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    Monster Skills FAQ by unknown13

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                                Monster Skills v.1.0
                                   Ragnarok Online
                                     By unknown13 
    THIS IS ONLY APPLICABLE TO Ragnarok Online: Episode 4 Turtle Island Patch and 
    up. The episodes that come before Turtle Island don’t count obviously. ^_^
    I.   Foreword
    II.  Important Considerations
    III. Monster Skills
      A. Normal Monsters
         1. Player Type Skills
               Acolyte/Priest Type
               Archer/Hunter Type
               Mage/Wizard Type
               Merchant/Blacksmith Type
               Swordsman/Knight Type
               Thief/Assassin Type
         2. Original Monster Skills
      B. Bosses
    IV.  Version History
    V.   Other Things
         Finally, after years of trying to, I've actually organize a FAQ document. 
    This is my first time so please bear with me.
         The data, just like most people, is not my own data and should not be 
    credited on my behalf. It's from the game itself (from experiences) and from 
    publicly available RO updates data. Again, don't credit me!
         All I did was to organized/reformat it and render it easily available on 
    GameFAQs... GameFAQs only... get it.
         Take Note that you are free to copy/print this FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!!!
    Don't take credit for the data since even I don't!
         None of the many forms of Public Distribution especially with MONETARY
    involvement would be allowed!!!
         Get It!!! If you do, well... you must be UGLY/DUMB!!!<- I hope that 
    passes the screening. ^_^
         This would be very short :D
                             IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS
    Why in the world am I doing this amazing "move"... ^_^
    1. The world of pRO has just recently adapted Turtle Island - It's in Alberta
       for the benefit of those who don't know where it is.
    2. People are currently asking everyone else, what's can --monster here-- do?
    3. A Monster's Skill is presently IMPROPERLY DISTINGUISHED. - I was told that 
       the poporings are doing bash, yeah right; and that the Skel Prisoners are
       doing enchant poison...
    4. In short, this is to give the proper outlook for everyone and terminate
       the ongoing CONFUSION plaguing pRO.
    5. The Official FAQ from pRO is not available due to lots of technical 
       problems lately - that is if they are going to publish one.
    6. This is currently the data on iRO, so my guess is that pRO has similar
       adaptation - because they are all RO nonetheless.
                  Start Printing Here (Remove Comments If You Want)
                                  MONSTER SKILLS
    1. Normal Monster
       A. Player Type Skills
        A.1 Acolyte/Priest Type
            Decrease Agility - Khalitzburg, Evil Druid, Ghostring, Joker, Wraith, 
                               Earth Petite, Clock 
            Heal - Angeling, Alice, Chepet, Vitata, Carat, Cookie 
            Holy Light - Angeling 
            Increase Agility - Isis, Alarm, Baphomet Jr., Orc Lady, Marc, 
                               Nightmare, Sky Petite, Savage 
            Lex Divina - Bathory, Metaller, Vocal 
            Lex Aeterna - Baphomet Jr., Christmas Cookie 
            Pneuma - Nine Tails, Greatest General, Carat  
            Status Recovery - Bathory, Sage Worm, Alice 
            Safety Wall - Angelring, Savage Worm
            Teleport - Creamy, Ghostring, Clock Tower Keeper, Carat, Megalice 
        A.2 Archer/Hunter Type 
            Ankle Snare - Orc Archer 
            Arrow Repel - Raydric Archer, Gargoyle 
            Arrow Shower - Orc Archer 
            Claymore Trap - Clock Tower Keeper 
            Double Strafe - Archer Skeleton, Goblin Archer, Cobold Archer 
            Freezing Trap - Marionette
            Sandman - Giearth 
            Shockwave Trap - Wind Ghost 
            Skid Trap - Yoyo 
        A.3 Mage/Wizard Type
            Cold Bolt - Sage Worm 
            Earth Spike - Wraith 
            Fire Ball - Mutant Dragon, Kaho, Marduk 
            Fire Bolt - Kaho, Savage Worm, Marduk, Elder Willow, Jakk 
            Fire Wall - Kaho, Marionette, Chepet, Marduk 
            Frost Diver - Strouf, Obeaune, Christmas Goblin 
            Heaven`s Drive - Chimera, Minorous, Evil Druid 
            Jupital Thunder - Deviruchi, Joker, Wind Ghost 
            Lightening Bolt - Sage Worm, Wind Ghost, Strouf, Christmas 
            Meteor Storm - Bloody Knight 
            Napalm Beat - Sky Petite, Earth Petite, Cookie, Elder Willow, Willow 
            Quagmire - Sting, Strouf 
            Sight - Horong 
            Soul Strike - Ghostring 
            Water Ball - Sword Fish, Strouf, Deviace 
        A.4 Merchant/Blacksmith Type
            Adrenaline Rush - Verit, Desert Wolf, Desert Wolf Baby, Dokebi, 
