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Guide and Walkthrough by ChetFlavin

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 03/23/2003

Alien Vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt Strategy Guide
By Chetflavin
February 28, 2003
Ver. 3.0

	Hey its me again, from the same guy who wanted some money so he made a
strategy guide for Blood Omen 2 and Soldier of Fortune. College is expensive
and I'd like to enroll in a couple of classes this time. Some of you may be
saying "Hey, $25 doesn't pay for collage." Well lets just say the place I go to
serves deep fried foods and the diplomas are printed out on placemats :)
Anyways, onto the guide! with its plothole and bad grammer and repeating the
phrase follow the path until it gets annoying. YARRRRRRRRRR!

Some Legal Mumbo Jumbo
	As for legal context, I'd like to thank the makers of AvsP2: Primal Hunt for
making a good instruction booklelt which I got most of the info for the species
weapons, equipment, and abilities. As for who can post this guide on their
site, ONLY gamefaqs.com AND NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!! DON'T EVEN ASK!!!!!!

Final Update: Ok, hopefully on this update everything will appear on the site.
Advised, I retyped the areas of the faq that seemed to get cut off so hopefully
they'll make it.

Table of Contents
1. Game Introduction
2. Controls
3. Alien Walkthrough
4. Predator Walkthrough
5. Corporate Walkthrough
6. Cheats
7. Legal Mumbo Jumbo Reiterated

1. Game Introduction
	As for this game it hasn't been reviewed that well. In my opinion thats
idiotic because its a great add-on if you consider the type of game it is. You
play as three different species! For any other first person shooter, adding on
9 levels is great, but because they're divided into three segments it becomes
horrible. As for story, great intertwining plots that make for a decent prequel
to the incidents of Alien Vs. Predator 2. As for a sidenote, if you want to
play thru as chronologically as possible go with predator, alien, then
coporate. Also, another sidenote, this is a walkthru for the easy difficulty.
Why easy? Because its best to work up from easy instead of diving into

2. Controls
	Are you kidding? They're the exact same from Alien vs. Predator 2, and you
can't play Primal Hunt unless you own Alien vs. Predator 2. Besides you can
always go into option and customize controls to your liking, which I strongly
recomend doing.But just to be nice I'll list each of the controls along with
descriptions at the beggining of each walkthru.

3. Alien Walkthrough

	For the alien it really depends on what gestation you're in. Facehugger,
chestburster, or full grown adult. As a face hugger you pretty much have the
basic abillities. You can wallwalk, jump high, and attack(basically a face
hugging leap which can be used to break thru some grates but not for fighting.
Chestburster is the weakest form, it can't wall-walk or anything. It can chew
thru some grates and jump high but basically you want to avoid confrontations
in this form. Full grown adult is the best form you can be in. You can
wallwalk, jump distance increased ten fold, have powerful claws that can rip
thru metal, a powerful tail to stun enemies, and you can now headbite foes as
well to gain health. The head bite, claws, and facehugger leap are under the
primary attack button. The tail is under the secondary attack button. As for
vision all three have the same, normal view which shows the aura's of any
living thing (not cyborgs) and displays all colors normally in a fish eye lens.
Intrusion views is nightvision. Its black and white and comes in handy in
really dark areas. For other alien skills look under

