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Job/Subjob Combination FAQ by wwwcom654

Version: 2.01 | Updated: 12/05/04

                             .O    .
                             =.    .NO.D.=.
                                   .M ..N$                        :
                                  .7M...NI.                      D
                                   .~M$INZ .     .D ,           N
                                    DND +N7.    ZMO..          :~.
                                  ONN8NNMNN::: .?MI           .N
                         .O87.   DNNNNNNNN~N,~.7MMM8         .D..
                       .+,NDNN.  M~.8..M,..N,?NMM,88,IN :   .D.
                       .8, Z,8  DNNMII.++NNN+DM.D=:N.~DZ    M. ......
                       ..  M7+ :.NNNN.Z7NMMN?DN MM.MN.+N  .O:  ,N7D~ .
   ..                 .   .=$. =+DM??8.NNMMNN.NN+.DNNM.M:+ ..NNMNNOD...
    ,8                   .DM.... .NNN8ODNNDNM. 7MN..NN+N.N.N  NNMN:NMM .
       D,.           M...O8ONZ7MDO~~.M.~+=I$=I . ZNN~OMODONN .NNM,?Z.MN8 .
         DM.         .N$8NNM7D8.MD.~+O+8Z~+8.ZDN..NNN,=.NONN+ NNNI+7DMMI$.   .D+
           ,N..     ..N?D.NN..$NN,?I:? .D,8D  NNM.7NN,$ND.N.M.  NNMMMNO ,. ..NN.
              NO ,..N8NMN DNNNDN.ND.NI NONNN=~D=NNNN=NN.7.D.   ..DZNNMZ.N .N=Z
    N           NN:.NN. ~MN8O,I .NND~.?..MDNMNNNN=NM,NN.N NNN:M..7MM8N=., DN.,.
 .    =          .NMN ..NNN:7ZNNNN  ?ND.$.    ZNM .N,..N8.NNN8$NNNNN$.N~ND..M8.
   ,  D .. .   .  .:N.?$NZ: .MOMD .IN,7:N.  ..  MDI NMDNO.MM.NM ..,ZINNNNMNNMN,.
 ~.,  D .. O   D. .NN=M=N....D:N.:8NNNZM   ,D$   .MD.MNNM,NNN8NNMMMNNMNNNNMM$=D.
DNZ+,NNMI I.D8.MN.. IZ7 7 +~ , ...?I  I=.:7=.?I=:~.I7~7.7:$ ?$$DN?+++ ...  D ~ZN

                   __________________________________________ _____ ___ _
 _|________ ____ ___ ____     ___________ ___ _______ _____ _____     _____
\\ __/___  \|  /\ _ /__ |___ \\ _____ _ /__  \|  /  |__ _ /__  _/_____|   /
|  _|   | \ \  |  _   / |  /  |  _|   _   / \ \  |   _/ _   /___   __ | _/
|__|____|__\___|__|___|____|  |__| ___|___|__\___|___|__|___|______||___|
 _|_____ ____   _______ __ __________ ___ ____
/  ____/__  |__/  ____/__ |   / ____/__  \|  /   Final Fantasy Eleven
\  __/   /  |  /  __/   / |  /  __/   / \ \  |    The Job/Subjob FAQ
  |_________________                     !kehm        ______________ __ _

The FFXI Job/Subjob Combinations Guide/FAQ
  v. 2.00

Author: wwwcom654 / Crow

Large Contributors: Drakos,over at shadow-dragons.com, StarvingArtist at
ffxionline.com, Dizax the users at ffxionline.com, and some users at the
message board.
ASCII by Kehmesis and Mike Sacco (ShonenSamurai)

Copyright 2003-2004 wwwcom654

 Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Revision History
3. How Jobs/Subjobs Work
4. The Part Everyone's Been Waiting For! The Job/Subjob Combinations
 A. Warrior
 B. Monk
 C. Thief
 D. Black Mage
 E. White Mage
 F. Red Mage
 G. Paladin
 H. Dark Knight
 I. Summoner
 J. Bard
 K. Beast Master
 L. Ninja
 M. Ranger
 N. Samurai
 O. Dragoon
4. Contact information

1. Introduction
Okay, so this is my first try at making an FAQ. No big deal. Everyone at the
FFXI boards can tell you that this is one of the most discussed topics at the
board, and the constant questions about the combinations become obnoxious... So
finally I decided to take some action and post a job combinations FAQ, which I
hope everyone will find helpful! I couldn't have done it without ffxionline.com
and shadow-dragons.com, so I hope you visit those sites. Thanks for reading,
and I hope you'll find the information you'll need!

2. Revision History
v. 1.0 - First posting (10/17/03)
v. 1.01 - Few corrections, emphasis on the favored jobs added (10/25/03)
v. 1.02 - Useless ASCII art ^^, a few changes(nothing major) (10/27/03)
v. 1.10 - Finally added a little FAQ on how the subjobs work and other things
        that need addressing. Big thanks to Dizax! (11/12/03)
v. 1.11 - Updated a few combos and corrected a few things (3/6/04)
v. 2.0 - Some major revisions... Most corrections to earlier patches (11/27/04)
v. 2.01 - Quick WAR/NIN correction.

3. How Jobs/Subjobs Work (this section contributed by Dizax and edited by me)
(1). You have to have a Character reach level 18 at which point you can do the
quest to obtain the ability to HAVE a sub class.

