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Subjob/Advanced Job FAQ by Count Tyrant

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 12/17/03

Final Fantasy XI: Rise of The Zilart: Online
                Version 1.02
            Ryan Zielinski/Tyrant234

Table of Contents:

I.  Revision History
II. Why Would I Want a Subjob?
III. Getting a Subjob
IV. General SubJob information
V. Advanced Job Information
VI. Obtaining Advanced Jobs
VII. Contact Information
VIII. Thanks

  Revision History

Update 12/16/03
Fixed "Bloody Robe"
Thanks to Boura for an email correcting me.

Update 12/12/03 
Updated Bard Information

Created 11/28/03.  
Basic information added.  Nothing more to note.

   Why Would I Want a SubJob?

Essentially, there is no reason to NOT have a SubJob, 
unless you would like to have an extra challenge.  Without
a SubJob, you are not living up to your full potential.  
Say you just reached level 30 as a Warrior, and now you
want to become a Paladin.  After you complete your Advanced
Job quest to become the Paladin, and switched to the Paladin,
you would be level one yet again.  If you, however, had the 
sub-job quest complete, you could throw Warrior under your
Paladin's wing, and therefore would gain extra stats every
two levels of your Paladin.

Your sub-job can only be half of the level of your main job.
I don't think I need an example for it, but I'll give you one
anyway.  If you had a level 20 thief, and you had a level 14
Monk as your sub-job, your Monk would be reduced to level 10.
Not permanently.  As your Thief levels up, and hits level 22,
your Monk would raise to level 11.  

   Getting a SubJob

There are two places you can obtain a sub-job.  The first
of which is Selbina, in the Valkurm Dunes, halfway between
San d'Oria and Bastok.  The second is Mhuara, a port city 
Northeast of Windurst.

Once you receive the SubJob quest from either Selbina or 
Mhaura, you cannot go to the other town and attempt to do
that quest.  Be absolutely certain you want to do the quest
in the town that you are in before talking to the NPC that
enables that quest.  Those NPC's are Isacio and Vera, from
Selbina and Mhaura respectively.

In my opinion, the Selbina SubJob quest is the easier of the
two as Snippers, Damselflies and Ghouls are nowhere near
the difficulty of a Bogy at this stage in the game.  However,
Bogy's are not near the rarity of a Ghoul, and Ghouls do tend
to have a very low drop rate for the Magicked Skull.  

With that, I leave it up to you to decide which you would 
rather do.  As both towns are connected by a peaceful (read:
can be dangerous) boat ride across the ocean, it shouldn't be
that difficult to go from one to the other when you have 
decided that you would rather fight the more difficult enemies
then wait for the more rare ones.


In order to get a SubJob in Selbina, several conditions 
must be met:

1) You must have a Damselfly Worm
2) You must have a Magicked Skull
3) You must have a Crab Apron
4) You must be level 18.

These steps may be completed in any order, and it is 
generally a good idea to collect the items before getting 
to level 18, as then you can immediately obtain the sub-
job on attaining 18. 

Obtaining a Crab Apron should be the easiest task for you,
I do not know why Isacio requires it to be the last item 
given to him.  To obtain the Crab Apron, just go around
Valkurm killing Snippers, it should not take you too long
to obtain one.  

In order to get the Damselfly Worm, I suggest you be in a 
party.  Have the party go around Valkurm destroying Damselflies
until you have a worm.  It shouldn't be too difficult, but make
sure to have a white mage with you, as the Damselfly has an
attack that can hit everyone for around 50-70 damage.

Getting the Magicked Skull is probably the most difficult part
of this quest.  In order to get it, you need to fight Ghouls,
which only appear between 0:00-4:00 on the in game clock.
When they appear, there are usually only a few of them around.
They tend to be very difficult to kill, and it is *HIGHLY* 
recommended that you take them down with a group.  Also, it
would be fairly intelligent on your part to be in a group
with a Thief with the Treasure Hunt ability, as dropping a
Magicked Skull is often very rare.  Another place you can
hunt Ghouls at is in the Gusgen Mines, off of the Konschtat 
Highlands.  That is the place I obtained my skull, with two
very high level Japanese players, as well as three other
players around the level of 18.

