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Avatar FAQ by Ares Kaminari

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/07/05

Final Fantasy Xi
Acquiring Avatars for Dummies v1.1
By: Ares Kaminari

Welcome to my guide to getting those pesky avatars at level 20. Sure, Carbuncle
is kind've cool and a lot of girls who play the game think he's soo incredibly 
cute, but honestly there are a lot more possibilities for your Summoner, and 
let's face it, after 20 levels of Carbuncle being the only avatar, you're
ready to get out there.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

*~Table of Contents~*

S1 - Acquiring your quests.

S2 - Preparation.
	S2.1 - Summoning Skill
	S2.2 - Equipment
	S2.3 - Items
	S2.4 - Macros
	S2.5 - Buffs
	S2.6 - Days of the Vana'diel Week.

S3 - Acquiring your Avatars.
	S3.1 - 24-hour Rule
	S3.2 - Before entering the Protocrystal
	S3.3 - Strategy in Battle - Searing Light Trio
	S3.4 - Notes on the Battle
	S3.5 - Exceptions to the strategy
	S3.6 - When things go wrong.

S4 - Abilities your Acquired Avatars Acquire.
	S4.1 - Ifrit
	S4.2 - Shiva
	S4.3 - Titan	
	S4.4 - Ramuh
	S4.5 - Garuda
	S4.6 - Leviathan

S5 - FAQ

S6 - Special Thanks

S7 - Character & Contact Info

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

S1 - Acquiring your quests

The first thing you'll need to know about your quests is that they all 
require level 3 fame in the cities or areas that you need to go. I'll
list them in the order in which I acquired them.

	Ifrit - (J-9) in Kazham (Windurst Fame)
	Shiva - (E-7) in Northern San d'Oria (San D'oria Fame)
	Titan - (I-7) in Port Bastok (Bastok Fame)
	Ramuh - (I-9) in Mhaura (Windurst Fame)
	Garuda - (G-8) in Rabao (Bastok Fame)
	Leviathan - (H-9) in Norg (Norg Fame)

I think there are plenty of guides to getting fame, especially from 
the other mini-avatar guide on GameFAQS already, but I'll list the 
whole 3 quests in which I used to get all my fame:

- Windurst fame - "Something Fishy" - Port Windurst - Tokaka (C-8)
desires a Bastore Sardine because she supposedly can tell the
quality of the upcoming fishing season from the fish size, weight, 
etc. Who cares about that? The point is: You buy a stack of 
Bastore Sardines for 700-800gil at the Windurst Auction House, and
give her a single fish, but you have to zone out and back in every
time. She'll give you 70gil per fish. resulting in 840gil per stack
of fish. So this is a method of getting fame in which you actually
MAKE gil. You could do this quest infinitely, get level 10 fame, 
and actually make gil off of it. All you need is patience and time.

- San D'oria AND Bastok Fame - "Only The Best" - Selbina - Melyon
(I-9) wants something to feed his sheep, because they're sick, or
something. Who gives? Anyway, this requires you to have a lot of
gil, but it works. Buy a stack of Boyahda Moss at the AH for some
high price (which is why you need a lot of gil), last time I believe
it was like 15k. It's best to borrow some money if you don't have
enough, or be prepared to go back and forth from Selbina to whatever
city your AH is in. You'll trade him the moss one at a time, but
you don't have to zone. You'll lose a bit of gil overall, but not so
much that you can't give back what you borrowed. You borrow (if you
need to) to prevent you from having to go back and forth. The great
part about this quest is that it gives you fame for BOTH Sandy and
Bastok. HOLY CRAP! THIS RULES! I did 2 stacks of moss, but I 
believe I had some minor amount of fame in Sandy already (which is
what I was doing it for: Shiva). So max is probably 4 stacks. 
Once again: BOTH Sandy and Bastok!

