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Rogue Guide by Calx Zinra

Version: 2.8 | Updated: 05/13/05

                     R A G N A R O K   O N L I N E 
Ragnarok Online Rogue Character Guide
For PC (DOS/Windows)
FAQs/Guide created by Calx Zinra
Copyright 2004 by Calx Zinra
Created: April 16, 2004 (4.16.04)

| I dedicate this awesome guide to Aimee! |

This Guide is also dedicated to all my other friends and classmates
both players and non-players of RO. 
(III-St. Dominic S.Y. 2003-2004 Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School)

Please join our yahoo groups! It's open to everybody!


- Table of Contents ------------------------------------------------------

1.	Version History
2.	Introduction
3.	Ragnarok Online
4.	Rogue: PvP Master
5.	Stats for Rogues
6.	How to get there
7.	Thief Skills
8.	Rogue Skills
9.	Skill Builds
10.	Stat Builds
11.	Possible Equipments
12.	MVP'ing as a Rogue
13.	WoE Rogue
14.	Card Collection
15.	Leveling Spots
16.	Flee Chart
17.	FAQ's
18.	Contact Me
19.	Thank You to all 
20.	Unlegal 

- I. Version History -----------------------------------------------------

Version 1.0 March 25, 2004 (03/25/04) 
This is the very first version of my new guide.
This is as well the prototype, expect lots of typos.
This guide is dedicated to the Rogue goers.

Version 1.1 May 4, 2004 (05/04/04) 
Added some additional reactions of a reader(Yiqun Yang).
Added some new sections to make this guide more in-depth.
Updated Flee Chart thanks Kula for your great FAQ!.

Version 1.2 May 5, 2004 (05/05/04) 
Added a build submitted to me.
Removed the trap skill due to Gravity's removal of the skill in iRO.

Version 1.3 May 12, 2004 (05/12/04)
Added info in the WoE and MVP parts contributed by Martin Cheng.

Version 1.4 May 15, 2004 (05/15/04)
Added some skill description and modified the guide due to over margin.

Version 1.5 May 27, 2004 (05/27/04)
Corrected builds with "Traps"

Version 1.6 October 27, 2004 (10/26/04)
Added Bow Rogue 2 Build. Wait for the skill builds to come.

Version 1.7 October 27, 2004 (10/28/04)
Added the Double Strafing SKill Effect.

Version 1.8 November 4, 2004 (11/04/04)
Added decimal equivalent of the attack bonuses granted by skils for
easy understanding.

Version 1.9 November 14, 2004 (11/14/04)
Added some indepth info on stats. Taken from www.rodatazone.com

Version 2.0 November 14, 2004 (11/14/04)
Added the Skill Trees
Ctrl+F: Thief Skill Tree
        Rogue Skill Tree

Version 2.1 December 14, 2004 (12/12/04)
Added some obvious recommendations. Check it out on the Skill Builds Section
Corrected the skill description of Gangsta Paradise and Scribble.

Version 2.2 December 20, 2004 (12/20/04)
FINALLY updated the Rogue Test Quest. Find the ANNOYING Guys part. 
Sorry that it's a little too late >_<

Version 2.3 January 8, 2005 (01/08/05)
Thanks to "Steven Mings" <mingss20@lycos.com> for pointing out some errors 
and some other confusing parts.

NOTE: If you're confused with the requirements just take a look into the
Skill tree section for the Thief/Rogue.

Version 2.4 January 11, 2005 (01/11/05)
Added a contribution about Bow Rogues.

Version 2.5 January 14, 2005 (01/14/05)

Version 2.6 April 14, 2005 (04/14/05)
Added a new submission for the MVP & WoE Rogue.

Version 2.7 May 4, 2005 (05/04/05)
Added a new submission in PVP Rogue.

Version 2.8 May 13, 2005 (05/13/05)
Added a new submission in Skill Build, Bow Rogue

- II. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------- 

The following information found in this guide is mostly based on my 
experience in playing in pRO (Philippines) version of Ragnarok Online,
playing in private servers (ya, I know it's illegal and all...)
and reading other FAQs/guides on gamefaqs and some of my theories & 

This guide is accurate in stats build and in the skill builds.
My goal is to provide you some ideas on skill builds and stats build
for the different 2-2 jobs.

- III. Ragnarok Online ---------------------------------------------------

Ragnarok Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
made by Gravity and was inspired by Lee-Myoungin's Manhwa "Ragnarok".
The game is highly addictive due to its many factors (too many to mention)
and lets you interact with many other players in your country or 
all over the world.

People would say, "Once you come in... You'll never get out"
Well that's how addictive RO is. (For us gamers)

- IV. Rogues: PvP Master -------------------------------------------------

                  "The night's fallen angel..."

The iRO Intro:

Enhancing his/her skills learned from the days as a neighborhood ruffian, 
everybody avoids his/her eyes. Living in dullness, he/she decides to join the 
adventurers gathered by King Tristan III, thinking maybe the skills would work
on monsters as well. As a ruffian would be, he/she can take off an opponent's 
armor and take the weapon before the opponent even has the chance to notice, 
and is excellent with a dagger. Also, while attacking, he/she is able use 
various other skills automatically. When the opponent is strong, he/she becomes
sneaky. When the opponent is weak, he/she becomes peculiarly strong and has 
many other strange characteristics.

Others cannot understand and some watch with fright, but in reality, 
if he/she gets mad, nothing in sight can be considered safe. 

My Intro:

Rogues, somebody mischievous, acting independently and using unorthodox 
methods that often cause trouble. 

Yaw! that really describes a Rogue! Rogues are all about Inflicting massive 
damages on his/her enemy. It's a combination of a Hunter and a Knight with 
a twist of a little thief skills. They can use traps and inflict 
damages more than a knight can and stealing of a thief. 
What I love about them is their Backstab skill and Plagiarism. 
Why? because you can easily inflict up to 700% of your damage with the skill.
Plagiarism in the other hand can copy the opponent's last used skill.
They will be one of the "Must Haves" in GvG.

- V. Stats essential for Thief ------------------------------------------

This part shows the different stats in Ragnarok. There are 6 stats that 
affect the Thief in big ways. Be careful in fixing your stats since 
once you put them they are already unchangeable.

Strength (STR) ============================================================

1)+1 base damage per point for melee weapons. 
2)A bonus of (Str/10)^2 total (ie, at 50 Str, 25 points total) for melee 
  weapons where Str/10 is rounded down. 
3)+1 base damage per 5 points for missile weapons. 
4)+30 carrying capacity per point of Base Str (the left hand part of Str only).

One of the most important stat for the Thief since it affects how
much damage you can dish out. It affects your minimum and maximum damage 
too. It also affects your weight capacity so you can carry all that 
equipments (Support equips, battle equips and some rations too.)

10 STR: +1 Min/Max Damage 
20 STR: +4 Min/Max Damage 
30 STR: +5 Min/Max Damage 
40 STR: +8 Min/Max Damage 
50 STR: +10 Min/Max Damage 
60 STR: +12 Min/Max Damage 
70 STR: +13 Min/Max Damage 
80 STR: +15 Min/Max Damage 
90 STR: +17 Min/Max Damage 
100 STR: +19 Min/Max Damage 

The bonus add up in such a way that once you reach that certain amount of 
strength the pluses add to your Min/Max damage. It means that when you 
have 60 STR you have a +41 Min/Max damage bonus.

This is how it works (STR + Weapon Attack + Bonus + Weapon upgrade)

Agility (AGI) =============================================================

1)+1 flee per point. 
2)Increased attack speed per point 
(complicated, but based on the atk speed of the weapon you are using in the
class you are in). 

The partner of Vitality in making a defensive character.
But Agility is more than that, 1 Agi is equivalent to +1 Flee and 
also adds to your ASPD. Higher ASPD means Faster Killing time.
Agility is very Vital to Thieves because it's their main arse.

Vitality (VIT) ============================================================

1)+1% to MaxHP per point. 
2)+0.8 weapon damage reduction (defensive) per point. 
3)Healing items effect increased by +2% per point. 
4)Every 5 full points of VIT increases HP Recovery Power by 1 
5)For monsters, there is a bonus to damage reduction of 
6)For players, there is a bonus to damage reduction of 
  [VIT*0.5] + rnd([VIT*0.3], max([VIT*0.3],[VIT^2/150]-1)). 
7)There is a hidden bonus of +1 Int style MDEF per 2 points. 
8)Increasing VIT also decreases the chance of being afflicted by the 
  negative status affects of Poison, Silence and Stun.

I do not recommend a Pure ViT Thief, due Thief only use AGI as their main
defense and VIT is only used as a support. Often Vit are taken after
you finished your build (that's where all your extra stat should go).

Intelligence (INT) ========================================================

1)+1 Base MAtk per point. 
2)+1% to MaxSP per point. 
3)SP Recovery items effect increased by +2% per point. 
4)Every 6 full points of INT increases SP Recovery Power by 1 and 
  past 120 INT, every 2 INT gives a bonus to SP Recovery Power of 1.
5)A bonus to MinMAtk of (Int/7)^2 total where (Int/7) is rounded down. 
6)A bonus to MaxMatk of (Int/5)^2 total where (Int/5) is rounded down. 
7)+1 spell damage reduction (defensive) per point. 
8)Increasing INT also decreases the chance of being afflicted by the negative 
  status affects of Blind, Sleep and Stone Curse.

Intelligence is not recommended to have, leaved it to 1.
But you can stack all your remaining stats points here just to aid your
SP consuming.

Dexterity (DEX) ===========================================================

1)+1 to hit per point. 
2)Increased attack speed per point.
3)+1 base damage per point for missile weapons. 
4)Bonus of (Dex/10)^2 total (ie, at 50 Dex, 25 points total) 
  for missile weapons where dex/10 is rounded down. 
5)+1 base damage per 5 points for melee weapons. 
6)+1 minimum damage per point for melee weapons. If Dex exceeds the 
  Atk value of the melee weapon, use the Atk of the melee weapon for 
  the min value (ie. max and min values become the same). 
7)Reduces spell casting time by a percentage calculated as Dex/1.5 
  (ie. 30 Dex = 20% casting time reduction). 
8)+0.1% forging and refining rates for Blacksmiths.

This stat raises your accuracy and your maximum/minimum damage.
+1 Dex means +1 Hit same as the Agi-Flee but this stat
counteracts that. The standard DEX is 40.
Dex also has an influence in ASPD.

DEX          Min/Max Damage
20           +3
30           +4
40           +5
50           +6
60           +8
70           +10
80           +12
90           +13
100          +14

Luck (LUK) ================================================================

1)+1 base damage per 5 points of Luk for missile and melee weapons. 
2)+1 crit chance per 3 points of Luk. 
3)+1 "lucky" dodge chance (the right hand part of your flee value) 
  per 10 points of Luk. 
4)+0.1% forging and refining rates for Blacksmiths per point. 
5)Increasing LUK also decreases the chance of being afflicted by any 
  negative status affect.

This stat is very useful for those who are going for the Crit Rogue. 
Luck affects your avatar by:
Crit Chance: every 3 LUK = +1 Critical
Perfect Dodge: Every 10 LUK = +1 Dodge (that's the +x in your flee.)
If you want a real Crit Character, I recommend that you raise your
LUK to 60+ and equip a Triple/Quad Crit weapon.
But really... Crits are only for assassin because Katar Class weapons
have double Crit rating.

