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FAQ/Walkthrough by WindShear

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/27/2003


Author: Dave Brine (WindShear)
Contact: davebrine@hotmail.com


Legal Jumbaloo
Version History
General Hints
Side Quests
Vital Statistics
Magic Schools
Arms & Armor
Character Comments
The Guilds
Trading Guide
World Encyclopaedia
A Note About Gods
The Dark Way:
- Chapter 1
- Chapter 2
- Chapter 3
- Chapter 4
The Light Way:
- Chapter 1
- Chapter 2
The Way of the Chosen
- Chapter 1
- Chapter 2

+--Legal Jumbaloo--+

This walkthrough is copyright 2003 by Dave Brine. It may not
be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any other web site
outside of www.gamefaqs.com, and http://dlh.net without my
express permission. It may not be distributed electronically
outside the GameFAQs, and DLH.net web sites.

Spells of Gold is owned by Buka Entertainment.

+--Version history--+

v1.0 Full Walkthrough for Light Way Added, Vital Statistics, Magic School
guide added. Arms/Armor/Magic Items guide added, Character Guide added, trade and
guilds added. Updated assorted sections with further information/updated info.

v0.85 Covers the full walkthrough for the Dark Way, and the
Neutral Way, as well as the first chapter of the Light Way.

+--About this walkthrough--+

I regretfully say that this must be the final version of this walkthrough that I
write, because of the fact that I am now working pretty much full time, as well as
writing a couple of novels. As a result of this fact, I have endeavoured to make
version 1.0 the biggest and best and most comprehensive walkthrough that I can make
it. I have tried to address all the questions that I get on a regular basis via email
as well as a lot of other things. I know that (particularly) the Magic School and
the Skills bit are not all that they could be, but I just haven't had the time to go
through and physically cover everything that there is to cover. My requests for information
to Buka Entertainment as regards several aspects of the game have gone unanswered
WHERE'S THE CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE? This is what it is. If you need to contact me, I
won't refuse to answer your questions, however, I have changed my email address listed.
The sum of what I know about this game has been poured into this walkthrough, and if something
isn't here, it's because I don't know the answer to it.

Apart from that, I have simply stopped playing Spells of Gold, through a lack of time
and changing interests, and my new xbox. Going back and writing this even now has been a
bit of a challenge.

I have put a large number of hours into making this walkthrough, especially the
World Encyclopaedia, and I hope it is useful to people. I wish you all the very best with
this game, and with this Walkthrough.



This may seem like an obvious tip, but as a person who tends to barge into games
without reading the manual, I found myself having to revisit this document.
While there isn't a great deal of background information contained in it,
there is a lot of detailed information about how to survive in the world.


This isn't covered in the manual, regretably, and I blame the developers for this
oversight. I'm not bitter, but it has been the subject of 99.9% of the emails I have
recieved about the game.

In order to buy spells, and thus become a mage, go to a magic school, such as Osgard in
Vayon, and click on the STUDY button. Then push the TAB button to access the available
spells. Click on them to buy them. When you get outside a town, push the S button, select
the spell you want and click on it. To cast a spell, aim at an enemy, and right click on them.
It's as simple as that.


I know this is another fairly obvious tip, but I found it easy to forget.
Because there is no auto-save feature, unlike many other games in this genre, when
you step outside a town, you never know what you might run into. Also because of
the at-times odd combat system, you may find yourself losing large amounts of
health points. Saving often is especially important early in the game, because
you have relatively weak armour, and it is easy to die.


Learn what goods are inexpensive in certain towns, and can be sold for higher
prices in others. Speaking to the merchants in towns will often provide useful
information, about what is cheap, and what will sell well.

Take care that you buy goods that will not deteriorate while you travel. The
best advice is the principle of trading on the stock market: Buy low, sell high.
Although it may only make you a small profit when dealing in small quantities
as you make more money, you will be able to increase your profits.

*** FILL EM UP ***

When you are buying goods to trade, attempt to buy them in multiples of your bag space.
So if a slot holds 8, then you should buy 8, 16, 24, 32 and so on. You may not be
able to empty a shop of their goods, or fill up all your slots, but it is more efficient
this way. If you buy goods in different lots and cities, they will start in a separate
slot. You should attempt to fill as many of your bag slots as you can before travelling
to another world.


Although various types of weapons share the same name, they are made of different
materials, and thus, they have different damage, and durability statistics.
Eventually I hope to write a better description of what are the best materials here.

As a kind of a corrolary to this, the better the quality of the goods, the higher
price they will bring when you sell them. As you progress through the game, some
things will simply not be worth the trouble of picking them up. If you run over your
weight limit, it will force you to walk extremely slow, which is a really big pain
in the butt. This is to be avoided at all costs.


You will quickly learn that despite the small distances on the maps, travelling
takes a very long time to get anywhere useful. As a result of this, buying often
expensive patents to trade or enter towns is relatively pointless. You may well
only get one or two uses out of them before they expire. This especially applies
when you have to travel between worlds in order to trade. The most you will ever
pay for entry is 1000 gold, and this town (Drahale on Orafort) is an extremely
profitable trading town, so you make it back and much more every time you go there
to trade.

Tax-Free patents are an absolute must if you are going to sell your goods in a town
which has a Mayoralty. If a town doesn't have a Mayor, they won't charge you tax,
or demand an entrance fee. You will find yourself in serious debts if you don't get
a tax-free patent especially when doing the Faguery->Orafort->Faguery run. (Explained
in the Trading section)

+--Side Quests--+

At the beginning of the game, your highest priority is making money. This goal
will occupy your time for the first few hours of gaming, and the easiest way to
accomplish this is doing tasks. These minor quests are important to making money,
but do not contribute directly to the main quest. The exception to this rule is

The quests fall under several categories:

* Give Letter/Package to Person X in City Y: This sort is the simplest, and pays
the worst as a result. Very little danger involved, unless you die of a bad cold.

* 'Slightly illegal mission': These pay better than the first kind, and do not
involve very much more work. Usually involving talking to another shopkeeper,
but later they may involve finding a wandering merchant in a town. NOTE: This will
 increase your Dark Karma.

* I've been Robbed: Often involving a long travel to where a certain person has
been robbed, these pay extremely well, and involve killing 3-5 base-level
creatures. To complete these missions, you will have to find a chest that contains
a purse. The danger with these quests is that in the quest log, it does not say
who the purse must be returned to. NOTE: Doing this quest will increase your
White Karma.

* Bandits are threatening the good people of X: Similar to the previous kind,
and paying roughly the same amount, these involve just wiping out a few monsters.
A dialogue box will appear to say that there are no more monsters, and you return
to collect your reward. NOTE: Doing this quest will likely increase your
White Karma.

* Person X from Y is producing some documents: These are given out exclusively
by Mayors of towns, and also the priests. These are a little more involved fetch
and carry quests. You have to go and visit the mentioned person, and then return
to the person who gave you the quest to begin with. THESE PAY EXTREMELY WELL!
The quid pro quo is that they aren't given out too often. A variation on this is
you must go and pick up a business report from another town.

* Person X is waiting for me to tell them the prices in this town. This is a one
way trip, and they tend to pay pretty well.

You are limited to a maximum of 5 quests at a time, and it is advisable to try and
keep your quests on the go at the maximum. Often times people will offer you quests
to cities where you have other quests.

+++ => These are denoted on the map by a skull and crossbones symbol.

+--Vital Statistics--+

Despite the name of this section, it is more like useless statistics that some folks
might be interested in. In the course of my completing the latter 2/3rds of the Light
Way quests, I decided to write down the statistics of what I got when I killed
bandits, opened chests, and so on. Some of the percentages won't add up, but this is
due to my rounding them for the sake of convenience, and the large number of results
I had to sit down and figure out.

I grouped the enemies under a range of categories: Gnomorons, which includes archers,
halberdiers, and normal gnomorons. Dwarves, which includes forest dwarves. Raffels and
Goegres, which I grouped together because they were of a similar ilk. Undead, which
includes Skeletuns, Zombies, those green guys with sticks, and vampires, and chests.
I did not include the Saracens, because I ran out of room, and also I didn't see
enough of them that I actually got something from to justify their own category. Further
to this, Digons and Grendals don't have anything on them, so I left them out.

I'm not entirely certain why I included this section, other than it might help people
to have an idea whether it is worthwhile to tackle a fight with a group of bandits, or
make a run for it. If I leave a category off, it is because no instances of this

* Gnomorons:

Gold: 41% of the time
Rings: 3%
Amulets: 3%
Potions: 8.5%
Weapons: 4.7%
Armour: 8.5%
Nothing: 31%

* Dwarves:

Gold: 28.4% of the time
Rings: 1%
Amulets: 1%
Potions: 12.3%
Weapons: 6.2%
Armour: 11%
Nothing: 40%

* Raffels/Goegres:

Gold: 31.75% of the time
Amulets: 1.6%
Potions: 1.6%
Weapons: 8%
Armour: 13%
Nothing: 44%

* Undead:

Gold: 45% of the time
Potions: 1.7%
Weapons: 1%
Armour: 1.7%
Nothing: 52%

* Chests:

Rings: 8.75% of the time
Amulets: 9.3%
Potions: 28%
Weapons: 27.5%
Armour: 26.25%

I hope this provides some completely useless, yet slightly interesting information.

+--Magic Schools--+

This is an incomplete guide, owing to the fact that lately I just have not had the
time to commit to levelling up my mage level in order to access the higher level spells
and not withstanding the fact that I had already bought some of the spells, so they
do not appear on the following lists. I hope that this gives you a starting point as
to what you can get where. I am uncertain of how much longer I can continue to write
and support this walkthrough.

Andalam -> Allagrem
Geography level 5
Water Blow level 19
Whirlwind level 16

Karagra -> Arax
Magic Flame  level 10
Magic Star Level 14
Fiery Eddie level 9

Self Control --- Maximum Mana increased by %
Monstrology Level
Magic Flame Level 12
Balaor Sphere level 9
Magic Star level 16
Water Blow level 5
Water Ball Level 10
Pure Fire (the most powerful fire spell) level 4

Meditation level 5 student
concentration level 3 probationer
Monstrology level 1 student
Portal Level 1 Experienced
Balaor Sphere level 13
Stone Whirlwind level 1-3
Magic Sling Level 4

Dur Lagard -> Cor-Da-Darg
Repair Level 2 student
Trade Level 3 student
Balaor Sphere Level 16
Magic Sling level 14
Water Blow Level 14
Pure Fire level 17

Might of Silence Level 1
Breath of Chaos Level 1
Balaor Sphere Level 19
Lightning Ball Level 7
Power of Earth Level 13
Whirlwind Level 10

Loarget -> Harashie

Trade Level 1 Student
Monstrology Level 1 Pupil
Speech Student
Magic Star Level 9

Monstrology Level 3 Pupil
Speech Bachelor
Balaor Sphere Level 3
Fire Ball Level 5

Meditation Level 3
Self Control Master
Magic Flame Level 7
Balaor Sphere Level 5
Water Ball Level 1

Sauoth -> Howayre

Monstrology Level 3 Pupil
White Lotus (First Order Magic Spell) Level 6
Water Blow level 17
Pure Fire Level 19
Fireball Level 15

Concentration First Level Experienced
Steel Power Level 5
Thunder Fist Level 5
Rage of Light Level 5
Magic Sword Level 13
Power of Earth Level 16

Fuggy -> Ito

Meditation First Level Probationer
Lightning Ball Level 16 (air spell)
Breath of Chaos Level 10
Power of Earth Level 18
Magic Sling Level 19

Istafue -> Krios

Trade Level 2 Student
Repair Level 2 Student
Fiery Eddie Level 13

Trade Level 5 Student
Monstrology Level 2 Pupil
Rage of Abyss Level 5
Water Blow Level 10

