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Windurst Quests FAQ by JonnyRam

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/10/03

                                           F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   X I
                                           Windurst Quests FAQ v1.0
                                           by JonnyRam 2003


v1.0 (2002/07/10)
Every quest available, apart from Job-specific Artefact quests, compiled.

___ WINDURST WOODS ___________________________________________________________

The Star's Tear -- 星の涙
from: Apururu (Manustery)
reqs: Finish "Legendary Great War" quest
gets: 5000g
soln: Kill Cursed Weapon in Xarcabard, and get Rotten Star Fruit
      [傷んだ星の木の実], trade.

Twin Stone Fetters -- 双子石の絆
from: Gioh Ajihri (Residential area)
reqs: --
gets: 1st = Rapt Bow, 2nd and after = 900g
soln: Kill Hill Lizard in Meriphataud and get Twin Stone Pierce
      [双子石のピアス], trade.

Crawler Hunters -- クロウラーを狩る者
from: Illu Bohraa (Dhalmel Farm)
reqs: --
gets: 600g
soln: Kill Crawlers in Sarutabaruta to get Crawler Stone [クロウラーの石] or
      Silk Thread [絹糸]. Trade 3 of either to complete.

Birth of a New Cardian -- NEWガーディアンの誕生
from: Kopuro-Popuro (Manustery)
reqs: Cannot be accepted at same time as "Gentle Scarecrow" quest from Jeuno
gets: 200g
soln: Trade Rabbit Skin [野兎の毛皮], Insect Wing [虫の翅] and Mandragora
      Sprout [マンドラゴラの双葉]. Get from Rabbits, Flies and Mandragoras

Legendary Great War -- 伝説の大作戦
from: Kopuro-Popuro (Manustery)
reqs: Complete "Proper Greeting" quest
gets: 700g / Odorless bracelet
soln: Trade Root of Undead Tree [反魂樹の根], Wolf Skin [狼の毛皮] and
      Glow-in-the-dark cloth [夜光布]. The first and last are dropped by
      Ghost-type enemies, the second by wolves. All appear at night only.

Proper Greeting -- 正しいあいさつ
from: Kororo (Manustery)
reqs: Complete "Birth of a New Cardian" quest
gets: Tourmaline Pierce
soln: Talk to Five of Spades at the Outpost in Buburimu Peninsula. After that,
      return to Kororo.

Sick Chocobo -- 病気のチョコボ
from: Kuoh Rhel (Chocobo Stables)
reqs: --
gets: 1500g
soln: Talk to Tapoh Lihzeh in the Pharmacy in Windurst Woods to find they have
      run out of Papaka leaves [パパカ草]. Get one from Wild Dhalmel in Tahrongi
      Canyon. Trade to Tapoh Lihzeh then talk to Kuoh Rhel.

Specially-made Stew -- 特製シチュー
from: Kuoh Rhel (Chocobo Stables)
reqs: Complete "Sick Chocobo" quest
gets: 900g / Seafood Stew
soln: Talk to Ranpi-Monpi in Culinarians' Guild. Bring 3 Lost Mushrooms
      [マヨイタケ] to Ranpi-Monpi. These are dropped by Funguar in Jugner Forest.
      Then talk to Kuoh Rhel.

Do you want to make friends? -- 仲良くしたい?
from: Nanaa Mihgo (Thief's House)
reqs: --
gets: 200g
soln: Talk to the henchman nearby to find that 4 Yagudo Rosaries [ヤグードの数珠]
      will suffice. These are dropped by Yagudos in Sarutabaruta and Giddeus.

The Jewel Reaction -- 手ごたえは宝石
from: Nanaa Mihgo (Thief's House)
reqs: Complete "Do you want to make friends?" quest
gets: 2100g
soln: Talk to Ardeal in front of the Goldsmiths' Guild in Bastok Markets.
      Report back to Nanaa. Talk to Varun, near Home Point in Windurst Woods.
      Go to Palborough Mines 3F (I-9) and find point on the west side where
      you can mine. Use the Pickaxe [つるはし] and get the Sharp Stone
      [とんがり石]. Return this to Varun.