B. New Hosts
	You start off as a facehugger in a huge tunnel with no one else around. Now
would be a good time to familiarize yourself with the controls. Wallwalk,
leap....... aside from basic forward backward I think thats all the abilities a
face hugger has. Anyways, just move forward thru the tunnel in the direction
you were facing initially. Once you come out you'll see a small crevice toward
the left infront of you. Crawl under there into an area underneath some
grating. Crawl thru the open vent on the left and follow the path until you
come accross a grating on the left side of the vent. There you'll see a lonely
predator with no one around. Which brings me to my next point, don't facehug
anyone, other predators will come to the rescue and shoot you before you can
impregnate their friend. But anyways, your alien friends will attack and kill
this predator, so just bust thru the grate. Go around the room to the left,
bust thru another grate, and following the vent yet again. You'll have to
wall-walk up a long vertical vent and you'll come out facing an opening but
don't go thru yet. Calmly jumpdown to the grating below you which is suspended
above the majority of the room. Whatever you do, don't fall down onto the floor
or you'll be turned to goo! Just walk around on the grating and eventually
you're alien friends will start a ruckus. After a couple of seconds two
predators will run out of a hallway. Head in that direction. You'll come to an
opening in the grating but don't fall down, wall-walk over the ceiling into the
next vent. Once again this vent leads to some........GRATING! Up here you'll
see two weird looking columns with a strange pattern overthem. You're going to
have to head towards these in a little bit so remember where they are. To the
right of that is an opening which will allow you to drop down to the room
below. Be careful! Those two predators from before will walk into the room
everyonce in a while. Once you drop down head toward those two columns
mentioned earlier and drop down into the vent they concealed. Follow this into
the next room and get ready for some quick sprinting. In the next room there
will be a column that you'll have to crawl up the inside of, however, two
predators will break thru the glass on the side of the column where the
entrance is. So quickly run around to that entrance and wall-walk up the inside
of the column into the next room. Follow the path going thru a vent into the
next room and you're almost done! In the next room you'll be suspened above the
main floor once again. Carefully walk to the next platform and look towarod the
left. You'll see another weird looking column from before but thats not
important. What is important is the yellow glowing grating surrounding it.
You'll want to get underneath that by entering one of two entrances. One has
steam shooting out of it which can hurt you but the other entrance is a little
further away leaving more room for you to be spotted by patrolling predators.
So take either one and follow the path into the area underneath some more
grating. There is a breakable vent on the left wall but wait for the patrolling
predator above you to be away so he won't hear your meddling. Quickly, run past
the dead predator corpse and to the opening on the left. Drop down the hole to
end the level.

C. Body Bags
	The second alien level is body bags and you're in the next gestation cycle as
a chest burster. Its abilities include.......NOTHING(not even wall-walking)! In
this form you're sole obligation is to avoid trouble thru anymeans. You start
off inside a host so just chew your way out. After the cutscene head out that
door and into the next open door you see on your right. In here you'll have to
jump up high, which fortunately you can do. Hold down whichever button you
assigned crouch, and jump and you'll be able to reach new heights! But for now
just make you way to the ledge above the desk and you'll see two vents. Ignore
the one on the right because its a dead end. Going thru the left vent, ignore
all side paths and just head strait till you come accross an opening. Carefully
drop down and head forward. Take a left at the intersection and run into the
kitchen. Run behind the counter and hide in the aclove there. An enemy comes
out of a new door and looks around. After you're sure he's gone, or atleast
heading back into the door he came out of, head thru that door. Run to the end
of the hall and bite thru the grate on the left. Follow this path into the
bathroom and wait for you're old friend to exit. When no one is in the
immediate area exit the vent and head to the left. When you come across the
bathroom stahls you'll be spotted but no worry, a friendly neighborhood alien
will deal with him and creat a path for you. Head thru that path. Break the
first grate you see on your left and drop down into the hallway. In this
hallway one soldier will walk across your path but don't worry, as long as you
race past him several alien friends will take care of him for you. So just race
down this hallway following the path into a dark and steamy hallway. Just
continue along the path of destruction and you'll find you way into the morgue
ending the level!