Koharigar -> Labordock

Repair Second Level Student
Magic Flame Level 16
Magic Sling Level 11
Water Ball Level 15
Fiery Eddie Level 18

Trade Fourth Level Aspirant
Magic Flame Level 19
Whirlwind Level 7
Power of Earth 10
Stone Whirlwind Level 10

Monstrology Bachelor
Meditation Second Level Experienced
Trade Fifth Level Aspirant
Steel Power Level 1
Magic Sword Level 1
Lightning Ball Level 4

Ostarlen -> Loresta

Trade Level 2 Aspirant
Monstrology Level 3 Pupil
Storm Fist Level 13
Whirlwind level 19
Stone Whirlwind Level 19
Rage of Abyss Level 18

Ocashet -> Noracan

Magic Sling level 17
Water Ball Level 19

Isht -> Nymshast

Repair Fourth Level Apprentice
Steel Power Level 18
Storm Fist Level 17
Lightning Ball Level 19

Olandiron -> Santeka

Magic Flame Level 8
FireBall Level 15

Balaor Sphere Level 7
Water Ball Level 6
Fiery Eddie Level 5

Water Blow Level 1
Rage of Chaos Level 14
Balaor Sphere level 9
Magic Sling Level 1

Shambutalaf -> Selendien
Pure Fire Level 13
Magic Star Level 15

Repair Fourth Level Student
Stone Whirlwind Level 7
Water Ball Level 18

Concentration Fourth Level Probationer
Lightning Ball Level 1
Whirlwind Level 4
Power of Earth Level 7
Rage of Abyss Level 9

Walleram -> Torsen

Fist of Chaos Level 1
Breath of Chaos Level 6
Stone Whirlwind Level 16
Rage of Abyss Level 14

Trade Third Level Aspirant
Repair First Level Apprentice
Geography Second Level Pathfinder
Power of Balance Level 4
Might of Centuries Level 8
Rage of Chaos Level 4
Fist of Chaos Level 4
Breath of Chaos Level 11
Storm Fist Level 9
Power of Earth Level 18

Meditation Fourth Level Experienced
Geography First Level Ranger
Speech Magister
Portal Second Level Experienced
Literacy Magister
Power of Balance Level 6
Might of Silence Level 12
Rage of Chaos Level 6
Fist of Chaos Level 8
Steel Power Level 9

Osgard -> Vayon

Portal First Level Student
Literacy Pupil
Geography First Level Foot-Passenger
Speech Pupil
Magic Flame Level 1
Magic Star Level 1

Asardy -> Zar-Di-Rinn

Pure Fire Level 9
Fire Ball Level 10
Magic Flame Level 11

Rage of Abyss Level 1
Magic Sling Level 8
Water Ball Level 14

Whirlwind Level 1
Power of Earth Level 1

+--Arms & Armor--+

This is a moderately incomplete guide to some of the arms and armor from the game,
I started to keep lists of every piece of armor I came across, and I have included
those here, but it is by no means a comprehensive list. As I said in the general hints
it is important to take note of the materials which the items are made of, because
even though they might have the same name, they can have vastly different stats. As a
general rule, Gridal, Celenyth, Astrill, Ellesium and Mithril are the best kind of
materials. Although results seem to vary widely.

This applies mainly to early game, but it is important to keep an item in every slot you
have. Try to have a balance between items that restrict various attributes so you don't
lose too much. With magic rings and amulets, when you get a mage-oriented item, you tend to
lose statistics like attack, or damage, so watch out for that. It is my considered opinion
that two handed weapons are pretty much next to useless.(until you get to the stupidly large
damage items, which are only available extremely late) You don't get a whole lot more
damage, and you lose a lot of speed in attacking, and you lose the advantage of having a
shield. Many of the best weapons and items have stupidly (in my opinion) high requirements
which means that you won't be able to use them until late in the game, if at all. To even
recieve many of these items I spent many hours levelling up, even though I was effectively
finished the game. (Instead of going to the last guy, I left and went levelling)

It was my experience, although I never played for more than a few minutes with them, is that
using long range weapons such as bows or crossbows is a wasteful method. Sure you can hit
enemies from far away, but they just don't have the hitting power to make a real difference.
A little segue here, if people are firing arrows at you, try and get another enemy in between
yourself and the arrow-chucker. Their arrows will damage anybody they hit, even if they're
an enemy.


Stoballemma > Celenyth
Damage: 139-160
Attack -2
Durability: 311
Weight: 64.8kgs
Req: Str 75

Double-Bladed Battleaxe > Bronze
Damage: 198-220
Attack -2
Durability: 116
Weight: 16.2kgs
Req: Str 100

Two-Handed Knightly Axe > Gold
Damage: 300-340
Attack -2
Durability: 601
Weight: 38.4kgs
Req: Str 90

Hero Long Sword > Mithril
Damage: 150-162
Durability: 568
Weight: 19.6kgs
Req: Str 45 Dex 35
(one of the best in my books)

Two-Handed Knightly Mace > Ellesium
Damage: 482-524
Durability: 123
Weight: 27.2kgs
Req: Str 103

Narrow Two-Handed Sword > Ellesium
Damage: 83-90
Durability: 51
Weight: 9.6kgs
Req: Str 40

Wood Chopper > Ellesium
Damage: 174-186
Durability: 41
Weight: 11.2
Req: Str 60

Enhanced Two-Handed Battle Sword > Steel
Damage: 180-195
Durability: 340
Weight: 21.6kgs
Req: Str 65

Enhanced Two-Handed Battle Sword > Gold
Damage: 240-260
Durability: 601
Weight: 28.8kgs
Req: Str 65

Two-Handed Knightly Axe > Gridal
DamageL 419-475
Attack -2
Durability: 650
Weight: 61.6kgs
Req: Str 90

Two-Handed Battle Sword > Ellesium
Damage: 167-188
Durability: 82
Weight: 16kgs
Req: Str 55

Two Handed Knightly Axe > Copper
Damage: 150-170
Attack -2
Durability: 100
Weight: 16kgs
Req: Str 90

Long Sword > Ellesium
Damage: 33-37
Durability: 41
Weight: 4.8kgs
Req: Str 17

Plain Mace > Mithril
Damage: 72-92
Durability: 487
Weight: 19.6kgs
Req: Str 28

Katana (Two-Handed) > Mithril
Damage: 162-175
Durability: 649
Weight: 19.6kgs
Req: Str 46 Dex 39

Two-Handed Sword > Gridal
Damage: 145-156
Durability: 455
Weight: 30.8kgs
Req: Str 47

Enhanced Mace > Iron
Damage: 55-64
Durability: 167
Weight: 16kgs
Req: Str 38

Enhanced Crossbow
Damage: 20-28
Attack: 30
Durability: 40
Weight: 8kgs
Req: Str 30 Dex 28

Enhanced Knightly Crossbow
Damage: 60-90
Attack: 70
Durability: 40
Weight: 14kgs
Req: Str 60 Dex 50


Thin Ironclad Armor > Ellesium
Armor: 233-244
Attack -5
Defence -3
Durability: 133
Weight: 19.2kgs
Req: Con 51

Excellent Rhombic Shield
Armor: 30-31
Durability: 90
Weight: 12kgs
Req: Con 40

Enhanced Chainmail > Silver
Armor: 109-113
Durability: 768
Weight: 16kgs
Req: Con 40

Thin Battle Boots > Astrill
Armor: 30-33
Durability: 850
Weight: 31.5kgs
Req: Con (value unknown)

Plated Greaves > Copper
Armor: 30-31
Attack -3
Defence -2
Durability: 170
Weight: 12kgs
Req: Con 51

Left thin Ironclad Armlet > Ellesium
Armor: 59-62
Durability: 133
Weight: 6.4kgs
Req: Str 54

Coarse Ironclad Armor > Iron
Armor: 150-156
Attack -5
Def -3
Durability: 314
Weight: 26kgs
Req: Con 53

Enhanced Chainmail > Astrill
Armor: 170-176
Durability: 1450
Weight: 36kgs
Req: Con 40

Thin Ironclad Greaves > Copper
Armor: 26-27
Attack -4
Defence -2
Durability: 130
Weight: 11kgs
Req: Con 47

Square Shield
Armor: 36-38
Durability: 90
Weight: 13kgs
Req: Con 45

Excellent Battle Boots > Astrill
Armor: 58-61
Durability: 1600
Weight: 36kgs
Req: Str 50

Left Enhanced Chain Armlet > Astrill
Armor: 41-44
Durability: 1450
Weight: 13.5kgs
Req: Str 42

Thin Ironclad Greaves > Gold
Armor: 49-51
Attack -4
Defence -2
Durability: 782
Weight: 26.4kgs

Right thin Ironclad Armlet > Astrill
Armor: 64-67
Durability: 1300
Weight: 16kgs
Req: Str 54

Coarse Full Helm > Iron
Armor: 46-48
Attack -2
Defence -1
Durability: 314
Weight: 14kgs
Req: Con 47

Gnomish Square Shield
Armor: 48-50
Durability: 110
Weight: 11kgs
Req: Con 55

Left thin Ironclad Armlet > Copper
Armor: 23-24
Durability: 130
Weight: 4kgs
Req: Str 54


Minor Amulet of Life >> Life +50
Minor Amulet of Attack >> Attack +5
Minor Amulet of Balaor >> Life + 10, Manna +10, Defence +5
Minor Amulet of Oterion >> Life +10, Attack +5, Defence +5
Minor Amulet of Accuracy >> Attack +10
Minor Amulet of Long Life >> Life +30

Amulet of Life >> Life +60
Amulet of Accuracy >> Attack +20
Amulet of Manna >> Mana +15
Amulet of Health >> Life +15
Amulet of Wizardry >> Manna +60
Amulet of Defence >> Defence +30
Amulet of Magic >> Manna +30
Amulet of Oterion >> Life +15, Attack +10, Defence +10
Amulet of Attack >> Attack +15

Greater Amulet of Life >> Life +70
Greater Amulet of Oterion >> Life +20, Attack +15, Defence +15
Greater Amulet of Defence >> Defence +40
Greater Amulet of Magic >> Manna +40
Greater Amulet of Health >> Life +20
Greater Amulet of Long Life >> Life +45

Great Amulet of Magic >> Manna +100
Great Amulet of Life >> Life +100
Great Amulet of Balaor >> Life +25, Manna +30, Defence +20
Great Amulet of Wizardry >> Manna +70
Great Amulet of Attack >> Attack +50

Ancient Amulet of Balaor >> Life +30, Manna +40, Defence +25
Ancient Amulet of Defence >> Defence +50


Minor Ring of Warriors >> Life +10, Damage +2, Armor +2

Ring of Mages >> Manna +20, Damage -5

Greater Ring of Mages >> Manna +30, Damage -10

Great Ring of Endurance >> Max. Weight +30
Great Ring of Mages >> Manna +40, Damage -15

Magic Ring of Thunder >> Damage +20
Magic Ring of Endurace >> Max. Weight +40
Magic Ring of Warriors >> Life +30, Damage +15, Armor +15

Ancient Ring of Endurance >> Max. Weight +50

+--Character Comments--+

I don't think that it is possible for anybody to play the game the same way over and
over again, and anything I tell you may not be applicable in your game. Instead, I thought
I'd write tidbits here that might help you along the way.

The beauty of this game that I found, when compared to other games is that you can play
all three classes at the same time with relative ease, and they can assist the other aspects
of your play. Even if you are playing as a mage, it is useful to give people a few hits with
a melee weapon before you try and kill them with magic. To gain mage points, all you need to
do is kill the enemy with a spell. It's not expedient to waste manna on trying to take all of
an enemy's health down with spells.

