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Garrison FAQ by Taodyn

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 11/23/04

Garrison Guide for FFXI (Version 3.0)

I see a lot of people on different forums asking questions about Garrison. In
order to help, I will post as much as I know and hopefully that will answer any
questions you may have. This is actually my third attempt at a Garrison Guide.
The first two received good reviews, but were deemed to be missing some
information. Hopefully, this version will be more complete.

Legal Stuff

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.


Table of Contents

Section 1: What is Garrison?
Section 2: Garrison levels, locations, and required items
Section 3: What occurs during a Garrison raid?
Section 4: What are the rewards of Garrison?
Section 5: Preparation for Garrison events
Section 6: How should I form a Garrison group?
Section 7: Job Class Strategies
Section 8: How do we organize/prioritize our targets?
Section 9: Other tips
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Section 1: What is Garrison?

So you’ve heard about Garrison. All the cool people are doing it. Awe-inspiring
massacres are becoming commonplace in zones just outside your door. But you are
left in the dark. What is this Garrison?

Garrison: (noun) the troops who maintain and guard a fortified place.

The basic Garrison event involves some number of players (from 1 individual to
a full alliance of 18) defending an outpost from an attacking force. The
attacking force comes in 4 distinct waves, each of which involves high tier
mobs with a variety of jobs. Each wave will usually include melee mobs (ex.
Orcish Fighters and Serjeants), casters (ex. Orcish Cursemakers), and archers
(ex. Orcish Chasseurs). The fourth and final wave will also include some form
of boss mob or mobs that must be taken down quickly.

Now, though an individual is able to participate on their own, I would not
recommend doing so. As a matter of fact, I do not recommend attempting this
with less than 15 people (and for any real chance at success, a full alliance
should be used). To get an idea of this, try taking an Orcish Fighter in
Ghelsba at level 20. Though not impossible, your chances of success are fairly

This is not to say you should not try a Garrison run with fewer people. Indeed
several people I have talked with have said that it is entirely possible to be
successful with just six people. I, personally, have found it extremely
difficult to complete a Garrison with just one party. I suggest trying it with
different jobs and group sizes and figure out what works for you.

Section 2: Garrison levels, locations, and required items

In order to begin any Garrison, you must first find a specific item for the
Garrison you intend to do. When the item is traded to an outpost guard, the
guard will inform you of an impending attack. The items required for Garrison

Level 20 Garrisons

-West Ronfaure
-requires a Red Cryptex obtained from Orcish Fighters in Yughott Grotto

-West Sarutabaruta
-requires a 7 Knot Quipis obtained from Yagudo Votarys in Giddeus

-North Gustaberg
-requires a Darksteel Engraving obtained from Copper Quadav in Pal. Mines

Level 30 Garrisons

-Jugner Forest
-requires a Jade Cryptex obtained from Orcish Impalers, Bowshooters, Brawlers,
and Beastriders in Davoi

-Meriphataud Mountains
-requires a 13 Knot Quipis obtained from Yagudo Interrogators, Drummers, and
Heralds in Castle Oztroja

-Pashhow Marshlands
-requires a Silver Engraving obtained from Bronze and Zircon Quadavs in Beadeux

-Valkurm Dunes
-requires a Galka Fang Sack obtained from Goblin Furriers and Smithys in
Ordelles Caves

-Buburimu Peninsula
-requires a Mithra Fang Sack obtained from Goblin Smithys and Shamans in Maze
of Shakrami

-Qufim Island
-requires a Ram Leather Missive obtained from Giants in Qufim Island (including
Delkfutt’s Tower)

Level 40 Garrisons

-Beaucidine Glacier
-requires a Tiger Leather Missive obtained from Rime and Cold Gigas in
Beaucidine Glacier

-Sanctuary of ZiTah
-requires a Hound Fang Sack obtained from Goblin Traders, Poachers, and Robbers
in the Sanctuary of ZiTah

-Yuhtunga Jungle
-requires a Sheep Leather Missive obtained from Brook and Riparian Sahagins in
Sea Serpent Grotto

Level 50 Garrisons

-requires a Behemoth Leather Missive obtained from Demon Knights and Pawns in
Xarcabard and Castle Zvahl

-Eastern Altepa Desert
-requires a Dhalmel Leather Missive obtained from Antican Princeps, Hastatus,
Veles, and Secutors in Quicksand Caves and Eastern and Western Altepa Deserts

-Yhoator Jungle
-requires a Coeurl Leather Missive obtained from Tonberry Stalkers and Cutters
in the Temple of Uggalepih

Level 75 Garrison
-Cape Terrigan
-requires a Bunny Fang Sack obtained from Goblin Tamers in Kuftal Tunnel

Note: This information can be found at
along with specific listings of the types of mobs faced in each Garrison.

