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Renkei/Magic Burst FAQ by Master LL

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 12/03/03

	$									$
	$  Master LL Presents:							$
	$									$
	$       RRRR  EEEE  N   N  K  K  EEEE  I          			$
	$ 	R  R  E     NN  N  K K   E     I	    \			$
	$ 	RRRR  EEEE  N N N  KK    EEEE  I    ---------\			$
	$ 	R     E     N  NN  K K   E     I    ---------/			$
	$ 	R R   E     N   N  K  K  E     I            /			$
	$ 	R  R  EEEE  N   N  K  K  EEEE  I        			$
	$									$
	$    MM MM  A  A  G     I  C       B  B  U  U  R  R  S       T 		$
	$    M M M  AAAA  G     I  C       BBBB  U  U  RRRR  SSSS    T		$
	$    M   M  A  A  G GG  I  C       B  B  U  U  R        S    T 		$
	$    M   M  A  A  G  G  I  C       B  B  U  U  R R      S    T		$
	$    M   M  A  A  GGGG  I  CCCC    BBBB  UUUU  R  R  SSSS    T    FAQ	$
	$									$
	$	Renkei -> Magic Burst FAQ					$ 
	$									$


Version 2.5 (12-02-03)
By- Master LL (Lawrence Loh)

Linkshell- GardenLS (Leader)
Server- FAIRY
Homepage- http://www.mylinuxisp.com/~blkhrtll/phpbb2

| Table of Contents|
How to use:  Highlight & copy (CTRL+C) any of the content below.
Then use "Find" (CTRL+F) and paste the content (CTRL+P).  Finally, click on
the "Find Next" button to quickly access to that section.

{I} Introduction & Legend
{II} Version Information
{III} Copyright Information

{IV} What is Renkei?
	{Renkei Notes:}
{V} Knowing the Renkei Chart
	{Renkei Chart Notes:}
{VI} Renkei Timing
	{Renkei Timing Notes:}

{VII} What is Magic burst?
	{Magic Burst Notes:}
{VIII} Knowing the Elementals
	{Elemental Notes:}
{IX} Magic Burst Timing
	{Magic Burst Timing Notes:}

{X} Renkei -> Magic Burst Timing In-Depth
{XI} Renkei -> Magic Burst Damage Examples
{XII} Renkei -> Magic Burst Video Examples

{XIII} Early Renkei Combos

{XVI} Additional Resources
{XV} Credits
{XVI} Final words
{XVII} Disclaimer


| {I} Introduction & Legend |

The purpose of this FAQ is to help new players (and vets) to prepare
and be aware of the power of Renkei & Magic Burst.  This is to be used as a guideline to help
understand the structure of how, why and when it works.

Once a player understands how it works in the world of Final Fantasy XI, the chances
of surviving a battle and getting experience chains is that much greater.

However, this FAQ is not, by all means, perfect.  There will be missing information such as
Level 3 Renkeis and additional information since there isn't much information on it currently
(as to date when this FAQ is updated and written).  Also, there maybe typos.

This "Renkei -> Magic Burst FAQ Guide" is for both JPN & USA Final Fantasy XI.

Any contributions/corrections to this FAQ would be greatly appreciated, you may email me at

 [Legend: Abbreviations that maybe used throughout the FAQ]
LV - Level		LS - LinkShell		WS - Weapon Skill
MB - Magic Burst

WAR - Warrior		WHM - White Mage	BLM - Black Mage
RDM - Red Mage		MNK - Monk		THF - Thief

PLD - Paladin		DRK - Dark Knight	BST - Beastmaster
RNG - Ranger		BRD - Bard		SMN - Summoner
SAM - Samurai		NIN - Ninja		DRG - Dragoon

P1 - Player 1		P2 - Player 2		P3 - Player 3
P4 - Player 4		P5 - Player 5		P6 - Player 6


| {II} Version Information |

[In Works]
- You can tell me if I need to add anymore stuff.

Version 2.5 [12-02-03]
- Update some information
- Video mirror links added
- 3 new renkei videos

Version 2.1 [10-23-03]
- Fixed some errors
- Website permission updated (add more sites that has permission to host my FAQ)

Version 2.0 [10-21-03]
- Added a few more example videos.
- Better explaination for some parts.
- {XIII} Early Renkei Combos added.