- VI. How to get there ---------------------------------------------------

You start out as a Novice (of course!) I require you to go through the test
in the Midgard Academy and take the hell out of those annoying Fabres.
In the Fabre Forest take the time to level. Level up there until you are
If your' satisfied of your Blvl, then take the exam. Much better if they will 
recommend the Acolyte job for you (like I do) there's a little plus in this, 
but I prefer that they require you the swordie job so you can get yourself 
a red potion for free. 

As you step in the world of Midgard try to level up as soon as you can.
Much better if someone will tank you. After you reached the Jlvl 10 of
Novice. Proceed to the Thief Guild, that's inside the Morroc Pyramids
in the Lower lv2. it's in the left room in the hall.

After applying, the NPC tells you to collect some "Mushrooms" in the
Mushroom Warehouse. A NPC named Bogus Man will warp you to the place
he's outside the Pyramids near the water.

These do not add up like min/max damage. It works like this. Once you reach 
that job level that is how much stat bonuses you get. If you are at job 
level 42 you get +4 Vitality not all of the other job bonuses added up.

THIEF JOB BONUSES: ======================================================
Job Level 2 : +1 AGI
Job Level 6 : +1 STR
Job Level 10: +1 DEX
Job Level 14: +1 VIT
Job Level 18: +1 INT
Job Level 22: +2 DEX
Job Level 26: +1 LUK
Job Level 30: +2 STR
Job Level 33: +2 AGI
Job Level 36: +3 AGI
Job Level 38: +3 STR
Job Level 40: +2 LUK
Job Level 42: +3 DEX
Job Level 44: +2 VIT
Job Level 46: +3 LUK
Job Level 47: +4 STR
Job Level 49: +4 DEX
Job Level 50: +4 AGI

Go to Faros Lighthouse Island (Located at 196,117). You can go there by 
Comodo warp.  Talk to the NPC there, and proceed to talk to the old man 
nearby to take tests.

First, you will have to collect some items and bring it back.

When you bring it back, you are asked to distribute those items to: 

Aragarm Jr. 106, 195 of Fortress St. Darmain, East of Pharos Lighthouse
Holgen Jr. 335, 143 of Fortress St. Darmain, East of Pharos Lighthouse
Antonio Jr. 304, 180 of Kokomo Beach

Go there, and solve the secret code.

When you return, you will take a final test, a test to see if you 
can escape a dungeon. When you pass this, you can finally become a Rogue.

These do not add up like min/max damage. It works like this. Once you reach 
that job level that is how much stat bonuses you get. If you are at job 
level 42 you get +4 Vitality not all of the other job bonuses added up.

ROGUE JOB BONUSES:=========================================================
Job level 1: +1 AGI
Job level 2: +1 VIT
Job level 3: +1 DEX
Job level 5: +1 STR
Job level 6: +2 VIT
Job level 7: +2 AGI
Job level 9: +3 VIT
Job level 11: +2 DEX
Job level 14: +4 VIT
Job level 15: +5 VIT
Job level 16: +3 AGI
Job level 18: +3 DEX
Job level 20: +4 DEX
Job level 23: +4 AGI
Job level 25: +2 STR
Job level 27: +3 STR
Job level 29: +5 AGI
Job level 30: +4 STR
Job level 33: +5 DEX
Job level 34: +6 DEX
Job level 36: +5 STR
Job level 38: +1 INT
Job level 39: +6 AGI
Job level 42: +6 STR
Job level 43: +2 INT
Job level 45: +7 AGI
Job level 47: +3 INT
Job level 48: +4 INT
Job level 50: +7 DEX

- VII. Thief Skills ------------------------------------------------------

The Skills of Thief is balanced in terms of offense and defense and has 
only one support skill and that is Detoxify

   ~                                                            ~
   ~                IT WILL BE READY FOR USE.                   ~

[SKILL TREE]==============================================================
Thief Skill Tree (Patterned after iRO's official site's illustration.)

Double Attack(10)

Improve Dodge(10)

Quest Skills:
Stone Fling
Pick Stone
Sand Attack
Back Slide

[Double Attack]===========================================================
Deals double damage by chance.
Chance increases by skill level.

Passive Skill

[LV]          [Skill Level Effect]          [SP]
 1   5% Chance and Damage +20%  (ATK x .2)   -  
 2  10% Chance and Damage +40%  (ATK x .4)   - 
 3  15% Chance and Damage +60%  (ATK x .6)   - 
 4  20% Chance and Damage +80%  (ATK x .8)   - 
 5  25% Chance and Damage +100% (ATK x 1)    - 
 6  30% Chance and Damage +120% (ATK x 1.2)  - 
 7  35% Chance and Damage +140% (ATK x 1.4)  - 
 8  40% Chance and Damage +160% (ATK x 1.6)  - 
 9  45% Chance and Damage +180% (ATK x 1.8)  - 
10  50% Chance and Damage +200% (ATK x 2)    - 

Very vital offensive skill. Thief is known for this skill.

[Increase Dodge]==========================================================
Increases Flee rate.

Passive Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
 1    Evasion ratio +3%     - 
 2    Evasion ratio +6%     - 
 3    Evasion ratio +9%     - 
 4    Evasion ratio +12%    - 
 5    Evasion ratio +15%    - 
 6    Evasion ratio +18%    - 
 7    Evasion ratio +21%    - 
 8    Evasion ratio +24%    - 
 9    Evasion ratio +27%    - 
10    Evasion ratio +30%    - 

Very vital defensive skill. Thief is known for this skill.

Allows you to steal by chance.

Active Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
 1 	    13%		   20 
 2 	    16%		   20 
 3	    19%	 	   20 
 4	    21%	    	   20 
 5 	    24%		   20 
 6 	    27%	    	   20 
 7 	    30%	   	   20 
 8 	    33%		   20 
 9 	    36%	    	   20 
10  	    39%	   	   20 

Not a very useful skill. But it is still recommended that you get
at least 8 skill point of this skill. Helps in Auto-Steal

Allows you to hide for a certain amount of time.

Active Skill

Requires: Level 5 Steal 

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP] 
 1 	30 seconds 	   10 
 2 	60 seconds 	   10 
 3 	90 seconds 	   10 
 4 	120 seconds	   10 
 5 	150 seconds	   10 
 6 	180 seconds	   10 
 7 	210 seconds 	   10 
 8 	240 seconds 	   10 
 9 	270 seconds 	   10 
10 	300 seconds 	   10 

Use this to stay out of sudden mobs or hide away from aggressive monsters.

Deals poison damage, low chance to poison opponent.

Active Skill
[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [HP-SP] 
 1 	115% Damage 	   20 15 
 2 	130% Damage 	   20 15 
 3 	145% Damage 	   19 15 
 4 	160% Damage 	   19 15 
 5 	175% Damage 	   18 15 
 6 	190% Damage 	   18 15 
 7 	205% Damage 	   17 15 
 8 	220% Damage 	   17 15 
 9 	235% Damage 	   16 15 
 10 	250% Damage 	   16 15 

The Thief's Bash. Not as strong as Bash but can cause poison.
A very important skill. (death of envenom... Yuck! esp. in PVP)

[Back Sliding]============================================================
Slide 5 cells backward to avoid danger.
Can be acquired after job 35. 

Active Skill

Acquire these items : 
	20 Grasshopper's Legs 

Talk to the NPC named "Alcouskou" in the thief guild, 
and he will give you this skill. He is in the right room. 

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP] 
 1   Use Back Slide Skill   7 

Very useful in escaping in PVP and other fights.
Use this skill to escape fatal blows of your opponents.

[Take Stone]==============================================================
pick up stone from the ground.
Skill cannot be used if weight is over 50%.
Can be acquired after job 20 

Active Skill

Acquire these items : 
	1 Zargon 
	1 Bear's Foot 
	5 Spawns 
Talk to the NPC named "Alcouskou" in the thief guild, 
and he will give you "Pick Stone". He is in the right room. 

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP] 
 1   Use Take Stone Skill   3 

This skill is a part of the Throw Stone skill.
DUH! Of course you cannot throw a stone if can't pick one or
you don't have any stone to throw.

[Stone Throw]=============================================================
30 Damage and 5% chance to stun opponent.
Range is 7 cells.

Active Skill

Requires you to have Job Lv35, Pick Stone Skill

Acquire these items : 
	2 Garlets 
	2 Scells 

Talk to the NPC named "Alcouskou" in the thief guild, 
and he will give you "Throw Stone". He is in the right room. 

Requires: a Stone 

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
 1   Use Stone Throw Skill  2 

This skill is very useful before closing in on your target.
Be creative use backsliding first and then throw a stone!

[Throw Sand]==============================================================
Attack power is 125% of normal attack and has a 15%
chance to Blind the enemy.
Can be acquired after job 25 

Active Skill; Earth Type

Quest: ??? 

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
 1   Use Throw Sand Skill  ?? 

Throwing sand to your opponent's eye? That's bad! really bad!
This BAD skill is another much needed skill of a Thief.
make your opponent blind and it will make you more 
difficult to hit.

Cures poison status

Active Skill

Requires: Envenom Level 3 

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP] 
 1    Use Detoxify Skill   10 

Not a very useful skill if you'll take the Rogue job.
This skill is only used as a pre-requisite of a Assassin skill.

- VIII. Rogue Skills -----------------------------------------------------

[SKILL TREE]==============================================================
Confused with the requirements? Just take a look here ^_^.

Rogue Skill Tree (Patterned after iRO's official site's illustration.)


Sword Mastery(10)

(Steal Lv1)	   (Hiding Lv1)				     Intimidate(10)
   |			|					   |
   |                   Lv1                                         |
   |			|	   			           |
  Lv1               Stalk(5)-------Lv2--->Sightless Mind(5)--Lv5-- |Lv5
   |								 | |
   |								 | |
   |                                                             | |
Gank(10)-----Lv4---->Mug(10)------Lv4----->Back Stab(10)--LV4-->Snatch(5)
Divest Helm(5)-Lv5->Divest Shield(5)-Lv5->Divest Armor(5)-LV5->Divest Weapon(5)
			   |					  |
			  Lv1                                    Lv5
			   |                                      |
                        Haggle(5)                              Scribble(1)

Vulture's Eye(10)--Lv10-->Double Strafe(10)--Lv5-->Remove Trap(1)

Requires Steal lvl 1 and is mastered at lvl 10.

Automatically cast steal skill by chance while fighting. 
Skill level of Steal and Gank affect on the chance of stealing items 
from monsters. 

Passive Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect]    [SP]
 1   7% Chance to Auto-Steal  - 
 2   8% Chance to Auto-Steal  - 
 3  10% Chance to Auto-Steal  - 
 4  11% Chance to Auto-Steal  - 
 5  13% Chance to Auto-Steal  - 
 6  14% Chance to Auto-Steal  - 
 7  16% Chance to Auto-Steal  - 
 8  17% Chance to Auto-Steal  - 
 9  19% Chance to Auto-Steal  - 
 10 20% Chance to Auto-Steal  - 

Can help sometimes and very helpful when you're hunting.

Requires Snatch lvl 5 and is mastered at lvl 10.

Use the last skill from the last enemy dealt with. 
Skill level affects the level of skill the caster can remember.
Only memorizes the character skills, it is impossible to memorize 
exclusive skills for monsters. 
For instance when a user's hit by Bash lvl 10 at Intimidate lvl 5, 
the user will be able to use Bash lvl 5.
(if the skill requires a gem, trap, etc. 
you still need to use that to cast the skill)
SP cost of the remembered skill is 1.5x that of normal 


[LV] [Skill Level Effect]    [SP]
 1  Remember Level 1 Skill    - 
 2  Remember Level 2 Skill    - 
 3  Remember Level 3 Skill    - 
 4  Remember Level 4 Skill    - 
 5  Remember Level 5 Skill    - 
 6  Remember Level 6 Skill    - 
 7  Remember Level 7 Skill    - 
 8  Remember Level 8 Skill    - 
 9  Remember Level 9 Skill    - 
10  Remember Level 10 Skill   - 

This skill is the trademark of the Rogue. Copy the skill and use it to 
it's caster. Let them taste their own! Great in PvP and GvG.