(*) once you have completed the Quest once. that is LAST time you have to do
it. and you can now Sub ANY CLASS combonation you think of...(will explain more)

(2) You goto your Mog House. and Choose a MAIN JOB... and SUB JOB.
--NOTE 2.A) ONLY your Main Job Gains Experience
--NOTE 2.B) your SUB job, does NOT gain EXP.
--NOTE 2.C) you can Switch your SUB and MAIN jobs

--NOTE 3.A) Regardless of what REAL level a Class is, if it is used as a SUB
class, it can only be HALF the level of the MAIN JOB
--NOTE 3.B) Any Skills that You level, will Transfer to your OTHER classes, but
will be Capped in relation to your Current Main Jobs level.
--NOTE 3.C) All armor and weapon restrictions are determined by your MAIN CLASS
--NOTE 3.D) Nearly all passive skills and all active abilities up to the capped
level of your sub may be used EXCEPT the 2-hour ability(the one that takes
two hours to refresh, like Mighty Strikes). I say most passive abilities and not
all because there is some debate as to whether the same abilities will stack,
for instance a level 50/25 WHM/BLM would have two Clear Mind Is, which I'm
pretty sure do not stack.

EXAMPLES...okie. let's put this theory into some examples...

So first Let's Say I have the following.
LEVEL 20 Monk
-- 60 h2h

Ok.. so here it is.

EX.1 Let's make this Combo. Monk/Sub-WARRIOR
The levels will be as follows 20 Monk/ 10 War.
--Notice even though the Warrior is level 16, he can only be half the level of
the MAIN job so... He becomes Capped at 10 while a Sub for a level 20.

Levels = 20 MONK/6 WHM
--Notice even though there is a Cap for the sub job, the WHM isn't high enough
to be effected so who cares...