- Norg fame - "Mihgo's Amigo" - Windurst Woods - Nanaa Migho (J-3, 
way up north) wants 4 yagudo necklaces because she likes them. She's
a selfish cat pirate, big deal. So just give her some. I recommend
using a level 30+ job (whatever you leveled to get SMN in the first
place) and go hunt Yagudos in Giddeus. People say to do this quest
about 15 times or so, some say 21, I did it 22 times. Some lady in
Kazham on the way to Norg said that even 22 wasn't enough, screw her,
she was wrong. I didn't believe her because she wastn't a SMN20, let
alone she told me she wasn't a SMN at all, so if you're reading this
lady, bite me (Okay, enough backstory ^_^;). This took me about 3
hours straight of farming, including a level 52WHM/26BLM and myself
(30DRK/15THF). The important part is that you have a lot of inventory
space so you don't have to run back and forth. I had 16 slots open,
she had 32 (Yes, if you have no idea how this occured, there are
quests in which you can increase the amount of items you can carry,
thus allowing her to have more than 30.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

S2 - Preparation

Let's have some fun with preparation! This is honestly the most
important part of the whole aspect. If you're dying too much. This
means you probably didn't level your summoning skill, or didn't
bring enough items to compensate for your low HP.

S2.1 - Summoning Skill
This is the smallest yet an important section of preparation. You
MUST max out your summoning skill before even trying to fight the
avatars. The higher your summoning skill, the more "oompf" 
Carbuncle has. The max summoning skill you can have is (SMN Level + 1)*3.
So if you're math-inept, this means your max is (20+1)*3=63. Make sure
you have 63 summoning skill. The easiest way to do this is to buy an
Earth Spirit pact and an Air Spirit pact. These cost about 3-4k each. 
Then summon Carby->Earth Spirit->Air Spirit over and over again, until
you gain max skill. These is the easiest way because Carbuncle has a 30
second cooldown, so using him alone would take forever.

S2.2 - Equipment
Here's the recommended equipment:

	Main Weapon: Hermit's wand - This item is NECCESSARY because of
	the 25% interruption down that will save your from being 
	interrupted when Carbuncle dies and you're not ready and you're
	trying to resummon him as the avatar beats you.

	Sub Weapon: NOTHING - Yeah, you'd think you can use a shield. But
	there's no shields under level 20 for a Summoner. 

	Head: Twisted Headband - You'd think you'd want a hairpin here,
	but in all honesty HP matters way more than MP. Anybody with over
	54MP could win this battle. The twisted headband is a +3 to evasion.

	Earrings: Physical Earring x 2- These earrings convert 25mp to hp. 
	The lower your HP rating on your race is, the more important they are. 

	Body: Most people will probably have a doublet or a linen robe. If
	you're a sub BLM, you could have a level 20 Black Tunic. However, most
	people will be and want to be a WHM. If you have about 30-45k or so,
	you can buy a Priest's Robe. I'm a rich man, so I did.

	Arms: If you have some cash, get some Scentless Armlets for +5 evasion.
	If not, just get some level 20 cloak set hands, which are White Mitts.

	Rings: This is real toss up, some people grab rings for +2 AGI each for
	more evasion, some people bring +2 MND rings if you'rea  WHM. BLMs
	really don't need to have more INT, becuse you won't be casting any
	black magic.

	Back: Any cape will pretty much do for some defense. If you're a sub
	white mage, and have way too much gil, spend 38-40k on a Mist Silk Cape
	for +1 MND. This is probably pretty useless though.

	Waist: Another neccessary item. A Heko Obi + 1 or a Silver Obi + 1. 
	Both give 8% interruption down.

	Legs: Black Slacks. Level 20 robe set.

	Feet: Sandals. Level 20 robe set.

