into the docks and both are guarded by multiple men.  A
    couple of officers are stationed in various places, thus bolstering the
    defenses that much more.  Again, though, the only opposition is infantry, so
    all you'll need are small arms.  You WILL need dynamite to blow up the
    munitions buildings, but you can get away with only two charges as two of the
    ammo dumps are close enough together to be blown up with just one charge.  To
    complete the secondary objective you'll also want someone with lockpicks.
    Synopsis: You start in a little jungle grove just off the main north-south road
    to the docks.  Proceed to the road, then north, clearing all opposition.  Once
    at the docks, start at the east for easier base access and proceed west,
    killing all opposition.  This has the advantage of clearing your exit zone
    first.  Once everyone is dead, blow up the buildings and make your escape.
    You start in a little jungle grove, facing west.  Just barely out of sight is a
    road running north-south that will take you to the docks.  There is no
    opposition at the road, but just out of sight north from your road access point
    is a small warehouse on the west side of the road that has four guards
    stationed.  A sniper and officer are in front, a submachinegunner is to the
    north out of sight but within earshot, and another submachinegunner is upstairs
    in the warehouse.  Just as you get to the road, order your men to hold fire
    while you set an ambush.  Have your riflemen and machinegunner in cover aiming
    at the warehouse, then have your last man simulaneously snipe one of the guards
    (preferably the officer) and give the order to fire at will.  They should make
    short work of both the immediately visible guards and the ones who run to
    investigate.  If the guard upstairs in the warehouse is not drawn out you can
    simply snipe him out or hand-deliver him a grenade from inside the warehouse.
    At this point you will have secured a small japanese scout car, but you really
    don't need it for this mission.  Gather all your men back outside the warehouse
    on the east side of the road and continue north.  After a short trek you will
    see the ridge you are on open up and descend to an east-west road, some stacked
    crates, a guard shack, and the southern fence border of the docks.  The guard
    shack has a guard in it, but the only openings are windows to the east and west
    and a door to the north, so he's not an immediate threat.  However, to the east
    of this shack are some stacked crates with a guard patrolling, so he needs to
    be dealt with, either by sniping or ambush.  Once he's dealt with, get your men
    to the crates, behind cover facing north, and send one man to take out the
    guard in the shack.  The noise here will alert a guard at the fence opening
    north of the crates, but your stationed men should take him out with no
    Once these guards are dead, you can get inside the docks.  From the prone
    position your men will be totally hidden if they are behind the railroad tracks
    (which are on a slight ridge).  Put your sniper just on top of this ridge and
    snipe out any guards you can see inside the fence opening - there is a
    submachinegunner to the east, and just west of him is a stationed officer. 
    Once those two are cleared out you can get all of your men inside the fence and
    behind cover, facing west.  You will see a two-story building to the east of
    this entrance, but nobody is inside it.  West from here is where all the action
    The docks here have crates, shacks, and other assorted hard cover along the
    north and south edges, with the middle being an open area.  Split into pairs
    and have your men behind cover on the north and south sides, facing in towards
    the middle and towards the west.  Leapfrog west towards a fence running
    north-south that cuts off the barracks and the general's quarters.  The middle
    area will open up to a very wide, open area being patrolled by walking guards
    on the north and the west sides.  Proceed carefully and take them all out. 
    Then, using a sniper, look across to the fence opening near the general's
    quarters to find a guard patrolling the front of that building, and take him
    out.  Then, it's all up to your stealth man...
    Sneak him west, inside the fence opening, then take cover behind the general's
    building which is just inside the opening.  Far to the west from here is a
    patrolling guard in front of the first munitions building.  Southwest from your
    position are two barracks buildings housing a total of four soldiers.  Then, of
    course, is the general inside the small building you are next to.  The only
    openings are windows in the south and west walls and a locked door in the
    south.  You will need to snipe the westernmost patrolling guard from behind the
    general's building, then wait to see if you alerted any of the barracks guards
    - they SHOULDN'T be alerted, but if they are you should have enough empty space
    between you to take them out easily.  If they don't come out, you'll deal with
    them shortly so don't worry about them.  Just shoot through the window to kill
    the general, or shoot it out and chuck in a grenade, or pick the lock then
    immediately dodge when the door opens and kill the general.  The cargo manifest
    that is your secondary objective is on a table inside this building as well -
    it glows, so you can't miss it.  If you didn't alert the barracks guards, you
    can enter the quarters after killing the general, then snipe through the
    western window to kill most of them inside their barracks.  One is at an angle
    that you can't snipe from here, so kill everyone you can and then rush the one
    building to take him out.  Then, bring in your demolitions expert and blow up
    the first munitions building which is on the west side of this open square.
    The last two munitions buildings are north from the general's quarters past
    some heavy enemy resistance.  The fence circling the general's quarters has an
    opening just to the north of the quarters, facing a two-story building.  This
    building is locked and has a guard in a room on the ground floor on the north
    side of the building.  Just outside the window to this room is a pile of
    lumber, but shooting from this position will alert the guards north of you -
    there are a total of four guards (one rifleman, two submachinegunners, and an
    officer) near the munitions buildings to your north.  You can set an ambush if
    you think you can sneak all your men to the lumber pile without alerting
    anyone, or you can set the ambush on the south side of the building, then
    trigger it by killing the guard in the house and running quickly to the south
    side.  Or, if you're daring, you can try the stealth kill by picking the lock,
    rushing the house guard with a knife, then sneaking in and sniping the guards
    out from the upper story.  However you do it, take out all of those guards,
    then have your demo man blow up the last two buildings.  If you've followed
    this walkthrough, all of your opposition is dead, so simply head back south and
    then east to the PT boat/exit zone - Mission Accomplished.
    LOCATION: Guadalcanal, September 1942
    BRIEFING: You've made short work of your objectives so far. Now it's time for
    an uphill battle. You're going to join the fight on Guadalcanal-- a campaign
    that may turn the tide against the Japanese. Marine reinforcements are catching
    hell from a pair of heavy guns on a bluff overlooking the beaches. We have to
    knock out those guns so the Marines can get safely ashore. After going ashore
    on the far side of the island, penetrate the interior and work your way up a
    series of ridges to the guns on the high ground. Enemy snipers and light
    artillery defend the approach--the Japs aren't taking any chances. When you
    reach the summit, wipe out the garrison and silence those guns. God speed, men.
    - Destroy Heavy Gun #1
    - Destroy Heavy Gun #2
    - Destroy Artillery #1 (Secondary)
    - Destroy Artillery #2 (Secondary)
    - Destroy Artillery #3 (Secondary)
    - Destroy Artillery #4 (Secondary)
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: Quite strong.  You're assaulting a fixed position,
    with interlocking fields of fire for stationed guards and several enemy
    patrols.  Many Japanese soldiers are dug into wooden pillboxes strategically
    placed at important access points, and many of those pillboxes are covered from
    farther away by snipers hiding either in the brush or on the high ridges
    overlooking the lowgrounds.  Each of the secondary light artillery guns is
    guarded by two to four men, with other supporting emplacements or patrols not
    far away.  Moreover, the flatlands are covered with thick vegetation in spots,
    perfect hiding places for stationed guards and snipers.  You better move slowly
    and quietly if you want to make it very far.  You'll definitely want one sniper
    along, at least, and at least two men who are good at infiltration.  And since
    you're blowing up big artillery guns, a demolition expert is a must.
    Synopsis:  You start at the south end of the map, on low ground between ridges. 
    The low ground you are on continues north and then in a very large circle
    around a large moutain in the middle of the map, with high ridges and plateaus
    around the outside along the south, west, and east edges.  The ridge with your
    primary targets, the large naval guns, is to the northeast of the large central
    mountain.  You will see on the map where the secondary artillery guns are.  You
    should proceed north to the big circle, then circle it to the east then north
    to take out the closest gun on the outside ridge, then send a team up the
    central mountain from here to take out the two guns there, then you can take
    out the last light artillery and make your assault on the main ridge and two
    heavy guns.
    Crouch almost immediately and creep slightly forward until you are in cover
    behind a large log.  If you send a point man just around this log you should
    see a small log bunker hidden behind some bamboo just ahead.  There is a Type
    99 machinegunner inside this bunker, and there are two stationed riflemen
    within earshot when you start trouble.  Furthermore, the heavy foliage in front
    of the bunker makes sniping difficult.  Your best bet is to take a stealth man
    and see if you can knife the bunker guard, then hunt out the nearby guards -
    or, at worst, set covering men and take out the bunker guard with a grenade or
    gunfire.  Once this immediate area is taken you will have a spare Type 99 to
    use for later if you need it and a fresh Arisaka rifle with scope just outside
    the bunker (complete with five extra clips).  With all the sniping you'll be
    doing later, you'll want to hang on to this.
    As you proceed north from this bunker you will see the ground open up straight
    ahead to the north and out to the east/northeast.  Ahead of you is the first of
    two smallish mountains with a sniper on top - snipe him out from as far away as
    you can manage to avoid alerting any of the patrols.  Proceed east/northeast by
    pairs, with a fair amount (20-30 yards) of separation for effective crossfire. 
    Once you get near the southeast corner of the first small mountain you'll see a
    second one with another sniper on top - you know what to do...  A stationed
    guard is fairly far off to the southeast of this mountain and may be alerted,
    but I'm sure you remembered to put your other pair of men off to the southeast
    of your forward sniper team to take care of this eventuality, right?
    Proceed northeast again to circle around the southeast edge of this second
    mountain.  As you get to the eastern side of it you will be able to see the
    first rise of the large central mountain just ahead/north of you.  Also, if you
    step away from the mountain a little bit you might see a second sniper on top
    of the second small mountain, facing to the east/northeast.  Also, straight
    ahead of you about halfway up the large mountain is another laying-down sniper
    facing off to the west.  Snipe both of these out so that your way around the
    eastern side of the large mountain will be secure.  Proceed north-northeast
    You'll see from the map that the central mountain is thin on the southern tip
    and heads straight north, then enlarges to the east just as the outer ridge of
    the map juts inward, to the west.  This bottlenecks the field you are on to the
    north.  Overlooking this bottleneck is one of the secondary artillery guns on
    the ridge to the northeast.  On the flatland just west of it is another log
    bunker with a Type 99 Gunner inside, and posted on the first ridge above and
    behind him is a sniper.  Guarding the Artillery gun is another Type 99 gunner
    behind some sandbags, and one more stationed guard and a patrolling guard are
    farther back from the ridge edge, out of sight from the ground.  As you head
    north, you should stick to the middle of the field near the bushes/rocks there,
    as this will protect your advance from the bunker/sniper.  Have your own sniper
    on point and take out the Type 99 gunner near the artillery cannon.  Then, have
    your stealth man sneak around the west edge of the rocks on his belly where he
    can circle the side of the log bunker to the rear and score a silent kill - if
    you make noise the sniper on the ridge above and behind will be alerted.  After
    the bunker is dealt with, take out that sniper, then send a man up the ridge
    face-on towards the artillery gun.  Take cover near the top and let both the
    stationed guard and the patrolling guard come to you to get killed, and then
    blow up the gun and rendezvous back at the log bunker on the plain below. 
    Secondary Objective completed.
    The next two artillery guns are on the central mountain you are near, with one
    straight above you to the north and slightly west, and another at the
    easternmost point of the mountain as it continues jutting out towards the east. 
    You should take a stealth man north, progressively climbing up the side of the
    mountain as he heads north until he is at the top and atop large boulders. 
    Creep forward slowly until you get near the point marked on the map - there is
    a large boulder easy to climb onto that hides you well and affords you a great
    attack position on this gun.  Again, two guards guard this gun, with another
    patrolling off to the east/northeast and another farther off in that direction
    who will hear when the commotion starts.  If you're good you can take this gun
    solo, provided you have an SMG and some grenades.  Chuck a grenade at the gun
    to take out both guards there, then spray them with SMG fire if any survive. 
    Stay low and on the western side of this boulder, as this will protect your
    flank from the patrolling men to the northeast of you.  Once the gun guards are
    dead just stay hidden and peek over until the guards get near enough to hose
    them down with SMG fire.  Then, bring up your demo man and blow that gun to
    pieces.  If you exhausted your grenade supply there are a few Japanese grenade
    here for the taking, along with all the weaponry from the dead soldiers and
    even a fully loaded Type 99 (if your machinegunner is low on ammo).  Secondary
    Objective completed.
    Next, creep your sniper up to the second plateau, which you will see on the map
    is the same level as the easternmost gun on this mountain.  Stay near the ridge
    edge as you creep forward until you get to a chokepoint with a big boulder on
    the plateau and a small boulder on the ridge edge going down.  From here you
    have an excellent sniper's view of the last gun and its two guards - a sniper
    behind some sandbags and a stationed guard right by the gun.  They're far
    enough away that you could probably snipe both, or you can just snipe one and
    hide an ambush behind the boulders.  Once they're all dead, consolidate your
    team, get to that gun, and blow it up.  Secondary Objective completed.  You'll
    also be rewarded with a few health kits and a fully-loaded Type 100 SMG.
    There's one last secondary artillery gun to take out, and it's on the southern
    point of a second large mountain just to the northwest of the main central
    mountain.  You might need more dynamite by this time, though, but fortunately
    the Japanese have left enough of it lying around if you know where to look.  On
    the northeast corner of the central mountain is a log bunker guarding towards
    the north that has two dynamite charges inside.  If you stay near the ridge
    edge and head straight north from this third gun you just blew up you should
    find it easily - creep north towards some boulders, and just through a passage
    between two boulders you should see the rear of the bunker.  Just off the ridge
    to the east is a pair of SMG patrolling guards, though, so advancing can be
    tricky.  Set your men on the boulder ridge for covering fire, then creep a
    stealth man forward on his belly to take out the bunker guard.  Your covering
    men will make short work of anyone advancing on you as you advance on the
    bunker, so your only decision is how close you want to get before popping the
    guy in the bunker.  Once all these men are dead, don't consolidate yet - your
    gunfire will have alerted a sniper on the main naval battery ridge across the
    valley to your northeast - snipe him out, then you will be relatively safe
    enough to grab the dynamite and begin your advance on the last secondary gun.
    As you descend the ridge to the northwest of this bunker you should be able to
    look west and see the last secondary gun on the point of the mountain just west
    of you.  One stationed guard is visible behind the sandbags, so snipe him, then
    gather your men on the plain just below the rise.  There is a sniper behind
    sandbags on the far side of the hill from where you are now, but he's facing
    the wrong way, so a quiet ascent won't alert him.  There are some patrolling
    SMG men north of this gun, so position some gunners to guard that way before
    you snipe out the sniper.  Once the patrolling men are dead too, gather the
    goodies (more dynamite and First aid kits) and blow the gun.  Last Secondary
    Objective Completed.
