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Boss FAQ by Immortal King

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/25/02

Spider Man: The Movie Boss FAQ For PS2 v1.0

Started on 4/21/02

I. - How many there are, what they're background stories are, and how tough 
they are
II. - Walkthrough/Strategy of bosses
III. - Acknowledgements
IV. - Contact me
V. - What you CAN, and CANNOT, do with this FAQ
VI. - Revision

I. - How many there are, what they're background stories are, and how tough 
they are
First off, there are 5 super-villains in this game. And I will continue to 
explain what their background stories are.

-----===THE BURGLAR===-----
The burglar is a small (but working his way up) time thief who kills Peter 
Parkers Uncle, he is also a member of the skulls, Parker opts for revenge, 
only to find that he could have stopped him earlier that day. Not really too 
much info on this guy.

I thought he was VERY tough on Hero mode, I would give him a 4 out of 5

-----===THE SHOCKER===-----
The Shockers real name is Herman Schultz, who after serving several prison 
terms for robbery, continues to build a special yellow suit that can emit 
shockwaves quickly to open safes and damage others. He uses special gloves 
called Vibro-Shock, they can emit powerful blasts and shockwaves.

I would give him a 3 out of 5, he's not really THAT tough when you know what 
to do.

-----===THE VULTURE===-----
Adrian Toomes is very old, and skinny. He learned that his partner was 
cheating him out of the profits before he created his electromagnetic suit. 
The electromagnetic suit that he created contained radiation, this exposure 
to radiation resulted in granting him enhanced strength and endurance. After 
he steals all from his partner, he pairs up with Shocker to go on a crime 

I would give him a 2-to-3 out of 5, hes REALLY easy when you know what to 
do, and how to do it.

-----===THE SCORPION===-----
The Scorpions real name is Max Gargan. He has gone insane, and no one knows 
exactly how he became insane. Scorpion is trapped in a special metallic suit 
that J. Jonah Jameson put him in, he wants revenge to the man who put him 
in this suit. But for now, hes running from Oscorps HK's (Hunter Killers) 
in an attempt to catch Spiderman and the Scorpion together, Spiderman and 
the Scorpion will have to team up together to take on the HK's and after that, 
Scorpion turns on him.

I would give Scorpion a 4 out of 5, yet again, easy if you know the right 

-----===GREEN GOBLIN===-----
Norman Osborn is trying to complete a formula which enhances human 
performance. Though he cannot complete the formula because Spiderman has 
successfully evaded him, so he tries it out on himself. Not only does it make 
him stronger, faster, and able to have more intelligence. But it also drives 
him crazy. And now armed with Pumpkin bombs, his Goblin Glider, and 
Razor-bats, he is a threat to everyone. Even Spiderman.

I would give him a 5 out of 5, he is especially difficult on the hand-to-hand 
fighting levels.

II. - Walkthrough
-----===THE BURGLAR===-----
---BIRTH OF A HERO--- He is very tough on hero and superhero mode, you can 
break some of the crates in the room for extra power ups to endure this 
battle. A combo that sort of works well on him is the Handspring. Use the 
dodge whenever you see him fire his machine gun, you can also try sticking 
to the ceiling and shooting impact webs at him. You can also acquire extra 
health and webbing by web-zipping up to the beams/rafters.

-----===THE SHOCKER===-----
---SHOWDOWN WITH SHOCKER--- 1. The first part is where you have to dodge his 
blasts while running down a empty subway tunnel. The best way to do this is 
to web-zip and right in the middle of your web zip, press X to let go and 
run for the nearest interval between tracks.
2. The second part is where you have to fight him in a big room with power 
ups and some empty subway tracks, this part has two floors. When Shocker fires 
his blasts at you, try to use the dodge feature to get away from them, when 
he casts his shockwave (usually when you get close to him), jump up in the 
air. When he activates his tornado attack try to run away and fire impact 
webs at him.

-----===THE VULTURE===-----
---VULTURE ESCAPES--- The easiest way to dodge everything he throws at you 
is to be above him, if the gauge at the top of the screen says that he is 
getting too far away, lose some altitude to get to his level. When he knocks 
down the billboard and water tower, web up their broken beams quickly. Then 
resume the chase, pretty soon after the water tower, the level will end.

---AIR DUEL WITH VULTURE---one strategy is just to fire impact webs at him, 
another is to try and attach to him by pressing CIRCLE to do a fly kick and 
then right when you get down to him PRESS X. And yet another is just to try 
and keep doing fly punches and fly kicks until he drops onto the building. 
When he drops onto the building, bust out all the combos you can, and when 
he starts to charge up, run away a little bit and repeat the previous steps.