Only one item is required for each round of Garrison (ie. Only the trader must
have the item) and the items are Rare/Ex meaning they cannot be traded between
players. The trader must be allied with the nation that currently controls the
outpost you are using for Garrison. Otherwise, the item will not be accepted.
Once, a specific Garrison related item is traded to the proper outpost (each
player can only trade once per RL week, but only one person needs to trade for
the whole group), all players are capped at a specific level and a number of
friendly NPCs will spawn. These are NPCs that will fight along side you, but
must be kept alive. At least one NPC must survive for Garrison to be
successful, though the more you keep alive, the more items will drop at the
end. Mobs will then spawn in waves and will automatically attack the NPCs.
There is about 30 seconds between waves during which time you can rest.

Section 3: What occurs during a Garrison raid?

Explaining each Garrison would prove difficult, so I will use the West Ronfaure
Garrison as an example. When you trade a Red Cryptex to the outpost guard in W
Ronfaure, he will explain that the color of the rock and the number of nails in
it is actually a coded message explaining that an attack is impending on the
outpost. He will then ask that you help defend the outpost against the
onslaught. At this point, all members of your group will be automatically
capped at a specific level and a group of friendly NPCs will spawn. The number
of NPCs that spawn is exactly equal to the number of people in your group (ie.
a full alliance of 18 would have 18 NPCs to protect). This is followed shortly
by a wave of Orcs. This continues for three more waves of orcs until all,
including an Orc MNK boss, are defeated.

If all mobs are defeated and at least one NPC remains standing, a number of
items will drop into the collective treasure pool. These items are usually some
mix of Exp Scrolls (Page from the Dragon Chronicles) and Garrison Armor
(Garrison Sallet, Tunica, Gloves, Hose, and Boots). A good group can get 5
items per successful Garrison, but this directly relates to the number of NPCs
that survive. A great group that saves 16 of 18 NPCs (one spawns for each
player involved) can get six items per successful round (two scrolls and four
pieces of armor). The armor, itself, is among the best for level 20 players as
each has defense similar to other armor of that level, but also includes
specific stat boosts. It is important to remember that even the most successful
Garrison will only result in winning six items. That is six items for the
entire Garrison. These six items will drop to the collective treasure pool ONLY
after the trader speaks with the outpost guard. Be prepared to begin lotting
(it may be advantageous to have the trader wait until everyone else is prepared
and the group has reviewed any lotting rules).

Section 4: What are the rewards of Garrison?

As stated in the section above, a successful Garrison run will result in each
player being given a certain amount of gil and a number of items dropping to
the collective treasure pool. These items can then be lotted on by anyone in
the group.

The amount of gil one receives varies with the number of NPCs that remain alive
and the level of Garrison you are participating in. Level 20 gap Garrisons
usually result in about 1500 gil per player if successful. As well, certain
items will also be won:

Garrison Gear

The type of gear that can be won from Garrison depends on the level cap of the
Garrison being run. The gear that drops as reward is roughly the same level as
the Garrison. There are four types of gear that can be received.

1) Garrison Armor

This gear is around level 20 and, as such, is obtained from level 20 cap
Garrisons. These pieces of gear are very similar to other level 20 gear (ie.
Lizard and Beetle gear), but also provide a number of basic Stat boosts.

Garrison Sallet (Head Gear)
Level 19, All Jobs      Def 5, MND +1, CHR +1

Garrison Tunica (Body Armor)
Level 18, All Jobs      Def 15, DEX +1, CHR +1

Garrison Gloves (Hand Armor)
Level 20, All Jobs      Def 4, VIT +1, INT +1

Garrison Hose (Leg Armor)
Level 21, All Jobs      Def 9, STR +1, DEX +1

Garrison Boots (Foot Armor)
Level 18, All Jobs      Def 4, INT +1, MND +1

Along with these level 20 armors, there are a number of level 20 enhancing

Mercurial Earring
Level 20, All Jobs      Def 1, Garrison: Evasion +1

Variable Cape (Rare/Ex)
Def 2, MP +3

Variable Mantle (Rare/Ex)
Def 3

Variable Ring
Level 20, All Jobs
Garrison: MP+ 28, MP recovered while healing +1

Protean Ring
Level 20, All Jobs
Garrison: Attack +3, Ranged Attack +3

2) Military Weapons

These weapons are around level 30 and are obtained from the level 30 cap
Garrisons. Again, these weapons give certain stat boosts.

