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Beginning Warrior FAQ by JoeyVegitables

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/17/04

Table of Contents.

1. Version History.

2. Introduction.

3. Starting out in the world of Vana'diel. <SA>

4. The Basics. <BA>

5. Abilities. <AB>

6. Equipment Guidelines. <EQ>
6a. Starting out. <EQA>
6b. Early Partying. <EQB>
6c. Welcome to Quifm. <EQC>
6d. The Final Step. <EQD>
6e. Taking it Further. <EQE>

7. Strategys. <ST>

8. Subjob Choices. <SJ>

Version 1.2
Added list of other sites with hosting the guide, added all subjobs to 
subjob section. Additional notes added to paragraph about food, and 
when disscussing advanced jobs. 

Version 1.1
Well, I fixed the margin problem I had, now I've written a section for
all those who are just beginning in the world of Vana'diel. 

Version 1.0 

Okay... I submitted the guide... And it was rejected. -_-


Welcome! The purpose of this guide is to teach and instruct, whether you're
just starting out in the world of Vana'diel, or are leveling Warrior as a 
subjob or even just for fun. By reading this guide, you will learn how to 
properly play Warrior, fulfilling two or three roles in a party at once, 
and make your parties go "Wow, I didn't know Warriors could do that!"
Anyways, whether your just reading this because it's here or are leveling
Warrior, there may be something in here you didn't know. 

---Section #1 <SA>---
Starting out in the world of Vana'diel.

This section is written as a guide to any Warriors who have just joined the
game. If you are not new to the game, then you can go ahead and skip past this

When first beginning the game, you will probably be confused, possibly unable
to find your way out of the city. It can be very overwhelming at first for 
new players. But don't give up just yet. To find out where you are, type
/map, or you can access the menu by pressing - on the numpad.(Unsure about 
PS2) Your generally going to want to try to make your way to a city gate so
you can start to kill things. Heres a few general tips to help you as you 
make your way around the world of Vana'diel.
 - Movement is handled with the Numpad keys. 
 - You can select targets by pressing 0 on the numpad or just use tab.
 - Autorun can be activated by running forward and pressing 7 on the 

Once you've familiarized yourself with the controls, it's time to get to 
adventuring! But before that, make sure you equip any equipment you have
by pressing Ctrl-e or selecting "Equipment" from the menu. After that, 
find yourself a monster. Most likely, the first thing you find will 
be something like a rabbit, or a worm, a bee, some weird onion thing,
or some other cute wildlife that looks relativly harmless. First things
first, check its diffculty compared to your level. If it says "Decent 
Challenge" or "Even Match" then you should be able to take it. If the
messeage is something like "Tough", "Very Tough" or "Incredibly Tough",
leave it alone. Once you've found an acceptable target, press Ctrl-A to
take out your weapon, and run up to it. You should hit the monster with
your weapon, and you will begin to trade blows untill one of you has 
died. It may not be to exiting at first, but continue to do this and 
gain experiance, and you will soon be on your way to becoming a full
fleged adventurer. 

Now that you know how to get around and kill things, your going to need
to know how to make gil. At low levels, the best way to make money is 
selling crystals. When you leave town, there should be a guard with 
two abbrivations by his name. (EX. T.K) Talk to him, and ask him to 
cast Signet on you. This will cause monsters to drop crystals, and 
allow your nation to gain influence in the area your fighting in. 
Once this is done, try to kill monsters that drop either Wind crystals,
(Bats, Bees, Birds, Yagudo ) or Fire crystals (Orcs, Goblins, Lizards,)
When you get twelve of a crystal type (Stack items by accessing your 
inventory, pressing + on the numpad, and selecting auto sort.), you 
can sell them at the auction house. Look on your map for the closest
AH to you, and then sell the crystals for about 10 less than the going
price. (Fire crystals tend to fluxuate from around 1.5k a stack to 3k 
a stack, while wind crystals tend to go around 1.2k to 2.5k.) When 
someone buys them, the money will be waiting for you in your mog
house. A last note, try to collect and stack other items you obtain 
from killing monsters. These can often go for quite a bit as well.

And that should really be all you need to know to get started. 
Hopefully you can now read and follow the other steps to becoming 
a great Warrior as detailed in this guide. Remember, as a new player,
don't be afraid to ask help. If someone has a (M) by their name, that
means they should be willing to answer any questions. But you must
remember to be polite and respectful, ask your questions in complete
sentances. As long as you do that, most people should be more than
willing to help you. The last thing you should know, is DO NOT throw
out your Beastmens seals. They are for important boss fights at 
later levels, which you can make quite a bit of money from. You may
not need them now, but you will certainly regret throwing them away
when you get stronger. Just stack them up and keep them in your mog
house untill you have a use for them.

