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Secrets FAQ by Sapheriel

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/28/04

                           Star Trek: Elite Force II

                          The Unofficial Secrets Guide

                            Last update: 02/28/2004

            Created/Maintained by: Sapheriel(sapheriel@t-online.de)

                           Copyright 2003 Robin Kunde

Table of contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Legal Stuff
1.2 A word from the author
1.3 Version history
1.4 Credits/Contributors

2. The Secrets
2.1 Hazard Team Holodeck Training
2.2 Mission 1: Endgame
2.3 Mission 2: Reassignment
2.4 Information Gathering No.1
2.5 Mission 3: Derelict
2.6 Information Gathering No.2
2.7 Mission 4: Demise
2.8 Information Gathering No.3
2.9 Mission 5: Discovery
2.10 Information Gathering No.4
2.11 Mission 6: Destruction
2.12 Mission 6: Remove and Disable
2.13 Mission 7: Search and Rescue
2.14 Mission 8: Payback
2.15 Information Gathering No.5
2.16 Mission 9: Mercenaries
2.17 Information Gathering No.6
2.18 Mission 10: Incognito
2.19 Information Gathering No.7
2.20 Mission 11: Endgame 2
2.21 The bonus levels

3. General glitches

4. Cheats

1. Introduction

1.1 Legal Stuff

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

1.2 A word from the author


The question why I chose ST:EF2, of all games, as the subject of my very first
game guide is rather simple to answer. The game is a pretty good sequel to
one of the most widely enjoyed Star Trek games ever. Ritual did a good job
in capturing the atmosphere of the franchise as well as adding a personal
touch which is found in some of the secrets. If they are found. The catch is
that some of those secrets are inhumanly well-hidden. But you need them not
to fill up on ammo or similar but to unlock some fancy extra levels. It's
like the 100 hidden packages in GTA3 and Vice City. Just much more difficult.

1.3 Version history

v0.1 06/23/2003 Well, the first version of this guide. Finally found the last
Dallas secret. Sort of.

v0.2 06/24/2003 Added some really difficult secrets. About halfway done I think.

v0.3 06/25/2003 Added another couple of levels and a relly well-hidden secret
thanks to Superrobster.

v0.4 06/25/2003 Another couple of secrets but still not found the last one on
Attrexian Colony Level 2b.

v0.5 06/26/2003 Secret on Attrexian Colony Level 2b added thanks to Ler. All
secrets and Golden Ships found. But I won't call this guide finished before I
gatherd all Easter Eggs and romance info.

v0.6 06/26/2003 Added stuff, fixed stuff. Got an explanation for the vexed

v0.7 06/28/2003 Another version. Including the way to spawn the last Golden
Ship on Dallas Level 2.

v1.0 02/28/2004 Time to make it final. Added another glitch reported by
Phoenix17, which I cannot confirm since I don't have the game, anymore.

1.4 Credits/Contributors

-LeR, from the Ritualistic.com forums, for finding out where the last Dallas
 secret appears, but not how, as well as the one on Attrexian Colony Level 2b.

-Superrobster, from the EliteForce.com forums, for the second Golden Ship on
 the Attrexian Colony Level 1a.

-mais, from the Ritualistic.com forums, for the Easter Egg on Klingon Base
 Level 1a.

-Richard 'Charon' Heath
 Three Dimensional Environmental Geometry Constructor for Digitally Enhanced
 Interactive Media
 Ritual Entertainment
 for, well, a thorough enlightenment.

-Kazeite, from the Ritualistic.com forums, for bringing a number of glitches
 to my attention.

-Chris Marriott, for correcting me about the first secret in Mission 10.

-Barry Walsh, for bringing the "bar talk" easter egg to my attention.

-S. Riley, for plywood information :)

-Andre Clasen, for finding the way to spawn the last Golden Ship on Dallas
 Level 2.

-Paul F., for some unconfirmed general glitches.

