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Fellowship Guide by Skye7707

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/25/06

___________.__              .__   
\_   _____/|__| ____ _____  |  |  
 |    __)  |  |/    \\__  \ |  |  
 |     \   |  |   |  \/ __ \|  |__
 \___  /   |__|___|  (____  /____/
     \/            \/     \/      
___________              __                        
\_   _____/____    _____/  |______    _________.__.
 |    __) \__  \  /    \   __\__  \  /  ___<   |  |
 |     \   / __ \|   |  \  |  / __ \_\___ \ \___  |
 \___  /  (____  /___|  /__| (____  /____  >/ ____|
     \/        \/     \/          \/     \/ \/     

                                 ____  ___.___ 
                                 \   \/  /|   |
                                  \     / |   |
                                  /     \ |   |
                                 /___/\  \|___|

             Fellowship Guide
| ||                Guide written and compiled by Skye7707                || |
|                   Author: Devon Kerkhove                                   |
|                   Began: March 20, 2006                                    |
|                   Last Updated: March 26, 2006                             |
|                   Email: skye7707(at)gmail(dot)com                         |

|                              Table of Contents                             |

1. Before you begin
     i - Introduction................(0001)
    ii - Why an NPC..................(0002)
2. NPC and you
     i - Getting your NPC............(0003)
    ii - Leveling....................(0004)
   iii - Rendevous Point.............(0005)
    iv - Friendship..................(0006)
     v - Areas.......................(0007)
    vi - Quests......................(0008)
3. Ending
     i - Copyright info..............(0009)
    ii - Credits.....................(0010)

|                              Introduction                            (0001)|

Hello and welcome to my NPC guide. Square-Enix added the ability to get an
additional character you can summon using a pearl to solo. Most people use
their NPC when they're LFP but others focus on leveling theirs so they can
duo at higher levels.

I remembered the first day the NPC update was implented. Total chaos!
Thousands of people searching what to do, after a few hours some people
posted a message on Allakhazam describing how to get your NPC.
When that was posted a swarm of people headed to "The Eldieme Necropolis"
to fight the first NM, all this will be explained in detail in next chapter,
you had to wait in a queue for over an hour to get to the NM but luckily
you don't have a waiting time anymore now ^_^.

|                              Why an NPC                              (0002)|

For anyone who wonders "Why do I want an NPC fellow?" read closely.
Final Fantasy XI is a great game but it lacks in one thing, the ability to
level solo, some jobs have to wait for hours and hours to get a party invite
so Square-Enix is trying to add things so solo play would get easier.

Your NPC can help you attack, heal or play tank. So depending on what job
you'd like to solo you can set these npc jobs at one of the rendez-vous points

So in the end, your NPC is your fellow, your buddy. The more you talk with it
the more friendship you get from him/her. As your friendship level goes up,
you can unlock more felowship quests and your npc will also be around longer.
Level, explore, run around, have fun your NPC is always there for you.

|                              Getting your NPC                        (0003)|

There are three quests you need to complete to get your Signal pearl, which
will allow you to summon your NPC.

Quest name..........Unlisted Qualities
NPC.................Luto Mewrilah 
Zone................Upper Jeuno : House (G-8)

Luto wants you to find out if the person you chose from her list is holding a
certain mirror. 

Conditions..........Rank4+ and Lv.30+

1. Talk to Luto Mewrilah to activate the quest; it doesn't matter whether you
   accept or not, she will proceed. Choose the race and name of the NPC Fellow
   you want, as listed below; there are eight possible names for each specific
   race and sex combination. Luto makes you verify the name, so if you select
   the wrong one you'll have a chance to go back and choose another.
   The names you can choose for your NPC Fellow are:  


Hume (M).........Feliz, Ferdinand, Gunnar, Massimo, Oldrich, Siegward, Zenji

Hume (F).........Amerita, Beatrice, Henrietta, Jesimae, Karyn, Nanako
                 Sieghilde, Sharlene