Despite the wide variety of spells available, I found that very few of them were actually
terribly useful. I used a combination of melee attacks, and Magic Flame for quite a while before
I changed to another spell. It doesn't really cost you anything (apart from a few thousand gold
and some student points, both of which were easy to come by) so I recommend you spend some time
trying them out. Spells that do ongoing damage are also good. You don't encounter any enemies
who cast spells at you, which is a little bit of a disappointment in the game. There are a few
Mage-specific items that start to appear as you level up, although there are ridiculously high
requirements to use these, which make them next to useless anyway. They have excellent stats, but
are hard to access.

A note here about spells:  As you level up the spells, you will find some of them become a 'broadside'
i.e. they shoot out 3 fireballs, or water balls, or whatever. You will find these are most effective
if they are cast at about 2 inches (screen-wise) away from the enemy you want to hit. This decreases
the failure of spells, and increases the damage that the enemy will recieve. The situation may dictate
that you need to fire them off at point blank range, but try to avoid it where ever possible.

You will notice that when you level up, or complete certain quests, you are given a number of
Point, which you can assign to different statistics. One annoying aspect of this is that depending
on which Class you earn the points in, the different statistics cost different amounts. It is
good, in that it indicates which of them are important to which classes. However, if you are trying
to meet an item's requirements, it can be incredibly frustrating, especially later in the game.

Important Statistics:

Warrior: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence (to get student points)
Mage: Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution.
Merchant: Charisma.

Those are probably the most important for each class, although you can use points for virtually
anything. To buy the higher level spells and magic skills you will need enormous amounts of student
points, and most of your points from Mage and Merchant levels will be poured into Intelligence. This
is why it is important to balance your levels over the course of the game. As regards Rings/Amulets
as a Mage/Merchant you need to balance your manna gains (which is probably the most important thing
on an item) with health gains and other stats. As a Fighter/Merchant you also need to focus on damage
adding items as well as health, and maximum carrying weight (I had one of my rings as a +50 max weight).
The goods you carry aren't counted in the weight, but by the time you fill up all the slots on your
body, it all starts to add up.

*** Skills ***

There a range of skills that you can learn at the Fighting Schools, and Magic Schools that are littered
around the Worlds. As with the spells, other than the cost of Gold, there is little danger in buying
up as many of the skills as you want to. There are some skills which are passive, and do not need to be
activated, while others need to be activated, and cost Manna points for every second they are active.
Personally, I never used any of these manna-costing skills, and I never had any trouble getting through
the game.

The most useful skills that I found are:

* Trade - You get more space, and more slots in your trade bag. An absolute must-have.
* Geography - Faster travel in between towns.
* Portal - Faster Travel between worlds.
* Martial Arts - Better fighting skills.
* Literacy - More student points.
* Speech - Not exactly sure what this does, it says it increases "Artful Speech" but... ya never know.
* Stamina - Greater carrying weight.
* Athletics
* Sword/Axe/Mace/Bow/Crossbow - Throw some points this way, across a variety of weapons, because it isn't
always possible to use the one class of weapon. Sword & Mace are probably the most useful ones, then Axe.

You need to be up to that level in order to upgrade, so there is a certain order you need to go through
the various fighting schools. It mostly goes along with the order that you gain access to the worlds, and
it's not hard to work out. MONSTROLOGY is an interesting skill, and it shows you how much HP monsters have
what they are resistant to, and lots of other bits and pieces. The practicality is that this information
is pretty much completely useless. It does tell you that enemies go up in level as your level increases,
which is (in my mind) and excuse to only have a small number of enemies in the game, which is kind of sad.

+--The Guilds--+

I have sent requests to the assorted publishers/distributors/developers who are listed in the manual
requesting more information about the guilds, and whether you can get information about your position
in the guild. These have been met with "Please ask Buka" and silence respectively. So here goes.

Depending on which side of the game you are playing (Light or Dark) you have the option to join 3
different guilds (of the five). Dark Mages, Mercenaries, and Trade if you are Dark. White Mages, White
Warriors, and the Trade guild if you are white. They each have their level requirements (in the various
classes) but as long as you meet those, feel free to join as many, or as few as you want to. They don't
appear to make a difference as far as the main quest goes, and the rewards are pretty pathetic, but hey.

I have only gotten to level three in the guilds, and it takes a heck of a lot of doing quests for the
guildmasters in order to get there. The manual points out the different levels, which I have repeated
below for the sake of clarity. I think you may need to be a certain Class level as well, but I could be
wrong with that, I'm just speculating. I can't really see why you would bother trying to gain all the
levels, I think the whole game just isn't long enough to bother with it. A completist might want to go
to the trouble of completing all nine levels, but *shrug*. The early level quests are made up of fetch
and carry missions, where you have to visit another shopkeeper, give them a message, or pick something up
and then return back to base.

1: 0
2: 1000
3: 3000
4: 5000
5: 10000
6: 25000
7: 50000
8: 80000
9: 120000

The Benefits of each of the guilds are roughly the same whether it is Dark or Light. The Warrior/Merc
guild provide a repair service. This is very useful, and will probably cost you less (from paying fees)
than it would for you to repair all of your armor at an armorer. The Mage Guilds train you in the magic
arts. I have no idea what effect this actually has, it doesn't seem to affect your experience. I'm not
overly sure with this. The Trade Guild increases the quality of your goods, which is next to useless if
you follow the advice in the next section and avoid goods that deteriorate over time.

+--Trading Guide--+

The more expensive the item (when the city is selling, not when it's buying) the more money you are likely
to make off a sale. The following items are the best: Mithril and rubies. There are a couple of trade
routes that allow you to take advantage of these. As I said in the general hints, try and fill as many of your
slots with the maximum amount of goods you can. If you run out of goods for sale in a store, just travel around
the world a bit, and when you come back it should have refilled. :P Check other cities on worlds to see if
they also sell the goods you want. It seems like an obvious thing, but always try to sell for more than you
bought the goods for. Some places will offer you less, so unless you absolutely need the money, go find another
place to sell.

*** Early Game ***

I found that one of the best routes on Vayon was to carry as much Cheese, and then Mushrooms from
Torena to Osgart, (Buy a tax patent here and Zyre) and then carry Beer from Toskeryth to Zyre.
Remember: You only pay tax when you SELL goods. Just buy a general trade patent which covers all
the cities on that world, and you should be right. If you can't afford a general patent, just pay
the tax, or get two patents in Osgard and Zyre.

*** Mid-Game ***

I recommend that you carry Mithril from Hagebryn and Hidon on the world of Faguery to the city of Uegrah
on the world of Howayre. Sell your Mithril, and buy all the Rubies you can, and then take them back to
Hagebryn. Rinse and repeat this process and you will make yourself a pretty large amount of money. While
this isn't as profitable as the Late-game trade route, it is the best at this point in time. You need to
be over a certain level to see both of these worlds, but you shouldn't have to worry about having enough
money before this point.

*** Late-Game ***

The best trade route that I have found and heard about is a variation on the Mid-Game route. Basically you
fill up your bags with as much Mithril, and then gold, and then joiners tools as you can fit (in Hagebryn)
and cart them to Drahale on the world of Orafort. Sell everything, and then buy as many rubies as you can
get, and take them back to Hagebryn.

These are by no means the only options, but these are probably the most profitable ones that you can do in
a kind of circuit. You can make an incredible amount of gold using these ones, I ended up with around 20
million gold pieces at the end of it, without a lot of trouble, and as your Trade Skill goes up, so you can
carry more goods, which lets you make even more money.

+--World Encyclopaedia--+

The world of Lokatrienn is made up of a large number of lands, the basics of which
I will cover here. You will find as you gain levels, more lands will become available
for you to visit. Others will be displayed as you get certain quests.


* Allanar
Mayoralty: One-armed Liarat
Inn: Ondier Fanlucky
Shop: Moudly Galandar
Armorer: Master Knowman

Exported: Iron, Wooden Tableware, Caskets, Mirrors, Amber, Sausages.
Imported: Wine, Caviar, Clothes, Textile, Joiners Tools, Mushrooms, Cheese, Kettles.

* Umlenion
Mayoralty: Onaimey Randiher
Shop: Lanirem Dlory
Temple of Enaryth: Holy Ularam
Trade Guild: Chancellor Whitold

Exported: Beads, Silver, Caskets, Jewelry, Beer, Wood, Sausages.
Imported: Caviar, Honey, Silver Tableware, Cheese, Watermelons, Wine, Wool, Medicine.

* Andalam
Inn: Acho Diagran
Alchemist: Namcor Alamah
Magic School: Teacher Ricker
Temple of Tennara: Reverand Oleon


* Rokasax
Inn: Perigan Mutty
Shop: Wimber Hast
Alchemist: Philosopher Zargan
Fighting School: Master Khendu
Temple of Enaryth: Abbot Sagan
White Mages Guild: Chancellor Hordoe

Exported: Mushrooms, Joiners Tools, Caviar, Paints, Musical Instruments, Caskets, Beads,
Imported: Jewelry, Watermelons, Bananas, Wine, Sausages, Crockery, Agricultural Implements,
Raw Cotton, Crystal, Apples.

* Karagra
Inn: Niger Zirakush
Armorer: Arduf the Iron Fist
Alchemist: Zagre the Cripple
Magic School: Mage Orfen

* Arakort
Mayoralty: Harador the Fair
Inn: Harabrith Usterlag
Shop: Fanry Dateseo
Armorer: Rasty Puffel
Alchemist: Urt Olambren
Mercenaries Guild: Chancellor Uregue

Exported: Watermelons, Bananas, Wine, Mirrors, Caviar, Sausages, Baubles, Medicine, Honey
Cheese, Beer, Silver Tableware, Iron Tableware, Bread, Apples, Amber, Eggs.
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Gold, Mithril, Silver.

* Rackanin
Mayoralty: Horio Dagger
Inn: Nirs Arakast
Shop: Kars Adarsar
Trade Guild: Chancellor Houbry

Exported: Jewelry, Iron, Mirrors, Gold, Musical Instruments, Mithril, Beads.
Imported: Watermelons, Bananas, Wine, Mushrooms, Sausages, Cheese, Butter, Honey.


* Urg
Mayoralty: Harabry the Rude
Shop: Rakrast the Sadry
Armorer: Saard Odrigon

Exported: Iron, Gold, Joiners Tools, Iron Tableware, Beads.
Imported: Watermelons, Bananas, Wine, Butter, Cheese, Beer.

* Dur-Lagard
Mayoralty: Kardag Uberon
Shop: Shopkeeper Gruimlarg
Magic School: Shadag the Wizard

Exported: Crockery, Beer, Bread, Meat, Cheese, Agricultural Implements.
Imported: Wine, Watermelons, Bananas, Wooden Tableware, Gold, Honey.


* Laedry
Mayoralty: Dihan Stehano
Shop: Mannigan Tiagly
Armorer: Zegibee the Armorer
Temple of Balaor: Abbot Medaroe
Trade Guild: Chancellor Ohristan

Exported: Tobacco, Mushrooms, Wooden Tableware, Honey, Sausages, Clothes, Apples, Amber.
Imported: Joiners Tools, Agricultural Implements, Wine, Paints, Cheese, Silk, Silver

* Andalabag
Mayoralty: Honourable Grendis
Shop: Krie Heppeyot
Alchemist: Wizard Rostua
Temple of Joella: Abbot Tappir

Exported: Meat, Mushrooms, Clothes, Crockery, Berries, Mithril, Eggs.
Imported: Wine, Watermelons, Bananas, Mirrors, Iron Tableware, Raw Cotton, Silk, Medicine.