-Phoenix17, for another unconfirmed glitch.

2. The Secrets

2.1 Hazard Team Holodeck Training (1 Secret/1 Golden Ship)

1) You can see the Golden Ship during jump training. To reach it, go to crouch
jump training. As you enter the room, a tricorder is hidden behind the crates
directly below you. Take it and proceed to the ladder at the end of the level.
Halfway down, there's a console to your right. Use the tricorder to modulate
it, then go back to crouch training. Go up the stairs and enter the now-opened
Jeffries tube. Follow it and you'll exit near the Golden Ship.

Glitches: All the terminals show a Sovereign Class ship. Not quite in
chronological order with the game. (The Voyager is an Intrepid Class ship)

2.2 Mission 1: Endgame (1 Secret/3 Golden Ships)

     Borg Sphere Level 1a (0 Secrets/1 Golden Ship)

1) In the room where Chell had been trapped destroy the Plasma Conduit and
crouch into the tunnel. Halfway through, there's a structual weakness on the
right wall. Jump onto the pipes to reach the Golden Ship.

     Borg Sphere Level 1b (1 Secret/2 Golden Ships)

1) After the elevator reached the bottom, the secret is in the hallway in
front of you behind the structual weakness on the left side. You'll find a
Golden Ship and a Distribution Node.

2) At the end of the same hallway jump on the pipes above the blue forcefield
on the ground. The Golden ship is the below the exit of said hallway.

     Borg Sphere Level 1c (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

     Borg Sphere Level 2a (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

     Borg Sphere Level 2b (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

     Borg Sphere Level 2c (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

     Borg Boss Level (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

Glitches: All members of your team have equally modulated weapons which means
that once the Collective has adapted to your weapons the ones of your
collegues won't work either. Pretty stupid, considering the possibility of an
I-Mod failure.

2.3 Mission 2: Reassignment (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

     Starfleet Academy Level 1 (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

Romance: You are presented with 3 choices.

1) She'll think your own career is all that matters to you.
2) Ends with a warm and friendly hug.
3) She's reasonably shocked and speechless.

If anyone knows how number 1 and 3 affect the future of the relationship,
please let me know.

     Starfleet Academy Level 2 (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

2.4 Information Gathering No.1 (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

The code for Jurot's locker is 746. Use the I-Mod in it to permanently add it
to your inventory. The Code can be found on a Datapad in the Ready Room of the
Briefing Room.

2.5 Mission 3: Derelict (6 Secrets/9 Golden Ships)

     Dallas Level 1a (3 Secrets/3 Golden Ships)

1) The first secret is in the starting room, up on the catwalk behind a
structual weakness.

2) Press use to open the back of the Shuttle.

3) After you exit the last Jeffries tube, instead of jumping down at the end
of ladder, climb up and enter the tube again to find the Golden Ship that
spawned directly behind you.

     Dallas Level 1b (2 Secrets/3 Golden Ships)

1) In the service room in front of the locked engineering, door climb up the
ladder and open the door.

2) After you exited the following Jeffries tube, destroy the door behind you.

3) Before manipulating the engineering console, grab the Golden Ship on the
upper catwalk around the Warp Core.

     Dallas Level 2 (1 Secret/3 Golden Ships)

1) On the way to the bridge, sue the left service room and climb down half
way. Use both broken Jeffries tube doors. They will emit a strange sound.
Afterwards the central door should become unlocked.

2) After emerged into one of the ready rooms of the bridge a Golden Ship will
spawn in the other. Just blow the doors away.

3) Andre Clasen writes: "All you have to do to get this damned third Golden
Ship inside the transporter room is to go onto the platform and to stand for
3 seconds each on three pads. First top left, then top right and finally
right. So the last ship will appear.

This graph will make it clear."

(looking from the console)

      1     2
__               3

     __    __


      2     1
3                __

     __    __

Other sequences tend to work as well but this may be so because Jurot couldn't
be bothered to stay the fuck off the transporter platform.