                              Axe Goblin, Axe Cobold 
            Hammer Fall - Minorous 
            Mammonite - Dokebi 
            Maximize Power - Khalitzburg, Abysmal Knight, Raydric, Mysteltainn, 
                             Executioner, Grimtooth
        A.5 Swordsman/Knight Type
            Bash - Mysteltainn, Pirate Skel 
            Brandish Spear - Bloody Knight, Abysmal Knight 
            Counter Attack - Wanderer, Executioner, Mimic, Sohee 
            Endure - Big Foot, Golem, Stalactic Golem, Savage, Sasquatch 
            Magnum Break - Raydric, Steam Goblin, Mutant Dragon 
            Pierce - Gryphon, Sidewinder 
            Provoke - Carat, Yoyo, Jealotous, High Orc, Zealotus 
            Spear Boomerang – Executioner
        A.6 Thief/Assassin Type
            Back Sliding - Bongun, Sage Worm 
            Cloaking - Frilldora, Ghostring, Whisper
            Detoxify - Obeaune
            Envenom - Anacondaq, Argiope, Cramp, Myst, Fest, Scorpion 
            Grimtooth - Khalitzburg 
            Hiding - Hode, Smokie, Martin, Sting, Sandman 
            Sand Attack - Sandman, Martin, Giearth 
            Sonic Blow - Jealotus, Injustice, Matyr, Wild Rose, Peco Peco 
            Stone Fling - Yoyo, Coco 
            Venom Dust - Argiope 
    *Buffs/Stat Boosting Skills will not be cast on you (asa ka!).
       e.g. Orc Lady - cast Inc. Agi on herself
     So is true with Detoxify and Status Recovery. I mean, why would a monster
     cast it on you anyway.
    *Double Strafe monsters waaaaaaaaaa, note that they have high DEX!!! Watch
     out, having 3 archer monsters attacking you, better run and do I mean run!!!
    *Wizard Type Skills have casting time... and limited cell area. It really is
     an advantage when a Minorous is going to cast Heaven's Drive, simply move a
     few steps back and you're safe.
    *Hiding Mosters are quite unfair. Hiding thieves don't and can't heal, but
     these creeps do. Luckily, they can't attack just like thieves. (wahaha!!!)
     But they do heal
    *Always watch out for cloaking Whispers - I get surprise most of the time
     having my HP drain without any enemy in sight! Another monster advantage
     since they can do this ANYWHERE. They don't need walls!
    *If there is anything everyone should hate... It's those poison attacks! Not
     only does it takes your HP little by little (it takes a lot of it) it also
     lowers down you attack and defense. Waaaah! Now we need those use to be use-
     less green herbs more than ever. 
    *Watch out for Sonic Blow - I hits 8 times remember! And you'll get stunned
     every once in a while. 1st job players watch out.
    *Obeaune will Detox herself all the time.
    *I still have to confirm how a Khalitzburg would do Grimtooth without hiding.
       B. Original Monster Skills
        B.1 Changes to a Random Attribute - Frilldora, Joker, Nine Tails, Dokebi 
            Changes to Shadow Attribute - Carat 
            Changes to Fire Attribute - Bloody Knight, Matyr 
            Changes to Ghost Attribute - Myst, Angelring 
            Changes to Water Attribute - Sasquatch, Muka, Sting 
        B.2 Silence Attack - Deviruchi, Stainer, Steel Chonchon, Dragon Fly 
            Sleep Attack - Creamy, Dustiness, Spore 
            Stun Attack - Bigfoot, Golem, Goblin (Hammer), Kobold (Hammer), 
                          Requiem, Savage, Stalactic Golem, Anolian, Munak, 
                          Orc Warrior 
            Blind Attack - Familiar, Drainliar, Clock Tower Keeper, 
                           Male Thief Bug, Dark Frame, Mars 
        B.3 Suicide - Sohee 
            Self-destruction - Marine Sphere 
        B.4 Consecutive Attack - Frilldora, Horong, Hunter Fly, Mantis, Mummy, 
                                 Soldier Skeleton, Vagabond Wolf, Vocal, 
                                 Pest Raggler, Goblin (Sword), Penomena, Cruiser  
            Critical Slash - Goblin (Morning Star), Kobold (Morning Star), 
                             Orc Skeleton, Marina, Orc Zombie 
            Guided Attack - Zealotus, Stem Worm, Mysteltainn, Eclipse, Isis 
            Splash Attack - Khalitzburg, Abysmal Knight, Wanderer, Alarm, 
                            Skel Prisoner, Chimera, Mutant Dragon 
            Magical Attack - Clock Tower Keeper, Marduk, Wind Ghost 
            Piercing Attack - Horn, Caramel, Hornet, Riding Word, Muka, Grimtooth,
                              Desert Wolf, Arclouse 
        B.5 Mental Breaker - Nightmare, Bathory, Myst, Clock 
            Stone Curse - Evil Druid, Punk 
            Venom Dust - Argos, Verit, Poporing, Zenorc, Anacondaq, Poison Spore, 
                         Zombie Prisoner, Ghoul, Zombie, Tarou, Side Winder  
            Lazy Attack - Merman 
    *The entire B section still needs some confirmation as to its "categorical 
    *When I hacked the life out of some Sohees the first day of the Turtle Patch,
     I actually did not gain any XP... now I'm sure this is how it works!!!