Levels = 6 WHM/ 3 MONK... again. The sub job is limited to HALF the MAIN jobs

LEVELs= 16 Warrior / 8 Monk.
Again the half thing.

~~~~~~~Ok more details I will be referring to the Previous Examples.

EX.5 Ok let's go with EX.1 Combo. Let's say I play this combo for a Month. The
SAME COMBO.. I would ONLY get exp for my MAIN class. So as I leveled, ONLY my
MONK would increase in EXP LEVEL... But because the monk is getting higher. the
half is level is getting larger. So the pre-level warrior will also be able to
be tapped for his levels. Watch.
20 mnk /10 war
21 mnk /10 war
22 mnk /11 war //notice half went up.
23 mnk /11 war
24 mnk /12 war
30 mnk /15 war
40 mnk /16 war // the War Gains no exp so stays at 16 till you make him your
main and level him up as the MAIN job. so in truth in the above string of
levels. the war wasn't really leveling. just the Number=MAIN/2 was rising.
allowing the War to be tapped for more of his levels.

EX.6 Let's look at EX.1, 20 mnk/10 war
This is nice because not only do I have all the skills and such that come with
a level 20 monk. But I also have all the skills that come with a 10 war, like
PRovoke ( 5 war ability) plus any other abilities!

Ex.7 Skills. Let's look at Ex.1 one more time. Notice my Monk had high level
h2h. well when I start that War off. he will get that skill as well. Kinda..
see each level is capped at how high a weapon skill can go up. but let's say at
lvl 10 it's "BLAH". well since the Monk's Skill way higher than "BLAH" the monk
would automatically have the Max h2h he could have for this level

EX.8 look at EX.2.. I now have a Monk with awesome Fighting skill, and NOW..
low level WHM spells and skills!

EX.9 look at --NOTE 3.C, and WHM/WAR, the WHM can not now where heavy armor.
the WHM is still restricted only by the MAIN JOB. but the WHM, will have more
HP, etc

4. Job/Subjob Combinations
    First off I have to give you some general rules to these combinations.
First, melee-type jobs and magic jobs generally don't mix well. I know everyone
wants to be that apparently sweet looking dual-dagger wielding Summoner, but the
thing is that mage stat bonuses and abilities don't help melee jobs much, and
vice-versa as well. The second thing I need to mention is that generally
Advanced jobs do not make good subjobs. They are so specialized that they
shouldn't be put as a sub. Of course, a few exceptions exist(Samurai comes to
mind), but otherwise it doesn't turn out so well. I will *not* put the worst(in
my opinion) combos, in here as of this version, so please don't ask where they
    I know I'll be contacted by tons of people saying the same thing, namely
that "people can be whatever job/subjob combination they want! It's their game!"
Please keep in mind that I'm only posting a guide for combinations that are
most useful to the party in general. Although that aforementioned
Summoner/Ninja might be able to fight, it still won't work as well in a party
as a Summoner/White mage because it has less MP. If you want to be any
combination you want, then stop reading this FAQ right now, but be warned - you
will not get as many party invites as these better combos, and you might be
replaced by them in a game. The point of these combos is to emphasize your main
classes strengths, and to let your party take care of your weaknesses. That
being said, let's get on to the meat of the

I've put some "-"'s on the favored combos.

A. Warrior
 Warriors are the weapon specialists, and they have a nice balance among their
stats. This gives them many options to choose from. They can serve as tanks or
attackers, although they will be surpassed in one of those areas by other
classes. Warriors are still great choices, however, especially for a starting
class. As a WAR, you should make the most use out of axes or great axes.

--a. Warrior/Monk--
A good tank at early levels... HP bonuses and Counter from MNK helps. Switch
to a NIN sub asap for real tanking, though.

---b. Warrior/Thief---
The best option for an attacking warrior... Sneak attack and trick attack
stack well with such weapon skills as Sturmwind.

c. Warrior/Black Mage
Don't make me laugh. With nearly no MP or INT, this combo will do very little
damage to enemies with spells, and as with Red Mage and White Mage subs, you
don't get useful stats or abilities that could be boosting your meleeing. All
spells will be easily resisted, and enfeebling spells won't stick. Nearly
worthless job, so if you want attacking magic go with a Dark Knight.

d. Warrior/White mage
This combo is bad as a party combination, and it should probably only be used
when soloing(and soloing is very very rare at high levels). Limited by low MP,
low mind, and half level magic skills you will mostly be bringing down the
party. See the info for Red Mage sub. If you want some healing magic, go

e. Warrior/Red Mage
Not too good... Red mage is considered more of a mage class than a melee class
by far. However, you will get a few enfeebling spells, which will benefit your
attack power. The bad part of this is that you'll have a very difficult time
getting those spells to stick. The very bad side of this combo is that your MP
and magic skill will be incredibly tiny, as well as your INT and MND, allowing
only a few weaker spells to be cast. Of course, as a Warrior you cannot sit
around to recharge your MP, as your TP will fall when healing. This makes the
Red mage sub a fairly bad combo for meleers. If you want a little magic, I
recommend a Paladin or Dark Knight job. You will not get much of a useful stat
or ability increase to help meleeing as well with this combo.

f. Warrior/Paladin
The added defense from the Paladin sub is not as good as you would think. Also,
your White Magic(which is already limited as a Paladin), is halved, making it
almost useless, with nearly no MP. I would definitely choose Paladin/Warrior
over this combo.

g. Warrior/Dark Knight
See the info for a Paladin sub above. The offensive increase isn't as large as
you would think, and your offensive magic is halved, making it useless. Low MP
in this combo yet again. Choose Dark Knight as a main to take advantage of its
abilities, or pick THF or NIN over this.

h. Warrior/Summoner
I'm not covering these mage combos again... Summoner is especially bad as a
subjob, since you have tiny MP and half-leveled summons. For the good of the