D. Freefall Part I
	Now you're the biggest baddest predalien thats ever hit the streets so don't
let any human or cyborg get in yourway. Automatic machinegun sentrys are
anotherthing. You'll spend most of your time deactivating things in this level.
First start this level by killing the guy right infront of you. Make sure to
bite his head off and any human to refill your health. Next to get out of this
room, turn around and look for a structure that shoots out steam from its top.
Climb on top of it and try to avoid the steam. Break the grate above and when
the steam isn't blowing jump into it and wallwalk up to the top. Head into the
darker vent. You're path will end near a breakable grate but don't break it! It
leads to a dead end. However the grate above you leads towards an electrical
conduit you'll have to break. Why you ask? I'll explain later, just make sure
you break it. Now that an electrical grid has been powerd down, head all the
way back and into the once lighter vent. In here, walk past the vent on the
ceilling and to the one on the right side which is labeled "warning electric."
But lucky for you, the electrical grid it was on mysteriously broke earlier
*wink*. Anyways go thru there and destroy another electrical grid linked up to
some automated guns. Once all is broken head back and up the vent on the
ceiling I told you to ignore earlier. From here, go into the flowery room and
look for a huge wire going along the ground. Follow it, breaking thru two
grates and killing two guards! After they're dead look along the floor near
some fallen crates for an oddly placed great. Duck down and burst thru it to
find a small tunnel. Head thru that tunnel into a similair shaped room and kill
two more goons. After they're dead look toward the three cylinders that have a
single red light above the center one. Break thru the grate underneath that
light and follow it till the path splits. Head toward the right and attack the
conduit to destroy another automated gun. Now head back down the left path and
break thru the first grate and fall into a hallway. You'll have to wait for
each path to be opened by an enemy. Just go thru those doors following the path
killing everything and stopping in your tracks after you kill a cyborg with a
minigun. After that you'll see a room with some plantation and a cyborg with a
rocket launcher on a cat walk, when he is looking away, pounce the guy and tear
him to shreds. When he's dead, jump back down and go thru the hallway you
havn't been in yet. When you reach a dead end after an alien friend helped
dispatch a minigun wielding cyborg look up. You'll see a breakble grate. Crawl
thru it and look up for a grate that says cation electrified. Since you
disabled the electricity early in the level break thru it. Follow this vent and
you should come out in room overlooking some plants. There are two minigun
wielding cyborgs in here so run around and kill both of them. Next break the
big circular vent and proceed to the next half of the level.

E. Freefall Part II
	Why part 2? because it has to load, thats why! Anyways just follow the path
thru the vent till you get to a big red circle on the ground. Be careful
droppingdown because of a double threat. There will be a guard roughly 15 ft
infront of you and an automated gun right behind. So I recommend, dropping down
and backing up behind the gun. You'll be out of range of the automated gun
which does more damage then the soldier. So take out the gun and the soldier
and coninue on your way. You'll kill a human and a cyborg and hear the sound of
an automated gun. Carefully strafe and take out that gun before it can do
anyreal damage. Ater its destroyed, in the next segment of the hallway there is
an opening on the ceiling. Crawl up into it and thru the vent on the side.
You'll eventually come apon a cyborg to your lower left, so jump down and take
him out. There is a console you can break which opens the door below you. Jump
down and kill the guard patrolling that area. In the next huge room there will
be a guard, a cyborg, and a doctor for food later. Kill all of them and look
toward the left side of the room. Jump behind the walk way on the right and
destroy the console. Leap out of there and now jump behind the walkway on the
left. Head thru the tunnel you just opened and crawl along the vent (so you
won't be hurt by steam. Turn right at the intersection and look for a path to
go thru along the ceiling. Go thru and after a cut scene, the place is blowing
up left and right. Head down the path to right because you already came from
the path on the left and went down the path infron of you. The first door you
see with a huge W on it, there is a breakable grate above it. Kill any guards
attacking and head up that vent. Once on top kill the two cyborgs patrolling
the area and look for a hallway to go thru. At the first intersection kill the
cyborg. When he is dead head to the right being careful of the automated guns
on the ceilings. When you get past the first gun there will be a room brightly
lit on the left. Enter and kill the two cyborgs guarding it. Look around the
room for a panel that says "security array access" Bust up the console and head
back the way you came back to the huge room. Be careful because now there are
two soldiers in big mechs waiting to take you out. Kill both of them and head
into the room they came out of. Wallwalk up to the top and you'll notice your
exit is guarded by an electric grate. So ignore it for now and kill the cyborg
on the other path. Before you enter the next room, be warned of the two
automated guns that'll rip you to shreds lining each side of the room. So
instead jump down underneath the grates in the room to the right or left. Crawl
out of there once past the guns and into the next room. There are two consoles
on the left so break off the keyboard looking things to turn off the
electricity. Head back to that former electrified grate and break thru it.
Crawl up and break thru one more great and you've completed the alien portion
of this add-on. Yippee hurray!