     - this will happen when you see a chinese word, I know how to read/write it,
     but rather not!
    *Silence/Blind (identified by the "...")  are the most annoying effect!!! - 
     you can't do anything with SP; you can't do anything, respectively.
    *Stun is pathetic IMO... you can't move for 3 seconds! --- I take this back, 
     I have to eat my words! Stun is as bad or as worse as silence/blind. It 
     doesn't feel like 3 seconds, it feels even more! Once hit, you're D-E-A-D! 
     Have a priest with you, you'll somehow be safe. But take note that Kyrie 
     won't save you!
    *Consecutive Attacks works just like double attack and double strafe. You'll
     be attack twice in one strike. Really bad! And I stress Really Bad!!! Since
     monsters with this skill are AGGRESSIVE and THEY MOB!!!
    *Again be warned of poison skills! At least you're not helpless like blind ^_^
    2. Bosses
      A. Baphomet - Lord of Vermilion, Curse, Brandish Spear, Maximize Power, 
      B. Dark Lord - Meteor Storm, Fire Wall, Magical Attack, Curse 
      C. Doppleganger - Heal, Pierce, Frost Diver, Blind, Maximize Power, Endure,
                        Counter Attack 
      D. Drake - Endure, Spear Boomerang, Water Ball, Maximize Power 
      E. Eddga - Fire Ball, Magnum Break, Spear Stab, Endure 
      F. Gold Thief Bug - Mammonite, Magnum Break, Fire Wall, Fire Bolt 
      G. Hatii - Adrenaline Rush, Frost Diver, Endure, Decrease Agility 
      H. Maya - Pierce, Heal, Safety Wall, Heavens Drive, Brandish Spear 
      I. Mistress - Jupital Thunder, Heal, Lex Divina, Consecutive Attack, Pneuma
      J. Moonlight Flower - Mammonite, Heal, Earth Spike, Fire Bolt, 
                            Lightning Bolt, Cold Bolt 
      K. Orc Lord - Provoke, Spear Stab, Lex Divina, Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Endure 
      L. Orc Hero - Thunder Storm, Adrenaline Rush, Maximize Power, Endure 
      M. Osiris - Quagmire, Venom Dust, Earth Spike, Bash, Curse 
      N. Phreeoni - Stone Curse, Mental Breaker, Heavens Drive, Earth Spike, 
                    Brandish Spear 
      O. Stormy Knight - Storm Gust, Lightning Bolt, Safety Wall, Maximize Power  
    * I was just attacked by Orc Lord - it actually did endure - I died ^_^
    * I had my Osi Experiences (<-3x), I am usually found in Morroc lately, this
      guy is great, he can surely kill!!! He's in Agi Up mode, and he'll quagmire
      you (he always does, that's how I know that he's there)! And Read below, 
      he will teleport.
    * Just put this in your head: It's PVP in AI Mode... get it ^_^
    This is next part is actually a total rip off from iRO: 
    * All boss monsters will use the Two-Hand Quicken, Increase Agility, 
      Guided Attack, and Piercing Attack depending on the probability.  
    * All boss monsters will Teleport if they are attacked from beyond their 
      attacking range.  
    * Monsters with attributes will use attacks of their attribute.  
    Much of that rip off
    --------------------------------THAT'S ALL-----------------------------------
                           |  PRINT Until Here Only   |
    *After all that let me just say a few more things
        Cards? how much would they be worth... I better hunt one ^_^)
    ... Assassins would be wanted for their Detox (I got one when I was jb30 ^_^
        so much for a stupid mistake - that wasn't stupid after all)
    ... Shockwave would be max out as a necessity!
    ... Cure? Questionable, doesn't recover Poison! 
    ... Status Recovery has become more useful! So has Lex Divina! Have one in
        your function keys - VERY USEFUL for spell casting monsters and BOSSES!!!