Elvaan (M).......Chanandit, Deulmaeux, Demresinaux, Ephealgaux, Gauldeval
                 Grauffemart, Migaifongut, Romidiant

Elvaan (F).......Armittie, Cadepure, Clearite, Epilleve, Liabelle, Nauthima
                 Radille, Vimechue

TaruTaru (M).....Balu-Falu, Burg-Ladarg, Ehgo-Ryuhgo, Kolui-Pelui, Nokum-Akkum
                 Savul-Kivul, Vinja-Kanja, Yarga-Umiga

TaruTaru (F).....Cupapa, Jajuju, Kalokoko, Mahoyaya, Pakurara, Ripokeke, 
                 Yawawa, Yufafa

Mithra...........Fhig Lahrv, Khuma Tagyawhan, Pimy Kettihl, Raka Maimhov,
                 Sahyu Banjyao, Sufhi Uchnouma, Tsuim Nhomango, Yoli Kohlpaka

Galka...........Durib, Dzapiwa, Jugowa, Mugido, Voldai, Wagwei, Zayag, Zoldof

2. Choose the face type of your NPC Fellow. Note that your NPC Fellow's name
   has nothing to do with how it looks. Instead, there are three face types 
   for each race and sex combination, and two hair colors for each of those 
   face types. Three NPCs in various parts of Jeuno can be talked to, 
   to select the face type you want: the answer you choose will determine how
   your NPC Fellow looks. You will only ever need to talk to one of these NPCs
   to get the face you want for your NPC Fellow, by agreeing to the description
   they give. You can talk to the other Jeuno NPCs and not agree to the 
   description; the one you actually agree to will lock in your choice. 
   The three NPCs in Jeuno who determine what your NPC Fellow will look like
     Red Ghost in Jeuno Port a Galka guard who wanders around G-8. 
     Akta in Ru'Lude Gardens, a Hume at H-10. 
     Kuah Dakonsa in Jeuno Lower, a Mithra at H-8 on a bridge.
Hume   Male
Face 7...Akta...........Man with a beard 
Face 3...Kuah Dakonsa...Bristly hair 
Face 1...Red Ghost......Guy with hair parted in the middle 

Hume Female
Face 1...Akta...........Lady with bangs down to her eyes 
Face 3...Kuah Dakonsa...Shoulder-length hair 
Face 2...Red Ghost......Girl with a ponytail

Elvaan Male
Face 2...Akta...........Man with long sideburns 
Face 8...Kuah Dakonsa...A beard 
Face 7...Red Ghost......Guy with bangs to his eyes 

Elvaan Female
Face 1...Akta...........Lady with parted hair, sides uneven length 
Face 6...Kuah Dakonsa...Long bangs 
Face 4...Red Ghost......Girl with pigtails 

TaruTaru Male
Face 3...Akta...........Man with a topknot 
Face 2...Kuah Dakonsa...Messy hair 
Face 4...Red Ghost......Guy with tied-back hair 

TaruTaru Female
Face 2...Akta...........Lady with neatly trimmed bangs 
Face 4...Kuah Dakonsa...Straight bangs 
Face 1...Red Ghost......Girl with hair parted in the middle 

Face 5...Akta...........Mithra with her hair tied up 
Face 6...Kuah Dakonsa...Parted bangs 
Face 7...Red Ghost......Girl with tied-back hair 

Face 3...Akta...........Galka with swept-back hair 
Face 7...Kuah Dakonsa...Hair standing up 
Face 6...Red Ghost......Guy with a full beard 

This chart lists who you need to talk to to get each of the three face types
available for your NPC Fellow's race/sex combination. The easiest way to do 
this is to choose which face type you want for your NPC Fellow, then go to
the Jeuno NPC listed on the chart for that face type. The NPC in Jeuno will
describe that face type, as listed in the Message row. To select the face
type, simply agree to the description. 