* Dielamal
Fighting School: Master Stealsy
Temple of Oterion: Abbot Depassan
White Mages Guild: Chancellor Inorty


* Demanare
Mayoralty: Khrobar Hustaway
Armorer: Master Pustash
Temple of Oterion: Oraway the Divine
White Warriors Guild: Ohane Gadryn
White Mages Guild: Chancellor Zinzuk

* Imgaldu
Mayoralty: Isenmar Akrutah
Inn: Hito Darmali
Shop: Varvie Tadelane
Alchemist: Tukteun the Skillful

Exported: Mushrooms, Wooden Tableware, Honey, Medicine, Berries, Apples.
Imported: Caviar, Mirrors, Wine, Eggs, Gold, Joiners Tools, Agricultural

* Shyen
Mayoralty: Master Rydes
Shop: Larut Oriesong
Fighting School: Master Isenger
Temple of Enaryth: Di Satal

Exported: Iron Tableware, Wool, Mushrooms, Amber.
Imported: Caviar, Mirrors, Wine, Cheese, Bread, Baubles, Beads, Raw Cotton.


* Hagebryn
Mayoralty: Khage Dars
Shop: Dagry the Tradesman
Armorer: Master Dargebas
Temple of Joella: Father Hogel

Exported: Mirrors, Gold, Joiners Tools, Mithril, Silver Tableware,
Iron Tableware, Agricultural Implements, Silver, Crystal.
Imported: Watermelons, Bananas, Grapes, Wine, Iron, Caviar, Sausages, Berries, Bread, Rubies.

* Haarden
Mayoralty: Dagry Shuus
Alchemist: Horby the Black
Dark Mages Guild: Chancellor Duffurey

* Hidon
Mayoralty: Igredor Faregry
Shop: Uganno Loeddie
Temple of Balaor: Dorgan the Hermit

Exported: Iron, Crockery, Baubles, Mithril, Iron Tableware, Wool.
Imported: Bread, Wooden Tableware, Sausages, Meat, Butter, Textile, Silk, Eggs.


* Khartigue
Mayoralty: Larg Udebry
Inn: Dackar Zack
Armorer: Saor the Iron
Fighting School: Master Dobarbod
White Warriors Guild: Chancellor Grafart

Exported: Mushrooms, Eggs, Beer, Mirrors, Honey.
Imported: Wine, Joiners Tools, Butter, Cheese, Tobacco.

* Faastach
Mayoralty: Shamme Daor
Inn: Cheerful Gratt
Shop: Dan Arvener
Armorer: Kharagran the Armorer

Exported: Wine, Mirrors, Mithril
Imported: Caviar, Sausages, Butter, Honey, Meat, Beer.

* Tursuh
Inn: Tahilly the Merryman
Shop: Wein Hagerdy
Armorer: Zagrinn the Armorer
Fighting School: Teacher Zhondey
Temple of Enaryth: Priest Ruhan
Trade Guild: Chancellor Toblit

Exported: Jewelry, Gold, Caviar, Honey, Silver Tableware, Bread.
Imported: Wine, Baubles, Beer, Eggs, Amber.

* Suatgum
Mayoralty: Urgur Toebly
Inn: Noer Ars
Shop: Iengar Tarl
Armorer: Hotrag the Armorer
Alchemist: Norgan the Alchemist
Temple of Balaor: Holy Mietarg

Exported: Clothes, Paints, Kettles, Eggs, Wool.
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Watermelons, Bananas, Grapes, Crystal, Sausages.

* Dagorlack
Mayoralty: Hrothar Oreborg
Inn: Paravo the Hospitable
Shop: Ruther Drobarad
Armorer: Harang the Bull's Horn
Fighting School: Teacher Hraberg
Temple of Tennara: Abbot Varden

Exported: Wood, Wooden Tableware, Iron Tableware, Agricultural Implements,
Caskets, Apples.
Imported: Berries, Caviar, Gold, Crockery, Medicine, Bread, Meat, Sausages,


* Shanton
Mayoralty: Master Chen
Inn: Chzhao Lung
Shop: Stingy Chzhao
Armorer: Dan Shanda
Fighting School: Teacher Khohey
Temple of Oterion: Honorable Zhu

Exported: Mushrooms, Wine, Sausages, Honey, Musical Instruments,
Tobacco, Silk, Crockery.
Imported: Watermelons, Bananas, Grapes, Silver Tableware, Cheese.

* Riugert
Mayoralty: Master Minty Khoe
Inn: Sho Sun Chi
Shop: Store-keeper Honsho
Trade Guild: Chancelor Moe

Exported: Wooden Tableware, Watermelons, Paints, Caskets.
Imported: Honey, Wine, Baubles, Eggs, Bread, Agricultural Implements.

* Loarget
Mayoralty: Mayor Zhuen
Inn: Loe Gebao
Shop: Hoang the Rich
Alchemist: Shao Loang
Magic School: Archmage Jaugun

Exported: Eggs, Medicine, Paints, Wine, Bread, Wooden Tableware.
Imported: Watermelons, Mushrooms, Caviar, Butter, Silver.


* Sauoth
Inn: Dibber Nudak
Magic School: Teacher Khigram
Temple of Oterion: Holy Trehein
Trade Guild: Chancellor Dugreum

* Zarth
Mayoralty: Harul the Elderman
Shop: Hahetur Vistarvie
Fighting School: Master Veckran
Mercenaries Guild: Chancellor Aarein
White Mages Guild: Chancellor Larnador

Exported: Wool, Cheese, Meat, Silver.
Imported: Sausages, Clothes, Caskets, Caviar, Tobacco, Raw Cotton.

* Houmy
Mayoralty: Itobe Ziemod
Inn: Stihoe the Tavern-keeper
Temple of Balaor: Dajar the Wiseman
White Warriors Guild: Chancellor Byrtoe

* Uegrah
Shop: Ortis Bidagal
Armorer: Ristan the Shield
Alchemist: Duengric Igafat
Temple of Joella: Abbot Hajat

Exported: Mirrors, Eggs, Medicine, Wine, Rubies.
Imported: Honey, Silk, Textile, Jewelry, Mithril, Raw Cotton.


* Fuggy
Mayoralty: Sheege Khabo
Shop: Shu Faitan
Armorer: Master Lo Khytoo
Magic School: Teacher Suipoe
Trade Guild: Chancellor Geihon

Exported: Mushrooms, Medicine, Crockery, Wine, Tobacco.
Imported: Beer, Eggs, Caskets, Watermelons, Mithril, Bread, Honey.

* Orason
Inn: Hung Lechjoe
Shop: Hee Chon Ze
Temple of Enaryth: Reverand Hitagee

Exported: Tobacco, Raw Cotton, Watermelons, Wine, Silver Tableware, Musical Instruments.
Imported: Beer, Textile, Wool, Mushrooms, Honey, Sausages, Wooden Tableware, Kettles.

* Theu
Mayoralty: Tai Khi Tui
Shop: Sha Noeng
Alchemist: Pao Lushang
Temple of Oterion: Holy Hun
Mercenaries Guild: Chancellor Wishung

Exported: Mirrors, Mushrooms, Amber, Apples, Joiners Tools, Jewelry, Kettles.
Imported: Musical Instruments, Bread, Gold, Rubies, Crystal, Butter, Caviar.


* Arlis
Mayoralty: Dower Lathapy
Inn: Drobang the Gloomy
Shop: Ryden the Moneybags
Armorer: Igredar Pydle
White Mages Guild: Chancellor Gryen

Exported: Butter, Wool, Iron, Mithril.
Imported: Bread, Wooden Tableware, Wine, Mirrors, Clothes, Watermelons, Bananas.

* Nicksaart
Mayoralty: Perinioe Coolheart
Shop: Sutul Girow
Armorer: Master Uher
Alchemist: Thimoe Andish

Exported: Meat, Sausages, Cheese, Silver, Wool.
Imported: Wine, Beer, Mushrooms, Beads, Caviar, Silk.


* Hissah
Mayoralty: Mhapie Shoefsalakh
Shop: Isf Rakhe
Armorer: Master Estikh
Temple of Enaryth: Khissuy Seo
White Mages Guild: Chancellor Khitao

Exported: Medicine, Paints, Crockery, Watermelons, Wine.
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Butter, Meat, Gold, Silk.

* Sohiis
Mayoralty: Thanisium Oths
Shop: Isshio Vatshie
Inn: Vihdur Hyuship
Alchemist: Healer Khisa
Fighting School: Teacher Fasteuh

Exported: Butter, Wine, Crockery, Kettles, Musical Instrumens, Medicine.
Imported: Jewelry, Mushrooms, Iron, Silver, Beer, Clothes, Berries, Amber.


* Usherta
Mayoralty: Lar Do Faras
Inn: Farakh  Al Garib
Shop: El Darukh
Armorer: Master Vakhane
Alchemist: Mad Omany

Exported: Watermelons, Grapes, Crockery, Wine, Musical Instruments, Beads,
Kettles, Raw Cotton.
Imported: Bananas, Wooden Tableware, Mirrors, Gold, Joiners Tools, Butter,
Honey, Mithril, Silk, Silver.

* Nissufarat
Inn: Mastafa
Shop: Hakiman the Thrifty
Armorer: Vakitaf Elshary
Temple of Tennara: Holy Hagelid

Exported: Watermelons, Bananas, Grapes, Meat, Sausages, Silver, Raw Cotton
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Crockery, Jewelry, Mirrors, Baubles, Agricultural
Implements, Kettles.

* Orazmal
Inn: Rahib Udeiny
Shop: Hakaris Shumey
Armorer: Harsaf the Skillful
Fighting School: Master Khasuf

Exported: Wood, Wooden Tableware, Joiners Tools, Honey, Butter, Beer, Caskets,
Watermelons, Textile.
Imported: Iron, Mirrors, Wine, Sausages, Caviar, Iron Tableware, Bananas.

* Karataf
Inn: Hussein Astarhal
Shop: Saat Fasrah
Armorer: Master Khassatum
Mercenaries Guild: Chancellor Tohyr

Exported: Watermelons, Iron, Joiners Tools, Crockery, Iron Tableware, Bread.
Imported: Mushrooms, Wooden Tableware, Mirrors, Caviar, Sausages, Crystal, Honey.

* Ashgarsal
Shop: Nadge Alefast
Alchemist: Zindar the Wiseman
Temple of Oterion: Dalaisaf Shumar

Exported: Wine, Mirrors, Bananas, Sausages, Medicine, Bread, Silk.
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Baubles, Crockery, Butter, Cheese, Paints, Rubies.


* Istafue
Mayoralty: Sat Monick
Inn: Noy Kael
Shop: Oswald Didal
Armorer: Kamlie the Armorer
Magic School: Teacher Likateer

Exported: Butter, Mushrooms, Cheese, Eggs, Iron Tableware, Bread.
Imported: Jewelry, Bananas, Wine, Clothes, Musical Instrument, Joiners Tools.

* Kalefast
Mayoralty: Iardie Ludanda
Inn: Sat Nelm
Shop: Deaf Assan
Armorer: Yarny the Armorer
Fighting School: Teacher Yerden

Exported: Wood, Wooden Tableware, Sausages, Meat.
Imported: Caviar, Watermelons, Wine, Clothes, Textile, Wood, Beads.

* Ohandick
Mayoralty: Simon Yesty
Shop: Tan Missotow
Alchemist: Vides the Chemist
Temple of Balaor: Abbot Saydy

Exported: Meat, Mirrors, Mushrooms, Wooden Tableware, Beer, Honey.
Imported: Berries, Iron Tableware, Joiners Tools, Watermelons, Bananas, Paints,
Silver Tableware, Textile.

* Rhyist
Inn: Fiast Looke
Shop: Tukan the Calm
Alchemist: Caccie Ulepick
Temple of Enaryth: Abbot Felle
Trade Guild: Chancellor Tessavy
Exported: Medicine, Musical Instruments, Jewelry, Crockery, Sausages, Beer, Cheese.
Imported: Mirrors, Joiners Tools, Watermelons, Apples, Gold, Caskets, Clothes, Crystal.


