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Dark Knight AF Guide by Sorath

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/12/04

:: Dark Knight AF Guide ::

Contact me: "sephiroth84@pol.com" for corrections/flames/comments. Thank you.


1) Introduction
2) Updates
3) The AF Quests
4) Legal Info and Credits

:: (1) Introduction ::

I am Apocalypse, Dark Knight of the Odin Server. This simple guide was made to
help other aspiring Dark Knights out there
by outlining the Artifact Armor quests and providing steps on how to go about

Finally got my full Dark Knight AF Armor, and decided to make a simple post
detailing the 6 AF Quests.

:: (2) Updates ::

Version 1.00 : First draft of guide.

:: (3) The AF Quests ::

Warning-- This guide is based on my memory and notes which I took down while
doing the quests, but my handwriting is terrible, so take my info with a grain
of salt. The Recommended PT figures are based on what I felt when doing the
quests. It never hurts to be safe, so try to get good help. I will also include
what I had when I completed the quest. --Warning


DRK AF 1:: Dark Legacy
Conditions: Level 40 DRK at least.
Quest NPC: Raibaht (Galka in Cid's Lab, Bastok Metalworks)
Quest Reward: LV43 Raven Scythe (Dmg68 Delay528 STR+2 INT2) (Rare/Ex)
Recommended PT: At least 2 members of LV60 and above. (I had 70 Nin/war,
70Blm/whm, asked them for help on the way to the NM)

Raibaht needs you to find the Book which contains Darksteel Ore Smithing
Techniques. Find it and return to him.


1) Talk to the NPCs in the Blacksmith Rooms of Metalworks, one of the Galkas
will give you a key item.

2) Take this key item to Windurst and speak to Cochal-Monchal in Windurst
Waters, if I'm not wrong his loc is in F-8 or the Optistery. He tells you to
slay Vaa Huja the Erudite in Giddeus to reclaim the Book you seek.

3) Obtain a Yagudo Cherry from either a merchant or the Auction House. Journey
to H-14 in Giddeus (where the Votaries, Theologians and Priests hang out) and
trade the Yagudo Cherry to the ??? in the southwest corner (it's a hole in the

4) Vaa Huja the Erudite spawns, kill him. Check the ??? after the battle to get
your key item (book). You may now return to Raibaht and complete the quest and
receive your Raven Scythe.


DRK AF2 :: Dark Puppet
Conditions: To have completed AF1, and be LV50 DRK at least.
Quest NPC: Cid (Cid's Lab in Bastok Metalworks)
Quest Reward: LV52 Chaos Sollerets (AF boots, Def10 HP+15 MND+5 Enhances
"Arcane Circle" Effect.
Recommended PT: 6 members of LV60+ (I had a 73BLM/WHM, 74WAR/THF, 72 RDM/WHM)

Zeid has sent Cid a letter. The letter tells of how a weapon created by the
Great Darksteel Blacksmith, Gerwitz, has turned evil and is somewhere in the
Ordelle's Caves. Journey to Ordelle's to assist Zeid in whatever way you can.


1) Buy/Craft a Darksteel Ingot.

2) Enter Ordelle's Caves and there will be a cutscene. After that, journey to
the deepest part and fall through the hole there. There is a ??? in this room.

3) Trade the Darksteel Ingot to the ??? and a NM called Gerwitz's Axe will
spawn. Kill it, and you will get the Axe.

4) Find a 2nd ??? and trade this newly obtained Axe to it. A NM called
Gerwitz's Sword appears. Kill it. You get the sword as an item.

5) Find the 3rd and final ??? and trade the sword you got from the last NM
battle to it. A NM called Gerwitz's Soul will spawn. Slay it and you're done.

6) Exit the Ordelle's Caves from the zone where there are Napalms, and a
cutscene will follow. Congrats you get your boots then and there. This quest
automatically develops into AF3, and thus there is no need to visit Cid again.