3. After choosing the face type you want, you can select one of two different
   hair colors for your NPC Fellow. To do this, return to Jeuno Upper and 
   talk to Bheem, at F-5 across from the Home Point. He will verify the name
   and face style that you have chosen. Then he asks, "By the way, this 
   person's hair wouldn't happen to be my favorite color, would it?" 
   The answer you choose here determines the hair color your NPC Fellow has:
   choosing "Could be" selects hair color A, while choosing "Not likely" 
   selects hair color B. These hair colors are also displayed in the 
   Character Creation Trial, linked above.

4. Talk to Luto Mewrilah again to complete the quest, and receive your 
   Silver Ingot reward. Zoning is required to start the second NPC Fellow quest,
   Girl in the Looking Glass.

Quest name..........Girl in the Looking Glass
Zone................Upper Jeuno : House

Laurana's daughter has gone missing. She is a young girl with blonde hair, 
and was wearing a brown dress and a brown cap. 

Conditions.........."Unlisted Qualities" cleared

 1. Talk to Luto Mewrilah for a cut-scene that activates the quest. 
 2. Talk to Bheem for another cut-scene. 
 3. Go through Batallia Downs to G-8, and enter the Eldieme Necropolis 
    entrance there. You can take a chocobo from Jeuno Upper to get there 
    more quickly, or if you need to avoid aggro from mobs in Batallia.
 4. Once you enter Eldieme Necropolis, take the passageway down until you 
    reach a ???. No mobs spawn that far up, so there shouldn't be any need
    for Sneak. Select the ??? for a cut-scene, that ends in the NM Namorodo
    spawning, aggro to you and your NPC Fellow who is there. The Fellow will
    provoke it immediately; be sure to Provoke or do enough damage so that you
    end up tanking it instead, or cure your Fellow to keep him/her alive.
    Namorodo is a Skeleton NM that does regular Skeleton special attacks;
    it is probably around level 25 or so with around 1200HP. It can be soloed
    by a level 40 character, and the NPC Fellow will help do a bit of damage.
    Up to three copies of the NM can be spawned at once if there are multiple
    people doing the quest, so spawn your NM at the ??? and pull it away so
    the area HP Drain attacks won't overlap.
 5. Once Namorodo is defeated, select your NPC Fellow and he/she will give a
    message about returning to Jeuno, at which point he/she will leave. 
           !!!This must be done within a minute after!!!
    Namorodo dies, or the Fellow will disappear anyway and you can't continue
    the quest.
    If you don't select the Fellow in time to get this message, zone out and
    back in, spawn and kill the NM again, then talk to the Fellow and you can
 6. Return to Jeuno Upper and talk to Luto for a cut-scene that completes 
    this quest. The only reward is the ability to access the final NPC Fellow
    quest, Mirror, Mirror, which can be started immediately after zoning.

Quest name..........Mirror, Mirror
NPC.................Luto Mewrilah
Zone................Upper Jeuno : House (G-8)

Luto has recently discovered that another mirror bearing strange properties
exists in the world. It is supposedly somewhere in San d'Oria and she wants
you to go look for it. 

Conditions.........."Girl in the Looking Glass" cleared

 1. Talk to Luto Mewrilah for a cut-scene that activates the quest.
 2. Go to San d'Oria Port and talk to Portaure in Cargo Room B for a cut-scene
 3. Go to Ghelsba Outpost to the hut at G-10 and select the Hut Door to enter
    the "Mirror, Mirror" BCNM. It has a level 40 cap, with a three person
    maximum group and a time limit of 15 minutes. The BCNM contains a 
    Carrion Dragon that must be defeated; about half-way through, 
    a cut-scene brings out your NPC Fellow. You will again need to do enough
    damage to keep aggro away from the Fellow, or cure him/her. 
    The dragon is not that difficult, with around 1300HP; it can easily be
    soloed by a single level 40 character who has decent skills and equipment.
    Note that although this BCNM can technically take 3 players at once, 
    they will each have their own dragon to defeat; they do not assist each 
    other. This was done to allow more people to  access the fight in a short
    period of time, since there was a great difficulty getting into the fight
    when this quest was first introduced. Also you can't do the bcnm with a
    friend who needs it when you already cleared it.
 4. Once the dragon is defeated, a cut-scene will end the BCNM. Return to 
    Upper Jeuno and talk to Luto for another cut-scene that provides you with
    the Signal Pearl and completes the quest; you can now summon your 
    NPC Fellow! Your titel is now "Destined Fellow".