Version 1.7 [10-19-03]
- Additional wording fixing for better understanding (thanks to Landale)

Version 1.5 [10-19-03]
- Spelling/Grammar corrections & additional information added.
- {XIII} in works.

Version 1.0 [10-18-03]
- Renkei FAQ Created


| {III} Copyright Information |

This FAQ is copyright (C)2003 by Lawrence Loh.  This document may be used as a guide
however, you may not sell, reproduce, and transmit, this FAQ through any type of medium.
This FAQ is not public property, and therefore you must ask permission to
reproduce it in a commercial manner if you choose to do so. You may contact me
at blkhrtll@mylinuxisp.com to request such permission.

The information from this FAQ is all part of Final Fantasy XI which is copyrighted
by SquareEnix.  Therefore all information on jobs, Weapon Skills and basically nearly everything
here belongs to them.

The following websites are allowed to post my FAQ:
[GameFaqs] 			- http://www.gamefaqs.com
[Master LL's MsgBoard] 		- http://www.mylinuxisp.com/~blkhrtll/phpbb2
[FinalFantasyUnleashed] 	- http://www.FinalFantasyUnleashed.com
[Cheats.de]			- http://www.cheats.de
[IGN]				- http://faqs.ign.com

No other site(s) are allowed to post my FAQ unless given permission by me.  The latest & updated
FAQ will always be at GameFaqs, thus it's the sole responbility (although optional) of the other
site(s), given permission to host my FAQ, to assure my FAQ is always up-to-date.  I can be
reached at blkhrtll@mylinuxisp.com for permission.


| {IV} What is Renkei? |

What is Renkei?  Renkei is also known as "Skillchain" or "Weapon Skillchain".  This is done
by having 2 or more Weapon Skills chain off each other to create additional damage.  When you
Renkei not only do you do more damage (rather than doing it alone) you also gain
elemental damage bonus depending on the Renkei you and your party done.

 So.. what IS a Weapon Skill?

 Weapon Skill (WS) is like a limit breaker, desperation attack, or overdrive used in previous
 Final fantasy games.  In FFXI it's a special weapon attack that is used in battle.

 You gain Weapon Skills by leveling up your Weapon Level.  Once it hits a specific level,
 you'll learn a particular skill.

 In battle, when you attack or get hit, your "TP" (tactical/technique points) will rise.
 You may use your WS once it hits 100%.  Any additional TP (101% to 300% max) will add extra
 damage or effect based on the Weapon Skill you're using.

 Red Lotus Blade (100% = fire damage    |  101-300% additional extra fire damage)
 Flat Blade      (100% = damage + stun  |  101-300% additional stun length)
 Fast Blade	 (100% = 2x damage      |  101-300% additional extra physical damage)


Renkei should be learned by all players who will melee/attack since it deals with weapons.
Mages should learn it too in case they decide to use physical attacks (as opposed to magic).

Finally, if someone else uses their Weapons Skill when it's not their turn or not with the
planned Weapon Skill, the previous Renkei chain will be broken and a new one will be started.
The question is if the next player can follow up and chain with the correct Weapon Skill.

Thus it's important to make sure everyone knows when it's their turn AND the correct WS to use.

{Renkei Notes:}
- Renkei is known as "Skillchain" or "Weapon Skillchain"
- Renkei will give bonus elemental damage if successfully done (known as "Renkei Effect")
- Requires at least 2 players to perform a Renkei
- SAM (as main job) is the only one that can do a Renkei by him/herself.
- If the monster dies by WeaponSkill overkill, the "Renkei Effect" will not activate.
- Wrong WS or activated at wrong turn will break the current Renkei BUT will start a new one.


| {V} Knowing the Renkei Chart |

This chart, translated directly from the Japanese Renkei Chart, basically shows most of the
Weapon Skill.  Please note I did not translate this chart nor do I know who did:


As you can tell, each WS belongs in one of the many elemental groups that exist.  To chain,
one must start with a WS in any of the groups, then follow the path of the arrows to continue
and create the Renkei.