* Doriurs
Mayoralty: Loo Shaas
Shop: Shopkeeper Moe
Armorer: Master Kho Houl
White Warriors Guild: Chancellor Daolung

Exported: Mushrooms, Crockery, Agricultural Implements, Raw Cotton, Tobacco.
Imported: Bread, Wooden Tableware, Caviar, Honey, Sausages, Amber.

* Dickdehal
Inn: Joe Bee
Shop: Hondas the Honest
Armorer: Armorer Shue
Temple of Enaryth: Holy Fainy

Exported: Wine, Mirrors, Paints, Cheese, Silk.
Imported: Mirrors, Caviar, Beer, Silver Tableware, Tobacco.

* Koharigar
Mayoralty: Shao Chun
Shop: Shye Luen
Alchemist: Tishie Hung
Magic School: Teacher Chee
Temple of Tennara: Abbot Suanjie

Exported: Eggs, Wine, Silk, Silver, Caskets.
Imported: Watermelons, Wooden Tableware, Mirrors, Medicine, Iron Tableware.

* Sunnung
Mayoralty: Labard Urkre
Inn: Towder Okhriman
Shop: Kee Pyton
Armorer: Master Hardblade
Trade Guild: Chancellor Shaolu

Exported: Mushrooms, Crystal, Kettles, Wine, Watermelons, Medicine.
Imported: Mirrors, Meat, Tobacco, Gold, Caviar, Iron Tableware.


* Ostarlen
Inn: Sibar Onhurust
Magic School: Teacher Hierton
Temple of Balaor: Reverand Rahumbur
Temple of Tennara: Holy Landagnon

* Zakatar
Mayoralty: Varan Zarakust
Inn: Hidalg Todian
Shop: Otwistan the Traveler
Armorer: Master Birbasten
Alchemist: Thacken Harbinger

Exported: Mirrors, Wood, Wooden Tableware, Berries, Caskets.
Imported: Wine, Musical Instruments, Grapes, Watermelons, Bananas, Caviar, Paints, Medicine
Cheese, Tobacco.

* Rohest
Shop: Trebold Likhtein
Temple of Joella: Nigref the Pious
Dark Mages Guild: Chancellor Griffelt

Exported: Mirrors, Jewelry, Baubles, Silver Tableware, Rubies, Crystal, Mithril, Iron Tableware
Imported: Mushrooms, Gold, Crockery, Musical Instruments, Butter, Silk, Wool.


* Ocashet
Mayoralty: Hector the Fair
Shop: Paktar Temisten
Magic School: Teacher Falley
Temple of Enaryth: Abbot Matafew

Exported: Mushrooms, Wooden Tableware, Gold, Caviar, Butter, Honey, Bread.
Imported: Wine, Mirrors, Medicine, Sausages, Cheese, Textile.

* Dahour
Shop: Iahert Udagan
Alchemist: Slaven the Alchemist
Temple of Tennara: Nackras the Pious

Exported: Caviar, Mushrooms, Berries, Wool, Bread, Meat, Wooden Tableware.
Imported: Sausages, Iron Tableware, Beads.

* Athan
Mayoralty: Damien the Elderman
Shop: Miser Adrian
Temple of Joella: Abbot Zutta
White Mages Guild: Chancellor Talgort

Exported: Wooden Tableware, Mirrors, Caviar, Butter, Meat, Honey, Bread, Eggs.
Imported: Mushrooms, Sausages, Beer, Crystal, Caskets, Jewelry, Medicine.

* Warrier
Mayoralty: Hordey the Gloomy
Inn: Thodeon Radacat
Shop: Cunning Panfuty
Armorer: Zadroga the Smith
Trade Guild: Chancellor Broadger

Exported: Mushrooms, Wood, Wooden Tableware, Honey, Wool, Eggs, Bread, Meat.
Imported: Wine, Bananas, Mirrors, Baubles, Paints, Agricultural Implements.


* Hadray
Mayoralty: Zur-Al-Harum
Shop: Sufrail Degifat
Fighting School: Master Sitgey
Temple of Enaryth: Holy Hajikerth
White Warriors Guild: Chancellor Khitogey

Exported: Apples, Tobacco, Beads, Raw Cotton, Paints, Sausages.
Imported: Cheese, Caskets, Crystal, Silver Tableware, Mithril, Honey, Mirrors, Rubies.

* Isht
Mayoralty: Tangref Lafarash
Inn: Nickfarat Istambey
Shop: Zilendir Asfahtie
Magic School: Archmage Ziheinur
Temple of Tennara: Holy Atheiny
Exported: Watermelons, Grapes, Beads, Wine, Raw Cotton, Textile, Bread.
Imported: Butter, Honey, Clothes, Wooden Tableware, Mirrors, Silver, Musical Instruments,
Kettles, Crystal.

* Wooka
Alchemist: Sufraol Hezedrum
Temple of Balaor: Hackeyn Raptabey
Temple of Joella: Abbot Shattuf
White Mages Guild: Chancellor Pebtall

* Teishar
Mayoralty: Master Khusniar
Inn: Gur Al Baddah
Shop: Usvah Mahatbie
Armorer: Master Shiakbal
Fighting School: Master Aumkhan

Exported: Watermelons, Bananas, Wine, Grapes, Crockery, Raw Cotton.
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Caviar, Butter, Meat, Amber, Berries.


* Drahale
Mayoralty: Master Jesao
Inn: Khigatomy Ustefy
Shop: Miser Fa Fay
Temple of Joella: Abbot Jen

Exported: Rubies, Jewelry, Meat, Sausages, Medicine, Paints.
Imported: Mithril, Gold, Joiners Tools, Wine, Musical Instruments.

* Fudatoh
Mayoralty: Iteiny Fuggey
Shop: Lee Pyo Hoe
Alchemist: Famailly Chuen
Temple of Balaor: Holy Saosie
White Mage Guild: Chancellor Hungry

Exported: Mirrors, Rubies, Agricultural Implements, Paints, Wool, Wooden Tableware.
Imported: Grapes, Wine, Beer, Gold, Crockery, Beads.

* Zenaor
Temple of Oterion: Abbot Pao
Temple of Enaryth: Holy Haug
Mercenaries Guild: Chancellor Sanjoo
Trade Guild: Chancellor Igoe

* Ohkilly
Shop: Tuihes Otshikoe
Armorer: Master Keuth
Temple of Tennara: Abbot Fah
White Warriors Guild: Chancellor Tigeshie
Dark Mages Guild: Chancellor Degory

Exported: Rubies, Jewelry, Paints, Bananas, Cheese, Iron Tableware, Silk.
Imported: Wine, Watermelons, Bread, Caviar, Joiners Tools, Musical Instruments, Eggs.


* Garagar
Mayoralty: Master Ditelly
Shop: Sangrem Alaprag
Armorer: Master Lithessar
Alchemist: Harsey the Alchemist
Dark Mages Guild: Chancellor Mygraim

Exported: Joiners Tools, Clothes, Beer, Mirrors, Sausages.
Imported: Cheese, Wine, Watermelons, Bananas, Grapes, Wood, Eggs.

* Egrydar
Inn: Aras Tienbald
Shop: Zariman Andantie
Temple of Joella: Priest Othelaf
Mercenaries Guild: Chancellor Raden

Exported: Baubles, Sausages, Eggs, Agricultural Implements, Wooden Tableware, Iron
Imported: Cheese, Mushrooms, Iron, Wood, Bread, Gold, Jewelry.

* Vasgerdy
Shop: Valius Copribuf
Temple of Balaor: Holy Dackram

Exported: Musical Instruments, Mushrooms, Bread.
Imported: Beads, Wood, Iron, Caviar, Tobacco.


* Olandiron
Inn: Velendir the Tavernkeeper
Shop: One-armed Hasaf
Armorer: Uetan the Armorer
Magic School: Teacher Liguryn
Temple of Joella: Abbot Jordan

Exported: Wine, Sausages, Honey, Cheese, Clothes, Tobacco, Textile.
Imported: Wool, Silk, Raw Cotton, Bread, Eggs, Amber.

* Aryeteke
Mayoralty: Halabren the Wise
Inn: Saladan Umaet
Shop: Snadrien Oathe
Armorer: Ralithlick the Armorer
White Mages Guild: Chancellor Nigmare
Trade Guild: Chancellor Muilaran

Exported: Mushrooms, Watermelons, Bananas, Grapes, Wine, Medicine, Silver Tableware,
Apples, Amber.
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Mirrors, Gold, Caviar, Paints, Iron Tableware.

* Datlick
Shop: Miser Akran
Alchemist: Falaer Ladas
Temple of Balaor: Laetan
Dark Mages Guild: Chancellor Uflaran

Exported: Mushrooms, Caskets, Bread, Wooden Tableware, Baubles, Beads, Meat.
Imported: Caviar, Watermelons, Joiners Tools, Crockery, Agricultural Implements, Beer.


* Shambutalaf
Mayoralty: Master Lakaeth
Shop: Kelerby Ukatan
Alchemist: Nackran the Alchemist
Magic School: Teacher Cornby

Exported: Watermelons, Grapes, Apples, Mushrooms, Musical Instruments, Honey,
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Iron Tableware, Agricultural Implements,
Silver Tableware, Mirrors, Baubles, Beer.

* Niumladen
Mayoralty: Midael Halty
Inn: Koen Dalagremm
Shop: Likein Okament
Armorer: Master Balavest
Alchemist: Feus Veleity

Exported: Wooden Tableware, Wine, Bananas, Medicine, Meat, Tobacco, Berries.
Imported: Jewelry, Silk, Beads, Bread, Wool, Raw Cotton, Mushrooms.

* Adarvital
Mayoralty: Roedell the Wiseman
Inn: Raet Orudann
Shop: Ulaf Lamian
Fighting School: Teacher Dackliten

Exported: Musical Instruments, Bananas, Wine, Butter, Apples.
Imported: Iron Tableware, Wooden Tableware, Baubles, Mushrooms, Mirrors,
Silver, Caviar.


* Uldstan
Inn: Ragmas Tapic
Shop: Omdurat the Careful
Armorer: Drohan Zashestan

Exported: Cheese, Meat, Iron Tableware, Wool, Eggs, Bread.
Imported: Medicine, Agricultural Implements, Crockery, Beads, Watermelons, Bananas,

* Walleram
Mayoralty: Munro Laodot
Magic School: Teacher Herbras
Temple of Balaor: Archmagister Salrion

* Foherst
Mayoralty: Pathelion Oney
Shop: Toor Shavuger
Alchemist: Mousten Sutsey
Temple of Enaryth: Reverand Hustaw
Head Branch - Dark Mages Guild: Chancellor Nedric


* Toroofu
Mayoralty: Seyto Tsee
Shop: Zynan the Shopkeeper
Temple of Oterion: Mo Fey Tah

Exported: Beads, Amber, Mithril, Silk, Bread, Tobacco.
Imported: Mirrors, Caskets, Silver, Gold, Cheese, Butter, Beer.

* Menatyeth
Armorer: Master Heragy
Inn: Sitteysu Mukagarry
Shop: Respectable Mu
Mercenaries Guild: Chancellor Fitchy
Dark Mages Guild: Chancellor Hebeido

Exported: Wine, Iron Tableware, Kettles, Silver Tableware, Mushrooms, Silk.
Imported: Textile, Berries, Watermelons, Mirrors, Caviar, Honey, Musical Instrument.

* Zorfinoor
Mayoralty: Tiherdy Utusekah
Shop: Toy Fansoe
Alchemist: Shisao Tang
Temple of Enaryth: Holy Nijhu
Trade Guild: Chancellor Hogey

Exported: Wine, Joiners Tools, Silver Tableware, Baubles.
Imported: Textile, Clothes, Mirrors, Mushrooms, Meat, Raw Cotton, Crystal.