DRK AF3 :: Blade of Evil
Conditions: To have completed AF2, and be LV50 DRK at least.
Quest NPC: Quest continues from AF2
Quest Reward: LV60 Chaos Burgeonet (AF helm, Def23 HP+12 STR+4, Dark Magic
Skill+5 Enhances "Souleater" Effect)
Recommended PT: 12 members of LV60+ (I did it together with a raiding PT of 12,
levels ranging from 55-70, most were 60+)

Gerwitz's Scythe runs amok. You are to lure it out with the blood of a powerful
Quadav where the crystal lines converge, or something like that.


1) Head to Beadeaux. There is a cutscene with Zeid. Find and slay any Topaz
Quadav till you obtain its blood. (it is not a key item, its a normal item.)

2) Head to the 7th floor of Delkfutt's Tower, the room you need to go to is an
isolated circular room with no entrance except a teleport. You must go to the
8th floor and take another teleport back down to the 7th. The isolated room is
on the northeast part of the map of 7th floor.

3) Have one of the DRKs doing the quest, or yourself, trade the blood to the
??? next to the teleport. 3 NMs will spawn at once, 2 are skeletons and one is
the Gerwitz Scythe itself. This is a pretty challenging battle but not
impossible if your alliance is strong enough. After the battle is over, take
the teleport out of the room and a cutscene will follow with you getting the
helm and some words from Zeid.

NOTE: All DRKs who have activated the cutscene in Beadeaux will be able to
complete this quest if they are in the same pt/alliance at that time. The blood
need only be traded once.


AF Gloves :: Borghertz's Shadowy Hands (All jobs)
Conditions: To have completed AF1, and be LV50 DRK (or other job) at least.
Quest NPC: Guslam (NPC in the Armor shop of Upper Jeuno)
Quest Reward: LV54 Chaos Gauntlets (AF gloves, Def12 HP+11 DEX+3 Dark
Resistance+10, Enhances "Weapon Bash" Effect.)
Recommended PT: 2 members of LV60+ to farm for the Eldieme Coffer Key (not
chest). at least 6 members of LV60+ for the NM battle in Castle Zahvl Baileys.
(I had 74War and 73Whm help with key. PT for the NM was 55DRK, 55RDM, 68DRG,
75DRK, 75PLD, 73WHM)

Guslam tells you about the legendary armorcrafter Borghertz. You are to get a
contract with him and get your AF gloves.

NOTE: This quest is similar for all jobs, I believe. Everyone gets their AF
gloves the same way.


1) Talk to Guslam, get quest.

2) Head to Eldieme Necropolis and farm Tomb Mages, Tomb Warriors, Tomb Wolves
or Utukku to get the Coffer Key. These are the mobs I know of that drop the
Coffer Key.

3) After you get the key, find and open the Coffer to get a key item. "Pair of
Old Gauntlets."

4) Head back to speak with Guslam and he says those gauntlets were made by
Bolghertz, but they need to be restored as they are useless in that state.

5) Head to the Tenshodo branch in Lower Jeuno, speak with Yin Pocanakhu. Pay
the money she asks for (small sum) and go to the Duty Free shop in Port Jeuno.
Outside the shop there's a box on some crates. It targets as a ???. Inspect it
and a cutscene will follow. You must now head to the Castle Zahvl Baileys and
slay the Torch NM to get key item Flame of Darkness and return to Borghertz.

6) Now either Teleport-Zavhl if you have the gate crystal, or head through
Ranguemont Pass to Beaucedine Glacier and finally on to Xarcabard. Enter the
Castle Zahvl Baileys and press on till you find the closed gate with 4
target-able torches.

7) When ready, inspect a torch and do battle with the NM that appears. After
the battle is over, check the torch again to receive the Flame of Darkness.

8) Return to Borghertz (same box in Port Jeuno) and receive your gloves.