An example which you can see for yourself on the chart is:
"Fast Blade -> Burning Blade -> Flat Blade"

Notice after chaining from Burning Blade to Flat Blade is a LV2 Renkei (Double Arrow), thus
can't be chained anymore (unless you have a WS of LV225 or higher).

Plus use this chart and the "Fast Blade -> Burning Blade -> Flat Blade" for the remainder of
this FAQ.  I'll be using it for detailed examples on how to use it for Renkei and Magic Burst.

{Renkei Chart Notes:}
- The number left of the WS is the Weapon LV required to gain that skill.
(Fast Blade is "10", thus your Sword Weapon LV must be 10 to earn that skill)
- The arrows show the path required to create a Renkei.
- There is NO requirement(s) to create ANY renkei except for the need to have those particular
Weaponskills & 100% TP to pull it off (if you dont have either, how can you renkei? ^-^).
- Color of the arrows determines the type of Elemental Damage
(see "{VIII} Knowing the Elementals" for more information)
- Single Arrow is a LV1 Renkei, which has one elemental property.
- Double Arrow is a LV2 Renkei, which has two elemental properties.  Also to continue to
Renkei, you must use WS LV225 or higher.


| {VI} Renkei Timing |

The timing for Renkei is extremely simple.  There must be an interval of 3 seconds between each
Weaponskill.  Thus we'll use the example: "Fast Blade -> Burning Blade -> Flat Blade"

1) P1 uses "Fast Blade"
2) P2 will use "Burning Blade"
3) "LV1 Renkei: Liquefaction (Fire)" [Renkei Effect]
4) P3 will then use "Flat Blade"
5) "LV2 Renkei: Fusion (Fire/Light)". [Renkei Effect]

As stated before, there IS a 3 second interval between each Weaponskill.  The foolproof way
to succeed in chaining the person before you is:

- When you see "Player_Before_You readies Weapon_Skill_Name" on the chat log, wait 3 seconds
then activate yours.  This is the best guaranteed way that you'll successfully pull it off.


- When you see your friend activate his Weaponskill (battle screen), wait 3 seconds then activate

Here is an example using the previous "combo" above:
1) P1 uses "Fast Blade"  ["P1 readies Fast Blade" shown on the log]
2) P2 waits 3 seconds
3) P2 uses "Burning Blade" ["P2 readies Burning Blade" shown on the log]
4) P3 waits 3 seconds
5) P3 uses "Flat Blade" ["P3 readies Flat Blade" shown on the log]

{Renkei Timing Notes:}
- There is a 3 second interval required between each WS
- A 4 second interval is possible too
- Any earlier or later than 3-4 seconds may cause the Renkei to be invalid
- Best way to chain is to wait for "Player readies Weapon_Skill_Name" displayed on the log,
  then wait 3 seconds, assuming you are the next to chain.


| {VII} What is Magic burst? |

Magic Burst is bonus add-on damage that is done when chaining after the Renkei effect.

How is it done?

The mage must cast a magic that corresponds with the Renkei Elemental that's being done.  The
magic MUST activate directly after the Renkei Effect.  Magic Burst will be amplified
2-10x the normal damage of that particular spell.

 Thus using the previous examples:

Fast Blade -> Burning Blade (Liquefaction LV1 RENKEI) -> Magic Burst with Fire magic
-> Flat Blade (Fusion LV2 Renkei) -> Magic Burst with either Fire or Light magic

As shown on the example above, right when Liquefaction effect ends, the Fire magic MUST be 
activated after the Liquefaction effect.  While Fire/Light magic MUST be activated directly
after the Fusion effect.

If the wrong spell is cast, it will not count as a Magic Burst.  BUT, unlike Renkei,
it will NOT effect nor break the Renkei chain (unlike when using the wrong Weapon Skill which
breaks the chain and creates a new one).