* Zyre: The starting town.
Mayoralty: Kort Astara
Shop: Lame Akrilot
Armorer: Ereghard

Exported: Bread, Grapes, Apples, Bananas, Wood.
Imported: Joiner's Tools, Crockery, Beer, Meat.

* Toskeryth
Mayoralty: Master Gu Sharot
Inn: Dorian Trey
Shop: Montie the Miser
Armorer: Bighammer the Armorer
Fighting School: Master Shanger
Temple of Oterion: Saint Hogard

Exported: Beer, Wood, Sausages, Bananas, Meat, Berries, Bread.
Imported: Wine, Joiner's Tools, Watermelons, Mirrors, Textiles, Apples.

* Osgart
Mayoralty: Daro Howf
Inn: Humbard Sensy
Shop: Horien Gansie
Magic School: Teacher Rindree
Temple of Balaor: Priest Grayer

Exported: Watermelons, Grapes, Wine, Bananas, Mirrors, Joiner's Tools, Meat,
Apples, Bread.
Imported: Mushrooms, Wood, Wooden Tableware, Gold, Sausages, Crockery, Agricultural
Implements, Cheese, Berries.

* Torena
Inn: Drastin Nerry
Shop: Driers Torden
Alchemist: Tario the Alchemist

Exported: Crockery, Butter, Berries, Cheese, Bread, Mushrooms.
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Wine, Meat, Sausages, Beer, Honey.

*** The following towns appear on the map when you complete the first chapter ***

* Lakerioth
Mayoralty: Honourable Shuutee
Inn: Uembly Hart
Shop: Corty Shommer

Exported: Grapes Honey Iron Beer
Imported: Meat Agricultural Implements Medicine Berries Wood

* Shogort
Mayoralty: La Grann
Shop: Zertinger
Alchemist: Haroyo
Temple of Tennara: Holy Hoerdo

Exported: Medicine, Mushrooms, Gold, Wood, Wooden Tableware
Imported: Wine, Meat, Bread, Beer, Bananas.

* Taklack
Mayoralty: Rat Shaart
Inn: Old Sidgard
Shop: Karsen Tan
Armorer: Horier the Armorer
Fighting School: Teacher Hishart

Exported: Bananas, Grapes, Wine, Iron, Wooden Tableware, Meat, Beer.
Imported: Mushrooms, Mirrors, Honey, Clothes, Crockery, Beads.


* Tyergard
Inn: Haerly Hom
Shop: Sart Kastaran
Alchemist: Fandor the Alchemist
Temple of Joella: Priest Ulaf
Mercenaries Guild: Chancellor Orahen
Trade Guild: Chancellor Cenar

Exported: Bananas, Mirrors, Joiners Tools, Medicine, Meat, Textile.
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Wine, Baubles, Beer, Rubies.

* Zishandie
Mayoralty: Honorable Roger
Inn: Salay Kosh
Shop: Fartain the Shopkeeper
Alchemist: Dorhan Shary
Temple of Balaor: Dorger Uberdarg

Exported: Watermelons, Grapes, Wooden Tableware, Sausages, Medicine, Iron Tableware,
Bread, Silk, Caskets.
Imported: Mushrooms, Jewelry, Mirrors, Baubles, Musical Instruments, Silver Tableware,

* Xardest
Inn: Castor Tereshal
Shop: One-legged Hodrie
Armorer: Karr the Armorer
Fighting School: Teacher Nedos
Temple of Oterion: Pastor Ngor
White Warriors Guild: Chancellor Dorger

Exported: Crockery, Jewelry, Wine, Bread, Apples, Raw Cotton.
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Mirrors, Caviar, Sausages, Musical Instruments, Crystal,


* Asardy
Inn: Varyo the Silent
Shop: Zackry Shust
Armorer: Uthembo the Big
Fighting School: Master Loherdo
Magic School: Teacher Grao

Exported: Wooden Tableware, Jewelry, Amber, Mushrooms, Agricultural Implements,
Musical Instruments, Mirrors, Apples, Bread.
Imported: Wine, Crockery, Sausages, Caviar, Beer, Gold, Silver, Butter, Beads,

* Lasguerd
Mayoralty: Fagert the White
Inn: Zigurt the Hospitable
Shop: Nagavar Lasguerd
Armorer: Master Kaleb
Temple of Tennara: Sarafat the Pious

Exported: Joiners Tools, Sausages, Medicine, Silver Tableware, Paints, Amber.
Imported: Wine, Jewely, Eggs, Beer, Caskets, Silk, Caviar, Musical Instruments.

* Sagart
Mayoralty: Master Fierly
Shop: Rollin the Honest
Armorer: Master Olamberg

Exported: Mushrooms, Iron, Iron Tableware, Eggs, Honey, Medicine.
Imported: Wooden Tableware, Beer, Meat, Clothes.

* Zaragrith
Mayoralty: Master Faraf
Inn: Roo Kardas
Shop: Torick Dower
Alchemist: Hort Varas
Fighting School: Teacher Krigoe
Trade Guild: Chancelor Landor

Exported: Meat, Sausages, Wooden Tableware, Wood, Honey, Bread, Beer, Wool.
Imported: Mushrooms, Cheese, Crockery, Wine, Medicine, Joiners Tools, Eggs,

* Zederlas
Mayoralty: Radazarg
Inn: Dagry Umbel
Shop: Ree Ween
Armorer: Master Huravast
Dark Mages Guild: Renoh Ushebtoo

Exported: Wool, Meat, Butter, Mushrooms, Gold, Silver, Textile, Clothes.
Imported: Wine, Grapes, Bananas, Sausages, Eggs, Mithril, Wooden Tableware,
Iron Tableware, Jewelry, Baubles, Medicine.

* Dorigan
Mayoralty: Rendal Thal
Inn: Little Ridger
Shop: Gloomy Drunny
Armorer: Sharp Blade

Exported: Iron, Jewelry, Joiners Tools, Baubles, Wood, Iron Tableware.
Imported: Wine, Wooden Tableware, Sausages, Caviar, Crockery, Cheese, Silver, Eggs.

+--A Note About Gods--+

For the first chapter or so, you will only encounter Priests of the Gods Oterian
(God of Fighters) and Balaor (God of Mages). Whichever path you choose, you would
do well to make regular visits to the temples of these deities. I'm not entirely
sure what praying to these Gods actually do, apart from win their favour, and
irritate the other deities. I suppose it is important, and can't hurt to try.
Praying to a god that is successful, and if they're happy with you they'll give
you some healing.

You can study various prayers, which will give you various kinds of assistance
in battle, such as healing, extra manna, upgrades and so on. To do this you require
Grace points, which are gained by donating money (relatively small amounts) and
you need to pray regularly at the temple. The different gods grant different powers
which are useful for their respective classes. Don't let me stop you using these,
but it seems like more of a pain in the butt than anything else. When you pray to
one god, you piss off other ones. I never really worried about it.

+--The Dark Way--+

+--Chapter 1--+

NOTE: Because all the encounters (apart from certain fixed events) are entirely
random, it is not possible for me to specifically say who to talk to.

*** The Mystery of Vayon ***

Your goal here is two fold, to gain 50 Karma Points (whether in Dark or White), and
to solve the mystery of why you can no longer travel to other realms (other than
Vayon). To do this, you will need to complete quests, kill people, and raise
10500 gold pieces.

When you start off in Zyre, you need to make a decision, firstly whether you will
play the role of a Mage, or that of a fighter, and whether you wish to be Good or
Evil. For the purposes of this section of the walkthrough, I will use the example
of a Evil Fighter. I found it easier to fall into the Dark Path almost by accident.

Once you have attained 50 Karma points, you will be approached by a merchant (I
gather from the two times I've done this part that it is in the next town you
enter) who initiates a cut-scene that tells you of the mystery of Vayon. You are
charged with finding out more information about this mystery, but are given no
direction as to where to look.

To proceed, simply ask the nearest shopkeeper (under Talk, Quests) about The Mystery
of Vayon. For a small fee of 500gp, they will tell you that a random shopkeeper will
be able to tell you the answer to the mystery. I have tried this several times and it
has come up with a different person each time, which leads me to this conclusion.

I found that one of the best routes on Vayon was to carry as much Cheese, and then Mushrooms from
Torena to Osgart, (Buy a tax patent here and Zyre) and then carry Beer from Toskeryth to Zyre. You
can repeat this process as many times as is required. Remember: You only pay tax when you SELL goods
so it is only necessary to buy two patents.

I recommend that you study in Speech, at least at a basic level. This can be done at
the Mage School. By having this skill you can get your 10000gp back from the person
who gives you the information about The Teacher. The person complains about it, but
their attitude towards you doesn't change. The gist of what he tells you is that long
ago some great evil deed was done that caused the Gods to close off the portal in Vayon.

He also begins the next part of the quest, called The Teacher.

*** The Teacher ***

In a random city, when you enter, you will be approached by a merchant with a
question mark floating above his head. He tells you that, for a price, he will tell
you more information about The Teacher. His price is either: 50000gp, or killing a
former business partner of his. I opted to kill his business partner, because I didn't
have 50000gp, and I thought it was going to be easier. He marks the place on your map.

When you get to the place where you have to kill the man, he will tell you
that the man who hired you is a bad man, and begs you not to kill him. I tried this
option, but when I returned to Torena, the other man was nowhere in sight. Since I
was playing as a Evil person, this didn't worry me particularly, but if you are
playing the Light Way, then do the alternative below.

The man is a pushover, even at low level. When the deed is done return to Torena and
talk to the man. I do confess a sense of irony about how the evil deed that closed
the portal in the first place, can be solved by further evil deeds.

The man who hired you informs, gleefully, that you killed a man who tried to become
richer than he was. He thanks you, and tells you to go and visit a random shop
keeper who was a former student of The Teacher.

Go and visit the shopkeeper, and he tells you of Haurid the Great Dark Teacher. He
says that Haurid may not take you as his student, but that isn't his problem.

NOTE: You must be level 4 or above in either Fighter, or Mage to be accepted by

*** The Dark Way ***

When you are above level 4 travel to the place marked Haurid on your map, and talk to
the guy walking around the area. He will tell you that he needs to cast a spell to
right the wrong, and for this you will need to collect the energies from three types
of being. Basically it involves killing a Human, an animal (or beast) and a non-human.

He gives you them as separate miniquests, sending you across the land to places marked
with a skull & crossbones. The battles are 1 on 1 and aren't terribly difficult by this
point (Since you have to be level 4 to get to this stage).  When you have completed the
three quests, he says he needs a few days to cast the spell. Go visit your nearest town
and then come back, and he will be done. When you look at your map next, you will see a
new icon called Portal, which is the doorway to the rest of the world. Also mysteriously
there are a slew of new towns that didn't appear on your map before. (How odd - ed)

Endnote: There is no clear chapters in this game, so I have divided them up into the parts
for the sake of clarity. What you do from here is really up to you. I wandered around a
few of the different worlds, looking around, trading a lot, getting some better weapons
and armour. Although you travel around the world, the creatures are much the same, and
the weapons really don't get much better until you wander far away.

Allegedly there are over 25 lands on Lokatrienn, but at this point there are only 12
that are available to visit. Each of the different lands has its own style of towns
and climate, but this really doesn't affect you. The better trading lands are ones with
lots of cities, and the better quest/money making ones are ones with few cities, like
Harashie for instance.

It wasn't immediately clear what the next step in the game is, and to be honest, I
stumbled across the answer more by accident than by design. I had been trading/questing
on and off around the place when I decided that I should try asking about my main
quest. It so happened that the shop I chose was the one I needed to visit. I have not
had time to verify the following steps with my second character, but if it differs for
you, please let me know.