S2.3 - Items
Now the items you bring in are honestly extremely important. While I will list
the MINIMUM items, you should probably bring more:

	1 - Yagudo Drink (this is your "Refresh Effect")
	1 - Hi-Potion (HP gain)
	2 - Ethers (MP gain) or Hi-Ethers (If no ethers available)

I actually brought 2 yag drinks, 2 hi-potions, and 4 hi-ethers (regular ethers
recommended). If anything, you should bring 2 hi-potions. The rest I just 
brought in EXTREME emergencies. Many people actually prefer to bring a boiled 
crab as well. This raises your defense roughly 20% for the whole battle.

S2.4 - Macros
Let's creates some macros for the items and spells you will need to use in this
battle. Most likely a whole new set of macros will be preferable. The following
are the set-up I used for macros. You can set them up on whatever slot you want
though, just be sure to use the same commands listed here so they function
properly. Notice I use /p commands at the beginning of each macro. This is
purely so I can visually know when I activate them; They're not needed.

Control + 1 - Carbuncle
	/p Summoning Carbuncle
	/ma "Carbuncle" <me>

Control + 2 - Sic
	/p Sic'em <pet>
	/pet "Assault" <t>

Control + 3 - 2HR
	/p Using 2-HR
	/ja "Astral Flow" <me>

Control + 4 - Searing Light
	/p Searing Light!
	/pet "Searing Light" <t>

Alt + 1 - Yagudo Drink
	/p Using Yagudo Drink
	/item "Yagudo Drink" <me>

Alt + 2 - Ether
	/p Using Ether
	/item "Ether" <me>

Alt + 3 - Hi-potion
	/p Using Hi-Potion
	/item "Hi-Potion" <me>

Alt + 4 - Cure (if you're sub-WHM)
	/p Cure!
	/ma "Cure" <me>

These are the main macros you'll use. However, if you really want to macro 
Aquaveil (which you will want to use as a sub-WHM, it lowers interrupt rate) or
Boiled crab then I would use:

Alt + 5 - Aquaveil
	/p Aquaveil!
	/ma "Aquaveil" <me>

Alt + 6 - Boiled Crab
	/p Using Boiled Crab!
	/item "Boiled Crab" <me>

S2.5 - Buffs
A lot of people underestimate the neccessity of buffs. Always take a WHM/RDM/SMN
with you of a higher level (preferably MUCH higher) to buff you before you trade
your mini-fork to the larger of the two of a "summon pair" (discussed in 
Acquiring your Avatars). These buffs seriously can make the fights WAY, WAY, WAY
easier. In fact, against Ramuh I had Stoneskin, and two physical earrings, and 
still had to use 2 hi-potions. The following are recommended buffs:

	-Protect I-IV
	-Shell I-IV
	-Regen I-III
	-Bar[element] (For example: Shiva, Barblizzara)

At no surprise, a 50+ SMN or so is one of the best buffers in the game for you.
	-Earthen Ward from Titan will give you Stoneskin, which will block around
	150hp in damage, and the damage blocked won't interrupt casting.
	-Aerial Armor from Garuda will give you Blink, which will block 3 
	attacks/magic casts. Any Area of Effect spell will cancel all of 
	your blink.
	-HasteGa from Garuda will also give you Haste, which a SMN cannot have 
	while subbing.

S2.6 - Days of the Vana'diel Week
Every day of the week is afilliated with an element. For most people, it doesn't
really matter at all. However, for avatar battles, it can give slight advantages
or disadvantages. Each day of Vana'diel is 1 hour in real life time.

The Vana'diel week goes in this order: 
Firesday -> Earthsday -> Watersday -> Windsday ->
Iceday -> Lightningsday -> Lightsday -> Darksday.
Use this to plan accordingly.
	Firesday - Ifrit is strong, Shiva is weak.
	Earthsday - Titan is strong, Ramuh is weak.
	Windsday - Garuda is strong, Titan is weak.
	Watersday - Leviathan is strong, Ifrit is weak.
	Iceday - Shiva is strong, Garuda is weak.
	Lightningsday - Ramuh is strong, Leviathan is weak.
	Lightsday - Carbuncle is strong, Fenrir is weak.
	Darksday - Fenrir is strong, Carbuncle is weak.