Carrying the Fang -- 牙もつもの
from: Perih Vashai (Vashai's Residence)
reqs: Lv30
gets: 320g / Ranger's Necklace + Ranger Job
soln: Go to the cave at L-10 in Sauromugue Champaign. Wait for Old Sabertooth
      to die naturally. Do not attack it at all. Then inspect the Tiger Bones
      to get the Dead Tiger's Fang [死した虎の牙]. Return to Vashai to complete

Fighting Spirits -- 闘魂伝
from: Soni-Muni (Bomingo Round)
reqs: --
gets: 1500g
soln: Kill scorpions in Shakrami to get a scorpion's stinger [大サソリの針].

A plot to sell -- 売れ筋商品
from: Tapoh Lihzeh (Pharmacy)
reqs: --
gets: Honeycomb piece x3 -> 150g / Lemi shell x2 -> 200g
soln: Trade 3 Honeycomb pieces [蜂の巣のかけら] or 2 Remi shells [レミ貝の殻].
      Both can be obtained from crabs and wasps in Sarutabaruta.

___ WINDURST WALLS ___________________________________________________________

Auction House Letters -- 競売所の手紙
from: Ambrosius (Auction House)
reqs: --
gets: 1 -> 50g, 2 -> 150g, 3 -> 250g, 4 -> 500g
soln: Collect the following drops from rabbits in the local region and trade
      up to 4 at a time:
      Muddy Bill [泥だらけの請求書] from Savanna Rarab in East Sarutabaruta.
      Tatty Love Letter [破れたラブレタ] from Savanna Rarab in West Sarutabaruta.
      Suspicious Card [怪しいカード] from Canyon Rarab in Tahrongi.
      Damp Envelope [湿った封筒] from Canyon Rarab in Tahrongi.

A Gift from Heaven -- 天からの贈り物
from: Koru-Moru (Koru-Moru's Manor)
reqs: Held Tatty Love Letter [破れたラブレタ] before.
gets: Bug Eye Circlet
soln: Kill Crawlers on Starfall Hillock to get Meteorite [隕石].
      Trade to Koru-Moru.

A Voice calling from the past -- 過去からの呼び声
from: Koru-Moru (Koru-Moru's Manor)
reqs: Clear "A Gift from Heaven" quest
gets: Great Club (1H staff)
soln: Go to Shakrami, first map F-8. Examine Fossil Rock and Ichorous Ire will
      appear. Kill it to get Pyrnite Shell [プルナイト貝] and trade to Koru-Moru.

I just want one flower -- 一輪のお花さんが欲しいにゃ
from: Ojha Rhawash (Mog House)
reqs: --
gets: Expands Mog House exit
soln: Trade a Lilac [ライラック]. This can be bought from M&P Mart in Upper Jeuno.

Advice for a Beautiful Voice -- 美声のススメ
from: Raamimi (in the Square)
reqs: Clear "Auction House Letters" quest, talk to Zayhi-Bauhi
gets: Aqua Musculum
soln: Talk to Raamimi to receive honey [蜂蜜], trade 5 honey pots to Zayhi-Bauhi,
      one at a time,  to complete quest. Then talk to Raamimi to receive
      5 Aqua Musculum [アクアムスルム].

Look of Gloom -- 闇のまなざし
from: Shantotto (Shantotto's Manor)
reqs: --
gets: Brass Rod
soln: Trade 1x Bomb Ash [ボムの灰] and 2x Remains [骨くず]. You can get from
      Skeletons and Bombs in Inner Horutoto Ruins - enter from the east tower
      in East Sarutabaruta.

Look of Death -- 死神のまなざし
from: Shantotto (Shantotto's Manor)
reqs: Finish "Look of Gloom" quest
gets: Cane of Sorrow
soln: Collect Hiwon's Hair [ヒウォンの髪] from Hiwon-Biwon next to Shantotto's
      Manor, Root of Undead Tree [反魂樹の根] from Ghost-type monsters and
      2x Bomb Arms [ボムのうで].

Look of Golem -- ゴーレムのまなざし
from: Shantotto (Shantotto's Manor)
reqs: Finish "Look of Death" quest
gets: Dezone II
soln: Go to Beaucedine Glacier (I-7) and talk to Torino-Samarino. Take
      New Magic [新魔法] back to Shantotto. Then go to Fei'Yin, (basement F-6)
      and check the door. Watch the event then report back to Shantotto.