Glitches: [unconfirmed]Phoenix17 writes:
"I found a glitch that wasn't mentioned there. It's "Dallas Level 2". At a
certain point you get those four survivors out of transporter suspension and
beam them, naked but for normal clothes, into the ship. The transporter room
is in contact with the hull-breach you passed earlier and there are no
forcefields between, I also fired my enhanced rifle out to make sure no
forcefields were in place beyond the breach.. So you would actually have
killed those survivors because you beamed them into a vacuum. Alternatively,
considering the vast number of gas leaks everywhere, they also could have died
from plasma-gas poisoning."

2.6 Information Gathering No.2 (1 Secret/1 Golden Ship)

1) On the Shuttle Deck, walk to the end of the hallway and enter the room.
Pick up the plasma exhaust leaning against the wall. Now find Chell and look
what he's doing but don't talk to him. Go to the shuttle on the left(not the
one which just landed) and open the nacelle at the spot where Chell did. Use
the burned out exhaust to replace it. Now the Shuttle door opens and reveals
the Golden Ship.

Glitches: Munro must have changed clothes during his turbolift ride because
he wears uniform at the debriefing and his Hazard Suit just after repairing
the shuttle.
The crewmembers near the Shuttle Bay talk about "GPS conduits". The proper term
is "EPS".

Easter Egg/Reference: "I thought Starfleet engineers always worked faster than
their estimates."
Remember Scotty and Kirk's famous OMG-the-ship's-done-for conversations?
Scotty: "Sir, the dilithium crystals are broken and the energy relais burned
out. Repairs will take at least 4 days."
Kirk: "Scotty, you have 4 hours."
Scotty: "Ok, Sir. I'll do it in 2."

2.7 Mission 4: Demise (4 Secrets/6 Golden Ships)

     Attrexian Station Level 1a (3 Secrets/6 Golden Ships)

1) The first secret is on the right of the shuttle bay behind a destructable
door below the burning plasma vent which you can disable there. It's also
easier to defend against the exomorph onslaught from here.

2) The wall at the back of the weapons locker has a structual weakness.

3) Jump into the pipe the previous secret reveals to enter a Super Mario style
level including side scrolling funny kindergarten art and, well, six Golden
Ships. Don't worry about falling down. You can try as often as you want.

Easter Egg/Reference: It should be obvious.

     Attrexian Station Level 1b (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

     Attrexian Station Level 2b (1 Secret/0 Golden Ships)

1) Once Vor'chav is at the control of the power generator, ride the elevator
up again to find some sort of control room. She's perfectly safe while you
are away.

Glitches: The level is called 2b. A mistake or is there some extra level to be
found? The "maplist" command denies knowledge.

2.8 Information Gathering No.3 (1 Secret/1 Golden Ship)

1) After you're done with researching, exit the library, turn right and follow
the hallway to the end. Open the door to find out how laundry is done in the
24rd century.

Romance: You are presented with 2 choices.

1) She will be happy to spend the time with you.
2) I've never seen a woman turn around so fiercely.

Easter Egg/Reference: S. Riley writes:
"C-D-X: A common panel for use on roof and wall sheathing where strength and
moisture durability are important, but because the panel will be covered,
appearance is not a big factor.

Basically I think the joke is: They build the movie set out of plywood, and
then cover it with the ship panels to make it look nice. When you go down that
one area you are on the unfinished side of the set."

And it's also the perfect plywood for a laundromat. :)

2.9 Mission 5: Discovery (20 Secrets/13 Golden Ships)

     Drull Ruins Level 1a (1 Secret/1 Golden Ship)

1) The Golden Ship in on top of the archway in front of you at the level

     Drull Ruins Level 1b (5 Secrets/5 Golden Ships)

1) In the big courtyard at the beginning, destroy the wall with the pillar and
walk right through the archway.

2) Shoot all of the falling floorplates down to spawn an explosive crate on
the other side.