While the best day to fight would be the day the avatar you're after is weak, or
lightsday for Carbuncle being strong, and you probably don't want to fight on 
the day when the avatar is strong or darksday when carby is weak, you really can
win on ANY day.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

S3 - Acquiring your Avatars

S3.1 - 24-hour rule
Because the protocrystal only sends out vibrat-okay enough with the story
explanation. You can only fight an avatar once per Japanese day, because the
server resets at japanese midnight. I've created a list of the US time zones
and the times at which the server resets.
	Pacific Standard Time: 7:00am
	Mountain Time: 8:00am
	Central Standard Time: 9:00am
	Eastern Standard Time: 10:00am

Now while you can only fight an avatar once a day, there is no limit to the
number of avatars you can challenge each day. This means you could fight all six
in the same day if you really wanted to. But it will be expensive to travel 
around that much.

S3.2 - Before Entering the ProtoCrystal
Now that you have everything prepared for your fight. Approach your
"summon pair" for your area. Be sure you're fighting on the day you want to 
(see section S2.6). A summon pair is two people standing together, one is always
a taru, one is any of the other races (never two taru). They're pretty
immistakable, except there's a Galka and Taru in Norg that looks like a summon
pair, that aren't. Approach them, and talk to the taller non-taru. They'll talk
about the prime avatar, and using a mini-fork. The taru will complain that while
it lowers the avatars level to 20, it will to you as well (which doesn't matter,
you ARE level 20!), and you can only summon Carbuncle. Everybody pretty much has
the same conversation. Tell them to fork you..and you'll get a mini-fork of 
[element]. Now is the time where you have your buffer-person cast all the spells
 you want to have on you (Listed in S2.5), or if you don't have one, Enlist some
 help from nearby people. I've only had two of my avatar battles buffed by
people I actually know. When you're ready to go, trade it back to the taller of
the two, who gave it to you, and the taru will warp you to the Cloister.
Approach the crystal and target it. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU HIT ENTER
WHILE TARGETING THE CRYSTAL. This will send you into the full level 60 avatar
battle by yourself, and I'll laugh as you'll get slaughtered. You MUST trade
your fork to the crystal, thus entering the arena.

S3.3 - Strategy in Battle
This is the strategy that I use. This strategy is purely offensive. It works on
all avatars.

1) Run up to the second island (the first has the crystal, the third has the
prime avatar, second is neutral - it has nothing on it), and cast Aquaveil on
yourself if you have it, and if you brought a boiled crab, use that as well.
2) Summon Carbuncle.
3) Approach the avatar until you are just close enough to "Sic" Carby on the
avatar. If you're too close, the avatar will aggro you first, and you'll take a
few hits before Carby can gain enough aggro.
4) Once they begin fighting, Use your yagudo drink for your refresh effect. Run
up to the two, and use Astral Flow, and then target the Avatar and use Searing
Light. It'll drain your MP to 0, but because you have refresh, Carby won't just
5) As soon as it goes off, run like the wind. Most people prefer to run as far
as away as they can while they can still see Carby's health bar. I find that my
Carby lasts so long, I run all the way down to the first island (with the
crystal- where you started)
6) If you an see his health, tap the Carbuncle macro as soon as he dies, if
you're like me, standing a very-long safe distance- yet blind to Carby's HP,
just stand there and tap your Carbuncle macro over and over until you resummon
(indicating that carby has died).
7) As soon as Carby is summoned, use your Ether. Don't worry about "sic"ing
Carby. Carby apparently has a vendetta, so he'll automatically run towards
the avatar and engage it without need of commands (commands give you more aggro
anyway). Most likely though the avatar will take go past him and take a few
swings at you anyway. Don't worry too much about those stray hits.
8) Target the Prime Avatar, and run up to it and carby, and just keep tapping
Searing Light until it goes off.
9) After it does, run like the wind again, as far away as you can. If carby
dies before you lose sight of his health, then re-summon him, if not, simply
tap his macro until he is re-summoned.
10) As soon as Carby is re-summoned, use another Ether. Carby will run off and
re-engage the avatar by himself.
11) Target the Prime Avatar, and run up to it and carby, and just keep tapping
Searing Light until it goes off. Bang, you've got yourself an Avatar.