4. Predator Walkthrough

	The Predator is a very advanced species. It can cloak itself in invisibility,
crouch/jump very high, heal its own wounds, and recharge its depleted energy
(see options/controls/predator for specific keys). As for the offensive, it has
9 weapons. The first weapon is your wristblades. It has a basic slash and a
charged strike when the secondary fire command is held. The next weapon, the
combistick, works just like it. The third weapon, the plasma pistol, can fire a
single large direct blast or lob three simultaneous blasting orbs. The fourth
weapon, the speargun, works just like a sniper rifle whose primary attack is a
single spear and secondary is a tri-shot. Zooming works best with the speargun.
The fifth weapon is the plasma caster. Primary fire shoots the weapon, and if
held down charges it, and secondary charges without automatically firing. The
next weapon is the disc, and it can only be thrown to cut thru enemies. Next is
the net gun, which can trap most enemies for several seconds in a net. The
eigth weapon is the remote bomb. These explode on contact with enemy. Primary
throws the bomb, and if they havn't detonated, secondary detonates them. The
final weapon, new to the game, is the energy flechette which is a rapid firing
energy based weapon. Be careful because some of these weapons uncloak you. As
for view modes it has four: regular(normal view), thermal(targets humans and
other warmblooded animals), electromagnetic mode(targets aliens), and predtech
mode(targets predators and other creatures who can cloak). Depending on which
view mode your in, some weapons will automaticaly target specific enemies.

B. Legend Part I
	Start off by running forward and meating your first horned beast(bull for
short). So dispatch him and head into the tunnel behind him. In the next open
area you'll have to kill two more bulls then head off thru the tunnel on the
right. Don't rush into the next area because its a trap. You'll see a solitary
bull but unknown to you there is a creature who can cloak itself to your
left(chameleon for short). Chameleons stick out in predtech but are easily seen
in regular view as well. So kill the chameleon and the bull and go to where the
bul was standing and turn around. There will be a path that leads up to the
right and a path that goes to the left. Ignore the path on the right because
its a dead end and head down the left path. When you emerge in the next area,
there will be two more chameleons to your left, so off them and continue down
the path on the right(not underneath the tree trunk, further right). Continue
on the path killing one bull and entering a big cavern. Here you'll see the
first set of aliens in the predator mission attack a bull. From now on just
assume aliens are always about to attack because listing them would take
forever. Don't worry, i'll warn you about the big guys. Moving on, kill those
aliens and leap up each ledge to exit the cavern. Apon exiting you'll here
yourself cry out in pain. Why? its a little hint that the water up ahead is
harmful and you just stepped in a small puddle. Jump onto the first level of
the first tree. From there jump to the second level and go on the branch
closest to the right side of the pond. From there jump over to the green ledge
on the right to make your way to the second tree. From there jump onto the
second tree and no matter where you land get onto the upper branch closest to
the third tree. From there just like before jump to the next ledge you see and
you'll be done with this obstacle. I recomend doing super jumps for all the
jumps. If you do fall into the water, head back in the direction you came from
on the right wall. In the next area there will be two alien looking openings.
The one on the right doesn't matter because its completely sealed up so head to
the other one. Be careful because in the next area because along with aliens
there are worm monsters that pop up out of the ground to attack you. They're
hard to kill so might as well keep moving, killing aliens, and never stopping
or the worms'll get ya! Continue along the tunnel, taking either path, and jump
down a couple of ledges. You'll have to walk along a narrow ledge on you're
left to get to the next area, fending off aliens along the way. Avoid the worms
in the next open area and continue along the ledge next to the canyon. You'll
see a small gray path, so go down it! Carefully walk down this path jumping
down to each level making your way all the way down to the ground. On the
ground, kill the aliens and head into the area they were coming from and get
ready for the next level segment.