|                              Leveling                                (0004)|

Leveling your NPC isn't hard, at least it isn't at the start.
I'd recommend leveling your NPC in Rolanberry Fields. Your NPC starts at level
30, of course if you're below lv 30 its level will be the same as yours.
Try duoing with your NPC in Rolanberry FIelds, the first 5 levels can be
easily done within a few summons. The problem is at first your friedship
isn't very high so your npc won't stay around very long. The more you
summon it and talk with it at a rendez-vous point the closer you two get.

Note: Even if you don't get exp or mobs are "Too weak" your npc will get exp
      just level your npc where you would go if you were its level.

A full list of areas where you should level your NPC will be coming soon.

|                              Rendevous Point                         (0005)|

Here you can talk with your NPC, change fighting style, ...

Area                       POS 
Windurst Waters            L-10 
North San d'Oria North     K-10 
Port Bastok                J-13 
Ru'Lude Gardens            G-10 

|                              Friendship                              (0006)|

Friendship level or "Intimate Degree" is one of the most important things
about your NPC. The higher it gets the longer your NPC will stay around.
Check out this table and see for yourself.

Friendship x Mobs Time    Quest / Event Combat Style Weapon Headwear I.D. Max
00         15     45 min                                             30 
05         15     45 min                Attacker
10         15     50 min                             1     
15         15     50 min           
20         15     55 min                             2     
25         15     55 min           
30         20     55 min  "Past Reflection"                  1       50 
35         20     55 min  "Investigation Emptiness"         
40         20     60 min                             3     
45         20     60 min  "Blighted Gloom"                   2       70 
50         20     65 min                             4     
55         20     65 min  "Regaining Trust"                  3   
60         20     70 min  Fashionable equip1         5     
65         20     70 min  "Chameleon Capers" 
                                       Stalwart Shield
                                       Fierce Attacker       4
                                       Soothing Healer      
70         25     75 min  "Blessed Radiance"         
75         25     75 min   Fashionable equip2                5   
80         25     80 min  "Mixed Signal"         
85         25     80 min  "Mirror Images"                            120
90         25     80 min                              6      6   
95         25     80 min  Fashionable equip3         
100        25     85 min           
105        25     85 min                                     7   
110        25     85 min                              7     
115        25     85 min                                     8   
120        30     90 min

Sorry about the poorly made table ^^

The ways to get more "ID" are:

  Signal Pearl & Tactics Pearl used : +1
  Signal Pearl throws away          : -5 (!)
  Rendezvous Point [Let's chat.]    : +1

|                              Areas                                   (0007)|

There are some areas in Vana'Diel where you cannot summon your NPC.

Gelshba Outpost
Cloister of Storms
Cloister of Tremor
Monastic Cavern
Phanauet Channel
Cloister of Gales
Waughroom Shrine
Qulun Dome
Cloister of Tides
Cloister of Flames
Sacrifical Chamber
Balga Dais
Full MoonFN
Ru'Aun Gardens
All Dynamis
Altar Room
Boneyard Gl
Mineshaft 2716
QuBia Arena
Cloister of Frost
Phomiuna Aquaducts
Riverne Site B01
Riverse Site A01
Sealion Den
Throne Room
All spires
Stellar Fulcrum
Grand Palace of Hux'Zoi
Emperial Paradox

And of course you cannot summon your npcs in any city.

|                              Quests                                  (0008)|

As you level up with your NPC buddy your friendship will grow, check the table
a bit back in the guide to see when the next quests become active.