Mandragora's Tracks -- マンドラゴラの軌跡
from: Yoran-Oran (Yoran-Oran's Manor)
reqs: --
gets: 4-leaf sprout -> 120g, Cornet -> 200g, Yuhtunga Sulphur -> 250g,
      Conceited letter -> 5000g
soln: Kill Sarutabaruta Mandragora's or Tahrongi Pygmaioi's to get
      4-leaf sprout [マンドラゴラの四葉],
      Cornet [コルネット] or Yuhtunga Suplhur [ユタンガの硫黄].
      Kill Mourioche in Boyahda for Conceited letter [偉そうな手紙]. Trade.

Alchemy Experiment -- 錬金術の実験
from: Koru-Moru (E7)
reqs: Complete "A voice calling from the past" quest
gets: 9000g
soln: Talk to Koru-Moru, Shantotto (K7) and Yoran-Oran (E5). Then talk to
      Fuepepe in Waters (north, L6). North of the Aurastery is a boarding
      house. Check the 6 doors there to unlock a quiz.
      Q. ウィンの耳の院の校長先生は誰?  A. コルモル (Koru-Moru)
      Q. バスのプレジデントの名前は?  A. カルスト (Karst)
      Q. サンドの王立騎士団の団長の名前は?  A. ラーアル (Raal)
      Q. ノーの競売所で、一番西にいる受付は誰?  A. アトレヴォー (Atrevue)
      Q. 次の内最もミスリルの産出量が多いのは?  A. パル鉱 (Palborough Mines)
      Q. 次の内仲間はずれのモンスターは?  A. Zu
      Check the door that gives no reply [ノックしたが返事がない].
      Then receive Alchemy Essay [錬金術の論文] from the Boarding House Manager.
      Trade warm egg [温かい卵] and cold bone [冷たい骨] to Koru-Moru at midnight.
      Warm Egg dropped by Anemone in Yoahtor Jungle.
      Cold Bone dropped by Zvahl enemy.

7 Colours of Light -- 7色の光を!
from: ??? (Heroes' House, G4)
reqs: Lv30
gets: SMN Job + Carbuncle Summon
soln: Obtain Carbuncle's Ruby [カーバンクルの紅玉] from leeches (particularly Qufim
      and Shakrami). Trade the ruby to Heroes' House in Windurst Walls (G4)
      and open the door for the quest to begin. You must get the ruby to glow
      in seven different colours by exposing it to different weather
        Red - scorching heat - Valkurm, Rolanberry, Oztroya, Altepa,  etc.
        Orange - clear skies - most places
        Yellow - sand storms - Valkurm, Tahrongi, Konschtat etc.
        Green - wind - Tahrongi, Mhaura, La Theine etc.
        Blue - ice - Xarcabard, Beaucedine etc.
        Indigo - rain - La Theine, Pashhow, Rolanberry etc.
        Violet - thunder - Konschtat, Jugner etc.
      Weather effects must be present at the time you enter that zone, so if
      it happens while you are in a zone, exit and return quickly to see the
      cutscene and confirm you have got that colour. After getting all the
      colours, trade stone to the ??? at stone circle in La Theine (G6).

___ WINDURST WATERS __________________________________________________________

Artist's Rhapsody -- 芸術家によるラプソディ
from: Angelica (Inn F10)
reqs: --
gets: Angelica's Signature, Ancient Blood
soln: Talk to Angelica and bring the equipment she asks for within time limit.
      Equipment depends on job:
      Warrior / Paladin - Bronze Harness [ブロンズハーネス]
      Monk - Robe [ローブ]
      Thief - Leather Vest [レザーベスト]
      Mages - Tunic [チュニック]
      Can be retried if you run out of time, by zoning.

Hat Shop Publicity -- 帽子屋の宣伝
from: Baren-Moren (Hat shop, south H7)
reqs: --
gets: 200g / Windbreaker Hat (repeatable until you get hat)
soln: Talk to these people in Windurst Waters without leaving Waters area.
      1. Honoi-Gomoi - Master of the two-storey house in sourth-west area
      2. Clais - hume child stood on the bridge to the east of the restaurant
      3. Kyume-Romeh - in the restaurant
      4. Tosuka-Porika - in the Optistery library
      5. Perchiru-Mashiru - in the Aurastery
      6. Machitata - Taru taru in front of the residential area entrance
      7. Kenapa-Keppa in Rhinostery
      8. Bondada in Hat Shop

As the Lady wishes -- 貴婦人の所望
from: Baren-Moren (Hat shop, south H7)
reqs: Complete "Hat Shop Publicity" quest
gets: 1500g
soln: Get three large bird's feathers [大鳥の羽根] from Taber Beak or Axe Beak
      in Meriphataud Mountains and Sauromugue Champaign. Thieves can also
      steal this item.