C. Legend Part II
	This area is just a series of interconnecting tunnels. Just continue along the
path, passing thru membranes, and killing aliens. Just keep moving along a
circular path and eventually you'll see a bright blue wall on your left. It has
no significance but to help point out where you are in this walkthrough.
Continue down the path, circling to the right, and the tunnels get more alien
looking. After crossing over a narrow alien bridge, jump into a hole on the
right of the next platform. Follow the path thru this vessel like tunnel and
kill the praetorian(thats a huge alien) you run across. From here cross a
narrow bridge and head to the right. There is a pedistal emitting light, press
the use button (consult options/controls/predator) on the top light. Head in
the opposite direction past a huge door and you'l come accross another
pedastel. After activating it, the huge door you passed is now open, so head
thru it! You'll see a cutscene displaying an aincient device you need to
reactivate. Head left up the path that circles to the right. Go thru that
tunnel killing another praetorian and coming accross a device that'll end the
level. Push in the three light rods(with the use button) and then hit the
switch on top of the pedestal. Congradulations! You beat this level!

D. Stasis Part I
	If you're playing in order of this strategy guide this level will look
familiar. It blends the ending of legend with the alien level new hosts. You
start facing an elevator and your mission objectives are to hunt the queen. So
why dissapoint, go down the elevator(using the use botton), turn around, and
watch a predator buddy be attacked by an alien. In this level if you kill a
predator it ends, so unless you have really good aim don't try to protect him,
instead run toward him and turn around to face the elevator. Several aliens are
rushing from that direction so make work of them and continue in the direction
of your pred buddy. Going thru this tunnel you'll have to kill about three
aliens and eventually come along a crack in the wall on the left. Look thru the
crack and you'll see a pool of water,but you'll get an important message that
the base is underattack! Hurry back the way you came, up the elevator, killing
all aliens you come accross. Once you're at the top be careful running out.
From this point on there are face huggers appearing frequently so if you
haven't switched to electromagnetic view yet do so. Don't worry, aliens are the
only type of enemy in this level(because predators don't attack you). Make your
way pass the wave of aliens to the device that ended the previous level. You'll
see the three pronged device has been replaced by a huge rip. Might as well go
thru it and start heading down into the subterrain. Make your way thru some
tunnels into a huge open area featuring some alien columns. From this point on
praetorians appear more frequently so be on your guard. Just head up this hill
til you can't go further. Look to your left and there will be a path heading in
the oposite direction to a new level. Follow this path till it ends and
somewhat like before, look to your right and go up that path headed in the
opposite direction to a new level. Continue along this path killing all sorts
of aliens and eventually you'll come apon a chamber filled with eggs. BE
CAREFUL! They'll open if you get to close, so from a distance snipe as many as
you can. After you've made it thru those three egg pits you'll see a ladder. Go
up it, kill some more aliens, and activate the console that was next to the top
of the ladder(with the use button). After that continue along the path into the
next room, kill some more, and activate a similair panel next to the window on
the left. On the oposite side of the room is the next hall you have to go thru.
Kill the aliens in this zoolike area and open the door at the end. If it
doesn't open that means you missed one of the panels I told you to activate! In
the next room kill some more aliens and head to the back of it. You'll see a
predator fleaing for his life and several aliens kill him. After they're dead
head into the room they ran out of and open the chainlink door on the left. In
the next room circle around to the left and go up into the next room. Continue
along and eventually you'll be atop some steal grating. Go down the stairs in
this room and head to the chainlink door next to the window. Go thru this door,
follow the path, and into the final room with the final panel you have to
activate. The only problem is that it's broken! Don't worry, you can fix it. To
the left of the panel is a hole you can climb down, before you do, be sure to
snipe the eggs at the base of the ladder. When its all clear head down and go
to the device on your right. Open the panel and use your hacking device(see
options/controls/predator for charge emitter button). After fixing the panel,
this segment of the level is over!