---Section #2---
The Basics. <BA>

Okay. We have to start somewhere, so here are the basics. Warrior is
a one of the starting jobs, and it is often misunderstood on what we're 
capable of. It is the opinion of many that Warriors are nothing more than 
a meat shield, sub-par to a paladin, and only used as a subjob for advanced
jobs. This is far from the truth. Although in the lower levels we make
excellent tanks, we bring many other factors to the table. Unfortunately,
the reason Warriors is so misunderstood, is because most Warriors don't
know how to play their job correctly, and in their haste to become Dark 
Knights or Paladins, they neglect equipment and otherwise seem weak.

Anyway, on to the basics of Warrior. First, and most important of
all, Weapon type. As a Warrior, you should be using one of you're A
rank weapons. Those are - Great Axe - A+, and Axe - A-. What does
weapon rank mean? Well, it means that your weapon skill level caps
higher with each level you gain, and the higher your weapon skill
level is, you hit harder and more accurately. Weapons such as sword,
spear, and hand-to-hand cap lower for you, resulting in the fighting
skill of a lower level Paladin, Dragoon, or Monk respectively. For
example , as a level 20 Warrior, Using a spear or a sword you would
have the fighting skill of a level 19 Dragoon or Paladin, and the
hand-to-hand skill of a level 17 Monk. It may not be much now, but
the distance between skill levels continues to increase as you gain
more levels. 

Of course, skill level isn't the only reason to use great axe.
There are many other factors involved. To put it simply however,
GAXE is an awesome weapon. Because you are usually fighting IT+
monsters, weapons with a low damage rating (Such as a 1 handed sword)
do pitiful damage, because it must make a VIT check each time it hits
the monster the VIT usually overpowers the poor damage on the sword,
resulting in single digit numbers. However, with a Great axe, the
base damage is far higher, easily breaks through the VIT of the
monster, causing immense damage, Allowing for 40-50 damage on
regular hits, at level 15! (Assuming of course, that your equipped
with the most recent GAXE and eating Meat Mithkabobs like a good boy. =P)

If that isn't enough reason however, look to the weaponskills for GAXE.
It's first WS, Shield Break, is incredibly useful! When you use it and
it connects, it lowers enemy evasion, allowing you, and all your party
members to hit more often! It's damage isn't to great, maybe a bit more
than a regular hit, and it can only close fusion, but the EVA down effect
more than makes up for it. 

Your second WS (Gained at level 13), Iron Tempest is unfortunately 
sub-par. It does approximately the same damage as shield break, 
and has no added effects. The only thing going for it is the ability to
close distortion. However, the evasion down of shield break isn't 
worth giving up. 

At level 23 comes the real kicker, Sturmwind. 
This two-hit WS puts up oodles of damage as soon as you getting,
averaging 90-180 damage. It also closes Fragmentation, which is
just as good as distortion in most cases. However, though it may
look like it on a SC chart, Sturmwind cannot close Distortion. 
Any attempts to do so will ALWAYS result in Reverberation, so 
don't bother trying. One final note about Sturmwind, at level 
30+ you can sub Thief and use SA + Sturmwind for just as much 
damage as SATA Viper bite! If reading all of this doesn't want 
to make you want to use a great axe as a Warrior, then your hopeless.

A final note about 1H axes however, an Axe + Shield combo will 
still do respectable damage, it just doesn't have anything really
special going for it, (Plus I never used it on my Warrior >_>) but
it is still much better than any other weapon a warrior can use,
and is probably a better choice if you plan on becoming a Paladin, 
as shield skill can be rather difficult to raise.

---Section #3---
Abilities. <AB>

Wow, that last section was a little long winded. Well, I
guess there is a lot you need to know to be a proper Warrior. 
Regardless, now I'll tell you about all the abilities you get, 
and how to use them. 

Mighty Strikes: Level gained - 1. Casting time - Instantaneous. 
Recast times - 2 hours. Effect - All attacks made are criticals 
for the next 45 seconds.