FFXI world, don't pick this.

i. Warrior/Bard
You would think that the bard songs may give you some useful buffs, but think
again. You can only sing one song that's weaker than normal with bard as a
subjob, and you can't equip instruments which boost the power of your songs.
Another bad combo.

j. Warrior/Beast Master
Not too good either(Notice the pattern with subbing advanced jobs?). You won't
be able to tame many good monsters and Beast Master only gives you mediocre
stat bonuses. Use Beast Master as your main if you want to control monsters.

---k. Warrior/Ninja---
One of the best combos for warrior, if not the best, especially past 74. As
a WAR/NIN, you'll be a blink tank. A bit more durable and damaging
than a NIN, although you sacrifice effective ninjitsu and evasion. Also serves
as an excellent DD in a party as well with dual axes or even a great axe.

l. Warrior/Ranger
Although warriors can already use bows and a few guns, they don't do too well
with them due to their lower weapon skill, causing them to miss much
more. Subbing ranger helps some, but it still isn't a very good combo as you'll
be missing out on the great exclusive weapon skills that ranger as a main gets.

m. Warrior/Samurai
Samurai isn't as effective subbed, as such abilities as Meditate and Store TP
become much weaker than they would be as a SAM main. THF or NIN is a much better

n. Warrior/Dragoon
Rule 1 of subbing Dragoon: Don't do it. You lose the key ability of Dragoons,
the wyvern. Without your little attacking dragon, you only get the benefit of
the different jumps, with much less damage than if you had a wyvern. The wyvern
always attacks for half of your own damage every time you attack if your main
is Dragoon.

B. Monk
Monks have great HP, and they specialize in hand-to-hand combat. Although they
have high HP, they shouldn't be tanking due to low VIT and light armor. Their
multi-hitting and counter abilities are incredible, and they become great
damage dealers, specializing in damage over time often instead of impressive
large swings... Don't underestimate a monk.

--a. Monk/Warrior--
The standard combination... A MNK gains very nice skills from a WAR subjob such
as the passive attack up abilities and berserk or double attack.

As a thief, you're missing out on the offensive bonuses of a WAR sub. You'll
also be able to dodge and probably counter more, making this a very wise
combination, if a MNK could tank at all. The gil and treasure abilities don't
hurt either, making this a solo and farming class only.Higher accuracy on a monk
is nice, but sneak attack doesn't go well with the hand-to-hand weapon skills.
However, it stacks well with Dragon Kick at later levels, but still WAR sub
would be a better choice unless you're in a position where you need to control

c. Monk/Black mage
See Warrior/Black mage. Your offensive spells will be useless.

d. Monk/White mage
See Warrior/White mage. Chakra should be your only healing ability, and you
won't be very useful for your healing spells. The only use for this is
end-game... At late stages of playing, this is very effective for boosting Chi
Blast damage on HNMs through MND bonus. For normal party play, though, don't
choose it.

e. Monk/Red mage
Not nearly as useful as other combos. See Warrior/Red mage

f. Monk/Paladin
Not too good, for reasons posted in Warrior/Paladin. Defense isn't as good as

g. Monk/Dark Knight
You guessed it. Subbing Dark Knight isn't a good idea. See Warrior/Dark Knight.

h. Monk/Summoner.
Shame on you for trying to sub a mage job. See Warrior/Summoner.

i. Monk/Bard
Again, subbing Bard or most other advanced jobs is pretty bad. See Warrior/Bard.

j. Monk/Beast Tamer
If you want to be a beast tamer, put it as your main job for better taming.
See Warrior/Beast Tamer.

k. Monk/Ninja
Pretty useless. Grappling weapons such as a monk uses are already equipped in
both hands, and half-level ninjitsu isn't too good for him. Monk/Thief is a
better choice.

l. Monk/Ranger
The only long distance attacking monks need to do is with their energy ball to
pull monsters. They are meant to be very close-ranged fighters, so stay away
from this combo.

m. Monk/Samurai
Warrior subjob will give you a much better offensive boost... The TP gained
from a SAM sub isn't as impressive in helping multi-hit WS as it once was.
Just pick WAR.

n. Monk/Dragoon
See Warrior/Dragoon.

C. Thief
The thief is meant to be the one who controls the hate in the party and deals
some nice bursts of damage using sneak and trick attack along with a weapon
skill(or not). The damage of these two skills is based on dexterity and agility,
so these stat are very important for a thief. Keep all that in mind when playing

a. Thief/Warrior
This combo deals less than nice damage normally, but with the Sneak attack and
Trick attacks, you will be dealing some massive damage some of the time. Warrior
adds a few useful skills like Berserker and double attack, which helps make up
for the thief’s sometimes weak meleeing. You also get both triple and double
attack, and if at all possible, if the two kick in, you attack 6 times. However,
a NIN sub is ultimately far superior for a THF... Dual-wielding daggers for
more TP as well as stat boosts exceeds the bonuses you could get from subbing

--b. Thief/Monk--
Monk helps with dexterity some and HP. Most monk skills don't help too much
though. This subjob is only useful to gain the hand-to-hand abilities
that you need to sub MNK for, making it only effective at early levels
or when against skeletons. But generally, for most levels, choose NIN instead.

c. Thief/Black Mage
See Warrior/Black Mage. Try something else... Only useful for picking coffers
with the INT boost.

d. Thief/White Mage
See Warrior/White mage. Thieves aren't healers.

e. Thief/Red Mage
See Warrior/Red Mage. Go for better abilities in another sub.

f. Thief/Paladin
Thief is an attacker, not a defender. See Warrior/Paladin

g. Thief/Dark Knight
Although the attack bonus is nice, it's generally not as good of a combo as the
Dark Knight/Thief. See Warrior/Dark Knight.

h. Thief/Summoner.
See Warrior/Summoner. Summons will be absolutely useless.

i. Thief/Bard
See Warrior/Bard. It's not Robin Hood, there are no singing thieves ><

j. Thief/Beast Tamer
See Warrior/Beast Tamer. Use beast tamer as main if you want to use it.