Once you meet all the conditions, you must bring the items to a 
man named "Isacio" down by the sea in the town of Selbina.
He is in the southeastern most corner, and looks very lonely.  
Once you have done this, the SubJob will be open to your 
character forever.


In order to get a SubJob in Mhaura, several conditions 
must be met:

1) You must have a Dhalmel Spit
2) You must have a Mighty Rarab Tail
3) You must have a Bloody Robe
4) You must be level 18.

These steps may be completed in any order, and it is 
generally a good idea to collect the items before getting 
to level 18, as then you can immediately obtain the sub-
job on attaining 18. 

Dhalmel Spit, like the Crab Apron should be fairly easy to obtain.
It is suggested that you get into a good-sized party and take down
Bull Dhalmels in the Buburimu Peninsula.  You shouldn't have
much trouble in getting the spit.

Getting the Mighty Rarab tail should be almost as easy as obtaining
the Dhalmel Spit.  Go back to Buburimu and kill Might Rarab's until
a tail drops, nothing special to it.

Obtaining the Bloody Robe is the hardest item to get for either of 
the sub-job quests, as Bogy's are an extremely difficult enemy for
the level you are going to be around.  Bogy's are about level 25 
and deal some pretty heavy damage.  They will only appear between
20:00-4:00 around the south beach in Buburimu.  Try to party with
a much higher-level character to get this item.  However, they are
not quite as rare as a Ghoul is in Valkurm.

Once you have all of these items, return to Vera in Mhaura.  She is
in front of a warehouse in Mhaura.  trade her the items at level 18,
and you will have your sub-job!  Congratulations! :)

    General Subjob information

After you have gotten your SubJob, you should head back to one of the
major cities that has a Mog House and add one of your sub-jobs on as
to get the benefits from the sub-job immediately.  A sub-job adds
approximately half of the stats of the job itself.  For instance, if
you were a level 20 Thief with a level 7 White Mage as your sub-job,
you would get about half of the MP that the White Mage would have
if it were your main job.  
LVL 20 THF/ 8 WHM                  LVL 20 THF/ 9 MNK
HP       298                               322
MP        31                                 0
STR       19                                20
DEX       29                                31 
VIT       19                                21
AGI       26                                26
INT       22                                21
MND       17                                15
CHR       13                                14

As you can see, subbing the classes doesn't give you a HUGE boost
in your stats, maybe about 1/5 of the stats that the subbed class
has goes into your stats.  IE, your White Mage has 15 mind, they 
would gain about 3 mind points when the class is subbed with your

The biggest benefits to having a SubJob is the ability to use all
of the sub-jobs abilities.  Sure, they may not be fully powered, 
but a Monk using Provoke to tank is always a plus.  Monks were
essentially built to tank, what with High HP and High VIT, but they
lack one crucial ingredient to take, the ability to dish out "hate."
(Hate is basically how angry the character is making the enemy, and
generally the more damage you do to the enemy, the more likely it is
to attack you.)  Provoke is that ingredient, and with a subbed Warrior,
you've just gotten yourself an excellent tank.

Other things to think about, if you are a Black Mage, subbing a White
Mage would bolster your magically abilities and your Mana Pool,
while being a Black Mage and subbing a Warrior isn't going to benefit
your main class very much.  More detail is gone into in the Subjob
Combination F.A.Q. here at Gamefaqs.com.  

Once I experiment more with SubJob and find out the exact stat change,
I will update this F.A.Q. and will try to add in things like 
combinations I myself have tried and my opinions on them, as well as
others opinions.

   What is an Advanced Job?
An Advanced Job is a job that you can get once you hit level 30.  These
Jobs are given out after a certain quest is completed.  They are:

Bard - Uses songs to bolster the party and to enfeeble the enemy.
Beast Master - Summons a monster to fight alongside him.
Dark Knight - An offensive fighter with offensive spells.
Dragoon - A fighter with a dragon as a pet, use Spears and Jump.
Ninja - Stealthy fighter, has the unique ability of using two weapons.
Paladin - A defensive fighter, with curative and defensive spells.
Ranger - Master of the ranged, tends to deal great amounts of damage.
Samurai - Warrior who excels at defeating demons and using Weapon Skills.
Summoner - Can Summon Magical Monsters to do their bidding.