Military Axe
Level 28, WAR/DRK
DMG 46, Delay 474, AGI +1

Military Gun
Level 30, THF/RNG/NIN
DMG 23, Delay 548, Ranged Attack +7

Military Harp
Level 33, BRD
“Finale” +2

Military Pick
DMG 24, Delay 260, Accuracy +1

Military Pole
DMG 29, Delay 378, INT +1

Military Spear
DMG 36, Delay 374, STR +1

3) Enhancing Earrings

Accurate Earring
Level 52, All Jobs
Accuracy +2

Amorph Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Weakens “Amorph Killer”, Enhances “Bird Killer”

Aquan Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Weakens “Aquan Killer”, Enhances “Amorph Killer”

Arcana Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Weakens “Arcana Killer”, Enhances “Undead Killer”

Beast Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Weakens “Beast Killer”, Enhances “Lizard Killer”

Bird Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Weakens “Bird Killer”, Enhances “Aquan Killer”

Demon Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Weakens “Demon Killer”, Enhances “Dragon Killer”

Dragon Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Weakens “Dragon Killer”, Enhances “Demon Killer”

Lizard Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Weakens “Lizard Killer”, Enhances “Vermin Killer”

Plantoid Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Weakens “Plantoid Killer”, Enhances “Beast Killer”

Refresh Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Garrison: Adds “Refresh” Effect

Undead Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Weakens “Undead Killer”, Enhances “Arcana Killer”

Vermin Earring
Level 50, All Jobs
Weakens “Vermin Killer”, Enhances “Plantoid Killer”

4) Mighty Weapons

Mighty Axe
Level 73, WAR/DRK
DMG 88, Delay 504, VIT +1, AGI +1, Firesday: DMG 98, [FIRE +15]

Mighty Bow
DMG 53, Delay 450, Rng ACC +5, Windsday: DMG 63, [WIND +15]

Mighty Cudgel
DMG 30, Delay 288, INT +1, MND +1, Firesday: INT +9, MND +9, [FIRE +15]

Mighty Knife
DMG 24, Delay 200, AGI +1, CHR +1, Windsday: DMG 31, [WIND +15]

Mighty Lance
Level 73, DRG
DMG 87, Delay 507, VIT +2, Firesday: DMG 99, [FIRE +15]

Mighty Patas
Level 72, MNK
DMG +17, Delay +96, Evasion +5, Firesday: DMG +22, [FIRE +15]

Mighty Pick
DMG 47, Delay 312, VIT +1, CHR +1, Windsday: DMG 52, [WIND +15]

Mighty Pole
DMG 56, Delay 402, Windsday: Elemental, Divine Magic +13, [WIND +15]

Mighty Sword
Level 72, WAR/PLD/DRK
DMG 75, Delay 444, STR +1, DEX +1, Firesday: DMG 84, [FIRE +15]

Mighty Talwar
DMG 40, Delay 240, DEX +2, Windsday: DMG 48, [WIND +15]

Mighty Zaghnal
Level 72, WAR/DRK/BST
DMG 86, Delay 494, INT +2, Windsday: DMG 94, [WIND +15]

Level 73, SAM
DMG 77, Delay 450, STR +2, Firesday: DMG 87, [FIRE +15]

Rai Kunimitsu
Level 74, NIN
DMG 34, Delay 227, Critical Hit Rate +5%, Firesday: DMG 41, [FIRE +15]

Experience Scrolls

The second type of item that can be received from Garrison are experience
scrolls. These scrolls, when used, will give the player a random number of
experience points. This random number is between two boundaries that vary with
the type of scroll used. There are two types of these experience scrolls:

1) Page from the Dragon Chronicles

This scroll is the same as the scroll you receive for a successful Eco-Warrior
quest. These scrolls give between 500 and 1000 experience points when used.

2) Miratete’s Memoirs


Mannequin Pieces

When the relatively new mannequin quest was introduced to the game, Garrison
mobs became the source of two pieces of the mannequin required for this quest:
the mannequin legs and mannequin feet. These drop mid-battle as regular drops
from the Garrison mobs.
Mannequin Legs (Rare) – The wooden legs of a display mannequin
Mannequin Feet (Rare) – The wooden feets of a display mannequin

Section 5: Preparation for Garrison

Unlike Eco-warrior events where each person is guaranteed a reward if
successful and preparation is minimal, Garrison requires a great deal of
planning and organization to run smoothly.