Mighty strikes is your Two-Hour ability. Many people dislike it,
because whenever it is used it seems to miss more often than not,
and whether it actually has an Accuracy down trait or is just 
an effect of Murphy's Law, there is no way to tell. Using this 
ability properly goes beyond just hitting when you're in trouble,
and is most effectively used right before a Multi-hit WS such 
as Sturmwind or Raging Axe. It may not have the life saving power
of some other two hours, but it can turn the tide of a battle 
gone wrong, or allowing you to gain the upper hand when aggroed
by an EM+ mob and decide to fight rather than flee. 

Provoke: Level gained - 5. Casting time - Instantaneous. 
Recast time - 30 seconds. Effect - Provokes the mob, increasing
your hate level and causing the monster to attack you instead 
of others. 

Provoke is the single most important ability you'll ever get 
from levels 1-30, as you will most likely spend most of your 
time tanking. Using this ability will be fully explained in 
the strategy section. For starters however, if you are the tank
of a party, you must use this ability every 30 seconds. Not
just if the monster goes after the mages, but every 30 seconds.
Exceptions are made if your dying and not being healed, the whm
is asleep, blah blah. Then it's best to stop provoking and wait 
for the hate to go elsewhere. However, that's better discussed later.

Physical Defense Up: Level gained - 10. Passive ability.  
Effect - Increases physical defense.

There's not much to say about this. It increases your defensive
ability, nothing more. Only thing you need to know is that 
it does not stack with the defense boost Paladin gets at level 10.

Berserk: Level gained - 15. Casting time - Instantaneous. 
Recast time - 5 Minutes.  Effect - Increases your attack power
and lowers defense for 3 minutes.

This is a great ability that fully cements your role as as
damage dealer. There isn't too much to say about it, but 
don't use it while tanking. I suggest using it when battles
are dragging on, or at the start of chain #2 or #3. If not,
then you could use it at the start of chain #1 and again at
Chain #4 or #5. Assuming your parties are even getting exp 
chains. >_>

Resist Virus: Level gained - 15. Passive ability. 
Effect - More resistant to virus attacks. 

I only have two words to say about this. Utterly useless.

Defender: Level gained - 25. Casting time - Instantaneous.
Recast time - 5 Minutes. Effect - Increases your defense
and lowers Attack power for 3 minutes.

The exact opposite of Berserk. However, I would not recommend 
using it all the time while tanking, as the lowered attack
power will cripple your ability to hold hate. Plus, when 
you get this ability you will most likely be fighting 
Mandragora's, which are weaklings anyway. I find it useful 
when aggroed and need to survive long enough to reach a zone 
line. Other than that though, I never used it much. I suppose 
if you are a Tarutaru, then you might find more use for it.

Double Attack: Level gained - 25. Passive ability. 
Effect - Gives a chance to attack twice in one attack. 

Whoo! This ability is great. This puts you another step 
further over the other damage dealers at your level, and
allows for great hate holding tool. Plus, it can activate on 
Weapon skills, so your Sturmwind may suddenly do twice 
as much as it useally does.

Physical Attack Up: Level gained - 30.  Passive ability. 
Effect - Enhanced physical attack power.

Whoo. More attack power. Not much to say, but it
should be noted that it doesn't stack with the dark 
knights attack bonus gained at level 10.

And that's it for all of the Warrior abilities and 
traits. There are more beyond level 30, but I'm not going 
to go there since I have no personal experience with
them and this is only for levels 1-30 anyway.

---Section #4---
Equipment <EQ>

All right then. Earlier I told you what kind of weapon(s)
you should be using, but that alone won't make you an 
awesome warrior. If you want to be a great warrior, 
you're going to need good equipment. I won't ask for 
you to get leaping boots or emperors hairpin, as those
are luxury items, and I would only suggest you get 
those if you really have money to spare. Anyway, onto
a detailed guide of what equipment to be using at 
what levels.

Starting out: Equipment levels 1-9. <EQA>

When you begin at level 1, your equipment choices
are rather limited. You can go with the bronze 
set of armor, it only gives about 2 defense more
than the newbie armor, so if you don't want to
run around in a subligar, that's up to you. Since
there are no great axes at level 1, you can go 
with a 1 handed axe, sword, scythe, or run around
completely naked punching things to death. It 
really doesn't matter. But, if you plan on using 
1H axe later you might want to go for that. Anyways,
by the time you reach level five you can pickup your
very first Great axe. 