    Your last two objectives are the two primary objectives, two large naval guns
    on top of the northeast ridge of the map.  These guns are heavily guarded and
    have a controlled approach up a ramp to the north - and are very vulnerable to
    a rear assault if you don't mind a bit of mountain climbing.  Go back to the
    northeast log bunker on the central mountain so that you can see the northeast
    ridge.  Head straight east, across the valley, and once at the foot of the
    ridge start climbing it as you circle it around to the southernmost area you
    can get.  As you near the top you will begin to see the ring of snipers that
    are stationed around the edge of the top plateau, so creep carefully, leading
    with your sniper and clearing your initial approach/landing on the top.  Once
    there, get the rest of your men there as well, then circle the edge again,
    taking out every sniper you can get.  You should finish up slightly northeast
    of the log bunker on the central mountain.
    At this point you're ready to begin the assault on the mountaintop, which is
    still one more plateau level above you.  On the south/southwest edges of the
    mountaintop you will notice a wall that circles the encampment atop the
    mountain.  The wall ends at the westernmost point of the upper plateau and will
    make the perfect insertion point.  Creep your men up the top, then set an
    ambush just around the corner of the fence - you will see a hut right at the
    corner of the fence, so set your men to guard both ways around the hut, then
    look north across the plain to a bunker on the west edge of the top level, just
    barely in sight.  You should be able to snipe the guard inside, and then the
    rest of your men will take out anyone in earshot who comes to investigate.
    Creep around the (left) side of the hut towards the front, carefully, as there
    are two men (an officer and a guard) in front of the hut who might not have
    been alerted.  Take them out, then move to a low shed just east of the hut and
    to the large bunker just east of that to claim all the goodies there - more
    first aid, grenades, and another Japanese rifle.  At this point, there's just
    one more rise to your north.  One log bunker is visible through some light
    trees atop a small rise across from the buildings you are in, and farther
    northwest is another one just barely out of sight.  North of this second bunker
    is a sniper tower.  Northeast of these two huts are the two big guns.  A mass
    frontal assault would probably be best, since there are three guards within
    earshot of the rise to the top.  Creep your men, all four, slowly in the grass
    up the hill, and your machinegunner and SMG men should make short work of them. 
    As you head up the rise, try to gather/head towards the nearest log bunker, as
    that makes the best place to start.  Just around its east side you should see
    the second large gun with one stationed guard - snipe him out.  Then, head
    along the last rise on the west to snipe out the sniper tower and the guard
    near the first gun.  Once all of these men are dead, you will have four more
    health kits and enough dynamite to blow up both guns - just blow them up and
    gather back on the lower plain near the first mountaintop buildings you took
    out.  Primary Objectives completed.
    The exit zone is in the plain at the foot of the ramp out the north side of the
    camp (you may have noticed this ramp down when you took out the tower sniper). 
    There are two guards halfway down this ramp, and three more on the plain at the
    bottom, guarding the exit zone.  You can rush them all straight down the side
    of the mountain, avoiding the ramp guards, or you can snipe them out from the
    mountaintop first, but take them out then make a run for it.  Mission
    LOCATION: Guadalcanal Island, October 1942
    BRIEFING: Back to business. The Marines are planning an air assault on the new
    Japanese airfield under construction on the other side of the island. While
    Marine Hellcats pound Japanese forces in the vicinity, we want you to
    infiltrate the airfield, disable any Zeros you find on the ground, and seize
    the new control tower. Two Marine rifle companies will cover your flanks and
    mop up any remaining resistance. As always, you'll be the leading edge of this
    operation, so keep it tight and by the numbers. The Japs need this airfield if
    they hope to keep a grip on Guadalcanal, and they won't give it up easily. When
    you've accomplished your objectives, get to the extraction point. One more
    thing; there may be some documentation on a new Japanese warplane in
    development. Keep an eye out for it as you proceed. 
    - Destroy Zero #1
    - Destroy Zero #2
    - Destroy Zero #3
    - Destroy Zero #4
    - Capture Tower
    - Locate documentation on experimental aircraft (Secondary)
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: Pretty tough resistance should be expected.  The
    enemy have a well-dug-in position with many infantry patrols, sniper/guard
    towers on the base perimeter, and two light tanks on patrol (one on the
    perimeter road outside the fence, one on a loop around the inside of the base). 
    You'll definitely want to bring a heavy weapons expert with a Bazooka along,
    or, because of the long patrol paths of both tanks, you could do with two AT
    mines instead.  Also, don't forget a demolitions expert or the dynamite. 
    Beyond that, you'll have a lot of infantry to deal with so the standard array
    of machinegunners/stealthmen/snipers should be in your team as well.
    Synopsis: You start in the jungle just slightly southwest of the SW corner of
    the airfield.  The airbase is circled by a fence with the only opening in the
    middle of the east side.  You will circle the perimeter, taking out any
    resistance you can (especially the tower guards), sneak inside, then blow up
    the Zeros in the NW quadrant of the base.  The exit zone is down the road that
    continues east from the base entrance.
    You start in a little jungle clearing/depression southwest of the airfield. 
    Get under cover, then start creeping forward and onto the rise to your left. 
    Just ahead you'll see the jungle start to open up as you get near a small shack
    with a porch.  A guard is outside the door to it, ripe pickings for a sniper. 
    Try to do it from a range so that nobody in the airfield is alerted.  Creep
    forward and claim any of the goodies in the shack you may need (an Arisaka w/
    scope and some First Aid Kits), then get ready to start cracking the airbase
    Get three men into cover near the crates just to the north of this shack, and
    then take your sniper out to the porch of the building.  Through the scope you
    should be able to look straight east and see some men patrolling, a guard in a
    tower, and a truck stationary on the loop road which circles the base outside
    of the fence.  A Type 95 tank also makes a patrol loop through here on that
    road, so watch out for him, and wait for the tank to pass well out of sight
    before sniping out the guards.  Then, on the next loop, you can have your HW
    expert take out the tank.  Beware that a crewman will come out of the tank and
    attack you with a Nambu pistol once the tank is destroyed, so either switch
    quick to another weapon or have your HW man covered.  (Or, if you brought an AT
    mine, just lay it and watch the fireworks. :) )
    Once the tank is dead, you can sneak across to the shack near the SW corner of
    the airbase and claim a few more goodies before proceeding.  Your best best at
    this point would be to completely clear the perimeter of its tower guards - you
    can split your team into pairs and send them opposite directions around the
    base, clearing out the towers as they go.  If you only have one sniper, send
    him with the team that goes around counter-clockwise, east along the south side
    then north to the base entrance - there are more sniping opportunities that
    way.  The clockwise direction up the west side, across the north, then down to
    the entrance is much easier for a sniper-less team.
    The clockwise team will face two or three towers before reaching the NW corner,
    a corner tower, then across the north side another tower in the middle of the
    field, and another corner tower at the NE corner.  Try to shoot from across the
    road when clearing these towers, especially the NE tower, so as to avoid
    alerting any guards inside the perimeter.  If you must get close, try to use a
    sidearm like the M1 Carbine or the Colt .45 so that the noise isn't so loud, or
    if you think you can make it you can use a knife or machete and go for the
    silent kill.  After the NE corner there are no more towers until you get to the
    base entrance on the east side, but that's better handled from the other team,
    so hold position at the NE corner, in cover and away from the base.
    The counterclockwise team will encounter a guard tower in the south side of the
    perimeter, then two as the road makes two jogs at the SE corner of the base. 
    Try to snipe each one from as far as possible.  Also, you will be able to see
    inside the base once you're in the middle of the southern edge - you may even
    be able to see the control tower.  If you wait for the tank inside the
    perimeter to pass, then you should be able to take a clear shot at the tower
    guards - a Type 99 gunner and an officer.  If you kill the officer that will
    complete the Primary Objective of taking control of the tower.
    After rounding the SE corner of the base, heading north, you will see some
    opposition as you get near the base entrance - when you are in sight of the
    tower by the entrance, you will also see a small house on the east side of the
    road, across the perimeter road from the base.  There is a Scout Car parked
    outside.  Have your cover man well-placed when you snipe the tower guard,
    because two pistol-wielding guards are inside the base in earshot and will
    attack when they hear you kill the tower guard.  Once those men are dead, sneak
    to that house to the east and kill the officer inside.  You will find more
    first aid, some grenades, and two loads of TNT.  Switch to your NE corner team
    and consolidate your position at the house, then get ready to rock that base to
    hell and back.
    The road that enters the base through the east gate proceeds straight west
    between a hangar to the south and a set of hangars to the north.  The zeros are
    to the NW, in front of those northern hangars.  The interior tank passes along
    the west of the southern hangar then proceeds north up the road between the
    northern hangars and the planes.  There are several guards near the zeros and
    hangars to the north, which may complicate things if you plan on ambushing that
    tank.  It's probably best to wait for the tank to pass, draw out the nearby
    guards, then blast the tank on the next loop.  The ridge just inside the gate
    on the north side of the road is a good place to hide your
    riflemen/machinegunners, then you can get a sniper on the south of the road
    near a small rise just north of the hangar there.  From that southern side he
    has a good angle at any guards near the closest Zeros, and when the guards near
    the closest hangars investigate the men on the ridge can take them out quickly. 
    Once those men are dead, have your HW man hiding behind that same small rise as
    the sniper - the tank passes north right past this rise, and the rise will
    provide cover so that you can flank it or get behind it as it passes.  Beware
    heading too far west from here, though, as some more guards are just out of
    sight to your west from here, both near and just past a destroyed AA gun that
    you should be able to see.  (Or, if you decided to go the AT Mine route, just
    watch it's patrol path as it passes the southern hangar, then lay it so it gets
    blasted on the next pass.)
    If you sniped out everyone in the control tower earlier then you can forego
    heading south, but for completeness' sake, or to pick up some more goodies (a
    Type 99 MG, more grenades/first aid, etc.), you can take the tower complex now
    before conquering the Zeros.  The tower is just to the west/southwest of the
    southern hangar, with a small rise between the two.  The tower area is circled
    by a fence with an opening to the west.  Just south of the tower is a small
    guard house with some goodies inside, guarded outside by one soldier and an
    officer.  Just west of the tower area, across a road, is a set of crates with a
    pistol-wielding guard running around.  Northwest of those crates is another of
    those AA gun emplacements with a guard near it.  You're probably best off
    sneaking up to the east side of the fence around the tower area to take out the
    guards there, then sniping out the other guards in the area.  Head into the
    tower area and pick the lock to get the goodies inside the shack, then climb
    the tower (good vantage point for a sniper.. hm... :)  ) to get the Type 99 and
    other goodies.  Once finished here, circle back out and north to begin the
    final assault.
    Get your men to the intersection of the base entrance road and the road going
    north past the Zeros and hangars.  Each of the Zeros has a pilot/guard near it
    (with a pistol), and the hangars have a couple of infantry (unless you already
    drew them off earlier).  There are three hangars going north - the first two
    should be clear of opposition, but the northernmost hangar, a bit farther away
    from the first two, has two guards and an officer in front of it.  From the SW
    corner of the hangar area you should be able to take out the guard on the
    second Zero, and by creeping slightly farther north (almost to the fence
    entrance to the hangars, near some timber piles on the ground) you can take out
    the third Zero's guard.  Then, get your men inside the hangar fence.  Some
    small crates are in front of one of the hangars, and they make a perfect place
    to set an ambush for those northern guards - get two machinegunners/SMG'ers
    under cover there, then set off the ambush by sniping the officer and running
    into the nearest hangar.  Your men should make short work of them, thus
    clearing the way to snipe out the last Zero guard.  At this point you are
    basically all-clear to completely finish the mission.  There are some guards
    stationed on the western edge of the base, west of the Zeros, but they are too
    far away to hear so long as you don't go any farther west than the Zeros.
    In the southern two hangars are some dynamite, grenades, and a Japanese
    bazooka.  In the northernmost hangar are a Type 99, some more health kits, and
    the plans for that experimental plane (your Secondary objective).  Between what
    you've equipped and what you've discovered you should have enough explosives to
    take out all four zeros - with a demo expert, one charge per plane will do the
    trick, or just blast them with the bazooka (you only have seven rounds, though,
    which may not quite be enough if it takes two rounds per plane).  Once all four
    zeros are dead, just head south, out the base to the east, and down that road
    until you see the magic words: "MISSION COMPLETED".
    LOCATION: New Guinea, December 1942
    BRIEFING: Well, Guadalcanal is just about wrapped up thanks to your efforts.
    Now we need to bail out the Aussies on New Guinea. Fierce fighting on the
    Kokoda trail has locked up Australian AIF forces for weeks. As we speak, the
    Japanese are landing reinforcements to the north. Deep in the jungle, they have
    completed construction of a bridge that will allow these reinforcements,
    including armor and elements of the feared South Seas Detachment, to flank the
    Australian position. We can't allow that to happen. You'll parachute into a
    position south of the bridge, find the riverbed on your map and move north.
    Work fast, as you'll need to wire the bridge for demolition before the Japanese
    column's arrival. As ever, surprise will be your best ally. When you've
    destroyed the bridge, fall back and rendezvous with the AIF. eye out for any
    staff cars. The more officers you eliminate the better. As ever, surprise will
    be your best ally. When you've decapitated the column, fall back and rendezvous
    with the AIF.
    - Blow up the bridge
    - Eliminate any officers you see (Secondary)
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: Strictly in terms of numbers, your opposition is
    pretty weak - scattered single and paired infantry, both stationed and on
    patrol, with no armor, only one officer, and only four guard towers.  However,
    this is a dense jungle surrounding a river basin, and the enemy know the
    terrain thoroughly and are placed accordingly.  It will actually be pretty
    tough to get through this unless you're especially observant.  The snipers are
    on ridges, behind rocks, in brush... everywhere you don't expect them to be. 
    Also, most of the stationed guards have overlooking snipers.  Definitely look
    before you leap.  Your stealth men will be getting quite a workout.  Aside from
    an explosives expert with one or two loads of TNT, all you really need are
    quiet men with rifles and sniper rifles.  The M1 Carbine should be a pretty
    good choice, since it's more quiet than the M1 Garand and thus won't alert
    surrounding enemy.  Some men good with blades should be considered as well...
    Synopsis: You will proceed from the starting position west to the river basin,
    then follow the river (basically) straight north.  There is a small camp with
    buildings on both sides of the river just south of the bridge.  Clear out the
    camp, then proceed up the ramp to the east, take out the opposition on and
    around the bridge, get to the west side near the exit zone, then blow up the
    bridge and exit west.