{Magic Burst Notes:}
- Magic Burst is bonus add-on damage.
- Magic must correspond with the Renkei Elemental to be a Magic Burst.
- Magic must be activated directly after the Renkei Effect.
- Can do 2-10x more damage than normal.
- Magic Burst does NOT have to be an offensive spell.  Paralyze & Cure can
used as Magic Burst (assuming it's a compatible element with the Renkei)
- Magic Burst can NOT break the Renkei chain if the wrong spell is cast
(it wont be a Magic Burst simple but just a regular magic cast)


| {VIII} Knowing the Elementals |

{Lv1 Renkei} 

Scission -> Earth 
Liquefaction -> Fire 
Impaction -> Thunder 
Induration -> Ice 
Reverberation -> Water 
Shrinkage -> Dark 
Transfixion -> Light 
Detenation -> Wind 

{Lv2 Renkei} 

Fusion -> Fire/Light 
Distortion -> Water/Ice 
Fragmentation -> Wind/Thunder 
Gravitation -> Gravity/Earth

This is the list of the corresponding elements of the Renkei properties.  Notice that LV2
Renkeis have 2 properties, thus Magic Burst can use either one of those 2 properties (or both!).

 Below are spells that correspond to those elements:
Earth -> Stone series, Rasp, Slow
Fire -> Fire series, Burn
Thunder -> Thunder series, Shock
Ice -> Blizzard series, Frost, Paralyze
Water -> Water series, Drown, Poison, Sleep
Dark -> Bio series, Blind, Sleep, Drain
Light -> Cure series, Holy, Dia, Banish
Wind -> Aero series, Silence, Choke

 Below are monsters that are weak against those elements:
Earth -> Thunder Elemental
Fire -> Bomb, Skeletons, Dogs, Ghost, Weapons, Bulb, Tiger, Malboro, Mandora, Slime
Thunder -> Quadav, Rabbit, Fish, Sheep, Crab, Octopus, Tiger, Bee, Crawler, Mandora, Dhalmel
Ice -> Yagudo, Beetle, Fish, Crab, Lizard, Fly, Bird, Bee, Scorpion, Crawler, Mandora, Octopus
Water -> Orc, Rabbit, Raptor
Dark -> Rabbit, Bulb, Crawler, Mandora
Light -> Goblin, Worm, Beetle, Bat, Mushroom, Dogs, Ghost, Weapon, Leech, Scorpion, Slime
Wind -> Worm, Bat, Lizard, Mandora, Dhalmel

{Elemental Notes:}
- Remember most of it if you're a mage!
- Renkei Elemental & Magic Elemental must be compatible for it to Magic Burst
- Opposite element(s) do more damage like old school FF-style!


| {IX} Magic Burst Timing |

The timing for Magic Burst is extremely hard.  The window of opportunity to Magic Burst in
mid-renkeis is only 1 second while the window of opportunity to Magic Burst at the end of the
Renkei combo is 5 seconds.

Magic Burst in-between Renkei is extremely hard and must be well timed. You MUST have it
activated right when the Renkei effect ends to make it successful (1 second) before
the next player chains the Renkei.

Obviously, the longer the casting time is for the magic, the earlier it must be casted to
properly time its activation directly after the Renkei Effect.

See the next section for a full-in-depth on how it should be done.

{Magic Burst Timing Notes:}
- Magic Burst does NOT affect the timing of Renkei at all.  It's in its own little world.
- Window of opportunity to activate Magic Burst in-between Renkei chains is 1 second
(remember, Renkei must be done in an interval of 3 seconds each)
- Window of opportunity to activate Magic Burst at the end of the Renkei chain is 5 secs at most.
- The longer the spell takes to activate, the earlier it must be casted.


| {X} Renkei -> Magic Burst Timing In-Depth |

As per review:
- Interval between each "readies weapon skill" is 3-4 seconds (3 to be safe, 4 at the most)
- Renkei Effect on screen lasts for 1-3 seconds
- Magic Burst must be activated directly AFTER the Renkei Effect
- 1 second window of opportunity to Magic Burst between each Renkei chain.
- 5 second window of opportunity to Magic Burst at the end of the whole Renkei chain

So how is it possible?  Here is a little time chart to help explain the whole process.  We will
be using the same example chain "Fast Blade -> Burning Blade -> Flat Blade" and the spell "Fire"
which takes 3-5 seconds casting time to activate.