E. Stasis Part II
	Argh, I thought it was a one part level, sorry. Hopefully the next one will
be. Anyways you wake up in the egg pit several hundred years later looking
fabulous as always. Pick up your mask on the right and head in that direction
as well, super jumping onto the platform. Go thru several tunnels, and
eventually you'll be in the room with the artifact. Whats this!?!?!?!? Someone
is making off with the artifact! Get them! Well after the cut scene kill the
surrounding aliens and carefully edge your way to the left. Jump down on that
ledge. From this ledge fall down to the level below. You should land safely
right infront of the doorway the intruder ran thru. Head in that direction thru
several interconnecting tunnels, killing aliens, and catching glimpses of the
intruder steps ahead of you. After you've gone thru two doors stop! There are
about five eggs infront of you. Carefully snipe the three directly in your view
then edge your way forward and to the left to get the remaining two. After
they're all dead continue forward thru another door. In here you'll find a
broken elevator to your right and aliens coming out of a passage to the
upperleft. Kill them and use their passage. However, at the entrance of this
path are several eggs which you can't snipe(unless you jump and shoot but thats
just wasting ammo). So instead, make sure you're on electromagnetic view, jump
up and use your plasma caster because it will automatically target active
facehuggers. While no facehugger is attaking charge up and shoot the center of
the eggs to blow them up. After they're all gone look toward the three windos
on your right. Shoot out the middle one and jump to the ledge infront of you.
Do a 180 and carefully fall to the ledge below. From there you can just jump
down without getting hurt. Kill some more aliens and continue along the path.
In the next room there will be several skulls mounted on a wall to your right
and the path you should take on your left. Use several super jumps to get up
and over that. One on top there are eggs to the right of you but you don't have
to go that way so ignore them and fall down the path infront of you. From here
the level is very straight forward. Follow the path thru some smoke filled
hallways killing aliens and you'll come upon a huge door and bam, the level is
finally over!

F.Honor and Death
	Finally a one part level! Start by shooting the two guns off the ceiling(those
little red boxes) and head to the left. Open the door and kill the two humans.
Continue into the next hallway, shooting two more guns off the ceiling, and
sniping several guards. In the next room, look to the panel on the right. Open
it up and hack it with your charge emitter(you'll do this alot in this level).
While doing this several humans and aliens attack you. Eventually the door to
your right will open. Go thru and down the ladder. Quickly kill two cyborgs
here and jump down to the ground. While you're here several waves of solitary
aliens will periodically come. Once you're done with them, crouch down and walk
under the ramp in the left corner. Follow this vent into the next are but
becareful, there is an automated gun to your left. Head in the direction
opposite the gun after you destroyed it, and climb up the ladder. Eventually
you'll here a door open so face the direction opposite the ladder and jump
thru. Proceed into the next room taking out all the humans. Once they're all
taken care of open the panel in the middle of the room and charge emit it till
you get new objectives and aliens start attacking. Kill all of them and move
forward into the room with the elevator. Press the button to open it and kill
several aliens. When you're all alone look up in the elevator toward the wall
its attached to. Jump up onto that ledge and get ready for some difficult
jumps. Turn around and look to the ledge on your left. Super jump to it. Do a
180 and look to the ledge directly across from you(not the one on the same
level but the one thats a little higher. Super jump to it and you're
practically done. Now just jump up onto the bridge and go thru the door on the
right. Go thru the next door by charge emitting another panel and watch a great
battle unfold. Once it starts to die down, the remaining humans and aliens come
after you! So go on a murdering spree until you've murdalized all of them. Once
done, charge emit the central panel to gain access to the artifact. Once you
come back down a praetorian is waiting to go a round with ya. Once he's been
klobbered go thru the door on your right. This area should somewhat look
familiar from the alien mission body bags. Head down the path thru the right
opening several doors. Once you get to a room with a cyborg AND a human you'll
have to use the panel to your left. Take this elevator  up one floor and head
to the right. Walk past the caution broken signs into the next hallway. Head
down the left pathway and run into the circular desk to defeat this level!!!!!!