--k. Thief/Ninja--
Dual-wielding daggers is perfect for THF... At higher levels, the delay
from dual-wielding is lowered, and the TP gain increases with this combo.
Also, Utsusemi for pulling is great.

l. Thief/Ranger
Worthless... Wide scan and some ranged weapon skills and abilities aren't
worth losing dual wield. Sub NIN.

m. Thief/Samurai
You will gain a ton of TP, which might come in useful for using with sneak/trick
attack, but there are probably much better combinations for thief out
there. Go NIN. If you want to
control the weapon skill chains, then choose another job than thief.

n. Thief/Dragoon
See Warrior/Dragoon. Worthless.

D. Black Mage
Ah, the black mage. Black mages are one of the best damage dealers in the game
with their elemental and magic spells, and they have some nice debilitating and
warping spells as well. Of course, as a mage, black mages can't do squat for
either giving or taking damage, so melee subjobs are a big no-no. I'm not even
going to bother listing melee subs for Black mage. Even jobs like Dark Knight
that add a little MP are worthless for subbing on mages.

--a. Black mage/White Mage--
Generally considered the best combo for Black mages. Great MP boost as well as
curative spells for emergencies, or more importantly to act as backup healer
if the party is getting in the red. Curative spells and status eliminating
spells are incredibly helpful for the party.

--b. Black mage/Red Mage--
If you choose this combo, you're going to go all out in offensive magic.
Gaining Fast Cast and INT boost from Red mage while getting
those deadly attacking spells from black mage, you'll be killing monsters,
period. Of course, you'll have a few minor healing spells, but nothing compared
to Black mage/White mage. You also get a nice MP boost, although not as large as
from White mage. On the other hand, you get a bit more HP, and the mighty Dispel
spell as well, not to mention Gravity. Phalanx is a nice benefit, as well, but
it's mainly a solo gain.

c. Black Mage/Summoner
Not as good as many are led to believe... And only viable post-50. You gain half
level summons that you should never use(except maybe at high levels for
abilities such as Blink, but you must have the appropriate avatars), but a very
high INT boost. However, you'll have the largest MP boost possible of a BLM,
causing you to be an MP tank. On the other hand, you'll be limited to black
magic, meaning that if you only have one white mage in your party and he's in
trouble, then there's nothing you can do. Using all that MP is also a generally
bad idea, as you'll need to sit for long periods of time to heal which slows
the party down. However, you will gain the MP refresh ability from Summoner,
which speeds things up a little bit. Sub WHM or RDM for most parties... Backup
healing is vital for most situations, which SMN doesn't give.

d. Black Mage/Bard
Subbing bard(as stated earlier) is a bad idea due to limited song power. You
could get ballad, but it's not worth giving up MP and INT, along with spells/
abilities from a RDM or WHM sub.

E. White Mage
The basic healing job. Curing spells, status curing spells, and even a few
attack spells make this a basic need of most parties. Again, I won't put melee
jobs. Worth a note: Although mind is sort of like intelligence to a Black Mage,
it's nowhere near as vital. Mind translates poorly to the power of white magic.

--a. White Mage/Black Mage--
The standard. With this you get a few attack spells, and enfeebling spells like
Bio, useful spells like Sleep and Aspir, or utility spells like Warp and Escape
don't hurt either. Warp is especially nice to go with the teleport spells. Good
MP boost as well, and you get the Conserve MP ability. Conserve MP is vital.
The offensive spells from this sub are generally worthless, but the utility
spells such as Tractor and Escape are very handy.

b. White Mage/Red Mage
Pure support. You shouldn't use your limited black magic too much because it
will be very weak. Like Black Mage/Red Mage, you get less MP, and in this
situation INT, but you get more HP and MND, which is useful in some white magic
spells. Mind isn't too vital to a White mage though. Fast Cast can be a
life-saver at times with this combo, but the abilities and spells from a RDM
sub don't help too much, especially when you can gain MP conservation with a
BLM or SMN sub.

--c. White Mage/Summoner--
Tons of MP, and Autorefresh. Plus you get the bonus of avatar buffs, although
only two are really useful: Shining Ruby and Aerial Armor. Only use this
combo post-50... Pre-50 BLM is a far better choice.

d. White Mage/Bard
One of the better support combos, but you should really go Bard/White mage.
They get nearly all of the same good white mage spells anyway. Not actually a
bad combo though you will only be able to sing one song and have no instruments.

F. Red Mage
Ah, the Red Mage, the jack of all trades. As a rule though, the Red Mage loses
his strength in melee in the higher levels, and becomes more of a mage type
which is used for spells like Refresh and enfeebling above all, as well as
backup healing. Remember, at higher levels melee subs really lose their value,
so I'll only put mage subs again. Subs such as Thief and Warrior might be fun
early off, but later they'll be doing very small damage and will only be
decent to get hit with when under Stoneskin/Phalanx.

--a. Red Mage/Black Mage--
It may seem repetitive, but actually it's a very good combo which specializes
in attack magic and enfeeblement. With convert and refresh from the Red Mage
job, and INT, conserve MP, and more max MP from Black Mage sub, this is a very
viable combo, with more spells to help out like the Choke series, Sleep, and
Aspir. Conserve MP is a huge help for MP conservation, and Elemental seal every
10 minutes is a great tool for sticking enfeebles or a magic burst.

--b. Red Mage/White Mage--
Very similar to Red Mage/Black Mage, but this combo specializes in healing and
support, which goes very well with Red Mage's strength in enfeeblement. Better
MP and MND than average, and the group curative spells and status spells from
White Mage makes this job a very loved job in parties with Convert and Refresh.
Not to mention Divine Seal every 10 minutes.

--c. Red Mage/Summoner--