Butterfly Axe. Level: 5.  Damage: 19. Delay: 504

Sounds great huh?  But unfortunately, unless you 
skilled great axe up with another job, then your 
going to have 0 skill, so when you first get it
you'll be missing a great deal and not doing much 
damage. Just stick with it, fight EP enemies that 
con high defense. Eventually your skill will get 
itself up to par, so you should be doing good damage. 
At level 7 you can get leather armor, which will make
soloing quite a bit easier. Finally, at level 8 comes
another great axe. 

Inferno Axe. Level: 8.  Damage: 23. Delay: 504 
Additional effect: Fire Damage

You can choose to pick this up or not; I passed over
this particular axe, seeing as how the price of 8k
at the time would've put a considerable dent in my 
newbie wallet. But if you have the cash to spend, by
all means get it. The fire effect doesn't go off very
often however, and only does around 1-10 damage. Either
way, that should be the last equipment you should have
to worry about for soloing levels. 

Early partying: Equipment levels 10-19. <EQB>

All right, the first thing you should do at 
level 10 is pickup a set of scale armor, or the royal 
footmen's gear. Either way, since you can now go to 
the dunes, you're going to need good armor since people 
will expect you to tank. However, I would recommend 
soloing to at least level 12, since dunes at level 10
really suck. At level 12 you can pick up a Greataxe.  

Greataxe. Level: 12.  Damage: 30. Delay: 504

All right. Here is where the fun really begins. No
other non+1 weapon (Excluding the next GAXE) has
more damage than this one until the scythe at level 
18! Plus, you'll have a new great axe by the time 
Dark knights get that scythe.
When you manage to hit level 14, you may want to consider
picking up some of stat +2 rings. If you're a Taru or 
Mithra I'd recommend 2x Vit rings, 2x Str rings, or 1 
of each. If you're Hume, Elvaan, or Galka, get 2x Dex 
rings, 2x Str rings, or 1 of each. If you have money 
to spend, get 2 of Str, Dex, and Vit rings, and switch
them off depending on the situation. On the other side,
if you can't even afford one of the +2 stat rings, 
(Around 15-20k each on Titan) you can get two of the 
ones that give +1 to each stat. 

At level 15, you can choose to invest in the San d'Orian
gear, or Bastokian. It doesn't give too much of an 
advantage over scale, and is rather expensive so I skipped
it myself. If you find yourself tanking a lot, I suggest
getting a Warriors belt (+1), as it gives 2(3) Vit.  
At level 16 comes the bone equipment, which you can get,
or wait one more level for lizard gear. You can also pick
up a pair of bone earring + 1 if you wish. They give +2 
attack and -1 evasion.  More importantly at level 16 
however, comes your newest axe. 

Moth Axe. Level: 16.  Damage: 32. Delay: 480 DEX: 1

Not much of an improvement over your last axe, 
but it's still worth getting. The lower delay and
slight dex increase make things even better. 

At level 17 I highly recommend picking up the set of
lizard armor, if you haven't already gotten bone or kingdom. 

At level 18 you can pick up a brave belt 
if you want, which give +2 Str and Vit, and the
cost of 1 Dex and Agi.  After that there really isn't
much equipment worth mentioning, unless you want
emperors hairpin or something. But regardless it's
smooth sailing till level 20.

Welcome to Qufim: Equipment levels 20-24. <EQC>

All right. Now that you've reached level 20, it's
time to get the most important piece of equipment
you'll need in your lower level Warrior career,
and will put up numbers that put all others to 
shame. Here it is. 

Neckchopper. Level: 20.  Damage: 39. Delay: 489 ACC: 5

That's right. +5 Accuracy. At level 20. That's
as much as a sniper ring. Which at level 20 is godly!
Plus, the damage is still blowing most things out 
of the water, though dark knights have a bit more 
on their scythes by now. The only downside to this
is it's cost. The price ranges from 20-45k. However,
even if your new, I would HIGHLY recommend saving up
and getting this. After all, people pay 600k for 5 acc 
at level 40, you can get it much cheaper. 

Anyways, enough on the Neckchopper. Once you hit 21,
you're going to need the set of beetle armor. I 
would also highly recommend you pick up the following

Spike Necklace. Level: 21. Str: 3. Dex: 3. Mnd: -6
Beetle Earring +1. Level: 21. Atk: 3. Eva: -2 
(You'll want two of these)

Having these accessories will greatly increase your
damage ability, and only cost about 6k for each one. 