    The centerpoint of the map is the river and basin which runs north-south
    through the center of the map, snaking back and forth between large rises. 
    There are a couple of areas where you can take a 'side road' to bypass sections
    of the river, but they're not necessary.  You start on the east river bank at
    the SE corner of the map.  You must proceed straight west to get to the river. 
    Get under cover, then start leapfrogging a pair of stealth men up opposite
    sides of the road.  Just ahead from the starting position is a patrolling
    sniper on the south side of the road - pop him.  A short ways past him you will
    see the depression you are in start to descend to the river, with a small
    clearing to the north.  A stationed guard is there ripe for the sniping.  Snipe
    him out, then sneak a sniper to the edge of the cliff looking west over the
    river basin - at the foot of the cliff, where the depression meets the
    riverbed, you will see two guards - one is stationed, one may be on patrol. 
    Watch and take them both out, after you determine where they both are so you
    don't get flanked.  Then, you are ready to consolidate at the river basin and
    begin the long trek north.  Rather than the standard 2-and-2 formation, it
    might be best to have a triple-man leapfrog on the basin with a stealth/sniper
    on the cliffs above, providing high cover and watching for high snipers.
    As you start north your team will be on the east side of the river, but it's
    somewhat advantageous ground/cover-wise to cross the river a couple of times as
    you head north, adhering to the 'straight-line' principle as you head towards
    the bridge.  This first segment of the river heads north-northwest until it
    curves sharply to the east to go around the east side of the first of two large
    hills.  Just as the river makes this curve is the best position to make your
    crossing.  From your initial position at the river, leapfrog your ground team
    and cliff-man up to this point, sniping/ambushing any opposition you see.  Take
    your cliff-man forward first, then leapfrog your ground team even
    (north/south-wise) with the cliff-man before proceeding again.  The eastern
    cliff you are on ends up overlooking a couple of stationed and patrolling
    guards on the east side of the river, so snipe them out.  Near the first
    river-curve, the cliff you are on will also curve to the east.  Go belly-down
    and creep eastward until you find a sniper on the top of this cliff, facing
    north.  Once he's taken out you are clear and at the proper position to make
    your river crossing.  Get your basin team right to the point where the water
    bends, then cross there and continue leapfrogging towards the point where the
    river starts to curve back west.  Hold there, then cross your cliff man down
    the cliff, across the river, then up the large hill that the river circles.
    North from this point, on the north end where the river starts curving back to
    the west, there are two stationed men on the basin on the south side of the
    river.  A sniper overlooks them on the north face of the large hill, a bit west
    from the point of the hill.  That sniper makes a direct assault from the basin
    dangerous, but if you can score a silent kill by sneaking your cliff-man up
    behind him and using a blade, you have the perfect sniping position for
    yourself.  Take out that hilltop sniper, then the two basin guards, then bring
    your basin team around to that position, watching for a couple of
    hidden/patrolling men on the north/east side of the river as you progress from
    your crossing point to the guard point.  From here, the river continues
    west-northwest for a short ways before curving north again, and this is another
    point where crossing the river will do you some good.  However, there is a
    sniper in the middle of the river on a small tree-covered outcropping a short
    ways west from this curve.  Use your cliff-man to take him out by creeping west
    along the cliff top from the sniper position and scanning the little river
    islands until you find and take him out.  Then, leapfrog your basin team to
    that river-sniper's position, and then from there north across the river just
    where it bends back to the north.  After capturing yourself a beach-head on the
    east side of the river again, guard towards the north to watch out for some
    patrolling men, then bring your cliff-man back across and up the cliff on the
    Once your cliff-man is back on the east-side clifftop, creep him north watching
    yet again for snipers and patrols as you head towards another river-jog to the
    east.  There are a couple more hidden snipers in the river-side brush farther
    north from your crossing point, almost at the position where you'll want to yet
    again cross the river - again, the river jogs east to go around a ridge, then
    curves back west to go through the middle of a small Japanese encampment that
    is just south of the bridge.  That ridge goes around the south and west sides
    of the western part of the encampment, and thus makes the perfect attack
    position.  By crossing when the river is at its farthest point west you avoid
    the heavy guard/patrols that are around the river point to the east.  When you
    see the river starting to curve east, cross again to the west side, basin team
    first, then bring your cliff-man across and up the cliff to the ridge top. 
    This time, however, after he's up on top you'll bring the rest of your team up
    after him.
    Once on the cliff top, start heading north quietly until you see that you are
    almost on the northern edge of the ridge.  You will be overlooking two
    buildings that face the river and back up to the cliff.  There are a couple of
    patrolling guards around the camp, near the river, and an officer on the porch
    of one of the buildings.  This officer is your secondary objective.  The third
    building of the west half of camp is a bit farther north from these first two,
    separated by some boulders and brush, with a sniper-guard tower just to that
    northern building's northeast.  There are two more buildings and another guard
    tower on the east side of the river, again with patrolling guards nearby, but
    from your access point they won't be able to cause you any immediate trouble,
    and with the right battle plan they won't be much trouble at all.
    Have your men on the hilltop hold fire for the moment, and get them into
    position - right in the 'crotch' where the northern ridge edge curves back
    north, right behind the southernmost camp building.  If you have your sniper
    prone here, he's in a great position to cover as your men creep down the
    hillside and behind that building.  Once on ground-level, they can fan around
    that building to take cover behind some of the crates there.  Order everyone to
    open fire just as you bring your first man down the cliff side, and your sniper
    should take out the officer with no trouble.  Together, all three men should be
    able to also cover any of the patrolling men rushing your position once the
    commotion begins.  When you get your first man on the ground and in cover,
    bring a second one down, also under cover.  Guard mainly towards the east,
    where patrolling men on both sides of the river are coming from.  Once all men
    are ground-level, most of the opposition should be dead.  Just use your sniper
    to clean house by taking out the tower guards - because of angles and
    visibility, the sniper in the tower on the east side of the river will be
    first, and the one to the north on the west side will be next.  Once everyone
    is dead, cross the river yet again to the west side and prepare to climb the
    hill to the final objective.
    You should see a road/ramp just to the north of the east-side encampment that
    branches off of the basin and heads up the hill.  Creep forward with your whole
    team, then stop about halfway up - have your sniper take point and look ahead
    and to the west/left side of the road to take out a guard in a guard tower at
    the top of the hill.  Try to snipe from as far away as possible to avoid
    alerting other hilltop guards for the moment.  Once he's dead, continue
    creeping up the east/right side of the road, hugging the cover, until you get
    to some crates at the hilltop.  The main road that crosses the bridge continues
    east and there are two stationed guards up a small hill east of the
    intersection of the ramp and road.  The crates provide good ambush cover, and
    you can draw them into it by sniping from prone cover on the ridge just above
    those crates.
    Once the stationed guards are dead, take your sniper to the bridge and have him
    snipe out the two guards that are here.  You may only see one, or none at all,
    because they occasionally patrol, so keep track and if you don't have two dead
    on the bridge, then keep your guard up until you have them both dead.  Creep
    your sniper about halfway across the bridge and look for a sniper in a guard
    tower on the west side of the river.  Snipe him out, then bring your whole team
    across the bridge.  Use your demo expert to blow the bridge (just place a
    charge in the middle of the bridge and run west), then move all your men west
    along the road until you get to the exit zone.  Mission completed.
    LOCATION: Attu, Aleutian Islands, January 1943
    BRIEFING: You've probably had enough jungle to last you a lifetime, so this
    next assignment should come as good news. As you know, the Japs have occupied
    the westernmost islands of Alaska's Aleutian chain since June of last year. We
    aim to send them packing, and the Navy's planning an all out assault for this
    spring. The swabbies need a little help, however, and that's where you come in.
    You'll be deposited via submarine on the north shore of Attu, the larger of the
    two islands. Since the success of this mission hinges on secrecy, you may
    consider sending a team of one or two operatives. Taking care to avoid the
    enemy, shoot photographs of the major installations. Finally, locate the
    Japanese water supply and treat it with arsenic. With any luck, when the Navy
    shows up in May, it will be a walk ashore operation. When you have completed
    your objectives, rendezvous to the east with a shore party. That is all.
    - Photograph Installation 1
    - Photograph Installation 2
    - Photograph Installation 3
    - Treat water supply with arsenic (Secondary)
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: The opposition you will face would be no challenge
    for a full team going in with guns blazing - but this is a stealth mission. 
    There are scattered stationed guards and snipers interspersed with patrolling
    guards on the access road to the camp, and the camp is well-guarded with guard
    towers, sandbagged snipers, patrolling guards inside the complexes, and the
    occasional 'hidden' guard stationed far away behind a rock or on a hilltop. 
    You must be very careful, though, as there are a few areas where an alarm will
    go off if you fire any weapons - and if that happens you instantly lose the
    mission.  Thus, given the mission constraints, the opposition is pretty tough. 
    Your mission will actually determine the best team selection.  I personally
    recommend two men, just because the extra firepower will help even to the
    limited degree that firepower will help at all in this mission.  Pvt. Takahashi
    is a natural choice, and I also recommend either Pvt. Egan or Pvt. Madison, as
    their high stealth/blade skills will make them useful in their own right, and
    their sniping skills will prove invaluable when you get to certain spots. 
    FORGET about bringing SMGs - The Carbine and the Garand should be all you need
    (especially the Carbine as it's a quieter weapon than the Garand), as well as
    blades, of course - and remember that Pvt. Takahashi already comes with a
    Katana instead of the standard-issue knife.  A camera is essential, but
    fortunately one is provided on the map if you'd rather take one from the enemy
    and save your outfit-equipment slot for something else.
    Synopsis: You start just off-shore of the south edge of Attu - you will creep
    onto shore, proceed north/northeast to the encampment, then photograph three
    installations.  One is at the SE corner of the camp, one is at the SW corner,
    and one is in the middle of the North side of the camp, up a large hill.  The
    well you want to poison is to the SE of the SE installation, not too far off
    from the exit zone which is down a road to the east of the SE installation. 
    Naturally, you'll handle the SW installation first as it's the closest one to
    the approach, then head north to photograph the N installation, then proceed
    back south, then east to the SE installation, then finally stop by the well on
    your way out the east road to the exit zone.
    You start on a small rock outcropping just offshore of Attu.  Creep northward
    to a second one just across some water to your north.  From this second
    outcropping you should be able to look north and see a guard near some crates
    and a shack on the shore.  This shack is on low ground near a road that
    proceeds north towards the base.  The cliffs on both sides of the road each
    have a stationed guard and a patrolling guard whose loops bring them within
    earshot of that building.  Sniping from offshore is probably your best bet for
    taking out the low-level guard, but even then visibility is too low for you to
    tell if one of the patrolling guards was close enough to hear.  Snipe, then sit
    still and wait a minute to watch for opposition.  If nobody comes, you're
    (relatively) in the clear...
    If you look east of your position there is another small outcropping offshore
    just south of the east-side ridge.  Creep across to that island, then north
    from there to the main shore and then up the cliff to the east-side ridge. 
    Have your second man stay on that last outcropping, facing towards the shack -
    from there, he should be able to cover you from anyone coming across from the
    western ridge.  Sneak forward and take out the east-side guards any way you see
    fit.  The patrolling man makes a silent kill difficult, but long-range sniping
    or using the carbine from as far east as you can get will hopefully avoid
    alerting the west-side guards.  Once they are dead, take your cover-man from
    the outcropping across to shore and right to the shack, scanning the western
    ridge with the sniper rifle to find and take out the stationed guard on the
    western ridge.  Your east-side man should keep an eye out for the patrolling
    guard if you haven't taken him out already.  Once all four of these men are
    dead, your beachhead is secure, and you can go into the shack and claim the
    goodies - three first aid kits and a camera (in case you forgot to bring one,
    or so that you can equip both men if you only brought one).
    Once you're ready, start heading north.  The road makes a couple of short jogs
    to the east as it heads north towards camp.  Just past the first jog on the
    east side is a guard on the ridge behind some sandbags.  He can be taken by
    blade from behind if you're careful.  On the west side a bit north from this
    position is a sniper just north of a rock on the western ridge.  He can be
    sniped rather easily, but with a mountain rising up behind his position there
    is no room to sneak/attack from the rear.  Continue north again, with your
    west-side man crossing to the low ground just as the road/valley makes its
    final turn to the east.  Your east-side man should stay prone and creep north,
    follwing the ridge edge on top until you get near the camp.
    The SW corner of the camp is pretty heavily guarded.  There is a sandbagged
    sniper on the road just beside the first installation, with another sandbagged
    sniper above and behind him to the northwest.  Two more patrolling guards are
    within earshot of this installation and will come to investigate any noise.  A
    crossfire ambush is probably your best bet from this point.  The west-side man
    should now be on the north edge of the road, right at the foot of the northern
    cliff, but just out of sight of any of the guards near the first installation. 
    The east-side man should stay prone in cover and look over the hill, watching
    for the patrolling men to go east away from the installation area - then use
    him to snipe out the ground-level sandbagged guard, then the upper-ridge guard. 
    If your other man is positioned just right, he'll be ready to kill anyone who
    happens to be on the road and rushes the sniper.  Once the two stationed guards
    are dead, creep your low-level man towards the installation and watch for the
    patrols.  Take them out, then photograph the installation (switch your item to
    the camera and you'll get a close-up view field, then click your left-mouse
    button to take the photograph).  Objective completed.
    Your next two objectives are in two different directions from here - one north,
    one east.  The exit zone and well are east, so it's best to just run a sortie
    north to photograph that building, then consolidate and continue.  The ridge
    that the sniper was on continues north, overlooking a low-ground area that is
    southwest of a large mountain and the hill that the northern installation is
    on.  A road runs from just east of the first installation north up this hill to
    the northern installation, and is patrolled by two guards.  Another guard is
    stationed at the foot of this ridge, just below your position on top of the
    ridge.  Across the lowlands, there is a sniper on the very top of the large
    mountain.  That mountain rises from the low ground up to a point,then that
    point continues north along a ridge to the summit, which is where the sniper
    is.  Straight east from the southernmost point of this mountain is about even
    with the midpoint of the northern installation.  The installation itself is on
    its own hill, with a sniper to its south, another to its north, a patrolling
    man walking the perimeter, and another guard inside the building on the second
    floor.  If you get too close you will be spotted and the alarm will go off. 