-----===THE SCORPION===-----
---CORRALLED--- This level is hard. The only advice I can give is to not let 
Scorpion out of your sights and press L2 + X to yank all the HK's off of the 
wall, and you can also use cars to take multiple HK's out at the same time.

---SCORPIONS RAMPAGE--- For this level, I have a sweet trick. From the start. 
to straight and to the right, look up a little bit and you will see a stack 
of boxes. On top of those boxes you will see a golden spider, this golden 
spider unlocks the combo tackle. Just keep using tackle over and over again 
on him, it works GREAT!!!

-----===GREEN GOBLIN===-----
---COUP D'ETAT--- For him, I will explain all of the levels he is involved 
in, starting with Coup D'Etat. From the start, swing down and pick up Mary 
Jane, set her on the pad to the right. There will be a short cut scene and 
now you will have to take on goblin. I usually like to either pummel him with 
fly kicks or attempt to ride his glider, I sometimes use impact webbing on 
him. After you nick off his life little by little, he will head for a 
broadcasting tower and take out its supports, from the vulture level, you 
will know what to do. After this just keep pummeling him with fly kicks and 
attempting to ride his glider, and I usually don't use the cannon ball kick 
because it usually misses every time. After this he will go to a bridge and 
destroy two supports on it. I usually stand on the little piece of metal 
in-between the beams and web them both up. Then repeat the pummeling process 
and he will go away.

---THE OFFER--- The next level is The Offer, at the beginning of this level 
just repeat the same strategy I listed above until he hops off of his glider 
and crashes through the glass on top of the building. When you have to fight 
him hand-to-hand, you can stay on the walls and use impact webbing or you 
can use the UNGODLY trick for fighting him, the trick is, just use the combo 
tackle, and keep repeating it, the tackle part of it knocks him down, and 
he wont have time to get back up before you get the next tackle in, I SWEAR, 
After that, repeat the aerial pummeling process yet again, and this time he 
will go into a room full of electric generators. You can use the tackle combo 
here, but I find it easier just to use impact webbing.

---THE RAZORS EDGE--- In this level, the Green Goblin will release around 
25 Razor bats immediately, here is an easy trick to get rid of them all, 
attract them all (not hard to do), then land on a building. Next, use web 
dome (Advanced Web Dome works REALLY well). And it will take all of the bats 
out. After you have destroyed all 50, head over to the construction site and 
the level will end.

---MARY JANE KIDNAPPED--- This is a difficult level, I think its even harder 
than the final battle. The best way to complete this level is to anticipate 
the Green Goblins path ahead of time. I will provide a route for you to 
first off go straight through the two buildings in front of you, then go over 
the back of the billboard, next, wait until he turns around the building in 
front of you and turn left, he will go left around another building, stay 
on the main street, (to the right of him, the street will have four lanes), 
don't follow the way he goes, next, turn right when he crosses your path from 
left to right (you may be a little bit ahead of him, go look around for when 
he crosses). He will go around a little building, when he turns right, turn 
around, swing straight a little ways, and you will see a billboard, he will 
go inbetween the building and the billboard. Stay on the main road, next he 
will cross your street from right to left (you may be a little bit ahead of 
him again, so look for him). Then follow him, when he goes turns left around 
the building go up over the building. Then dodge his bombs, and follow him 
to the end of the level.

---FACE OFF AT THE BRIDGE--- First off, rescue Mary Jane and set her on the 
ground. Next, attack and pummel Green Goblin in all of the ways mentioned 
before, when he lands on the ground, you can do three things. One, run up 
to him and use all of your combos wisely (usually isn't the best one). Two, 
run around and lob cars at him (usually isn't good, but it takes off some 
damage). Three, do the tackle combo trick on him as mentioned earlier (WORKS 
REALLY WELL). Web fists are also good as well. You can get health on top of 
one of the bridges, and webbing and health on the bottom part of the top of 
the bridge. After you beat him and he gets impaled on his own goblin glider, 
you will get the end cinema, congratulations, you have finished this game 
on whatever difficulty setting you were playing on. You can also get health 
from on  Now go outside and play :)

III. - Acknowledgements
CJayC, for creating one good site.
Me, for completing difficult tasks.
Root Beer, my most favorite kind of pop, soda, whatever you want to call it.
Liquis, for encouraging me greatly, and helping me on the Mary Jane Kidnapped 
level (he played while I took notes).

IV. - Contact me, you can E-mail me at Nello001@msn.com

V. - What you CAN, and CANNOT do with this FAQ
What you can do is that you can put this on your own site if you want, I just 
have to be asked first and would like me clearly credited.

What you CANNOT do is that you CANNOT take this and put it on your own site 
without asking me first and giving me full credit.

VI. - Revision
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
v0.1 - Initial Writing

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