Benefits such as an MP boost and auto-refresh, as well as highest INT and MND
gain, plus Aerial Armor and Shining Ruby make this a decent RDM sub. However,
your avatars will be worthless in meleeing. Also, you might be missing out
on some very valuable spells from BLM or WHM subs, as well as the Seals.

d. Red Mage/Bard
This is actually a possible combination, but again Bard is really nerfed as a
subjob. Most parties would prefer a Bard/Red Mage to this combo.

e. Red Mage/Ninja
I don't know why this got so popular, but it's not very viable for anything
other than solo work. The +INT/MND from dual wands does not justify the loss
of spells and abilities(not to mention MP) from a mage sub. After 74, this
is a powerful solo class, but in a party situation, stay away.

G. Paladin
A Paladin is the tank of the party, period. You're there to take damage for the
less defensively-inclined of the group, and you should do a good job of it. A
couple curing spells and above all Flash help to hold hate a little bit. Their
offense on the other hand isn't the best out there... But this class is the best
at keeping hate and guarding the little guy. I love paladins!

--a. Paladin/Warrior--
If you want to be an effective, loved, or wanted Paladin, choose this. General
stat boosts from warrior as well as the almighty Provoke allow you to hold hate
effectively and well, not to mention defender and double attack and warcry. Go
for it.

b. Paladin/Monk
Less useful than Pally/Warrior. You'll only be the support tank and you won't
be able to keep hate nearly as well without Provoke.

c. Paladin/Thief
Pretty bad as well. Although you might have an interesting time keeping the
hate. Thief helps agility and dexterity, but no good HP or vitality bonuses
exist for this combo. Again, go for Paladin/Warrior.

d. Paladin/Black Mage
Paladin may come equipped with a tiny amount of MP, but that doesn't mean that
they should ever take a mage sub, especially Black Mage. No INT at all. See
Warrior/Black Mage.

e. Paladin/White Mage
Actually a possible combination, although your white magic will still be much
lower than average. However, you can use more cure spells to hold hate. But
with lower defense and without Provoke, this won't ever tank as well as
Paladin/Warrior. If you want this tank, Tarutaru is generally the best choice
for a character actually for the better MP, but they'll still be best used
as a PLD/WAR.

f. Paladin/Red Mage
Useless... Paladins don't need resisted attack magic or enfeebles. I don't
recommend it. Besides, MP still won't be big and you won't want to waste it
on anything but healing.

g. Paladin/Dark Knight
Never sub Dark Knight. It gets all its useful abilities at later levels. Plus,
Dark Knight's magic will be worthless, and the attack increase won't be as good
as you thought.

h. Paladin/Summoner
The tiny amount of MP doesn't help half-leveled summons. See Warrior/Summoner.

i. Paladin/Bard
Paladins are there to fight, not sing. Subbing bard is bad for reasons stated
above. See Warrior/Bard.

j. Paladin/Beast Tamer
Again, beast tamer doesn't give any real benefits to a Paladin. See
Warrior/Beast Tamer.

k. Paladin/Ninja
This is only viable in very specific high level instances past 74... Otherwise,
Provoke isn't worth giving up WAR sub.

l. Paladin/Ranger
Paladins gain nothing from a RNG sub. See Warrior/Ranger

m. Paladin/Samurai
PLDs aren't damage dealers... Stick with PLD/WAR to hold hate.

n. Paladin/Dragoon
Bad. See Warrior/Dragoon.

H. Dark Knight
The main advantage to being a Dark Knight is... their AF armor. Just kidding!
These folks have crazy attack power, but keep the baddies off them or else
they'll fall. In other words, their defense is horrible, and they can draw hate
quickly. A few black magicspells are useful as well, especially the absorb

--a. Dark Knight/Warrior--
One of the standard combos. Warrior's stats and abilities do help Dark Knight
well, but you will only need to taunt in extreme, extreme emergencies(i.e. you
and the mages are the only ones alive), or if you're the Sneak attack/trick
attack tank. Double attack, attack up, and berserker make this very effective.

b. Dark Knight/Monk
Honestly, I've never heard of anyone using this combo, but it doesn't sound too
good. You'll get more HP, but you won't be as powerful as the Warrior sub.
Fewer useful abilities as well.

--c. Dark Knight/Thief--
Another of the standard combos post-60. This one deals huge damage, but with
tiny defense. However, sneak attack and trick attack are useful, especially
when stacked with such weapon skills as Spinning Slash to create powerful level
3 skillchains, while dumping hate on another.

d. Dark Knight/Black Mage
Sure, you might get some better black magic and a bit more INT and MP, but the
Dark Knight is meant to be an attacker, not a mage. The magic you should be
using as Dark Knight is limited to the absorb spells and maybe enfeebling
spells, which work fine without the Black Mage sub.

e. Dark Knight/White Mage
An already puny mind stat and small MP make this pretty useless, although some
DRKs enjoy the extra healing at early levels... Although Dark Knights have more
MP than Paladins, it's still not too good to sub a mage class. If you want to
have  some healing magic, go Paladin.

f. Dark Knight/Red Mage
Dark Knights have more magic power than Paladin, making this combo more useful
than its Paladin equivalent, but still bad. You'll have low MP with which to
cast your buff spells, and less strength to attack with(as well as the loss of
many abilities). I'd recommend a Warrior or Thief sub.

g. Dark Knight/Paladin
Subbing Paladin is always bad. It doesn't give the defense you would believe,
and the healing spells you get become useless. Less attack power as well. Who
can be a holy and evil knight at the same time anyway?

h. Dark Knight/Summoner
Horrible. See Paladin/Summoner.

i. Dark Knight/Bard
Don't. See Warrior/Bard. Darks are there to attack, not sing.

j. Dark Knight/Beast Tamer
What a strange combination... Too bad it doesn't work well. See Warrior/Beast

k. Dark Knight/Ninja
Dual wielding is useless to Dark Knights because they specialize in two-handed
swords and scythes. Blink ninjitsu isn't worth it.

l. Dark Knight/Ranger
Dark Knights do have some skill with one or two guns, but they'll either miss
