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The Ultimate 3D Pool Simulator - Guaranteed.

Over 2 million pool players have taken a break with Virtual Pool, the #1 pool game in the world. Now, after 8000 programmer hours of enhancements, new 3D photo-realistic animation and over 50 new features, the ultimate pool simulator is better than ever. Immerse yourself in the pure excitement of Virtual Pool 2, where 9 games, 128 computer opponents, network play and high speed graphics will have you racking up hours of fun and entertainment.

*5 new games: 3-Ball, 6-Ball, 10-Ball, Bank Pool and One Pocket, plus the classic lineup of 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Straight Pool and Rotation.
*Tournament mode with 128 computer opponents and player rankings.
*Adjustable table characteristics (Amateur, Pro and Championship) with 4 settings for each: pocket size, pocket cut, rail cushioning and table speed.
*Full simulation of all physical action including friction, speed, collision, roll, cue stick to ball interface and true computational ball tracking.
*New full motion video tutorial with lessons on specialty shots and pool strategy with "Pool Hall of Famer" Mike Sigel.
*A music player so you can insert your own CDs.
*Challenge a friend on your PC, or play on two computers via network or modem.

Designed by physicists and mathematicians, Virtual Pool 2 is the only real-time 3D pool game guaranteed to improve your actual pool play... or your money back!

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#133 highest rated PC sports game (#1730 on PC, #4583 overall)


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