    The sniper-point is a good vantage point for photography, but it's too close to
    snipe from the mountain as that will alert the guards as well - if you are
    determined to get to that summit, sneak as far west as you can and circle
    around to the mountain's north side.  Keep a watch on your sniper rifle scope
    for a guard on a small ridge halfway up the north face of the mountain, and
    once you can see him you should also be able to see the mountaintop sniper. 
    Take them both out, then climb the mountain, photograph the building, then
    sneak back west, down the mountain, and back south to the first installation. 
    Objective completed.
    The bulk of the base is on the lowlands just east of this first installation,
    surrounded by a fence with two guard towers (southwest corner and middle of
    north edge).  The installation you have to photograph is inside a second fence
    with a guard tower just east of the main base.  The southern ridge continues
    along the south edge of the base, and then opens up to a larger plain area just
    above and south of the well which is SE of the last installation.  There are
    two guards patrolling right where the ridge opens up, and the best place to
    attack them from is within earshot of the alarm at the installation.  If you
    think you can take two patrolling alert guards quietly, you can just creep
    east, photograph the base, continue east, kill the guards, and make your
    escape.  However, for a more manageable mission completion that doesn't risk
    blowing the alarm, do this:  Take one man and circle the main fence clockwise,
    around the west and across the north sides.  There are a couple of patrolling
    guards inside the fence, but if you're quiet you should be able to at least get
    on the north side of the base without too much trouble.  This will take you
    near the big hill that the northern installation is on, where a sniper is on
    the south edge looking south, but if you snipe him from a long way away he
    won't cause you any trouble. 
    As you continue to circle the base, you'll see the area north of the fence open
    up.  Swing as far north as you can and snipe out the guard in the northern
    guard tower.  Stay still for a second after you snipe to make sure nobody hears
    and runs to investigate.  While you stay still, scan the ridge to the east to
    look for a pair of guards facing southwest, overlooking the base.  One is
    stationary, another patrols along the ridge.  Again, snipe from as far away as
    you can and switch quickly - you'll be taking both out singlehandedly unless
    you brought your whole team.  After they are dead, creep east and up that
    ridge, then start heading south/southeast to get near where the ridge drops off
    to the south.  This will be near the exit zone road, and northeast of the well
    - and directly east of the last installation.  You can photograph it on the way
    up the hill or from behind some covering boulders at the top, near the point
    where the ridge curves to the east.  There are two men patrolling that exiting
    road, though, and they will see or hear you as you are on the hilltop, so
    outfit your carbines and get ready to rumble.
    Once they are dead, creep back down and then you can start creeping across and
    up the southern ridge - you will be to the east of the two guards that are on
    the ridgetop near the well.  If you want to poison the well, you HAVE to take
    them out or fight them when you get near the well.  Ambushing them is better
    than letting them ambush you.  Just get your men up to the east edge of that
    upper plateau and snipe/shoot them dead.  Then, creep back down the hill and
    get a man up beside the side of the well shack on the south edge.  The
    objective will complete when you get within a few feet of the well, even if
    you're outside the building - you don't actually have to expose yourself to
    attack by going inside (the only door of the shack faces the guard tower near
    the last installation).  Then, once the well is poisoned, photograph the
    installation if you haven't already and head east until you see the magic
    words: "Mission Completed."
    LOCATION: Bougainville, November 1943
    BRIEFING: Gentlemen, it's time to help out the flyboys. The famed Marine
    fighter squadron, the Black Sheep, has been taking casualties from a battery of
    Japanese anti-aircraft guns on Bougainville. The pilots have had difficulty
    targeting the sites due to heavy cover, so you'll need to go in on the ground.
    You'll be put ashore in the marshy lowlands on the south side of the island and
    work your way north. Be advised, the swamp is crawling with Japs. Be especially
    on the look out for heavily camouflaged snipers taking advantage of the lush
    undergrowth. When you get up onto drier land, locate and destroy all five
    anti-aircraft positions. They'll be heavily defended, and there may be some
    Japanese armor to contend with. Commandeering an enemy tank may or may not make
    your job any easier. Finally, we believe one of the downed American pilots may
    be alive and in hiding on the island. When you've taken care of the Japanese,
    see if you can locate the pilot and return him to safety.
    - Destroy AA position 1
    - Destroy AA position 2
    - Destroy AA position 3
    - Destroy AA position 4
    - Destroy AA position 5
    - Locate and rescue American pilot (secondary)
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: Initially, enemy opposition will be very light -
    several hidden soldiers with Katanas will rush you when you approach their
    positions.  There are also a few semi-hidden sandbag positions with aircraft
    cover netting, with either solo Type 99 guards or occasionally paired infantry
    with rifles or (rarely) Type 100s.  VERY scarcely scattered around are odd
    patrols of SMG/riflemen and a few scattered, hidden snipers in various
    undergrowth patches.  Just stay alert and keep your advances covered and you
    shouldn't have too much trouble until you get to the AA.  However, once you get
    to the area around the Antiaircraft guns the opposition is much heavier.  Each
    gun is guarded by two or three guards and there are two patrolling tanks you'll
    have to watch out for.  A demolition expert is a necessity, a sniper will make
    life easier, and given the large amounts of open cover a good rifleman and a
    good machinegunner will make an excellent fire support team for covering
    Synopsis:  You start at the SW corner of the map.  You must traverse brushy
    wetlands and occasional open fields, staying alert for Katana-chargers,
    snipers, and the occasional sandbagged emplacement as you head basically
    straight northeast to the NE quadrant of the map, where a series of Japanese AA
    emplacements are situated.  Once at the AA-area, follow the roads staying in
    cover and destroy all of the guns, then head northwest towards the exit zone. 
    The downed airman is on the way to the exit zone, so you shouldn't have any
    trouble finding him or bringing him along to safety.
    You start at the southwest corner of the map, and the jungle-marsh opens up to
    your northeast, which is the way you have to head.  Cover is pretty lush, which
    works for and against you, so immediately divide your team into a covering fire
    pair and an advancing pair.  ALWAYS leapfrog until you get to the more heavily
    armed installations.  Most of your early opposition will just be fanatic
    Japanese soldiers with Katanas rushing your position, but if you have your fire
    team on the ball and don't extend your advancing team too far, you should make
    short work of them without any trouble at all.
    At the start, after dividing your team, head slightly northeast and you will
    see the rough beginnings of a jungle path heading northeast past some tall
    reeds and between two large pools.  There are two guards in the brush guarding
    this road, and two more in earshot across the pool to your left/west.  Just
    head along that road so that you end up on the west side of the farther-away
    pool, continuing straight northeast until again you see a road on the west side
    of the pool continuing northeast.  A patrolling SMG-guard walks a path on this
    road, so take him out at first opportunity, as always with your covering men on
    guard for the inevitable rush of katana-wielding fanatics.  (I'm not kidding -
    through most of this first part of the mission you get rushed almost every time
    you fire your weapons!)
    Stay in cover on the left side of this road and continue northeast, and you
    will see just past a few trees the first of many sandbagged guard stations.  A
    solo Type 99 guard is stationed there under the air-cover camouflage.  You can
    snipe him or climb the ridge to your left to circle around and flank him, but
    if you're too close to his position a couple more Katana-wielding madmen to the
    north of his position will rush you.  Once you claim his position you will have
    a brand-new Type 99, an extra mag from the soldier's weapon, and a couple of
    first aid kits.  Decide what you want to take then prepare to head out.
    If you veer a bit to your left/west, you will see the ridge that was just
    beside the road opens up to a small plateau as it continues northeast.  Head
    this way, sticking to the left/west edge, and when it starts to narrow you will
    see two more swordsmen in the distance hiding in some reeds - from this angle
    you will be flanking them to a degree, as they're watching off straight to the
    east, expecting opposition from the lowlands that you just circumvented ;). 
    Snipe/draw them into an ambush, then get near their position and scan along the
    road that goes between the pools to the northeast to find another sandbagged
    emplacement.  There is another Type 99 guard here, along with a couple of first
    aid kits and some grenades.  The strip of land the road is on dips slightly as
    it nears the pools, so those are good crawling points if you want to take him
    from close-up, but it might be best to snipe him before advancing to his
    position - because to HIS northeast is a sniper that covers his position.  He's
    just to the east of the pool on the north side of his emplacement, hidden near
    some reeds.  Once all of them are dealt with, consolidate your position at the
    sandbags and prepare to continue northeast.
    There are three longish 'finger lakes' on the map that roughly mark the halfway
    point of the swamps.  Right now you are at the southwest tip of the middle one. 
    Your next step is to continue straight northeast, which means going right along
    this lake.  Split into your covering fire/advance teams again, and go in
    opposite directions around the lake.  Advance first with your west-side team,
    then your east side.  This lake makes a slight crook left/west, and right at
    that point you should see another sandbag position on the east side of the
    lake, this one with two Arisaka-wielding guards.  Get your west-side team into
    a covering fire position, then bring your east-side team forward slowly, and
    then try to pop them without sniping.  If you're close enough to draw them into
    a charge, your cross-lake crossfire should take them all down easily.  Again,
    there are more goodies at the sandbags (an Arisaka with scope, more First aid
    kits, and some grenades).  Once your east-side team is at the sandbags, bring
    your west side team across the ford in the lake to the sandbags as well, as the
    lake is starting to curve away from your advance direction.  Once consolidated
    at the sandbags and all goodies are divvied up, regroup and head northeast,
    away from the lake and towards a clearing between two more lakes farther to
    your northeast.
    As you head northeast you will see that you are approaching a main river that
    runs NW-SE and divides the jungle from the main AA area.  From this angle you
    will be on one side of a small tributary that runs off of the main river. 
    Across the tributary, on your side of the main river, is a hut with two guards
    outside, and across the main river straight to the north from this hut is a
    second hut with two more guards.  If you set an ambush on your side
    (south/southeast) of the tributary for the first two guards you can get them
    without alerting the second set of guards farther north.  Use the brush and
    trees to set cover, then snipe them into attacking you and dying.  Then, get
    your men across the tributary behind cover of the hut, and use the sniper again
    to take out the two guards farther north.  One of them is a stationary
    sandbagged Type 99 gunner, so make him your top priority.  Once those two are
    dead as well you can consolidate your men at that northern hut on the AA-side
    of the river, pick up the goodies, and prepare to move out.
    This northeast corner of the jungle is cut through by a grid of
    north-south/east-west roads running between the various emplacements.  From the
    hut, head straight north until you come to a depression that marks the first
    road going east-west.  Start heading east, paired men on opposite sides of the
    road, and look ahead to see the first AA emplacement.  It will be at a corner
    intersection with a north-south road which curves east around the southern side
    of the gun.  Two sandbagged guards are stationed at the emplacement.  With the
    men on the north side of the road in a covering fire position, sneak a sniper
    forward on the south side of the road and snipe one guard out, and then the
    second guard will come forward to his death.  Consolidate near the position and
    then blow up the gun, either with explosives or a bazooka.  Objective
    Head down the road continuing east and you will come to another intersection
    where a road branches off to the south.  This road continues south a short way
    to an intersection with another east-west road, and there is another AA
    emplacement there, facing south.  Again, it's guarded by two guards, but there
    is also a Tank that makes a patrol look along that east west road, turning
    around just south of the southern intersection then continuing farther east and
    out of sight.  Wait until the tank is gone out of sight before attacking these
    men, again setting an ambush and sniping one to trigger it.  You can wait to
    blow up the gun until after the tank comes back and you take it out - and you
    should take it out here, as its patrol loop takes it near another gun you have
    to destroy and, once you've cleared this gun's area, you're already at the best
    place to ambush it.  Either lay a mine and watch the fireworks or hide behind
    the sandbags and crates near the AA gun and wait to shoot the tank until it's
    making it's turnaround loop.  As always, watch for the crewman to rush you once
    the tank is destroyed.  Then, blow up the gun.  Objective completed.
    If you head straight east from this gun you will come to another north-south
    road which meets the east-west road that the second AA gun was on.  From this
    point the east-west road continues a short way east, then curves south to go
    past another AA emplacement, facing west.  On the west side of the road is an
    elevation that makes a great place to set an ambush/sniper attack, as again
    there are two guards near the gun.  You should also just be able to see an
    unoccupied tank on the far side of the AA gun, under sandbags and air-cover
    netting.  After you kill the guards, sneak down to the tank, get inside, then
    pull a short distance away from the gun and blast it from the tank.  Objective
    Both of the last two AA guns are north from here, up that northern road you
    just passed.  There are no more tanks north of you and no Japanese troops have
    bazookas, so the rest of this mission is basically a turkey shoot.  Head
    straight north past two intersections and just above you to the northeast
    you'll see two more guards around another AA gun, so blast them, then continue
    straight north up the road and you'll approach the last AA gun from behind. 
    Again, blast or run over everyone, and shoot both AA guns with the tank gun. 
    Objectives completed.
    The exit zone is off to the west/northwest from this last AA gun.  You can see
    where the jungle path continues west from this last gun, so follow it, and
    either blast or sortie off to run over any hiding snipers or chargers you see
    in the brush.  Follow the path west, then when it ends view the map to see
    where to continue west and curve north.  Also, keep an eye on your compass as
    that will show you where the downed pilot is.  There are a couple of snipers in
    bushes around the pilot's clearing, so circle around the clearing taking them
    all out before exiting the tank.  Then, exit the tank and go up to the pilot
    and order him to follow you - objective completed.
    There's not enough room for everyone in the tank, so you'll have to hoof it, or
    if you're feeling like a little playtime you can have everyone wait here by the
    crashed plane and take a man in the tank to clear all the way to the exit zone. 
    There are only a couple more snipers in brush and behind trees between the
    pilot are and the exit zone.  Even if you decide to hoof it, it's no problem -
    just travel en masse, ordering your men to fire at will and walk slowly.  Just
    keep heading northwest and follow the compass to the exit zone.  Mission
    LOCATION: Tarawa, November 1943
    BRIEFING: The Marines are landing on Tarawa, boys, and you're going with them.
    While your expertise is normally reserved for more covert operations, we need
    your talent for knocking out coastal defenses. You'll need to reach and disable
    four large guns near the center of the enemy line. When the guns have been
    taken care of, try to find and eliminate the Japanese commander and his staff.
    This is going to be a real knock down, drag out operation, gentlemen, so move
    fast and hit hard. You'll want firepower, and lots of it. Look out for Japanese
    pillboxes on the way in, and be sure to take a flamethrower.