5. Corporate

A. Controls
	The coporates controls are just like the marines except they don't use the
hacking device or the welding torch. All secondary fire functions changes which
ammo is being used depending on the weapon. The corporate has 10 weapons. The
first is the knife which is the weakest weapon and is only used for cutting, no
throwing. Next is the pistols which has two ammos, anti-personnel and armor
piercing. The new addition is the ability to carry two pistols at once. Next is
the shotgun who two ammos are shell and slug .6 round maximum load. The fourth
weapon is the M-41a pulse rifle. Its main attack is an automatic M309 10mm x 24
rounds. 99 rounds. The alternate shoots grenades. Next is the M-56 smartgun
which is basically the pulse rifles primary fire with a twist. The secondary
fire for this toggles between motion-tracking and direct fire modes. Next is
the M-240 Flamethrower whose only attack is, you guessed it, fire! Moving on,
the next weapon is the M-6B rocket launcher. Its two ammo types are direct fire
and tracking rockets. The eigth weapon is the grenade launcher with a whopping
four types of ammo. Proximity grenades stick to most surfaces and go off when
someone walks near them. Timed grenades are the old fationed grenades where
after being fired explode in a matter of seconds. EMP grenades detonate on
impact and are basically used to stun and disable cloaked predators. Smart
Mines work just like proximity but when someone is near they sprout legs and
run after them kamikaze style! Next is the M-90 minigun which is basically a
machine gun on steroids. Secondary fire prespins the barrel for a quicker
response. Finally the last weapon is the WY-102 sniper rifle. Primary fire
shoots a single powerful round which usually kills anything in one shot.
Secondary simply zooms in and afterwards resets the zoom lens. As for
equipment, the coporate can fire flares, use a shoulder lamp, and an image
intensifier to brighten the path ahead(consult options/controls/coporate for
specific keys). As for new techknowledgy for this add-on, it comes in the form
of a motion tracker that shows motion in 360 degrees. It half the radius of the
marine tracker which is made up in the extra 180 degrees. Also the Corporate
has the ability to place remote sentry guns and operate a turret. The turret is
used by pressing the use button next to it and the remote sentrys default key
is T to pick up and T to place down activated.

B. Zeta Site
	All the coporates levels have only one part so basically it got the least of
the addtion in the addon. Start off by following those two guys infront of you
into the building. Open the door they lead you too and get ready to kick some
alien butt(from now on there are aliens everywhere so just assume you're about
to be attacked always!). Make your way down to the next door, open, and proceed
into the back of this large room. There will be a notepad laying around on a
table that says something like "xavier leaves his emails in the fil open menu"
or something, and beyond that is a yellow circuitbreaker with a switch on the
side of it that will call up the elevator in the middle of the room. Ride the
elevator down by pressing the button on the elevator(duh!). When you hit the
bottom your two buddies stay there to guard the elevator, cowards!!!!! Anyways
don't take this area lightly, there is almost a constant wave of aliens
attacking in this maze like cavern. The best route I can tell you is take the
left path mostly. Eventually if you're on the right path you'll see a corpse
and equipment, so go thru his tunnel, and keep with the left path mostly
strategy. Evntually you'll come accross a huge chamber with the artifact and
from now on in this level the alien attacks are less frequent. After the ingame
cinema go down the path to your left and put the 4-pronged device into the
first pedastal you see. This will deactivate the artifact and make aliens
attack! You'll find yourself now where the artifact was but without a way to
get off safely, I tried jumping to one of the sides but didn't make it. You'd
probably be safer if you jump down to an object below you, not the ground
because that would hurt, and making you're way up the path you used earlier.
Next, after killing some aliens, you'll want to head up those huge black
tendrills to the next level. Go thru the huge door and this are should be
familiar because from this point on its almost the exact same as the predators
stasis part II level. So proceed thru two doors, killing some more aliens, and
haulting when you see some eggs. Try to snipe them out from as far away
possible then proceed into the next room. By this time you should be as annoyed
with aliens as I was. After they're all dead head to the chamber on the right
and take the lift up a level. Quickly destroy any active face hugger and the
remaining egg sacs that havn't hatched. Continue along the path over a
chainlink fence into a bright glowing room witha praetorian. Kill it and
continue on your path blasting some more alien eggs! If you press the use
button next to the guy on the wall he'll start to chestburst so before he can
shoot the chest rapidly. Circle down to the left and you'll be on the lower
level with a trophy case to your left and the path you should take to your
right. Go down into another brightly glowing room and take the door on the
left. After heading up this path for a while you get to kill some more eggs.
Continue on thru another door, kill some aliens, and you'll come apon a big
orange room. Look around the corner and snipe the eggs you can see. Slowly
enter that area because there is an egg you can't get a good sight to shoot it
from. After everything is dead, procede thru the last door and you've beaten
the first corporate level!