S3.4 - Notes on the battle
-If at any time. you become low on HP, simply use your hi-potion to regain
anywhere from 50-100hp almost instantly.
-All Avatars open the battle with their third acquired ability 90% of the time
(which range from levels 19-26, those cheaters, using their abilities from 20+
though supposedly only level 20 in power)
	Ifrit: Burning Stirke - Fire-Elemental Damage
	Shiva: Frost Armor - Applies "Frost Spikes" to Shiva
	Titan: Rock Buster - Damages and binds the target.
	Ramuh: Thunderspark - Area of Effect Damage and Paralyze status.
	Garuda: Aerial Armor - "Blink" effect applied to Garuda (Note: Blink is
	canceled by Searing Light, so don't worry about it not hitting)
	Leviathan: Tail Whip - Damage and weight effect on target.
-A lot of the time. Avatars feel the need to pulvarize you and Carbuncle with
their own 2hr. I have found that the most likely time is right after your
second searing light. These are extremely powerful abilities, and did about 170
damage to me. Should you see the avatar preparing these abilities,
RUN LIKE HELL. Carby will die instantly from it. If you're low on HP, which you
probably will be if you're hit by the 2hr, be sure to use a hi-potion BEFORE
summoning carby. If you don't have much distance between you the avatar when it
goes off, the avatar will start beating you while you're trying to summon Carby.
 This is why we have all that interruption down equipment, and cast Aquaveil.
I've listed their 2hr abilities so you can watch out for them. (Most are re-used
from other Final Fantasies, and should be recognizable by FF veterans)
	Ifrit: Inferno - Area of Effect Fire Damage
	Shiva: Diamond Dust - Area of Effect Ice Damage
	Titan: Earthen Fury - Area of Effect Earth Damage
	Ramuh: Judgement Bolt - Area of Effect Lightning Damage
	Garuda: Aerial Blast - Area of Effect Wind Damage
	Leviathan: Tidal Wave - Area of Effect Water Damage
- Sometimes Searing Light will be resisted. On any day but lightsday, Searing
Light damage cap is 210 (on lightsday is Carby's day, so you can do 230). If all
three do 210 damage, the avatar should be toast. They can resist it downt to 104
damage. And very very rarely resist it down to 51 damage.

S3.5 - Exceptions to the strategy
-Ramuh: That wily bastard. He'll use Thunderspark right away. and 99% of the
time it'll paralyze you AND carbuncle. The problem with this is when you use an
item, if it says "You are paralyzed," you will not only not activate the item,
but you will use it as well. And there's a possiblity that Carbuncle could get
paralyzed when using Searing Light, and not even have it go off. To counter-act
this: Simply sub WHM, and fight smart. Summon Carbuncle, sic him on Ramuh, When
he uses Thunderspark, cast Paralyna on yourself (Go WHM-Sub!) until you're
un-paralyzed, and then run away like you normally would, and simply let
Carbuncle die fighting (he won't have paralyze when re-summoned). You will have
no problem with not having enough MP to let carbuncle fight this normal way for
one life (as I told you before, you only need 54mp total to win these fights).
The avatar will come after you as normal when Carby dies. Re-summon Carbuncle,
then finally, when they engage use your yag drink, 2hr, and first searing light.
Basically you just delay the start of the strategy.
-Leviathan: He likes to tail whip you. Although I was lucky enough for this to
miss Carbuncle, I'm not sure if weight will have some detrimental effects on
Carby. Somebody let me know if it matters. If you want to play it safe, simply
do the same thing you did for Ramuh: let Carby die once, and delay the start
of the strategy.
-Shiva: Shiva's "Frost Armor" is horrible. Because everytime Carby-- or you,
for some awkward reason you would choose to hit her, which is incredibly
stupid-- hit her with frost spikes on, it has a random chance of paralyzing
the little guy. If this happens and you miss a Searing Light. 