3) From the crate, pass through the first archway and jump left over the ledge
between the second and third.

4) From the previous Golden Ship, follow the ledges on the right wall of that
courtyard until you need to crouch. A Golden Ship is hidden in the dark corner
just ahead.

5) On the wall opposide to the Queen Bug, you'll find a door with the last
Golden Ship.

Easter Egg/Reference: Behind the fourth secret, "BOBO" is written in stone
letters onto the wall. Brian "BoBo" Jones, Character Design, can be found in
the credits.

     Drull Ruins Level 2a (1 Secret/0 Golden Ships)

1) After you destroyed the turrets, walk through the door and shoot all the
button-like symbols. Walk back in the hall and go through the door that
opened. You have to jump onto the symbols in the order you've seen on the
wall, top to bottom. For the lazy: If you number the symbols clockwise, the
order is 71639.

Hint: The gas vents have to be sealed with the phaser. Star Trek style.

     Drull Ruins Level 2b (8 Secrets/4 Golden Ships)

1) There's Idryllium Energy ammo behind the crane at the just behind the first

2) There's a structual weakness to the right of said force field. The cracks
on the wall should hint you off.

3) After you used the moving containment tubes twice, jump down the one
leaning against the wall and crouch under the pipes to your left. Use the
wall behind them.

4) In the same room, use the console to turn on the elevators. Jump onto one
of them and ride up to another piece of Idryllium Energy ammo.

5) Jump onto said console and crouch under the platform to find ANOTHER two
pieces of Idryllium Energy ammo. Meh.

6) When riding the elevator to get onto the first platform below the
forcefield walkway, jump down halfway on top of the walkway. Follow it to the
end to find another Golden Ship. Jump down to the right for the next secret.

7) On the second platform below the force field walkway, jump onto the right
platform to find 10 Shieldpoints and some miniature exomorphs.

8) After you activated the console behind the force field bridge, walk onto
the pad to the right, look up and shoot the structual weakness.

Easter Egg/Reference: The miniature monsters remind me of Duke Nukem 3D. One
of the coolest weapons was the Shrinker and at one point of the game you
encountered a horde of such pre-shrinked fiends. Or you just made some on
your own. This might be related to Richard "Levelord" Gray who's working at
Ritual, mapping for Condition Zero. If I'm not mistaken he was also mapping
for Duke Nukem 3D.

     Drull Ruins Level 2a(again) (2 Secrets/1 Golden Ship)

1) You should have found this already if you followed the guide. If not, see

2) Walk through the newly opened door. On the left are 5 buttons, again. Just
shoot all of them.

     Drull Ruins Level 2c (4 Secrets/2 Golden Ships)

1) After you entered the room with Kleeya, turn left, walk past the console
into the corner. You'll find 4 small shields.

2) After you rode down the elevator, you'll find a structual weakness to the

3) Right in front of the elevator, on the other wall, is a narrow tunnel. Turn
on nightvision to find it.

4) After fighting the mini-boss, take the ladder, which is located left of
where the monster burst through the door, down and walk around the far fan.

Easter Egg/Reference: Back to the basics. Kleeya is the re-incarnation of the
Planet-Ruler's-Daughter type of woman we enjoyed so much in
Star Trek: The Original Series(TOS). Slighly naive and an intriguing wardrobe
choice. Frankly, the weather doesn't look all that warm.
I wonder why Munro doesn't get to wrestle half naked with some bouncer-style
alien guy to save his life and the life of his crew, entertain some Planet
Ruler and frighten the Planet Ruler's daughter(read: Kleeya). Just like the
good old James T. did.

2.10 Information Gathering No.4 (1 Secret/1 Golden Ship)

1) The quarter directly left to the one of Kleeya is unlocked.

Romance: When talking to Kleeya, you are presented with 2 options.

1) You get to advance your romance with Telsia.

2) You spend time with Kleeya. This girl really has a crush on you.

