Review by quadruplesword

Reviewed: 11/01/07

This game deserves a lot more recognition than it receives

Ah, Descent. One of best games on my top five list, second only to Metroid. When my dad downloaded Descent 1 for me I was impressed at the incredible freedom of movement you were granted, when Descent 2 came out I was surfing the internet for the file and sure enough I found it and loved the game. Now Descent 3 has come out and I couldn't wait to get started. But sadly, this game is underappreciated and, like the above reviewer mentioned, you tossed it aside before it could even show you how much it loves you.

Graphics: 10/10
Beautiful. Short and simple. The textures are amazing, so clear and crisp, you can't hardly tell they're made out of pixels. You'll see metallic flooring, vents heaving smoke and steam, and impressive dynamic lighting effects. The outdoor effects are equally impressive, the rain hitting the windshield of your ship, the trees, and grass textures are just out of this world! The weapon projectiles are quite well done. The blue lasers firing from the sides of your ship, the missile explosions singing everything in sight, they're all nicely done. I can see the development team spent a lot of time on this aspect.

Gameplay: 10/10
Ah yes, the meat 'n' tators of every video game out there. The gameplay is fairly simple, you pilot an advanced ship equipped with protective shielding and energy reserves for weapons. As you progress through the missions, you'll be able to collect additional equipment, such as afterburners, ammo racks to boost your ammunition capacity, and additional weapons to boost your attack options. Each weapon you pickup stays with you for the whole game, so no worrying about reacquiring them for later missions. Most of the time, you just fly around gunning down enemy robots of all shapes and sizes with all your toys, but the other fraction will be spent solving perplexing puzzles, searching for keys and access codes, and finding secret areas to find additional equipment and weapons

Controls: 9/10
The controls, at first, are a little confusing. Like with any PC FPS, the best way to control and conquer is to combine the keyboard arrow keys with the mouse so the keyboard allows precise control over strafing and movement while the mouse provides you with smooth controls for aiming your weapons and steering your ship. At first, this style may seem a little awkward but after a while you'll adjust to it and be engaging in fast-paced firefights. Once you get movement down, everything else follows.

Multiplayer: 10/10
Descent 3 multiplayer is challenging and thanks to full 360 degree movement, your online skirmishes will likely be hectic and crazy. But it's still fun to test your piloting skills with other Descenters from all over the world. It's also fun to blow the heck out of your friends with your wide arsenal of Descent weapons, from simple lasers to deadly napalm blasters. Personally, I spend a lot of time typing "LOL" into my console. Death-match mode will likely have you laughing your butt off as you blast opponents into oblivion with deadly mega-missiles and getting blown to bits yourself by a smart mine some strategic player left in his wake. It will make you "LOL" your fragging butt off!

Overall: 10/10
It's fun, hands down. You'll likely come back to it time and time again to blow those robot scum to oblivion and to participate in multiplayer skirmishes and using your mad skillz to blow your friends to bits!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Descent 3 (US, 06/14/00)

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