DRK Leggings :: Monastic Cavern
Conditions: To have completed 'Borghertz's Shadowy Hands', and be LV50 DRK at
Quest NPC: None
Quest Reward: LV56 Chaos Flanchard (AF leggings, Def31 HP+15 INT+3 Evasion+5
Parrying skill+10)
Recommended PT: 6 members of 60+ at least. (More the merrier, farming the key
is a headache. I was unlucky and spent a total of 12 hours on 4 different days
before it dropped. Different bunch of people each time, finding help is hard.)

There is no story, just head to Davoi/Monastic Cavern and hunt Orcish
Farkillers, Orcish Dreadnoughts, Orcish Dragoons, and above. Once you get the
Davoi Coffer Key, enter the Monastic Cavern (unless you were killing the
aforementioned mobs in the Monastic Cavern itself) and locate the Coffer. Open
it and you get the leggings.

Personal note: My last PT could not locate the Coffer after all the grueling
hours of hunting, so they left and I solo searched with Prism Powders(for
invis). Found the coffer in a room of orcs after an hour or so. When their
backs were turned I dropped invis, opened the coffer, re invised, and Fleed
outta Davoi.


DRK Body Armor :: Castle Oztroja
Conditions: To have completed 'Borghertz's Shadowy Hands', and be LV50 DRK at
Quest NPC: None
Quest Reward: LV58 Cuirass (AF Chestpiece, Def46 HP+20 VIT+3 Attack+5
Enfeebling Magic skill+5)
Recommended PT: 6 members of 60+ (to farm for key). I only had a 75DRK and
56RDM along with myself (56DRK at the time). The 75 DRK had the classic endgame
set up, and he subbed WHM to help with the soloing. Fights were long but
doable, and there were other PTs around so if trouble cropped up we could call
for help. I recommend more help as usual, since it's better to be safe than
sorry. Was lucky and got the Coffer key on the 5th or 6th mob.

There is no story as well. Just head to Castle Oztroja and go up to the 3rd
floor. Mobs that drop the Coffer key as far as I know are Yagudo Flagellants,
Yagudo Prelates, Yagudo Assasins, Yagudo Conducters. After obtaining the key,
locate the coffer in the same area, or lower down in the room where the Yagudo
Parasites have a little pool. Search around basically. Opening the Coffer will
get you your Chaos Cuirass.

Personal note: Located Coffer in the Northwest corner of the 3rd floor. All 3
of us were invised, when the Yagudos in the room turned their backs (there were
like 5 or so) or were not looking in my direction, I dropped invis and opened
the chest while the 75DRK/WHM was in the middle of a Teleport-Holla (while
invisible). Got the armor and teleported out before the Yagudos knew I swiped
the armor.


Well that's about that, sorry if it isn't very professionally done, but hope
it's helpful to you other aspiring Dark Knights out there.

:: (4) Legal Info and Credits ::

Thanks go out to the following players of Odin for all their help and support.
If I don't include you I'm sorry but this is all I can remember, do let me know
if you helped me out so I can credit you accordingly. Thanks again!

Elowen, Lowan, Emi, Lunaluna, Heil, Lowglass, Reice, Dreamer, Bao, Deimos,
Imut, Gowron, Vita, Mtmuth, Highwind, Zeno, Nemesis, Stingray, Doctor,
and many many more whom I just can't recall. Sorry about that.

Special thanks to Lowan, Lunaluna, Heil and Elowen for trying their best to
assist me with AFs and moral support. Cheers!

And to my Linkshell, Doom, endure and excel. The best is yet to be.

Finally, to Square Enix for making a fantabulous MMORPG. Cheers to you guys,
you've never let me down (^.^)b

:: Contact::

Feel free to send corrections/flames/comments to my playonline email at

Legal Issues

All trademarks and copyrights 2003-2004 of their respective holders. This guide
may only be reproduced with my permission and as long as it remains credited to
Rey "Sorath" Tang, a.k.a. Apocalypse of Odin. FFXI.

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