Q: What if a monk extrimity fists u, and by some miracle you didn't die, 
You copy the skill, but it requires spirit spheres and explosion spirit, 
what happens then?

A: No you cannot use the skill because you need the requirements in 
order to use the skill.

[Sword Mastery]===========================================================
A basic Rogue skill which is mastered at lvl 10.
Same as Swordman's Sword Mastery, improve the one handed sword and 
dagger damage.

Passive Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
 1       ATK +5            - 
 2       ATK +10           - 
 3       ATK +15           - 
 4       ATK +20           - 
 5       ATK +25           - 
 6       ATK +30           - 
 7       ATK +35           - 
 8       ATK +40           - 
 9       ATK +45           - 
 10      ATK +50           - 

Essential skill take this to supe up your damage and have greater 
Double Damage results. (Daggers are also classified as 1 hand swords)

[Vulture's Eye]===========================================================
Increases Range and Hit 

Passive Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
 1     Range and HIT +1     - 
 2     Range and HIT +2     - 
 3     Range and HIT +3     - 
 4     Range and HIT +4     - 
 5     Range and HIT +5     - 
 6     Range and HIT +6     - 
 7     Range and HIT +7     - 
 8     Range and HIT +8     - 
 9     Range and HIT +9     - 
 10    Range and HIT +10    - 

Another sneaky skill. Strike from afar same as 
those Archer/Hunter/Bard/Dancer. Take this if you plan to be a DEX Rogue.

[Gangster Paradise/Slyness]===============================================
Requires Divest Shield lvl 3 and is mastered at lvl 1.

When more than 2 rogues sit beside each other, monsters will not attack them.
Not usable on boss, insect, demon monsters.

Passive Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
  1      Gain Skill         -

This doesn't help much... 
This is good for PvM only.

[Compulsion Discount/Haggle]==============================================
Requires Slyness lvl 1 and is mastered at lvl 5.

Buy items from NPC shops at lower price. Allows its user to buy items at 1 
% lower price than Discount, the merchant skill when mastered.

Passive Skill

Requires: Level 1 Gangster Paradise 

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
 1       9% Discount        - 
 2      13% Discount        - 
 3      17% Discount        - 
 4      21% Discount        - 
 5      25% Discount        - 

Don't bother getting this skill. Because by this time you'll be
filthy rich.

[Tunnel Drive/Stalk]======================================================
Requires Hiding lvl 1 and is mastered at lvl 5.

Allows its user to move slowly while hiding.
Walking speed is reduced and affected by skill level.

Passive Skill  

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
 1     16% Normal WSPD     - 
 2     32% Normal WSPD     - 
 3     48% Normal WSPD     - 
 4     64% Normal WSPD     - 
 5     80% Normal WSPD     - 

The terror skill of Rogues. Sneak up on your opponent and 
attack from behind or combo with Backstabber.

[Double Strafing]=========================================================
DRequires Vulture's Eye lvl 10 and is mastered at lvl 10.
Same as the Archer's Double Strafe skill. 
Rumors says that it does not consume arrows.

Active Skill

[LV]    [Skill Level Effect]    [SP]
 1    ATK 100% (ATK x 1)   x 2   12 
 2    ATK 110% (ATK x 1.1) x 2   12 
 3    ATK 120% (ATK x 1.2) x 2   12 
 4    ATK 130% (ATK x 1.3) x 2   12 
 5    ATK 140% (ATK x 1.4) x 2   12 
 6    ATK 150% (ATK x 1.5) x 2   12 
 7    ATK 160% (ATK x 1.6) x 2   12 
 8    ATK 170% (ATK x 1.7) x 2   12 
 9    ATK 180% (ATK x 1.8) x 2   12 
10    ATK 190% (ATK x 1.9) x 2   12 

Same as the Archer's, get this skill only if you are a
DEX Rogue because you'll be using so much skill before getting this.

[Steal Coin/Mug]==========================================================
Requires Gank/Auto-Steal lvl 4 and is mastered at lvl 10.

Extorts Zeny from monsters. Allows the user to steal Zeny only once from 
a monster, however it is possible to steal Zeny from monsters that 
the user stole items before.
DEX, LUK and the level difference between the caster and the target 
affect on the success chance.

Amount of Zeny stolen is based on the monster's level 

Active Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
 1   1% Chance to steal    15 
 2   2% Chance to steal    15 
 3   3% Chance to steal    15 
 4   4% Chance to steal    15 
 5   5% Chance to steal    15 
 6   6% Chance to steal    15 
 7   7% Chance to steal    15 
 8   8% Chance to steal    15 
 9   9% Chance to steal    15 
10  10% Chance to steal    15 

Take this skill only as a pre-requisite.

[Back Stab]===============================================================
Requires Gank/Auto-Steal lvl 4, Mug/Steal-Coin lvl 4 and is mastered at lvl 10.

Attacks a target at the back. Target cannot avoid this attack since 
it's an attack from behind the sight. Also this skill is usable while hiding.
Consumes 16 SP.

Active Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
  1   340% ATK (ATK x 3.4)  16 
  2   380% ATK (ATK x 3.8)  16 
  3   420% ATK (ATK x 4.2)  16 
  4   460% ATK (ATK x 4.6)  16 
  5   500% ATK (ATK x 5)    16 
  6   540% ATK (ATK x 5.4)  16 
  7   580% ATK (ATK x 5.8)  16 
  8   620% ATK (ATK x 6.2)  16 
  9   660% ATK (ATK x 6.6)  16 
 10   700% ATK (ATK x 7)    16 

The most feared attack skill of Rogues. Combo this with Tunnel Drive.

[Raid/Sightless Mind]=====================================================
Requires Stalk lvl 2, Back Stab lvl 2 and is mastered at lvl 5.

Only usable while hiding. Does splash attack within 3*3 cells around the 
caster. The targets within this area will have a chance to be stunned or 
blinded by chance at the same time. When used, this skill cancels hiding 
status immediately. Consumes 20 SP. 

Active Skill

[LV]             [Skill Level Effect]                 [SP]
 1   140% ATK 13% Chance to blind 13% Chance to stun   20 
 2   180% ATK 16% Chance to blind 16% Chance to stun   20 
 3   220% ATK 19% Chance to blind 19% Chance to stun   20 
 4   260% ATK 22% Chance to blind 22% Chance to stun   20 
 5   300% ATK 25% Chance to blind 25% Chance to stun   20 

Another sneaky attack skill, combo this with tunnel drive.

[Strip/Divest Helm]=======================================================
Requires Gank lvl 4, Mug lvl 4 and is mastered at lvl 5.

Forcibly strip the helmet off a target. While used in PvP, the target cannot 
re-equip the helmet for period of time. 
For monsters, this skill decreases DEF of a monster by 10% for a short 
amount of time. *Monster INT is reduced by 40%(???).
DEX difference between the caster and the target affects 
on the success chance. 

Active Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
 1      7% Chance           12 
 2      9% Chance           14 
 3     11% Chance           16 
 4     13% Chance           18 
 5     15% Chance           20 

A not very useful skill, take this only as a pre-requisite.
But still it helps a lot by lowering the DEF of monsters.

[Strip/Divest Shield]======================================================
Requires Gank lvl 4, Mug lvl 4, and Divest Helm lvl 5 and is mastered at lvl 5.

Forcibly strip the shield off a target. While used in PvP, the target cannot 
re-equip the shield for period of time. 
For monsters, this skill decreases DEF of a monster by 10% for a short 
amount of time. DEX difference between the caster and the target affects 
on the success chance. 

Active Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
 1      7% Chance           12 
 2      9% Chance           14 
 3     11% Chance           16 
 4     13% Chance           18 
 5     15% Chance           20 

A not very useful skill, take this only as a pre-requisite.
But still it helps a lot by lowering the DEF of monsters.
In PvP (by Yiqun Yang):
Again, think about dudes with cranial shields, strip it 
and they will be much easier to kill.

[Strip/Divest Armor]======================================================
Requires Gank lvl 4, Mug lvl 4, Divest Helm & Shield lvl 5 and is 
mastered at lvl 5.

Forcibly strip the armor off a target. While used in PvP, 
the target cannot re-equip the armor for period of time. 
For monsters, this skill decreases DEF of a monster by 10% for a short 
amount of time. *Monster VIT will be reduced by 40% (???).
DEX difference between the caster and the target affects 
on the success chance. 

Active Skill 

[LV] [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
  1      7% Chance          17 
  2      9% Chance          19 
  3     11% Chance          21 
  4     13% Chance          23 
  5     15% Chance          25 

NOTE: (Yiqun Yang)
Strip armor is very useful in pvp or stuff, think about a mega def 
crusader with +10 plate armor of heman/ghost plate armor, 
strip his armor and he will be much easier to kill.

[Strip/Divest Weapon]=====================================================
Requires Gank lvl 4, Mug lvl 4, and Divest Helm & Shield lvl 5 and is mastered
at lvl 5. 

Forcibly strip the weapon off a target. While used in PvP, 
the target cannot re-equip the weapon for period of time. 
Decreases Attack of a monster by 10% for a short amount of time. DEX difference
between the caster and the target affects on the success chance. 

Active Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
 1      7% Chance           17 
 2      9% Chance           19 
 3     11% Chance           21 
 4     13% Chance           23 
 5     15% Chance           25 

A not very useful skill take this only as a pre-requisite.
But still it helps a lot by lowering the ATK power of monsters.
In PvP (by Yiqun Yang)
Very very annoying, strip the enemy's weapon and make them punch you.

Requires Sightless Mind lvl 5, Back Stab lvl 4 and is mastered at lvl 5.

Warps both the target and caster to a random location. 
Not usable on Boss Monsters. As higher level the caster is, as lower level 
the target is, the success rate will be increased.

Active Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
 1    130% ATK (ATK x 1.3)  13 
 2    160% ATK (ATK x 1.6)  16 
 3    190% ATK (ATK x 1.9)  19 
 4    220% ATK (ATK x 2.2)  22 
 5    250% ATK (ATK x 2.5)  25 

A very very good skill. helps a lot in PVP mode.
You can ensure a perfect one on one battles or keep your
opponent away from those pesky Priest that heals your opponent.
and also hog for yourself the monster. ~_^

Requires Piece lvl 5 and is mastered at lvl 1.

Spray a 5x5 cell area with Graffiti for a duration
The skill cannot be used again until the duration ends. Needs a
Red Gemstone to use.

Active Skill

[LV]  [Skill Level Effect]   [SP]
 1    Duration: 30 seconds    15 

Don't take this skill, it's not very helpful. It's only purpose
is only for pleasure.

Requires Slyness lvl 1 and is mastered at lvl 1.

Remove Graffiti from the Guild Flag

Active Skill

[LV]  [Skill Level Effect]   [SP]
 1   Allows you to use skill  5 

One purpose One goal. Remove the vandals done to your guild's
Flag. Useless...

[Remove Trap]=============================================================
Speaks for itself. (removes traps)

Active Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
 1      Removes trap        5 

Remove those pesky traps before you step on it.
Used to disarm your own trap also.