Past Reflection
NPC.........Luto Mewrilah 
Zone........Upper Jeuno : House (G-8) 
Summary.....Luto wants you to search the Optistery library in Windurst for
            a book that can help her repair the broken mirror.
Condition..." Mirror, Mirror " Cleared
            Intimate Degree : 30 (Head Rank1) 

1. Talk to Luto Mewrilah for a cut-scene that starts the quest. 
2. Go to Windurst and head to the Optistery in Windurst Waters North.
   Talk to Tosuka-Porika there for a cut-scene. 
3. Obtain Six food items: Bison Steak, San d'Oriann Tea, Icecap Rolanberry,
   White Bread, Whitefish Stew, and Windurst Salad. Except for the 
   Bison Steak, all of them are sold from one merchant or another, 
   depending on the national Conquest Ranking. Trade them all to Tosuka-Porika
   for a cut-scene. 
4. Return to Jeuno and talk to Luto for a cut-scene. 
5. Go to Jeuno Port and talk to Khumo Daramasteh to complete the quest.  
Reward  Strengthens the bonds between you and your adventuring fellow. 

Blighted Gloom
NPC.........Luto Mewrilah 
Zone........Upper Jeuno : House (G-8) 
Summary.....Luto has asked you to locate a special metal that can be used to
            repair the broken mirror. According to her research, this 
            substance can only be found inside an extremely rare species of
Condition..." Past Reflection " cleared
            Intimate Degree : 45+ (Head Rank2) 

1. Start out by speaking with Luto in Upper Jeuno. I do this after each time 
   I call my NPC. If your friendship with your NPC is strong enough, 
   you will receive this quest after completing Past Reflections. 
2. Luto asks you to find a special metal inside a rare slime. She will tell 
   you to go to one of three locations: Ordelle’s Caves, Korroloka Tunnel, 
   or Ranguemont Pass. I’ve read elsewhere that the ??? is at (F-9) in 
   Korroloka tunnel near the NIN quest NMs and at (I-9) in Ranguemont Pass.
   If you are lucky enough to have to go to Ordelle's Caves, enter
   the caves from (H-7) in La Theine Plateau. The ??? is in the first room you
   come to, the one with all the Fly Agarics in it. 
3. When you tag the ???, a short cutscene will start showing the 
   Metallic Slime popping and your NPC coming to help fight. When the cutscene
   ends, you can start fighting along with your NPC. Once the slime is dead, 
   wait for your NPC to leave, then touch the ??? again. You will receive 
   the key item: Vitrallum. 
4. Return to Jeuno and speak with Luto again. 
5. During another cutscene, Luto will tell you that you now need to find 
   "a spring with a surface as smooth as glass. One filled with pristine 
6. Head to Jugner Forest by way of King Ranperre's Tomb. There is a ??? by
   the lake. Touch it and you will be treated to yet another strange cutscene.
   When the cutscene is over, you will have completed the quest. Reward  
   Strengthens the bonds between you and your adventuring fellow. 

Blessed Radiance
NPC.........Luto Mewrilah 
Zone........Upper Jeuno : House (G-8) 
Summary.....Palometa still lies in cursed slumber. You must find a way to
            save her ! 
Condition..." Blighted Gloom " cleared
            Intimate Degree : 70 

1. Talk to Luto Mewrilah.
2. Go to Lower Jeuno.
3. Examine the door (Door:"Neptune's Spire Bridge") of Neptune's Spire.
4. It goes to take an item.
  * Because it calls Fellow three times, it takes Signal Pearl & Tactics Pearl.
  * It isn't possible to get if not being in the condition which is calling 

  Key Item                Area                Point 
  KeyItem Glimmering Mica Maze of Shakhrami   Excavation Point 
  KeyItem Mistroot        Giddeus             Harvesting Point 
  KeyItem Lunascent Log   Jugner Forest       Logging Point 

5. It is an event when having KeyItem x3 and entering Beaucedine Glacier.
6. Examine Mirror Pond of J-7.
7. Go to Lower Jeuno.
8. Examine the door (Door:"Neptune's Spire Bridge") of Neptune's Spire.
9. Talk to Luto Mewrilah.
Reward.  Strengthens the bonds between you and your adventuring fellow. 
Mirror Images 
NPC.........Luto Mewrilah 
Zone........Upper Jeuno : House (G-8) 
Summary.....Save Palometa from her mysterious captor. 
Condition..." Blessed Radiance " cleared
            Intimate Degree : 85 

