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Mining Guide by azurelite

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 04/17/04

---- Final Fantasy XI Mining Guide ----

- Contents -

I.   Intro
II.  Version History
III. Mining 101
IV.  Mining Locations
V.   Tips and pointers
VI.  Credits
VII. Legal info, disclaimer, contact info 

- I.-

- Intro -

As a frequent user of the FFXI message boards here on GameFAQs,
I have noticed quite a few questions about mining.  Where to 
mine, how to mine, what type of ore can be found where and things
of that nature.

This guide will introduce you to the basics of mining.  The contents
will tell you where you can go, what you can find, and the general
level of the mobs in each of the areas. 

This is not a money making guide, nor is it intended to ruin other 
players' source of income in the game.

- II.-

- Version History -

Version 1.0

- Mining guide created.  Sections for Mining 101, Mining Locations,
and Tips and Pointers created.

Version 1.01

- Fixed spacing issues.

Version 1.02

- Fixed margin issues.

- III.-

- Mining 101 - 

~ On buying Pickaxes ~
The first thing you need, and probably the most important
thing you need are pickaxes.  You can purchace them from 
NPCs in various places, here is the list:

Ostalie - S. San d'Oria
Numa - Port Bastok (item shop)

Boytz - Bastok Mines (Boytz's Nick-nacks)

Upih Kachla - Windurst Waters

Champalpieu - Upper Jeuno

You can also synthesize pickaxes if you have about level 8 or 9 
in blacksmithing.  The recepie is:  Fire Crystal + Bronze Ingot 
+ Maple Lumber = Pickaxe x1.

Most of the time, you can buy the pickaxes cheaper from the NPC
than if you bought all the materials to make them for yourself.
You'll notice that prices weren't included, and that is because
they will vary with fame.  For beginner's fame (no fame really),
you'll pay abuot 220 gil per pickaxe.  The lowest price you can
get one for (with rank 6 or above fame), is 180 gil.

~ How to mine the ore ~

Now that you have your pickaxes, it's fairly simple.  Choose a 	
mine to go to (see Section IV.  Mining Locations).  Run around 
the area trying to target everything, until you find a green 
name called "Mining Point."  

Walk up to the Mining Point, open up your menu, go to items,
select a pickaxe out of your inventory, select use, target the
mining point, and use the pickaxe on the Mining Point.  Repeat 	
this process until the Mining Point disappears, or you run out
of pickaxes.

~ On Pickaxe breakage ~

Ok, the simple fact is, your pickaxes WILL break, and OFTEN.
There is nothing that can be done about this, and it is the 
price we all pay to mine.

On that note, when you go mining, make sure you bring enough
pickaxes with you to last you for a while.  I suggest bringing
36 pickaxes (three stacks), per trip.  This is especially 
important if you have to travel far to get to your mining 

~ On Field and Worker's Gear ~

High level clothcrafters can make Field gear, which is
commonly called "Mining Gear."  This equipment is available
for purchace usually from the Auction House, although
you may have to  travel to Jeuno to find some pieces. 
Field Tunica, Field Gloves and Field Boots all improve 
mining results, the Field Hose do not.

Frequently, I am asked if the Field Gear helps with anything,
and the answer is a simple, resounding YES!  Pickaxes will
break less and you have a better chance of finding the "good"
ore in your mining location of choice.

One problem for some people is the price.  Commonly, you will
pay about 30,000 gil for the Tunica, Gloves and Boots 
combined.  Keep in mind though, that this type of equipment
will pay for itself
over time.

In addition to Field Gear, there is a level 15 set of armor
called Worker's Gear.  This Worker's Gear is a HQ synth from
making Field Gear (or a level 80+ synth, not really sure on
this one).  Worker's Gear will further improve mining 
results, and cut down even more on pickaxe breakage.  The
improvemnet over Field gear is noticable, but not really 
incredible enough to warrent spending almost 100,000 gil
for the set of Worker's Gear.  I recomend this only for very 
serious miners.

~ The miner's "Code of Conduct" ~

Mining is a very competative activity.  Being such, to keep
relations between fellow miners civil and happy, most miners
have agreed to a set of "Unspoken" rules.

- Never mine a Mining Point that someone else is mining.
- If two people reach the same point at the same time, share.
- If you find someone you suspect of botting, report them, 
let the GM figure out if they are a bot or not.
It's that simple.  Now, if you decide that you don't want to
follow these simple guidlines, you are perfectly within the
TOS to do whatever you want.  HOWEVER, you will end up being
blacklisted by many, many people if you are a known mining
point thief.  Also, some miners are very creative, and can
make your life miserable while ALSO still remaining within
the guidlines of the TOS.  This isn't a threat, but a warning.