    - Knock out artillery piece 1
    - Knock out artillery piece 2
    - Knock out artillery piece 3
    - Knock out artillery piece 4
    - Eliminate enemy commander (Secondary)
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: The dead marines littering the beach at the start of
    this mission should in itself tell you enough about how difficult this mission
    will be.  The beach is guarded by several rows of single-occupancy machine gun
    bunkers, spaced out but with enough overlapping fire that cracking the defenses
    will be tough.  A few well-placed minefields will also make access tough.  The
    artillery are guarded by several guard bunkers around a palisade fence, with
    patrolling armor nearby.  Some of the guards are toting Type 4 bazookas, others
    are carrying Type 99 machine guns.  Needless to say, this will be difficult.  A
    sniper will make the first section extraordinarily easy, and a demolitions
    expert is a must both for the objectives and the many tanks you will face. 
    Aside from these two, maximize your small arms skills as much as possible - one
    machinegunner and one crack rifleman are minimum requirements for finishing
    this mission.  The briefing itself suggests a flamethrower, but
    snipers/machinegunners are far more effective in my opinion.
    Synopsis: You will CRAWL (literally) from the waterfront through two rows of
    small bunkers loaded with Japanese troops.  Proceed straight east inland
    through these bunkers, across a minefield, and to the southern opening in the
    west side of the palisade fence.  Go inside and take out all four of the
    artillery guns, then head out to the east/southeast.  A small encampment with
    the enemy commander is east of the southern portion of the central hill, with
    access guarded by a couple of loaded bunkers and two patrolling tanks.  Take
    them all out, then continue down the eastern gully road to the exit zone.
    Your four men will start right at the waterfront on the west side of the
    island.  The carnage in front of you will let you know the kind of fight you're
    in for - destroyed (and some active) Sherman tanks and dead marines are
    scattered around the shellholes that are all over the beach.  Get on your belly
    and crawl forward slightly.  You should just be able to see a bunker with a
    single Type 99 gunner in it just to your east, but watch out - by the time you
    get to a good vantage point there will be another just north of it, or just
    south.  Each one is within covering range of the other.  If you didn't bring a
    sniper to clear them out from long range, try to get on a diagonal approach
    and/or use trees to cover your approach to get close and hose them with machine
    gun fire, or pop them from a slightly longer distance with a rifle.  It's
    probably best to clear two or three to give yourself a wider berth for access
    to the inland.
    Once you're at the first row of bunkers you'll be able to see the second row of
    bunkers just behind them - and the gunners in those bunkers will be able to see
    you as well.  Stay under cover, using the bunkers, shellholes, and trees to
    give you cover while you advance and, again, clear out a portion of the bunker
    row to give your flanks relief as you continue inland.  Watch out for all of
    the shellholes and craters near the first and second rows of bunkers - this
    area is still under bombardment, and you might just accidentally take cover in
    a hole that's destined to be hit by artillery.  Try to proceed straight east
    from your original beach point without veering too far north or south - this
    will give you the best access point to the artillery palisade fort.
    Once you're at the second row and have a good portion of it cleared, you may
    have noticed a minefield that is slightly to the south of the middle
    (north-south wise) of the second bunker line.  Just beyond this minefield is a
    small grove of trees that can provide cover for your attack on the palisade
    fort.  This large palisade runs the length of the hill in the middle of the
    map, with two access points - one to the south, and one to the north.  There is
    a patrolling tank that goes from the north down to a bunker just north of the
    southern entrance.  The southern entrance is flanked with a log bunker on each
    side of the entrance, each with a gunner inside.  Just inside the southern
    entrance is one of the artillery guns with a sandbagged guard.  North of the
    northern bunker on the southern entrance is another sandbag position with a
    Type 4 bazooka guard.  This looks like a tough nut to crack, but keep in mind
    this is the EASY way in...
    Get across the aforementioned minefield and take cover in those trees, watching
    for the tank's patrol path so that you can time when to make your attack.  The
    two bunkers flanking the southern entrance are just far enough apart that you
    can take one and the other without too much trouble.  Wait for the tank to go
    away, then creep towards the northern of these two bunkers and take out the
    guard.  Then, quickly look north and snipe out the sandbagged guard.  If you
    rush these positions quickly you should have just enough time to get back to
    cover to take out the tank.  If you watched its patrol path it should be simple
    if you brought an AT mine, but a bit tougher if you only have a bazooka.  Once
    the tank is dealt with, attack the southern bunker and then have someone rush
    and kill the guard on the artillery gun inside this opening.  Once he's dead,
    blow it up.  Objective completed.
    There are two more guns north from here and one south/southeast from here, but
    the exit is south/southeast also, so running a sortie north is recommended. 
    You should be able to look north and just barely see a gun on a hilltop north
    of you.  Again there's a sniper guarding the gun, so take him out.  As you
    approach the gun you will come into sight distance of the northernmost gun,
    also guarded by a sniper.  Also, there's an opening in the western fence at the
    foot of the hill the second gun is on, and there are a couple of bunkers and
    sandbag positions with guards who will come to investigate the noise.  It's
    best to have most of your men creep and set an ambush on anyone coming into
    that fence opening, then snipe out the northernmost gun's guard and blow up
    both guns.  Objectives completed.
    Now it's time to head south and get that last gun.  Head back south towards the
    first gun you destroyed (just inside the southern fence opening), then head
    south/southeast to find the last gun (your compass can guide you).  Again,
    there's just one guard stationed by the gun.  Take him out, blow up the gun,
    and prepare to move out.  Objective completed.
    At this point you're done with all your primary objectives and could just make
    a run for the exit, but it's so much more satisfying to take out a Japanese
    commander here.  Right now you're at the southern end of the palisade, and if
    you look south you should see a single-occupied log bunker at the southern tip
    of the palisade.  The hill you are on goes down to the south, to a gully/road
    that circles the central hill.  Just to the east/southeast of the palisade-end
    bunker is a larger log bunker at the foot of the rise, with two gunners inside. 
    Use a bit of stealth and take them out, but listen out for a tank which patrols
    east/west on the section of road in front/south of these two bunkers.  There
    are also Japanese snipers in small concrete bunkers on the rise south of the
    road, but they won't be in shooting range unless you're actually inside the log
    bunkers, so if you kill those occupants from a range yourself, you should be
    fine, and then you can crawl into the log bunkers and snipe out the men across
    the way at your leisure.  Also, the aforementioned tank has a patrol loop that
    leaves it sitting still for a few seconds right in front of the larger log
    bunker, so if you want to take it out, wait for it then hit it with a bazooka. 
    If you run to lay a mine there for it, you might attract the attention of the
    bunker snipers on the south side of the road.
    Once the tank is dead and the bunkers on both sides of the road are cleared,
    you can start following the gully road around to the east side of the island
    towards the command camp where the commander is waiting.  Just east you will
    see where the gully road forks - the right fork heading east to the exit zone,
    the left fork curving north towards camp.  There is a double-occupancy log
    bunker on the southeast corner, overlooking the fork and two small bunkers on
    the northeast edge.  An officer and a trio of guards (two Type 100s and a Type
    4 bazooka-man) are down the eastern exit road, and a tank makes a patrol look
    from the command camp south towards the fork, with the loop point about halfway
    between the camp entrance and the fork.  There are two buildings just on the
    southern edge of camp, near a small palisade wall, with two or three guards and
    the commander split between both buildings.  If you're too close to camp they
    will all attack (except the commander, who will stay in the building for
    Your best bet to clear the opposition here is to kill everyone guarding that
    fork as well as the guards down the exit road so that you can just make a clean
    run for it when you're finished.  From the log bunkers on the artillery hill,
    cross the road south, then start heading east, staying off the top of the ridge
    as it's mined.  Creep east, trying to get as close to the near corner of the
    log bunker as possible.  Set three of your men for ambush on anyone coming
    around either side of the bunker, then have your fourth man step backwards so
    that he can snipe in the side window - also trying to use the trees as cover
    from the snipers in the concrete bunkers across the way to the north.  Snipe
    the guards inside, then rush into the bunker to kill any survivors and pick up
    their goodies - that bunker also makes a good place to attack the officer and
    trio of guards who will rush when you attack the bunker.  Once all four are
    dead, then it should be safe to stick your head up and snipe the bunkers across
    the way to the north.
    Once this area is cleared, head north near the fork to find one last bunker
    overlooking the road going north into the camp.  This bunker is right near the
    loop point for the tank that patrols in and out of camp.  Take out the guard,
    and then you can choose - either rush to snipe the officer or take out the tank
    and lay a bigger ambush for all of the camp denizens.  If you take out the
    tank, watch its path and lay a mine, or try to hide where you can step out and
    blast it with a bazooka just as it turns away from you.  Again, that bunker
    would be pretty useful right about here...  From the plateau this bunker is on,
    the houses are straight north, with the officer visible in the northeastern
    house just through a window.  You can snipe him, but if you do be sure the rest
    of your team is set to ambush the rushing guards.  In fact, you might want them
    to cover you when you blast the tank just in case you happen to be too close to
    camp when you take it out.  In any case, once the commander is dead, just head
    back to the fork and head east until you see the magic words - Mission
    LOCATION: Saipan, June 1944
    BRIEFING: Next stop, Saipan. After weeks of heavy fighting, the Japs have
    retreated to a heavily defended tunnel and cave system that pockets the island.
    We need to go in after them, clean out the tunnel complex, and blow up the
    entrances to make sure they can't be reoccupied.  As you know, agility is worth
    more than brawn underground, so choose your team accordingly. Good luck.
    - Blow up cave entrance 1
    - Blow up cave entrance 2
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: There is no armor in this mission that you have to
    face - just many stationed and patrolling guards and a couple of hidden and
    not-so-hidden snipers.  Some of the patrols are quite large and armed with SMGs
    and machine guns, so you might want to bring along some heavy machine guns of
    your own.  At least one sniper is a must, as is one explosives expert, and for
    the rest of your team just some good machinegunners and riflemen.  Someone
    handy with grenades wouldn't be out of place, because there are several spots
    in the tunnels where bouncing a grenade around a corner will save you a bloody
    and dangerous firefight.  The auto-outfit starts your team with only two men,
    but take at least three, if not all four - you'll get your workout just the
    same.  If you decide not to start out with a BAR the Japanese are nice enough
    to give you a couple of Type 99s on the map.  I would also suggest at least a
    couple of people using M1 Carbines and/or pistols because some of the close
    fighting might attract more attention if you use louder weapons.
    Synopsis:  You start on a plateau on the south of the map.  You have to head
    down a ramp to the river valley's bottom, across a small river, then slightly
    east to find a ramp up to your north.  Follow that ramp up and around to the
    west side of the map where the main cave entrance is.  Enter the cave and
    follow it all the way through, clearing all opposition and setting charges to
    blow up the two entrances to the north and the northeast.  Once both of those
    alternate entrances are destroyed, make your way back through the
    now-reinforced caves to the original entrance.
    You start in some dense foliage on a plateau on the south of the map.  Creep
    forward until you see the ridge edge ahead of you and a path continuing west. 
    A patrolling guard with an Arisaka makes a loop that comes just into sight from
    your first access to this path, so watch for him and snipe him out, then
    proceed your whole team quietly west towards the downward slope.  At the
    western edge, the ramp makes a zag and continues downward and back east, with a
    patrolling guard walking a beat around the curve and another one walking a beat
    on the middle of the next lower section.  When you kill the corner patrolman
    the next lower man will rush up the ramp towards you, so your cover men should
    be set to take him out easily.  As you start to proceed down this section of
    the ramp back eastward you will alert another guard who will rush the ramp up
    to attack you.  Again, when you near the bottom, you'll see a guard walking a
    beat on the flat area right where the ramp empties onto the river bed.  Try to
    snipe him from the ramp to use the hill edge as cover.  Once he's dead, just
    get onto the river bed and head straight north, across the river, then start
    creeping east.
    The foliage will be thick, but there's no real opposition until you get to the
    ramp up.  When you get to a large boulder at the foot of the mountain slope on
    your left, you will know you are near the ramp.  Creep your stealth man
    forward, hugging that slope wall, and look ahead for where the ground starts to
    rise.  You should see one guard stationed at the foot of the ramp, and you may
    also see another guard walking a patrol beat on the slope up to the east.  Try
    to time it to take these two out one at a time.  You can then start heading up
    the ramp, but only use one man to ascend while the rest stay in cover covering
    access to the ramp foot.  There is a guard who will be alerted in a minute and
    try to rush your advance team up the ramp, so the rest of your team should sit
    tight and cover against that ambush.
    With your advance team (really one man), crawl up the hill slowly and
    stealthily, and hug the wall on your left for more cover.  As you get near the
    top slow down and look for a japanese soldier's head just over the crest.  The
    ramp hits a small plateau as the ramp turns to head back west, and on that
    plateau is a sandbagged Type 99 gunner.  Creep slowly and take him out fast. 
    Then, get near his position and look off the east side of the cliff behind the
    sandbags to see a sniper on some boulders on the lowland below the sandbag
    position - take him out as well.  Your first attack on the sandbag guard will
    have alerted a guard on the plain you just ascended over, and he will rush up
    the ramp to attack you from behind, but remember that you left the rest of your
    team to cover the ramp, so they should have made short work of him already. 
    Once all that shooting has stopped, consolidate your position at the sandbags
    on the small plateau and pick up the health kits left there for your
    Use your stealth man as point man and take him up the hill, and make snake-like
    advances - bring the rear team to the point man, then send the point man
    forward again.  The ramp continues up to the west, with one more hidden guard
    about halfway up this segment of the ramp.  After this guard the ramp curves
    slightly northward.  Just past this curve, up on the ridge to your right, is a
    sniper - look for him and take him out from as long a range as possible.  Creep
    your point man to that sniper's position and climb up the rock to where he is,
    carefully and quietly.  He was on a boulder that hides the next ramp segment's
    patrol guard - two men whose patrol loop ends right on the north edge of that
    boulder.  If you think you can take them both with your point man, go for it,
    otherwise just use him to spot while you bring the rest of your team forward
    and set an ambush for them.  There's a lot of underbrush cover and a couple of
    rocks on the left side of the path, near the cliff edge, giving you quite a few
    options as far as ambushing goes.
    Once that patrol is dead, creep your point man slightly farther down the path,
    under cover, until you see the cave entrance ahead.  There is a sandbagged Type
    99 gunner right beside the cave entrance, and up on the ridge above the cave
    entrance is a stationed sniper.  Again, there's plenty of cover on the left
    side of the path, so your attack options are plentiful.  It's recommended to
    take out the sniper first, as you can take him from behind a rock at an angle
    the Type 99 gunner can't see.  Kill them both, and consolidate near the cave
    opening.  Bring a sniper to the cave opening and look inside to see the first
    of many stationed guards inside the cave, and snipe him out.  Then, into the
    lion's den...