1. Talk to Luto Mewrilah.
2. Battle by BC of Qu'Bia Arena.
      * BC : Lv.50 Restriction / 1ppl
      * Monster : Vassago (DRK type Demon / HP3500)
3. Talk to Luto Mewrilah.
4. Examine the door (Door:"Neptune's Spire Bridge") of Neptune's Spire. 
Reward.  Strengthens the bonds between you and your adventuring fellow. 

Picture Perfect 
Zone........Selbina (G-10) 
Summary.....Diederik has lost a painting ordered by a valued customer.
            He wants you to help him earn time or get a new painting before
            anyone notices. 
Condition...Windurst Waters : " A Pose by Any Other Name " cleared
            Intimate Degree : 35 & Fellow Level : 50 

Talk to Diederik.
He gives you the option to go to Angelica or Umberto.

[Choose to go to Angelica]

1. Talk to Angelica. (Windurst Waters)
2. Mine an Excavation Point in Korroloka Tunnel for ?Rare?Ex Bal Shell.
3. Trade ?Rare?Ex Bal Shell to Angelica. She now requests KeyItem Opalescent
4. Enter Oztroja, go to a different map from (J-8). From that map, go to the
   next map from (I-9). Now go to a Brass Door at (I-8). 
5. Check it for a cutscene, then a second time to enter.
6. Inside this room, there is a ???. Clicking it triggers a cutscene and 
   spawns a yagudo NM named Yagudo Muralist. It's a BLM type, and easily 
   soloable by 70+, and I'd assume fairly easy to solo as a level 60 job.
7. After killing the NM talk to your Fellow, then check the ??? again for the
   KeyItem Opalescent Stone.
8. Talk to Angelica. (KeyItem old woman's portrait)
9. Talk to Umberto. (Bastok Markets)

[Choose to go to Umberto]

1. Talk to Umberto. (Bastok Markets)
2. Mine an Excavation Point in Korroloka Tunnel for Rare/Ex Bal Shell.
3. Trade ?Rare?Ex Bal Shell to Umberto. He now requests KeyItem Opalescent 
4. Talk to Diederik. (Selbina)
5. Enter Oztroja, go to a different map from (J-8). From that map, go to the 
   next map from (I-9). Now go to a Brass Door at (I-8). 
6. Check it for a cutscene, then a second time to enter.
7. Inside this room, there is a ???. Clicking it triggers a cutscene and 
   spawns a yagudo NM named Yagudo Muralist. It's a BLM type, and easily 
   soloable by 70+, and I'd assume fairly easy to solo as a level 60 job.
8. After killing the NM talk to your Fellow, then check the ??? again for the
   KeyItem Opalescent Stone.
9. Talk to Angelica. (KeyItem old woman's portrait)
10. Talk to Umberto. (Bastok Markets) 

Reward.  Fellow Level Cap "55" 
Title.  Team Player 

Regaining Trust 
NPC.........Luto Mewrilah 
Zone........Upper Jeuno : House (G-8) 
Summary.....Your adventuring fellow is in the hospital after being attacked
            by a monster in Qufim. You should go make sure your friend is not
            too badly hurt. 
Condition..." Picture Perfect " cleared
            Intimate Degree : 55+ (Head Rank3)
            Fellow Level : 51+ 

1. Talk to Luto Mewrilah at Upper Jeuno (G-8).
2. Go to Monberaux (G-10) of Upper Jeuno.
3. Come back to Luto Mewrilah and talk.
4. Examine Giant Footprint of Qufim Isleand (E-6) and battle (Gigas x1).
5. "talk" to Fellow if you defeated NM (it is important).
6. Come back to Luto Mewrilah and talk.
7. Go to Monberaux again.