The Rarab's Tail -- ララブのしっぽ亭
from: Chamama (Rarab's Tail restaurant, north F10)
reqs: --
gets: 1st = bone hairpin, 2nd and after = 200g (repeatable)
soln: Trade a round stone [円石] dropped by Crawlers in Sarutabaruta.

Mistakes and Indiscretion -- 間違いと過ち
from: Fuepepe (Aurastery, north L6)
reqs: Complete "Gathering Teaching Materials" quest
gets: Aspel magic
soln: Go deep into Inner Horutoto Ruins (behind the Magic Door that needs red,
      white and black mage to open). Kill the Wendigo to get the ream of Exam
      answer sheets [魔法試験の答案の束]. Take to Fuepepe, then he asks you to trade
      it to Koru-Moru in Windurst Walls. Receive the worn out answer sheet
      [ボロボロの答案] and give to Chomoro-Kyotoro. Then talk to Fuepepe to
      finish the quest.

Let faith guide you -- 信仰の行く先
from: Gantineux (Inn, north F10)
reqs: --
gets: Teleport Mea magic
soln: Check ??? in Eldieme Necropolis at D5, I7, I10 or M6 (randomly).
      Return to Gantineux then talk to Eperdur in North San d'Oria (M7).

Decoding the Archives -- 古文書の解読
from: Hariga-Origa (Optistery, north F8)
reqs: --
gets: Horutoto Ruins map
soln: Talk to Ipupu (West Sarutabaruta J8), then talk to Hariga-Origa.

Faded Secret -- 茶褐色の秘密
from: Hariga-Origa (Optistery, north F8)
reqs: Finish a few quests from the Optistery
gets: 3000g / Fei'Yin map
soln: Trade Slime Oil [スライムオイル] and Frosted Turnip [シモカブ] to complete.
      Kill slime-type monsters to get the oil, the turnip can be bought in
      Culinarians' Guild.

The Restaurant with Music -- 音楽のあるレストラン
from: Jatan-Paratan (restaurant, north F10)
reqs: --
gets: Fairy Piccolo
soln: Talk to Rusian in Lower Jeuno (I8) and bring Rosewood [ローズウッド材]
      to Jatan-Paratan. Rosewood can be bought from Carpenters' Guild in
      San d'Oria.

Hiding in the Dark -- 夜に隠れて
from: Kenapa-Keppa (Rhinostery, south J9)
reqs: Finish "Stocking up for the group" quest
gets: Power Vest
soln: Pick up luggage from Kotan-Purutan in Mhara (J9) at night time.
      Return to Kenapa-Keppa before daybreak. Easy with dezone or Tonzura.

Stocking up for the group -- 買出し部隊
from: Kerutoto (Rhinostery, south J8)
reqs: talk to Ohbiru-Dohbiru (J9)
gets: 440g / 440g / 120g (total 1000g)
soln: Give Rabbit Grill [野兎のグリル] to Kerutoto (440g).
      Give Boiled Egg to Kenapa-Keppa (120g).
      Give Windurst Tea [ウィンダスティー], Tortilla [トルティーヤ], Bamtam Seaweed
      [パムタム海苔] to Ohbiru-Dohbiru [440g]. Rabbit Grill can be made or bought
      from Auction House. Windurst Tea and Boiled Egg can be bought from
      restaurant in Windurst Waters. Pamtam Seaweed can be caught when fishing
      or bought from AH.

Cursed Ribbon -- 呪われたリボン
from: Kerutoto (Rhinostery, south J8)
reqs: Clear "Magic Water" quest
gets: 3600g + Blue Ribbon
soln: Receive a Purple Ribbon [パープルリボン] from Roberta in the sundry
      shop (Windurst Woods) and trade to Kerutoto to start quest. Wait a while
      then talk to Kerutoto again. Enter Eldieme from the south of Batallia.
      Drop down to the lower floor at G8. Trade the purple ribbon to the Human
      Bones at M10 and Lich C Magnus appears. Kill Lich and inspect the Human
      Bones again to receive Blue Ribbon [ブルーリボン]. Report back to Kerutoto.