Choose the first one and you can go to Telsia. Her quarter is the one left of
the secret. You get 2 sets of 2 choices each.

1) The conversation is so over.

2) On to the next level.

Second set:

1) Doesn't seem to be as good as the second choice. But it's hard to tell
since the conversation is so lame.

2) Munro promises a holiday on Risa.

Maybe it's just me but Telsia seems really bored. Or she's just randomly
pissed because you flirted with Kleeya. Who knows.

Glitches: Kazeite writes:
"The crewman that guards Kleeya door also has wrong uniforms color - if he's
a security officer then he should be wearing gold uniform."

2.11 Mission 6: Destruction (0 Secrets/4 Golden Ships)

     Enterprise Deck 8 (0 Secrets/2 Golden Ships)

1) The cargo bay where you meet Korban contains 2 destructable crates. The
one near the wall hides a Golden Ship.

2) In the room where you land just before helping Tuvok, use one of consoles
in the back of the room to beam in a Golden Ship.

     Enterprise Deck 16 (0 Secrets/1 Golden Ship)

1) After you saved the Warp Core, climb up the ladder near the place where
Barclay is standing and enter the Jeffries tube.

     Enterprise Deck 1 (0 Secrets/1 Golden Ship)

1) It's in the Conference Room right behind you when you start.

Glitches: The whole course of the attack is ridiculous. Nobody noticed them
activating their weapons? After the first hit, nobody saw fit to re-activate
the shields? And since when does beaming require to drop the shields for half
a minute(and they ended up with not having beamt down anything at all)? Who
designed this shit?

Kazeite writes: "The whole thing with lowering shields is even more
unbelievable if you take into consideration that StarFleet ships' shields are
divided into six areas: front/back, left/right and top/bottom. Beaming Hazard
Team to planet would require lowering only one part of the shields, which
would mean that Enterprise should be shielded against Idryll attack."

2.12 Mission 6: Remove and Disable (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

Easter Egg/Reference: Polarizing the hull like in Enterprise(the one with
Cpt. Archer). Oh my.

Glitches: They are bypassing self-destruction and hacking the ship from the
hull? Do I have to say more. Self destruction is done by blowing up the warp
core. Which, by the way, they tried just a couple of minutes ago. Why the
change of course? And why is he risking to kill Kleeya? Oh my god.

2.13 Mission 7: Search and Rescue (21 Secrets/10 Golden Ships)

     Attrexian Colony Level 1a (8 Secrets/2 Golden Ships)

1) Down on the left side of the bridge at the beginning of the level. Near one
of the pillars. Idryllium Energy ammo.

2) When crawling through the ventilation shaft, one of the grates is
destroyable. Idryllium Energy ammo. Again.

3) After you emerged from that shaft, you'll be standing on a bridge with
access to two courtyards. There are two locked doors in the left one. The one
near the stairs has two pipes above it. Jump on them, then on the wall and
down on the pipes below you. From there, you should be able to see a door.

4) In the other courtyard you'll find a structual weakness half hidden behind
some crates. When you crouch down and look past them you'll see an explosive
barrel. Shoot it and you'll find...

5) There's a garbage container in the same courtyard. Frankly, I can't imagine
a better place for what you find there.

6) Walk to the back of the previous secret room and look through the grate.
You should be able to make out a couple of number 715151337. Use this number
one the other door to that room.(You have to find the wounded Attrexian,

7) From the bridge mentioned in 3) you can get to a locked door if you walk
right instead of left to the stairs. This door should be open after you found
the previous secret.

8) Superrobster writes: Go to the control panel where the Attrexian engineer
helped you open the city gates. Now jump off that platform onto the left side
of the bridge which is right in front of it. Walk all the way over to the
otherside of the bridge (whilst still walking on the girders) and explore
the 'rooftops'... the second Starship is hidden over there.