S3.6 - When things go wrong
The more times you fight the avatar, which most people say they average 2
fights per avatar, you'll find that basically the battles are all the same,
and since you use the strategy so much (with exceptions from S3.4 in mind) it
will become quite easy to do, and it's really more chance than anything that
you will win. The most common problems for me were as followed:
-The Avatar hits me with his 2hr. Ouch, this hurts. Taru and lower-HP
summoners REALLY have to look out for this. Sometimes it's instant death.
Medicate yourself with some sympathy food, and wait until the server resets.
-I screwed up by hitting the wrong macro. This sucks. I did it a few times
myself. I always brought hi-ethers so I would have a few extra mana to cast
cure on myself if needed, but in two battles I accidentally hit it, and so I
ended up running from the avatar and waiting 10 seconds for it to be
interrupted so I could use another item. This really blows when you're
trying to use a hi-potion and you end up with ether/hi-ether.
-If too many of your searing lights are resisted, which all of them can be
(I've had two out of three resisted), you can counter this by bringing more
items than needed. Leviathan resisted two of mine, but then I used my second
yagudo drink, and my third hi-ether, and Carby tanked him to death.

My suggestion: Sometimes when things go awry, it's best to simply let
yourself die, and save the use of some of your items (they all cost gil).
This happens a lot with a macro you accidentally created wrong (and you
didn't want to waste the 1.5k-2k item testing it), or you hit the wrong
macro, or perhaps the avatar 2hrs you at a horribly inconvenient time, or
maybe you don't navigate the terrain well due to a bad camera angle (this
happens with low camera angles, as well as your first few times in battle
in general). I screwed up on my first Ramuh battle, not knowing about the
Thunderspark problem, and wasted both my yag drinks, and a hi-ether.
That's about 5k down the toilet. Accept death, and move on.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

S4 - Abilities your Acquired Avatars Acquire

All abilities are listed as followed: Level - Name - Mana Cost - Description

S4.1 - Ifrit
2hr - Inferno - Level*2+4mp - Area of Effect Fire Damage
Level 1 - Punch - 9mp - Melee Attack.
Level 10 - Fire II - 24mp - Fire II spell.
Level 23 - Burning Strike - 48mp - Fire Attack.
Level 30 - Double Punch - 56mp - Melee Attack x 2.
Level 38 - Crimson Roar - 84mp - Party attack power +15% for short time
Level 60 - Fire IV - 118mp - Fire IV spell.
Level 70 - Flame Crush - 164mp - Melee Attack x 3

S4.2 - Shiva
2hr - Diamond Dust - Level*2+4mp - Area of Effect Ice Damage
Level 1 - Axe Kick - 10mp - Melee Attack.
Level 10 - Blizzard II - 24mp - Blizzard II spell.
Level 28 - Frost Armor - 68mp - Apply "Ice Spikes" to all party members.
Level 40 - SleepGa - 54mp - Area of Effect Sleep.
Level 50 - Double Slap - 96mp - Melee Attack x 2.
Level 60 - Blizzard IV - 118mp - Blizzard IV spell.
Level 70 - Rush - 164mp - Melee Attack x 5

S4.3 - Titan
2hr - Earthen Fury - Level*2+4mp - Area of Effect Earth Damage.
Level 1- Rock Throw - 10mp - Area of Effect damage and slow.
Level 10 - Stone II - 24mp - Stone II spell.
Level 21 - Rock Buster - 39mp - Area of Effect damage and bind.
Level 35 - Megalith Throw - 62mp - Area of effect damage and slow.
Level 46 - Earthen Ward - 92mp - Apply "Stoneskin" to all party members.
Level 60 - Stone IV - 118mp - Stone IV spell.
Level 70 - Mountain Crash - 164mp - Area of Effect damage and bind.