+--Chapter 2--+

When you are ready to proceed, visit the land of Zar-Di-Rinn, on the far eastern edge
of the world map. Travel to the city of Lasguerd, and ask Master Kaleb the Armorer
about the Dark Way. He will inform you (for 2000gp) that you should ask in the land of

Finish up whatever you need to do here, and then travel to Harashie, and visit Shanton
and talk to Dan Shanda the Armorer (there seems to be a theme going here) and he will
tell you that Minty Khoe in Riugert can help you. Visit Minty, and he will ask that in
return for his help along the way, you must retrieve a precious item called the Book
of Gones. He tells you that if he knew where it was, then he'd fetch it himself (he must
be one of the more motivated of the shopkeepers in Lokatrienn). In short, he wants you
to wander all over the world looking for it.

By chance the next land that I went looking on was Gore, which happened to be the right
land that I was looking for. In the city of Fastaach, the innkeeper (Cheerful Gratt)
will tell you about a man to ask about the book in the land of Labordock.

On Labordock, in the city of Sunnung, the innkeeper (Towder Okhriman) tells you that
Shopkeeper Moe in Doriurs has the book of Gones. Go see him, he will sell it to you,
for a small fee. 100000gp (ouch!) By this stage if you have been wheeling and dealing
enough, this should be pittance for you.

Return to Harashie and give the book to Minty Khoe (in Riugert) will initiate a new
cutscreen that explains the origins of the Seven Dark Mages, and the difference
between the White (weak) mages, and the Dark (powerful) mages. For the sake of brevity
I won't try to summarize it here. (this is the quick and nasty version after all) But
he informs you that you need to go and ask about Ialetzet in the land of Cor-Da-Darg.

The goose chase continues.

Ask in Urg about Ialetzet, and one of the shopkeepers tells you that Ialetzet is in the
other city. When you get there, there is a man in a white robe walking around with a
question mark over his head. Talk to him, and you will discover that he is an amnesiac
and you need to find a way to restore his memory. Ask at a nearby shopkeeper and they
will tell you to ask at a black mages guild. Personally, I asked at the guild in Zederlas
on Zar-Di-Rinn, and the chancellor said he would tell me for 40,000gp. I bartered him
down to 10,000gp (phew). He then informed me of the crazy alchemist on `, who
might have a solution.

I travelled to Howayre, and in the town of Houmy, the Mayor Itobe Ziemod told me that the
Crazy Alchemist was in Zarth. Some people will know what you are looking for, others won't.
The person/town here appears to be random. In Zarth you will be met by a man with a ?
above his head, the crazy alchemist. He says that he wants you to fetch a book for him, the
exact details of this quest I can't remember, but it wasn't terribly difficult. Once you get
it, he will make the memory potion, for you to restore Ialetzet with. Return to Cor-Da-Darg.

SIDE NOTE: The Crazy Alchemist will likely tell you about The Way of The Chosen, which is
basically the Neutral option to play the game. Unfortunately, you need to be at least
level 16, and your black and white karma cannot be more than 40 points apart. To continue
with this path, you need to travel to Dorselhas. Talk to a shopkeeper in Imgulda, and he
says to talk to Master Pushtash in Demanare, who informs you of the above information.

+--Chapter 3--+

When you give the memory potion to Ialetzet, he will initiate another cut screen, and he
tells you of the battle between Order and Chaos, and Balance, and about the black portal.
I didn't really catch all of this, and I don't want to spoil it for you. He says that six
of the seven black mages left the world, except him. He was supposed to co-ordinate things,
but instead, he lost his memory. The other mages were Ziggurat, Maohrey, Tittelam, Iashty,
Hathetar, and Uruhtas.

He tells you that you need to fetch the six items which bind the mages to this world. (funny
how saving the world involves fetch and carry missions) The first item is ZIGGURAT'S STAFF,
and it is located somewhere on Zar-Di-Rinn. Go there, and ask around, I found a shopkeeper
in Asardy who told me that Master Fierly in Sagart has an odd staff in his collection.
Fierly wants the True Amulet of Oterion, and you are to search the Alchemists of the world
to find it.

It took me a long time to find this, mainly because I got distracted, and I came across it
by accident on the world of Krios. Several of the alchmists on this world have them, and
they'll set you back a cool 150,000gp. (OUCH) Return the amulet to Fierly, and he gives
you the ZIGGURAT'S STAFF. Return it to Ialetzet for 20,000gp reward.

He informs you that you need to find MAOHREY'S SHOES, on Kaastis. After asking around, I
found that the Mayor in Arlis told me that Sutul Girow in Nicksaart has his shoes. For a
measly sum of 500,000gp, he sold them to me. Return to Ialetzet, who is suitable ungreat
ful, and gives you a 50,000gp reward.

Next you will need to find TITTELAM'S RING somewhere on Torsen.

I asked Reverend Hustas in Foherst about it, and he told me that a random person in Walleram
has the ring. This person tells you that he will give it to you provided you clean out three
lots of undead monsters. (6-8 monsters per location) Once you have polished off these
enemies, he gives you the ring. Return it to Ialetzet when you are ready to continue, and
he will reward you with 75,000gp.

Next he sends you to find HATHETAR'S CUP, on Khohishiss. A shopkeeper in a city (it doesn't
matter which one you go to, they will always direct you to another city) tells you to visit
Isf Rihke who tells you that he needs you to pay off a debt. The person owed money informs
you that the debt is for 300,000gp, but oddly, when I said I would pay it, my gold did not
decrease at all. How odd. Return to Isf and he gives you the cup, and Ialetzet will reward
you with 100,000gp.

Next you must find IASHTU'S NECKLACE on the world of Ito. Hee Chon Ze in Orason wants you to
avenge his brother's murder, and in return he will give you the Necklace. Go to the spot on
the map that he indicates, and kill all of the enemies there, and return to Hee Chon Ze to
claim your reward. Take the necklace back to Ialetzet for 150,000gp reward.

Finally, the last item you must retrieve is URUHTAS' PIPE on Orafort. Khigatormy Ustefy in
Drahale will tell you that Iteiny Fuggey has a strange pipe in his possession. Visit Fudatoh,
and go see the mayor. Iteiny tells you that he doesn't smoke, and so the pipe is no good to
him, and hands it over for free. Return to Ialetzet, and he rewards you. He tells you that he
needs to concentrate in order for the spell to work. He tells you to come back in a while. Go
visit another city, or do some trading, and return to him.

+--Chapter 4--+

NOTE: I suggest you save at this point, as once you do the last series of quests, there is
no going back. If you are high enough level with the karma levels to do the Way of the
Chosen, and want to do so, I suggest you make a separate save, as going down this path
requires you to abandon all other paths. Make and Keep separate saves, and go back to the
Way of the Chosen later.

He tells you that the spell did not work for some reason, and that he needs to unite the
six mages, by attaching something to them. He tells you that you need to visit the newly-opened
world of Eterniel, which is in the middle of the world map. First he tells you to find Ziggurat.
When you get to Eterniel, there is nothing there except an icon called Ziggurat, so click on it.
 You will find yourself in the middle of a forest, filled with sign posts, all of them
labelled Town Gate. There is no particular method to this madness, so just click on every one
you see until you get transported to the next area. It is important to take note of which
signpost brought you there, because sometimes it is randomized (to go back to the portal)
sometimes it isn't. In the next area you will meet Ziggurat, who is a little truculent, but
when he hears about Ialetzet, he agrees. Return to Ialetzet.

Next he tells you to visit Maohrey, which is basically the same process as for Ziggurat, except
for Maohrey. The same applies to Tittelam, Hathetar, Uruhtas, and Iashtu. I think there is a bug
which mixes the last two up, but don't quote me on it. When you return to Ialetzet after rescuing
Iashtu, he initiates the final cutscene (if that's what you call a window of scrolling text).
After the last cutscene, it shows the credits, and sends you to the main menu.

+--The Light Way--+

Your initial goal is similar in nature to the Dark Path, that is, to find out about the Mystery of
Vayon, but from there things take a slight twist. You will need to earn at best 35,500gp and at
worst 45,500. (depending on what choices you make) Unlike the Dark Path, you only need to earn
around 40 White Karma Points. Your ultimate goal in this quest is to reunite the world of Lokatrienn,
which had been split apart in an event called the Cleavage, which split the world long ago.

The basic principle with keeping good Karma is: If you help someone, you get good Karma points, if
you do something illegal, or kill a person (merchant etc) you get Black Karma points. Killing
Monsters makes no difference whatsoever.

As I discovered in an unfortunate crash, every time you initiate a conversation with someone, it
generates a random person for you to go and visit. As a result of this, I can direct you who to ask,
but from there it's impossible.

+--Chapter 1--+

You will be approached by a merchant in one of the cities once you have your 40 Karma points, and he
will tell you about the Mystery of Vayon. Keep asking the shopkeepers and someone will tell you about
the next person to talk to. If you keep asking people, they still ask for 500gp, but you only need
to ask once. Talk to the person you get directed to, and he asks for 10,000gp in return for his
telling you about the Mystery of Vayon. He tells you that you need to find out about the Teacher.
If you really want the gold, and don't mind a slight Karma hit, you can demand your 10,000gp back from
this guy, but I thought it was a bit mean since he said he wanted to buy a healing potion for his wife.
Poor feller.

In a random city, you will be met by a merchant (with a ? floating above his head) who says he knows
the teacher, and will tell you if you deal with a former friend of his. I asked if there was another
way, other than killing him, and he said that if I paid him 50,000gp, which I did not have. The place
is marked on the map where you need to go, so when you're ready, go off to find him. The merchant
begs you to save his life, and tells you that the first man is an evil, greedy man. Spare his life,
and he rewards you with 5 Merchant Points. The man who told you to kill this guy is now gone, but
all is not lost. To find  out about the teacher, ask around in the shopkeepers, and someone will
tell you that a certain person was a former student of The Teacher.

Visit the mentioned shopkeeper, and he will tell you of Eligur, the White Teacher, and places a marker
on the map labelled Eligur. Eligur does not appear to have a level requirement to take you as his
student, but I was level 2 Fighter/Level 4 Merchant.

When you visit Eligur, he says that there is a good man that is having trouble, and needs some help.
He directs you to visit a random person. When you visit that person, they say they need 35,000gp to
help research this item. Trade and quest away in order to raise the cash. If you kept the 10,000gp
from the earlier quest, this is a good start.

I found that one of the best routes on Vayon was to carry as much Cheese, and then Mushrooms from
Torena to Osgart, (Buy a tax patent here and Zyre) and then carry Beer from Toskeryth to Zyre. You
can repeat this process as many times as is required. Remember: You only pay tax when you SELL goods
so it is only necessary to buy two patents. Using this process (even beginning from a low amount) it
should not take too long to raise the 35k.

When you have 35,000 to spare, return to the guy in need, and give him the money. He will tell you to
return to Eligur, who gives you a potion that increases Strength and Intelligence. (this is Automatic)

He tells you that you need to put to rest some evil spirits in a nearby graveyard. It isn't too
difficult, and involves bumping off 8-10 various undead. He gives you 5 warrior points as a reward.

Then he explains about Sandar the Wise, a light wizard, and his evil student Dakatar who wanted to
use Chaos magic. Sandar survived Dakatar's vicious attack when Dakatar tried to kill him. Sandar
confronted Dakatar, and the resulting explosion sealed off the Vayon gate to Lokatrienn. To open the
gate again, you need to find the "Amulet of Sandar" (the Wise) somewhere in the world.

Dorien Trey in Toskeryth tells you that Tario in Torena has it. (These could be randomised though) Tario
(or whoever) requires you to prove yourself worthy by killing some beasts. The beasts are about 8-10
Digons, which may be a little tough, depending on your level, so make sure you have plenty of potions.
Return to the guy to get the Amulet, and then return to Eligur.