- IX. Skill Builds -------------------------------------------------------

Common Thief Build =======================================================

This is the most common and most widely used build,
because it's the most effective and the only skill build perhaps.
This build may differ in skill points allocation to the other
thief build you see. (Job Change at 40)

Double Damage   Lv.10
Increase Dodge  Lv.10
Envenom         Lv.10
Steal           Lv.8
Hiding          Lv.1

[Alternate Thief Build]---------------------------------------------------
Another build for Thief but in preparation for Rogue.

Double Damage   Lv.10
Increase Dodge  Lv.10
Envenom         Lv.10
Steal           Lv.10
Hiding          Lv.4

Hiding is only at Lv.4 due the time (120 Sec. or 2 Mins.) is enough.

Rogue Skill Builds =======================================================

NOTE: All these build CAN use Bows, RogueMaster's Bow is the most
      recommended bow equip due to the extra range bonus. This is great
      for strippers,raiders and backstabbers (all in one) due to high dex
      means high bow damage!

[Backstabbing-Plagiarist Rogue]-------------------------------------------
For Dagger class Rogue

Snatcher        Lv.4
Steal coin   	Lv.4
Backstab     	Lv.10
Tunnel Drive    Lv.2
Raid            Lv.5
Intimidate   	Lv.5
Plagiarism      Lv.10

9 extra skill points.

This build is best for a frontline rogue. Use daggers so your double 
damage ability won't be put to waste. Use tunnel drive to sneak up to 
your opponent's back. Use raid if
you please while hiding. PVP oriented build.

[Stripping by Bow]--------------------------------------------------------

Vulture's Eye	Lv.10
Double Strafing	Lv.1
Snatcher     	Lv.4
Steal coin      Lv.4
Backstab        Lv.2
Tunnel Drive    Lv.2
Strip Helm      Lv.5
Strip Shield    Lv.5
Strip Armor     Lv.5
Strip weapon    Lv.5

1 extra skill points.

or Alternatively...

Snatcher     	Lv.4
Steal coin      Lv.4
Backstab        Lv.10
Tunnel Drive    Lv.5
Strip Helm      Lv.5
Strip Shield    Lv.5
Strip Armor     Lv.5
Strip weapon    Lv.5

or Alternatively...
(Has Backstab and Raid.)

Snatcher     	Lv.4
Steal coin      Lv.4
Backstab        Lv.5(Lv.10 1 Skill Point Left) 
Raid            Lv.5
Tunnel Drive    Lv.5
Strip Helm      Lv.5
Strip Shield    Lv.5
Strip Armor     Lv.5
Strip weapon    Lv.5

6 Extra Skill Point.

Use this build if you want to have the upper hand against your opponent by 
unequiping his/her equips. Quite hard to use in one on one combat.
The Alternate build requires you to have Rogue Master Bow so the build will
be at 100% effieciency.

[Syndicate build]---------------------------------------------------------

Snatcher        Lv.4
Steal Coin      Lv.4
Strip Helm      Lv.5
Strip Shield    Lv.3
Gangster P.     Lv.1
Compulsion DC   Lv.5
Backstab        Lv.10
Tunnel Drive    Lv.2
Raid            Lv.5
Intimidate      Lv.5
Plagiarism      Lv.5

This one is made by my classmate, itchipider (pRO: Chaos) He says that he 
just wants to have those other skills para ASTIG or so his character will 
be much cooler.

[Powerhouse Rogue]--------------------------------------------------------
For Dagger class Rogue

Snatcher     	Lv.4
Steal coin   	Lv.4
Backstab     	Lv.10	
Tunnel Drive    Lv.2
Raid            Lv.5
Intimidate      Lv.5
Sword Mastery   Lv.10

9 extra skill points.

This build is best for a frontline rogue. Use daggers so your double 
damage ability won't be put to waste. Use tunnel drive to sneak up to 
your opponent's back.
and see your opponent wondering' where did that came from. Use raid if
you please while hiding.

[Snatcher-Battle Rouge]---------------------------------------------------
(Please E-mail me again.. I forgot your name and e-mail >_<)

Snatcher        Lv.10
Sword Mastery   Lv.10
Tunnel Drive    Lv.1
Steal Coin      Lv.4
Raid            Lv.5
Backstab        Lv.10
Intimidate      Lv.5
Plagiarism      Lv.4

[Rogue Bow Build]---------------------------------------------------------
Ver. 1.0

Vulture's Eye   Lv.10
Double Strafe   Lv.10
Snatcher        Lv.4
Steal Coin      Lv.4
Backstab        Lv.10
Tunnel Drive    Lv.5

This build can almost equal the Hunter's skills.
and NO they cannot match Double Strafe with our Backstab.
Still at Ver.1 need to update soon.

[Rogue Bow Build]---------------------------------------------------------
Ver. 2.0 "Paul Magajes" <maptech_15@yahoo.com>

Vultures Eye    Lv.10
Double Strafe   Lv.10
Steal Coin      Lv.4 (just as a pre-requisite to gain Backstab)
Snatcher        Lv.4 (just Pre-requisite also)
Tunnel Drive    Lv.5
Backstab        Lv.10
Raid            Lv.5 (additional skill, just to use the remaining skill points)

Contributer's Note: this is good in PvP and just for levelling up
PvP: tunnel Drive then Backstab your enemy and then backslide twice and then 
     finally use double strafe.

[Rogue Bow Build]---------------------------------------------------------
Ver. 3.0 Hansel Ong <kylene_lesnah@yahoo.com>

Vulture's Eye        Lv.10
Double Strafe        Lv.10
Gank                 Lv.4
Mug                  Lv.4
Back Stab            Lv.4
Stalk                Lv.2
Sightless ind        Lv.5
Snatch               Lv.5
Intimidate           Lv5

PS: Vulture's Eye and Double Strafe will be your bread
and butter. All other skills are prequisites of Snatch
and Intimidate. I think level 5 intimidate is good
enough to be cool, and a little strong. I suggest
getting Storm Gust. Remember to put some stat points
in your INT , 20~30 will be good i suppose, since
spamming double strafe is SP consuming, and your storm
gust (or Heal rather) won't be put to waste.

- X. Stat Builds ---------------------------------------------------------

As I mentioned before, I formulated this builds on a calculator. So these
builds are 100% possible. This builds serve only as a reference for you
guys out there.

[THE Starting stats]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Like any other melee characters you can start with these:


[STATS BUILD-UP]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

[Agility Thief]-----------------------------------------------------------

Stats Distribution:
Put 10 to STR and 20 DEX then all to AGI. Then after reaching about
60-70 AGI, raise your DEX to 30 and put some to STR then MAX out AGI
to the desired level. Then continue to finish the other stats.

[Agility Thief Final Stats] 
(Bonus based on Lv50 Job Rogue)
STR: 84 +6
AGI: 90 +7
VIT: 1  +5
INT: 1  +4
DEX: 42 +7
LUK: 1  +0

This build is the most common for thief characters.
I'm sure most people will tell you to stick with this in some way.
This build is best for Dagger Rogues and/or Sword Rogues.

~Suggested Equipments~

Weapon R: +X Damascus/Gladius (with ATK+ cards)
Weapon L: +X Buckler
U. Head: +X Ghost Bandanna
M. Head: ???
L. Head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking/Immnude Muffler
Armor: +X Speedy Thief Clothes
Footwear: +X Boots of Hermes
Athletic Belt x2
(if you do not have Clip of flash)

[Bow Rogue]---------------------------------------------------------------
This build can be fused with Stealing Rogues and Bow Rogues.

[Bow Rogue Final Stats] 
(Bonus based on Lv50 Job Rogue)
STR: 34 +6
AGI: 83 +7
VIT: 35 +5
INT: 26 +4
DEX: 83 +7
LUK: 1  +0

34 STR for leveling while you're still a thief, utilize elemental daggers
for more power.
35 VIT for Defense and 26 INT for SP regeneration due to you will use
and depend on SP.
83 DEX + DEX Equipments to raise bow power.

~Suggested Equipments~

Weapon R: +X Arbalest? + 2x Drops Card
Weapon L: 
U. Head: +X Apple 'o Archer
M. Head: ???
L. Head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking/Immune Manteau
Armor: +X Skillful Thief's Cloth
Footwear: +X Boots of Hermes/Soul-Enchanted Boots
2x Nimble Clip/Gloves or Bow Thimble

[Rogue-Thief Build]-------------------------------------------------------

Stats Distribution:
Put 10 to STR and 20 DEX then all to AGI. Then after reaching about
60-70 AGI, raise your DEX to 30 and put some to STR then MAX out AGI
to the desired level. Then continue to finish the other stats.

[Rogue-Thief Final Stats] 
(Bonus based on Lv50 Job Rogue)
STR: 84 +6
AGI: 90 +7
VIT: 28 +5
INT: 1  +4
DEX: 42 +7
LUK: 1  +0

For me this is the standard of the Rogue Build.

~Suggested Equipments~

Weapon R: +X Damascus/Gladius (+ ATK Cards)
Weapon L: +X Buckler
U. Head: ???
M. Head: ???
L. Head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking/Immune Manteau
Armor: +X Speedy Thief Cloth
Footwear: +X Boots of Hermes
2x Clip of Flash or 2x Athletic Brooch

[Critical Rogues]---------------------------------------------------------

Crit Rogues are like underdeveloped Crit Chars like the other classes that
not as critical oriented as Monks and Assassins.

Stats Distribution:
Put 10 to STR and 20 DEX then all to AGI. Then after reaching about
60-70 AGI, raise your DEX to 30 and put some to STR then MAX out AGI
to the desired level. Then continue to finish the other stats.

[Critical Rogue]
Job Bonus at Rogue Jlvl 50
STR: 54 +6
AGI: 84 +7
VIT: 15 +5
INT: 1  +4
DEX: 46 +7
LUK: 41 +0

Try to have all the necessary equips before planning to make one like this.

~Suggested Equipments~

Weapon R: +X Triple Critical Gladius
Weapon L: +X Buckler
U. Head: +X Bunny Band/Joker Jester
M. Head: ???
L. Head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking/Immune Manteau
Armor: +X Lucky Thief's Cloth
Footwear: Crystal Pumps (for Girls) ?? for Males
Accessories: Clip of Counter x2

[Snatcher-Battle Rogue]---------------------------------------------------
(Please E-mail me again.. I forgot your name and e-mail >_<)

Stat Distribution:
Put 10 to STR and 20 DEX then all to AGI. Then after reaching about
60-70 AGI, raise your DEX to 30 and put some to STR then MAX out AGI
to the desired level. Then continue to finish the other stats.

STR: 65 +6
AGI: 99 +7
INT: 1  +5
VIT: 1  +4
DEX: 70 +7
LUK: 1  +0

DEX is high enough for the Auto-Steal skills.

Weapon R: +X Quad. Dextrous Main G. or +X Trip. Hurricane gladius
Weapon L: +X Buckler
U head: +X Ghostband/+X Sakkat/+X Apple 'o Archer
M head: ???
L head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking/Immune Muffler
Armor: +X Ninja Suit/+X Speedy's Thief Cloth/+X Skillfull Thief's Cloth
Footwear: +4 Boots of Hermes
Accessories: Rogue's Treasure x2/ Nimble Clip x2/ Clip of Flash x2
             Nimble Glove x2/ Brooch of Flash x2 (If level 90+) 

First, use the DEX Equip for snatching and start hitting your enemy. 
Use the snatching skills (Stripping Skills) or Auto-Steal with the
DEX equips. Damage is low because of the weapon but you get to steal
more because of the low damage (The enemy dies slower).

After strippin the enemy use your offensive equips and go for the

- XI. Possible Equipments ------------------------------------------------

Equips that I will post here are only the Dagger Class. Daggers is still
the best for Rogues. 