 3 seconds interval timing (for guaranteed Renkei)
00 sec - P1 readies "Fast Blade" (thus P2 starts counting 3 secs) 
01 sec - 
02 sec - 
03 sec - P2 readies "Burning Blade" (thus P3 starts counting 3 secs) 
04 sec - Liquefaction Renkei Effect + Mage starts casting Fire 
05 sec - 

06.0 sec - Renkei Effect over + Mage's Fire activated = MAGIC BURST! 
06.5 sec - P3 readies "Flat Blade" 

07 sec - Fusion Renkei Effect 
08 sec - 
09 sec - Renkei Effect Over + Mage starts casting Fire 
10 sec - 
11 sec - 
12 sec - Mage's Fire Activated = MAGIC BURST! 

 4 seconds interval timing (possible failure if one second too late)
00 sec - P1 readies "Fast Blade" (thus P2 starts counting 4 secs) 
01 sec - 
02 sec - 
03 sec - 
04 sec - P2 readies "Burning Blade" (thus P3 starts counting 4 secs) 
05 sec - Liquefaction Renkei Effect + Mage starts casting Fire 
06 sec -
07 sec - Renkei Effect over + Mage's Fire activated = MAGIC BURST! 
08 sec - P3 readies "Flat Blade" 
09 sec - Fusion Renkei Effect
10 sec -
11 sec - Renkei Effect Over + Mage starts casting Fire 
12 sec - 
13 sec - 
14 sec - Mage's Fire Activated = MAGIC BURST! 

As you can see, the window for in-between Renkei is extremely short and hard to pull off. 
- Fire magic takes 3-5 seconds to cast, thus Fire must be cast right when the Liquefaction
effect starts 
- The end Magic Burst has a nice window of 5 seconds to activate the spell. 

The 4 second interval obviously shows it a little easier but both ways are possible with great
timing.  Most mages would prefer the Magic Burst at the end since it's a lot easier to pull off.

So you see, it takes a great deal of timing and teamwork to be able to successfully complete
a full Renkei + Magic Burst.


| {XI} Renkei -> Magic Burst Damage Examples |

You can see how much of a different Renkei -> Magic Burst can do in the follow examples below:

- My party does only 20-30 damage
- Magic range from 20-40 damage 

 (2 hit Renkei -> Double Magic Burst)
Combo (44) -> Red Lotus Blade (129) -> Liquefaction Renkei (64) ->
Magic Burst fire (74) + Magic Burst fire (66) 

total damage = 377 

As you can see, Weapon Skill does a lot of damage and the bonus damage from the
Liquefaction Renkei chain is extremely nice. The 2 magic bursts were a major bonus too!
Mine was the 2nd magic burst (66 damage). Normally, my fire only does 20 damage
(so it got amplified by 3x). 

 (3 hit Renkei -> Triple Magic Burst) 
Frost Bite (32) -> Tackle (111) -> Impaction Renkei (27) ->
Magic Burst Thunder (75) -> Burning Blade (10) -> Liquefaction Renkei (7) ->
Magic Burst Fire (75) + Magic Burst Fire (67) 

total damage = 404 

As you can see this is a 3-hit combo weapon chain. You may have noticed the Burning Blade
and Liquefaction Renkei did little damage, it's because the monster isn't weak against fire
(so knowing which Renkei to use against the monster IS important). 

I didn't have Thunder magic, so I couldn't magic burst on the 1st Renkei.. but on the 2nd
(since I obviously have Fire magic) I was able to burst a nice 67 damage. Again, great damage. 

 (2 hit Renkei -> Quad Magic Burst) 
Red Lotus Blade (100) -> Flat Blade (15) -> Fusion Renkei (30) ->
Magic Burst Fire (80) + Magic Burst Fire (90) + Magic Burst Fire (70) + Magic Burst Firaga (250)

total damage = 635 

This is probably one of the best parties ever.  It was just me (RDM/WAR) and 3 other players
(DRK/BLM, BRD/RDM, BLM/WHM).  We were at the lake at Jugner Forest (killing Knight Crabs).

I used Red Lotus Blade and the BRD/RDM used Flat Blade.  Flat Blade did very little damage but
that's not the point.  Although the Renkei didn't too much damage, the Quad Magic Burst was
worth it.  We were chaining and killing crabs FASTER than a full PT of 6 who didn't Renkei or
magic burst at all.