Because only 5-6 items drop per successful round, I suggest setting up strict
lotting rules before the event even begins. This may become difficult to
control as having 18 people lot on six items using a ruleset is fairly hectic.
With practice and a good group though, it should run fairly smoothly.

As well, since there will usually be 18 players involved, it may be a good idea
to run several rounds in a row so that each person may receive an item. This is
the best way to be fair, but will require more planning. Each round of Garrison
will require one item, so you must ensure you have an adequate number of
traders. Also, each round takes about 8-10 minutes, but a 30 minute wait period
exists between Garrison rounds. This gives ample time to rest up and build tp
between raids, but can make multiple runs very time consuming.

As a note, I find it always polite to shout a warning to the entire area before
beginning any Garrison. Something along the lines of “Warning! Garrison at
outpost! Stay clear for safety.” This warning has a three-pronged effect:

1) people who are either unaware or unprepared can stay clear of the immediate
area and keep themselves safe from AoE attacks
2) people who are aware, prepared, and of sufficient level can come by and
3) several bad players who are not prepared will run to the outpost and will be
killed by random AoE attacks. We call this Darwinism.

Okay, the third was a joke, but you get my point. You will find that when doing
Garrison, many people will show up to watch. You will see random shouts of
panic and even see people walk right into the middle of the battle. Most of
these mobs have some form of AoE attack and you will see many people outside
your alliance die. In general, it is always good to shout a warning for
everyone’s sake.

Make sure your gear is appropriate for the level cap. There is literally no
time for you to change gear after you are capped. The mobs spawn almost
immediately and will instantly aggro the NPCs you are supposed to protect. You
have to be ready to go the second Garrison starts.

As your group gathers and organizes for Garrison, all melee players should
start killing any and all mobs in the area. This will cut down on lag, possible
links, and will also help everyone build full tp. Full tp can then be used for
Weaponskills in the first wave, which may prove vital as clearing the first
wave of mobs quickly may mean the difference between success and failure.

Just before starting a Garrison raid, each member of your group should use any
food that best suits their role. Suggestions for food are covered below in the
Job Class Strategy section. Also, all members should receive the highest
enhancing spells available from the WHMs. Enhancing spells will remain after
the automatic cap is placed on your level, so having the WHMs cast Protect III
and Shell III on tanks is very important. These mobs hit hard and fast, and you
will need all the buffs you can get.

Only once everyone is prepared, the designated leader should signal the trader
to start and everyone should prepare for War.

Section 6: How should I form a Garrison group?

Garrison is one of the most fun events to participate in IF you have a good
group. This makes a great LS event as a large group can work together and reap
rewards. Personally, I would recommend avoiding pick up groups for two very
simple reasons:

1) there is a good chance of dying and you want to know that the people with
you can do their jobs properly.

2) though a successful Garrison rewards each player with gil, the limited
number of reward items can cause stress between players.

Organization is also a very important part of running a successful Garrison.
You will require a certain number of specific jobs in order to optimize your
chances of winning. This is another reason why pick up groups may suffer.

This is not to say that Garrison cannot be successfully completed with a pick
up group. In my opinion though, your group will be far more efficient and
successful if everyone knows they can trust the people around them.

Section 7: Job Class Strategies

It is difficult to create good strategies for Garrison. With the excessive
amount of lag involved coupled with an incredibly high number of mob targets,
most complex strategies will break down. As for specific job class strategy,
there are a few simple concepts that can greatly increase your chances of

-> Melee Characters

All melee characters should at the very least sub WAR to provide multiple
provokes. The mobs will instantly aggro the NPCs and must be voked off in order
for them to survive. This is also very important as your mages will be doing a
great deal of healing which will cause them to draw aggro. It is the job of any
melee character to pull as much hate as possible.

At least one melee character per round will have to be assigned as tank to the
boss mob. I suggest either a Paladin (to use Invincible) or a THF (to use
Perfect Dodge) for this role. The boss mob will use their two hour which will
kill most capped players.
Melee characters should also bring along an adequate supply of melee oriented
foods. Mithkabobs are the food I would most recommend as they increase your
damage output.