[11.1 Daggers]============================================================

Attack: 17
Cost: 50z
Required Lvl: 1 
Weapon Lvl: 1

Default weapon and can last until you're a thief and then buy a new one

Attack : 30
Cost: 1,250z
Required Lvl: 1
Weapon Lvl: 1

I don't recommend you to buy this weapon, you rather buy Main Gauche than

[Main Gauche]-------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 43
Cost: 2,400z
Required Lvl: 1
Weapon Lvl: 1

This is the best level 1 weapon for you. try to +7 this as soon as possible
then try to buy a Stilleto.

Attack: 59
Cost: 8,500z
Required Lvl: 12
Weapon Lvl: 2

Don't buy this... Daggers are cheap anyway...

Attack: 73
Cost: 14,000z
Required Lvl: 12
Weapon Lvl: 2

Buy this if can't afford Stiletto.

Attack: 87
Cost: 19,500z
Required Lvl: 12
Weapon Lvl: 2

The best lv2 Weapon, try to have this. this weapon can serve you until
you change your Job.

NOTE: a Lv2 Weapon at is max safety level is much stronger compared
to a lv3 weapon that hasn't received any upgrade. It may not be
so obvious but compare the damages, both Min/Max but pay more
attention on Minimum damage.

Attack: 102
Cost: 43,000z
Required Lvl: 24
Weapon Lvl: 3

The best dagger to be use with cards. Triple Bloody Gladius is much
stronger than Quad. Bloody Main G.

Attack: 118
Cost: 49,000z
Required Lvl: 27
Weapon Lvl: 3

The strongest Dagger that you can buy in a NPC Shop. The best thing that
you can have easily. (No need to hunt except for the 2 slotted one)

[11.1.1 Exceptional Daggers]==============================================

[Zeny Knife]--------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 64
Bonus: Get Zeny when you kill monsters (???)
Cost: ---
Required Lvl: 40
Weapon Lvl: 3

I have not seen this weapon nor have tried it in ROF.

[Poison Knife]------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 64
Bonus: Poisons Monsters
Cost: --- Dropped by Mobster
Required Lvl: 65
Weapon Lvl: 3

Nice Bonus, it poisons your enemy for you. No need for Envenom.

[Fortune Sword]-----------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 90
Bonus: Lucky Dodge +20, LUK +5
Cost: --- Dropped by Phreooni
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 43

The hottest dagger in the market because of it's Whisper Card like
bonus. Lucky Dodge is the only way that you will be missed by a Crit.

[Sword Breaker]-----------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 40
Bonus: Weapon Destruction
Cost: ??? 
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

Never tried one, but can be useful in PVP.
(SO WHAT if you have a XXXX weapon? I'll break that for you! ha-ha!)

[Mail Breaker]------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 40
Bonus: Armor Destruction
Cost: ??? 
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

Great only in PVP where you can make Havoc by breaking the opponent's 

Attack: 50
Bonus: Regain a small amount of SP when attacking, -30% Hit.
Cost: --- Dropped by Moonlight Flower
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

I find it useless.. Just sit with some Rogues and rest..

[Cursed Dagger]-----------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 55
Bonus: Chance of causing Curse status to target
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 85
Weapon Lvl: 4

This weapon brings havoc like all the Magnolia Cards in the market.
Curse Status is the no. 1 status ailment because the status reduces
the affected target's STR, DEX & INT? (Not sure with the INT.) 
And that means your target will be weaker.

Attack: 70
Bonus: Fire Property, +15% MATK
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

Nice, because of Fire Elem, but much better for Battle-Sages.

[Mama's Knife]------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 75
Bonus: Crit +30%, 50% chance of finding Meat when you kill a monster
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

Great for Crit Rogues and also helps you save money on buying reds and the

[Counter Dagger]----------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 75
Bonus: Crit rate up.
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 55
Weapon Lvl: 4

Maybe the Crit Rate up means Double Crit like Assassins do. That is because
there is still no Crit bonus indicated. (As of uypdate.)

[Weeder Knife]------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 80
Bonus: Pierces defense of Veggie type monsters
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

Same effect as Investigate Skill of the Monks. Can be useful.

[Combat Knife]------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 80
Bonus: Pierces defense of Human Type Monsters
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

Same effect as Investigate Skill of the Monks. Can be useful.

[House Auger]-------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 80
Bonus: It's formula of damage amount is 
       Attack Strength + (Attack Strength*Defense of the Target / 100)
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

They say that this dagger works just like the Monk's skill Investigate.
So this can be proved useful in GvGs/PvPs to kill FS Priest and VIT Knights.

[Princess Knife]----------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 84
Bonus: +1 to all stats
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 1
Weapon Lvl: 4

Pretty much useless...

Attack: 90
Bonus: Pierces defense of Demon Type Monsters
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

Good weapon to have if you decided to level in GH.

Attack: 110
Bonus: Small percentage to transform target into a different monster
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

This can make your leveling a living hell...
(the Khalitz you battling and is near death when suddenly it changes to a..
PORING Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...........)

[Assassin Dagger]---------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 125
Bonus: SP+30 Shadow Attribute
Cost: --- Dropped by Osiris
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

Quite good. but has elem so you can't use it just anywhere you like.
Natural elemental weapons like this is far more greater than of forged ones.
You can't forge a dark elemental weapon so be sure to save one atleast.

Attack: 140
Bonus: Unbreakable
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

A decent Dagger, cannot be destroyed by Sword Breaker.
That's all.

Attack: 150
Bonus: can cause darkness to it's user
Cost: --- Dropped By Dark Lord
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

Just get an/a Elemental/Card compounded weapon than this.
Just a flashy but not that practical to buy and use.

- XII. MVP'ing as a Rogue ------------------------------------------------
Since I don't MVP much and I have no experience, I can't make a good
MVP guide and I don't know how to MVP using AGI builds >_<.
I prefer Hybrids. BTW, This part of the guide is contributed by
Martin Cheng <patheticlittlemoron@hotmail.com> and same with the
WoE Rogue guide. Thanks man, you saved me!

1. As a rogue, you absolutely CANT mvp without a tank and a support, 
   unless you are packed with Yggdrasil Berries(which is quite hard to do).
2. You must have quick reflexes, and fast fingers with spammable sp 
   healers. (And a quick connection i.e. DSl etc...)
3. Your tank must be constantly attacking to divert the MVP's attention 
   away from you.
4. Raid like a maniac, applicable only if you have massed SP healing items 
   in your inventory to spare.

*  you can only Backstab once because of the update which fixed the skill
   and daggers are still great due to Double Slash skill and it is still
   affected by the Sword Mastery.

This isn't a fool-proof way to get the MVP, because rogues simply are 
not designed to do that. Tanks will probaby gain more MVP points through 
all the damage they're gonna take, and rogues won't do much even with the 
strong damage of backstab due to limited usage.

Wes Rasha <ubarathief@yahoo.com>
This is hard.  There is a way to do it though.  First is to deal with the 
GTB glitch, not sure if this was fixed.  The main skill a rogue can use 
for MVP hunting is Plagiarism, aka, act like a wizard.  Plagiarism lets 
you use the skill last used on you. As a rogue, your best bet is to 
steal a big skill, have an ally use on you in PVP, GC is a good one, then 
keep the skill by equiping a GTB card so you cant be affected by skills.  
When you go stalker, this becomes easier as you have the preserve skill 
which, when you use it, the skill you absorbed with Plagiarism can not be 
changed when you are affected by a different skill.  As long as you are 
going in a group, snatch is always a good skill with flywings, since you 
steal one of there mob members, then warp away, so the mob isnt killed 
and respawned.

- XIII. WoE Rogue --------------------------------------------------------
Contributed by:
Martin Cheng <patheticlittlemoron@hotmail.com>

WoE is a different story though, rogues pawn in that.

1.Stay hidden-dont go near priests, monks, wizards or sages. They're 
  dangerous. Hunters will be too busy fighting to detect you.

2.Closely sink in behind a target, then you can split into 3 different 

3.If your guild is scattering THEN destroying the opposing force, then 
  use intimidate and kill that person after you intimidate to a good, 
  beneficial location. (Intimidate's teleport feature is banned in Sieges.)

3.If your guild is outright killing the whole guild, backstab and hope 
  the controller on the other end dont respond fast enough and gets killed 
  by a few swift strokes. (That is until Umbala/Kunlun Update. Due to the
  error in the map sprites, after the said updates once you backstab your
  target he will auto face you and backstab WILL NEVER BE AGAIN spammable
  and also you can't use bows anymore.)

3.If the enemy guild is bunched up together, raid like no tomorrow and 
  watch as they all fall within seconds of your fury.

4.When at the Emperium, run up to it and slash it vigorously with a SWORD, 
  because iirc Emps cant be damaged by double slash (It would only miss.), 
  and swords are the next best thing. (Sword Mastery)

Contributed by:
Wes Rasha <ubarathief@yahoo.com>

Rogue -
Stalk for WoE is good, make sure to avoid detectors, mainly Priests and 
Mages, sometimes also Hunters. Also, try to move for awhile for scouting
to seewhat other players might have Horong Cards (Sight Level 1, Accessory).
Skills to remember - 
Throw Stone. Perfect against agi characters since it stuns.
It is also a good assist skill, perhaps better at times then backstab 
as Backstab turns your opponents attention towards you. Multiple rogues
for backstab though can easily take out an opponent do to the never missing
feature and damage.  If you are wanting to go backstab build for WoE, focus
Strength and Agility since your skill doesnt miss.  This will also work on
all enemies that can not detect invisible.
Sightless Mind/Raid. It was a useful skill, however, with a delay time now,
it isnt as devastating as it once was.  Still though, it has a chance to
stun and blind, deals splash damage so it doesnt miss, and at max level
hits for 250%.
Divest/Strip Skills. These skills alone can help destroy most huge threats
in WoE, seeing that it stops classes that rely on specific items, i.e., 
Spear Knights, removes Ghostring Armor, removes Angeling Armor from 
Grand Cross Crusaders, removes Angeling Armor from Priests that give 
your weapon holy property, etc.  The most important of the two are Divest
Weapon and Divest Armor, though Divest Shield is powerful against Sacrifice
Crusaders and the such, i.e., stop Shield Reflect.

*Also good againts EMP Breakers, Disvet their weapons so they would not post
threat anymore.
Stalker -
Stalker skills on the most part are WoE/PVP made, but have a use for monsters 
Chase Walk.  This is the WoE infiltration skill. No more fear from Sight, 
Detect and Ruwach. Also, movement is faster, but still stick to walls since 
footsteps are seen and you can be detected if hit by an area effect spell.
You can probably get away with 1 point into this skill.
Divest All. When it succeeds, it can help destroy players. 
Use this to support your frontline fighters in WoE by removing all equipment.
 Against monsters, it lowers Defense by 30% and Attack by 10%.  Max this skill.
Reject Sword. Works against all monsters, even ranged, so its nice to 
have at level 3, a 45% chance of working, since though 75% is good, it 
isnt that necessary.  The skill is good against sword swordies, rogues, 
and dagger sins.
Some equipment good to have for WoE.
2 Sets of Armor.
-Ghost Armor (Ghostring Card)
      Less damage from non-elemental attacks. Always good to have.
-Holy Armor (Angeling Card)
      No damage from Holy Damage.  This has multiple purposes. 
      First, it lets you not die to Grand Cross.  That means while the 
      Sader is casting, you can stand next to him/her and divest away. 
      Also, now a fellow priest can give an opponents weapon holy property, 
      making you immune to that character.
Orc Hero Card
      +3 Vit, Immune to Stun. Simply put, you wont lose in a throw stone fight
      since you cant be stunned.  It is a way to make sure most rogues wont 
      have an advantage on you. Looks pretty in slotted sunnies. [Headgear]
Raydric Card
      Since you have the Increase Dodge skill, you won't be needing much
      Dodge+ items so just have yourself the Immune Muff/Manteau to reduce
      Melee damages.
Contributed By:
"Ognjen Panic" <full_vital_shinigami@yahoo.com>
(I have modded some of the details that I think will be more suitable
with this/that situation.)