Aiming for the top -- トップを目指すタイプ
from: Mashuu-Ajuu (Aurastery, north)
reqs: Clear "No Recollection" quest
gets: gil + stationery set
soln: Trade Deathball [デスボール] or Annoying Mushroom [シャクリタケ] etc.
      These can be obtained by cultivating Enigma Spice Seeds [謎の香草の種].
      700g is rewarded for Deathball. When you put the stationery set in your
      Moghouse, you'll be treated to an operetta.

The Royal Pan -- ロイヤルお鍋
from: Maysoon (Culinarians' Guild)
reqs: Started "Housewife's Trouble" quest in Jeuno.
gets: Special pan
soln: Buy a Rolanberry [ロランベリー] from Jeuno etc. Put it in the first basket in
      Crawlers Nest. Worker Crawler will appear. Kill it to get
      Rolanberry 881 [ロランベリー881]. Place it in the basket near the donuts area
      at G7 or H7 and Drone Crawler will appear. Kill that and get
      Rolanberry 874 [ロランベリー874]. Put this in the basket in F7 on the first
      part of the map. Kill the Matron Crawler that appears to get
      Rolanberry 864 [ロランベリー864]. Go back to H7 in the donuts area and trade
      to the basket there. Kill Awd Goggie to get Royal Jelly [ロイヤルゼリー].
      Return it to Maysoon. There is also a low chance of the Death Jackets
      in the entrance to Crawlers Nest dropping Royal Jelly.

Flowers and Fighting -- 花と修羅
from: Moari-Kaaori (house, south C9)
reqs: --
gets: 1st = Iron Sword, or 100g for wrong flower. 2nd and after = 400g
soln: Talk to Ohbiru-Dobiru and choose the flower requested as your answer.
      Go to Tahrongi (F6) and examine the Tahrongi Cacti.
      Take the Tahrongi Cactus [タロンギカクタス] to Moari-Kaaori to complete.

Gathering Teaching Materials -- 教材募集
from: Moreno-Toeno (Aurastery, north L6)
reqs: --
gets: 250g
soln: Trade a Mandragora Sprout [マンドラゴラの双葉] and Bird's Feather [鳥の羽根].

Windurst Special Edition -- 特ダネ・ウィンダス
from: Naiko-Paneiko (Magic Newspaper, south C11)
reqs: --
gets: 560g
soln: Talk to Kyume-Romeh (Windurst Waters, F10) in the restaurant,
      Umumu (Windurst Woods, I5) taru taru a little north of the Dhalmel farm,
      Hiwon-Biwon (Windurst Walls, K8) taru taru next to Shantotto's Mansion,
      Yujuju (Port Windurst, M6) taru taru standing near Air Travel Agency.
      You'll find that "A Mithra thief is hiding in Horutoto Ruins".
      Enter the ruins from J8 in East Sarutabaruta and descend the stairs.
      There is a hidden room at G8, check "Cracked Wall", then check
      "Mahogany Door" and return to Naiko-Paneiko to confirm.

Who Stole the Special Edition? -- 盗まれた特ダネ
from: Naiko-Paneiko (Magic Newspaper, south C11)
reqs: Clear "Windurst Special Edition" quest
gets: 1500g
soln: Fish up Ocean Crab on the boat between Mhaura and Selbina. Kill it and
      bring back the Bronze Chest [青銅の箱].

Magic Water -- 魔法の水
from: Ohbiru-Dohbiru (Rhinostery, south J8)
reqs: Clear "Hiding in the Dark" quest
gets: 600g
soln: Go to Giddeus Spring (E12 or K12 in Giddeus) and trade the flask [水筒]
      you get from Ohbiru-Dohbiru. You will receive Giddeus Water [ギデアスの名水],
      take it back to Ohbiru-Dohbiru.

No Recollection -- 暁を覚えず
from: Paku-Nakku (Aurastery)
reqs: Clear "The Search for Teaching Materials" quest
gets: Hypno Staff
soln: Trade a remedy [万能薬] to Maabu-Sonbu (Orastery, Port Windurst).
      Can be bought in Jeuno or at Auction House. Then talk to Pechiru-Mashiru
      in the Optistery and choose the answer "The Criminal is a Magic Doll!"
      [犯人は、魔法人形だ!] After that talk to him again to receive the Hypno Staff.