If you follow these rules, you will find the other miners more
open to helping you out if you have a question.  Sharing 
information is also always a benefit to both parties involved.

Should you happen to find someone that isn't following the 
rules, you should send them a /tell, and politely let them 
know that it isn't appropriate to do whatever they did to you.
Give them the benefit of the doubt, they may be new and not 
familiar with the etiquette of mining.  If they become 
belligerant, mean, or just don't listen, that's when you
have the right to become creative.  Let the other miners in
the area know what has happened so they can avoid further 
problems with the person.

- IV.-	

- Mining Locations -

Following is a list of all the known mining locations, 
what ore can be found there, what level the monsters are,
and other important information.

~ Zerhun Mines ~

Many people's first experience with mining will be in Zerhun Mines.
Zerhun can be found right inside of Bastok, in the Mines district.
Mining points in Zerhun	are common and fairly easy to find, making it
ideal for those learning how to mine.  

~ Ore found in Zerhun ~

- Copper, Tin, Pebbles, Zinc (common)
- Iron (also quite common)
- Silver (rare)
- Darksteel (very rare)

~ Aggressive monsters found in Zerhun ~

- Giant Amoeba.  Level 3 to 5.  Detects by sound, resistant to
physical attacks.

~ Notes on Zerhun Mines~

Zerhun is often the most crowded of all the mines, and it can
be difficult at times to even find a mining point.  Also, you 
WILL run into people that will steal mining points, as there 
are so many new miners here.

The main purpose of this mine is to supply iron for blacksmithing.
Iron will sell extremly fast on the AH, and just as fast if you 
put it up for sale in your Bazaar.

Darksteel can be found here, although it is very, very rare.
Don't count on finding one for a while, and never figure it into
your profits until you actually get one.  In other words - don't 
plan on ever getting one, but if you do, congratulations.

~ Palbrough Mines ~

Yes, the legendary Palbrough.  People come here for the platinum, and
never leave.  This mine is just plain huge, and it will take you some	
time to learn your way around it.

~ Ore found in Palbrough ~

- Copper, Tin, Pebbles, Zinc (common)
- Iron (uncommon, but not quite rare)
- Silver (rare)
- Mythril (rare)
- Platinum (extremly rare)

~ Aggressive monsters found in Palbrough ~

- Amber Quadav.  Level 3 to 10, BLM job, linking. Detects Sound.
- Amethyst Quadav.  Level 3 to 10, WHM job, linking.  Detects Sound.
- Young Quadav.  Level 3 to 10, WAR job, linking.  Detects Sound.
- Greater Quadav.  Level 11 to 18, DRK job, linking. Detects Sound.
- Onyx Quadav.  Level 11 to 18, RDM job, linking.  Detects Sound.
- Veteran Quadav.  Level 11 to 18, PLD job, linking.  Detects Sound.
- Mine Scorpion.  Level 14 to 16, Scorpion.  Detects Sound.
- Scimitar Scorpion.  Level 19 to 21, Scorpion.  Detects Sound.
- Brass Quadav.  Level 21 to 23, DRK job, linking.  Detects Sound.
- Copper Quadav.  Level 21 to 23, THF job, linking. Detects Sound.
- Old Quadav.  Level 21 to 23, WAR job, linking.  Detects Sound.

~ Notes on Palbrough Mines ~

It is quite possible to start mining in Palbrough around level 13 
or 14, staying on the first floor.  There are three floors to the 
place.  If you notice from the aggro mob list, there are three
different level ranges for the Quadavs, and each level range hangs
out on their own floor for the most part.

Move up to the second floor around 18 or so, and mine the first and
second floor.  When you hit 25+, you can move up the the third.

In reality, it is more productive to mine where you won't be attacked
by monsters, as killing things decreases the amount of time you
are mining.  However, if you need that platinum, hack and slash your
way to it.

Speaking of Platinum, it is also quite rare here, almost as rare
as darksteel is in Zerhun mines, so be prepared to be frustrated
while looking for it!