or have horrible damage. Besides, they're meant to be on the front lines.

m. Dark Knight/Samurai
After the TP nerf on Guillotine, this isn't worth it. Choose WAR, or THF

n. Dark Knight/Dragoon
Again, no. See Warrior/Dragoon.

I. Summoner
Summoner, the class I personally play as. Their group support abilities
and a few attack abilities are great, but they can't keep their summons out for
very long. Don't expect summons to be the huge attackers they were in previous
games except after 70, or else you'll be sorely disappointed. Be a Black Mage if
you want to dish out attack magic. Summoners best serve as a support/healing
role, and can occasionally magic burst or skillchain now, but they cannot be
effective damage dealers until after 70. Period.

--a. Summoner/White Mage--
The established standard. When you've used your useful summon's abilties and
recall it, you're able to be a backup, main, or co-healer which becomes a
valuable asset to the group. A great support class. -na spells, Divine seal,
cures, etc.

b. Summoner/Black Mage
Subbed black magic here is pointless... SMNs have no elemental or enfeebling
skill. Any black magic will be easily resisted. Pointless for a sub in a party.

c. Summoner/Red Mage
Probably the second best combo. You get some cure spells, as well as buffs and
some MP, but WHM is a far superior sub... Many more spells and abilities.

d. Summoner/Bard
You'll be able to sing one song when you call your summon back, and a pretty
ineffective one at that. Probably not the best option. Even ballad isn't worth
it usually, although this could work in some very specific party setups
where SMN is a dedicated support mage. Typically, though, a SMN will be called
upon to be some form of a healer. Stick with WHM.

J. Bard
Excuse me while I refrain from mentioning the word "spoony." Oh darn, I
slipped. Anyway, these guys are one of the best support classes along with
White Mage, and are great assets to their parties with their crazy buffing
songs. Prepare to do a lot of running as a Bard. Bards are one of the most
sought-after classes in the game, and they're one of the earliest members that
can minimize downtime as well. Everyone loves a bard ^^... kind of like a
paladin in that regard.

--a. Bard/White Mage--
The ultimate support combo. You'll get your songs, as well as curative magic.
Parties love this stuff. Even though Bard doesn't have MP as a main class, MP
isn't too much of an issue here. You'll only be a backup healer, and odds are
you'll have an MP refresh song on you.

b. Bard/Black Mage
All black magic will be resisted. Choose a WHM sub for support help.

c. Bard/Red Mage
Much better than Bard/Black Mage. Enfeeblement and some curing magic go well
with the job. Probably the second best combo behind White Mage as a sub.

d. Bard/Summoner
You have no MP to boost, and your summons will be ineffective.
The only benefit to this is Aerial Armor or Shining Ruby.

K. Beast Master
One of the most different classes. This is generally considered the best solo
class, but it has use in parties as well. I've shortened the list some because
there are only a few combos that I see working. If you have another good one to
add, contact me.

--a. Beast master/Warrior--
One of the best BST combos in a party... Double attack and attack up abilities
help out here. For solo work, choose WHM.

b. Beast master/Thief
An interesting support attacker... Could be potentially useful but I'd go with
another combo, unless you want to try sneak attack with Sturmwind.

--c. Beast master/White Mage--
One hell of a solo player. However, it's mainly useful due to increased
charisma(allowing easier and longer taming), and you can cast a few cure spells
in the party or while soloing. Strange, but effective. Blink is a huge help,

d. Beast master/Bard
You'll be able to play a song while your beast is attacking, which might be
fun. Charisma bonus as well. However, you only get one song and no instrument.
WHM sub while soloing, or a WAR sub in a party are better.

L. Ninja
Ninjas are some of the best tanks in the game... Evasive by nature, they rely
on Utsusemi to dodge most attacks and using Provoke and Ninjitsu to draw hate,
along with their katana weapon skills.

--a. Ninja/Warrior--
This combo can work well as an interesting tank. Stat and ability bonuses help
out ninja anyway. If you have the money for tons of blink ninjitsu, then taunt
away and you could possibly replace a Paladin as the best tank. THE blink tank
combo. Spamming Ninjitsu will help out with keeping hate.

b. Ninja/Monk
I have no idea how this would work. Really though, the stat and ability bonuses
of the Monk don't work well on Ninja. Go with Warrior or Thief.

c. Ninja/Thief
Ninjas just aren't good damage dealers... Pick a WAR sub to tank.

d. Ninja/Black Mage
A BLM sub actually offers a magic attack bonus for ninjitsu... Some ninjas
have found this sub effective, but don't try it until you've researched it.
Plus, you need items like magic attack+ earrings and elemental staves.

e. Ninja/White Mage
See Warrior/White Mage. The only magic-like skills you need are in ninjitsu.

f. Ninja/Red Mage
Another bad one. See Warrior/Red Mage. Dual-wielding enchanted weapons isn't
that good.

g. Ninja/Paladin
Curing spells won't help with tiny MP... You need to keep hate. Choose WAR.

h. Ninja/Dark Knight
Still not too good. You should never use black magic, and subbed Dark Knight
is useless anyway. See Warrior/Dark Knight.

i. Ninja/Summoner
Horrible. See Warrior/Summoner.

j. Ninja/Bard
Pretty useless... Have you ever seen a singing Ninja? See Warrior/Bard.

k. Ninja/Beast Master
Bad. See Warrior/Beast Master

l. Ninja/Ranger
You cannot dual wield bows or guns, so stop asking. No real benefits to this
one except for some added agility and dexterity.

m. Ninja/Samurai
You will get a ton of weapon skills with this combo, although one-handed weapon
skills aren't exactly the best ones. Still, not a bad combo.

o. Ninja/Dragoon
No. No. See Warrior/Dragoon.

M. Ranger
Rangers are the heaviest damage dealers in the game, closely contesting with
Black Mages. They stay away from the enemy and hit hard with bow and gun
skills. Agility and strength are incredibly important to rangers. As a rule,
rangers must be rich to keep up the costs of ammo and shihei.

---a. Ranger/Warrior---