-> Mages

The WHM is the backbone of a successful Garrison. With 18 players, 18 NPCs and
multiple target mobs, things get hectic quickly and a WHM has to keep up with
healing. Most people will tell you to have three WHM, one per party, to be
safe, but to get the best possible reward, I recommend having four WHMs. Three
to heal the individual parties and a fourth dedicated to healing the NPCs. As
mp permits, it is often wise to heal as many NPCs between waves as possible.

BLMs should not rely on nuking. Instead, these mages should stick with
enfeebling the mobs to make the role of the melee characters easier. You do not
want to draw aggro in this situation and nuking will most likely lead to your
death. You make a much more effective member of the team by sticking with
weakening the enemies.

RDMs should find a good midpoint between these two strategies, though healing
should be foremost.
Mages should also make sure they bring appropriate food supplies. Pies to
increase your total mp and juices to provide mp refresh are incredibly
important. Every mp point will count during Garrison, so you want to ensure
that you are optimizing your abilities.
Mages (or any job class capable of kiting/sleeping a mob) also play a very
important role between Garrison rounds. In order to give your group enough time
to recuperate, many groups will employ the “Sleep Trick.” This involves taking
a single mob out of range of the battle and sleeping it. The next wave will not
spawn until this mob is killed, giving your group ample time to rest to full.
It is, however, very important that the mob be kept well clear of the battle as
the friendly NPCs will attack and kill it if you don’t.

Section 8: How do we organize/prioritize our targets?

The sheer number of targets will make it almost impossible to designate
specific players to specific mobs. Rather, it is better to have people organize
around certain areas so that they are near the mob spawn points. This will take
practice. There are, however, some basic strategies and priorities that can be
suggested to your group.

Though it is the melee mobs that will do the most damage in a strict sense, the
caster mobs are more dangerous. They attack from a distance and often bind
players, which is very bad. Caster mobs should be high priority for attack.

Players should provoke as often as is possible. There will be lots of damage
and hate flying, so each player should do their utmost to help the group.

The boss mob(s) should be killed as quickly as possible, but must be tanked
very carefully. To this end, it is vital to designate one player as the tank
for the boss mob. During the fourth wave, this player should stay out of the
battle until the boss mob spawns so that they are prepared to provoke him. The
tank should usually be a PLD or a THF as their two-hour abilities will enable
them to tank extremely damaging attacks without losing hp. Remember that mobs
have 2 hour abilities, too. A MNK type boss will use Hundred Fists, which will
tear apart any tank not using an appropriate 2 hour. The tank should be
prepared to possibly die if a mistake occurs.

Section 9: Other tips

Have all members of your group stand near the outpost guard, but facing in the
other direction. This is the direction from which the mob waves will spawn. The
waves will spawn in lines just beyond the outpost.

Avoid using macros. It is quite easy for macros to fail given the amount of

Turn off all effects. Even some of the better systems will experience lag with
the sheer amount of models involved. It is even recommended that you turn on
all chat filters to cut down on lag.

Don't be angry if you die. It happens. If you are raised, you can still receive
gil and lot for items.

Once the round is done, the person who traded the item should NOT speak with
the outpost guard until everyone is ready. All defeated players should be
raised and all discussion should cease as there is limited time for 18 players
to lot on five items fairly.
Making strategies and plans is often a mistake. Garrison is exceedingly hectic
and laggy which makes even the simplest organization difficult. Your best bet
is to simply target the nearest character and handle them as the situation
requires. Melee should voke and attack any mob they target, mages should heal
any friendly NPCs they come across.

Note: This is a level cap battle meaning that any and all players who do not
have the cap are unable to interact with either players or mobs. Therefore, it
is impossible to get help curing from people outside your alliance.


This should provide a good basis for a Garrison event. Given time, a good group
should be able to finish this event successfully everytime. My LS and I take
part in several Garrisons every week. All strategies provided have been worked
out over multiple attempts and with the input of many players (basically the
entire ShirtNinja LS).

There are general rules that our LS uses for every Garrison and having every
participant read them ahead of time helps us stay organized and efficient. I
suggest you and your LS or group set up your own ruleset that every player can
understand and agree upon. It will really help eliminate some of the headaches
associated with such a complex event.
I would like to thank my LS, the ShirtNinjas, for helping me develop this
guide. I’d also like to thank everyone who helped me with my first Garrison
guides, as I used their suggestions to update information. Also, specific item
information was found using Mysterytour.

Good luck to you all.

Copyright 2004, Matthew Peddle

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