These jobs tend to make better Main Jobs then sub-jobs, as they are more
of a specialized job who's abilities are not nearly as powerful when 
they are subbed.

   Obtaining Advanced Jobs


An NPC by the name of Mertaire can be found in the Merry Minstrel
in Lower Jeuno.  Speak with him, then speak with every one else in the
Merry Minstrel. Purchase parchment from the Auction House. Head out to the 
Buburimu Peninsula and head to (G-9).  There should be a song rune
in this area.  Trade the paper to it.  Return to Jeuno and talk to 
Mertaire again.  Now you must head to the Valkurm Dunes.  There will
be a "secret cave" near the northwestern edge of the zone.  Go through
it and you will end up at a "secret beach."  Click on the song rune.

Congratulations!  Watch the cut scene and then run home to become a Bard.


An NPC by the name of Dietmund can be found at (D-11) in Lower Jeuno. 
He will come out when you open the merchants door and ask for some 
night flowers.  These flowers can be found in Qufim, down a path down 
the cliff at (F-8.)  It is suggested you switch to a level 1 job and 
just run to the flowers, as they are guarded by a Kraken.  Once you 
obtain the flowers, return them to Dietmund and watch your cut scene.  
Now head to Brutus at the Chocobo House in Upper Jeuno.  

Congratulations, you are now a Beast Master!


An NPC by the name of Gumbah can be found at (J-7) in the Bastok Mines,
on the Second level.  He will send you to Palborough Mines.  Once you
get there, you must board the boat at (H-8) and go back to the Zeruhn
Mines.  You will receive a cut scene and a two-handed sword called 
Chaosbringer.  Once you receive this sword, you must kill 100 enemies
in the same zone.  (Which zone you kill them in does NOT matter,
however, you CANNOT leave the zone.)  Once you have accomplished this 
task, head to Beadeaux, located at the Southeast exit of Pashow 

Congratulations, you are now a Dark Knight!


NPC’s by the names of Arminibit and Ceraulin can be found in Port 
San d'Oria, in Cargo Room A at (I-10)  Speak with them, then head
to Chateau d'Oraguille, then down to Bostaunieux Oubliette. Head down 
the first path on the right and meet Novalmauge.  Speak with him, then
head to the Cathedral in Northern San d'Oria (L-7) and speak with 
Morjean and Oiheaurese.  Make sure to have a few pickaxes on hand, then
head to the Shakrami Maze.  Look for excavation points at (G-7) or (I-8)
You are looking for a Dragon Egg.  Once you get one, go back and talk to 
Morjean.  He will send you to Yachemidot.  Accept the quest and head to
the Meriphataud Mountains. To the east of (K-8) will be the end of
Drogaroga's Spine.  There will be a ??? place.  Trade the egg to it, and
an event will occur.  Go back to the Chateau d'Oraguille and speak to
Rahal in the Knight's Quarters.  Now you must head to the Ghelsba Outpost
and defeat a dragon.  The dragon is in a hut at (G-10) behind a "secret"

After defeating the dragon, you get another item.  You must take this 
item all the way back to Windurst and trade it to a Cardian.  It doesn't
matter which Cardian, but you must trade it to one of them.  Then the
Cardian will give you a whistle.  With this whistle you must head out to 
the ocean and blow it three times.  Your wyvern will appear, and you must
defeat it.  

No, I'm just kidding.  After you defeat the Dragon at Ghelsba Outpost
you get your Wyvern and your Dragoon job.  

Congratulations, you are now a Dragoon!


An NPC by the name of Kaede can be found in Port Bastok at (I-5) After
speaking with Kaede, you must go to (F-5) and speak with Kagetora.  Now
head back to Kaede's house, and talk to Ensetsu.  Head to Korrolaka 
Tunnel.  Head to position (K-8). To get there you must first go to (A-9)
which will transfer you to (N-8).  Now head to (G-8) and you will be
transferred to (I-11).  Now head to (K-8) and you will find some coral.  
There will be three "named" leeches, defeat them, and click on the ???
area.  You will receive a key item.  Now head back to Ensetsu, then Norg
then Ryoma.