~ Yughott Grotto ~

Yughott Grotto is the home of the Orcs.  This area is a nice alternative
to Palbrough, if your level is high enough to handle all the aggressive 

~ Ore found in Yughott Grotto ~

- Copper, Tin, Pebbles, Zinc
- Iron (uncommon but not quite rare)
- Silver (rare)
- Colored Stones* (rare)
- Flint Stones (rare)
- Darksteel (rare)
- Gold (very rare)

* Colored Stones will correspond to the day of the Vana'Diel week you
mining.  Example:  if you are mining on Fireday, you will find Red

~ Aggressive monsters found in Yughott Grotto ~

- Orcish Grunt.  Level 14 to 18, DRG job.  Linking.  Detects Sight.
- Orcish Neckchopper.  Level 14 to 18, DRK job.  Linking.  Detects Sight.
- Orcish Stonechucker.  Level 14 to 18, RNG job.  Linking.  Detects sight.
- Orcish Cursemaker.  Level 21 to 23, BLM job.  Linking.  Detects sight.
- Orcish Fighter.  Level 21 to 23.  WAR job.  Linking.  Detects Sight.
- Orcish Serjeant.  Level 21 to 23.  PLD job.  Linking.  Detects Sight.

~ Notes on Yughott Grotto ~

Unlike Palbough, the monsters here aren't nice enough to separate 
themselves on different floors for you.  Also, if you happen to get
aggroed, linking will be a huge problem here, as there are sometimes
8 or 10 orcs in one room!

The nice thing about Yughott is that not many people come here to mine,
so you won't have a whole lot of competition.

~ Gusgen Mines ~
Gusgen mines is Aggro hell!  Almost everything in here aggros, and at
level 40, they'll hand you your butt.  However, this is one of the most
profitable mines!

~ Ore found in Gusgen Mines ~

- Copper, Tin, Pebbles, Zinc
- Iron (uncommon but not quite rare)
- Silver (rare)
- Colored Stones* (rare)
- Darksteel (rare, but more common than anywhere else)
- Gold (very rare)

* Colored Stones will correspond to the day of the Vana'Diel week you
mining.  Example:  if you are mining on Fireday, you will find Red

~ Aggressive monsters found in Gusgen Mines ~

- Skeleton Warrior.  Level 15 to 17.  WAR job.  Linking.  Detects Sound.
Detects low HP.
- Ghoul.  Level 20 to 24.  WAR job.  Linking.  Detects Sound.  Detects low HP.
- Ghoul.  Level 23 to 27.  BLM job.  Linking.  Detects Sound.  Detects low HP.
- Bandersnatch.  Level 21 to 24.  Hound.  Linking.  Detects Sound.  
Detects low HP.
- Wendigo.  Level 26 to 30.  WAR job.  Linking.  Detects Sound.  
Detects low HP.
- Bogy.  Level 27 to 29.  Ghost.  Linking.  Detects Sound.  Detects low HP.
- Jelly.  Level 27 to 29.  Slime.  Linking.  Detects Sound.
- Amphisbaena.  Level 28 to 30.  Worm.  Linking.  Detects Sound.
- Spunkie.  Level 28 to 30.  Bomb.  Linking.  Detects sight, Detects Magic.
- Mauthe Dog.  Level 28 to 31.  Hound.  Linking.  Detects Sound.  
Detects low HP.
- Greater Pugil.  Level 29 to 31.  Pugil.  Linking.  Detects Sound.
- Wight.  Level 29 to 33.  BLM job.  Linking.  Detects Sound.  Detects low HP.
- Wight.  Level 31 to 34.  WAR job.  Linking.  Detects Sound.  Detects low HP.
- Myconid.  Level 30 to 32.  Fungaur.  Linking.  Detects Sound.
- Banshee.  Level 31 to 34.  Ghost.  Linking.  Detects Sound.  Detects low HP.
- Rancid Ooze.  Level 31 to 34.  Slime.  Linking.  Detects Sound.
- Gallinipper.  Level 32 to 35.  Fly.  Linking.  Detects Sound.
- Earth Elemental.  Level 33 to 36.  Elemental.  Detects Magic.
- Ghast.  Level 33 to 36.  BLM job.  Linking.  Detects Sound.  Detects low HP..
- Feu Follet.  Level 35 to 38.  Bomb.  Linking.  Detects Sight, Detects Magic.
- Foul Meat.  Level 43 to 45.  Doomed.  Detects Sound.  Detects low HP.

~ Notes on Gusgen Mines ~

As you can see from the list of aggro monsters, this place is no joke.
Also, any monster tht detects by low HP is undead, and they are just plain
nasty, and they make up 80% of the aggro mobs here!

Your best bet for mining here is either to have sneak and invisible cast 
on yourself at all times (you have to be a 25RDM or 25WHM for this to work...).
OR just wait till you're level 45+ to mine here.  50 is ideal, as you won't
really get aggroed by anything anymore, and you can just mine happily.

The darksteel that is found here is in great supply, and you can often
find 4 or 5 darksteels per trip here, and make a great profit.  Also, the 
colored stones are nice if you do goldsmithing!