After buying those, equipment doesn't change much
until level 24, when you can buy chainmail. Though 
I know it costs a lot, I highly suggest buying this,
as it will put you a huge step ahead of most Warriors
and Paladin's in Quifim/Khazam. Just take a day or 
two to farm about 40/50k and you should be able to
afford the whole set. After chain, there is no other 
equipment you'll need.

The final step: Equipment levels 25-29. <EQD>

At level 25 you will be moving to Khazam. 
There is now the higher-level Kingdom/Republic 
equipment available to you. I wouldn't really 
recommend it however, as it's rather expensive, 
and doesn't give as much defense as chainmail.
However, for when you're not tanking you could 
buy a republic subligar, as it gives +5 attack. 
It runs about 30-50k however. Also available at 
level 25 is the next great axe.

Plantbane. Level: 8.  Damage: 43. Delay: 504
Additional effect vs. Plantiods: Fire Damage

Although there is a damage increase over neckchopper,
I would highly recommend staying with neckchopper,
as Mandragoras have a highish evasion. The fire
damage effect may look good, but I've seen it in 
action, and it hardly ever goes off and when it
does, it's for minimal damage. However, if you 
skipped over the neckchopper for price reasons, 
then you'll want to pick this one up as soon as 
you can.

By the time you reach level 27, you can pick up 
brass scale, which has the same defense as 
Chainmail, only cheaper. If you already picked up 
chainmail however, I suggest you stick with that,
as it can be useful if you de-level, or attaining 
rank 3 and such. If you really need the extra cash
however, feel free to sell the chainmail and buy 
this stuff. 

At level 29 comes the Eisen/Kampf set, which 
was recently added with CoP. It's a pretty nice 
set of armor that gives bonuses to Agi or Vit, 
depending on which pieces. It also has a little 
more defense than the Centurions equipment at level
30. I personally didn't learn about this stuff
until I was level 30 myself, and you can put this
stuff off until then, or just not get it at all. 
The price isn't too unreasonable however. 

Taking it further: Equipment levels 30+. <EQE>

Well, you've finally reached level 30. Now you 
can go get advanced jobs, and go become a dark 
knight or paladin or whatever else. You can easily 
sell your equipment now and never look back, though 
I wouldn't recommend it. You may even want to take the 
path of a Warrior beyond level 30. Either way, I can't 
give you much more advice. There are quite a few equipment 
options available to you at level 30, and the most I'll do 
is give you what I myself am wearing. 

Main: Centurions Axe
Sub: None.
Ranged: Flame boomerang
Ammo: None.
Head: Centurions scale Visor.
Neck: Spike Necklace
Earring1: Beetle Earring +1
Earring2 Beetle Earring +1
Body: Centurions Scale mail.
Hands: Royal Squire's mufflers.
Ring1: Balance Ring.
Ring2: Balance Ring.
Back: Travelers Mantle
Waist: Brave Belt.
Legs: Eisendiechlings
Feet: Eisenschuchs. 

And that's all there is too it. It may not be the best
stuff out there, but I'll be damned if it doesn't get the 
job done. Whatever path you decide to take at 30, I hope you 
played Warrior to your fullest, and followed the steps I 
told in this guide, even if you did skip the optional ones. 
I'm sure you've made a lasting impression on anybody you 
partied with, and that reputation will stick with you 
regardless of what job path you have chosen. 

A final thing, if you plan on using 1H axe instead of 
Great axe, or plan on keeping both capped, just buy the
best/most recent one you can. I didn't give examples with 
those since I have no real experience with axes, other than
leveling Beastmaster. 

---Section #5---
Strategies. <ST>

All right then. I've talked about what equipment to be 
using, and all other stuff, but I haven't really gone in 
depth on how to actually play Warrior. Although it really 
isn't too complicated, you'd be amazed at how many people 
fail to grasp these simple concepts. First however, I need
to tell you something important.

Whether your damage dealing or tanking, you're going to 
want to eat food. More specifically, meat mithkabobs and 
fish mithkabobs. What do they do? Well, Fish mithkabobs 
increase your Dex by 1, Vit by 2, lower you Mnd by 1, and 
increase your base defense by 25%.  Meat mithkabobs on the 
other hand, increase Str by 5, Agi by 2, lower your Vit by 1,
and increase your base attack by 22%. The effect for each of
these items lasts 30 minutes. 

Using meat mithkabobs while damage dealing or tanking will
greatly increase your damage and hate output, and if you 
find your taking a bit too much damage in parties then a 
fish mithkbob will cut that amount significantly. As for prices,
Meat mithkabobs run around 2-3k a stack, and fish mithkabobs 
go for around 4-5k. 