Next you need to retrieve the "Bloodstained Wizard's Book". Eligur marks the location on the map. It is
guarded by about 15 undead nasties. Try to keep moving in this fight, and avoid getting trapped in a
group of enemies. Common sense really, but especially true here. Get the book from the chest when they're
all dead, and return to Eligur. He gives you Warrior and Mage points as a reward, and opens the portal
to Lokatrienn, and also reveals more cities in Vayon.

+--Chapter 2--+

Spend time exploring the world that you can see, and when you want to proceed, go to Santeka, to the
city of Olandiron, and talk to Velendir the Tavern Keeper. He tells you to go visit Saladan Umaet in
Aryeteke at the Golden Lion. This man tells you that the Light Way is the way that every good man
should follow. You need to prove that you are a good man, by finding Saladan's brother, he tells you
that you need to look for him on the world of Faguery. If you can't see Faguery yet, you need to get
to level 6 in one of the professions.

Once you can access Faguery, ask Dagry the Tradesman in Hagebryn about the Merchant of Santeka. He tells
you to ask around on the world of Noracan. Abbot Matafew in Ocashet directs you to Jahert Udakan in Dahour
(could be random) who tells you that he hasn't seen the Merchant in a long time, and he says that the
Merchant was going to the world of Arax. Furthermore he asks you if you can help him, say yes, this is
important. He says that the Dark Way followers are causing evil spirits to appear, and they need to be
destroyed. He marks the place on your map. There's about 6-8 assorted undead there, not too tough. Return
to the guy when you're done, and he rewards you with a potion called Flyagaric Extract. It will come in
handy later.

In Rokasax on Arax, ask Chancellor Hordue about the Merchant, and he tells you to ask Fanry Datesco in
Arakort. He asks you to take care of some bandits that are threatening the township. There's 8-10 of them
there, a pushover. He tells you that the merchant is in Karagra at the moment.

In Karagra you will be approached by a merchant with a yellow ? above his head. He is the merchant that
you are looking for. Tell him about his brother and he says that he will return to see him. Go back there
yourself, and talk to Saladan. He rewards you with 200,000gp and explains about the Dark Alliance, then
about the Hero Legeran, who killed the Dark Wizard. Unfortunately, little is known about his fate, but he
tells you to ask about Legeran on the world of Gore. He also offers to tell you about the Way of the Chosen
if your Karma/level is right. (see the way of the chosen section)

On Gore, talk to Saor the Iron in Khartigue, who tells you to go visit another person (probably random).
This guy doesn't know where Legeran has gone, but he says that there are some kind of rare ways and means.
He says that there is a caste of blind seers, who may know something about Legeran.

*** The Blind Seers ***

In typical vague fashion, he doesn't bother to tell you where to go and look for these seers. Koen Dalagrem
in Niumladan on the world of Selendien has the answer for you. He tells you about the world of Allagrem
where there might be a seer. You may need to level up a few times before you can actually see Allagrem.

Ondier Fanlucky in Allanar tells you that there is a blind seer in Andalam, go there and you will be approached
by a guy who looks like he's wearing a blue wizard's robe. He tells you that he is the Blind Foreseer, but he
can no longer foresee things, to restore his foresight, he needs some Flyagaric Extract, which you should
have gotten before. Give it to him, and he sees the heavens opening, and he sees Legeran. (cutscene)

Legeran had to find a way to repair the cleaving of the world, but Balance stood in the way. The writings
about the mystery of Lokatrienn were split into four parts. To find out where you need to go next, check
your journal.

*** The Mystery of Lokatrienn ***

Go and talk to Wein Hagerdy in Tursuh on the world of Gore. He talks about the writings being called the
Eternity Writings, which are the history of Lokatrienn, as well as containing the way to change the existing
order of things. We must find the writings!!!

He tells you where to find the four pieces. The pieces are on the worlds Roegrill, Khorasum, Daelloe and
Loresta. These will all now appear on your map if they weren't available already. (How Convenient)

NOTE: The names in this segment are probably randomized, but it's a starting point.

** Roegrill **

In Garagar, Sangrem Alaprag will tell you to Vasgerdy and see Valius Copribur, who may have a strange
parchment. He tells you he will give you the parchment if you retrieve his lost amulet. He marks the
location on your map. There is an absolute stack of Digons there, but if you want to avoid a fight, just
open the chest nearby and get the "ANCIENT AMULET" and get out of there. Return to Vasgerdy to get the
parchment, and 20,000gp.

** Khorasum **

In Nissufarat, Holy Hagalid tells you that Saat Fasruh in Karataf has a piece of parchment. He'll give it
to you for a small consideration. The small consideration he reveals, is 500,000gp. Pay him if you have it
or go and earn yourself the 500k.

** Loresta **

Holy Landagnon in Ostarlen tells you that Thacken Harbinger in Zakatar is a good person to ask. Thacken
says you must be a good and kind-hearted man, if you match up to his standards, he gives you the piece
for free.

** Daelloe

Manigan Tiagly in Laedry tells you that Wizard Postua in Andalabag has the final piece of the parchment.
He says that it is of no use to him, so he gives it to you for free.

Head back to Andalam, and talk to the Blind Foreseer again. He puts the four pieces together, and tells
you about the world of Eterniel, and the Eternity Temple. He tells you that you should go and talk to
the abbot there.

*** Eterniel ***

The Abbot tells you that you are about to undergo trials. He gives you the Microworld, with which you will
unite the world. You need to get the three Stones of Eternity - Order, Balance, and Chaos. You will need
to get them from the Guardians. He shows you where the Balance Guardian is on the map. The Guardian says
you must raise your warrior level by 2. When you are done with the levelling up, return and he will give
you the stone. He tells you to visit the Order Guardian who will fuse the Microworld with the stone.

The Order Guardian fuses the stone, and the Microworld now looks rather pretty. *smile* To get the Order
Stone, you need to increase your white Karma by 50 points. Go and complete a stack of quests for good
people, and then return to the Guardian when you are done. He gives you the Stone, and then tells you to
go visit the Guardian of Chaos.

The Guardian of Chaos asks if you want to follow the way of Chaos. No? Damn! He reluctantly infuses the
Order Stone into the Microworld, and tells you that to get the Chaos Stone, you need to raise 500,000gp.
When you are done, he gives you the Stone of Chaos, but doesn't tell you how to get it infused. Fortunately
the Guardian of Balance can do it for you.

Go back to the Abbot at the temple. He tells you that you are the Greatest Hero of all time. WOOHOO and
all that.

The world is now unified once more, and the portal system and Eterniel are gone. Mortals have now become
the masters of this new world.


+--The Way of the Chosen--+

This is the way of the neutral path, neither Good nor Evil, but a balance between the two. To maintain
this path, in the game. (at least to start this portion of the game, I don't know if it needs to be
maintained throughout) You cannot begin this path at the start of the game, and can only be taken up
midway through. It comes with several requirements in order to be eligible for this Path.

Requirement 1: You must be at greater than level 16 in ANY profession (Mage, Fighter or Merchant)
Requirement 2: Your Black and White Karma must be no more than 40 points apart. (this is the tricky bit)

If you are travelling the Dark Path, when you encounter the Crazy Alchemist, he will lament that you
have not chosen to take the Way of the Chosen. He will direct you to the world of Dorshalas. You need to
visit Master Demanare in Pustash (probably by way of another shopkeeper, ask around, it could be random).
To start this section from the Light Way, Saladan will tell you what to do after you find his brother
for him.

+--Chapter 1--+

When you have balanced your Karma, and attained level 16, visit Master Pustash in Demanare. He initiates
a cutscene, and he will explain about the middle path that is neither Good or Evil. (etc etc) He says that
in order to continue your investigation you need to go to the world of Nymshast and look for a guide
there. Under the Jornal section of the quests window you are able to look at the different paths you may
be on.

In Wooka you will be approached by a merchant who reveals himself as the guide. He says that he can tell you
what to do, but there are Trials along the way. Furthermore, in order to continue you must abandon all
other ways. I don't know whether if you are playing through another path (e.g. the dark path) and you finish
that, whether you can go back to this point and continue on with the neutral path. It seems unlikely, but
the fact it is set up like this is a bit of a pain in the butt. If you didn't create a separate save game
for this section, I suggest you do it now.

When you want to continue, talk to The Guide, and agree to give up all other ways. He tells you that to pass
the next bit of the trial, you need to open the way to Eterniel. To do this, you need to find a map of
Eterniel. The problem is that it has been separated into 4 pieces. He posesses one of the pieces, but the
other three are spread around the world in Vayon, Selendrien, and Ragh. These aren't too tough to find. Just
for a lark, ask him how he became The Guide. It's completely trivial and meaningless, but what the heck.

*** Selendrien ***

Ask around in the towns about a map, and someone will tell you that Roedell the Wiseman in Adarvital has at
strange map. (this could be randomized, but you never know) He says that he has it, but fears for his life.
He says if you kill the bandits, at the marked place on the map, he will give you the map piece, and even
pay you for doing so. There are about 8-10 bandits, easily dealt with. Return to Roedell to claim the map
and 50,000gp. Head off to the next port of call, Vayon.

*** Vayon ***

A guy in Taklack tells you to ask Humbard Sensy in Osgart. He agrees to sell it to you for a measly sum of
150,000. Next we're off to Ragh.

*** Ragh ***

Ask some guys in Shatah to discover that Zikh Corashta in Husherg has the final piece. He says that a wizard
placed a curse on him, and he wants you to get the wizard to lift the curse. The wizard resides in Hygg, and
is wearing a blue robe with a ? over his head. He says that he wants the Ancient Ring of Mages, in return for
which he will lift the curse. He says that the best alchemists in the world may have one of the rings. From
previous experience, I knew the best alchemists were on Krios, and I found one there for 50,000gp. Returning
to Ragh, I gave the wizard his damn ring. Return to Zikh to get the last piece of the map.

+--Chapter 2--+

Head back to Nymshast and the guide in Wookas. He sticks the map back together, and then tells you to travel
to Eterniel and enter the Eternity Temple, and talk to the Abbot. Eterniel is the smallish island in the
middle of the map. The Eternity Temple is marked on the map, and when you arrive, the Abbot approaches you.

He tells you that you need to gather the three stones of Eternal Powers to complete the journey. The stones
are Chaos, Order, and Balance. You meet the three Guardians, who are supposed to welcome and help you. To
become a true chosen one, you must get the stones from the guardians. He shows you the location of the
Order Altar.

Travel to the Altar of Order to meet said Guardian. In order to get the stone, he says you need to fight with
his warriors. (and they call this helping?) Anyway, go to the marked location on the map, and kill the 6-8
knight-like warriors. They look impressive, but they're pretty weak. Return to the Guardian and he gives you
the stone.


Next is the Guardian of Chaos, this time he has to kill some undead guys. There's 12 or so of them, no biggie
but watch your health. Head back to the Guardian when you're done, and get the stone. Head back to the Abbot.

Now its time for the Stone of Balance, but first the Abbot accidentally alludes to the fact that when you
get the third stone, something will happen, and the world will meet the new... something. But he doesn't
elaborate any further, beyond the fact that the power of the stones will be fused with your Aura.

Anyway, visit the Guardian of Balance. You will now need to defeat his pet Digons. There's a mix of about
8-10 Digons and Grendals. Very weird. You might want to save your game after this bit. (After you get the stone
but before you see the Abbot).

Get the stone from the Guardian, and head back to the Abbot when you're ready. He tells you that your heroic
deeds are the last elements of your being Mortal. The power of the three stones turn you into a god. WOOT!
This is the completion of the path of the Chosen, only 6 people now have completed this path and gone on to
be Gods. Rolls a Cutscene.


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