Must have skills in PVP againts all class (for dagger rogue).

a) Have +4 immune muff, +4 cranial guard, +5-10 Triple Bloody Gladius.
b) Lv.10 Back Stab, Lv.10 Sword Mastery and Stalk Lv.2
c) Have all of the quest skills
d) know your distance( back slide and enemy attack sange)
e) MOST important be evil and fight dirty.
d) Observe your enemy know your map and be patient.

Pros and cons of dagger PvP Rogue:


-Can NOT kill full vit saders and some vit knights.
-Must only fight one person at a time.
-Never show yourself EVER!
-Must finish fight quickly.
-Hard to fight an honorable duel with your buddy.
-VERY low HP.

-Can move while hiding
-Can do deadly damage with Backstab skill.
-Most confusing class to fight with.
-Anything that has low HP is candy for the rogue.

*Rougues have the biggest element of surprise in the game don’t just use 
 it often go wild with it. (Hide and Backstab.)

*I cant say this enough FIGHT CHEAP it's what the rogue is made for.


*My favorites and must have skills: Backstab, Stalk & Hide.

*My second and very loved Intimidate(Plagiarism)
 the rogues copy skill. Take the time to get the needed skill. 
 Against VIT a must have is poison dust since it will reduce the HP in % 
 or if you have envenom get Enchant poison. 
*Snatch(Intimidation) you absolutly need this one, taking a single oponent
 from a party is a huge advantage.

*Sightless Mind(Raid) stuns & blinds by low chance, may prove helpful in
 attacking mobs or if you want to KS in PVP.

*Sword Mastery, get it, it makes Double Damage and Backstab stronger.

*To fight with honor means: 
 Starting a fight a 5-8 cells distance againts your opponent and 
 starting the duel with a count and a /go signal and not hiding nor 
 escaping your opponent for more then 10 sec and do not fight cheap.

*Fighting Cheap means: 
 Staking everyone, whenever somone is low hp (in a fight or not) Backstab him
 and take the kill, hiding and moving fast, dealing damage to your enemy and 
 hiding to avoid damage/death, running away is not cowardly, it's a 
 strategy when you are low hp. Potion your way to recover and come 
 back and finish off your oponent. Fight battles this way and you'll
 have a slightly hig winning rate, study your prey stalk him all the time 
 look at him fight, attack somone busy chatting. 
 fighting alone sometimes is good, take one enemy at a time, snatch them
 if you have to AND by all means kill people for no reason at all.  


These guys/girls are your best prey, sneak up on them or back slide behind them
and Backstab and if you want to play with them just hit them till they are 
baked and if you are a show off like me just stun them with Sightless Mind 
or Teleport Them with Snatch (getting stuned or blind is most annoying) 
I can’t say this enough you must know your enemies since sight coud be 


Don’t bother killing those as you have no time to waste and propably won't 
even win due to the little damage you will inflict on them. As for some 
fighting strategy, stun them (If you can) then back stab, slide away if
they use grand cross. If you want to kill saders FAST you need to strip 
them of their clothes. And I mean even the boxers. If you are like me 
and have something like no stripping powers unless you have shadow 
property daggers or have ghostring armor and golden thief bug shield don’t
bother killing them since they will just heal their huge hp while you waste sp.

Additional info:
According to my battle experience with great Ikamuni, Battling Shield saders
is hopeless for Rogues especially the new breed of battle-saders are mostly
Hybrids so stunning them would be diffcult. GC Crusders on the other hand
are just a snatch away to victory and a slide away to defeating them. 
Just don't let them be with their party especially Priestm since GC takes away
HP and easy to avoid, you may snatch them always especially to broadband users
since their loading time are much more faster than those of DSLs and Dial-Ups
the nest thing the opponent will now is a blackscreen
(due to frequent teleporting) and their avatar sleeping soundly.
Be smart, unless its an AGI knight don’t bother killing them 'cuz of the 
very hated Spear Boomerang but if you really want to fight, blinding those
idiots with sand attack is the best thing then sneak up on em and back 
stab then hide again. And Sightless Mind them till they are stunned.

Additional info:
Again, I think it's not the Spearboom that you should fear them of but their
Bash-till-you-stun-then-I'll-pierce-you! for the dummies, that's equiping
any VVS weapon then bash them (need attack weakpoint quest skill) when the
opponent is stunned quickly change to a Bloody weapon then pierce to death.
This technique is mostly used againts any low HP AGI types and well, very
effective. So I recommend that you avoid any Hybrid/VIT type swordsman class.

This is one of my favorite killing classes, the feard hunters are nothing 
to the rogue, if you ever find one fighting someone or not;
(use hide often) hide seek them and wait thil they stop moving for 
a sec and Backstab them a couple of times with absolutely low hp they 
don’t stand a chance and in by some miracle they manage to breake free,
their DS take a sec to cast, be quick, hide and move away when they 
detect/Improve Concentration quickly slide away and try again in 1-2 min 
with their guard down and their hp not full (if they don’t have pots) 
be carfull to not get trapped for the one very cheap sleep trap since 
the ZzZzz will show your locaton even if in Stalk status and that's for a 
very long time.

Additional info:
I think it's better to spam backstab (if backstab is still spammable in your
server) or stun them since they well mostly are AGI types. Just don't
let them DS you, remember that they have a 75% hit rate on you.
160 dexers are well, will hit you MOST OF THE TIME.

Crap and crap again, you can NOT win in open field combat against a sin 
especially crit ones. If you want to fight these guys you can, and you 
can win if you play smart, stalk and back stab them again and again. 
Avoid crit ones since it won't miss you.

Simple be cheaper than the other rougue, hide all the time, back slide when 
he is to close and by all means if you have a bow and sighting clip use 
them and back slide away, it’s a VERY cheap way to fight your own class. 
And if you get your weapon stripped hide and escape. 
Remember rougues have no honor and are meant to fight cheap.
Makes me a happier man to see them in PVP. These guys are cool to fight but 
don’t be a dumbass, alchemist have pot throw and acid bottle and a very feared
and a favorite of mine, Marine Spheres. Alchemist are preaty easy to fight, 
all the summons take to much time and can be interupted if you hit them. 
Floras won't hit you since you have way too high flee, the grenades won't 
affect you since you will sneak up on him. Marine sphears are a danger to your
life. If they lock on you back slide in an instant those things can take out
as much as 5k of your hp but takes a long time to cast so just hit the freak
before he's done. Finally the only skill you shoud fear, Acid bottle, the very
cheap alchemist will get a high damage weapon ,a lot of STR and lot of HP 
hitting you with 400 damage a hit with acid trow and healing himself with
Pot trow 1.5k+ per throw. If taken by surprise and with good timing you might 
kill him before he reacts.


What to say, be carfull these guys can stun you and often have high HP and 
awsome weapons, at high lvl they become extremly fast with adrenaline rush and
if you get stunned which will happen often because of you don't have any vit,
they will run through your hp like hot knife through butter. The best way to 
fight them is to stun them first (if you can) and hide then Sightless Mind 
these guys as much as you want.

(NOTE: He has wrong info about priests so I removed the whole of it then
replaced it with my own info.)
They are the most worth killing since once you've taken out a priest, well you
almost take his partner easier, since they would probably support their party.
Killing them is very hard due to they are mostly VIT exception to ME and BP's
type of priests. VIT and has high heal level, most high leveled priest has 2k
heal. That's a handful for a person. try to kill his partner instead or 
have a party to kill priest. You will probably waste too much time killing one.

Feared for their ASURA strike and Finger Offensive.

Asura monk: 
Muahahahah kill these guys for fun, they suck in HP with 3 continous backstab
and they are gone, stalk them wait for an asura strike on someone else 
calculate the opposite side wait and back stab them. It's that simple.

Combo monk:
Eeeep run these guys kick ass all the way. They are quick, dodge good, have 
good hp, aspd, and hit and can see you if you hide . There is only one way 
to fight them, the cheapest way ever. Raid them till they are stunned then 
sand attack them till they are blind and stun them again before they cast 
sight finally just backstab them from time to time and dissapear behind the 
blind range  if you don’t finish them off soon they will heal and its all 
over again, even if you strip them they are gonna spirit sphere your ass 
and fist you anyway.

Other types:
mostly monks are hard to build and most fall in the other not very good type
of build but still watch out since they usualy have guillotine fist and heal 
but run low on sp pretty soon.

All first class:
Rare , have some dignity for once and don’t be cheap, just pass by and don’t
attack unless they are getting on your nerves or that there is like 10 of them.

- XIV. Card Collection ---------------------------------------------------

Here are the cards that Thief's will find useful. They are classified
by their placement. I have removed those "Banned" Cards or the cards
that Gravity has removed from the game, but those who have already have it
are lucky because monsters won't be dropping them anymore. ^_^
Thank you for www.merchantguild.net for this card placement info.

[14.1 Weapons]============================================================

Anacondaq    Envenom          +20% damage on Poison Property   Bonus VS Elem
Andre        Hurricane        ATK +20                          Substat Bonus
Andre Larva  Smart            INT +1, Maximum SP +10           Stat Bonus
Caramel      Insecticide      +20% damage on Insect Monsters   Bonus VS Race
Desert Wolf  Gigantic         +15% damage on Small Monsters,   Bonus VS Size
                               ATK +5
Deviace      Aqua             +7% damage on Demi-Human, Brute, Bonus VS Race
                               Plant and Insect Family Monsters
Doppelganger of Verserk       +50 AGI, -50 Flee                Enchant Ability
Drainliar    Saharic          +20% damage on Water Property    Bonus VS Elem 
Drake        of Infinity      100% ATK all Size Monsters       Enchant Ability
Drops        Dextrous         Dex +1, HIT +3                   Stat Bonus
Earth Petite Dragoon          +20% damage on Dragon Monsters   Bonus VS Race
Fabre        Vital            VIT +1, MaxHP +100               Stat Bonus
Familiar     Blink            Blind Target: +5% success rate,  Status Ailment
                               ATK +5
F.Thiefbug   Shrewd           AGI +1, Flee +1                  Stat Bonus
Flora        Fisher           +20% damage on Fish Monsters     Bonus VS Race
Goblin       Clamorous        +20% damage on Brute Monsters    Bonus VS Race
Hornet       Martyr           STR +1, ATK +3                   Stat Bonus
Hunter Fly   Malicious        Regain +15% of the Damage        Enchant Ability
                               Done on an enemy as HP: +3% success rate
Hydra        Bloody           +20% damage on Demi-Human        Bonus VS Race
Kaho         Underneath       +20% damage on Earth Property    Bonus VS Elem
Lunatic      Lucky            LUK +1, Critical +1,             Sub&Stat Bonus
                               Perfect Dodge +1
Magnolia     Cursing          Curse Target: +5% success rate,  Status Ailment
                               ATK +5
Mandragora   Windy            +20% damage on Wind Monsters     Bonus VS Elem
Marina       Ice              Freeze Target: +5% success rate, Status Ailment
                               ATK +5
Metaller     Silence          Silence Target: +5% success rate Status Ailemnt
                               ATK +5
Minorous     Titan            +15% damage on Large Monsters    Bonus VS Size
                               ATK +5
Mummy        Ancient          HIT +20                          Substat Bonus
Orc Skel     Damned           +20% damage on Holy Monsters     Bonus VS Elem
Peco2 Egg    Beholder         +20% damage on Formless Monsters Bonus VS Race
Phreeoni     Perfect          Hit +100                         Substat Bonus
Plankton     Drowsy           Sleep Target:+5% success rate    Status Ailment
                               ATK +5
Requiem      Chaos            Chaos Target: +5% success rate   Status Ailment
Santa Poring Hallowed         +20% damage on Shadow Monsters   Bonus VS Elem
Savage Bebe  Stun             Stun Target: +5% success rate,   Status Ailment
                               ATK +5 
Scorpion     Chemical         +20% damage on Plant Monsters    Bonus VS Race
Sidewinder   Hybrid           Double Attack Level 1            Enchant Skill
Skel Worker  Boned            +15% damage on Medium Monsters,  Bonus VS Size
                               ATK +5 
Skeleton     Keen             ATK +10,                         Substat Bonus
                               Stun Target: +2% success rate
Snake        Untouchable      Poison Attack: +5% success rate, Status Ailment
                               ATK +5 
Soldier Skel Critical         Critical +9%                     Substat Bonus
Strouf       Decussate        +20% damage on Demon Monsters    Bonus VS Race
Vadon        Flammable        +20% damage on Fire Monsters     Bonus VS Elem
Wolf         Wolverine        ATK +15, Critical +1             Substat Bonus
Zenorc       Venomer's        Poison Target: +4% success rate, Status Ailment
                               ATK +10