    Just past where you killed the first guard the cave turns to the right.  Just
    past this turn is a Type 99 gunner facing you, behind an overturned table. 
    Just past him is a large boulder hiding the next part of the tunnel.  There is
    a 3-man patrol (all armed with Type 100 SMGs) whose patrol loop ends right on
    the other side of that boulder, so be prepared to fight four men at once.  You
    can try quick footwork and shooting to take him out, but he's not quite at a
    comfortable distance for that, so a grenade might be the better choice.  Throw
    two, waiting about 3-5 seconds between the two - if you're lucky, the first one
    will kill the guard and attract the patrol just in time for the second one to
    kill some (if not all) of the patrol.  Otherwise, you're in for a hairy
    firefight, but if you run right back to cover and have your heavy machinegunner
    and the rest of your team with SMGs ready you should be able to overcome
    without too much trouble.
    Continue past the boulder, the cave turns left, then back right, and around the
    second corner is another Type 99 gunner.  Just past him is another turn to the
    left down a section of cave that has some tables, jerry cans, and other doodads
    like that.  There are two more guards in this section - one near the first
    curve by a table, and one farther down behind a small rock outcropping.  Just
    past this section is another gentle curve and another guard in the distance
    near another turn to the right.  Past that guard and the right turn is a short
    straight cave section which leads to the first fork.  The main cave system
    proceeds down the left fork, but the offshoot to the right leads a short way to
    a large room that contains a couple of TNT charges and two guards.  There are
    enough rock outcroppings on the section leading to the room that an ambush
    isn't out of the question.  Even if you don't need the TNT, it's probably best
    to clear them out anyway just to leave your rear protected.
    Go back to the first fork and continue down the left path.  A short way down
    this straightaway you will see a cave turn off to the right while the main cave
    continues.  This right-way offshoot leads to the first of the two cave
    entrances you have to destroy.  There is no opposition down this path, so just
    take your demolition man down that tunnel, follow it to the end, and when you
    get the prompt "Place Charge Here", do so, leaving yourself enough time to get
    away before it explodes.  Objective completed.  Send him back to your squad and
    continue down the main cave tunnel.
    The straightaway ends with a slight curve to the left, and just off in the
    distance you should see where the tunnel opens up to a large cave opening. 
    There is a boulder in the middle of the cave and you should be able to see one
    of two guards stationed in the cave waiting for you.  Snipe one, ambush the
    other, then move forward into the cave.  There are a few goodies on various
    boxes in this area - a first aid kit, a samurai sword, some Type 97 grenades,
    and a Type 100 SMG.  The cave curves off to the right to continue down a
    largeish tunnel, which curves gently back to the left revealing a long
    straightaway guarded by another Arisaka guard in the distance, half-behind
    cover.  Snipe him, then move forward.  Once you get to his position there will
    be another curve to the left, and around that curve you'll see in the distance
    an officer stationed near some boxes in another large cave opening.  Just past
    him, out of sight, is a sword-charger, so once you take out the officer wait
    for him to come to his death, then move forward.  There's another first-aid kit
    and some grenades on the boxes here, and the cave continues behind the
    officer's position to the last cave opening.
    Go down that straightaway, then watch for when it curves sharply right. 
    There's a guard patrolling the section after the turn, so creep quietly and
    snipe him quickly.  Continue past him, and you'll see another slight jog before
    you get to another area where you see the prompt "Place Charge Here".  This
    will be near the cave opening.  However, just outside the cave opening is a
    sandbagged Type 99 gunner, and so for completeness' sake (and since running
    will alert him), creep around to the opening and take him out, then place the
    charge and run back towards the rest of your squad.  Once it blows up -
    Objective Completed.
    By now the Japanese have reinforced the entire cave system with a swarm of Type
    100-toting nasties.  You'll have to fight your way back the way you came.  Some
    are solo, some are posted in pairs, and almost all of them are stationed right
    where you fought guards earlier on the way in.  One notable exception is that
    there is one stationed where the first cave opening tunnel turns off the main
    tunnel.  Another one is the area right at the opening, where you fought the
    first Type 99 gunner by the overturned table.  There are two guards there by
    the table, and a third one around the corner who patrols that last stretch of
    tunnel - so you'll be facing three here for sure, and they have the
    advantageous cover this time.  Also, because of angles, getting a grenade to
    where the first two are stationed is very difficult.  You can try
    'carpet-bombing' the grenades all over the table area, hoping that an early one
    will goad them to charge and a later one will kill them, or you might even try
    sending a rifleman up the side of that big boulder there and attacking them
    from the top of it.  However you do it, once those last three are dead, just
    head out the tunnel mouth - Mission Completed.
    LOCATION: Burma, September 1944
    BRIEFING: Pack your bags, boys, we're going to Burma. Famed American guerilla
    commander "Vinegar Joe" Stilwell is in trouble, and desperately needs financing
    to maintain his counter-offensive against the Japs. Following a pre-dawn
    airdrop, you'll fight your way through heavily patrolled jungle to a Buddhist
    temple complex. The Japanese have fortified the temple and are using it to
    stockpile loot taken from the Burmese, including a truckload of silver bars.
    Stilwell needs that silver, and he needs it now. You'll have to secure the
    silver, and hand it over to Stilwell at the extraction point. Finally, the
    Burmese government has asked us to find and recover a priceless religious
    artifact of gold and jade, said to contain eight of the Buddha's hairs. Look
    for a concealed compartment in the base of a white marble Buddha. With any
    luck, the Japanese will not have discovered it, and you may remove it from the
    temple for safe keeping until the end of the war.
    - Find the cargo truck
    - Find the religious artifact (Secondary)
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: The base is quite heavily entrenched with stationed
    riflemen, heavy machinegunners, officers, and snipers.  The approaches through
    the jungle are also heavily patrolled by riflemen and Type 100 gunners, and
    again snipers are heavily stationed throughout (mostly on the high ridges to
    the sides of the main roads).  If you are very good at scanning and very
    careful this shouldn't be too much trouble.  Without a doubt, two snipers are a
    must for this mission, preferably snipers with excellent stealth skills.  Your
    backup men should include a machinegunner with a BAR and another man with an
    SMG.  You need to have a wide array of interchangeable fire available within
    your squad - ideally you want the capacity to have three machinegunners/SMG'ers
    at a time, and switched to alternate weapons three non-sniper rifles (i.e. the
    Garand and Carbine).  A medic couldn't hurt, also.  At least you don't have to
    worry about tanks...
    Synopsis: You start in a jungle clearing on the west end of the map. You have
    to pass through a dense-jungle river bed which snakes through the bulk of the
    map (or take a slightly-longer 'back door' route) to the Temple ruins at the
    east end of the map.  Once there, clear out all opposition as you work your way
    to the center of the Temple ruins to capture the truck, and search all of the
    other temple buildings to find the seconardy objective and enough supplies to
    finish the mission.  Once all of your objectives are completed, exit to the
    You start out in a jungle clearing at the west of the map.  The depression you
    are in continues straight east, with higher ridges on the north and south edges
    of the depression.  A small river is just to your east.  You will see from the
    map that the river heads south, then forks as one fork turns east, back north,
    then curves back east and south, forming a sideways-'S' with two peninsulas
    between you and the temple - IF you head straight east, that is.  You will also
    notice a passageway separated by a high-ground ridge that goes to the north of
    the river's meandering that arcs across the jungle at the top end of the map
    and puts you out at the northeast corner of the temple, somewhat to the flank
    of the main defenses.  This walkthrough will reflect this 'back-door' approach.
    Crouch into cover, then head up the ridge to the north and head east.  You will
    come out on a small plateau just south of a waterfall that marks the start of
    this river.  On low grounds to your northeast you will see a single patrolling
    guard walking an east-west beat, coming into view near some river reeds and
    then walking off into the fog out of sight.  There is also a sniper on a ridge
    straight east, on the high ridge south of the low ground on the far side of the
    river.  Wait until the patrol is out of sight, then snipe out the ridge guard
    and then the patrol.  There is another sniper just to the southeast of the
    ridge sniper, a bit farther away, who will be on alert once you kill the first
    sniper.  Take a stealth man across the river, crawl up the ridge, and use tree
    cover to get close enough to take out that second sniper.  Then, bring the rest
    of your men across the river and start heading down the road to your northeast
    where the first patrolling guard was walking.
    Split your men into pairs - one sniper and one S/MG-gunner per team, each on
    the high ground on opposite sides of the main depression/roadway.  Creep slowly
    eastward until you start to see a road fork off to the north while the main
    road continues east.  At that fork you will see a stationed guard on the low
    ground at the intersection.  There are two snipers on the higer ground to the
    northeast of that intersection, and two stationed guards farther down the road
    to the east.  The best bet is to get your S/MG men slightly forward of the
    snipers, with the southern-side men slightly ahead of the northern-side men,
    then pop the guard on the ground with a sniper.  The MG-ers will take out the
    other chargers, then your snipers can take out the ridge snipers to the
    northeast.  Collect all ammo/weapons you want to salvage, being sure to grab
    those extra Arisaka with scopes for your snipers, as they will be getting quite
    a workout in the next parts of this mission.  Start heading up that northern
    roadway, again with one team per side of the road in the high ground behind
    This pathway curves eastward and makes a large, gentle arc towards the east
    side of the map.  There are many snipers stationed in the brush on the
    ridgetops on either side of the road, and several stationed guards on the low
    ground in the middle.  Simply keep leapfrogging your team as you proceed,
    leading with your snipers but keeping your SMG-men nearby in case your snipers
    are rushed by ground troops.  You'll know you are at the end when you start to
    see the jungle open up ahead of you and you are facing a large brick tower at
    the corner of a large brick wall.
    When you see this tower you will be at the northwest corner of the temple.  The
    temple extends south and east from this corner.  The outer perimeter wall is
    very tall but broken to ground level in many spots.  This corner tower has a
    sniper and an officer inside, one facing out the eastern window and one facing
    out the northern window.  Creep your snipers along the ridges outside the wall
    to get clear shots at the two guards and take them out.  Then, take the sniper
    on the northern edge a bit farther east to see a sniper on the ground inside
    the perimeter - snipe him out.  There will be a patrolling guard somewhere near
    here and he will charge your position, so watch for him and take him out. 
    Then, you can move all your men to the inside of this corner, and up the stairs
    to get into the tower and claim all the goodies - an Arisaka with scope, the
    weapons from the dead guards, and a couple of first aid kits.
    Next you should clear out the large temple you can see from here, just
    southeast of the NW corner tower.  The wall segments of the perimeter are
    unoccupied right here, so you can just move straight towards the temple, then
    circle around it to the left/counterclockwise to the front door, which is on
    the south face.  There are two officers inside who may hear your approach, and
    will come to investigate if they hear you.  Hug the walls and corners as you
    circle the building, and if you alert them before you get to the door then just
    pop 'em.  If they don't attack, then just creep carefully inside and try to
    grenade them.  The temple starts out at a low room with a higher rise section
    towards the back, away from the door, with a low wall separating the two
    sections and stairs going left and right to the rise.  Just throw a grenade
    over the low wall and what the blast doesn't get your fire team can pick off. 
    The Buddha statue in this temple has no artifact inside it (that artifact is
    hidden elsewhere...), but there's a Type 99 Machinegun and a couple of health
    kits.  Pick up what you need, regroup, then prepare to expand your sphere of
    Come out of the temple and circle around counterclockwise to head northeast -
    this will take you towards the northern rear corner of the temple ruins, and by
    doing so give yourself the easiest approach to the truck.  Just to the
    northeast of the temple are two large square fountains (identical to the ones
    right outside the temple door) and just beyond those fountains is a large stone
    gate section of wall.  There is a Type 99 Gunner sandbagged outside the gate,
    facing outward but with a good view of the inside.  On the top wall over the
    gate is a sniper, also facing outward.  Another sniper is just to the east of
    these two fountains, hiding in brush.  Creep forward, using those fountains as
    cover, and take out the sniper near the fountains, then see if you can get a
    sniping angle on the Type 99 Gunner.  Lastly, creep a man up the stairs and
    take out the sniper.  If you use a sniper to climb the wall, have him go to the
    eastern edge and look east - the NE Corner wall section is just barely in sight
    if you're at the edge of the wall, and you should just be able to see (and
    snipe) a sniper standing on the wall.
    From the gate, head south/southeast.  There are some low rubble walls beside
    the square fountains, and they provide good cover for the next firefight - two
    sandbagged gunners on a raised foundation just to the south.  Definitely snipe
    them, from as long a range as possible, then look to the east of their
    position.  There is a ruin wall with a doorway to the east of that foundation,
    and there is another sandbagged gunner stationed there.  Snipe him, then head
    to his position.  North of him, on some crates near another wall, are an
    Arisaka with scope and two first aid kits.
    From the walls where the last sandbagged gunner was shot you should be able to
    look south across a courtyard to see another large temple.  The front door of
    the temple faces west and just in front of it is the truck you have to steal. 
    There is a sniper on the roof of the western side of the temple, overlooking
    the truck, and a patrolling guard walks a beat beside the truck.  The temple
    has a back door on its northeast corner, near your position, and you should be
    able to see another Type 100 gunner inside there waiting for you.  Snipe him,
    but be ready to take on the truck guard in case he charges you.  If the truck
    guard does not charge you, try to creep up to the temple's north face and then
    move to attack him - this way you minimize (if not eliminate) the roof sniper's
    threat.  Once he's dead, snipe out the roof sniper.  Then, move your men
    towards the truck.  Objective Completed.
    If you are feeling very brave and lucky and don't care about religious
    artifacts, you could try to simply run the gauntlet by charging in the truck
    out the southeast corner of the ruins and making a break for it, but let's
    assume you want to do this right.  Just west of the truck you will see four
    more large square fountains.  A sniper is hiding in some brush just to the
    southwest of the southwestern fountain.  Take him out, then take cover behind a
    very large foundation that lies west of the fountains.  Just across the
    foundation you will see another stone gate wall section - the main gate for the
    ruins.  There is a sniper on the top of the gate, but the guard outside is an
    Arisaka infantry patroller and he walks a beat that starts at the gate and goes
    west, outside the wall and down the road west and returns.  Also, on the ridge
    on the south side of the road is a sniper overlooking the gate entrance.  You
    can do best by creeping a stealth man (preferably a stealth sniper) up to the
    stairs going up to the top, take out the wall sniper, then creep him to where
    he can kill the other sniper on the ridge outside - then, taking out the
    Arisaka patroller is a piece of cake.