(It should now be noted, that with the December update, Meat 
Mithkabobs may no longer be the most effective food for damage
dealing, and that prices have risen to 6k a stack on most 
servers. However, I'm unsure what other foods would be good
replacements for Mithkabobs, and untill sufficient testing 
has been done, this is all I have to say.)

Strategy: Tanking.

Tanking at almost all early levels is rather simple. To tank 
simply means you to everything you can to get the monsters attention
(hate) on you, so it attacks you and not others. 

As a Warrior, you have a few, extremely effective methods at 
your disposal. First and foremost, provoke. This ability is 
already explained so I'll just move on to the second most 
important. Damage. Paladins hold hate by provoking and curing 
the damage they take, Warriors hold hate by provoking and dealing
massive damage back to the enemy. This is where most warriors fail, 
as they choose weak weapons unable to deal the kind of damage 
needed to hold hate. Last is boost, which is gained from a monk 
subjob. Every time it's used it gives a nice spike of hate. 

With all these tools, you can tank better than most paladins at 
these levels, since they have a limited MP and not many powerful 
spells at their disposal. But now we can move on to an in depth 
look of what to do in a battle.

When you see the monster, draw your weapon. As soon as he comes 
within range, provoke the monster. If you have a sub job, and 
are subbing Mnk, immediately use Boost. By now you should have 
gotten 1, maybe two hits in on the monster. If you have enough 
TP, then go ahead and use Shield Break on the monster. It's 
better to use it at the beginning of a battle, since the evasion 
down effect will make everyone hit more often. 

Either way, once that is done, I suggest opening up your Job 
ability menu, (Ctrl-J) and watching the timer of boost. Once it's 
up, use it again immediately, unless you're in about to close a 
skillchain, in which case it's better to try and boost before the 
skillchain goes off. 

If just tanking however, re-open up the job menu and check the 
timer for provoke. When it's 1 or 2 seconds away, close it 
down and press your provoke macro. (Assuming your macro tells 
your party members what your doing, and lets them know when 
it's almost up.) Now you can take a look back at your Boost timer. 
As long as you continue to repeat this cycle, you should have no 
trouble tanking whatsoever, unless you're dealing with nuke 
spamming Black mages or Trigger-happy rangers. -_-

A few more things to mention. If using while tanking Sturmwind, 
you can use Berserk right before you're about to fire it off. 
Just before to remove the effect right afterwards. (To remove 
an effect, press + on the Numpad twice, scroll over to Berserk 
and press enter.) Though mentioned earlier, I'll say it again. 
If your Healer is dead, asleep, or otherwise incapacitated, 
feel free to stop provoking/boosting until you can get healed 
again. Try to let hate bounce around the other party members 
until you can kill the monster or the healer can heal again. 
If the healer really is dead however, and the monster is nowhere
close to dying, I suggest provoking/Boosting one more time, 
and running for the zoneline. 

Strategy: Damage Dealing.

Damage Dealing fortunately, is extremely simple. As long as 
your using your Great axe, most all you have to do is auto 
attack at watch the damage fly. I suggest using Berserk when 
battles are dragging on, or at the start of chain #2 or #3. 
Or you could use it at the start of chain #1 and again at Chain 
#4 or #5. If subbing mnk, you may wish to boost as much as you 
can between pulls, though it doesn't really make much of a difference, 
and Murphy's Law will usually make you miss that first hit 
anyway. Either way, boosting before WS' is something you'll always 
want to do, and try to have Berserk ready for a WS, especially 
if your closing a skillchain. Beyond that however, there isn't 
much more too it. But remember, even though you're a damage dealer, 
your equipment should still be good enough so you can tank/backup 
tank whenever necessary. 

Other than those two, I can't really see many more strategies 
for Warrior. However, if you want to be even more useful in your 
parties, level your Marksmanship skill and use acid bolts on 
whatever monster your fighting, until the defense reduction sticks. 
It will help out a ton, especially when fighting crabs. Also 
with a capped Marksmanship you can easily solo by using Bloody 
Bolts Drain HP effect). After that there isn't much left to
mention, so I guess this section ends here.

