Review by Zak X

Reviewed: 08/06/03

Gold - No other way around it.

It\'s 2003 when I wrote this review. Here it is, over five years later, and I\'m still playing this god-forsaken game.

For those who are just browsing for stuff to read, listen up. If you do understand Descent, just skip this paragraph. In Descent, you play as mercinary for PTMC given the code name, \'\'MD-1032\'\'. You pilot a craft called the \'\'Pyro-GX\'\', a small fighter, slightly larger than a car. PTMC\'s mines have become infected with some weird nano-virus that turns their mining robots on distant planets into manical killing machines. Your job: Go in the mine, get the keys, save the human surviviors, blast the reactor, and get OUT before you up with the mine. The gameplay for its time was completely revoultionary - never before could you move in 360* in total free-flight. And few, if any games today do this. Right, on to the game.

In Descent 3, you play as MD-1032. After the ending of Descent 2, (the ending won\'t be explained here) you\'re pissed. And thus the name: Descent 3 - Retribution.

Gameplay: 10\\10

The old blow the reactor, get out thing was killed for Descent 3. Perfect timing - about mission 20 of Descent 2 it was getting really, really bland. Descent 3 is more objective based, like so many other games. On top of that - the Descent 3 engine is actually pretty independent. Not a conversion of some other engine. And thus uses some unique tricks. The scripting in the editor gives you flexibility beyond your wildest dreams AND the system requirements for this game are PITIFULLY low for such power! An excellent game engine for an excellent game!

Graphics: 8\\10

Now-a-days, the graphics are tarnished - lacking that gritty detail that most games today have. But the ships, the objects, and the projectiles are so smooth and crisp, it can\'t go wrong.

Sound: 10\\10

The voice acting was perfect. The sound effects from volume to echo is perfect. A slight collision, a slight notice. A head-on, 90 MPH collision equals a very loud and resonating sound effect. Every sound effect matches the enviroment - changing as it passes through changes.

Control: 6\\10

What?! A SIX? I\'m not saying the controls are lacking anything, or stupid. But they are slightly akward to newcomers. And, even a seasoned Descent veteren is pathetic without the proper equipment. You NEED - I repeat - you NEED a joypad of some sort. The Keyboard\\Mouse combo that works in so many FPSs WILL NOT CUT IT HERE. Descent has too many gizmos and doodads for to be able to use reasonably on a keyboard and mouse. A joypad seriously reduces the milliseconds wasted with conventional controls. A good joypad won\'t run you more than $15, but due to the fact you practically require one - The score sufferss a horrible death.

Overall: 10\\10

It\'s just done well. The game is well made on so many levels, from the engine to Single player. The online play never gets old, the action in a dogfight NEVER - NEVER the same. Prepare to lose your life my friend.

Prepare for Descent...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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