C. Artifact
	This level is similiar to the predators first level so expect to see some
worms and chameleons. In fact the first enemy you encounter is a chameleon, but
sorry, no bulls. This level is pretty much straight forward so just continue on
the path infront of you. After the chameleon, further in the path there will be
an ambush of several egg sacs set up to your left that you can't see well
entering the area so check around corners. Once back on the path you'll
eventually come to a wide open field with, you've guessed it, worms and aliens.
Just keep moving forward into a cave, past a dead body, and come out in a weird
looking lake filled area. This are would be very difficult if you weren't
cheating so before you become all gunghoe practice with cheats on. Basically
you have to make it to the other upper side of the lake without falling in. You
have to cross several narrow bridges while aliens attack which gives you little
room to manuever unless you like falling into the lake. If you fall in just
head back the way you came and back onto the path. Like I said before this is
pretty straight forward so just continue following the path til you hit a big
tunnel opening. In there is a praetorian, a chameleon, more aliens, and some
worms. After the melee battle head forward, jumping down some ledges, and
continuing from platform to platform til you are at the APC. Hurrah, one more
level left!

D. Severance
	Allright, its the last level (if you were going by my strategy guide) and its
pretty short compared to some others. Start off by heading out your door and
going to the intersection on your right. From there head down the hall on the
left all the way to the end. Go thru the door and you should be in a familiar
room from AVSP2 (the room where you had to make a hole in the ground with
acid). Anyways, circle around to the right and go thru the hallway between the
two ladders (not up the ladders). After the ingame cinema you can now go up the
ladders. Go up another ladder into a vent like system. From here just follow
the path of solitary green lights next to doors you have to go thru. After
several of those pipe doors you'll be in a room with a corpse and two doors. Go
thru the door on the left killing aliens all the live long day. Proceed down
the stairs, into some dark spook areas (turning on your shoulder lamp isn't
such a bad idea). Evntually one of the doors you come accross automatically
opens. Go into this wearhouse-like area and circle it looking for an opening on
the ground. Once you find it, climb down that ladder into the next area. Here
there is a main chamber with an elevator. Press the switch next to the elevator
to call it up. Whoops, it takes a bit to get there so fend off the area from
aliens and a praetorian. Once you ride down the elevator you'll be treated to
one last in-game cinema before you're final stand-off! Before the battle rages
set up any remote sentry guns and use the turret to defend the area. After a
minute or so of killing aliens and not dying you will have beatin the level!!!!

6. Cheats
	There are many cheats for the game but these are the only ones I use. To enter
a cheat press enter, then type it, the press enter again! Yippe Hurray! Also
each cheat starts off by typing in <cheat> so don't not type that in.
Muwhahahhah double negative!

<cheat> mpcanthurtme    -    Invincibility
<cheat> mpbunker        -    Infinate Ammo
<cheat> mpicu           -    Third-Person View

7. Legal Mumbo Jumbo Reiterated
	As for legal context, I'd like to thank the makers of AvsP2: Primal Hunt for
making a good instruction booklelt which I got most of the info for the species
weapons, equipment, and abilities. As for who can post this guide on their
site, ONLY gamefaqs.com AND NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!! DON'T EVEN ASK!!!!!!

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