This combo allows a RNG to hit much harder with increased STR and berserker;
however, you lose Utsusemi and dual-wield... Huge hits, but hate is an issue.

b. Ranger/Monk
Some HP, dexterity, and vitality, but it's really useless. You should never be
close enough to counter.

c. Ranger/Thief
Useless... You get no major abilities from the THF sub that'll boost damage.
Also, you miss out on utsusemi or dual-wield from a NIN sub.

d. Ranger/Black Mage
Mage sub to melee main = bad. Although it may sound fun to bind someone and
then shoot away, you should go with a better sub such as thief. See
Warrior/Black Mage.

e. Ranger/White Mage
No need for Rangers to be backup healers - they're there to do damage. See
Warrior/White Mage

f. Ranger/Red Mage
Same as above,  See Warrior/Red Mage.

g. Ranger/Paladin
Rangers don't need defense. See Warrior/Paladin.

h. Ranger/Dark Knight
Strength doesn't effect bows or guns. See Warrior/Dark Knight.

i. Ranger/Summoner
Almost no MP and half-leveled summon. See Warrior/Summoner.

j. Ranger/Bard
This isn't Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Rangers don't sing. See Warrior/Bard.

k. Ranger/Master
Again, not too good. See Warrior/Beast Master.

--l. Ranger/Ninja--
Dual-wielding Archer's knives or other +ranged accuracy or ranged attack items
is great... Not to mention Utsusemi, a life saver for NINs. Being able to absorb
a few hits before the tank regains hate is perfect.

m. Ranger/Samurai
Tons of TP... Too much. Besides, a WAR sub would give better damage altogether,
or a NIN sub would give better abilities.

n. Ranger/Dragoon
Horrible, bad, please stop. See Warrior/Dragoon.

N. Samurai
The Samurai is there for one thing: weapon skills. These guys gain TP like
crazy, and they're the leaders in skill chains. A very fun class...

--a. Samurai/Warrior--
Some nice stat and ability bonuses. As stated above, you'll be dishing out tons
of weapon skills, so this combo helps in case you gain too much hate and have
to take a few hits. WAR sub boosts damage, something SAMs need badly.
Double attack, berserk, attack up, all necessities. Also, Provoke is handy
for being a viable Sneak attack/trick attack tank.

b. Samurai/Monk
MNK offers nothing for a SAM main... Choose WAR.

c. Samurai/Thief
Useless for a SAM... The abilities from a WAR sub far outweigh Sneak or
trick attack.

d. Samurai/Black Mage
No. See Warrior/Black Mage

e. Samurai/White Mage
Don't do it... See Warrior/White Mage

f. Samurai/Red Mage
Some buffs aren't worth it... See Warrior/Red Mage

g. Samurai/Paladin
Not useful either. See Warrior/Paladin.

h. Samurai/Dark Knight
Might give a bit more damage, but you're better off going with a Warrior sub.
See Warrior/Dark Knight.

i. Samurai/Summoner
No-no. See Warrior/Summoner.

j. Samurai/Bard
Not too good. See Warrior/Bard.

k. Samurai/Beast Master
Again, no. See Warrior/Beast Master.

l. Samurai/Ninja
Dual wield is useless as you have a specialty in two-handed katanas. Ninjitsu
doesn't help so much either, except maybe Blink in some solo situations. See

--m. Samurai/Ranger--
Useful, but only in very specific situations... You gain Sidewinder with a bow,
and the ranged bonuses from a RNG sub can really help. Usually though, WAR
is a far superior sub.

n. Samurai/Dragoon
Again, very bad. Don't worry, we'll get to the good Dragoons soon. If you want
to be a Dragoon and a Samurai, be Dragoon/Samurai. See Warrior/Dragoon.

O. Dragoon
Dragoons have one main advantage: the wyvern. This little guy allows you to
deal tons more damage. Always keep it handy, and try to keep it alive. Jumps
aren't as useful as you may think, except for Super Jump, which gets rid of
your hate. Very useful. Just remember, the wyvern does half your damage at
every attack, and also unleashes some breath skills every time you use a weapon
skill, or in other occasions sometimes... Healing breath isn't really worth the
strength decrease in my opinion, so stick with melee subs and have fun with the
offensive breath attacks.

--a. Dragoon/Warrior--
Good stat boosts and abilities. Pretty standard, and not a bad combo.
Attack up abilities make this the staple. Provoke mixed with jumps make a
Dragoon arguably the best sneak attack/trick attack tank in the game.

b. Dragoon/Monk
I suppose you would get some counters and HP, but it's really
not worth it. Go for the Warrior sub.

c. Dragoon/Thief
More evasion, dexterity, sneak/trick attack, and more treasure and gil. Not
bad. The loss of the attack bonuses from WAR, though, make this sub usually
inferior... And horrible until you get Sneak/trick attack.

d. Dragoon/Black Mage
Very bad, see Warrior/Black Mage. Haven't you learned this yet?

e. Dragoon/White Mage
You get some interesting healing breath spells that are very MP-effective,
but you lose the attack bonuses that you'd get from a warrior subjob.
This is a great solo subjob, though.

f. Dragoon/Red Mage
See Dragoon/White Mage... You get a very cost-effective and quick heal from
using Dia, but it's usually not worth it in a party.

g. Dragoon/Paladin
Dragoons don't need defense or healing magic. See Warrior/Paladin. Random
healing breath isn't that useful either.

h. Dragoon/Dark Knight
You will get an attack bonus, but no useful Dark Knight abilities. See
Warrior/Dark Knight. Random healing breath isn't that useful either.

i. Dragoon/Summoner
Please, don't. See Warrior/Summoner. You can only have one pet at a time anyway.

j. Dragoon/Bard
Not too good... Dragoons are attackers, not supporters. See Warrior/Bard.

k. Dragoon/Beast Master
Not good as well. See Warrior/Beast Master. You can only have one pet at a
time anyway.

l. Dragoon/Ninja
You're using a two-handed spear so dual wield is useless. Ninjitsu and evasion
isn't worth it. See Warrior/Ninja.

m. Dragoon/Ranger
Dragoons are close ranged. See Warrior/Ranger.

n. Dragoon/Samurai
Useless after the big TP nerf... Just sub Warrior for the biggest damage.

4. Contact Information
Thanks for reading! I hope it was useful for everyone. Of course, I could have
gotten something wrong, so please feel free to contact me to change it. I would
prefer that you IM me using the screenname Basil Stein1, but you can also mail
me at bear654@aol.com. Be warned though that I will very rarely check my email,
so I drastically prefer you IMing me.

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