Easter Egg/Reference: Richard 'Charon' Heath writes:
"At Ritual we will often order food for the entire office if it looks like we
might be working late that night. Whenever the food would arrive, someone
would come on the intercomm and announce that fact. It eventually came
through, mainly because certain people found it highly annoying, that a
noisy stuffed animal was used to announce dinner. This stuffed animal is
green, has a nifty sound box that emits a loud screaching sound, and is a
monkey. So it came to that the monkey would be sounded over the intercomm.
Eventually we all developed pavlovian response to the monkey, so if anyone
heard it they thought food was near.

So now on to explain the message "the monkey is not amused". After a while a
plot was formed within the office from certain people to steal the monkey
and place it up for ransom. The plan came through, and the monkey was gone.
There was a coalition to return the monkey. Photoshopping began. Thus came
the picture with the text "the monkey is not amused". The monkey was found
and returned safely with a new thong. The call of the monkey lives on in the
halls of ritual."

     Attrexian Colony Level 1b (5 Secrets/2 Golden Ships)

1) Walk through the fans opposite of the unpowered door before restoring
power. You'll find Fed ammo behind those crates.
If you missed that opportunity, the secret is also accessible after you raised
the bars.

2) Opposite of the bar door you have to open, a monster breaks through the
wall. You'll find a structual weakness there.

3) Shortly afterwards, you'll pass directly under a huge pipe. There's a
Golden Ship and-you-know-what on the catwalk behind it.

4) There's a Golden Ship behind the crates in the room where the colonists
are trapped.

5) There are 5 crates with a Klingon symbol floating in the water throughout
the level. The first is next to secret 1), one is at the end of the corridor
revealed by 2), the next in the watered tunnel opposite to the console room
where you raise the bars, the fourth in the water below 3) and the last one
in the room where you SEE the colonists for the first time(they are still
behind bars). Use them all to make them disappear. The door is in a dark
corner down in the water in the same room where you find 3). A very rewarding

Glitches: "We need to find a way to link up." Oh, please. You could fly a
Borg cube through those bars.

Easter Egg/Reference: A crate monster. Remember Galaxy Quest? ;)

Richard 'Charon' Heath writes: "I'm glad you found my CrateMonster secret.
Yay! A homage to the existance of crates in all games. =)"

     Attrexian Colony Level 2a (2 Secrets/2 Golden Ships)

1) Jump onto the crane magnet, ride up and jump onto the platform on which
the crane resides. You'll find a Golden Ship near the wall.

2) Left of the door that ends the level, behind the foundation of the giant

     Attrexian Colony Level 2b (4 Secrets/2 Golden Ships)

1) After you have exited the broken lift, turn left twice and use night vision
to find a door hidden in the dark.

2) Climb up the long ladder that takes you to the highest level of this map.
There's some you-know-what on a pipe directly under the highest platform.
Thanks to LeR.

3) The room where you have to seal the gas vents has 2 exits. Do I have to say

4) In the room with the dying Attrexian(good work at stabilising him, Munro)
jump onto the console up on the platform and to the door ahead of you.

     Attrexian Colony Level 2c (2 Secrets/2 Golden Ships)

1) This one is in the first big courtyard, after you rode down the elevator,
behind a pipe.

2) The door near the right end of the second courtyard is unlocked.

2.14 Mission 8: Payback (4 Secrets/6 Golden Ships)

     Drull Ruins 2 Level 1a (1 Secret/2 Golden Ships)

1) Behind the fallen guard tower, you'll see an archway with 3 plants below in
and a plywood bridge that covers a gap. Walk through this one and stop below
the one straight ahead. Walk up the hill to your left and blow up the
explosive crate.

2) You can climb up the wall in front of the bridge. Make sure you blow up the
crate there.

Glitches: They never saw that storm coming and they never fly with shields.
Is it just me or does it always take the most artificially constructed
line-ups of horrible coincidences to damage Federation ships?