---Section #6---
Subjob. <SJ>

In this section, I'll be talking about what subjobs 
you should be using, and a bit about other subjobs you shouldn't
be using. But before I even go into that, I must relay to you a
very important thing. Keep your subjob leveled! Having a fully 
leveled subjob shows to other players that you take the time to 
play your job correctly, and that you have all the abilities of 
a sub half your level. It is okay to let your subjob get a few 
levels behind, as long as you arn't losing any even remotly good 
abilites. For example, War28/Mnk23 wouldn't make much of a 
differance, as you would only be missing out on a few hp. However, 
War20/Mnk9 is completly unacceptable! If you would just take the 
time to level it one level further, you would be able to counter 
attack enemy hits on you, which is great with a high damage high 
delay weapon like great axe. But anyways, on to the actualy subjobs.

Subjob: Monk.

This is by far the best subjob for Warrior up to level 
30. It offers numerous abilities that make tanking so much 
easier. In addition to extra hp, while subbing Mnk you'll get 
Boost at level 10, gives you a boost to attack power, which 
goes away, when you hit something. Recast time is 15 seconds 
and it does stack. It is also is an excellent hate-grabbing 
tool and goes great before a WS. Next you'll get counter at 
level 20, and with a high delay weapon such as great axe, it 
does wonders with damage and hate control. Lastly at level 30 
you'll get a Hp boost passive ability, which adds about 60 hp, 
and dodge, which give increased evasion for 2 minutes, recast 
time 5 minutes.

Subjob: Thief.

In general, subbing Thief before 30 is a bad idea. 
You get no useful abilities and only a meager dexterity 
boost. Regardless, at level 10 you can use steal and 
will have gilfinder, and while steal will give a spike 
of hate it has recast timer of 5 minutes. At level 20 
you get an evasion bonus, but it doesn't work very well 
against IT mobs. At level 30 it becomes good however, 
as you get Sneak attack and Treasure hunter. Treasure 
hunter works wonders when farming for money, and sneak 
attack gives makes your next attack a critical hit as 
long as you're behind the monster. (This is only when 
thief is subbed, an actually thief gets a damage 
multiplier instead of just a critical.) It's also cannot
miss. This is a highly recommended subjob if your 
damage dealing level 30+ in parties, as stacking Sneak 
attack with Sturmwind yields great results. If you're 
tanking however, mnk is still the better subjob.

Subjob: White Mage.

No, no, and no. Many Warriors use this subjob because 
they think it will make them like Paladins. In a way 
it does, but it works pretty poorly with a Warrior. 
You'll have extremely limited MP, leading to having to 
rest between battles, which means no/less TP so you 
can't use shield break to speed up battles or Sturmwind 
to close chains. On the other note, your much better 
off with Mnk and the hate grabbing tools of Boost, then 
the limited Cure spell up until level 22 when you get 
Cure II, which even then is insufficient. I could go on, 
but for the most party this subjob is a big no. The only 
use is for soloing. 

Subjob: Red Mage.

This is another big no. There isn't much to say however; 
it's mostly the same as the whm sub, except you get all 
the spells even later. So once again, No. 

Subjob: Black Mage.

Last big no I'm going to mention, but Blm is an even 
worse subjob than Rdm. You'll get the Elemental skill 
of a Blm half your level, meaning at level 18 your most 
powerful spell will be aero, which has the skill of a 
level 9 Blm. Against level 20+ Monsters. And since you 
wouldn't expect a level 9 Blm to do damage against level 
20+ Monsters, why would a War/Blm be able to with magic? 
Plus, you'll still have the problems of a limited MP pool, 
with having to rest between fights. So in other words… sub 

Well, that's it for all the basic sub-jobs. Now I'll be going
into advanced subjobs, but the only two that have any use for
a Warrior are Ninja and Ranger. The other others, for the most
part are useless, except in a few select situations beyond 
partying. But it is important to remember, although they may
be "Advanced", their not really any better than the basic 
classes. In reality, their just more specialized versions 
of specific jobs, and a better termonalogy is simply, Extra
jobs, because thats all they really are.

Subjob: Ninja.

Although I have no experience with this subjob myself, it 
can be used at level 24 to blink tank. You will only be able 
to dodge 6 hits however (This refers to the strategy of casting 
Utsusemi before the puller goes out, and by the time the monster 
is at camp your timer is reset and you can recast right as you 
lose the last shadow.), and since Mandragoras hit twice, you 
may wish to stick to Mnk subjob. Either way, Ninja subjob offers 
little else except Dual Wield, while though it may look cool 
with two axes, doesn't make you attack any faster. The rest of 
the Ninjitsu is for the most part useless, except for maybe 
Tonko: Ichi for escaping aggro. But I'm not even sure what level 
that is.