Reward.  Fellow Level Cap "60" 
Title.  Worthy of Trust 

Mixed Signals
NPC.........Luto Mewrilah 
Zone........Upper Jeuno : House (G-8) 
Summary.....Your adventuring fellow is acting strangely. Talk to Luto to see
            what you can find out. 
Condition..." Regaining Trust " cleared
            Intimate Degree : 80
            Fellow Level : 56+ 

1. Talk to Ratoto at Upper Jeuno Guide Stone (I-10).
2. Talk to Luto Mewrilah.
3. Talk to Raimbroy at South Sandy in his shop (E-8).
4. Talk to Luto Mewrilah.
5. Click ??? in Qulun Dome (Beadeaux player G3 one).
6. Talk to Luto Mewrilah. 

Reward.  Fellow Level Cap "65"
         Ex Homemade Herbal Tea
         Ex Homemade Stew
         Ex Homemade Gelato
         Ex Homemade Rice Ball
         Ex Homemade Cheese
         Ex Homemade Steak
         Ex Homemade Salad
         Ex Homemade Bread
         Ex Homemade Risotto 
Title.  A Friend Indeed 

Investigation of the Emptiness
Zone.......Rendevous Point 
Summary....Actually, I've been requested to carry out an investigation of
           the Emptiness. Would you like to help me out? 
Condition.." Past Reflection " cleared
           Offer : CoP M1-2 : " Below the Arks " 

1. Check the Rendevous Point in any Promyvion.
2. Find and check ???. It's on the first floor.
   Checking the ??? gives your Fellow EXP based on the number and difficulty
   of the monsters you've killed in the Promyvion before you checked the ???. 
Promyvion           1st Layer      2nd Layer    3rd Layer      4th Layer 
Promyvion - Holla   (H-7)          (G-8)         (E-6)         (L-11) 
Promyvion - Dem     (J-12)         (E-9)         (F-6)         (K-8) 

Promyvion - Mea     (F-4)          (F-10)        (E-7)         (I-5) 

3. Talk to your Fellow at an in-town Rendevous Point, and they will give
   you a Tactics Pearl. You can be repeat it once every conquest tally. 

Reward.  Rare/Ex Tactics Pearl

Fellow's Exp
[40 x Defeated Mobs (Max30) + 300 (1L) + 500 (2L) + 900 (3L) +1500 (4L)] 

Chameleon Capers
NPC.........Luto Mewrilah 
Zone........Upper Jeuno : House (G-8) 
Summary.....A friend of Luto has used a magical costume kit to change into
            a child, but now he can't return to his original form. 
            Luto wants you to help find a way to change him back. 
Condition...Intimate Degree : 65+ (Head Rank4) 

1. Talk to Luto Mewrilah.
2. Talk to Muhoho in Ru'Lude Gardens (H-7). She's up in the balcony.
3. Talk to Gelzerio in Bastok Mines (H-7). He's in Boytz's Knicknacks.
4. Talk to Chamama in Windurst Waters (F-10). She's in the bottom floor of
   the Inn, and will give you a (key item) Jar of Reversion Dust.
5. Talk to Luto again.
6. Enter Delkfutt's tower and examine a ??? at (J-9) for a cutscene. 
   Next, examine a ??? at (I-5). Finally, examine the ??? at (J-9) again to
   spawn a magic pot NM named Illusory Pot. As with previous fellowship 
   quests, your fellow will assist you. Easily soloable at ~55.
7. Talk to your fellow, then check the ??? one last time for a cutscene.
   Choose between the Tactics Manuals:

       Rare T.M.: Fortitude (Stalwart Shield)
       Rare T.M.: Might (Fierce Attacker)
       Rare T.M.: Endurance (Soothing Healer)

8. With the Tactics Manual in your inventory, visit any in-town Rendezvous 
   Point, and your fellow will learn a new job type. The Tactics Manual is
   not lost, so you can trade with your friends to unlock all the jobs. 

Reward.  Rare T.M.: Fortitude or Rare T.M.: Might or Rare T.M.: Endurance
         KeyItem jar of reversion dust
         KeyItem costume kit 

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