S4.4 - Ramuh
2hr - Judgement Bolt - Level*2+4mp - Area of Effect Lightning Damage.
Level 1 - Shock Strike - 6mp - Area of Effect damage and stun.
Level 10 - Thunder II - 24mp - Thunder II spell.
Level 19 - Thunderspark - 38mp - Area of Effect damage and paralysis.
Level 31 - Rolling Thunder - 52mp - Apply "enthunder" to all party members.
Level 42 - Lightning Armor - 91mp - Apply "Shock spikes" to all party members.
Level 60 - Thunder IV - 118mp - Thunder IV spell.
Level 70 - Chaos Strike - 164mp - Melee Attack x 3 and stun.

S4.5 - Garuda
2hr - Aerial Blast - Level*2+4mp - Area of Effect Wind Damage.
Level 1 - Claw - 7mp - Melee Attack.
Level 10 - Aero II - 24mp - Aero II spell.
Level 25 - Aerial Armor - 92mp - Apply "blink" to all party members.
Level 36 - Whispering Wind - 119mp - Heal all party members.
Level 48 - HasteGa- 112mp - Apply "Haste" to all party members.
Level 60 - Aero IV - 118mp - Aero IV spell.
Level 70 - Predator Claw - 164mp - Melee Attack x 3.

S4.6 - Leviathan
2hr - Tidal Wave - Level*2+4mp - Area of Effect Water Damage.
Level 1 - Baracude Dive - 8mp - Melee Attack.
Level 10 - Water II - 24mp - Water II spell.
Level 26 - Tail Whip - 49mp - Melee Attack and Gravity.
Level 33 - SlowGa - 48mp - Area of Effect slow.
Level 47 - Spring Water - 99mp - Heal party and remove negative statuses.
Level 60 - Water IV - 118mp - Water IV spell.
Level 70 - Spinning Dive - 164mp - Melee Attack.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

S4 - FAQ

[See Contact Information (S6) to ask some questions, which will be replied
to promptly, and if intelligent, posted here]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

S6 - Special Thanks

My only special thanks is to a few people on Asura server who helped me get
my SMN and played an active role in helping me with battles:
Greenknight - WHM (Helped me get Carbuncle's Ruby, Buffed me before battle)
Fuyuka - WHM (Helped me get to Rabao, and buffed me a few times as well)
Neopagan - SMN (Helped me with some SMN questions, and and buffed me)
Alchemadian - WHM (Helped me get Carbuncle's Ruby)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

S7 - Character/Contact Info

*~Character Info~*
Server: Asura
Name: Zareth
Race: Elvaan Male
Marital Status: Single
Linkshell: BrightHonor (Own)
Jobs: 30WAR, 15MNK, 15WHM, 20THF, 8PLD, 30DRK, 20SMN as of 11/15/2004
Avatars: Carbuncle, Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, Garuda, Titan, Leviathan.
- If you see me on Asura server or you're on Asura and just want to chat,
give me a /tell or a /wave! I could always use another friend. Oh and let
me know you read this, so I don't feel stupid that I made it for no reason ^_^;

*~Contact Info~*
E-Mail: AresKaminari@yahoo.com
Please contact me with any questions/corrections/complaints, or maybe something
you'd like to see added, etc.

Oh, and Final Fantasy XI and all the non-factual information related herein is
copyright Square-Enix 2002-2004. 
Final Fantasy™ is a registered tradark of Square-Enix.

Copyright 2005 Jason Wood

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