Windurst's Sudden Crisis - いきなりウィンダスの危機
from: Ranpi-Monpi (Culinarians' Guild)
reqs: --
gets: 400g
soln: Drop down to the lower floor of Giddeus at F8, open the door at F7 and go
      into the Storage Room. Get the dangerous gift [危険な献上品] from the Altar
      of Offerings and return it to Ranpi-Monpi.

Coin in the Night Sky -- 夜空はコイン
from: Ropunono (Optistery, north F7 2nd floor)
reqs: Clear "The Song of Love" quest
gets: 4800g
soln: Trade Ahriman Lens to Ropunono (dropped by Bat Eye and Ahriman monsters
      in Ranguemont pass). Then go to Shakrami and get a worn out key
      [ぼろぼろのカギ] from Wights. Go through Iron Door at K9. Get the correctly
      inscribed constellation coin [正しい星座の方角が描かれたコイン] and trade to Ropunono.

Defender of Knowledge -- 知識の守り手
from: Tosuka-Porika (Optistery library, north G8)
reqs: --
gets: 1500g
soln: Go to the 2F of the inn and talk to Orn (F9). Go to the storage room in
      Giddeus (G6 lower floor) and kill Yagudo Pipers for the silver coin
      [獣人銀貨]. Trade it to Quu Bokye and get a book. Take back to

The Song of Love -- ある愛のうた
from: Tosuka-Porika (Optistery, north G8)
reqs: Clear "Defender of Knowldge" quest
gets: 2800g
soln: Talk to Hae Jakkya near AH Windurst Woods. Go to South San d'Oria's
      West Gate (G9) and talk to Hea Jekhya. Return the book to

A Door Called Water -- 水呼びの扉
from: Ohbiru-Dohbiru (Rhinostery)
reqs: Clear all Rhinostery quests
gets: 4500g
soln: When you start the quest you'll get a license paper [認可証].
      Go to Toraimarai Canal and kill Starmites (G9) to get Star-Eating Bug
      Shells [星喰い虫の甲殻]. Trade 3 of them to complete the quest.

___ PORT WINDURST ____________________________________________________________

The Broken World -- 壊れた世界
from: Hakkuru-Rinkuru (Orastery)
reqs: --
gets: 1500g
soln: Make Glue [にかわ] and trade.
      Flame Crystal [炎のクリスタル] + Rabbit Skin [野兎の毛皮] + Remains x 2 [骨くず]
      + Distilled Water [蒸留水].

Three Canes -- 3本の杖
from: Hakkuru-Rinkuru (Orastery)
reqs: Clear "A Couple's World" quest
gets: 4800g + First Day Bracelet
soln: Trade Orc Staff [オークスタッフ], Mythril Rod [ミスリルロッド] and
      Rose Wand [ローズワンド]. One, chosen randomly, of them will break.

A Gang for Justice -- 正義の一味
from: Kohlo-Lakolo (behind warehouses, G5)
reqs: --
gets: Justice Badge
soln: Trade Rarab's Tail [ララブのしっぽ], dropped by Bumblebee in East Sarutabaruta.

Ghost House -- オバケの家
from: Kohlo-Lakolo (behind warehouse, G5)
reqs: Clear "A Gang for Justice" quest
gets: Blazespike
soln: Trade 4x Wild Onion [ワイルドオニオン], dropped by Goblin Thugs.

Birth of a Famous Detective? -- 名探偵誕生?
from: Kohlo-Lakolo (behind warehouse, G5)
reqs: Clear "Ghost House" quest
gets: Waistband
soln: Talk to Pichichi. Go to the Rarab's Tail in Waters and talk to Chamama.
      Collect 4x Saruta Cotton Flower [サルタ綿花], dropped by Pygmaioi in Tahrongi.
      Trade to Chamama then take False Moustache [つけひげ] to Kohlo-Lakolo.

Star Onions' Close Call -- スターオニオンズ危機一髪
from: Kohlo-Lakolo (behind warehouse, G5)
reqs: Clear "Birth of a Famous Detective?" quest
gets: Bouncer Club
soln: Go to Oztroya, in the first area, drop down the hole at I8, and check
      the "   " target to receive an Old Ring [古い指輪]. Return to Kohlo-Lakolo,
      talk, change areas, then talk again.