[14.2 Armor]==============================================================

Angelring      Holy            Gives Armor Holy Property        Enchant Armor
Argiope        Poisoning       Gives Armor Poison Property,     Enchant Armor
                                DEF +1
B. DesertWolf  of Desert       INT +1                           Stat Bonus 
Bathory        Evil            Gives Armor Shadow Property      Enchant Armor
Dokebi         of Zephyrus     Gives Armor Wind Property,       Enchant Armor
                                DEF +1 
Evil Druid     Deadly          Gives Armor Undead Property,     Enchant Armor
                                INT +1, DEF +1 
Ghostring      Ghost           Gives Armor Ghost Property,      Enchant Armor
                                HP Recovery -25% (NYI) 
Marc           Unfrozen        Immune to Freeze,                Immunity
                                -5% damage from Water Property Attacks
Orc Lord       Mirror          Reflect Damage: 30%              Enchant Ability
Pasana         of Ifrit        Gives Armor Fire Property,       Enchant Armor
                                DEF +1
Pecopeco       of Ares         Maximum HP +10%                  Substat Bonus
Picky          Extra           STR +1, ATK +10                  Sub&Stat Bonus 
Picky Egg      Dynamic         VIT +1, Maximum HP +100          Sub&Stat Bonus
Poring         Lucky           LUK +2, Perfect Dodge +1         Sub&Stat Bonus 
Pupa           Hard            Maximum HP +700                  Sub&Stat Bonus
Rocker         Skillful        DEX +1                           Sub&Stat Bonus
Roda Frog      of Champion     Maximum HP +400, Maximum SP +50  Substat Bonus
Sandman        of Gnome        Gives Armor Earth Property,      Enchant Armor
                                DEF +1
Savage         of Recovery     VIT +3                           Stat Bonus
Steel Chon2    of Heman        DEF +2, -20% damage from Wind    Substat Bonus
Swordfish      Aqua            Gives Armor Water Property,      Enchant Armor
                                DEF +1
Thiefbug       Speedy          AGI +1                           Stat Bonus

[14.3 Garment]============================================================

Bapho Jr.    of Rogue        AGI +3, Critical +1%                Stat Bonus
Condor       Quick           Flee +10                            Substat Bonus
Dustiness    of Warmth       -30% damage from Wind Property,     Resist Element
                              Flee +5
Frilldora    Guard           Cloaking Level 1                    Enchant Skill
Hode         Glorious        -30% damage from Earth Property,    Resist Element
                              Flee +5
Isis         Divine          -30% damage from Shadow Property,   Resist Element
                              Flee +5
Jakk         Flameguard      -30% damage from Fire Property,     Resist Element
                              Flee +5
Marionette   of Ghost        -30% damage from Ghost Property,    Resist Element
                              Flee +5
Marse        Genie's         -30% damage from Water Property     Resist Element 
Mist         Innoxious       -30% damage from Poison Property,   Resist Element
                              Flee +5
Orc Zombie   Angelic         -30% damage from Undead Property,   Resist Element
                              Flee +5
Raydric      Immune          -20% damage from Neutral Property   Resist Element
Whisper      Mocking         Flee +20,                           Substat Bonus
                              +50% damage from Ghost Property

[14.4 Shoes]==============================================================

Chonchon         Light                 AGI +1, Flee +2          Sub&Stat Bonus
Eddga            Bearer's              Permanent Endure (NYI),  Enchant Ability
                                       Maximum HP -25%
Eggyra           of Witch              SP Recovery +15%         Substat Bonus
Male Thiefbug    of Hermes             AGI +2                   Stat Bonus
Matyr            Green                 AGI +1, Maximum HP +10%  Stat Bonus
Moonlight Flower Hasty                 Permanent "Fast-Move"    Enchant Ability
                       (+25% walking speed, does not stack with Increase AGI)
Sohee            Soul-Enchanted        Maximum SP +15%,         Sub&Stat Bonus
                                       SP Recovery +3%
Verit            Fledged               Maximum HP/SP +8%        Substat Bonus
Zombie           of Health             HP Recovery +20%         Substat Bonus

[14.5 Headgear]===========================================================

Coco          of Sandman     Resist Sleep 20%, DEF +1     Resist Status Ailment
Deviruchi     Adurate        Blind Immune, STR +1         Immunity
Elder Willow  Erudite        INT +2                       Stat Bonus
Ghoul         Viper's        -20% damage from Poison      Resist Element
                              DEF +1
Giearth       Order          Chaos Immune,                Immunity
                              -15% damage from Earth Property
Marduk        Peerless       Silence Immune               Immunity
Martin        of Cleric      Resist Blind 20%, DEF +1     Resist Status Ailment
Nightmare     Insomniac      Sleep Immune, AGI +1         Immunity
Orc Hero      Neutral        Stun Immune, VIT +3          Immunity
Stainer       of Aristotle   Resist Silence 20%, DEF +1   Resist Status Ailment
Willow        Wise           Maximum SP +80               Substat Bonus

[14.5 Shield]=============================================================

Ambernite    of Athena       DEF +2                             Substat Bonus
Horn Shield  Heavy           -35% damage from Projectile ATKs   Resist Damage
Khalitzburg  from Hell       -30% damage from Demon             Resist Family
Maya Shield  Reflect         Reflect Magic: 30% success rate    Enchant Ability
Orc Warrier  Brutal          -30% damage from Brute             Resist Family
Thara Frog   Cranial         -30% damage from Demi-Human        Rsisit Family

[14.6 Accessory]==========================================================

Cobold         of Counter        STR +1, Critical +4%           Stat Bonus 
Kukre          Athletic          AGI +2                         Stat Bonus 
Mantis         of Mustle         STR +3                         Stat Bonus 
Marine Sphere  Blast             Magnum Break Level 3           Enchant Skill 
Muka           Robust            HP Recovery +10%               Substat Bonus
Obeaune        Cure              Cure Level 1                   Enchant Skill 
Osiris         of Eternity       Have full HP/SP when revived   GODLINESS
Phen           Under a Cast      Makes Magic Spells uninterruptible, 
                                  +25% Casting Delay            Enchant Ability
Poison Spore   Poison            Envenom Level 1                Enchant Skill 
Smokie         Hiding            Hiding Level 1                 Enchant Skill 
Tarou          Double-Forced     STR +2                         Stat Bonus
Wormtail       Clever            DEX +2                         Stat Bonus
Yoyo           of Flash          AGI +1, Perfect Dodge +5       Sub&Stat Bonus
Zerom          Nimble            DEX +3                         Stat Bonus

- XV. Leveling Spots -----------------------------------------------------

All the things I will mention here are from my experience as a Thief.
for the 2nd time. But this will also depend on your money, equipments,
patience and friends as *Edge says.

1-10: All monsters that in the map that is 1map away from cities.
I recommend that you level up in the Sograt desert and battle those
Drops, Condors, Pickies and Super Pickies.

11-20: Go to the Rocker Fields and battle them or if you're daring you
can always try the Ambernites. If you have yourself a good party or a
friend that is in a high level you can ask him to tank you in the 
Byalan island (I did this).

21-30: Try the culverts if you want and also try Payon lv2. I stick to
Byalan by this level until Blevel 50. ^_^ the place is good up to level 2
that is. the aggressiveness is low and you can get yourself to rest.

31-40: Stick to one place. I recommend Byalan or Orc Dungeon.

41-50: Try to stick to one place, Byalan 2 will be good.

51-60: Haaayy..... This is the semi-boring years I would say. If your AGI
is high enough you could always try the Sohees. (Bonguns are a pain in the

61-70: You can have your Job Change by these level if your going for the
Jlvl50 Change. Stick to Sohees or Mummies if your daring.

71-80: By this level, Try the GH or Alde Baran Dungeon and by the way...
Your by yourself by this... It's up to you to find your self a good leveling

81+: 80+!? Why don't join our guild? hehehe ^_^ Try MVP'ng.

- XVI. Flee Chart --------------------------------------------------------

The New Flee Chart By Kula:
The new and updated flee chart!  As with the previous one, I did NOT make this!
The number is how much flee you need to dodge 95% of the time (the maximum).