    Gather your team and then head southeast from the main gate.  You will see
    another large temple near the southwest corner of the ruins.  The door into
    this temple is on the east side, away from you.  There is a sniper on the
    corner wall section overlooking the western/southern sides of the temple and a
    sword-charger at the foot of the corner tower.  Another patrolling guard walks
    a beat around the eastern side of the temple.  Furthermore, there is a guard
    and an officer inside the temple who will investigate noises.  Stay on your
    guard as you approach the temple, then pick one pair to watch around one
    direction as you head the other - it doesn't matter which way is which.  The
    goal is to circle the temple, taking out those guards outside and any that rush
    you from inside, then enter the temple and kill any remainders.  Once the
    temple is secure, open up the Buddha statue inside and grab the artifact. 
    Objective completed.  There are two more first aid kits here as well to heal up
    for the home stretch.
    The last little bit of this mission is mere mop-up, clearing out the last few
    remaining guards who can cause you trouble as you rush the truck towards the
    exit zone.  Southest of the last temple is a gate wall section with a Type 99
    Gunner on top.  You can easily creep up the steps and kill him with grenades,
    sniping, or fancy footwork.  East of this gate section is the southeast corner
    tower section, with a sniper on the top wall overlooking the SE corner of the
    ruins.  Snipe him from the ground if you have the ammo, or just creep up the
    steps and kill him at close range.  The last opposition is down the
    southeastern road which you can see from this corner - two Type 100 gunners
    standing right at the exit zone.  Running the gauntlet past them in the truck
    is very low-risk, but if you believe in being thorough just take your men down
    that way first and ambush them, then send a man back to get the truck and drive
    all of your men to safety.  Mission Completed.
    LOCATION: Downtown Manila, Philippines, January 1945
    BRIEFING: The Japs are on the run, and General MacArthur will be keeping his
    promise to return to the Philippines. You'll go in first, however, to tie up
    some loose ends before his arrival. Downtown Manila is in ruins, but the Japs
    are determined to hang on. A squadron of four tanks forms the bulwark of their
    defenses, together with a mutually protective network of snipers and machine
    gun nests. After all your time in the bush, the block-to-block fighting you'll
    encounter in Manila will feel very exposed, and you won't have the kind of
    cover you're used to. When the armor's taken care of, be sure to clean out the
    snipers. MacArthur plans a victory drive through town in an open jeep, and he
    doesn't want any holes in his uniform. Good luck.
    - Destroy Light Tank #1
    - Destroy Light Tank #2
    - Destroy Light Tank #3
    - Destroy Light Tank #4
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: This is easily the toughest opposition yet. 
    Scattered ruins and piles of debris hide a horde of snipers, chargers, and
    heavy weapon soldiers.  Furthermore, there isn't a lot of soft cover, so your
    approaches are much more dangerous.  Two snipers wouldn't be out of the
    question, and be sure the rest of your men carry non-sniper rifles as well
    because quite a bit of fighting will be happening at slightly longer ranges
    than you're used to and you need the accuracy of the M1 Carbine or Garand. 
    Also, the mission objectives dictate that you'll need an explosives expert as
    well.  There are plenty of bazookas on the map so you don't need to outfit at
    the start if you don't want to, but it could make life easier. 
    Synopsis: You start at the west end of a demolished city.  A few turnoffs
    aside, you will basically snake your way east, jogging first to the south and
    then to the north to the exit zone.  Follow the main road, killing all
    opposition and destroying all tanks as you come to them.
    You start on a deserted, bombed out street littered with rubble.  The road
    heads east from your position, and you are on the north/left side of the road. 
    Take two men over the rubble pile right in front of you and have them take
    cover, guarding towards the southeast across the road.  Take the other two men
    across the road to a low wall on the south/right side, then head east.  You
    will come to an intersection with a road that heads south from here, with a
    large rubble pile in the middle of the intersection.  Have one man hold near
    the corner of the fence providing rear cover to the other, who will go over the
    rubble pile to the east.  You will be able to see a building on the southeast
    corner of the intersection, and through the side door you will see a Type 99
    gunner facing out the northern window waiting to ambush anyone heading east on
    the main road.  There are two Type 100 guards patrolling the southern street,
    and they will come to rush your position, but between your rear cover man and
    the pair on the north side of the main street you should make short work of
    them - then you're all clear to take out the would-be ambusher.
    Take the two men that were on the south side of the street east and forward
    towards the middle of the main street, behind cover facing to the northeast. 
    You should just be able to see a ruined building where the north wall turns
    away to the north, marking the start of the first main turnoff.  Bring your
    north-side pair forward, hugging the wall so that anyone charging out into the
    main street will bite it, hard.  Bring one sniper around the south end of the
    large rubble pile in the middle of the road south of that northern destroyed
    building, then creep up and snipe the Type 99 Gunner hiding in the westernmost
    window.  A Type 100 gunner in the same building will rush out into the main
    road to investigate, but your crossfire will make short work of him.  A guard
    who patrols up and down the northern street will most likely be in earshot when
    the fun starts, so keep an eye out for him as well.  Once they're dead,
    consolidate your position inside that destroyed building.
    From the northeast corner of that building you should be able to look northeast
    and see a sandbag position with a bazooka guard and a Type 99 gunner guarding a
    Tank - your first objective.  Sniping them from this position to kill the
    guards is probably the best bet.  Just across the road to the east is a bombed
    out building with a sniper on the top story, so take him out as well.  Then, if
    you brought a bazooka, just blast the tank - it's stationary behind the
    sandbags, so aiming is child's play.  If you feel like really having fun, and
    if you brought some dynamite, just creep up to it and set a charge - one blast
    of TNT will do the trick.  If you forgot both dynamine and a bazooka, you can
    try creeping to get the bazooka off the guard you just killed, or a second
    bazooka on some crates right beside the tank, but good luck getting there. 
    Once the tank is dead, look to the northeast for a sniper in a building outside
    the perimeter wall and kill him for good measure.  Objective completed.  As
    your initial reward, there is the aforementioned bazooka on the crates near the
    tank, three first aid kits, and then two more first aid kits and an Arisaka
    with scope in the building that had the sniper.  Claim your goodies, then start
    moving south on the east side of that road.
    South of the building that had the sniper and the sniper rifles/first aid is
    another building facing west.  There is a sniper inside facing west, fairly
    difficult to spot or kill because the north wall of this building is fairly
    intact.  You could try circling to the front, which exposes you to fire, or try
    throwing in a grenade through the open roof.  However, once he's killed that
    will alert two more guards in a bombed out building farther south, at the
    intersection where the main road continues east.  If they don't charge they'll
    stay alert in their building, ready for attack.  Plan your attack carefully -
    attacking from the relatively-destroyed northeast side/corner is probably a
    better bet than circling to the 'front' of the building on the west side. 
    Farther south, across the road, is another tall building with a gunner in the
    base and a sniper in the top level.  Snipe them out from this position before
    sending a pair of men across the road in preparation for a leapfrog advance to
    the east.
    Once this intersection is secure, get one sniper and one S/MG man on each side
    of the road ready to proceed east.  Bring the south team slightly forward to
    see a bombed out building on the south side of the road.  There are two guards
    in this building - one facing east and one facing north.  Hold off on attacking
    until you can get your north team to some of the rubble in the middle of the
    road for a crossfire.  Attack and destroy.  At this point you'll be able to get
    into the alcove in the ground floor of the building on the corner, where you
    can claim another Japanese bazooka and some first aid kits.  Take the
    north-side team forward again, circling the north side of any rubble in the
    road until you can just see the next set of destroyed buildings on the south
    side of the road.  Then, bring your south-side team into the first set of
    buildings, which make a good point of attack on the second set of buildings. 
    One guard is stationed hidden in a front-door alcove, safe from direct attack. 
    Two more guards patrol east-west - one inside the bombed-out buildings, one in
    the road just in front of them.  Try to position your north-side team behind
    some rubble so that they don't attack directly, but rather cover your south
    team in case they are rushed.  Use the south team to inch forward and trigger
    the attack.
    Once the second set of buildings is secure, you are just about at the point to
    attack the second tank.  It's in a walled compound outside of a large building
    on the north side of the road.  This area has a lower perimeter wall, which can
    be fired over.  There is only one access point, in the middle of the south
    side, flanked with piles of rubble.  An officer stands at the opening of the
    fence to the road.  The tank is just inside, near some sandbags, and small
    walls that go inward from the perimeter make direct access impossible.  Two
    guards are near those sandbags by the tank.  Finally, two more guards are
    behind some hills of rubble inside the fence - one to the east, one to the
    west, easily in earshot if any trouble starts up.
    Your best bet is to consolidate your team on the south side of the road to
    avoid alerting the defenses, then approach from the south, towards the larger
    rubble pile to the west of the fence opening.  Snipe out the officer FROM THE
    BUILDINGS on the south side of the road to avoid attracting attention at the
    outset.  Then, creep your fire teams towards that large rubble pile - one
    rifleman guarding around the west side, a machinegunner towards the east with a
    rifleman beside him, then a sniper directly behind the rubble pile, ready to go
    over the top.  CREEP the rifleman over the rubble and snipe one of the sandbag
    guards, then quickly get back under cover.  That should incite a charge of all
    of the interior defenses, who will come out the fence and get chewed up by the
    two men you have guarding there.  Your sniper can help from behind the rubble
    pile as well, but don't get too high up or the tank will start shooting at you
    as well.  Once they're dead, use your bazooka man to take out the tank - the
    wall access makes creeping up to use dynamite impossible.  As always, watch out
    for the tank crew's attack.  Objective completed.  Be sure to grab the goodies
    near the tank, then prepare to move out to the east.
    Shortly east of the second tank position is another intersection with a
    north-south road.  The road is very wide and, while there are large rubble
    piles where each road leaves the intsersection, the intersection itself is
    deserted.  There is a sniper in the top floor of the building on the SE corner
    of the intersection, and a stationed guard is behind a building just east of
    the bombed-out shell on the NE corner.  If you snipe that sniper the hiding
    guard will rush you, so position your cover men first.  Once he's dead, gather
    your men on the north side of the east-west road, in front of the building he
    was hiding in.  The third tank is on the north-south road just over the large
    rubble pile east of you, and is heavily guarded with one Type 99 gunner in the
    bombed-out building north of the rubble pile, two Type 100 gunners patrolling
    the area around the tank, and two snipers in buildings east of the tank
    overlooking the road the tank is on.  Again, a coordinated ambush is the order
    of the day.  Position gunners in cover right beside the bombed-out shell on the
    north side of the road in front of the rubble, ready for a charge.  Get one man
    to the middle of the road carefully, without alerting the hiding Type 99
    gunner, and get to a position where you can snipe/shoot at him without being
    seen by the tank.  Shoot him, and get ready for the rush attack.  You can have
    your trigger man switch to an SMG to cross-fire any chargers who come past the
    rubble.  Once they're dead, use the rubble pile as cover and again use the
    bazooka to destroy the tank and take out the driver.  Objective completed. 
    Once the tank man is dead, use your sniper to creep to the tank's position and
    scan the buildings east of you to take out the two snipers stationed there.
    Send a sniper a short way north, on the west side of the road, and look for a
    sniper in a building on a ridge to the north/northwest of you.  Then,
    consolidate your team and get ready to head north-northeast.  The ridge and
    walls guide the road in a curve around to the east and then north.  Two
    riflemen patrol this area of the road, so proceed carefully, perhaps getting a
    pair of men up onto the ridge without going over and providing high cover.  Go
    around that ridge just until you see where the road continues north.  You will
    be directly south of some bombed-out buildings.  The first one you see has a
    bazooka man in it facing west - he can be sniped from the ridge.  Creep your
    men to the south side of that building and prepare to move north towards the
    last tank.
    There are two more buildings north of the building that housed the bazooka
    soldier.  Each of them has snipers on the top floor, but if you stick close to
    the buildings they won't be any trouble.  You will hear them notice you, but
    they can't sound alarms, so don't worry about them for the moment.  At the
    bazooka man's position you will see some more goodies for your use - another
    Japanese Bazooka and some First Aid Kits.  Gather what you need, then creep
    northward.  Use your sniper to look for a sniper hiding in a building on the
    west side of the road as you proceed north, but stick to the buildings on your
    side of the street.  When you get to a place between the two, creep up the
    rubble pile and into the second story.  This higher vantage point makes a
    perfect ambush position for the last tank position which is just northeast of
    the NE corner of this building.  Get your men inside, on their bellies, then
    creep a sniper to the north side to get a picture of what you're facing - the
    tank is behind some sandbags in front of a church on the north side of the
    road.  An officer and two guards are stationed by the tank, and another one is
    running a patrol path that loops to a point just in front of the building you
    are in.  Get the rest of your men into position like this: a machinegunner in
    the NE corner, able to shoot out the window to the north.  A SMG man south of
    him, facing south, towards the window opening that can be used to get into the
    building from the ground.  The sniper to the west of your machinegunner, also
    facing out to the north.  The fourth man can be at the windows west of the
    sniper, so that he can shoot out the north and also turn and cover the other
    set of southern windows that can be climbed in.  Get into position prone, so
    you don't attract attention, then quickly tab through each man and bring them
    up crouched.  Then use your sniper to snipe out one of the tank guards,
    preferably the officer.  The rest of the guards will charge you, which is where
    your other men will get free cracks at them as they cross the street.  Those
    that manage to live crossing the street will go to the rear of the building and
    try to climb in the same way you did, but if your guards are positioned
    properly you'll take them all out without any trouble.
    Get all of your men out to street level, under cover from the tank.  It's
    behind some sandbags on the north side of the road, but the amount of cover
    there makes dynamite an option if you wish.  Alternately, the bazooka can be
    used as well, but the sandbags may make a good firing angle tricky.  A sniper
    in a building on the south side of the road east of your ambush site makes
    things a bit tricky, as does the sniper that is on the top floor of your ambush
    site.  Furthermore, there are two men stationed/patrolling in a bombed out
    building just down the road east from the tank, and they could cause trouble -
    and even if you take them out the noise is sure to alert the tank's crew.  You
    should definitely clear your way by taking out the infantry first, of course. 
    Set your men to guard against ambush from the north while staying out of the
    tank's view, then creep your sniper to where he can snipe out the snipers.  If
    that didn't alert the north-side guards, creep under cover towards them and
    find the best opportunity to take them out.  Finally, take out the tank any way
    you see fit.  Objective completed.