Star Onion Thieves -- 泥棒スターオニオンズ団
from: Kohlo-Lakolo (behind warehouse, G5)
reqs: Clear "Star Onions' Close Call" quest
gets: Stars Necklace
soln: Talk to Honoi-Gomoi (Waters south, E7), get Star Spinell [スタースピネル]
      from Spelunking Sabotender in the Quicksand Caves, trade to Honoi-Gomoi.
      Then talk to Kohlo-Lakolo, and finally back to Honoi-Gomoi.

Do Cardians dream of Toraimarai? -- カーディアンはトライマライの夢を見るか?	
from: Kohlo-Lakolo (behind warehouse, G5)
reqs: Clear "Star Onion Thieves" quest
gets: 8000g
soln: Talk to Star Onions. Talk to Honoi-Gomoi on 2F of house in Waters
      (south E7). Check Ghost House in Walls. Enter Toraimarai Canal. Kill
      skeletons and bats deep inside the Canal to get the Coffer Key. Open the
      Coffer to get Joker Card [ジョーカーのカード]. Return to the Ghost House in Walls.
      Answer "Yes" [はい] to receive 8000gil.
      Talk to Honoi-Gomoi to complete the quest. Title becomes [夢の住人].

Promise -- ヤクソク
from: Kohlo-Lakolo (behind warehouse, G5)
reqs: Clear "Do Cardians dream of Toraimarai?" quest
gets: Promise Badge
soln: Get Shoal Moss [遠浅の苔] from spiders in Kuftal caves. Trade to Chamama?
      After getting Invisible Man Seal [透明人間シール] from Chamama, talk to

A Couple's World -- 2人の世界
from: Kuroido-Moido (Orastery)
reqs: Clear "A Broken World" quest
gets: 6000g
soln: Get Garlaige Key [ガルレージュのカギ] from a Fallen Evacuee. Pass the 2nd gate
      in Garlaige. At I7 there is an Incinerator. Use the key on it and receive
      a staff in return. If you do this quest before Jeuno quest "Trash Errand"
      you will have to choose an option. Return and talk to Kuroido-Moido.

Super Doctor O -- スーパードクターO
from: Ohruru (Orastery)
reqs: Talk to him while in strange condition (not on offer list)
gets: 2000g
soln: Talk to Ohruru while Cursed or Silenced to complete quest.
      Receive curse [呪詛] from Lost Souls in Eldieme.
      Receive silence [沈黙] from Eight of Cups in Outer Horutoto.

Travellers' Hat -- 航海帽子
from: Paytah (Outside)
reqs: --
gets: Dhalmel Mant + Leather Ring
soln: Trade Travellers' Hat [航海帽子] to start quest. This can be fished up in
      Port. Any bait or rod is ok. Trade the hat to Baren-Moren at the hat shop
      in Waters, then find 4 Dhalmel Skins [ダルメルの毛皮]. Trade to receive the
      Hat and Dhalmel Mantle. Return the hat to Paytah to complete quest.

The Hill where Stars Fall -- 星降る丘
from: Sigismund (outside)
reqs: --
gets: Fish scale shield
soln: Obtain Landfish scales [陸魚の鱗] from Pug Pugil in East Sarutabaruta and
      trade to the Twinkle Tree at I6 in West Sarutabaruta between 00:00 and
      03:00 to receive Falling Star's Tear [流星の涙]. Trade to Sigismund.

Fish Check - おさかなチェック
from: Tokaka (Fishermans' Guild)
reqs: --
gets: 70g
soln: Trade a fished up Bastoa Sardine to Tokaka.
      You can fish these up in many places, including Port Windurst,
      Sarutabaruta, Port Jeuno.

___ CREDITS __________________________________________________________________

This FAQ was compiled by Jonathan Lumb (and shall not be reproduced without
consent). v0.1 was written July 2003. If you have any questions, comments or
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respond to everyone, but credit will be given where it is due.

The quest solutions were taken from a variety of Japanese sources, including
2ch.net, jbbs.shitaraba.com and FFXI-specific websites. All translation work
was done by Jonathan Lumb.

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