                                  Version History
    v.0.9 April 4 2004
    Complete List Of Monster Skills
    It's everything you need to know! That's why it's 0.9! Little Additions Req'd
    pRO's Sarah - Odin - Fenrir is still down at the moment - I've been trying to
    connent for the past 48 hrs... this is the product of my boredom
    v.0.95 April 5 2004
    Sarah's up, so is Fenrir
    Ragnarok is FREE - though my 1 week account is moving ^~^
    Added Contents
    Added GameFAQ on my special thanks section
    Added Copyright
    Added Comments
    Added E-mail (I don't do e-mails at home, I go to cafes = safer from viruses 
    so it might be quite some time before I could post a reply to your message)
    Change a few names for pRO applicability
    Still trying to research on: appropriate pRO monster names counterpart
    v.1.0 April ?? 2004
    At last!!! Though I still have to research the names more!
    Remove/change some portion, aling portions... basta some portions, maging
    pilosopo ba?
    Dami Add comments
    Dami changes
    Printing Guide Placed
                                     SPECIAL NOTES
       New Monsters not indicated - I'll try to find some data. As you would find
    no skill indicated for Sea Otter (it does a dark colored Soul Strike attack),
    Owl Duke (I really forgot what it does, but I've encountered a few summoned
    by players with a dead branch), and others.
                                     MY CHARACTERS
    I started playing pRO Feb 25/26 2004, well I started late so sue me ^_^
    I'm using FEMALE characters - though I am MALE
      - a lot and oh did I say a lot, I mean almost everybody ask me why.
      - a few annoys me by picking on my female character - kaasar kayo!
      - "ate" palagi tawag sa char ko pero ok lang
    May "13" lahat sila sa ending ng pangalan nila. Oy! Walang GAYA2x! Ako lang 
    ang me 13 sa huli, ako lang, asa ka pa!
    Kung gus2 nyo ko makita hanapin nyo! Anytime player ako!
    Fenrir: Normal Katar Assassin not Pure Agi, Pure AGI sucks IMO.
            Sonic Blow would miss that way, so what's the use of doing one!
    Iris: Novice(Archer)
    Chaos: TU Priestess - free labor sa resu bigyan lg ako 1 gem.
           DC/OCMerchant - mahilig mag sale to!
    If you know who I am... Don't PM me asking, ano po skill ng -monster-?
    I won't answer you, I'm not a Ragnarok Encyclopedia, I can't/won't memorized
    this! D ako ganun ka talino!!!
    Maglagay ka kaya ng FAQ sa tabi mo gaya ko.
    *I would like to mention that I hate looters, everybody does... And to the
     ******* huntress that looted my AoA, I'll Inc Agi monsters attacking you, 
     I'll find you!!! I'll hunt you down!!!
    Last,I have never been scammed in Fenrir, but I have been scammed 3x on Sarah.
    My aco/priestess is not a scammer (kahit pulubi talaga), kung na DC me sa 
    gitna ng deal di ko kasalanan yun! Lastly, Mag-iingat kayu sa mga scammers! 
    Dami nila sa Sarah! WARNING YAN!!!
                                  SPECIAL THANKS
    - The Mighty WEGGY - for the only monumental FAQ of RO
                    (I actually haven't e-mailed him for this or do I have too?)
    - Gravity Corp. - Ragnarok Online's a great game
    - Lee Myoungjin - for conceptualizing Ragnarok
    - iRO - for having a monster skills data (I based most of the data here)
    - Level Up! Games Staff & GMs - for pRO
             - kahit sira mga server ngayon at sayang 2 days unlimited ko, dapat 
               pa rin kayong bigyan ng kaukulangan parangal ^_^
    LAST but most importantly:
                 GameFAQs - CJayC - you're the man!!!
    - mga cousins ko, convert ako nila kaso mas mataas pa level ko ngayon wahaha!
    - well who else but my pRO mates (salamat mga tol)
        - Fenrir: my trusted acos(now priests) bert* & dark* - I did not complete
                  their names baka asarin nyo - naunahan pa ko nila 60+ na ata 
                  'tong dalawang 'to baka 70+ na nga... baba pa nila sakin noon 
                  waaaaa mag 60 pa lang ako!
        - Iris: the merchant who just donated 1000z to my novice
        - Sarah: dami talaga kaibigan pag aco/priest ka: ung mage/wiz na party ko 
                 araw2x, ang archer na tumulong sakin nung na scam ako, ung swordy
                 na nagtiis sa palagi kong kamatayan, mage na magjob50 (lahat 
                 naman ata ng mage magjajob50) na ginawa akong looter aco (for 
                 the 1st time), at too many to mention hunters(resses) for giving 
                 me the chance to have all the loot I can have.
    Monster Skill FAQ © unknown13 2004
    Ragnarok Online(TM) has the following copyrights
    Copyright © 2002-2004 Gravity Interactive LLC. All Rights Reserved.
    Copyright © 2002-2004 Gravity Corp.& Lee Myoungjin. All Rights Reserved.

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