If you want to know about Firaga Magic Burst, our BLM's normal Firaga damage is only 125.  Thus
it's 2x the normal damage.


| {XII} Renkei -> Magic Burst Video Examples |

Note #1:  These videos are based on my gameplay and thus can't be distributed to anywhere
without my permission.  

Note #2:  Videos hosted at Geocities have limited bandwidth.  If it exceeds the bandwidth,
please try again in a hour or so.  At least it's free and I dont have to pay for it. ^-^

Note #3:  Mirror links is generously hosted by J.Shum.  A very special thanks to him!  Please
DO NOT abuse the download or he'll be forced to remove it!

Note #4:  I am not responsible for any broken links although I will try to keep them active as
long as possible.

Note #5:  You may need the DiVX codec to view these videos (used to watch anime also if you're
an anime fan).  You may download it (FFDSHOW) from:  http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow
or at http://www.shumtech.com/ffxi/ffdshow-20021113.zip

Video Example #1:

Red Lotus Blade -> Combo (Lv2 Renkei: Fusion) -> Magic Burst: Fire 

In this video, you'll notice my timing of casting Fire is exactly the timing NEEDED to cast for
a mid-Renkei Magic Burst.

[File Size 3.75MB / 14 seconds]

Video Example #2:

Burning Blade -> Viper Bite (Lv1 Renkei: Scission)

Sadly, the Quad stunned me with Shell Bash, thus I was unable & too late to Magic Burst with
Stone (which is Scission's elemental property: Earth).

[File Size 3.31MB / 14 seconds]

Video Example #3:

Fast Blade -> Gust Slash (Lv1 Renkei: Detonation) -> Magic Burst: Aero

Sadly, 15 seconds wasn't enough time to log the "Magic Burst" being successful.  But you can
see that it killed the Quad with no problem.  If I casted Aero regularly, it wouldn't have
killed it.

[File Size 3.40MB / 14 seconds]

Video Example #4:

Fast Blade -> Shadowstitch (Lv1 Renkei: Reverberation) -> Magic Burst: Water

Exactly the same as Video Example #3.  If you noticed for the last 2 examples.. the magic burst
timing has a nice long window of 5 seconds.  Of course Water & Aero takes less than 5 seconds
to cast thus it was within the respectable time for it to count as a Magic Burst.

[File Size 3.41MB / 14 seconds]

Video Example #5:

Burning Blade -> Thunder Thurst (Lv2 Renkei: Fusion) -> Double Magic Burst: Cure II

This shows HOW Cure MB can be done (it's pretty obvious once you think about it).  Sadly, I was
beyond the 5 second window so my Cure II MB failed.  At least my 2 other LS members pulled it
off nicely.

[File Size 17MB / 1min 14sec]

Video Example #6:

Burning Blade -> Fast Blade (Lv1 Renkei: Scission) -> Burning Blade (Lv1 Renkei: Liquefaction)
-> Thunder Thrust (Lv2 Renkei: Fusion) -> Magic Burst: Fire

I've gotten emails asking if you can repeat the same 2 WS over and over.  This should hopefully
answer your question.  Yes, you can .. assuming everyone have the TP and the WS to pull it off.
Notice how this renkei took off 75% of the crab's HP which resulted in it's death.

[File Size 8MB / 33 seconds]

Video Example #7:

Gust Slash -> Fast Blade (Lv1 Renkei: Scission) -> Magic Burst: Stone -> Burning Blade
(Lv1 Renkei: Liquefaction) -> Thunder Thrust (Lv2 Renkei: Fusion) -> Magic Burst: Fire

A perfect video on how to pull of mid-MB (Mid-MagicBurst).  Noticed how I started casting Stone
early and it activated it right when Scission ended.... a split second before my friend used
Buring Blade.

[File Size 6.34MB / 25 seconds]


| {XIII} Early Renkei Combos |

This section is created so you may practice the combo in the early part of the game.
Below is the list of possible renkeis & magic burst you can pull off once you've gained
the required WS.

Please note this is only for the starting basic jobs.

 {Example Combo How to read this} [LV?? WS required, # of Players required]
   WS1A / WS1B -> WS2 -> MB1
 (type of weapon)      (type of magic)

The "/" tells you that you can use either WS1A or WS1B to chain "->" to WS2.
Then you can Magic Burst (MB1).