     Drull Ruins 2 Level 1b (1 Secret/1 Golden Ship)

1) Use your Tricorder on the switch near the Idryll ship to open its door.

     Drull Ruins 2 Level 2a (1 Secret/1 Golden Ship)

1) At the broken bridge(a tree falls through it) where you have to jump onto
the platform below it, turn around and explore the other side of that
platform. A Golden Ship is behind some crates.

     Drull Ruins 2 Level 2b (1 Secret/2 Golden Ships)

1) To open the door at the end of the first big hall, activate nightvision
and look for 2 horizontal rows of symbols. Shoot the first and fourth of the
upper row and the middle one of the lower. You get the second Golden Ship when
collecting the staff.

2.15 Information Gathering No.5 (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

Romance: You have to meet Kleeya in her quarter first. Two options:

1) You can meet up with Telsia afterwards.

2) Kleeya still has feelings for Krindo but it doesn't look like she'll go to

When Munro meets Telsia he explains his feelings to her. You don't get to
choose answer but this might be the refreshment the relationship needed. Or

Glitches: LeR writes: "In the second part, right before you go meet Kleeya,
turn right out of the turbolift. In front of you, you will see a human and
a Vulcan talking. Listen to their conversation. The Vulcan seems awfully
emotional about Krindo. Is that resentment?"

Maybe he's a Romulan? :)

2.16 Mission 9: Mercenaries (4 Secrets/4 Golden Ships)

   Klingon Base Level 1a (4 Secrets/4 Golden Ships)

1) Right at the beginning of the level, you can open the maintenance tunnel
right of the shuttle.

2) You can open the huge gate on the left of the shuttle as well.

3) In the long hallway outside the hangar, one of the steaming tunnels
contains a Golden Ship.

4) In the room where you can see Omag running on the catwalk above, you can
reach the far door by jumping on the pipes.

Easter Egg/Reference: When collecting 3), be sure to turn on nightvision.
In one of the bars, you'll encounter a couple which tries to hire a ship. A
reference to Star Wars IV.

   Klingon Base Level 1b (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

   Klingon Base Level 2 (0 Secrets/0 Golden Ships)

2.17 Information Gathering No.6 (0 Secrets/1 Golden Ship)

1) On the Hazard Team deck at the end of the hallway.

2.18 Mission 10: Incognito (8 Secrets/10 Golden Ships)

     Romulan Outpost Level 1 (4 Secrets/5 Golden Ships)

1) At the beginning of the level, turn around and explore the depth of the
cave. You'll find a structual weakness. Stand on it to reveal a Golden Ship.

2) After the second checkpoint, walk down the right and open the cover. Crawl
inside, jump onto the crates and from there onto the platform under the ceiling.

3) In the building left of the landing pad(when you face it's bunker door)
you'll find a non-respondent switch left of the health terminal. It opens a
grate on the ceiling. Jumpin should be sufficent to reach the Golden Ship.

4) In the building with the reception kind-of-thing, the grate behind said
reception is unlocked.

5) The last secret is behind the machinery left of the building with the level
exit. Try crouch-jumping onto the covered crate. Might take a few tries(this
worked much better in Half-Life).

Glitches: If you attack the guards before creating the diversion nobody seems
to care.

     Romulan Outpost Level 2a (3 Secrets/4 Golden Ships)

1) From the starting point, look right and up. Jump onto the railing and crawl
along the ledge. You can barely pass the pipe.

2) In the room where you climbed out of the manhole, you can jump onto one of
the podests opposite to the door.

3) There's a trap door under the stairs in the equipment room.

4) When sneaking under the floor of the hallway, make sure to check every
corner to discover a Golden Ship.

5) Inside the tunnel which leads from under the hallway to the next part of
the level you can find a structual weakness.

Hint: There's a security grid behind a grate in the main computer room.

Easter Egg/Reference: You can activate a hologram of the dancer from the
Klingon station by using the terminal opposite to the level exit.