Subjob: Ranger.

This is the only other decent subjob for warrior, and with it 
you would be expected to pick your self up a longbow 
(AKA Power bow +1) and fire arrows. Along with hits from the 
great axe, this can be a good way to deal damage, but you must
remember that Warrior has a D ranking in Archery and Marksmanship, 
so you will miss extremely often. If you choose this path, I 
suggest you buy lots of R ACC + and macro it into your ranged attack
macros. However, I have no personal experience with this combo, 
this is just what I've gathered from other sources. 

Subjob: Dark Knight.

This subjob isn't a very good choice for a Warrior, though it is
better than subbing White mage. All you'll get from it is 
negligable MP, even less spells than if you were subbing Black
Mage, and an Attack bonus at level 20. I guess this could be 
useful, as Warrior doesn't get it's attack bonus till level 
30, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't make all that much of a 
differance. You would gain Last Resort at level 30, but from
what I hear/seen it's a rather lackluster move, lasting a 
really short time and drawing as much hate as Provoke in the 

Subjob: Paladin.

Unlike Dark knight, which can be someewhat useful, Paladin is a
very poor choice for a subjob. Many lazy Paladins tend to use 
this combo when leveling their Warrior subjobs, as they can't 
be bothered to level up Monk, Theif, or Ninja. Either way, you
get absolutly nothing useful from a Paladin subjob. You'll barely
have enough MP to cast Cure, and the defense bonus you get at level
10 as a Paladin is the same as the one Warrior gets a level 10, so 
they don't stack. Shield bash doesn't come till 30, and by then you 
won't be tanking as much, and you'll probably want to sub thief
so you can use SA + Sturmwind, as this is the time when Great axe
shines the most in the higher level Warrior carreer. 

Subjob: Dragoon.

Believe it or not, Dragoon might be the only other subjob besides 
Ranger that offers anything Damage wise at levels 1-30. I'm not 
sure if it's really true or not, Dragoon would probably the job
I know the least about, as I've never played one, and I almost 
never see them in my parties. Either way, the addition of an 
extra attack (Jump) every minute 45 seconds (Unsure about actual
time) can increase your damage output a bit at lower levels. It
should be noted that you do not gain the benifits of a Wyvern with
a Dragoon subjob however. This subjob however, should not be 
considered past level 30. 

Subjob: Bard

This is a no. With a bard subjob, you only get one song, and 
you can't use instruments. I suppose it could be somewhat 
useful for soloing, but in a party situation it offers nothing
for you.

Subjob: Summoner

This subjob is even worse than Black mage. You get poor Mp, half
leveled summons, and they won't have any abilities to help you 
whatsoever. I suggest you stay far away from this combo.

Subjob: Beastmaster

There's no real point to this combonation, unless you want to 
charm high level monsters for fun. You could use it for soloing,
but expect your charms to fail alot. If you really wanted to solo,
you'd probably be better off picking up some Bloody bolts and/or 
subbing Monk, Ninja, or White mage. 

Subjob: Samurai

Although this may be a viable alterantive in later levels, it offers
nothing really good at the lower end. Store TP may sound nice, but it 
doesn't make too much of a differance. And third eye only allows you to
dodge one measly hit. 

Well there you have all the choices for subjobs as a Warrior, 
and why you should/shouldn't use them. But once again, I would 
highly suggest that you sub Mnk. It's what I subbed from levels 
18-30, and it worked out great for me. Well, that's all I have 
left for this section.

---Final Statements.---

Well, we've now come to the end of this guide. I thank you 
for reading all of this.Hopefully you enjoyed reading this, 
and maybe learned a thing or two. If you read all of this, 
and still feel like being a 1h Sword wielding War/Whm, then
I guess there's no hope for you. Please feel free to comment 
however you want, and if you find problems with anything in 
my guide, feel free to criticize in a constructive way. 
If there's anything I'm missing or you feel that should be
in this guide, let me know at pokemaniac677@yahoo.com 
Feel free to look me up in game.
Miratoko - Warrior/Monk/Thief - Titan Server
Zennosuke - Black Mage/White Mage - Titan Server
Anyway, thanks for reading!

Item and ability information gotten from ffxi.allakhazam.com
Skill ratings from http://www.ausystem.org/~aushacho/gbox/ff/skill-e.html#3

This guide is also located at :

If you find the guide anywhere besides these two sites, let me know. Thanks.

Copyright Bryan Fuller 2004. 

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