 {Possible Combo #1} [LV10 WS required, 2-3 players required]
 ShieldBreak / HeavySwing / Combo -> RagingAxe -> Wind Magic Burst
 (2H Axe)     (2H Club)   (Grapple)   (1H Axe)       (Aero)

Thus you can use either one of those 3 WS to chain to Raging Axe &
the mage can magic burst with Wind magic afterwards.  Aero may take
a few levels to gain before you can magic burst.

 {Possible Combo #2} [LV10 WS required, 2-3 players required]
 Waspsting / FastBlade -> RagingAxe -> Wind Magic Burst
 (Dagger)   (1H Sword)    (1H Axe)        (Aero)

Probably the easier one to use in the beginning since daggers &
1H Swords & 1H Axe are more common to start out.  Again, Aero will
take a while to learn for a BLM.

 {Possible Combo #3} [LV10 WS required, 2-3 players required]
 RagingAxe -> Waspsting / FastBlade -> Earth Magic Burst
  (1H Axe)     (Dagger)  (1H Sword)       (Stone)

The easiest one to use in the beginning.  BLM should have the spell
Stone and the weapons used in this one is extremely common in the

 {Possible Combo #4} [LV10 WS required, 3-4 players required]
 ShieldBreak / HeavySwing / Combo -> RagingAxe -> Wind Magic Burst ------->
 (2H Axe)     (2H Club)   (Grapple)   (1H Axe)       (Aero)

------>	Waspsting / FastBlade -> Earth Magic Burst
	 (Dagger)  (1H Sword)       (Stone)	

You'll need at least 3 players to do this renkei.

P1 will use ShieldBreak/HeavySwing/Combo, then P2 chain with RagingAxe.
If the BLM can use Aero, this is the time to practice mid-MB.
BUT meanwhile, P3 prepares to chain with Waspsting/FastBlade.

Finally, the BLM cast Stone (which he should have), for an easy MB.

This is the best combo to use in early leveling to practice 3hit Renkeis for
the fighters while the Mage learn to MB both the mid-MB & the end-MB.


| {XIV} Additional Resources |

AHD MsgBoard (my FFXI Forum)		~ http://www.mylinuxisp.com/~blkhrtll/phpbb2/
FFXI Online (FFXI information)		~ http://ffxi.cogn.net/
GameFAQs (FAQ & Codes)			~ http://www.gamefaqs.com
ShadowDragons (another FFXI site)	~ http://www.shadow-dragons.com/


| {XV} Credits |

Master LL 	~ I thank myself for making the FAQ
Jemali 		~ for checking & proofreading the FAQ / helping me in the renkei video
J.Shum		~ for hosting a mirror for my videos!
Landale		~ for checking & proofreading the FAQ
Microsoft Word  ~ Spell/Grammar checker, always a great tool
Notepad		~ Created with Notepad!  Woot!
SquareEnix	~ great MMoRPG game!


| {XVI} Final Thoughts |

I hope you've enjoyed and learned about Renkei & Magic Burst.  If you ever have any questions,
corrections, statements, opinions about this FAQ (or about Renkei or Magic Burst).  Feel free
to email me at blkhrtll@mylinuxisp.com and let me know!

Why did I make this FAQ?  I guess since in Beta I was asked a lot about setting up Renkei chains
for their parties and I taught a lot of people how to do it, I figured I'll make a FAQ to help
anyone else who wants to learn.

I'm always at GameFAQS in the PC/PS2 FFXI forums and at my AHD Msgboard if you want to talk about
anything on the game (job combos, renkei and more).  So feel free to post and ask me about it.

Last, I'll be buying the retail thus if you're interested in joining my Linkshell let me know.
Our Linkshell is known as "GARDEN" (very respected in PSOv1 DC days).  Bastok will be the country
we'll be fighting for!

Again, hope you learned something from reading this!  Have fun Renkei-ing and Magic Bursting!


								~ Master LL
							Renkei + Magic Burst Strategist
						 FFXI: GardenLS (GARDEN LinkShell) Leader
							      Server:  FAIRY


| {XVII} Disclaimer |




| EOF |

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