~ Ifrit's Cauldron~

This place is insane.  The most rare and valuable ore is found here, and it's
for good reason.  If you thought Gusgen was a death trap, Ifrit's Cauldron is
pure aggro hell.  Death is the price you will pay for your ore if you come 

~ Ore found in Ifrit's Cauldron ~

- Flint Stones, Iron, Colored Stones* (common)
- Darksteel (uncommon but not quite rare).
- Iron Sand (rare)
- Bomb Ash, Bomb Arm, Sulfur (unknown rarity, but quite common from what I 
- Adaman (yes, I said Adaman, and it's rare)
- Orichalcum (yes, I said Orichalcum, and it's rare too!)

~ Aggressive monsters found in Ifrit's Cauldron ~

- consider everything here is aggressive, monster levels range from around
50 to 85, all detect by Sound or Sight or Magic.

~ Notes on Ifrit's Cauldron ~

Ok, this is the motherlode.  It's also a deathtrap.  If you don't have
sneak and invisible on at ALL times, you will die, even if you are a level
75 whatever.  This is complicated by the fact that certain monsters 
(notibly the bombs), detect by magic, and have a HUGE aggro range.

In addition to all the aggressive monsters, there are these things called
"Flame Spouts," that you cannot pass without trading either a water or ice
cluster (not sure which).  The spouts do however, go down for a few seconds
every 10 or 15 minutes.

Mining points are extremly hard to find here, but Adaman and Orichalcum 
ore so rare and valuable that it may be worth your time to try it out.

Getting to Ifrit's Cauldron can be quite the challenge in itself.  Make 
sure you have a map of the Elshimo region, and you can find the Cauldron
on the North end of Yhoator Jungle.

Getting OUT of Ifrit's Cauldron is even more challenging.  If you can sub
BLM at level 17 for warp, do it.  If not, bring a scroll of instant warp 
with you, or just death warp (AKA, Ghetto Warp, Level 1 express, ect...) 
to get out.  The problem with this, is you will need a Chocobo to get to
Ifrit's Cauldron, and you will NEED sneak and invisible to mine here, so 
you WILL loose EXP if you die.  You COULD try walking back to Kazham, but
it's a very long walk, filled with more aggro monsters.

Another thing to point out is that you CANNOT mine while invisible.  If 
you find a mining point and you are still invisible, you will have to 
drop it to mine the point.  The monsters seem to know this, and will 
camp the points sometimes, and wait for adventures to drop invisible, 
then kill them in one or two hits!

- V.-

- Tips and Pointers -

There really isn't much to be said here, as mining is really a very 
straight-forward operation.  Every miner needs to find their own 
methods that work well for them, and learn the locations of mining 
points in their mine of choice.  Here are a few macros that may come
in handy though.

/item Pickaxe <t>      (will use a pickaxe on your current target)
/targetnpc "Mining Point"     (I'm not too sure about this one, it
 may just be /target "Mining Point")

Other than that, as long as you follow the unspoken rules of mining,
watch out for aggro, and bring enough pickaxes with you, anyone can
be a successful miner!

- VI. -

- Credits -

Nothing in this guide was borrowed, stolen or copied.  Everything 
stated is from my personal experiance in FFXI.

Thanks to all the great people on the FFXI PC board for helping me,
and everyone else out when it was needed.
Thanks also goes to all my linkshell members for making FFXI even
better than it already was, and for making our linkshell one of the
best on Asura.  It is truly our members that make us great!  

Thanks to Alina from the BlackDragonLegion for providing most of 
the info for the Ifrit's Cauldron section (albeit indirectly!)

- VII.-

- Legal info, disclaimer, contact info -

~ Legal ~
All trademarks and copyrights are respected in this guide.  If you
find a discrepancy, please contact me with the e-mail address 
supplied below.

This guide is the property of me, Anthony Bonura, and permission is
given to GameFAQs to post this guide.

If any other site wishes to post this guide, or any part of it, 
they must ask permission.  My e-mail address is posted below.

~ Disclaimer ~
This guide is not intended for anything other than providing 
information about mining in FFXI.  Types of ore, aggressive monsters,
and other such things may change at any time, without this guide 
being updated.  (Although I will make every attempt to keep it 

~ Contact Info ~


Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for a reply, as this is not my primary 
e-mail address.  If you wish a faster response, you may attempt to 
contact me on the FFXI PC message board on GameFAQs.  Or, inside of
FFXI.  I'm on the server Asura, and my player's name is Azurelite, 
as well as my handle.

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