078 - Turtle
080 - Fabre(Fabre Forest)
082 - Hugeling
082 - Poring
084 - Fabre
086 - Lunatic
088 - Picky
088 - Raptice
088 - Willow
090 - Drops
090 - Super Picky
090 - Roda Frog
090 - Santa Poring
091 - Chon Chon
092 - Eclipse
092 - Thief Bug
093 - Condor
094 - Mastering
094 - Savage Babe
095 - Toad
097 - Skeleton
098 - Rocker
098 - Spore
100 - Dragon Fly
100 - Hornet
100 - Plankton
102 - Kukre
105 - Desert Wolf Baby
105 - Zombie
106 - Ambernite
107 - Creamy
108 - Martin
108 - Poporing
108 - Thief Bug Female
110 - Muka
110 - Tarou
111 - Farmiliar
115 - Golem
115 - Peco Peco
116 - Coco
117 - Wolf
118 - Andre
118 - Poison Spore
119 - Smokie
120 - Big Foot
120 - Pierre
121 - Stainer
122 - Shellfish
123 - Goblin (Axe)
123 - Mandragora
123 - Orc Zombie
125 - Marin
125 - Megalodon
125 - Pirate Skeleton
125 - Steel Chon Chon
126 - Yoyo
127 - Aster
129 - Goblin (Morning Star)
129 - Hydra
130 - Thief Bug Male
130 - Vadon
131 - Crab
131 - Eggyra
131 - Thara Frog
132 - Argos
132 - Marina
133 - Elder Willow
133 - Orc Skeleton
133 - Orc Warrior
133 - Smoking Orc
134 - Anacondaq
134 - Cornutus
134 - Dustiness
134 - Goblin (Mace)
135 - Raggler
135 - Vitata
135 - Worm Tail
136 - Caramel
136 - Marine Sphere
136 - Soldier Pierre
137 - Cookie
137 - Deniro
137 - Soldier Andre
138 - Goblin (Dagger)
138 - Goblin Xmas
138 - Savage
139 - Sasquatch
140 - Horn
140 - Magnolia
140 - Zerom
143 - Kaho
144 - Antique Firelock
144 - Flora
144 - Soldier Skeleton
146 - Mantis
146 - Metaller
146 - Vocal
147 - Ghoul
147 - Skeleton Worker
148 - Cookie Xmas
149 - Vagabond Wolf
150 - Hode
150 - Kobold 5
150 - Shinobi
151 - Munak
151 - Scorpion
151 - Verit
152 - Kobold 2(Mace)
155 - Bongun
155 - Kobold 4
155 - Miyabi Ningyo
155 - Rotar Zairo
158 - Desert Wolf
158 - Frilldora
158 - Marse
158 - Soldier Deniro
158 - Strouf
159 - Horong
161 - Myst Case
163 - Angeling
163 - Kobold (Axe)
165 - Ghostring
165 - Goblin (Flail)
166 - Myst
166 - Sohee
167 - Marc
167 - Requiem
167 - Swordfish
168 - Giearth
169 - Sandman
169 - Whisper
169 - Whisper(Giant)
169 - Whisper Boss
170 - Matyr
171 - Brilight
172 - Argiope
174 - Tri Joint
175 - Boa
175 - G Mummy
175 - Goblin Archer
175 - Mummy
175 - Orc Lady
177 - Dokebi
177 - Drainliar
178 - Rafflesia
178 - Wild Rose
179 - Minorous
179 - Nereid
180 - Obeaune
182 - Chepet
182 - Zenorc
183 - Choco
183 - Punk
184 - Bathory
184 - Deviance
185 - Antonio
185 - Karakasa
185 - Marionette
185 - Mutant Dragon
185 - Steam Goblin
187 - Blazzer
187 - Driller
187 - Explosion
188 - Jakk
188 - Jakk Xmas
188 - Nightmare
189 - Hunter Fly
189 - Phen
190 - Isis
193 - Marduk
193 - Petit(Sky)
194 - Demon Pungus
194 - Gig
194 - Kobold (Morning Star)
194 - Stem Worm
195 - Pest
196 - Archer Skeleton
196 - Cramp
196 - Reydric
197 - Greatest General
197 - Injustice
197 - Kapha
197 - Laib Olmai
197 - Sageworm
198 - Petit(Earth)
199 - Alligator
199 - Geographer
200 - Archangeling
200 - Cruiser
200 - Zombie Prisoner
201 - Evil Druid
201 - Fake Angel
201 - Mimic
202 - Galapago
202 - Giant Hornet
202 - The Paper
203 - Dragon Tail
203 - Giant Spider
203 - Iron Fist
203 - Skeleton Prisoner
204 - Grand Peco
205 - Creamy Fear
205 - Pasana
206 - Killer Mantis
206 - Zombie Dragon
207 - Apocalips
207 - Fur Seal
207 - Gullinbursti
207 - Permeter
208 - Caterpillar
208 - Deviruchi
208 - Goblin Leader
208 - Kobold Archer
208 - Scorpion King
209 - Arclouse
209 - Filamentous
209 - High Orc
210 - Spring Rabbit
210 - Stalactic Golem
211 - Carat
211 - Elder
211 - Goat
211 - Khalitzburg
211 - Tengu
211 - Wind Ghost
212 - Deleter(Earth)
212 - Mobster
213 - Clock Tower Manager
213 - Deleter(Sky)
213 - Diabolic
213 - Gajomart
213 - Grizzly
213 - Merman
214 - Freezer
214 - Heater
214 - Zombie Master
215 - Megalith
215 - Nine Tail
215 - Panzer Goblin
216 - Dark Priest
216 - Sea Otter
217 - Kobold Leader
217 - Sleeper
218 - Alarm
218 - Baphomet Jr.
219 - Am Mut
219 - Dark Frame
219 - Harpy
219 - Mistress
219 - Solider
220 - Chimera
222 - Ancient Mummy
223 - Ancient Worm
223 - Rybio
223 - Wraith
224 - Drake
224 - Golden Thief Bug
225 - Anubis
225 - Clock
225 - Phendark
225 - Skeleton General
226 - Majoruros
228 - Executioner
228 - Lava Golem
229 - Owl Duke
230 - Eddga
230 - Joker
230 - Nightmare Terror
231 - Medusa
232 - Mini Demon
233 - Sidewinder
234 - Soldier Guardian
235 - Anolian
237 - Alice
237 - Cat O Nine Tail
237 - Moonlight
238 - Maya
239 - Incubus
239 - Osiris
243 - Garm
245 - Dracula
245 - Owl Baron
246 - Assaulter
246 - Maya Puple
249 - Dark Illusion
249 - Gargoyle
249 - Orc Archer
249 - Succubus
251 - Violy
254 - Dark Lord
254 - Riding Word
256 - Sting
257 - Orc Hero
257 - Pharaoh
259 - Orc Lord
262 - Gryphon
263 - Zherlthsh
264 - Wraith Dead
268 - Penomena
269 - Lord of Death
272 - Doppelganger
272 - Reydric Archer
274 - Phreeoni
276 - Baphomet
276 - Wanderer
277 - Turtle General
278 - Tirfing
279 - G Assaulter
282 - Bloody Knight
282 - Stormy Knight/Knight of Windstorm
286 - Knight Guardian
289 - Abysmal Knight
290 - Werewolf
310 - Mysteltainn
314 - Archer Guardian

- XVII. FAQ's ------------------------------------------------------------

"Oliver Suñaz" <eandr4ev@yahoo.com> asked:

1. Have you actually played the rogue before? or you just reviewed 
   the skills and made the builds out of your observations?

-> I have played a Rogue in a private Server. I can't simulate a
   good MVP'ing experience since my equips are so unrealistic and
   you can only solo-MVP because I play alone in my house and not in a
   cafe or in a computer shop.
2. If a rogue plagiarizes a knight who used spear stab, can the rogue copy 
   that? Or it requires a spear for a rogue to equip? same goes for a 
   hunter's double strafe.. do u need a bow?

-> Yes, you need to meet all the requirements in order to use the skill.
3. Can a rogue equip two daggers like a dagger-sin? 

-> No they can't.

- XVIII. Contact Me ------------------------------------------------------

I Accept emails especially if you want to contribute to this guide.

If you happen to be online in pRO you can whisper me.
I'm in the Iris Server my character names are:

Battle-Maiden_Aimo (Battle-Priest)
Battle-Maiden_Reginleif (Merchant)
Xcelsion (Combo-Asura Monk)

I will be glad to answer your questions.
Basta hindi ako busy...

                         * E-Mail/Contacts Policy -
Why'd I suddenly summon a E-Mail/Contacts Policy section? Simply to
categorize every mail that I've been receiving from those that are possibly
either a Virus or something bad. I would suggest you follow the following 
things below so as to quickly get a reply off the day or two after you 
mailed me. Yes! I'm that quick on replying mails as I don't want my Inbox
to be so filled and to make my browser go faster when checking things out.
Anyway here are the list of Do's and Don'ts doing something that is on
either the Do's/Don'ts list will seriously affect the odds of you getting
a reply so I suggest you follow them as simple rules are applied.

Before everything else, please try to read the comments before mailing
because your inquiry maybe already answered. Please read with understanding.

*- E-Mails -*

Do’s and Don’ts
1.  Only send me questions that can't be found on my guide. I will be more
    happy to help you in this case.

2.  Try to be specific in defining something or when stating what had
    So I won't be e-mailing you back for some questions that'll simply 
    consume our precious time.


4.  Check the latest version of the guide before sending in any questions,
    chances are that your question might be answered in the newest version of
    the guide.

5.  If I happen to not reply after three or so days than e-mail me again 
    nicely and I'll reply ASAP.


7.  Don't be persistent, don't e-mail me the very same question that I've
    already answered.

8.  Don't send me nonsense e-mails like "How much is..." "Can you buy me 

9.  Be nice! Don't use bad words in your mail.

10. No Chain Mails!
    Doing anything that isn't allowed will automatically make your address be
    blocked from any future mail you might possibly send.

As noted by Weggy:
- DON'T OPEN E-MAIL ATTACHMENTS... EVER!  Unless you talk to someone who says
  "I'm going to send you a file called blahblah.jpg", never ever open them,
  even if they are from someone you know.  This is the #1 way virii and other
  nasty things are spread.

  Some Virus E-Mails sends by themselves through the people in your
  address book. Just don't open Attachments especially if it is a .zip/.exe
  they are likely to be a virus.
- XVI. Thank You to all --------------------------------------------------

----------- FRIENDSSSSS ONLINE ----------------

	The guild that adopted me. Thanks guys for keeping me accompanied.

l Elites l

----------- SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION -------------

Martin Cheng <patheticlittlemoron@hotmail.com>
Wes Rasha <ubarathief@yahoo.com>
Ognjen Panic <full_vital_shinigami@yahoo.com>
	For their MVP and WoE guide

Paul Magajes <maptech_15@yahoo.com>
Hansel Ong <kylene_lesnah@yahoo.com>
	for the Bow Rogue build

------------------------- SPECIAL THANKS ---------------------------------

Kula	Hoorya316@yahoo.com
	For his Updated Flee Chart.
	I'm sorry to post my guide with your flee chart in it
	without waiting for your approval, because many readers are
	waiting for the next update

*Edge	(icesanmig@yahoo.com)
	-For letting me copy and use his format for my guide.
	Thanx! a Lotz!

	-Thank You for helping us (RO Players) by the means of your 
	ever great FAQ/Guide. Maybe I should call you "The Oracle".

Level Up (http://www.level-up-games.com)
	-For getting the game into the Philippines.

	-For developing and making the game.

Lee Myoung-Jin
 	-Because of her Manga, Ragnarok Online was born.
	Lee's manhwa is very amusing to read and the drawings are sooo
	great! How I wish I have all the Volumes...

Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)
	-For hosting this guide and all the other guides also.
	This site is my primary source of gaming knowledge.

	-For Running that AWESOME site the world calls "Gamefaqs".

	-For all the Alt. 2nd Job skill list
	-Thanks for all the wonderful things we can see in your
	 wonderful site!!!

	-I got the additional Infos for the 2-2 Jobs here.
	-One of the updated RO fansites in the world.

	All the Skill Description is owned by the following.
	Gravity Interactive LLC. 
	Gravity Corp.& Lee Myoungjin.

	For the additional skill infos and descriptions.

- XVII. Unlegal ----------------------------------------------------------

This FAQ was originated on www.gamefaqs.com.  You will always find the most
up-to-date version there. Please post this on your website. 
If you are going to use any information in this guide, please do credit me or
the contributer (if it was contributed, THEN YOU MUST CREDIT THE CONTRIBUTER.
and you can forget about me.) Although it isn't necessary to Email me, 
I would like to check out your site if your going to put it there ^_^.  
I only have 2 conditions: You do not sell this FAQ for personal profit, 
or post it on websites condoning or providing RO hacks, bots, scams, or 
anything else evil in the world.

Thank you for reading our FAQ/GUIDE.
This won't be called a guide with out anyone being guided. 
Thank you.

-Calx Zinra

Online Contact:

Xcelsion (Combo-Asura Monk)
Battle-Maiden_Aimo (Battle-Acolyte)
Battle-Maiden_Reginleif (Byalan & Geffen Super Merch. Shop "PRESYONG NOBIS™")

ALL IN IRIS SERVER pRO (Philippine Ragnarok Online)

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