    The exit zone is just down the road to your east.  There are two more snipers,
    one in a building on the north side of the road, another on the south.  Also,
    there are two Type 100 gunners behind a very large rubble pile in the middle of
    the road.  Stay under cover as you proceed until they attack, then once they're
    dead your way to the exit zone is totally clear - just go east and you'll see
    the magic words.  Mission completed.
    LOCATION: Okinawa, May 1945
    BRIEFING: The islands are falling like dominos, and if we take Okinawa the war
    in the Pacific will be finished. Following your lead, the Marines will be
    assaulting the high ground surrounding Shuri Castle, a 15th century fortress
    and the keystone of the Japanese defenses. While American shelling has reduced
    much of the castle to rubble, the ruins remain well-defended. While the Navy
    pounds the hilltop from air and sea, you are to infiltrate the castle complex,
    disrupt the chain of command, and cripple its defenses. Of particular
    importance are two 150mm guns to the east. When the guns have been silenced,
    find and eliminate the four main officers. That accomplished, make your way to
    the main courtyard in the castle. The Marines will be watching for you.  When
    Shuri falls, so falls Okinawa. Good luck, men.
    - Eliminate Officer #1
    - Eliminate Officer #2
    - Eliminate Officer #3
    - Eliminate Officer #4
    - Destroy Naval gun #1
    - Destroy Naval gun #2
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: Strangely, the opposition in this final mission
    isn't terribly difficult considering the other missions you've completed to get
    to this point.  There is no armor, but clusters of enemy troops at strategic
    points and hidden and not-so-hidden snipers are plentiful.  Still, with careful
    advances and a watchful eye this mission won't be too hard to win - and the
    enemy's greatest strength, the wealth of cover, is also your greatest strength. 
    The best team makeup will be the paired pairs - two snipers and two
    machinegunner/submachine gunners, split into teams with one of each.  Don't
    forget a demolition expert for taking out those guns.
    Synopsis:  You start the mission in a jungle south of the hill the castle is
    on.  You will proceed north through a defended jungle to the road going up the
    hill to the castle, then climb the hill to the castle gates.  From there, you
    will make a complete circle around the castle's exterior perimeter clearing all
    opposition and destroying the guns at the southeast corner, then proceed to the
    exit zone in the inner circle of the castle.
    You start this mission in the middle of a jungle - immedately order your team
    to go prone, then hold.  Split your teams with one sniper and one S/MG man per
    pair.  Send one team to your left as you proceed forward and the other to the
    right.  Send the right team forward first, and scan ahead for the trees to
    clear.  You will see a stone path become apparent once the undergrowth clears,
    and just ahead to the left in the distance you will see two small stone pillars
    about waist-high.  Stop there and look for the sniper in the brush prone and
    just south of those pillars.  Have your teams ready for cross-fire and snipe
    out the sniper - and you will be rushed by two SMG-toting Japanese.  Once they
    are dead bring your sniper forward slowly towards the pillars; there is a
    sniper on the rocks on top of that hill, and a second one on the flat ground
    north of the pillars, before the road curves around the hill.  Look for both of
    them and snipe them out, starting with the hilltop sniper.
    When your teams are at the base of that hill you will see the road ascent to a
    couple of small huts on the hilltop.  The road goes north and then curves
    left/west around the north side of that hill.  Take a sniper forward to look
    around the hill and look for more pillars guarded by two more Type 100 gunners. 
    Put a fire team on the side of the hill to flank them when they charge, then
    snipe them into your ambush.  Once they are dead it is safe to ascend the hill
    from the first road you encountered, the one on the hill's east side.  In the
    open hut is a samurai sword and a package of dynamite.  Gather all your men at
    the foot of the hill on the north side, where the north road descends the hill.
    Creep a sniper down the path west and look for yet another sniper in the brush
    ahead.  Take him out from long range.  Creep farther and you will see a river
    that runs north/south ahead, with a sandbagged Type 99 gunner on the far/west
    side.  Again, take him out.  Next, you will proceed north along this river -
    most of the opposition is on the main path on the east side, but some snipers
    are hidden on the west side as well.  For safety's sake, it's probably best to
    temporarily split your team into a stealth/sniper on the west side of the river
    and the other three on the east.  Take your sniper across the river to the
    sandbag positions and hold there, looking over the sandbags to the north to see
    a sniper and a stationed guard north of you on the west side of the river. 
    Another guard patrols up and down the east-side road, ending his loop beside a
    low stone wall on the east side of the road.  Wait for him to go north, then
    try to quietly position your team to ambush him when he returns, while also
    guarding against a charge from across the river - then, when the patrol man
    returns, use the sniper to snipe out the Japanese sniper and the fire team
    should make short work of everyone else.
    Continue north, after bringing your sniper back to your main team.  After the
    road zigzags a bit you will see it start to curve away from the river near a
    waterfall.  The road continues its curve to the north and starts out a stone
    pathway that ascends the hill.  You should be able to see a stationed guard
    behind a low stone wall that is along the roadside.  Behind him is a tower with
    a sniper in the top.  Far in the distance there is a cliff on the west side of
    the road with a wall along its top, and a sniper just barely in sight on that
    wall.  Out of sight of your approach for the moment is a sandbagged Type 99
    gunner at the base of the sniper tower on the main road.  Your best approach is
    to set for an ambush, snipe out the lower tower's sniper from as long a range
    as possible, and let the stationed guard come forward to get killed - then,
    bring a sniper forward and take out the high-level sniper up the cliff's side
    from behind the wall, and finally use small arms to kill the sandbagged gunner
    from behind the stone wall.  You can then consolidate your position at the
    tower base and go upstairs to get a first aid kit.
    The road ascends from this first tower to the north, to a small plateau with
    two huts on it.  This plateau extends southward on the ridge that is on the
    east side of the road.  A sniper is in some brush on this ridgetop, too far
    back to overlook the road but positioned to flank anyone coming straight up the
    road when they reach the top.  There are three more guards - two sandbagged and
    one patrolling - at the plateau top on the road itself.  A direct approach is
    suicide.  You should pick either side (or both), ascend the hilltops to the
    side, and then advance on higher ground even with the attackers.  Creeping up
    the hillside on the east side may attract that sniper's attention, but you can
    use the ridge as cover from him, and if you're far enough south the guards by
    the shacks won't be any immediate trouble.  Once all four guards are dead,
    creep slowly forward to take cover behind the wall to the east of the road. 
    You should just be able to see the hilltop defenses at the outer perimeter of
    the castle from this point - a sandbagged guard on the west side of the road,
    and a sniper tower on the cliff behind the east-side shack.  Unseen from this
    angle is another guard behind sandbags at the foot of that higher-ground tower,
    and he will charge you if he hears any noise from men trying to sneak up the
    hill.  Again, use your sniper to snipe out the guards - first the sandbagged
    guard, then the tower guard.  Then, set your men at the foot of the eastern
    cliff ready to fire and creep a man up the east side of that cliff.  If the
    guard's attention is attracted your men will take him out, or if you can get up
    quietly you can kill him at close range.  Bring the rest of your men up the
    east side of this cliff.
    At the top you will be able to see how the tower you are behind provides cover
    from the front-gate guards of the castle.  From the sandbag position at the
    base of the tower you should be able to look across the small square outside
    the gate to see a sandbagged gunner position just outside the gate.  Other
    sandbags provide good cover to creep close enough to take him out easily.  A
    second gunner is just behind him behind more sandbags just to the inside of the
    gate, on the other side of the entrance.  Above and behind this second
    sandbagged gunner is another tower with a sniper in the top.  Furthermore, a
    patrolling Type 100 gunner walks a path that covers this outer square, the gate
    itself, and around the sniper tower inside.  Stay alert and creep and you
    should be able to kill all of the gate opposition pretty easily.  To finish
    clearing the entrance, get to the sandbags farther inside the gate, where the
    second gunner was stationed.  You should be able to look past the rubble to the
    north to see two more sandbagged gunners near a large temple entrance to the
    inner sanctum of the fortress.  You can snipe them out easily from here.  Also,
    another sandbaggged gunner is near a wall base that is to the northeast of the
    small shack that is northeast of the main gate.  Circle one side or the other
    to take him out.  The first of the four officers you have to kill is inside the
    tower right by the gate, so throw in a grenade for the least exposure to
    danger, or use fancy footwork and a quick trigger finger.  Objective Completed.
    The compass will follow the objectives in order, thus sending you ping-ponging
    back and forth across the map.  The best course is to pick one direction and
    simply go around the entire outer ring of the base, clearing as you go. 
    Clockwise seems easiest, so we'll go that way.  West from the main gate, near
    the outer wall, is a long hut with a porch along the north side - a Type 99
    gunner is stationed on that porch.  Take him out.  Another patrolling guard
    walks a beat that goes around the west side of the base and down the road you
    are on, so stay alert for him.  Proceed west past the porch building and look
    for the main thoroughfare to turn north.  Some rubble piles are scattered along
    this road, and there is a low stone wall on the west side of the road.  Creep
    to this wall prone, and look over it carefully to the northwest.  You should
    just be able to see a largeish building on the west side of the fortress with
    an officer and two guards near him.  You can use the rubble and the wall to set
    an ambush, and trigger it by sniping from the wall and crouching to cover. 
    They'll all come forward and die like obedient lemmings.  Objective Completed. 
    There is a first aid kit on some boxes to the north of the building the officer
    was near, and there is a sniper on the perimeter wall at the SW corner of the
    fortress, just south of that building.  Clear the sniper, grab the first aid
    kit, and get ready to continue north.
    Continue north by sticking to the outer-perimeter wall.  Go north until you can
    see the grass on your right end.  Across a small empty area is a building to
    your north, and to the east of it is a large courtyard with an officer on the
    extreme north end.  A sniper is in some walled-off brush east of the rubble in
    the road leading to the courtyard, and another gunner patrols the area around
    the officer and around the building.  Your best bet is to set an ambush around
    both sides of the building - creep your men forward one by one ON THEIR BELLIES
    to avoid being seen by both officer and sniper.  Have one man with an SMG guard
    around the back of the building and the rest guard around the front - then
    snipe out the officer and quickly snipe out the sniper after him - the other
    guard will come running but you're ready for him in either direction. 
    Objective Completed.
    A first aid kit is in the top floor of the building you are near.  Claim it if
    you need, then get ready to go down the main thoroughfare that proceeds east
    from the courtyard.  A patrolling rifleman walks an east-west beat on this
    road, so wait for him and take him out, then go down the road.  You will pass
    several small shacks on your north, but save for one stationed Type 100 gunner
    they are unprotected.  That gunner is in the 'U' of the northern of two
    U-shaped buildings that face each other.  To take him out just get a man to
    creep at that pair of buildings from the west side and eitehr bounce a grenade
    or quickly just step around the corner and blast him - you can get yet another
    first aid kit out of the deal.  If you take him out, grab the goodie and join
    the rest of the team on the main thoroughfare and continue east.
    Proceed slowly once you see the interior building end and a small turnoff to
    the south in the southern wall.  There is a sniper in the brush south of this
    turnoff, so creep and snipe, and then continue east.  The main thoroughfare
    turns south here, with a grassy area behind some sandbags on the east side of
    the road.  The rubble pile is being hit periodically with explosives, so don't
    get too close to it.  In that grassy clearing to the east is one sniper and two
    more stationed Type 100 gunners.  You can set an ambush using the wall as cover
    and trigger it with a grenade thrown over the sandbags.  Once those men are
    dead, continue south along the road until you see it open up.  There will be a
    bombed-out building to the east, and the main wall of the inner sanctum to the
    west.  A LARGE crater is in the courtyard between the two, and a type 100
    gunner is stationed in that courtyard.  Another is in the tower just south of
    the large hole in that inner wall.  You should be able to snipe both of them
    from where the road meets the courtyard.  Next, bring your team around to the
    bombed-out building to the east.  Bring a sniper to the corner, looking south,
    and take out the sniper on the outer perimeter wall.  South of this bombed-out
    building is a more intact building near another grassy clearing.  This grassy
    clearing also has guards in it - a sniper south of the intact building and two
    Type 100 gunners in the brush east of the sniper.  There is a crate to use for
    cover as well as the low wall outside of the grass and the wall around the
    porch of the building.  Take out all opposition.
    At this point you can bring one man back to the courtyard near the
    inner-sanctum wall, where you will see a gate through the wall on the south
    edge.  There is a tower at that wall intersection near the passthrough, and the
    last officer is in the top of that tower.  You can creep through the
    passthrough and get into the courtyard south of the tower and snipe through the
    opening, or if he has been alerted he may be creeping along the wall to the
    west, towards some stairs down that are near the main fortress gate.  Use your
    sniper to hunt him down wherever he may be - keep in mind that since he's the
    last-surviving officer the compass will actually be pointing towards him. 
    Objective completed.
    The last objectives are the two main guns that are just to the southeast of the
    bombed-out courtyard.  Gather your men back at the east side of the two
    buildings east of that courtyard and proceed south, carefully.  The guns are
    across a small courtyard to the southeast, and a Type 99 gunner is on the wall
    straight south of the grassy area where you fought the last holdouts.  Snipe
    out the wall guard and have the rest of your men set to ambush the gun guards
    when they charge you.  Once they're all dead, send in the demolition man and
    blow up those guns.  Objectives completed.
    By this time you will have killed everyone on the outer perimeter and all
    that's left is to get to the middle of the inner courtyard.  Head west from the
    guns until you get back to the main gate, then proceed north carefully.  You
    will see that the entrance to the inner courtyard has two openings - a large
    one that you can see two guards through and a smaller one to the left.  You can
    go through either one so long as you're prepared for an attack by those two
    guards.  Once they're dead, move forward into the inner courtyard, watching out
    for one last sniper hidden in a warehouse on the west side of the courtyard. 
    You can hunt him out, let your team's AI take him out, or simply head forward -
    because once you reach the middle of the courtyard it won't matter.  MISSION
    COMPLETED - and congratulations, you've just finished the game!
    --- VI - Cheats ---
    To enable cheats, you must use the Global Talk key (defaults to the
    single-quote key) to enter chat mode, then type 'cheatcheat' to turn cheats on. 
    After cheats are enabled, enter chat mode again and type in the appropriate
    /godmode - God Mode
    /ammo - unlimited ammuntion
    /invis - invisibility
    /fly - fly mode
    --- VII - Disclaimer/Credits/Miscellaneous ---
    All trademarks are property of their respective owners, and no infringement is
    intended in their use in this document.  Thanks to nFusion for creating such a
    great game.
    --- VIII - Version History ---
    v.1.0 - 6/23/03-8/18/03 - Wrote FAQ.
    Copyright 2002-2003 Mark Vignati (aka 'Vic' or 'Lord Vic')

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