     Romulan Outpost Level 2b (1 Secret/1 Golden Ship)

1) There's a Golden Ship on the platform next to the bridge.

Glitches: Wow, what dramatic fight after that speech. Must..resist..sleep.

2.19 Information Gathering No.7 (1 Secret/1 Golden Ship)

1) Use the backwall of the left detention cell of the brig.

Romance: You get to hug either Kleeya or Telsia.

Easter Egg/Reference: I'm speechless.

2.20 Mission 11: Endgame 2 (13 Secrets/10 Golden Ships)

     Drull Ruins 3 Level 1a (5 Secrets/4 Golden Ships)

1) Destroy the very first guard tower to find the ultimately unrewarding

2) On a stone floating in a lava pond in front of the main entrance.

3) In the lava pond below the sniper who injured Korban.

4) In the lava pond in front of the next huge door.

5) Deep in the cave shortly before the end of the level, just the other way,
you'll find a destroyable rock. Behind it floats a Golden Ship above the lava.

Glitches: Wait, there's a sniper loose and Munro sits at the very same spot
he was just pushed away from like he's sunbathing on Risa. And what kind of
lame sniper is that, anyway?

     Drull Ruins 3 Level 2a (4 Secrets/3 Golden Ships)

1) From the huge lava-flooded hall, go through the tunnel and over the bridge.
In the following room you'll find a structual weakness.

2) In the room where you have to jump over lava because the bridge broke
down(there's a ledge above the exit you jump to and on the other side) jump
onto the ledge right of the entrance. Face towards the other end of the room.
You'll see a switch on the platform in front of you. Shoot it to trigger the
elevator. You should also see the Golden Ship of 3) now. To get up again, face
the energy station and turn left to see the switch.

3) Look above. It's just too hard to describe otherwise.

4) At the end of the level, a Golden Ship is hidden behind the foundation of
the elevator.

     Drull Ruins 3 Boss Level 3a (3 Secrets/3 Golden Ships)

1) In the part of the cave directly before you to jump over two stones
floating in lava you'll find a destroyable boulder. Destroy it to get access
to a Golden Ship.

2) In the room where you have to modulate two panels to get on, ther's a
Golden Ship behind a fallen beam left of the exit.

3) There's a structual weakness opposite to the level exit.

     Drull Ruins 3 Boss Level 3b (1 Secret/0 Golden Ships)

1) There's a Romulan X Rad behind one of the supply terminals.

That's all folks :)

2.21 The bonus levels

If you followed this guide closely you should end up with 81 Golden Ships.
More than enough to unlock all secret levels. So go explore them already. All
I have left to say is only more bitching, anyway.

3. General glitches

The hand holding your Tricorder looks always the same regardless of what
kind of uniform Munro is supposed to wear.

There are also often inconsistencies with his Personal Shield. He often begins
a mission with drained shields(kinda dumb) and they are loaded at occasion
when we know he's wearing his normal uniform.

Most male humans in this game have serious underweight. Munro is 192cm high
but weights only 62kg. What's this shit? 24th century anorexia? This guy is
in good shape. It's not like he has zero muscles. The same goes for most of
the other males and even some females. Meh.

Paul F. writes:
"All other quarters in the hallway where Kleeya's Guest Quarters are, are from
Hazard Team members. Wich is a little odd also. Anyway, every door mentions
wich Hazard Team member room it is. On one doors is written "Thomas Odell".
He was part of the secondary Voyager Hazard Team. However, he is not part of
the Enterprise E Hazard Teams. I checked in the Hazard Team locker room who is
a member of the Enterprise E Hazard Teams.

Easter Egg or error ?

Oh, an oddity, it is possible though. In sickbay, the female Trill nurse has a
rank of full Lieutenant. However, the female doctor has a rank of Lieutenant
Junior Grade. The nurse has a higher rank then the doctor."

4. Cheats

You can find cheats on www.gamefaqs.com. Meh.

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