Congratulations, you are now a Ninja!


An NPC by the name of Balasiel will be on the bridge in Southern San 
d'Oria at (F-7).  He will ask you to bring him a Revival Tree Root, which
can be purchased from the Auction House (not very expensive) or can be 
found from various Undead creatures.  I have only gotten it from Hounds, 
but others may drop them.  Next, he will ask you for another item which
can be obtained from a cave in La Theine.  Go to (G-7) to find a small
pool of water.  Touch the ??? and then quickly touch the other ??? area
which is close to the one you originally touched (sandy area).  You 
should receive another item.  Bring it back to Balasiel, and he will
ask you for a final item.  Talk to the guards on the second floor of
the Eastern and Western Guard Posts, Cahaurme at (J-9) and Baurise at
(H-9).  Next you must head to Davoi's Disused Well at (E-10).  You will
receive an item.  Bring it back to Balasiel and he will give you a Kite

Congratulations!  You are now a Paladin!


An NPC by the name of Perih Vashai can be found in Windurst Woods 
at (K-7).  He will ask you to go watch a Saber tooth die, and then
request you to bring his bones back.  Go to Zoromugh Hills at (L-10)
and find the tiger.  Wait for it to die, examine the bones and bring
them back to Perih.

Congratulations!  You are now a Ranger!


Speak to Jaucribaix outside of Gilgamesh's Room.  He will ask you
for two items, a branch from a tree in a sacred place and iron fillings 
(from a bomb.) Talk to Ranemaud to receive a Sacred Tree Sapling.  Aeka
should be nearby, talk to her to receive Old Iron from the East.  Now you
must head to the Konschtat Highlands and trade the Old Iron to a ??? at
(D-8).  A Forger (bomb) will appear.  Kill it to receive Iron Fillings.
Next, you must head to the West side of The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah and use
an Axe on the huge tree's ??? point.  A Guardian Treant will appear. 
Kill it and then again examine the ??? to receive the branch.  Return
to Jaucribaix with these items.  After you give them to him, he will
tell you to return in three days.  Come back in three Earth hours,
and you will receive an Unsigned Sword.

Congratulations!  You are now a Samurai!


An NPC by the name of Ajido-Marujido can be found in Windurst Walls
at (G-3).  After talking to the Tarutaru, go kill any and all leeches
you can find.  Eventually, you will get a stone to drop.  Once you
have the item, head back to Windurst Walls and click on the door in
the House of the Hero.  After this, you must take the stone and
experience each different weather effect.  You can experience the
different effects in these areas:

Heat- Valkurm, Rolanberry, Oztroya, Altepa.
Clear Skies- Most anywhere.
Sand- Valkurm, Tahrongi, and Konschtat.
Wind- Tahrongi, Mhaura, and La Theine.
Ice- Xarcabard, Beacedine.
Rain- La Theine, Pashow, and Rolanberry.
Thunder- Konschtat, and Jugner.

You can get a weather forecast from an NPC in pretty much any town.
The weather pattern must be in effect when you enter the area, if 
not, then the stone won't have experienced it and you have not done
it correctly.  

Once you have exposed the stone to all seven patterns, you should
see a cut-scene after zoning.  After this, head to La Theine and
at (G-6) you should see a stone circle.  Trade the stone to the ???

Congratulations! you are now a Summoner!

   Contact Information

This F.A.Q. was written by Tyrant234 (Ryan Zielinski) on November 28th,
2003.  It can only be posted on Gamefaqs.com unless you have my written
consent to post on your own web page.  Do not assume I will give 
permission without asking first.

Any questions and/or comments should be sent to boba1213@comcast.net.

If you are still reading this I commend you and thank you for taking 
the time to do so.  I hope this guide actually helped you with obtaining
your SubJob, and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors in the world
of Vana'Diel.  If you wish to contact me or read any of my other works,
you can look at the player journals on Warcraftiii.net, I am known as Tyrant
there, and have written a number of journals, but none all too recently.

Thanks again, and email me if you have any corrections and/or additions to 
the F.A.Q.


The information in this F.A.Q. was gathered from various sites, and from the
game itself.  The Advanced job information was compiled from sites such as



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